Single Girl Raises A Teen In The Sims 4 | Part 6

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 6! Olive is now a teenager, but how long until she moves out?
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9 feb 2019

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Comentarios 14 291
Breege Fraser
Breege Fraser Hace 22 minutos
Kelsey’s “no no no!” And “nuh-huh” is totally a mom thing
Carter Thompson
Carter Thompson Hace 33 minutos
Can you make all of them pee their pants
Gustė Kancavičiūtė
Alexis has been a todler for soooooo long
Abigail Small
Abigail Small Hace un hora
Can you have a home birth instead of A hospital.
Allison Schulman
Allison Schulman Hace 2 horas
I love your the vids, but remember to keep adding the birth certificates to the wall.
Alewyn Conradie
Alewyn Conradie Hace 2 horas
This was actually so entertaining....I'm will be coming back.
GD Ng Hace 3 horas
absolutely LOVE Kelsey's reactions and her expressions. definitely cracks me up, especially the part where marcus rejects olive's hug - her face of pure shock is so on point XD
Shauna Davis
Shauna Davis Hace 4 horas
She looks like my American girl doll
Sucrette Nya
Sucrette Nya Hace 5 horas
Molly The sexy zebra
I much prefer Brielle to olive
Esme Williams
Esme Williams Hace 5 horas
Anyone else notice that Brielle got like 9 phone calls that weren't answered in that ...or just me?
Awwwww! So cute 😢 OLIVEEE!!!!!
Gracie Perea
Gracie Perea Hace 7 horas
TheMasterChief117 Hace 7 horas
your signing voice is so amazing and sexy
TheMasterChief117 Hace 8 horas
i want to go out with you sooooo bad
yoona Hace 8 horas
kim mingyu akksksmamsn
Master Of Porgs
Master Of Porgs Hace 8 horas
My sim had triplets 😫😭😭😭
Idk Lol
Idk Lol Hace 9 horas
Olive is playing Undertale
Rita Amraoui
Rita Amraoui Hace 10 horas
I looooove this series
Niar Sims
Niar Sims Hace 10 horas
Do it in 24 hours COWARD!
prinxcipe Hace 11 horas
yamile hernandez
yamile hernandez Hace 12 horas
Olive needs her own mini house
Aaron Saga
Aaron Saga Hace 15 horas
Your videos are fun to watch!
adan garcia
adan garcia Hace 15 horas
In 12:48 does anybody noticed the little girl in the back yard
Lauren Thornton
Lauren Thornton Hace 15 horas
30:57 ...what happened?🤨😂😂
JW ALLEN Hace 15 horas
Why Marcus, why?!
Rainbow Happuch
Rainbow Happuch Hace 16 horas
Dont forget the *Baby Wall *
MadMusic26 Hace 16 horas
This is great. Can you buy a bookcase?
Peggy Clement
Peggy Clement Hace 16 horas
And mark is one to
Peggy Clement
Peggy Clement Hace 16 horas
ADDISON is a nice name
Arianna Anzaldua
Arianna Anzaldua Hace 16 horas
Lol I love your commentary. This video series is super funny.
Missie Marissa
Missie Marissa Hace 16 horas
unicorns for life
unicorns for life Hace 17 horas
It's not babysitting if their your's
Jasmine Pearce
Jasmine Pearce Hace 17 horas
Can you please name one of the babies Jasmine after me? 😂
Eve Nova
Eve Nova Hace 18 horas
Giving me emma stone vibes
Kottonkandy09 Hace 18 horas
I think Jamie’s gonna be gay when he grows up. Honestly, I’m here for the queer 👏🏾👏🏾
AtomicKittenBaby Hace 13 horas
we love our sweet gay demon child
Random Chick 29
Random Chick 29 Hace 18 horas
Miles is such a queen
Gen the weirdo
Gen the weirdo Hace 18 horas
Teens can live on their own.
Isabel Sosa
Isabel Sosa Hace 19 horas
33:21 “Give me a random number” “5” “1-2-3-4, ah! Self-assured!” 😂😂🤣😂🤣
Kenzie_and_Ella Forever
Sanaya Collins
Sanaya Collins Hace 20 horas
I love love you Kelsey but my mom is giving me weird looks when you say screw,baby daddy, and woohoo I do love you girl so tone it down a bit btw you are getting so much better with motherhood
Samantha St. Croix
Samantha St. Croix Hace 20 horas
If you don’t want to get rid of any children, you should just make another house beside the house
Umaleyah Graves
Umaleyah Graves Hace 20 horas
Teacher: So Olive how many siblings do you have? Olive: Oh just like 99.6 Teacher: O_O
Emily Kohl
Emily Kohl Hace 21 un hora
16:05 you have eight kids. Shouldn't there be seven certificates on the wall?
Cavel Elliott
Cavel Elliott Hace 21 un hora
Bobby or Elizabeth
Roblox4life Hace 21 un hora
1) can you show how to have the baby at the hospital 2) make sure you feed your kids bc they can be taken 3) also make sure you don’t burn your house down with the stove bc that’s what I did😂😂
Tiffy Style
Tiffy Style Hace 22 horas
OMG! You are so cute! This is how you play The Sims! With emotion lol :)
Rosetta Clark
Rosetta Clark Hace 22 horas
If you get a girl name it lily or amy If you get a boy nsme it billy or bill
HollyJustine Hace 23 horas
This is my new favorite TV show.
Hace 23 horas
Macie Juenemann
Macie Juenemann Hace un día
you should make the teen a teen mom
Tae Duh
Tae Duh Hace un día
Kelseys reactions are everything
Jada Hester
Jada Hester Hace un día
Ava Salvatierra
Ava Salvatierra Hace un día
You should name your next baby girl one of these names please; Evelyn, Paisley, Everleigh, Skylar, Kenzie, Trinity, April, Autumn, or Iris. And your next baby boy; Reese, Quinn, Nikko, Ezekiel, or Connor. PLZ CONSIDER THESE NAMES PLZ.
Gianna Powers
Gianna Powers Hace un día
16:27 missed those 2 mistakes
Lady B
Lady B Hace un día
Such an emotional episode 😭
Caroline Cherekos
Caroline Cherekos Hace un día
Kelsey: "I still think Olive is hotter though." Olive: duck walks to the bathroom Me: OMG LOL TOTALLY KELSEY!!!!!
Kristy Wong
Kristy Wong Hace un día
Please don't do it in 24 hours. This is such a great show!
Leyla Deuel
Leyla Deuel Hace un día
OMG Marcus! The AUUUUDACITY of him to snub Olive, the perfect child 😭
kkatlynismyname Hace un día
Don't do it in 24 hours! I love this series
Lai Meudouang
Lai Meudouang Hace un día
Sacha Inchi
TombRaiderStoryHD Hace un día
goodbye oliiiiive we will miss yoooou
Little Panda
Little Panda Hace un día
LORD all hail the 7 babies
Call Me Harli
Call Me Harli Hace un día
Kelsey says if she was that pretty she would be taking selfies but Kelsey is so pretty, prettier than olive!
Keyarah Marshall
Keyarah Marshall Hace un día
Did you know that you can sit at the couch and watch TV while eating
stripeus Hace un día
she keeps saying ming-yu and not min-gyu and it makes me cringe
jayla lewis
jayla lewis Hace un día
Girl-Jayla,Skyla,Leilani,and Alaya Boy-Ace,Ashton,Kayden,and Zane
Elle Williams
Elle Williams Hace un día
Name a baby E,le
Mary Samuel
Mary Samuel Hace un día
Can't you ever modify them in cas
Chikal Aldriana
Chikal Aldriana Hace un día
Sending olive away its really make me sad😭
Amberleah Hughes
Amberleah Hughes Hace un día
maybe when you have a real life baby ou could cal it olive :D
Lisa C
Lisa C Hace un día
Love the Olive montage at the end lol
Ash & Tia's Life
Ash & Tia's Life Hace un día
if your sim gives birth to a girl please please please name her Tia and if it's a boy name it Ash it's a request
Isabella Ocena
Isabella Ocena Hace un día
Kelsey:your the worst mom ive ever herd of Me:good thing you havent seen the hated child becomes the princess mini movies..
Saruman The white
Saruman The white Hace un día
dO iT iN 24 hOuRs, yOu CoWaRd😠 Stehp0-simmer-sinner-sisters!!!
Queen Wren
Queen Wren Hace un día
for a girl plz can you name it nikki plzzz and a shout out
Eugenia Morrow
Eugenia Morrow Hace un día
I wanna be olive
Raphael John Dasalla
Mingyu's actually a K-pop Idol.. actually a fan of the group his in..😍😍
Elliot Hughes
Elliot Hughes Hace un día
Can you name a boy:Alex girl:rose
Jazmin Sandhu
Jazmin Sandhu Hace un día
Pat M
Pat M Hace un día
Pat M
Pat M Hace un día
Rh Murf
Rh Murf Hace un día
PLS NAME A BABY RHEA I don’t care if you pronounce it wrong
CharKook Arts15
CharKook Arts15 Hace un día
Pleaassseee name a baby girl Charmaine 🥺🥺🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Colleene Ashley Odeste
omg! Kim Mingyu is there! MINGYU OF SVT IS THERE! AAAAAAA
Colleene Ashley Odeste
my ears ringed from the sound of her voice saying “Kim Mingyu” and i’m like wait uppp! YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT MY BIAS HERE!!
Samantha Powell
Samantha Powell Hace un día
Did anyone else cry when she moved olive out😭?
Shirin Banu
Shirin Banu Hace un día
Chealsa needs are harder to keep up because she pregnant. So she needs to go toilet more often, gets tired easily and needs to eat on time.
Horse Lover
Horse Lover Hace un día
You are forgetting to put up the babies birth certificate
Kaila McIlvain
Kaila McIlvain Hace un día
Kaila McIlvain
Kaila McIlvain Hace un día
i've been late to school because of video games
Caroline Rønes
Caroline Rønes Hace un día
I did not recognize you in the other videos, but when you went to the hospital I understood who you where
Sugar & Spice
Sugar & Spice Hace un día
Miles is a literal meme
Ajah Hardy
Ajah Hardy Hace un día
Can you do bunk beds because that might make it easier to have more kids in the same room 😂😁
D̥ͦo̥ͦg̥ͦs̥ͦ L̥ͦo̥ͦv̥ͦe̥ͦ
You didn’t put the baby certificate on the wall
JY Hace un día
Girl - perrie, jade, jesy, Leigh Boy - Alex, Jed, Andre Who else is a mixer here? ... just me? Ok...
Laura A
Laura A Hace un día
Princessfuzzdoggy Hace un día
Mingyu is from the kpop band, seventeen, whom I stan
Jessica Laffin
Jessica Laffin Hace un día
Omg😂😂 the flash backs of Olive. I love it
Jessica Laffin
Jessica Laffin Hace un día
Olive telling Miles about her day is the funniest thing ever.
《Lorreta M》
《Lorreta M》 Hace un día
I'm the oldest out of 7 . 2 baby's (twins) 3 toddlers and 2 children and the hardest part of having twins in your family is not mixing them up and loving them equally
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