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Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That's alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.
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3 jul 2017

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Wheels Lifts
Wheels Lifts Hace un día
Why do local news report on terrorism? It just gives those cowards attention. The whole idea of people being terrified wont work if no one knows. Hopefully we can get rid of terrorists for good that way.
Wheels Lifts
Wheels Lifts Hace un día
This Sinclair guy (hyman) talks too much shit. Hes going to get knocked out one day
AhavaShinobi Hace 3 días
Thank goodness, Sinclair doesn't run my local news station
Eric A.
Eric A. Hace 3 días
Eh both the far left and far right consider the reporting on trumps ties to Russia to be a conspiracy. Only the center buys this bullshit.
Def Misanthrope
Def Misanthrope Hace 6 días
I can't believe Pai denied the merger. He handed it to them on a silver platter, but they wanted more and more. Their greed cost them, and we got lucky.
morsvincit Hace 8 días
And how many households does this NPC's "comedy" show reach? What Sinclair is doing is only fair, considering the huge, unchecked reach of the pro-slavery Democratic party across 95% of all television broadcasts. Tired of being seen as a color or gender, instead of as an individual? Vote Republucan!
Chandler Schneider
Chandler Schneider Hace 8 días
Hey, mark heimann, retarded is not pc to say. I know this cause you are fucking retarded.
TheHoustonSkeptic Hace 9 días
I'm sure a bunch of rich geriatric white assholes tell them what's good for them
John Evans
John Evans Hace 11 días
Did anyone see the ghost at 12:36??
Bsijcnehz Hace 12 días
(((Sinclair))) notice how they call hamas a terror group when it's literally just a group of Palestinians trying to take their country back from insane Jews.
Jordan Newbold
Jordan Newbold Hace 14 días
two people pointing guns at me at the same time! how fun!
Jacob Bartlett
Jacob Bartlett Hace 15 días
Why is this comment section so sad?
judah macneely
judah macneely Hace 16 días
I'm waiting for the Prager U episode...
George Carlo
George Carlo Hace 16 días
Did anyone actually air that ending piece?
SuperGewd Hace 17 días
Not the first time I've looked at the receiving end of a handgun that closely. Is everyone else that weak that they instantly cave? Either a. You get fucked or b. You get fucked. Or you fight back and have a chance to not get fucked.
Mann Përrson
Mann Përrson Hace 18 días
4:59 ahem. BOB R O S S
Hace 18 días
this is extremely dangerous to our democracy
Doug Biden
Doug Biden Hace 20 días
mark hyman...amazing that cancerous puddle of pus-bile is still alive what do i mean? im amazed nobody has shot,stabbed,poisoned,or hi-&run over him
Zygarde ZX
Zygarde ZX Hace 21 un día
Fox News wants impartial journalism. Name a bigger contradiction. I'll be waiting.
Slaughter House 5
Slaughter House 5 Hace 21 un día
On one hand I feel like Craig, on the other hand pizza. No! Damnit! I'm awake John Oliver.
Andy Sisk
Andy Sisk Hace 21 un día
Channel 5 represent
Timbo_58 Hace 22 días
john oliver failing on trigger discipline on the cold open is a real giveaway
Lucifer Heller
Lucifer Heller Hace 22 días
1:3 I saw this in one of Markiplier's Try Not to Laugh challenge. I think it was his first, actually.
River Styx Armory
River Styx Armory Hace 23 días
The extreme left grabbed the national news outlets, and extreme right grabbed the local outlets. A year later, and both sides still sound fucking insane and we haven't made any progress.
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull Hace 23 días
Being called a snowflake doesn't sound hurtful no matter what tone of voice u use.
Scrotes Magotes
Scrotes Magotes Hace 23 días
It's hilarious when an NPC calls out other NPCs. It's like getting smart devices stuck in a feedback loop.
Peter Vaňušanik
Peter Vaňušanik Hace 23 días
Trigger finger, oliver!
Youtube Ciulini
Youtube Ciulini Hace 23 días
Sin (c) liar media group
StrangeGingerr Hace 24 días
Albus Regnum
Albus Regnum Hace 26 días
it's not only Sinclair group you missed the point of the video
Supertyp Hace 26 días
The most funny thing of that whole shit show is, that the other side does the exact fucking same. Literally all fucking media outlets lie and bend the truth to their fittings for their side, be it Clinton or Trump, Obama or what else DNC RNC everyone. And while we laugh about Sinclair dictating the mouth of local stations CNN produces their own view of the world with their own truth. TV is done. Media is done. That's why I don't own a TV anymore and consume my news from different sources of all color from far right to far left. This way there's a chance lies cancel each other out and what's left is somewhat close to the truth.
Kayla Levay
Kayla Levay Hace 26 días
Go to bed, Greg.
Kyle Shiflet
Kyle Shiflet Hace 28 días
Wow jackasses lead jackass oh wait that's just the Republicans being Republicans or basically idiots being idiots
Taye Trotman
Taye Trotman Hace un mes
I agree that it’s silly to say that only black people can have an afro. However, that Hymen dude is an idiot. Also, why the fuck would you go on TV with such a fucking hilarious name?
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull Hace un mes
Sinclair Gas stations are taking over the Media? Only in the States Under Canada and above Mexico on a Map or SUCAMOM is that possible. Because the words United States of America didn't and does not mean anything. The USA is for people for people who can afford to live there. While SUCAMOM is for everyone else who can't afford to live in the USA. America is a broad generalization of the USA or SUCAMOM. If u live in or on America, USA, SUCAMOM you are all in the same boat called the Trumptanic made of solid gold that sits on dry land because it's not an actual boat it's just shaped like one. Trump Is the ice berg the Trumtanic has been warned about but does not avoid because Trump "built the boat with his own hands."
WOOT_WOOT Hace un mes
I'm gonna start calling Tom Holland spider twerp now.
Nealon Miller
Nealon Miller Hace un mes
That bear clip is in the Important Videos playlist.
Emily Alp
Emily Alp Hace un mes
John is the best news today. I appreciate how he makes sure all the crazy-making GOP antics are balanced by key observations like: "Oh come ON. That could not be more pot calling the kettle black than if he said: 'The bottom line is, CNN is a rejected extra from the Sopranos in a JC Penny's tie, whose voice sounds like Sylvester Stallone with a mouth full of beans.'" :D
An Than Van Man Tan
Danger is extremely democratic for this.
Imperador de Acre Purús e Yaco
This is extremely dangerous for american democracy
News Junkie
News Junkie Hace un mes
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
Raft on Rainbow
Raft on Rainbow Hace un mes
bro your eyebrows cannot be natural right? they are thick and clean,you got good eyebrows i commend you makeup artist
Hadley Souther
Hadley Souther Hace un mes
Anytime they roll out party blame for anything over 50 years ago is a joke.. They were completely different Literally the entire reason it was different is all the racist, brutal KKK supporting fucks switched to right wing after the 50s once it became the go to for the racists Lincoln being Republican has no bearing on the cult they are now
satyaki sikdar
satyaki sikdar Hace un mes
Sha Hace un mes
This is the worst story ever... the media is excruciatingly loony libera.... they constantly indoctrinate their political agenda.... main anchors on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Vice and vox are homosexuals and transgenders.... they all despise the conservative views including religion, gun rights, anti abortion, small government, strong military and stronger anti- illegal immigration enforcement
Bryan King
Bryan King Hace un mes
Jesus right wingers r fuqed in the head
Hcdoitsu Smith
Hcdoitsu Smith Hace un mes
Control the news. Absolutely essential for any dictatorship. Fox News.
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
John, you are so uninformed. It's about fat shaming. How do you think fat girls dress when they go to the beach? Have you ever seen a 200 lb woman in a bikini? I rest my case. You should be ashamed for ever bringing it up.
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
You know how centipedes get into houses? It's the type of lubricant they use. I bet you didn't know there were different types. KY isn't the only one they make. I know, you can order them on Amazon. AND you can use your PayPal account as well. Such a deal..........
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
Funny, though. If I had Daily Show videos to show you from 100 years ago, it would be obvious to you that NOT A EFFIN THING HAS CHANGED
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
I love the haircut John, it makes you look sooooo much younger. And up to date. You hair now looks the same as Colbert's, and Kimmel's and Myers, and Maher. Well, may be not Maher. His is slicked back so much with gell. I think it's to hide the fact that he can where it au naturalle on vacation. I've seen the pictures. He can't; hide the fact. My daughter is a hairdresser. She could do a lot for you guys. You should see what she did to my hair. Maybe I will post it someday. It was on Cartoon President. That's on Showtime, though. I guess you don't watch it.
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
Very sneaky John. I see what your'r getting at, but you can't fool me. I will prove to you that you got that idea from my photo of the cat standing on it's hind legs that was in my own PERSONSL set of pictures on Facebook. Prove ME to be wrong, numnuts
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
They are soooo stupid. Everybody knows, you never smoke around babies. And haven't coyotes read the latest findings? Sheesh
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
Do you see that cat? How adorable is he? Cats are so crazy and funny. Did you ever see that one where ...... No,no there are just too many to mention. You have to see them. I record them on Facebook all the time. LMAO
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
That guy is so living in the past. Art has a very neat, groomed, tapered cut now. His and many other afros went out of style in the 80's. (Not sure of my dates) correct me if I'm wrong, but there're coming back. Jon Batiste has been sporting one lately. No snowflake, he............
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
You know that Tucker has Jon Stewart to thank for his popularity. If Jon hadn't made fun of his bow tie, well. You know.......I don't wanna say....
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
Right, and journalists should never think they are artists. You can't do both. They can only report the news, not create the scenery. Leave that for the professionals. Only talented, experienced people know how to do both. Once again, it cannot be a DIY. Look at the results.
Do My Nails
Do My Nails Hace un mes
Whatever artist created that bear was a complete hack. Don't they know how to use a tape measure? It's obvious that bear should have been twice the size. I'm sorry. I am not fooled. You can see that guy. Who believes that bear is real when you can see the guy behind it? That's when they should have used an experienced artist. You only get half the effect when you try to save on payroll. Total fake news....
Ben Toombs
Ben Toombs Hace un mes
Republicans are seriously fucking retarded
Ragnarokia NG
Ragnarokia NG Hace un mes
'Don't ask for trigger warnings for facts you don't want to hear snowflakes'. Call it fake news and refuse to accept evidence and protect people who have done horrible things instead.
Manthan Shah
Manthan Shah Hace un mes
Last year, my English teacher showed this to us. We loved it.
Jason Gardner
Jason Gardner Hace un mes
That moment a bunch of idiots act like he is a savior when all he did was take something that is EXTREMELY old and renew it.... good job on sucking that entertainment cock everyone. You all need your fucking head checked for acting as if this guy is any form of news. "Truth". no actually this is called scare tactics. You have been doing this for a long time and no, not every American is dumb enough to fall for this. Just the 106k retards that give you a thumbs up.
regina jerusalemsky
"Knock knock sheeple here's the truth" only that you already did a show about how 3 to 7 companies OWN EVERYOTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD - each "clan" in their own business field..so.. nothing new here.. except the fact that "they" found out that local news maybe the only media left to say exactly what they see, when they see it.."and we can't have that..can we now..?" So much for the freedom of speech under the bridge
Ayesha Rizwan
Ayesha Rizwan Hace un mes
I totally agreed on the new spider-boy
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort Hace un mes
That was a really great episode. Skit at the end had me rolling.
The Tri-states/ Ohio's local TV-news channels are the BIGGEST producers of violent religious terrorism and white supremacists'/ Nazis', pro-Republicans' fake news psyops generating entities allied with and directly after Russian troll-farms and Facebook's religious billionaire dark-money "advertisers". No organized political system of hyper-Fascism nor religious Nazism can exist if there wasn't real right-wing "news" media organizations purposely creating and abetting the political and corporate liars in thieves and the billionaire Nazis who are buying up all public powers, while the dumb masses are getting distracted with Trump's childish reality-TV- theaters. Republican Americans, like most religious extremists nations and sects, are politically DUMB as shit! And the reasons are the politically violently instituted religiosity and the ultra right-wing corporate hyper-fascistic white supremacist religious Mafia's liars' news -media such as Murdoch media, Sinclair and zionist-Russians-Israeli-Saudis-run Facebook. Trump's NRA-Republican Ohio for example is a criminal American-NAZI Republicans-Mafia state alone due to the ALEC NRA-corporate media dominance and criminal pedophile religious big business cartels-run society-shifting "scripts" they all run openly on the minds of dumb-kept slow-minded religious conservative Americans who are often times from too many mind-numbing pills and industrial environmental toxins cognitively and emotionally "retarded". Yes deary U.S. NRA Trump-Republicans and all of Earth's ULTRA rapist pedophile religious conservatives/fundamentalists of the Abraham's religions in particular, you heard that correctly: You are ALL cognitively and emotionally, in varying degrees FYI, violently "retarded"!!! Would you all like me to prove said now undeniably to all of you foolish sociopaths right now existing on Earth, how violently mentally ill nearly all of you religious believers really are? I developed a very unique test for that sole important purpose. And you all are already a part of said ongoing tests of your real emotional and cognitive deficiencies... Best of no-luck in ever proving the likes of godless me in any ways Scientifically wrong about the state of YOUR violently religious empty-minds. You will need another thousands of years in human-evolution to do so frankly, all you sick opportunistic make-believers. A.E. Projectheureka LLC;
Nylak Otter
Nylak Otter Hace un mes
It was true a couple years ago, and it's still true now. *This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.* Please never stop, Mr. Oliver. I've wasted a lot of time and money fortifying my storm shelter to protect from fallout. Please let that effort stay a waste.
Benjamin Raskin
Benjamin Raskin Hace un mes
Can we address the fact that most Americans are unable to recognize the passage of time?
Defrostgiant The Cold
Don’t diss Tom Holland.
Ainsley Ort
Ainsley Ort Hace un mes
GASP! HOW DARE YOU BESMIRCH THE NAME OF TOM HOLLAND! I mean, have you seen that booty? And his Rihanna impression? He is obviously the best Avenger.
Jason Finn
Jason Finn Hace un mes
am i the only one who prefers the old haircut?
Infomonkey Hace un mes
I know Sinclair Broadcasting because they own Ring of Honor and that's just about it...
datalisk Hace un mes
D I assume hit that is with a train
Vittorio Studios
Vittorio Studios Hace un mes
F you. Tom Holland is a national treasure.
Frank Bowman
Frank Bowman Hace un mes
What does a lady Muslim Jawa wear to the beach? BURKINI!!!!
Arsenic Poisoning
Arsenic Poisoning Hace un mes
The report of ISIS slicing 9 teens in half with a chainsaw is bullshit, despite popular belif chainsaws are horrible cutting through meat and bone it would stall out and the chain might break as well
The Canine Nutritionist
A patient cured is a customer lost. www.greenmedinfo.com/disease/autism-spectrum-disorders
UnYin99 Hace un mes
the deal fell through!
Chis Baines
Chis Baines Hace un mes
Hello everyone my names John Oliver and I'm from England and I love nothing more than telling you all about my latest biscuit adventure, today I'm scoffing....Penguin. This particular biscuit is crunchy with a mmmm chocolate cream filling mmmm chocolate covered ppp peckish munch. More biscuit news later.
ForeverMe543 Hace un mes
Obviously hyman wouldn’t know what his name means or where it even is on the bodies he has never touched.
Drew Isaac
Drew Isaac Hace 2 meses
Democrats did support slavery and were a major factor with Jim Crow laws. It semes that sometime during the 1960s Democrats have changed their views on a lot of subjects.
SCOUNDREL Hace 2 meses
legalised propaganda or 1st. Amendment rights.
zyzyx Hace 2 meses
Mark Hymen?!! bwahahaha!
Jose Colon
Jose Colon Hace 2 meses
14:28 is that the Death Star in the middle of that flag? lol
Dylan Chouinard
Dylan Chouinard Hace 2 meses
Word of advice: don't trust anyone who unironically uses the phrases like "special snowflakes" and "SJW". Just from my personal experience.
Star Surfer
Star Surfer Hace 2 meses
So wait, the introduction piece is bad only because the guy is conservative? So if he was hardline liberal it would be ok?
sean kelch
sean kelch Hace 2 meses
Shit I’m Craig, goodnight guys
Isaac Roebuck
Isaac Roebuck Hace 2 meses
Does this really surprise anyone? would it surprise anyone if it were the other way around? Of course not, politics is brutal, it has no place in government, and it's our fault for letting it influence our way of life.
FirstMars FireCardinal
hell yeah... lol
TRAP BOX Hace 2 meses
Democracy, what a novel idea.
toaMalafe Hace 2 meses
as someone from 2018: I have some good news: the sinclair deal fell through
Celcey24 Hace 2 meses
For anyone watching this currently, as of August 2018 it doesn't look like the Sinclair-Tribune deal will go though! It's not definitely blocked, but it's likely going to fail.
dudewtf1776 Hace 2 meses
Hearst owns my local news station
BockworschtSoldier Hace 2 meses
2:06 I don´t know the usual programm of Mr. Hyman, but what he say about the SJW´s here is so true!
mugogrog Hace 2 meses
Finally a video where "fake news"" is actually a valid response XD
• FlowerThePrincess •
You sir underestimate the goddess that is Tom Holland
• FlowerThePrincess •
charronfilms The second he lip synced to Umbrella he became a goddess.
charronfilms Hace 2 meses
Grand Admiral Thrawn
1:35 they are really high quality for local news (they are the news station for the Nashville CBS channel). Whenever I go anywhere else and watch the local news I’m like “what the heck”.
ObjectLover7777 the kitty
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Hace 2 meses
Michael Para
Michael Para Hace 2 meses
my favorite part is that all the coyotes in that gang smoke
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