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Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That's alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.
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3 jul 2017






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Martin Dee Wan
Martin Dee Wan Hace un día
Check Conan clips from 2013 under #NewscastersAgree or look for #MindlessMediaParrots.
Shivanshu Purohit
Shivanshu Purohit Hace un día
Meanwhile all of mainstream media is left leaning and this asshole never covers any of it. Fucking piece of shit. What's wrong with banning Muslims from wearing their degenerate clothing outside their shithole countries? Those women would be beaten to death for wearing even these retarded kinds of bikinis.
Rose Hearts
Rose Hearts Hace 2 días
*"There is one step proven to drastically decrease domestic violence: marriage."* Well someone hasn't read the statistics or even researched what domestic violence is.
Benja Tatafasa
Benja Tatafasa Hace 2 días
4:41 Oh no! I can't use 'retarded' in conversations anymore! Now I'll be forced to use one of the 500 other words in the English language denoting low intelligence!
ReconstructedBeauty Hace 5 días
So if you say to me that I am Not " Handicapped or Retarded ", then what the fuck word do use to describe me, " some what normal person " ????!!!!
carguy Hace 6 días
Says I Democrat on a station owned by Democrats😂😂😂
Thisistrueart Hace 6 días
Snowflake guy is right because even Bob Ross has an afro
Becca Olson
Becca Olson Hace 2 días
i remember the first time i saw that hyman bit and going 'art garfunkel? dude, bob ross would have been a way better example???'. maybe the guy hates bob ross. people with kind hearts probably burn mark hyman like sunlight on a vampire
the prophecy
the prophecy Hace 6 días
Conservatives:“Liberal fake media is poisoning our country!!” yeahhh aight
Ms. RMoreno
Ms. RMoreno Hace 7 días
Seattle is dying please John do poverty porn
Ran C
Ran C Hace 7 días
Oliver isn’t news, it’s left propaganda for the npcs
rschmidt93 Hace 8 días
Cannot overstate how creepy it is to see the news station u watch spew propaganda in perfect synchronization
Arslan Khalid
Arslan Khalid Hace 9 días
marinara man
marinara man Hace 9 días
Because when I think of the news I want a middle age rich man to look down on young people.
MICKSS350 Hace 9 días
Here`s a story you will NEVER hear on a Sinclair station in response to the 10:45 portion of this video, You can argue all you want that the KKK was formed by Democrats after the Civil War which is true but it was also northern Democrats & Republicans who supported and passed the 1964 Civil Rights legislation, only 9 out of 116 southern Democrats (House and Senate) voted for the Civil Rights Act, but 190 out of 200 northern Democrats did. None of the 11 southern Republicans voted for it, but 165 out of 194 northern Republicans did which led to southern Democrats switching to the Republican Party! Why is it that the ONLY time there`s black and people of color voter suppression allegations it happens ONLY in Republican controlled states? Democrats have evolved since the Civil War and Jim Crow when are the Republican going to join the civilized human race and quit with this nonsensical voter suppression and their "voter fraud" myth to try to win and tilt election in their favor!??
MICKSS350 Hace 7 días
+Bokasmowl WOW!!! You really do have issues don`t you!? And you know what, I could care less where you live or what kind of life you have because you will eventually die and no one will give a fuck only that an unhappy racist is gone and the world will be better for it without you in it! Have a nice day, this will be my last response to a racist troll.
Just Ley
Just Ley Hace 10 días
A kind reminder to all the conservatives who like to brag about the fact they abolished slavery. 1.) Slavery was not abolished because Republicans just loved black people, literally no one liked black people back then. The Republican solution was to literally send black people back to Africa!! 2.) Republicans did not abolish slavery, Lincoln did. He had to pretty much force the 13th to happen and was known as a tyrant amoung both the Republican and Democratic parties for doing that. Nor did he do that cause he loved black people, he did that so the country would stop fighting over it. 3.) The “not racist” Republican North may not have had Jim Crow laws, but that didnt stop them from implementing laws like Red Lineing to keep black people from being able to move into white neighborhoods and thus creating segregation worse than in the South.
TennantJunkie1993 Hace 10 días
Negative zero, let's just strip him naked, send him to an island where we hope cannibals still exist and watch from bird's eye view as Trump's Magellaned.
TennantJunkie1993 Hace 10 días
I liked the haircut too.
TennantJunkie1993 Hace 10 días
John, Mary-Kate and Ashley aren't even IDENTICAL.
TennantJunkie1993 Hace 10 días
Yeah no, the journalist calling out the people who were born in hostile home environments and need an escape from between home and school as SJWs and "special snowflakes who just need to toughen up" can go choke to death on Jeff Sessions.
Arcanine-Espeon Hace 10 días
0:51 - 1:04 - 1:25 For my future reference
Collision ManXLS 2
Collision ManXLS 2 Hace 11 días
That pig was not happy
tyo op
tyo op Hace 11 días
You fucking dumb piece of shit americans you say that your freedom of speech is under attack try living in Europe with hate speech laws living in North Korea the middle east or china where you get arrested for speaking out against the government so tell me where would you rather live.
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi Hace 12 días
So sinclair Broadcasting Group is a republican Racist
LIL' VΞLO Hace 12 días
should've kept the gun on the table
Oscar The Grouch
Oscar The Grouch Hace 13 días
Right - Left paradigm propaganda.
Oh Sweat Bret
Oh Sweat Bret Hace 14 días
Lol, my mom worked in campaign finance. You have to keep records of where all your money is coming from, you can get fined and severely penalized if your campaign gets audited and you have a discrepancy of declared vs spent money. Also it’s against the law to solicit or accept donations from foreigners and foreign companies can only donate money to a PAC if they have an American location. So they are saying that Hamas opened a company in the US to funnel $750 million dollars to Obama and the FBI didn’t pay them a visit for receiving financial or materiel support from a globally designated terrorist organization? Really?
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn Hace 15 días
Every news station and radio 📻 station is this scripted word for word!
I. Wynn Wynn
I. Wynn Wynn Hace 15 días
What planet 🌎 does he live on that getting married 👰 will decrease domestic violence?! It only increases when married! Has he not heard of battered wife syndrome? How about wife beaters? Hell, that term is even thrown about casually and even refers to a male’s under shirt, and/or male tank top!!!! Males are the number one cause of death in females and the highest percentage of them are husbands, the next highest is ex-husbands!!! 😱😡🤬🤯😱🤬🤯
frank scisinger
frank scisinger Hace 15 días
russian cocksuckers
Scott Hullinger
Scott Hullinger Hace 16 días
In the case of Sinclair, it's a good thing, because their news broadcasts DO NOT push a leftist political agenda.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Hace 16 días
Boss Ross did rock his fro tho
Laura De Sousa
Laura De Sousa Hace 20 días
I love pork chop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! quality content
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts Hace 21 un día
Why is it always the right wing that gets caught doing this kind of thing. Can't they win anyting fair and square? Anything at all???
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts Hace 21 un día
I'm curious why the basic programming in my mid size city is entirely ultra-conservative based. All the movies shown. All the half hour shows. Even the comedies. Frasier? YEACH!!! Must be Sinclair here. So blatant. So much military I'm gonna puke. Gomer pyle and McHale's Navy.... They've got to go back for decades five decade six decades in order to find something conservative enough???
Guitar Heretic
Guitar Heretic Hace 22 días
Sinclair is wholly populated by fucking retards. Hey look I can still say retard. Guess that fucking cock gobbling hymen is more retarded than I thought.
Heather H
Heather H Hace 22 días
LMAO! Newsflash: Left Leaning News Stations like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC have been caught doing this stuff for YEARS!!! The big boys have been spoon feeding scripts to local affiliates for decades. That's how propaganda works. And if we are going to be bombarded daily with propaganda, at least we should be getting bombarded by both sides. Maybe people will hear something from the other side and say "Huh, I don't know how I feel about that", and then they do a little independent research, then engage in a little independent thought. And then.......lo and behold......they come to their OWN conclusion on things. Wow. And if everybody does that, every day for a year, then maybe we can shut down ALL of the propaganda machines that work so hard to sway votes and lull the masses into a false sense of security.
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts Hace 21 un día
Couldn't get past quote doing the stuff for years quote. You admit you've been doing it for years we've been doing it for a little while and see how pissed you are.
Imoral juptorion
Imoral juptorion Hace 23 días
"Now is not 100 years ago" sounds like a good title for a book on American history
Sergio Melendez
Sergio Melendez Hace 24 días
"There is one step that's proven to dramatically reduce domestic violence: marriage" Got an audible "oof" from me.
EB Productions
EB Productions Hace 24 días
I don't get how yall don't see the irony here? ALL media is basicly controlled by the far left INCLUDING THIS PROGRAM. As soon as 1 guy shows up with right leaning views you get butthurt
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts Hace 21 un día
You can't blame the media for trying to educate y'all
DingoAteMyBaby Hace 24 días
He’s my favorite Spider-Man this far tho 😂
Alex Berger
Alex Berger Hace 25 días
Watching this as a part of my college media literacy class
Roma Hace 25 días
Oh, you don't like people with opinions other than yours on your TV...? Weird
icyfyer Hace 26 días
Lots of "whataboutism" in this episode.
ramya rao
ramya rao Hace 26 días
Lol this NOTHING compared to proganda spewing, Indian news channels.
Blue Pencil
Blue Pencil Hace 28 días
*I wish more people were aware of this. We could've progressed so much by now if we all did.* The easiest way to manipulate a population to lean right/anti-liberal/anti-activist is to hold a large amount of control over the media and subtly manipulate it. Though we often don't put much thought into it, the media is one of our main sources of influence. We form our opinions and actions based off of the information we retain from it whether it be news or film. It is difficult to progress past issues such as sexism, racism, violence, hate, ect, when we have companies like Sinclair subtly promote it to us. Though life isn't perfect, we sit relatively comfortably due to the hard work activists do. Yet because companies like this purposely misrepresent/demonize social groups (Ex: feminists + Lgbtq, black lives matter, environmentalists, & etc) by only showing the lesser amount of extreme individuals, we greet those hard working activists with hate. This makes progression incredibly difficult. Though real social justice groups (like those named and beyond) are beneficial, the vast majority of us know only the stereotypical negative version of them that companies like Sinclair promote. I honestly feel awful for the storm activists have to go through just to help a mostly ungrateful society progress. And that society isn't ungrateful because it is hateful. It is ungrateful because it is misinformed. We have companies like Sinclair to thank for that. *Before attacking activist/or/liberal individuals, please consider why you are doing so. If it's because of a stereotypical view of them you may have from media such as this, it just helps companies like Sinclair further. And that hurts us all.*
JJ Hace 29 días
Oh my god how dishonest for conservatives do this!!! Only Democrats can do this!
Creepy Gaming
Creepy Gaming Hace 29 días
And the unthinkable happened: something even worse than sinclaire: they are now under AT&T
burns83 Hace un mes
This show complaining about impartiality is like a donkey laughing about someone else ears.
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Hace un mes
yep, now pres trump needs to grow a pair and stop tweeting... =D
Iris Figueroa
Iris Figueroa Hace un mes
That piggy made my day lol
Adressatin baut
Adressatin baut Hace un mes
Anyone know the name of the song at the end?
prozzak6616 Hace un mes
Did that deal ever go through? EDIT: www.wired.com/story/the-sinclairtribune-merger-is-dead/ I guess not? lmao. AND Sinclair is getting sued for $1 billion!
Kaml Toes
Kaml Toes Hace un mes
Snowflake guy isnt wrong. Not sure what the problem is.
Arsya Utomo
Arsya Utomo Hace un mes
Well he's not right either
Jimmy Fru
Jimmy Fru Hace un mes
Why do this on Sinclair but not do the bias of Twitter, Facebook, and ESvid? Sinclair may reach 2 million people, but those tech companies reach billions... that is extremely dangerous for our democracy.
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts Hace 21 un día
Republicans and their stupid goddamn Dogma don't deserve equal time your stupid Dogma stupid you believe in killing people, generally Democrats not the other way around right so who's f***** up??? Also, Republicans have gone to the right from their Center the Democrats have stayed in their Center.
GiacoC Hace un mes
USA have lost the fight with manipulation with media. Good job China and Russia. You got rid of biggest democracy in the world. The playground is yours. Now it's only about giving them some stupid puppet they will call the president...but you will have him under your control................wait
Mom Hace un mes
Orange man bad
Mike Hasselhoff
Mike Hasselhoff Hace un mes
How the fuck is this any different than propaganda in North Korea? News should be Fact proven not like this!
Faolin Siannodel
Faolin Siannodel Hace un mes
When the attack ad your airing is 25 minutes long, it's no longer an advertisement, it's now a slot in your programming.
PhilJr Hace un mes
People highly loaded on sugar? Like most of the older people right now...(not all I know some older people living great) it makes it tough to even think about what’s happening. I talk to some people and it feels like I’m talking to a wall.
Jay Hughes
Jay Hughes Hace un mes
Someone needs to break that Hyman
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Hace un mes
Sounds like John Oliver is scared of opposing viewpoints.
theovertaker40 Hace un mes
Why do i feel so hopeless.
Teachers468 Hace un mes
anyone else notice that the guy’s last name “Hyman” is also something inside a woman or was that just me who FUCKING DIED from his last name
pennavedc Hace un mes
Update: Tribune is suing sinclair for $1b cause sinclair is literally the dumbest company ever.
Fanfiction Nerd
Fanfiction Nerd Hace un mes
This kind of shit doesn’t happen in Europe.
Ricky LaFleur
Ricky LaFleur Hace un mes
Great I’ve now seen the cutest pig ever and now have lost my appetite for bacon....oh wait. There it is
Jacob Pratt
Jacob Pratt Hace un mes
It’s funny Jon Oliver is upset bc a conservative runs local news but when CNN and other liberal news sources favor democrats that’s okay. It’s okay if news lies as long as it’s lying in favor of liberals
Arsya Utomo
Arsya Utomo Hace un mes
So where's the balance?
Blue Eyes White Teddy
Marriage used to be a legal way for men to rape women... what a retard.
Opinionofmine Hace un mes
12:50 Exactly. It's not like there is a group starting with an S that is obsessed with holding people accountable due to past events they had no hand in doing, which affected the ancestors of these obsessed people (maybe) and now demands priviledges while mindlessly tearing down people's way of life in the most hypocritical manner possible.
culwin Hace un mes
Boris Epshteyn is like the DSP of Republican propaganda.
SuperKingson12 Hace un mes
Mike Herring
Mike Herring Hace un mes
This was in super bad taste
Yassir Rossel
Yassir Rossel Hace un mes
You are working for them. You are part of this iluminati bulshet.
evadecaptcha Hace un mes
I think he hunched down in an attempt to hide his face
Nate Sheridan
Nate Sheridan Hace un mes
5:02 could that guy have chosen a worse white guy afro?
Justin Jones
Justin Jones Hace un mes
John Oliver forever
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas Hace un mes
The irony of demonizing Muslims as terrorists is more christians have been Involved in shootings, child molestation and general criminal bullshit in the past 20 years than Muslims by a looong shot.
Odin Satanas
Odin Satanas Hace un mes
That's such a ridiculous statement The democrats and Republicans weren't remotely the same in the 1800s.. and all the aspects of civil rights and Jim crow laws split the parties, and alllllll those racist democrats SWITCHED to the republican party once it became anti civil rights and pro Jim crow laws.. That's such a fucking manipulative statement Goebbels would be having the ultimate ironic boner seeing how polished propaganda has become in America, it's twisted
Omar Hace un mes
Donald Trump is ah rahscist bigoat misaganistic homofabic rahscist orange potato
gabby1549 Hace un mes
Those journalist could have integrity and work elsewhere. People have choices in where they work.
St Hace un mes
Why are the News programs not held accountable for lying by fining them?
Zoe Bueche
Zoe Bueche Hace un mes
Oh is interesting is democrats believe or not now fliped and is vice versa lol because are all same Crap woops is obvious hmm glad some one else finally noticed yeeee!
Caleb winget
Caleb winget Hace un mes
Work cincinnati
Nation First
Nation First Hace un mes
they gave KKK?
CuttleFisH Hace 2 meses
Spider-twerp doesn't feel so good.
I'm Byron
I'm Byron Hace 2 meses
I like jc Penny ties.
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert Hace 2 meses
Coletha Albert
Coletha Albert Hace 2 meses
gwen wb
gwen wb Hace 2 meses
hes called pork chop!!!!
Veronica LaShomb
Veronica LaShomb Hace 2 meses
0:32 You see, the show was rigged from the start.
dan thefan
dan thefan Hace 2 meses
Theo E, the owner of the elitist Chicago Cubs recentley made a deal with Right of Right SinClaire & their Manipulative Greedy Business Imprinting to The Sheep Model. Thanks Theo, this will be Your Demise & the New "Cubs Curse"~Yay! Next Theo will be AmbAssador to Russia. Sinclaire "Journalists" are not True Journalists, Go work for the natl Enquierer~Sp, before Jeff Bezos makes that Rag go Away. Dont feed the trolls!
ktwhitesox Hace 2 meses
Sinclair the future home of the Chicago Cubs (Go White Sox !!! )
Nope, that honor goes to Nexstar, because Tribune has been suing Sinclair out of town since August
A Blasco
A Blasco Hace 2 meses
Because parrot nose doesn't lean wildly left... right? Maybe if you were neutral, big nose, then we could take this seriously. To the rest of you, don't ever just listen to one side of the story. Unfortunately most of the media is the same leftist side. Yes, anteater face is funny and fun to watch but if you only get the news from him you are handing over your strings to be controlled. Keep dancing for us nasal clown, just keep out of politics and report more on how 3M and Dupont have poisoned every human on the entire world with Teflon and only payed a $16M fine.
A North West View
A North West View Hace 2 meses
The airing times thing would explain why I never say any of the segment clips you got from KOMO 4 news in seattle. and they are my go to local station, as they have one of the best local investigative teams and coverage, as the other station I watched "retired out" like 90% of their "older" amchors and replaced them with young ones. and that and the other one will run the same stories over and over and over again with out any updates. I think we need laws that say that a owner of a local brodcast station can not provide them scrips or dictate sagements that must be run etc.
You do realize that NBC Nightly News couldn't air in Chicago, LA, New York City under that agreement(or any of the other O&Os of the Big 4 because of that right?
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson Hace 2 meses
Sinclair's news content is similar to Fox News, we don't receive this channel anymore.
Vbucks Dealer
Vbucks Dealer Hace 2 meses
Where did the gun go 🤔🤔🤔
Explore Games
Explore Games Hace 2 meses
The "Liberal" Media?
Squidy Hace 2 meses
I didn't know my cat was a Trump supporter...
Jane Hace 2 meses
5:26 his name is Tom Holland ya bitch
Rehks Walls
Rehks Walls Hace 2 meses
"spider-twerp" excuse me John but Tom Holland is a great human being who doesn't want to go
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