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Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That's alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.
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3 jul 2017

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Frank Bowman
Frank Bowman Hace 4 horas
What does a lady Muslim Jawa wear to the beach? BURKINI!!!!
Arsenic Poisoning
Arsenic Poisoning Hace 12 horas
The report of ISIS slicing 9 teens in half with a chainsaw is bullshit, despite popular belif chainsaws are horrible cutting through meat and bone it would stall out and the chain might break as well
The Canine Nutritionist
A patient cured is a customer lost. www.greenmedinfo.com/disease/autism-spectrum-disorders
UnYin99 Hace 3 días
the deal fell through!
Chis Baines
Chis Baines Hace 3 días
Hello everyone my names John Oliver and I'm from England and I love nothing more than telling you all about my latest biscuit adventure, today I'm scoffing....Penguin. This particular biscuit is crunchy with a mmmm chocolate cream filling mmmm chocolate covered ppp peckish munch. More biscuit news later.
ForeverMe543 Hace 4 días
Obviously hyman wouldn’t know what his name means or where it even is on the bodies he has never touched.
Drew Isaac
Drew Isaac Hace 6 días
Democrats did support slavery and were a major factor with Jim Crow laws. It semes that sometime during the 1960s Democrats have changed their views on a lot of subjects.
SCOUNDREL Hace 9 días
legalised propaganda or 1st. Amendment rights.
zyzyx Hace 12 días
Mark Hymen?!! bwahahaha!
Jose Colon
Jose Colon Hace 12 días
14:28 is that the Death Star in the middle of that flag? lol
Dylan Chouinard
Dylan Chouinard Hace 13 días
Word of advice: don't trust anyone who unironically uses the phrases like "special snowflakes" and "SJW". Just from my personal experience.
Star Surfer
Star Surfer Hace 14 días
So wait, the introduction piece is bad only because the guy is conservative? So if he was hardline liberal it would be ok?
sean kelch
sean kelch Hace 14 días
Shit I’m Craig, goodnight guys
Isaac Roebuck
Isaac Roebuck Hace 14 días
Does this really surprise anyone? would it surprise anyone if it were the other way around? Of course not, politics is brutal, it has no place in government, and it's our fault for letting it influence our way of life.
FirstMars FireCardinal
hell yeah... lol
TRAP BOX Hace 17 días
Democracy, what a novel idea.
toaMalafe Hace 18 días
as someone from 2018: I have some good news: the sinclair deal fell through
Celcey24 Hace 20 días
For anyone watching this currently, as of August 2018 it doesn't look like the Sinclair-Tribune deal will go though! It's not definitely blocked, but it's likely going to fail.
dudewtf1776 Hace 21 un día
Hearst owns my local news station
BockworschtSoldier Hace 22 días
2:06 I don´t know the usual programm of Mr. Hyman, but what he say about the SJW´s here is so true!
mugogrog Hace 22 días
Finally a video where "fake news"" is actually a valid response XD
• FlowerThePrincess •
You sir underestimate the goddess that is Tom Holland
• FlowerThePrincess •
charronfilms The second he lip synced to Umbrella he became a goddess.
charronfilms Hace 19 días
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Grand Admiral Thrawn Hace 22 días
1:35 they are really high quality for local news (they are the news station for the Nashville CBS channel). Whenever I go anywhere else and watch the local news I’m like “what the heck”.
ObjectLover7777 the kitty
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Hace 24 días
Michael Para
Michael Para Hace 24 días
my favorite part is that all the coyotes in that gang smoke
Maria Giulia Rodriguez
That guy can go fly a munchie: facts are those very same social issues that you cannot even achieve proper political or historical knowledge of
Ali Epstein
Ali Epstein Hace 28 días
I love you but don’t shade Tom Holland
Jan Iedema
Jan Iedema Hace 28 días
Still relevant
Timothy Beckett
Timothy Beckett Hace 28 días
What about E.W Scripps Company? You didn't mention them.
Your Favourite Super Villian
Did Hilary lose North Carolina?
Aterhallsam Hace 28 días
Fakkin libtard I cant take this shit. Sorry for saying libtard. I didnt mean to be offensive to retarded people.
TBTV Hace 28 días
Seeing my local news on this piece hurt my soul
Gary Gibbs II
Gary Gibbs II Hace 28 días
But... but Sinclair owns Ring of Honor.
Dan Sea
Dan Sea Hace 29 días
ok guy from the Sopranos, that's not how to pronounce Schirripa. Come back to Italy, ask the first person that you see at the airport and start a good trend.
martin watvedt
martin watvedt Hace 29 días
the bear thing was last week tonight no?
Anthony Figueras
Anthony Figueras Hace un mes
This is only becoming an issue to the people who's propaganda machine is breaking down. No news should be so centrally controlled. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS have already been doing FOR YEARS what this buffoon is now calling attention to because his leftist bosses are directing him to. Media is only one segment of leftist indoctrination. One only has to look at the silencing of conservative voices on college campuses across our country to see that the political left is, AND HAS been guilty of the manipulation of curriculum content and what ideas AND historical facts are imparted to our young people. TV news is just the department that is designed to reach the lazy, overly-entertained, and urbane.
MMMpowerhouse Hace un mes
NEWS UPDATE: Sinclair/Tribune merger was canceled when it was discovered that Sinclair was "selling" its stations to different companies , below market value and those companies had the same management or were related to member of Sinclair management. Sinclair was required to do this to avoid US anti-trust regulation that prevent one company from owning to much of the media. Since the news emerged Tribune has fully back out since Sinclair was negotiating in bad faith.
akmediascope Hace un mes
great show! Thank you
Steve Cooper
Steve Cooper Hace un mes
How many of these fucking things did you make?
Setari M
Setari M Hace un mes
Spidertwerp doesn't exist anymore...
Victoria Jenkins
Victoria Jenkins Hace un mes
Did anyone else have an immediate dislike of Mark Hyman? Maybe it’s the offensive, high-handed things he says.
Anna Gilsdorf
Anna Gilsdorf Hace un mes
I adore Spider-Twerp
jlcjapon59 Hace un mes
This should inspire you John: www.hds.to/films/the-dictator-2012-streaming.php?v=vo#
PoopSandwichMcGee Hace un mes
YAAAS they aborted the merger! Fuck you SinClair!
Chris Strong
Chris Strong Hace un mes
Rupert Murdoch does the same thing. CNN, MSNBC, Last Week Tonight.
pop5678eye Hace un mes
For any conservatives complaining they can't use the word 'retarded' anymore: it was banned largely because of your beloved Sarah Palin who kept insisting each time the word is spoken it is an insult to her autistic son!
Sinclaire Thomas
Sinclaire Thomas Hace un mes
I've got my own gas station and now my own news network? I've got my whole life together and I didn't even have to do sh*t!
Benjamin Abramowitz
So who's watching this after Tribune backed out of the Sinclair deal and is preparing to sue them?www.subscriptioninsider.com/news/tribune-media-backs-out-of-3.9-billion-merger-and-sues-sinclair-6146-1.html
Tab Utu
Tab Utu Hace un mes
Ah John you insert political opinion in your show all the time? ;)
Woodenfan Hace un mes
Good news! That Sinclair-Tribune merger fell through!
Karl Eickhoff
Karl Eickhoff Hace un mes
Update: as of August 2018, the merger did not go through!
DesertDaisy Marie
DesertDaisy Marie Hace un mes
Perhaps I am a snowflake but as a victim of sexual assault and abuse I find trigger warnings in some things quite useful..
Mr. Bidwell
Mr. Bidwell Hace un mes
There's nothing wrong with that. People often misconstrue empathy and consideration for others (the practice of employing trigger warnings being one of them) as them being "weak snowflake cucks". I used to get the whole idea of "the world sucks and if you can't take it, you're a baby", but if it sucks, then why are others contributing to the problem by being assholes? We didn't get this far as a species by being assholes and killing each other, after all.
Cassandra Emagena
Cassandra Emagena Hace un mes
Good news, the merger didn’t happen!
Seokjun An
Seokjun An Hace un mes
Did he just call Tom Holland a little twerp?
Jose Acevedo
Jose Acevedo Hace un mes
The deal's off! PIX11 News New York is saved!
Jamis Carter
Jamis Carter Hace un mes
So is KTLA 5! Thank GOD for that!
Sharp Wit Tube
Sharp Wit Tube Hace un mes
This video's age sure does show now.
Indiegirl007 Hace un mes
I love how conservatives keep bringing up how the Dems used to be pro Slavery. I remember a time when the Republicans were socially liberal. Things change. I don't care how they felt back in the day, I want to know how they feel NOW.
ImJosephStalin Hace un mes
See. I'm sorry it's only bad when other people do it
JB Tiamson
JB Tiamson Hace un mes
The merger is dead. Press freedom in Tribune owned stations is safe.
Verdrang Hace un mes
Just heard that that Merger was dead and Sinclair was being sued. Wonder if british Milhouse will address that.^^
I do love how most of the comments here are idiots talking about how the “leftist media” is shitty
Patrick Corpuz
Patrick Corpuz Hace un mes
Tribute terminated the merger with Sinclair! WOMP! WOMP!
Rudster14 Hace un mes
Update: The Sinclair - Tribune Media merger is off!
Niranjan Prakash
Niranjan Prakash Hace un mes
I'm Craig -_-
fastgamer2 Hace un mes
11:33 I like that haircut!
pyroblasten Hace un mes
I hate pot bellied pigs
Michael Saint
Michael Saint Hace un mes
there not funny at all
babbisp1 Hace un mes
Brian Beckerman
Brian Beckerman Hace un mes
Who are the fucking morons who buy this propaganda?
PADR21 Hace un mes
Trump voters sadly.
Hendrik Setiawan
Hendrik Setiawan Hace un mes
Damnit Craig! Go to bed now!
kletch bizmo
kletch bizmo Hace un mes
Ewwww for years Sinclair was nothing to me except the name of a gummy-puppet-TV-sitcom Dinosaur. You ruined the name, let's see if I can ruin one of your childhood's favorite shows name to settle the score. Mr. House
Canadian gentleman
Canadian gentleman Hace un mes
The democrats did not bring slavery to america. when slavery was introduced in 1619 america was still under colonial rule so it is imposeble for democrats to bring slavery to the us
Grechtoo Hace un mes
When John talks about Media, he is full of ..... Comparing the viewership of news channel like Fox News to an entire Corporation like Sinclair Broadcast Group makes no sense. Especially when Fox News is owned by News-Corp wich is way bigger than Sinclair Broadcast Group
silent gamer
silent gamer Hace un mes
wait so these assholes (terrorist alarm desk) are saying things that happened to Muslims? for fuck sake man anything I do is considered a terrorist "attack" or "move" in their eyes how dumb are people?!
silent gamer
silent gamer Hace un mes
Kayt’s Wonderlust
Leave Tom Holland alone 😂 he’s a good spider baby
Jennifer Griel
Jennifer Griel Hace un mes
Did any tribune stations actually air that Steve shrippa thing?
Evan Abbott
Evan Abbott Hace un mes
Intimidation Hace un mes
3:27 rip spider twerp
John Galt
John Galt Hace un mes
Cool. An anti-snowflake spokesperson. I'm in. I don't know anyone who likes snowflakes or PC culture. We just tolerate it.
Angel Fox
Angel Fox Hace un mes
You need to get out more.
huFFy Hace un mes
John Oliver is dangerous to our democracy...
XtineRaye420 WP
XtineRaye420 WP Hace un mes
I don't know who this is but I know he twist things a bit and told some lies. Lies seem to be everywhere. I think everyone should check these facts themselves.
Angel Fox
Angel Fox Hace un mes
How's the weather in Moscow?
BelgiumPress Hace un mes
I think the FCC watched that bit with their decision of today.
MyDearKyoKun Hace 2 meses
This is the third John Oliver clip I’ve seen in a row, where he mentions the Olsen twins conspiracy xD
bskaufman11 Hace 2 meses
www.politico.com/story/2018/07/16/sinclair-merger-trump-tribune-689026 GOOD JOB JOHN!
Rikki Tikki Tembo
Rikki Tikki Tembo Hace 2 meses
That first clip they showed would have been a lot more scary if it wasn't obviously a pellet gun.
SpookeyR Hace 2 meses
The Sinclair Group is a terrorist organization that specializes in the dissemination of cheap-ass fear, hate, scare, rumor and smear mongering, tinfoil hat-wearing, Kool-Aid sipping and, that are often, bare minimum, diarrhetic fantasy and diarrhetic horror, 'white supremacist shill', `cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrIeS` about islamophobia being good for `Murica, multi-culturalism destroying Christianity, LGBTQ rights cheapens the rights of straight people and about how spousal abuse wouldn't be an issue if you just got married... They are a threat to our democracy by being a threat to a free press and by pushing a 👹 group-think mentality, something that the Nazi's also used to pushed their own 'anti-human species' agenda. If you want to know how fight this garbage, then, take and make use of the following advice: Vote blue in November! #BlueTsunami
tung nguyen
tung nguyen Hace 2 meses
Replace democracy with our Communist Party and voila you become what you always fight America
Kobe Newland
Kobe Newland Hace 2 meses
I agree with half of what the guy says about oversensitivity in colleges and a few others but then the reat makes me disgusted to share an opinion with him.
Jacob Prim
Jacob Prim Hace 2 meses
0:20 Officer: HES GOT A GUN!! (Shoots the newsman 48 times)
Cheuk Yin Kwan
Cheuk Yin Kwan Hace 2 meses
Who else naturally raised their hands in the air at the beginning news excerpt?
Jake Lownds
Jake Lownds Hace 2 meses
Democrats didn't give you the KKK. The KKK brought you the KKK
kat Hace 2 meses
that bear scene is legit​ a vine
RocknRican Hace 2 meses
Eyyyyyyyyy Rochester NY finally made it lol
Sean Bela
Sean Bela Hace 2 meses
Caught with their pants down, it sounds like the novel Doomsday is on Wednesday; yes that's a shameless plug but the similarities to this novel are so stark. We're all being brainwashed and one day it will leak into everything and everyone's mind.
bored_chimchar Hace 2 meses
The world is so fucked up...
Happy Dog
Happy Dog Hace 2 meses
I Love this SHOW!!!
Sammy w
Sammy w Hace 2 meses
knowing that people have said "social justice warrior" out loud triggers my fight or flight response
Sal ty
Sal ty Hace 2 meses
Ronald Reagan striking down the fairness in broadcasting rule was a boon to propagandists.
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