Single Girl Raises A Teen In The Sims 4 | Part 6

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 6! Olive is now a teenager, but how long until she moves out?
Check out the rules for this challenge here:
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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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9 feb 2019






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Root InThePot
Root InThePot Hace 8 horas
Miles is veryy KAYUTTTTTTTT
JASMYN VAN CLEVE Hace 22 horas
jasmyn or wil/william
Maddie Hermann
Maddie Hermann Hace 22 horas
It’s weird because in the episode it is one now none of these kids are on the house
Maddie Hermann
Maddie Hermann Hace 22 horas
Olive you butt
Erin Bride
Erin Bride Hace 23 horas
You should get Sims mobile it would help you 👻
AJ Is a Nerd
AJ Is a Nerd Hace un día
Why did this make me sad?😂
Shermeka Wilridge
Shermeka Wilridge Hace 2 días
If this is a girl name her fall
sky하늘 Hace 2 días
Oh mu hod kim mingyu he is a kpop idol
Rachel Herder
Rachel Herder Hace 2 días
Myles was probably glitching so much because when Chelsea was pregnant with him and renee she glitched through a wall 😂
Delia Hollis
Delia Hollis Hace 3 días
I'm gonna miss Olive
Delia Hollis
Delia Hollis Hace 3 días
I'm gonna make u feel better about having such a pretty child... At least ur real Kelsy
Inger Marie
Inger Marie Hace 3 días
Inger Marie
Inger Marie
Inger Marie Hace 3 días
Inger Marie
Inger Marie
Inger Marie Hace 3 días
Inger Marie
Inger Marie
Inger Marie Hace 3 días
Inger Marie
Kimberly Mayoral
Kimberly Mayoral Hace 3 días
Lol when did we get an Aaron!!?
Lanie Martinez
Lanie Martinez Hace 3 días
Lew or lily for a name
Zoe Cox
Zoe Cox Hace 3 días
Yasss gryfindor 4 life
Irena Disha
Irena Disha Hace 4 días
When u have another one here are some names boy: shaun/shawn zac alfie jacob kyle and girls: lucy olivia suzanne tilly
Curious Music
Curious Music Hace 3 días
Shawn/Shaun or Sean
Samantha Pritchard
Samantha Pritchard Hace 4 días
Who else is waiting for her to say 'Hi I'm Kelsey and I'm not single any more'
Keon Reed
Keon Reed Hace 4 días
I Been Wanted Sims4 on my ps4
khiley zamora
khiley zamora Hace 4 días
3:49 wheres the kelsey/chelsey mistake thing????
Ranbom Person
Ranbom Person Hace 4 días
Jamie’s emo
Loves Pigs
Loves Pigs Hace 4 días
I have a good idea for a name it's my name madelyn
Gabby Broussard
Gabby Broussard Hace 4 días
for a babby can you do the name opal
Tae PasC*on
Tae PasC*on Hace 4 días
Timmy Turkmen
Timmy Turkmen Hace 5 días
I'm trying this with her. So I started a fire, then went into labor while the fire was burning everything!
Aeri Dream Chaser
Aeri Dream Chaser Hace 5 días
Kim Mingyu is a member of Seventeen. Hehe. You're right he is based on a K-Pop Star
theyhate zyah
theyhate zyah Hace 5 días
i think it’s quite weird that me and her have the same phone / case
Fearsome_YT Hace 5 días
The likes on this comment will tell us how many times Kelsey/Chelsea mistakes occur in this challenge! The Amount of replies will tell us how many time Kelsey will forget the kids names Starting with me!
Fearsome_YT Hace 5 días
Forgetting kids name:1
Sally Marie
Sally Marie Hace 5 días
12:48😂😂 out the window
Slytheirn Queen
Slytheirn Queen Hace 5 días
She is telling him about food chains in life science
Avie_graceykate Gaming
Lol when Chelsea was pregnant for the twins she glitched and u said “I don’t think glitching is good for the baby” and when Miles glitches u said the same thing lol
Elise Mihailidis
Elise Mihailidis Hace 5 días
Alexis looks exactly like my sister Alexis
NerdyGirl508 Hace 5 días
It’s just me And my besties
Wait the most kids you’ve had with a sim ever? At the beginning of the challenge, u said that u never have babies with ur sims lol
Alison Shreffler
Alison Shreffler Hace 5 días
Baby names Girl Quinn willow Elizabeth rose Taylor Uni iris Olivia Paige Alison Sophia Darleen faith grace harmony Jordan Katie Luana Zoe crystal Vidia Brynn north Maddie Boy Quinn wander Ethan Ryan Tyler Udon Issac Oscar Peyton Avery Sebastian David frank Gavin Hayden John Kyle landen zany Xander Vegas Chris Brayden Nathan Malcom
SaveDaWae Knuckles
SaveDaWae Knuckles Hace 6 días
Miles literally said "demon" as you said he grew out of it. #Demonchild
Lindsey Hace 3 días
Ice _Queen but Jamie is the demon child
Andra Solo
Andra Solo Hace 6 días
Girl: Solia Boy: Lucas
Mel Rose
Mel Rose Hace 6 días
12:47 me being weird in the backyard as a child
Bella luna
Bella luna Hace 6 días
Kim Mingyu fron Seventeen? CARATS WHERE YOU AT?
Melanie Corona
Melanie Corona Hace 6 días
What expansion packs do you have?
jy y
jy y Hace 7 días
Sanya Pevensie
Sanya Pevensie Hace 7 días
Why does Olive look like Hailey Baldwin?
Roblox and Sims lover
*screw your family Jamie, You’re an independent boy* #WorstMotherEver
Anna Farnham
Anna Farnham Hace 7 días
This series is pretty much how to be a perfectish parent
sophie cowan
sophie cowan Hace 7 días
in the middle of this video it came up with an ad about pregnancy....
sophie cowan
sophie cowan Hace 7 días
I’ve been binge watching this all day haha
Altzercrast Hace 7 días
Anyone notice how Kelsey and her sim said "whats up?" at like the same time 24:20
Sanya Pevensie
Sanya Pevensie Hace 8 días
This thing is so weirdly addictive, though
LutzLogster 17
LutzLogster 17 Hace 8 días
This house is like The Shazam house
JCI Hace 8 días
Girl name Taya and boy Jack
jennifer langan
jennifer langan Hace 8 días
Addalyn Schmidt
Addalyn Schmidt Hace 8 días
You can move the teenager out
lovely biancho
lovely biancho Hace 9 días
Olive looks that lady from barnyard
charlotte lucie
charlotte lucie Hace 9 días
i had triplets but i was taking care of a baby and then they took two of my children away and i got very sad 😭
Ayala Dorman
Ayala Dorman Hace 9 días
Sims - where a baby could become a young adult in 147 minutes.
Ren Hatake
Ren Hatake Hace 9 días
Oml mingyuuuu
Johnny Revill
Johnny Revill Hace 9 días
Olive needs a boy
Johnny Revill
Johnny Revill Hace 9 días
You also need more beds
Johnny Revill
Johnny Revill Hace 9 días
The toilet is peeing
erdene mongol
erdene mongol Hace 9 días
Hmm you're kids have kids mean more kids so you don't half to do anything
Sandisfied ASMR
Sandisfied ASMR Hace 9 días
name oune buddy
Ais _bear
Ais _bear Hace 10 días
If it’s a girl Aislinn and if it’s a boy Mark
Aalya Qureshi
Aalya Qureshi Hace 10 días
the toddlers in their onesies r adorable like alexis!
bob jenkins
bob jenkins Hace 10 días
omg i almost cried when Olive moved out, im going to miss her so much, definatly mommy's special girl. Hope she comes to visit sometimes. Also, of course she grew up so nasty since you had her doing all the work at like 10 years old!!
Martina Baltazar
Martina Baltazar Hace 10 días
Heidi ann Worstell
Heidi ann Worstell Hace 10 días
Traze Trazona
Traze Trazona Hace 10 días
OMG this series is so hilarious... The reaction of Kelsey in 32:48 is so funny keeps this series up. Just loved it
Hallie H.
Hallie H. Hace 10 días
Rober t
Rober t Hace 11 días
mInGyu o My gOoooOoOd 😲😲😲😍
Kelli Kloch
Kelli Kloch Hace 11 días
You should sell Olives old bed
gyushi Hace 11 días
I hope I ain't the only one that screamed when I saw the Mingyu sim
Kelsey marie head
Kelsey marie head Hace 11 días
i wish they posted more frequently but yk it’s okay this went from a challenge to my favorite “tv show”💀
Elīza Meldere
Elīza Meldere Hace 11 días
okay but i just want to say thankk you to the person who casually snuck in Mingyu. god bless
Anam Mansuri
Anam Mansuri Hace 11 días
7:42 poor Olive never got to do that :')
AnimeLeopard YT
AnimeLeopard YT Hace 12 días
You know Kelsey has bad taste when she says Olive is hotter than Brielle. Olive looks like the Wicked Witch of the West, my dude!
Alife Lindsay
Alife Lindsay Hace 12 días
Anyone love her laugh as we'll Like if u do😂😹😂
Gideon Janeke
Gideon Janeke Hace 12 días
Use a money hack it is motherlode
Hades Havellock
Hades Havellock Hace 12 días
Kim Mingyu
Hades Havellock
Hades Havellock Hace 12 días
Olivia Thomas
Olivia Thomas Hace 13 días
If you have a girl can you name it olivia that’s my name!!! I hope you can ;)
Angelica Louise Wong
Angelica Louise Wong Hace 13 días
i love Olive~
MK4E Hace 13 días
I’m legit growing fond of these kids. Like, I care about them. And they’re not even mine. In fact they’re not even real. But that’s not important.
Erin Cooper
Erin Cooper Hace 13 días
I actually am so obsessed with Alexis
Jilly Shang
Jilly Shang Hace 14 días
MINGYU OMFG how come he ain’t 6’2” in this
Abby De Leon
Abby De Leon Hace 14 días
Girl take the babies to the park! 😂
scared pewdz
scared pewdz Hace 14 días
Miles reminds me of Sirius so much.
Samuel Diaz
Samuel Diaz Hace 14 días
You should also name a girl Destiny
Maddie B
Maddie B Hace 14 días
Why has miles had that ugly Dora the explorer haircut this whole time 😂😂
Samuel Diaz
Samuel Diaz Hace 14 días
Can you name a girl Kelly or if it’s a boy can you name him Keith
Riley Kurtz
Riley Kurtz Hace 14 días
ararity321s 3dits
ararity321s 3dits Hace 14 días
is this live ?
Ericka Campbell
Ericka Campbell Hace 14 días
Mango Enchiladas
Mango Enchiladas Hace 14 días
I remeber when olive was a baby
Ellie Jury
Ellie Jury Hace 15 días
How she has fun has baby’s
kara O-L
kara O-L Hace 15 días
Your weird, crying over a CODING. Weird just so weird.
kara O-L
kara O-L Hace 15 días
Quite often Brielle will make a mess...
Lateeha Davis
Lateeha Davis Hace 15 días
If it is a boy Tyler and if it is a girl McKenzie or khole
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