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Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That's alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.
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3 jul 2017

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Taye Trotman
Taye Trotman Hace un día
To be fair, Hyman is not completely wrong. Anybody can have an afro if they want 😂.
The boogie man
The boogie man Hace 2 días
I think the followup of the guy with the gun was"This segment was brought to you by gangsta news"
Popsicle Hustler
Popsicle Hustler Hace 2 días
4:52 Bob Ross is the only one who gets a pass for being a white guy with an afro
Bryce Kunkel
Bryce Kunkel Hace 4 días
Go pats
Ress Helson
Ress Helson Hace 5 días
525Lines Hace 5 días
This is the first thing in god knows how many years I've found something that makes me want to subscribe to HBO.
Diane Benzler
Diane Benzler Hace 9 días
Sinclair cares!! Wah,ha,ha,ha!!!
Richard Smart
Richard Smart Hace 11 días
Who-the-actual-FUCK is Mark Hymen? Seriously, what a cunt...
Andethidial Hace 13 días
If your news anchor says :"it could be true" and you don't recognize that this isn't what news should be... 🤔🤔🤔 Then you probably voted for Donald Trump
Kyle Price
Kyle Price Hace 13 días
This guy talks about his hair a lot
Space Dragon
Space Dragon Hace 13 días
John, I adore you and your show and just about everything you stand for, but how DARE you call Tom Holland Spider-Man a twerp! Tom Holland's Peter Parker is my CHILD, and I will defend him until the day I get snapped alongside him!
MarbleSwan666 Hace 13 días
I hate when republicans say that democrats were racist, when it was the republicans, the only thing that changed was the fucking name
MarbleSwan666 Hace 13 días
Why do black people, latinos, mexicans, lgbtq members, or other minority's support trump? Thats like jewish person supporting hitler
MarbleSwan666 Hace 14 días
Im a democrat, but i agree with his view on sjw's. They are getting as bad as racists
Brandon Bruns
Brandon Bruns Hace 10 días
MarbleSwan666 well of course there are good people, but if you identify with one of the parties then you are part of the problem
MarbleSwan666 Hace 12 días
Brandon Bruns i don't disagree, but there are good democrats and good republicans.
Brandon Bruns
Brandon Bruns Hace 13 días
MarbleSwan666 if you identify with the Democratic Party you’re no better than the sjw’s. Both parties are run by the same corporations that pay all of them off. The Democrats are barely more left than the republicans are and they’re both destroying programs that benefit society.
B5429671 XJ
B5429671 XJ Hace 14 días
Burkinis should be banned and it is related to radical Islam. I don't feel bad for them.
jason benjamin
jason benjamin Hace 15 días
Just curious...if Sinclair leaned, oh I don't know, Left...would John still have covered this? Honest question. Not a conservative nor am I a liberal, just someone who is tired of political discourse and dishonesty on both sides of the aisle.
Paradoxical Psychop0mp
Better question: if there were evidence that ALL MEDIA is perpetuating a lie in order to gain public sentiment for increasing incarcerations, cutting insurance and business losses, increasing corporate and political profits, and virtue signalling, hiw would it be covered? What if the source of the lie was a government agency? Cuz it's true, and he covered it by toeing the official story...
james kunisch
james kunisch Hace 16 días
After the end of the fairness doctrine and media companies legally buying any company it wanted to creating a monopoly, thank you Ronald Reagan, we have the lying talking heads of the 21st century. Long live the Plutocracy.
James Irving
James Irving Hace 16 días
It’s a real care bear
Not Nubilous
Not Nubilous Hace 18 días
Just in case anyone didn't follow up on this, the acquisition did not go through. Tribune in turn sued Sinclair for $1billion in damages
Cardi B Needs to explain life
2:18 His last name is pure irony
Josue Hernandez
Josue Hernandez Hace 20 días
What’s the name of that song at the end? I’m trying to find it
James Staples V
James Staples V Hace 20 días
Rush Limbaugh is a sinclair gig--- end of need to think
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman Hace 20 días
What is it with North Carolina Republicans crying voter fraud with no proof?
Blackout043 Hace 20 días
Big Corporation is taking over our local news. It's not long before they'll all be right-wing propraganda machines. We must stop this before it's too late.
George Varelas
George Varelas Hace 22 días
none of them ''is'' !
Melinda Dunn
Melinda Dunn Hace 22 días
Before KOMO was Sinclair-owned, there was this commentator named Ken Schram who would give out awards (Schrammies) to local companies and people doing mean things. He would always conclude his shame pieces by saying, "Take a bow (insert subject's name here) because this Schrammie is for you!" From Seattle and possibly Ken Schram from beyond the grave, take a bow Sinclair. This Schrammie is for you!
The AMV TOP 50
The AMV TOP 50 Hace 24 días
Tucker Carlson is actually really great and often leans left.
Rick Enman
Rick Enman Hace 24 días
4:36 and just HOW do you consider words like handicapped and retarded part of a "polite" conversation, if there's one thing right wingers are good at, its inadvertently contradicting the shit they make up as they go along
erypto arts
erypto arts Hace 26 días
that is the best intro he has ever done
Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll Hace 26 días
Two people.
Markus Linder
Markus Linder Hace 28 días
why should Oliver judge other news services that have a political bias while he obviously has a large one himself?
Emil Edlund
Emil Edlund Hace 28 días
Spider-twerp, spider-twerp does whatever a twerp does
Bailey Wong
Bailey Wong Hace un mes
Lol when the fuck did he ever use the word "retarded" in "polite conversation"???? "Retarded" is an insult that my 10 year old cousin uses.
shirak8 Hace un mes
Sure..... because the left doesn't already do all of this too.
Einomar Hace 29 días
No they don't. Being bias is not the same as this horrible shit. But nice whataboutism.
108johnny Hace un mes
So Sinclair leans Right. So what? Every station, website, or other media source leans one way or the other. John Oliver is definitely left-leaning, and no one complains.
Kimberly Ball
Kimberly Ball Hace un mes
Oh my Lord!!! WTF is going on in this country?? I'm just flabbergasted!! I'm afraid for my future grandchildren to grow up in this new world I see forming in front of my eyes everyday!!
LazyHermit Hace 15 días
Hey don't worry about them. Here is what you do: come next Christmas go to your local Walmart, go to the back corner near the toy section where they have camping and hunting, say you want two AR15s, sign a slip of paper, pay less than $1000, wrap 'em up, and give it to them for Christmas with a message that says, "For the Apocalypse." After puberty; you don't want to give a kid a weapon when they're emotional. Trust me. I gave a hamster a swiss army knife for his first birthday. Next day I see him he is in a gang. Took a week and four bags of pellets to get him out.
In The Moonlight
In The Moonlight Hace un mes
that komo news bit makes me so sad and the reporter looks so done with her job
chucky Hace un mes
hahahaha best part of the whole segment was the pig with the sopranos dude.. pork chop for president in 2020 after trump is impeached !!
tekbarrier Hace un mes
Democrats are responsible for slavery? There was slavery in America long before there was a Democrat party. That's about as stupid as when I hear people blame the theory of evolution for racism.
tekbarrier Hace un mes
That Boris guy looks and sounds like a constipated Vince Vaughn
Karen Gummer
Karen Gummer Hace un mes
So I watched this segment today, because I knew about Sinclair a few years back. I wanted to hear, albeit 18 months later, to see if there was something I HADN'T heard. Nothing new, but I had a few chuckles anyway. I like to think of myself as a critical thinker and I research everything, especially the alarmist stories, to find the truth somewhere within. It's like the old story about 10 people who saw the same car accident and explained it 10 different ways.
Jumpin Jehosephat
Jumpin Jehosephat Hace un mes
Trigger discipline, you damned idiot!
Spawnfreak Hace un mes
You are owned by AOL Time Warner John Oliver. You are corporate consolidated news.
Bryan Gordon
Bryan Gordon Hace un mes
I love you. Thanks for the great work. Can I access a transcript of this episode?
Daniel Hyson
Daniel Hyson Hace un mes
$100 dollars says Hyman starts throwing temper tantrum when you mention his name sounds like a vagina
Michael Hace un mes
Wait just a minute..john, you just went against the whole black movement when you said, correctly, NOW IS NOT 100 YEARS AGO...so which is it? When it is convenient, it is okay to live in the past, but when it is inconvenient to your cause, well then it is just ridiculous, right? You heard it here folks, NOW IS NOT 100 years ago... So the democratic party shouldnt be held responsible for their politics in the past? If that is the case, legal slavery ended even further back, so why are we still blaming people 4-5 generations past? Hypocrisy at its best, by the way, keep enjoying the politics of the country that made you wealthy. If America is so terrible and unfair, why not go back home John? Do you find it sad that your career is built on having jokes written for you about a political system that you have no say in? You have no skin in the game...
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer Hace un mes
I'm watching this at 5:53 A.M
Alt Facts News
Alt Facts News Hace un mes
Yes mate, nice one. Come on up to Rhody, sure, and we can tackle this one together.
melvina628 Hace un mes
Their goal is solely to disrupt and plant doubt.
Mr. Wright
Mr. Wright Hace un mes
oliver spouts the same lines. pot meet kettle.
minioop2 Hace un mes
I could have sworn Oliver said Greg and not Craig at 17:15
Iulia Ilie
Iulia Ilie Hace un mes
This video is way more accurate on 0.5 speed. Also x0.5 drunk John Oliver.
Gavin Moody
Gavin Moody Hace un mes
Rose Easton
Rose Easton Hace un mes
when your news station is featured
1000 subs with no videos challenge
While I agree with John on the matter, I still think if Sinclair had been left wing he wouldn't have cared.
Alexis Conklin
Alexis Conklin Hace un mes
Pork Chop for president 2020.
Mrhootie333 Hace un mes
Had not heard of Sinclair Broadcast Group. Thank you so much for pointing this out!! This IS Great News....Excellent news that we actually have Conservatives fighting against the most socialist, left-tilted, biased "news reporting" in the history of this country, at least. Totalitarian countries such as North Korea and China have been spouting cnn, msnbc, nbc, cbs-type propaganda for centuries.....
The shameless ideological partisan abuse of the private right-wing corporate U.S. media and Social Media's fake news Bots, paid Trolls and AstroTurfs by religious fundamental billionaires, be them Christians, Zionists or Saudis Islamic terrorism-funding states leaders, is already totally out of control here in the U.S.A inducing the political Nazism we all now know as "Trump-Agenda": Ohio and Cincinnati is a religious fanatic Confederate Republican-Nazis run Religious terrorist Gullag! The Headline in our local Cincinnati Enquirer Sunday paper praising a religious fanatic old German-American white supremacist criminal NRA-Republican billionaires, the Wilkes couple with " How a Cincinnati couple put Roe V. Wade on the ropes" THAT, is our local most read "News" papers, now mind you, celebrating some old-as-shit white American Nazi billionaires couple who are with Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia et-all hideously turning the USA into one of the most violently divisive and homicidal religious extreme Republicans-Nazism accelerating theocratic police-states. No surprise Ohio' NRA Republican religious Nazi leadership as well as Trump Republican law makers, like Hitler's Nazis, are in bed with Big Pharma and opioids dealers and religious murderers in drugging and shooting the brains out of their own violent ignorant primitive fables-following religious conservative believers just to further propel Bannon's theocratic Nazism across America and Europe. FACT IS: Ohio is a religious fundamental Nazi state! And the TriStates Republicans have been systematically wrongfully incriminating and killing Black people, Mexicans, feminist Women and secular Atheist Liberals in NRA-Republican states, as Ohio and Cincinnati, alone for fueling their so-called Trump-Agenda. Which is total violent Fascistic Nazism! www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2018/11/24/roe-v-wade-how-cincinnati-couple-took-legalized-abortion/1856988002/ P.S.: Fascism and Nazism are absolutely nothing without the hideous BS-Journalism-running corporate giants' religious fake news media-agents supporting the criminal sects and cartels! Godless Best, A.E. Projectheureka LLC;
Daniel Hace un mes
Yet you fucks think this segment hasn't been pre planned and scripted? This fags a democrat and hates trump, and I'm sure the broadcast company that airs this show have the same views. All this proves is that the left is crying and trowing punches back. There's no such thing as unbiased news anymore.
bLuE FaEriE
bLuE FaEriE Hace 2 meses
I know this has no significance, but I truly believe that his hair cut (11:27) looks so very handsome on him. 😍
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Hace 2 meses
They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this stuff.
thegreekgamer BK
thegreekgamer BK Hace 2 meses
poor trigger discipline John
Robert Kovacsphoto
Robert Kovacsphoto Hace 2 meses
"Pork Chop"... Really?!
KingOfGames Hace 2 meses
Yay! My local news station isn’t owned by Sinclair
Kirochi Hace 2 meses
"[...] local news should never be about cheap scare-mongering or advancing a political agenda [...]" isn't there some shit to point out on the left though?
DaveyTheDJ Hace 2 meses
Sinclair broadcast group needs to be dissolved
ZakuKye Hace 2 meses
Thank you so much for your show, John! Learn something new every week. :)
Keiya Hace 2 meses
"By that definition, terrorism is 'anything done by a Muslim'" John, that is their intended message.
Wheels Lifts
Wheels Lifts Hace 2 meses
Why do local news report on terrorism? It just gives those cowards attention. The whole idea of people being terrified wont work if no one knows. Hopefully we can get rid of terrorists for good that way.
Wheels Lifts
Wheels Lifts Hace 2 meses
This Sinclair guy (hyman) talks too much shit. Hes going to get knocked out one day
AhavaShinobi Hace 2 meses
Thank goodness, Sinclair doesn't run my local news station
Eric A.
Eric A. Hace 2 meses
Eh both the far left and far right consider the reporting on trumps ties to Russia to be a conspiracy. Only the center buys this bullshit.
Def Misanthrope
Def Misanthrope Hace 2 meses
I can't believe Pai denied the merger. He handed it to them on a silver platter, but they wanted more and more. Their greed cost them, and we got lucky.
morsvincit Hace 2 meses
And how many households does this NPC's "comedy" show reach? What Sinclair is doing is only fair, considering the huge, unchecked reach of the pro-slavery Democratic party across 95% of all television broadcasts. Tired of being seen as a color or gender, instead of as an individual? Vote Republucan!
Chandler Schneider
Chandler Schneider Hace 2 meses
Hey, mark heimann, retarded is not pc to say. I know this cause you are fucking retarded.
TheHoustonSkeptic Hace 2 meses
I'm sure a bunch of rich geriatric white assholes tell them what's good for them
John Evans
John Evans Hace 2 meses
Did anyone see the ghost at 12:36??
Bsijcnehz Hace 2 meses
(((Sinclair))) notice how they call hamas a terror group when it's literally just a group of Palestinians trying to take their country back from insane Jews.
Jordan Newbold
Jordan Newbold Hace 2 meses
two people pointing guns at me at the same time! how fun!
Jacob Bartlett
Jacob Bartlett Hace 2 meses
Why is this comment section so sad?
judah macneely
judah macneely Hace 2 meses
I'm waiting for the Prager U episode...
Mango Man
Mango Man Hace 2 meses
Did anyone actually air that ending piece?
SuperGewd Hace 2 meses
Not the first time I've looked at the receiving end of a handgun that closely. Is everyone else that weak that they instantly cave? Either a. You get fucked or b. You get fucked. Or you fight back and have a chance to not get fucked.
Mann Përrson
Mann Përrson Hace 2 meses
4:59 ahem. BOB R O S S
Hace 2 meses
this is extremely dangerous to our democracy
Doug Biden
Doug Biden Hace 3 meses
mark hyman...amazing that cancerous puddle of pus-bile is still alive what do i mean? im amazed nobody has shot,stabbed,poisoned,or hi-&run over him
Zygarde ZX
Zygarde ZX Hace 3 meses
Fox News wants impartial journalism. Name a bigger contradiction. I'll be waiting.
Slaughter House 5
Slaughter House 5 Hace 3 meses
On one hand I feel like Craig, on the other hand pizza. No! Damnit! I'm awake John Oliver.
Andy Sisk
Andy Sisk Hace 3 meses
Channel 5 represent
Timbo_58 Hace 3 meses
john oliver failing on trigger discipline on the cold open is a real giveaway
Lucifer Heller
Lucifer Heller Hace 3 meses
1:3 I saw this in one of Markiplier's Try Not to Laugh challenge. I think it was his first, actually.
River Styx Armory
River Styx Armory Hace 3 meses
The extreme left grabbed the national news outlets, and extreme right grabbed the local outlets. A year later, and both sides still sound fucking insane and we haven't made any progress.
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull Hace 3 meses
Being called a snowflake doesn't sound hurtful no matter what tone of voice u use.
Scrotes Magotes
Scrotes Magotes Hace 3 meses
It's hilarious when an NPC calls out other NPCs. It's like getting smart devices stuck in a feedback loop.
Peter Vaňušanik
Peter Vaňušanik Hace 3 meses
Trigger finger, oliver!
Youtube Ciulini
Youtube Ciulini Hace 3 meses
Sin (c) liar media group
StrangeGingerr Hace 3 meses
Albus Regnum
Albus Regnum Hace 3 meses
it's not only Sinclair group you missed the point of the video
Supertyp Hace 3 meses
The most funny thing of that whole shit show is, that the other side does the exact fucking same. Literally all fucking media outlets lie and bend the truth to their fittings for their side, be it Clinton or Trump, Obama or what else DNC RNC everyone. And while we laugh about Sinclair dictating the mouth of local stations CNN produces their own view of the world with their own truth. TV is done. Media is done. That's why I don't own a TV anymore and consume my news from different sources of all color from far right to far left. This way there's a chance lies cancel each other out and what's left is somewhat close to the truth.
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