Single Girl Raises A Teen In The Sims 4 | Part 6

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 6! Olive is now a teenager, but how long until she moves out?
Check out the rules for this challenge here:
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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts
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9 feb 2019

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Comentarios 15 354
Skylander Show
Skylander Show Hace 21 un hora
Olive: uncomfortable! Kelsey: I don’t care LOL
Jadynn Gray
Jadynn Gray Hace un día
I learned that after you celebrate a birthday, if you just put candles on it and then put it in the fridge, they cannot eat it
Penguin Sparkles
Penguin Sparkles Hace un día
Me: waiting for Alexis to comment.....
Gina Antonelli
Gina Antonelli Hace un día
FYI you could have just put a house across the street and move olive into it : )
Angi M.
Angi M. Hace un día
GOD I always try the challenge but it's never as fun as watching you do it on youtube so I always bail my children 😂
Azelea Jay
Azelea Jay Hace 2 días
Can someone tell me what that background music at 9:25 came from
Raspberrize Hace 3 días
"One more flirt for the road?" I'M WEAK AHHAHA
Jessica Adesanwo
Jessica Adesanwo Hace 3 días
Girls names
Jessica Adesanwo
Jessica Adesanwo Hace 3 días
Jessica Adesanwo
Jessica Adesanwo Hace 3 días
Love your hair
Meggan Cole
Meggan Cole Hace 3 días
Call won Perry it’s a really pretty name and smart
Meggan Cole
Meggan Cole Hace 3 días
Call won Perry it’s a really pretty name and smart
Lola and Jacob Burke Hurley Galaxy sis and bro
Jamie was sooo much cuter and better when he was a toddler
Antonio Thomas
Antonio Thomas Hace 4 días
Did you get you a new house
how to: games
how to: games Hace 4 días
So saaadd =(
lnk Puette
lnk Puette Hace 5 días
Leslie M
Leslie M Hace 5 días
the twins need to be partners in crime
Aiden41x Hace 5 días
Emily Reiter
Emily Reiter Hace 5 días
I think u should buy another kids toilet
Emily Reiter
Emily Reiter Hace 5 días
Yay 2019!!!!
The Pink Peach
The Pink Peach Hace 5 días
I love watching this some how =O=
hayley daliy
hayley daliy Hace 5 días
Millions Girl
Millions Girl Hace 6 días
This must have more likes
omgtimeitzgamergirl Hace 6 días
When I watched this I had to do it
Evie Mae Woods
Evie Mae Woods Hace 6 días
2:15 mini molly mae
daisybutler Hace 6 días
12:47 does she know one of her toddlers are in the back garden and looks like they're about to be abducted lmao
Ariana Barredo
Ariana Barredo Hace 7 días
mingyu Stans are quaking
Scarlettgirl101 Hace 7 días
Kelsey: it’s fine, but it’s not fine. When someone asks you how you are and you just have to say that your fine, but your really not fine.
Reanne Kriscel Guerra
Hi all
Hi all Hace 8 días
Am ber
Am ber Hace 9 días
I watch this whenever I don’t play the challenge myself. Absolutely obsessed!
Dylan Ya boi
Dylan Ya boi Hace 10 días
Anyone notice the change of phone cases🤨😂
Abby Hace 10 días
Pause at 31:47 look at Kelsey’s face When you have no food When u wait last minute for homework or a project When you have ton of chores
Take your children to the park and leave them there
Alex _youtuber1234
Alex _youtuber1234 Hace 11 días
my name is Alexis lol but i have blonde hair 😂
Angle and Demon friendship
what a sad endding
Chante Royster
Chante Royster Hace 12 días
TIANA TIME! Hace 13 días
Yup I did
Grease lover
Grease lover Hace 13 días
You can give the kids to other ppl
Danielle Castro
Danielle Castro Hace 13 días
Kelsey!!! How could you!!! Dont you make mingyu your bext victimmmm
jman Hace 14 días
Boy name be Zeke and girl name Finley
Kelsie Taketa
Kelsie Taketa Hace 15 días
I think you should name one lily or Kaylee
TheJackson4 Hace 15 días
Name suggestions Indiana Isabel Isabella Eva Lily Amahli Marley Maisie Milly Amelia
Brittany Maliah
Brittany Maliah Hace 16 días
Leah V
Leah V Hace 16 días
is it ok if you can name one of your kids gia it is my cousins name
opal naiad
opal naiad Hace 16 días
I'm gonna do the challenge and name my matriarch Preg-Nancy
slimeprincess 4life
slimeprincess 4life Hace 16 días
Neotramic Hace 16 días
CHARLIE IS MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
Nathany Câmara
Nathany Câmara Hace 17 días
I will never be able to see the Sims in another way after this.
RobloxGamerChloeRocks Hace 17 días
you know the drill 1- Olive 2- Brielle 3-Jaime 4- Alexis 5- Miles 6- Renee 7- Charlie 8- Chelsea based on the last digit of your like! tell me what you got!
Kathryn Wolf
Kathryn Wolf Hace 18 días
I'd this on computer or phone
FroggisMcFrog Hace 18 días
Rewatching the series because it is so good - and I have nothing better to do with my life 😂😂 I just noticed, at 12:47 one of Chelsea's children has escaped outside 🤣
power puff girls
power puff girls Hace 18 días
You should make stranger things characters in sims!
Jodilynn Squire
Jodilynn Squire Hace 18 días
Is it every single video they make a mess every single video I swear it's every single video
Jodilynn Squire
Jodilynn Squire Hace 18 días
Jodilynn Squire
Jodilynn Squire Hace 18 días
Desirae Zluticky
Desirae Zluticky Hace 19 días
I saw Brielle is an A student but you clicked right through it 😘
Ava Gaughan
Ava Gaughan Hace 20 días
35:12 omg peep the Labyrinth reference ahssjdjsksks
Renos twins
Renos twins Hace 20 días
Hey guys this is season 38 of 100000000 baby challenge I'm Kelsey and I'm 56 , married and have 6 kids thx for watching
roblox with cassie
roblox with cassie Hace 20 días
Abigail Krebs
Abigail Krebs Hace 20 días
Is skipping to labour cheating
Corn Cob
Corn Cob Hace 21 un día
When you’ve watched all the recent episodes but comes back to remember when olive was still in the house!
Ocean XOXO
Ocean XOXO Hace 21 un día
i dont know how but chelsea looks like me as a adult btw im 10 so yea
Tiffany Gregory
Tiffany Gregory Hace 21 un día
You should name the next baby Alexa
Rzxttd Xdr
Rzxttd Xdr Hace 21 un día
Motherlode !
Mia Kim Heathcote
Mia Kim Heathcote Hace 22 días
Did u know if you get a job when u go to work u can send ur todderlers to play school
angelbabies7 Hace 22 días
when olive grows up make her adopt a baby
Isabella Syfert
Isabella Syfert Hace 23 días
Who else is rewatching these?
Brenna Hill
Brenna Hill Hace 23 días
Girl name: faith Boy name: finn
Shelby Evans
Shelby Evans Hace 23 días
At 12:48 Alexis is outside
Dark fox Gg
Dark fox Gg Hace 23 días
When she was singing come on over baby I was thinking yeh eventually you will get another baby 👶
Chloe Mcivor
Chloe Mcivor Hace 23 días
Charlie is my little brother who died name and I love that is his name x
RaNae Lake
RaNae Lake Hace 24 días
This is strange there are not many Renee's in the world and i am one of them. Hahaha
Bene Thomas
Bene Thomas Hace 25 días
my friend has a family of 7
Heidi ann Worstell
Heidi ann Worstell Hace 25 días
Ki Ai M
Ki Ai M Hace 25 días
Kelsey: She slowly caressed her cheek. What'd you think I was gonna say? Me: Umm...
Jakee Appleseed
Jakee Appleseed Hace 26 días
12:48 who is that in the background
Ella May
Ella May Hace 28 días
Can you get a bunck bed
Sophia Misla
Sophia Misla Hace 29 días
When your sim is a elder who would you rather Craig or kim
Jamie Martinez
Jamie Martinez Hace 29 días
Can you name a boy Harry and a girl herminy from Harry Potter please
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