Skills You Should Learn During Lockdown

Mike Boyd
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Since many of us are in lockdown at this time, I thought I'd show you 5 easy and useful (some not so much) skills that you should learn during lockdown.
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30 mar 2020






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Mike Boyd
Mike Boyd Hace 8 meses
Tag me on Instagram or tweet me if you learn these or can already do them! I'd love to make a compilation video of people learning these skills during lockdown. @mikeboydvideo
shyamen 8
shyamen 8 Hace 13 días
Let's go 1k person to like the comment
Aiden Milne
Aiden Milne Hace 3 meses
Hey just looked at this and that is dundee I live near dundee
Tag Bedcon
Tag Bedcon Hace 3 meses
Mike Boyd I am tag how do I tag myself
Braxton Horner
Braxton Horner Hace 3 meses
Can you do it with your hands cuz I'm only nine and I could do it with my hand
Amanda Duncan
Amanda Duncan Hace 3 meses
Can I get a shoutout Also I will
TryingToBeHooman Hace 4 horas
i can make the car sound with a piece of paper. works well but it gets a little moist
Aleksander juznic
Aleksander juznic Hace 6 horas
I did that car sound with a can and im only ten years old...
Attila Ernő Kiss
Attila Ernő Kiss Hace un día
My classmates would love to make car sounds with just a can.
I cant hit the net
I cant hit the net Hace un día
Lol I bump start my dirtbikes all the time but I never thought of doing it on a car🤣
Jerry Tzouganatos
Jerry Tzouganatos Hace un día
Shplabam Hace 2 días
can u make a separate video on the can one. i couldnt do it
Md βαhüł Islam
Md βαhüł Islam Hace 3 días
4:07 Today I know how can he do all He is a engineer 👏👏
Thanks for the bottle cap trick, now when I walk home from school, opening a bottle of coke with my spoon from my lunch, the one comment I always get is: How do you do that?
CrizizUnderLord Hace 3 días
NASCAR sponsored by monster: 🖐😑 Monster sponsored by NASCAR: 😌👍
rolls Royce
rolls Royce Hace 4 días
I just use my hand with a bottle
Cesar Pc
Cesar Pc Hace 4 días
Next skill: how to open a bottle with your phone
Oddly Icecube
Oddly Icecube Hace 4 días
My special skill is "Being Alone" Time first learned : Elementary School How : If you find yourself Unfit to be in the current society around you ,you will be teased or bullied at some point ,forcing you to be alone , You should Experience : Transforming into a weeb 100% Free time Freedom to use time for yourself Self love Boredom Aiming to watch/read 1000+ anime/manga
The sound at 6:17 is similar to the sound in this video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-u1xPr0veNfE.html at 4:57
ryleighcat Hace 5 días
well ~ to learn a track stand you need to know how to ride a bike first, guess i’ll be skipping that one
Talon Lipscomb
Talon Lipscomb Hace 6 días
Can you teach me how to do my homework next
Cooper Martin
Cooper Martin Hace 6 días
what watch is that? it looks Garmin.
CDM CDM Hace 7 días
Ah. I drive a motor cycle and a 1984 Fj60. All my cars have been manuals and I live in America. Golf GT, Honda CRX SI, HONDA CIVIC SI, 91 RANGE ROVER (;oops, not a manual), 911, 84 Fj60, KLR 650, Triumph 1200, Ducati Multistrada Enduro 1200.
CDM CDM Hace 7 días
Screw the local authorities.
CDM CDM Hace 7 días
CV19 has been over exaggerated. It’s utter BS
Veljko Lazarević
Veljko Lazarević Hace 7 días
lockdown 2 is coming soon...
Đức Hùng
Đức Hùng Hace 7 días
6:10 Tyler1 Seen
Andrew Speirs
Andrew Speirs Hace 8 días
It’s the remix to 8:52 Like when you get it
the Crimson Chin
the Crimson Chin Hace 8 días
It bothers me that this video is from 7 months ago..
Steven Gormley
Steven Gormley Hace 8 días
It sounds like a Tusken Raider from Star Wars. If you don’t know what a Tusken Raider is it’s one of those sand people that make a noice like this 6:10
mudit agrawal
mudit agrawal Hace 8 días
Mark rober, "this is a worthy opponent"
Manav L
Manav L Hace 8 días
6:10 10 year old me
D0NU75_DUNK3R Hace 9 días
His accent will never get old😅😂
Sebastian Gonzalez Schwidrowski
Mike, theres an advanced technique with the can, flick your can up and down on the back, and you can hear the gears.
Dulina Rubasinghege
Dulina Rubasinghege Hace 9 días
At 5:43 during the monster energy drinking portion it said "Never do that" and I wonder if that actually counts as a disclaimer?
The One Patriot
The One Patriot Hace 9 días
6:15 gawddd now i know where my brother learned this from, HES soo annoying he does it alll day LOL
Daddy Nostrals00
Daddy Nostrals00 Hace 9 días
Him you need a standard so sorry all of America. my dad driving a standard since he was 7 in Texas
Ryan Chan
Ryan Chan Hace 9 días
Excel is the best skill someone can learn. It makes you’re life so much easier. I also learned it in University and let me say that the professor didn’t teach anything. Everything was self taught with a few examples he did show but stated it was his intellectual property so we only go to see it for that lecture. But what I did find funny was my professor said that “you’re job is to do as little work as possible and get the computer to do as much of the work as possible”. He was not kidding about that statement.
Wacko Specialist
Wacko Specialist Hace 9 días
I open the bottle with my teeth
oscarek 789
oscarek 789 Hace 10 días
In Poland thy teach you excel in IT
Stefan Hace 10 días
6:10 earns a place in the top 10 most annoying neighbors.
Seongil Park
Seongil Park Hace 10 días
at first i though he meant lockdown by in school
Cody Hace 12 días
USA here I park on a hill
Ramin Hace 12 días
Missed opportunity: By learning excel you excel at your work
Kanick Dinesh
Kanick Dinesh Hace 12 días
Shit got real when he transitioned from being an expert on Microsoft Excel to... an acoustics engineer?
EveryThingEverett Hace 13 días
Mike your not going to sleep for a week chugging that.
jimlivesey Hace 13 días
Mike : you make make a engine noise with a can Can : *Scottish engine noise*
Blood Of A Hero
Blood Of A Hero Hace 13 días
6:15 reminds of Tyler1
ryzera Hace 13 días
5:33 I’m sorry, but why is NO ONE talking about the fact that he just literally chugged an energy drink in under 10 seconds and isn’t crying.
BongoPlayzYT Hace 13 días
Open a bottle with a bottle
Sea cucumber?
Sea cucumber? Hace 14 días
No one: My neighbours at 3 am: 6:10
some bored guy looking for vids
Finally after 7 month of trying i Mastered how to Breathe
Oscar Commins
Oscar Commins Hace 14 días
0:50 may as well use your arm
Ben Barrett
Ben Barrett Hace 15 días
The clip of him yelling into a can needs to become a meme 🤣
Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Hace 15 días
The can with the assetto corsa background had me dying lol
Ryan Greig
Ryan Greig Hace 15 días
As a science teacher
Ryan Greig
Ryan Greig Hace 15 días
Bro your brother works in my school
DE TOATE Hace 15 días
6:10 oh...... ok
Kool Hace 15 días
Es Ba
Es Ba Hace 15 días
Taz Baz
Taz Baz Hace 15 días
Can trick is a must
John Zaky
John Zaky Hace 16 días
Even the car sound has his accent lol
Raiden 127456
Raiden 127456 Hace 16 días
Title: "Skills you SHOULD learn during lockdown" Mike: "Shows us how to make an engine noise with a can" Me: How the f**k is this something i SHOULD learn? I mean i will but it's still weird
Jake Shepherd
Jake Shepherd Hace 16 días
4:53 that would have been the perfect segway into a skillshare sponsor
Xen Hace 16 días
holy 7 months, 7 months weve been quarantined
Avirup Hace 16 días
This guy can singlehandedly steal all our girlfriends and keep them entertained for a whole year.
Anna-Lin Hace 17 días
Now we had 7 months, who mastered these skills?
king pie
king pie Hace 17 días
1:18 i think am a proo i use my hand trust it works
louzely Hace 18 días
6:18 I think that’s enough caffeine for the day 😂😂
wael mikkawi
wael mikkawi Hace 18 días
why dislikes more than likes?(I am your biggest fan❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤)
blue tsuki
blue tsuki Hace 18 días
you are holding the can wrong
Gustas. C
Gustas. C Hace 19 días
I like beans
I like beans Hace 17 días
Yes time is fast
sorrymasen Hace 19 días
Its all fun and games til the can actually starts and go away
xXBeastXx AKA The Beast
am i the only one noticing the diffrence between his right and left eyebrow? lol
Vondin Hace 22 días
imagine pushing your car and get your leg stuck under wheel... that must hurt
Alex Boulder
Alex Boulder Hace 23 días
6:10 that's the sound, Tyler1 tried to make with his voice
Da Hias
Da Hias Hace 23 días
LMAO Imma do that engine sound thing next time I'm riding my bicycle!
Organ Farm
Organ Farm Hace 23 días
Did you revisit the backflip?
Infogetic Gaming
Infogetic Gaming Hace 24 días
The car sound sounds like the meme
MacCheeze Hace 24 días
Shouldn't we be learning this regardless?
Redkarma Hace 24 días
That monster can engine sound sounded like tyler1 wtf
Astraestus Hace 25 días
I may have cut my finger a bit with the first one....
Ato. B
Ato. B Hace 25 días
6:10 Honda civics at 3am
Sachin Yadav
Sachin Yadav Hace 25 días
Imagine loosing hold of the car when it has reached 5 miles an hour xD
Jayden T
Jayden T Hace 26 días
7 fucking months?!? Has it been that long?!?
Unblinded Hace 26 días
Hondas be like 6:09
Mr Midget
Mr Midget Hace 26 días
i can do the can one without the can, its hard to explain how i do it but it used to make people smile and laugh... but then again its fun to randomly become a 2JZ
Pai18ØØ Hace 26 días
8:43 thats *nice*
Ibrahim Qurashi Vlogs
Ibrahim Qurashi Vlogs Hace 26 días
Man u looked like harry potter in the first clip
Isaac Riggs
Isaac Riggs Hace 27 días
1. Don’t have the dexterity or the strength. All you Monster chuggers think it’s simple but if you don’t have the strength it really isn’t. 2. I can’t even get on a bike, let alone ride it or do a stand because of my balance. 3. I already know how. 4. I don’t drink things in tallboy cans as they tend to be energy drinks a lot of the time. 5. I don’t have the strength and I’m legally unfit to drive because of cancer, and those Monsters can do that to you, dude. Probably a lot slower than for me because I was pounding them through 13-17. Just be careful, dude. Cancer sucks.
Cussing Burger
Cussing Burger Hace 27 días
if u didnt catch the quick white text at 5:42 it says *Never Do This
Taqo Hace 27 días
The car engine sounds like Tyler1
Teun lll
Teun lll Hace 27 días
Now show us the bike balance without the carpet. I bet it's much more difficult.
e e
e e Hace 27 días
Lol that car sounds like tyler1
Sumanth Dupati
Sumanth Dupati Hace 27 días
Those who wants mr mike boyd to learn TELEKINESIS AND LEVITATION CLICK A LIKE HERE SO THAT HE WOULD KNOW THE DEMAND OF THIS IDEA.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS I WANT HIM TO DO THIS STUFF TOO
Sumanth Dupati
Sumanth Dupati Hace 27 días
bro can you learn Telekinesis and shows it to us in a video and also learn levitation bro pls pls pls pls pls PLS PLS PLS PLS
J4COBtheBO T Hace 28 días
The first one any mexican uncle can do
Vyshnav Narayanan
Vyshnav Narayanan Hace 28 días
He looks like Harry Potter!
DEEPxxDESTROYER Hace 29 días
Did he just push a multi ton car at 5 mph?
george argyros
george argyros Hace 29 días
6:09 rip for those who were wearing headphones....
Pango Hace 29 días
If you listen to him doing the car sound for too long, he just sounds like a screaming guy
F.M. Hace 29 días
I just found another wholesome content creator
Super Buff Orange
Super Buff Orange Hace un mes
Wait.. Weve been in quarintine for over 6 months... Wait. H U H.
van nguyen
van nguyen Hace un mes
Me: *trying to sleep* Dude with Honda bike at 3am: 6:10
Helio Pinheiro
Helio Pinheiro Hace un mes
nooo amn
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