Skills You Should Learn During Lockdown

Mike Boyd
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Since many of us are in lockdown at this time, I thought I'd show you 5 easy and useful (some not so much) skills that you should learn during lockdown.
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30 mar 2020






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Mike Boyd
Mike Boyd Hace un mes
Tag me on Instagram or tweet me if you learn these or can already do them! I'd love to make a compilation video of people learning these skills during lockdown. @mikeboydvideo
Martynas Mickus
Martynas Mickus Hace un día
Learn how to make smoke with your mouth
Max Hamon
Max Hamon Hace 2 días
Shakshath Oshora
Shakshath Oshora Hace 8 días
Me too, but bijuse app just popped
nk Hace 15 días
@Kill Me probably too weak tbh. try working out
DIVYA KALA Hace 24 días
Please do back flip
jaco greeff
jaco greeff Hace 47 minutos
jaco greeff
jaco greeff Hace 47 minutos
jaco greeff
jaco greeff Hace 47 minutos
jaco greeff
jaco greeff Hace 47 minutos
Orin Perley
Orin Perley Hace 3 horas
Americans have manual transmissions too though
Ethan’s Vlogs
Ethan’s Vlogs Hace 6 horas
Why make a car sound when I can just use my mouth
Mr spooberries
Mr spooberries Hace 11 horas
The can one sounds like that one meme
Matejaak 19
Matejaak 19 Hace 13 horas
The car sound sounds more like tyler1
MapleSyrupGuy Hace 14 horas
As a mountain biker, I can vouch for track stands. Also for racing. Track stand and then accelerate through the start gate
Frederik Hace 15 horas
The car sound sounds like a car frome GTA lol
Crylux _
Crylux _ Hace 17 horas
You need to go back to the backflip
Shocko Hace 17 horas
If you own any classic car you should already know how to bump start on your own
Lumos_vs_Nox Hace 17 horas
... did he just drink a whole freaking monster in one jug? Damn this man is crazy
TGM522 _
TGM522 _ Hace 20 horas
I am so good i can open bottle with my bare hands
Paul Ramos
Paul Ramos Hace un día
Nobody: Absolutely no one: Toyota's at 3am: 6:11
Austin Iversen
Austin Iversen Hace un día
The can sounded like a Lamborghini v10 Engine from the huracán perfermonte
Austin Iversen
Austin Iversen Hace un día
The can sounded like a Lamborghini v10 Engine from the huracán perfermonte
Austin Iversen
Austin Iversen Hace un día
The can sounded like a Lamborghini v10 Engine from the huracán perfermonte
Jenil Patel
Jenil Patel Hace un día
Interviewer: What is your talent? Me: 06:11
alex wang
alex wang Hace un día
so thats where all the beer went at costco
Simon Sundberg
Simon Sundberg Hace un día
Its called clipless
Chris 23
Chris 23 Hace un día
The car on sounds like a Nissan gtr and a Ford GT 2017
PureSilverFox Hace un día
I'm a professional in social distancing. I've done it almost all my life. Not meaning to brag or anything lol.
UnKnown Hace un día
who skipped the third skill dont lie
ExifiedBro Hace 2 días
TYLER1'S car sound
EllyBelly _
EllyBelly _ Hace 2 días
How did he just chug a whole monster... I am addicted but can never get more than half a can in one go... they burn people!
Ayaan Jadhav
Ayaan Jadhav Hace 2 días
Ayaan Jadhav
Ayaan Jadhav Hace 2 días
Seriosly Zero
Seriosly Zero Hace 2 días
For me he said "Let's get on to something a little more boring" Me:*gets an add* "Sizle pork and MMM"
IAmLeeder Hace 2 días
Is this man rocking a Tretic dive watch?
Default Hace 2 días
I won’t open bottle with paper because I need toilet paper
Aziz the Hunter
Aziz the Hunter Hace 2 días
0:28 I know how to do that with my hand
Major games
Major games Hace 2 días
6:09 I slapped my forhead
ram3n no0dle
ram3n no0dle Hace 3 días
sorry all of America? excuse me biatch.
Lord Livur'Like von McComment del Subscribür IV
1. stupid, skip 2. stupid, skip 3. Microsoft Excel 4. stupid, skip 5. stupid during lockdown, skip Congratulations for making a video that consumed 10minutes of my time, you idiot.
Zen -_-
Zen -_- Hace 3 días
My friend can do the loudest sound with a car that sounds like an engine
AGarin478 Hace 3 días
Gavin Howe
Gavin Howe Hace 3 días
Anyone else watched who watched community and freaked out when he mentioned excel?
tommyy__06 Hace 3 días
For the car sound I got suspended.
Dark Magic
Dark Magic Hace 3 días
Wait people think excell is boring?
DailyUpgrade- Self-Improvement
fantastic content!
Usman Haider
Usman Haider Hace 3 días
I really wish that I knew bump staring a car before. I've had to change the battery in my car twice over ten years and every time the battery started dying, I'd unknowingly drain it while listening to the stereo and would have to get help.
Martin Ziggy
Martin Ziggy Hace 3 días
What kind of accent is that? It reminds me of Groundskeeper Willie 😀
Jian Pamittan
Jian Pamittan Hace 3 días
I can rip a can I've done it once
Nonsween lee
Nonsween lee Hace 4 días
Mike I honestly think it would be insane if you learned how to use a ballisong/butterfly knife i think it would be cool
huzaifa nasir
huzaifa nasir Hace 4 días
He used A3 paper and ripped it to a A4.
Conrad Batesole
Conrad Batesole Hace 4 días
when he said "something more useless", a face skin care ad popped up. :)
phxbrd123 Hace 4 días
6:10 tyler1
micheal tran
micheal tran Hace 4 días
6:15 u can make a very convincing engine sound with just a can Tyler1: hold my beer
Kirtik Raj
Kirtik Raj Hace 4 días
Mike: *V R O O O O O M* ESvid: [*Applause*]
Aidan Barrett
Aidan Barrett Hace 5 días
Heck nah, not all of America has automatics. There are still some proper cars over here. I got stuck at my hs once and had to push start my car down the hill, never did it before just knew you could so I did. Save the manuals!
Luiz Soares
Luiz Soares Hace 5 días
Actually in Brazil we open bottles with barehands,are that so hard out there ?!
Der Onkel Kommt
Der Onkel Kommt Hace 5 días
Bruh 6:09 got me XD
Butterkid Hace 5 días
I 100% agree with learning Excel. I took just a day of learning Macros and made a freaking fully functional calculator.
Fireteck Gaming
Fireteck Gaming Hace 6 días
When Mike said Now lets move on to something more useless a trading advert came up
No Hace 7 días
NOTE: Do NOT track stand at a red light if you do it like this guy, especially if you are clipped in. He's only showing half of a real track stand. The other half is where you jerk your hips back and release the brake to move the bike backwards slightly. He is really just slowing down his forward movement here. If you do this right at an intersection while clipped in, you may either fall or inch into traffic. (Source: can track stand for several minutes facing down hill.)
GK Learner Point
GK Learner Point Hace 7 días
“The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing.” - Albert Einstein
Ammar Shaheen
Ammar Shaheen Hace 7 días
I can open a glass bottle with my inner part of the elbow
Brajamohan Lahkar
Brajamohan Lahkar Hace 7 días
that last skill starting a manual car with a dead battery I think most people know it in developing countries
Aleksa Mladenović
Aleksa Mladenović Hace 7 días
Wow mike is trasher version of tyler1 6:11
Atharv sahu
Atharv sahu Hace 7 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-9c6xVPSohNw.html This video is much better to learn
mta hard trails
mta hard trails Hace 7 días
Everybody in Bulgaria knows the skill with the car 😂 our 🚗 are trash
the widow gamer bottle flipper
Mike boyd: and i pretty much can open a bottle with anything Me:welllllllll can you open a bottle with sand huh
Ryan L.
Ryan L. Hace 8 días
I think I knew that second one
David Shoup
David Shoup Hace 8 días
Guys with Honda civics at 2am 6:09
Bhargav Chaudhari
Bhargav Chaudhari Hace 8 días
Chutiya sala..
All about spreadsheets
Cannot agree more on the spreadsheets part! But would suggest Google sheets as a more intuitive and free alternative 👍
Aswdfrl Hace 8 días
I'm 11 and I can't really do the can trick I think it's Because I don't have the lung capacity
AG VlOGZ Hace 8 días
Can you open a bottle with a twig?
brahknee Hace 8 días
Nobody: The retarded kids in the back of the classroom racing their hot wheels: 6:08
Diego Soria
Diego Soria Hace 9 días
Time Stamps: 1. 1:22 : Open Bottle with paper 2. 3:26 : Track Stand 3. 3:57 : Microsoft Excel Skills 4. 6:50 : Engine Sound with a Can 5. 8:51 : Bump Start a Car
P A R D O N boku no depression
Thank u
Bob Yeet
Bob Yeet Hace 9 días
Who saw the “never do that” part
Rhys 69
Rhys 69 Hace 9 días
When he said let’s learn something useless a asmr video came up
Mark Gaming
Mark Gaming Hace 9 días
2:30 Next skill: How to drink 4 bottles of liquor in 1minute
JeJa Hace 9 días
6:10 Tyler1 is that you?!
Haider Agha
Haider Agha Hace 10 días
Nah imma just sleep
Æ Blaze
Æ Blaze Hace 10 días
my car is manual and i’m in america
Humza Bashir
Humza Bashir Hace 10 días
9:27 now guy now you know how to car jack
KCM Mode Naruto
KCM Mode Naruto Hace 10 días
Him: let learn something a little more useless Me: thinks he is going to do a Sakura impression
mohstibro Hace 10 días
making engine sound with a can is now a skill everyone.sorry dude but most of the skills shown in this video are useless.
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