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told you it was a trap
skibidi dop dop dop yes yes
Titan Drillman - Drillmen - Clockmen
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🔻Skibidi toilets Original series by @DaFuqBoom
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🔻Scientist skibidi model by SpeakerG
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17 nov 2023






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@Yeatsbear86 Hace 15 días
There is something i just love with the series either its the characters or the animation. ITS JUST SO AWESOME!
@Blanzerkda Hace 14 días
A comment from a verified channel?! Let me fix that
@CryptedataRBLZ2008 Hace 14 días
1 comment and 27 likes? Lemme fix that
@budhiboyr9570 Hace 13 días
2 comments only from a verified channel, and only 68 likes, lemme fix that to 69 😂
@subhansohail8340 Hace 13 días
@HONGMINLEMoe Hace 13 días
i also turn it into 81 likes and 5 replies.
@DaFuqBoom3r Hace 15 días
This man turned a joke into a series with hope, despair, loss and hype. He deserves every bit of recognition he has and even beyond that
This is like th 3rd time I’ve seen this
@user-fo5yq7xh1y Hace 15 días
bruh, this series has been like this since episode 1
@lidiaaguilar8330 Hace 15 días
Te amo de fútbol
@NmigaCao Hace 11 días
Can we just acknowledge how much fun this guy gives us with his amazing series?
@Emmykins89 Hace 12 días
I love it how Titan cameraman for all of a sudden just calmed down after probably having yet the worse tantrum there can exist
@rtanimation2135 Hace 16 días
In fact, the fact of the difference between Clockmen and Cameramen shown in this series is very good, to put it in simple words. We can clearly see the difference between the fierce, combative and daring Cameramen and the intelligent, judicious Clockmen. In a word - great job!
@rkstechs7119 Hace 12 días
The greatest fact of this whole episode is that Titan drillman did not actually get stun he was just acting for the trap done by the alliance due to the fact that there were magnet with the scientist toilet and the time objects could not work with it near
Correction: he did get stun, but the clockmen had installed a "counter" mechanism on its head (Just look at It while It is flying away, you can clearly see a giant clock-shaped mechanism underneath), which makes that part of the Titan's body immune to time stop, allowing It to separate and escape. As for why it was able to make the warheads explode, those were separately implanted behind its back and therefore are NOT part of the main body. I can probably guess that the Titan's head, once it got at sufficient distance, activated the warheads, making them explode and not only wiping out a large amount of skibidis, but also destroying the body itself so that the scientist could not use It to upgrade himself like he did with the Titan Clockman's body
@user-ny6wc1ph1z Hace 6 días
@IULITM Hace 16 días
Awesome. Another good episode is here, we can hit 300,000 likes to help this channel.
@bludster1 Hace 16 días
@yusuf06873 Hace 16 días
@Fudafy Hace 16 días
@camra_man77 Hace 16 días
@noodlesandramen54700 Hace 15 días
I really like the relationships in between every single character, like the two titans and the Alliance members with each other. This series is honestly really good, I'm surprised it's not as popular as the original.
@SkibidiAnimator. Hace 13 días
It is starting to get popular
Yes, of course it is, just not as much as the original. 🙃
@ANiCookToons123 Hace 16 días
This is truly amazing, the work they put on this is just something they really want to do and make it real.
@janieleoliveira9326 Hace 14 días
Si la tuvieras en el cine sería la película de cine más vista del mundo.❤
@weatherplayzz2182 Hace 16 días
Used to not like this series as much but HOLY CRAP how much it has been improving. At this point I actually think this series will SURPASS the OG.
Uncle grandpa literally got every single attachment 💀
@IrannyRodriguez Hace 16 días
I need to watch this in the movie theater
@Garox_Lovania Hace 16 días
Skibidi dob dob dob yes yes
@AudayAdmin Hace 16 días
@FNAF1_MAN_YU Hace 16 días
@ngocnhidang830 Hace 16 días
@SpaceCatMeow0 Hace 16 días
It looks incredible on you Dom, it can be seen that you put effort and dedication into it and the result is simply incredible.
@TVManGags Hace 16 días
This episode was absolutely stunning and brilliant!
@Animal_Mammoth99 Hace 14 días
The major flaw is that they made the warhead launch upwards instead of directly detonating it letting the enemy have plenty of time to react
@user-zw2wq8jo2r Hace 16 días
I honestly really love how TCM sounds in-comparison to the other titans, TSM sounds like some deep-roaring gibberish, TTM is deep talking in reverse, but TCM's voice is literally very deep mechanical-metal sounds...He literally sounds like a tank.
@Play-Z-Nation Hace 13 días
Fr tho
@UinwoSdiey Hace 15 días
An amazing episode DOM, a lot of what happened just surprised me, but it was incredible.
@DigiFan436 Hace 16 días
Can we appreciate the fact how this guy entertains us with his awesome series? ❤
@N3lixEdits Hace 16 días
Goofy ahh bot
@Hacky_12 Hace 16 días
​@@N3lixEditsand they are not individuals
@BL4Z3_426 Hace 16 días
Bro, have you seen the original series?
@kimsormeng5810 Hace 16 días
Dafaq Literally commented on my recent video i am crying
@Fihipe3 Hace 16 días
Npc spammer
@son_kakaroto. Hace 16 días
Felicidades por los 5M🥳🤘vamos por mas animaciones💛❤
@fishywithasock7508 Hace 16 días
knowing the failed attempts to catch an Astro-toilet in the main canon, i can only imagine UTCM's satisfaction at actually bringing down one, fueled by his fury against the toilets, he had alot on his mind.. clearly plus, the Drill titan having countermeasures already inplace for if he gets time-stopped as well as nuclear payloads ready to go is pure bliss, tho it seems counter-productive they have to launch into the air first instead of exploding where they are
@petqcvetkova9989 Hace 10 días
Very good! Let's HIT 300,00 LIKES for the next episode!
@ElixirGuy1_YT Hace 16 días
Dom you are a huge inspiration. It’s great to see how this multiverse has become a version of its own. Luckily the titan drill man survived, such relief ❤
This Guy Make videos Faster than DafuqBoom What a Legend This Video was Uploaded in 3 Day Ago and now Dom Is sending new episode 15 tomorrow ❤❤🎉🎉
@DiourLad Hace 16 días
Let us be real, we all need this in the entire cinema. Genuinely a worth product to be held.
@DiegoCraft_MC Hace 16 días
Quiero ser ESvidr Pero Nadie me Apoya😭😢
@marianataya6113 Hace 16 días
Yo si
@maksatgarifulla4612 Hace 16 días
Bro thats like 4 mins long
@Queen.minjiii Hace 16 días
@BigTvWoman Hace 16 días
Amazing work! I like how you took inspiration from what's happening in the "Skibidi Toilet" series right now and developed a plot in this multiverse that aligns closely with where things are there. Very cool skibidi soldiers in this episode and I really like how the alliance was prepared for a trap in a way. The titan drillman having a detachable head is so smart and interesting!
@REDS456reds-cb5bm Hace 16 días
Every skibidi toilet creator needs a oscar
@PleaseSeekTherapy Hace 14 días
You have the honor of being logged by the logger of the OG series :) Log 14 (recovered): Well that was unexpected. As we watched fellow alliance members beat up a heli-missile toilet (and do some sus stuff to it), I received a message from an unknown source, saying, "It's a trap". Titan Speakerman flew in as I showed the nearby Clockman the message. I put my headphones on, just in case he needed to use his speakers. Surely enough, an acid-missile astro-toilet appeared. It was hideous. It fired a missile at Titan Speakerman, then flashed over and shrieked into his speakers. Titan Speakerman also screamed, startling the toilet and buying him enough time to stand up. The toilet fired an acid missile at him, destroying his core protection. He used a weapon we hadn't seen before; his core laser; firing it at the toilet, and knocking off the weapons on its left. It fired the last acid-missile it had. In one, swift movement, Titan Cameraman blocked the missile with his energy shield, then shot forward and punched the astro toilet. He then grabbed it, throwing it down to the ground, then proceeded to bash its head against the toilet. He would've fired at it, had a metal claw not come out of its mouth and ripped the protective lens off his camera. A drill parasite tried to infect him, but it was intercepted by Titan Speakerman, who ripped its head off. As more metal claws came out of its mouth, Titan Cameraman grabbed them, and ripped them out. He threw the toilet to the side, and punched it again. He stopped for a second, his head shaking violently as the usual blue glow of his camera faded to a furious red. He proceeded to beat the toilet, as Titan Speakerman just stood there watching. Titan Cameraman finished with a downward spike, killing the toilet and making it explode. Titan Drillman pulled himself out of the ground, as another message saying, "Retreat, it's a trap", appeared on my tablet. Titan Speakerman received the message as well. Since his jetpack had ran out of fuel, Titan Cameraman flew them out. A much smaller Drillman tried telling TItan Drilman to retreat, but he just shook his head. A Clockship flew down, and we all ran for it. The others got out, but I didn't. That is why I recorded this log. Anyways; 2 heli-missile toilets appeared, but both were grabbed by Titan Drillman's extendible hands, and pulled into each other. An armored laser tank appeared; prompting Titan Drillman to shoot his core laser at it. The toilet simply blocked it, so Titan Drillman shoved his drills into the earth, causing a sinkhole to open beneath the massive toilet; while also causing a rock arch to collapse, crushing 3, smaller toilets. A massive speaker toilet arrived, driving Titan Drillman into a frenzied rage with its speakers. Titan Drillman charged at it like a bull, impaling it on his drill and smashing it on the ground. He pulled the head out, and threw it around before smashing it into the ground. He was suddenly frozen in time, by a new weapon on the Scientist Toilet. A clock cannon. Confronted by the scientist and a lava toilet to the left, while also frozen in time; Titan Drillman was outnumbered. His drill suddenly detached, and his head flew out of his body, revealing a clock on its underside. Air raid missiles went off, as 2 massive missiles shot into the sky. The Scientist vanished, as the missiles came down. I am finishing this log quickly, because I know I'm not making it out alive. End l-[error_messageNotFound]
@camermancientist Hace 16 días
dom studio went from uploading goofy but ok shorts to masterpiece fanmade episodes, big big W!
Este hombre debe estar en netflix
@r.i.ppanamiguel1201 Hace 12 días
Eres bot
@Glitch_Attached Hace 16 días
A spectacular episode DOM, I really wasn’t expecting a lot of what just happened but it was amazing
@jolil786 Hace 16 días
Dude wasn't falling into a trap, dude himself WAS the trap.
@mightyfeather8596 Hace 10 días
I wish the toilets would spill a lot more blood in scenes like this. 1:10
@jesusamaya7247 Hace 16 días
salio el capitulo cada ves DON ESTUDIOS hacé una obra maestra con sus 👇capitulos ermosos.❤❤❤❤❤❤ aqui solo los verdaderos fanático le dan like en este comentario
@alelucero8769 Hace 13 días
Ya quiero el nuevo capitulo
@lorensolopez5376 Hace 16 días
Este cap tiene mucha calidad 👋😉
@DeadEnderDtNeoExe Hace 16 días
Like how titan speakerman seeing titan cameraman absolutely rage understood it and helped him calm down because he knows the pain. these two have a strong bond
@JoaoRicardo_26 Hace 16 días
Liked that detail as well..
@DontEvenKnowWhy Hace 11 días
titan cameraman is clinically insane at this rate
@RadfabX12 Hace 16 días
This was amazing, loved how the drill man was a trap for the skibidi toilets mostly, And liked the part when Titan cameraman got mad. Keep it up 👍
@amoamiabuelo Hace 14 días
Se dice que el cientifico a sido mejorado tantas veses que es dificil contarlas todas
@user-cf3fv3tg2x Hace 16 días
Prees F to pay respect for the camera man
@leociresi4292 Hace 14 días
@Voidthatsuntold1 Hace 13 días
@kenjihere1 Hace 9 días
@moisessanchez4986 Hace 16 días
Ya quiero que llegue el episodio 15 estoy super emocionado 🤯🤯
Al final sabemos que el científico tomó tecnología del Titan clockman y el titán taladro no murió solo escapó. Y dejó unos esplosivos y se fue pero la verdad este creador de skibidi toilet es un grande este fue el mejor multiverso que pude ver Te amo Dom studio sigue así ❤👍
@user-ii8ib8my7i Hace 15 días
Best multiverse ever!
@julioGame77 Hace 16 días
Sigo esperando al titán TV man en esta respetable serie
@lol597 Hace 13 días
Much more violent than the others. That’s what makes that Oscar worthy
@FlyingAceSonic Hace 16 días
An absolutely stunning and brilliant episode. The look on the scientist’s face was funny when he realized that the Alliance was tricking him with Titan Drillman’s self-destruction. Keep up the great work Dom Studios!
Yea you 're righf
@stellacalais4272 Hace 16 días
What?No way he kileld himself
@dafuqreversee Hace 16 días
@adeagbaje5162 Hace 16 días
​@@stellacalais4272hes not dead his head detached before he blew himself up his head and core is his weak point
@Giga_robloxplays Hace 16 días
Respect to the cameraman who was left alone
@Dark_Spearker_man136 Hace 16 días
This is cinema, It's amazing how far this series has come,😃👍
@Drillofdc2 Hace 3 días
I loved the episode, it's very good, I'm looking forward to EP 017
@MonculusPlayz Hace 16 días
R.I.P Titan Drillman for sacrificing his life just to kill some toilets
@alejandrcastaned8120 Hace 14 días
A la altura de un heroe morir por vivir😊
but can we just agree with how brutal. the Titan cameraman got very angry and outraged.
Yeah like bumblebee from transformers
@Shadowgaming16964 Hace 16 días
Awesome episode! Can’t wait for skibidi multiverse 15!😁
@TITAN.TV.MAN_3.0 Hace 16 días
La verdad esta increíble Doom Studios felicidades por este gran episodio de 4 minutos XD
@JoseContreras-ki8ub Hace 13 días
This goes to show the friendship between titan camera man and titan speaker man ❤
@kingharshaangill Hace 16 días
I loved this episode 😂😢😊😊😊😊😊
@ViktorLikesToDraw Hace 12 días
Bro that slowmotion of Titan cameraman coming was fire 🔥
@XxJoacoGamerXx Hace 16 días
This series is great, more than that, it leaves us wanting the next chapter.
@dafuqreversee Hace 16 días
@jatheen Hace 16 días
This episode was truly amazing ❤
@kristentynan5042 Hace 11 días
But titan drill man didn't survive he died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@handlenottaken Hace 16 días
I love the “fuck this shit I’m out” expression in clockman,he doesn’t even have facial features,I can just see it.
@sharmainebinas6924 Hace 13 días
Titan drill men look like he just learning how to walk 😂😂
@jorgeaguirre6433 Hace 16 días
El episodio de hoy me sorprendió un montón el titán taladro Man autodestrucción los propulsores que tenía Atrás de su espalda Se volvieron bombas😱👍❤️
@hyey_u Hace 14 días
2:58 bro I didn’t know he can dance💀💀💀
@artemka_xdd777 Hace 16 días
Let's thank the author for the hard work he does for us ❤
@kimsormeng5810 Hace 16 días
Dafaq Literally commented on my recent video i am crying
@artemka_xdd777 Hace 16 días
@@kimsormeng5810 Comparing fan and original is stupid
I love how that trio is just abusing that helicopter toilet😂
@user-eh2ey6hi5m Hace 16 días
Wow just wow the time he put into this video is a lot of time. Get this guy a medal or something 😮😊
One of the best episodes ever
@gianix777 Hace 16 días
Top 5 peleas mas asombrosas del multiverso
@janieleoliveira9326 Hace 14 días
If so, in the cinema it would be the most watched film of all films❤
@user-jl5yy8bp3h Hace 16 días
@nayaabkhan5468 Hace 13 días
No way😡
@Sean-hn1vt Hace 16 días
I'm starting to question the Clockmen's motives. They seem to be leaving the Cameramen to die just as much as the TV men as well as showing off their abilities.
Dom estudios, eres realmente asombroso, ante usted me quito el sombrero, un capitulo increíble, bravo, fue hermoso
F para o cameramen que ficou para trás😢
@valentineimomoh8264 Hace 16 días
I'm more amazed that the titan main body is just the cockpit. No wonder he wasn't too affected when titan camera hit his core
@Nareshsen-ms2xn Hace 14 días
This series saved my life.
@cachica3635 Hace 16 días
Great episode Dom! These episodes get better everytime.
@HONGMINLEMoe Hace 16 días
i see dafuqboom said skibidi toilet 67 part4 will be out on 3 days later in the live chat
@kimsormeng5810 Hace 16 días
Dafaq Literally commented on my recent video i am crying
@cachica3635 Hace 16 días
I don’t believe either of you two
@HONGMINLEMoe Hace 16 días
@@cachica3635 why
@Untrustworthy_person Hace 16 días
I was just thinking about the Astro Toilets being allied with the Skibidi Toilets in this universe and wondering when they were gonna appear next
@Dafuqboom1413 Hace 16 días
Este tipo necesita estar en netflix❤❤❤❤
@nickmilano2516 Hace 15 días
I love how the armor on speaker man’s head acts like his eyebrow
even though its not the dafuqboom video its still masterpiece
@ultra_ore Hace 14 días
It finally occurred why the drillman did a thumbs-up and let's just say they know a thing or two about drilling holes.
@davidcortes6956 Hace 16 días
el cap mas duradero, mas satisfactorio, mas emocionante, y ahora con mas incognitas
@user-so6zm2zu1y Hace 16 días
@pereiralucaslopes Hace 16 días
@Xenbaby-k29gp Hace 16 días
@dafuqreversee Hace 16 días
Are u correct
@xlythrum Hace 16 días
That was an epic episode i've ever seen in this multiverse
@PlushGod- Hace 16 días
0:14 poor toilet bro😞 0:20 a warning 0:27 titan Speakerman comes 0:39 NEW UFO toilet comes 0:56 Upgraded titan cameraman comes 1:14 when titan cameraman becomes angry 1:42 when titan drill man comes 1:52 Repeating the warning 2:01 when titan cameraman and titan speakerman leave 2:07 when drill man is telling titan drill man to retreat 2:13 clock helicopter comes 2:27 when skibidi toilet evade 2:54 when speaker toilets come 3:18 when Upgraded scientist toilet comes 3:27 lava toilet comes 3:36 titan drill man starts falling apart 4:10 THE END
@piedadperez9188 Hace 7 días
Omg 2:54
@ryburnmitchell4416 Hace 11 días
Titan cameraman was like. ALL RIGHT I HAD ENOUGH WITH THIS. Punches toilet multiple times
@Betterbeerus Hace 16 días
Yes a four minute video from my second favorite fan made skibidi toilet channel
Man i want you to listen to me. The next episode of this series will be this 5:06 AM_ THE SKIBIDI HQ. The infantry cameraman armed firces has came up to a plan with this case. The skibis have created a core. The plan is simple. 1.All hostile forces should be eliminated and find scientist skbidi toilet, Intel will be interrogated. You need to ask the intel how to disable the saftey protocol in order to explode the core. 2. SST [Scientist skibidi toilet] needs to be on custody 3. Evacuate to the bunker when the core is compromised. PLEASE ADD THIS ONTO THIS VIDEO PLEASE!
@darky_gamer4820 Hace 16 días
Once again another sedimental handshake in skibidi toilet history.
@pantherkent4145 Hace 16 días
wow the cameramen are really good with the VFX and so are the skibidi toilets. Really good acting so far!
@Le-lloydude Hace 16 días
This series is so damn good keep up the great work!
@N_Butchadlike Hace 15 días
I can imagine the bloopers of this episode soon
@benjackemmaBFB Hace 16 días
Ugh, seeing that reference of the handshake between the titan camera and the speaker is epic, now we just need to see the return of the titan TV man ❤
@MigueGodzilla Hace 15 días
I hope to see the titan tv man soon in the series!!, Great job Dom
@DILAN373 Hace 16 días
What a good series, I never miss an episode, it's the best thing I've ever seen.
@veys7823 Hace 16 días
@jason804 Hace 15 días
@ReallyBruh1 Hace 16 días
Hopefully Titan TVman comes back really soon 🔥🧡
@vladimirharskly7199 Hace 16 días
00:07 Let's just take a moment to appreciate how many hours and work he put into this video? It's amazing, and I think they deserve way more than that
@gum_bleeder Hace 16 días
"Let's just appreciate "🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖
@Sorryfortomuchnames Hace 11 días
its all gangsta when ur watching 4:02 until u pause the vid but the siren is still ringing
@mehedi27 Hace 15 días
Titan Drillman looks even better than before, idk how thats possible tho
@David-ni2bk Hace 15 días
This animation is so smooth
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