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Khloé and I are celebrating the launch of Koko Kollection ROUND 3 with our fun sister Q&A! Pick up the brand new Koko Kollection on June 14 at 3pm pst on KylieCosmetics.com and shop the original collection and "In Love with the Koko" collection in all-new updated formulas and gorgeous new packaging.

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13 jun 2019

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Sarah Sun
Sarah Sun Hace 17 minutos
MostRiche peoples are bored
Brionna M
Brionna M Hace 4 horas
kylie I just accidentally left kim a 100 dollar request on gmail tell her it was by acciedent I was typing my friend kim kylon and showed kim k and hit sent
tiffany Hace 5 horas
i cant believe 5 mil of yall floow her for what?..So yall can witness her wealth. smh...Can we find a NEW family to admire...ty
tiffany Hace 5 horas
sick of all of them
Mr. Mosley S550
Mr. Mosley S550 Hace 9 horas
ref.paid4clout.com/jmosley11 NO JOKE
Idk, is that like me the only person thinking that khloe looks really plastic in here, omg like even kylie looks more natural...
Niq Series
Niq Series Hace 17 horas
Love this video!!! Hey guys subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe back
Sparkle Stars
Sparkle Stars Hace 17 horas
Omg you r so so so beautiful
Sparkle Stars
Sparkle Stars Hace 17 horas
Hi Kylie I'm from Pakistan. I'm your huge huge fan I want. Your makeup but I cannot buy it :( I'm very sad
Julie Aoki
Julie Aoki Hace 22 horas
Love you ! Kylie!!~
Hendu Hikkay
Hendu Hikkay Hace 23 horas
I understand that Kylie owns a lot of money, but she will always be dumb as fuck.
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez Hace 23 horas
Lif go fly do us zero technically e.g. totally confirm unlock bop
UNICORN LAUREN Hace 23 horas
im a new sub!
Missa Missa
Missa Missa Hace un día
subscribe to my channel please
l o v l e y
l o v l e y Hace un día
Why do I feel like i really like Kylie’s vlogs I just want then now
Magic Wands Tarot
Magic Wands Tarot Hace un día
Because You are a billionaire!! 😅😂😂
Kimberly Meshake
Kimberly Meshake Hace un día
Notebook is good but if you really want to cry, then it's Fox and the hound😢
*SMALL ESvidR HERE* ❤ esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-POAcrGP0fh8.html
Laura Cabal
Laura Cabal Hace 2 días
hola kylie disculpa me podrías decir dónde está tu tienda de cosméticos esque mu gustan mucho y soy tu fan te le agradecería . O alguien sabe donde está e igual se lo agradecería.,😄💖
Laura Cabal
Laura Cabal Hace 2 días
hello kylie apologize could you tell me where your cosmetics store is, they like me a lot and I'm your fan I would appreciate it. Or someone knows where he is and I'd still appreciate it.😄💖
Laura Cabal
Laura Cabal Hace 2 días
La verdad no hablo inglés y lo traduzco, pero si me interesa mucho 🙁
Laura Cabal
Laura Cabal Hace 2 días
La verdad no hablo inglés y lo traduzco ,pero si me interesa mucho 🙁
Synne Moe
Synne Moe Hace 2 días
Please vlog while you are in Turks and Caicos Islands
Anaysa Hace 2 días
Hate the way she speaks. Hate how she poses like a dumb ass bimbo while talking. She should talk about her cosmetic surgeries not skin care etc..
deepins Hace 2 días
What brand is Kylie's earrings?
Jeffrey Skinner
Jeffrey Skinner Hace 2 días
I wouldn’t eat you for a million unless a doctor could give me s penicillin shot . Kylie is disease waiting to happen . Yea mean girls.
Jeffrey Skinner
Jeffrey Skinner Hace 2 días
Ps come up with a mission statement . Have you ever given away your time to help less fortunate people . Right I thought so . I am a guy and I find your pound and a half of makeup a real turn off . You should have s sex change like your dad mama you would be a sexy guy but still a cheap looking over priced who’re .
Jeffrey Skinner
Jeffrey Skinner Hace 2 días
A whore is someone who sells them self for a price . So that makes you a whore . A whore accepts rolls Royce from strangers and denies did not give him oral .? Kylie jump of all tall building please . My loofas died fake pink . It s a virgin loofa . Which I will sell. To you for a million bucks . Your so tragic .
Flatbed hauling with scott N
What a fake ass family!!!. So disgusting in every way. Vampires that live off fame they earned by prostitution!!. Look up the definition it’s a fact!!!.
Gabrielle Dewolf
Gabrielle Dewolf Hace 2 días
Hi Kylie I’m a huge fan and if it’s ok I wanted you to know you are one lucky mom to your daughter and let no one ever break you down always get back on your feet never give up I believe in you
grizzy Hace 2 días
*hahahaa, all the skin care videos had the comments disabled.*
OhhMyGod ItsHer
OhhMyGod ItsHer Hace 2 días
Khloe looks so tanned but this was a good video I wanna be a billionaire too, Kylie 😭😭
Top hit Lyrics
Top hit Lyrics Hace 2 días
More videos!!
iiaymenii Hace 2 días
2:17 I thought I only do that
Y- Jull
Y- Jull Hace 2 días
Animasi Fans Club
Animasi Fans Club Hace 2 días
Love your videos❤
Bean Milk
Bean Milk Hace 2 días
Khloe's fake tan 😂
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Love u too
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
I love u
Summer Del Rey
Summer Del Rey Hace 2 días
Kylie: I wouldn't eat a cockroach for 1.M Khloe: Because your a billionaire Me: wow that's crazy it's not like the whole world doesn't know🤦😂
thegift 2019
thegift 2019 Hace 3 días
love this 😍♥️
Hira Hans
Hira Hans Hace 3 días
Kylie should come out w school supplies 😍
Jason Viper
Jason Viper Hace 3 días
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. hey #metoo MORONs look at this link www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7249697/Kylie-Jenner-puts-assets-display-blue-Chanel-bikini-holiday-Turks-Caicos.html for someone that is for that metoo bullshit she looking a little skanky in that picture she might get "sexually assaulted" might wanna get those pitchforks ready and HATE ALL MEN HAHAHAHA, also women can sexually assault men also but let's not talk about that let's only one side the issue
Mimi Cooper
Mimi Cooper Hace 3 días
Khloe is getting more and more like kris as she gets older and I’m here for it❤️❤️❤️😂
selenator shivangi
selenator shivangi Hace 3 días
Chai latte, damn they made our indian drink to some luxy beverage. 😂
Stephanie Sanchez
Stephanie Sanchez Hace 4 días
I love you so much enjoy your vaca
Emiliya's piano
Emiliya's piano Hace 4 días
don't watch my latest video!!!!!
A 359
A 359 Hace 4 días
Elles lavent du plastique avec des huiles essentielles 😂😂😂
K M Hace 4 días
Khloe looks like donald trump with the skin color and her hair
ورد الليالي
ilov you Kylie From Saudi Arabia Sara :-)
pretty chilled
pretty chilled Hace 4 días
Khloe's tan looks so good on her
Lolgirl Hehe
Lolgirl Hehe Hace 4 días
Khloe and kylie both look amazing 🙈
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