Skip The Use - Nameless World (Official Video)

Skip The Use
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Skip The Use - Nameless World (Clip officiel)

Music video by Skip The Use performing Nameless World. (C) 2013 Polydor (France)

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17 dic 2013






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Robson Lami
Robson Lami Hace 2 años
incrível clipe
🕸️ ПАУК Ютюбер 🕷
Прошло 8 лет, а эта песня и анимация мне до сих пор нравятся
Dr Dust
This sounds like one of those bangers on the radio during a long car trip. Then the song slowly buzzes away as you grow further from the nearest radio station.
Toni Kale
I have a feeling that it's not the animation that was made for the song but the other way around, and it's brutally awesome. The story it shows is simple, straight to the point, metaphorically and symbolically enriched banger. A real gold mine. My words fail me to describe what a masterpiece it is.
The Real Harri H
7 years ago this was and still is an animated masterpiece
ToMad Productions
ToMad Productions Hace 14 días
I remember listening to this as a kid. So big nostalgia.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 2 años
can we just take a moment to appreciate the quality of the animation!!!!
This animation is a thousand times better than most animated series out there
Régis Ndayiragije
7 years and still give me the same awesome feeling '' What if we could change this world today''
this song has a type of beat, that makes you always think of road trips.
Carlos Felix Gonzalez
I've discovered this song around three years ago, and I'm still hearing it, it's just amazing how it sounds and it's lyrics, love it <3
Antonio Manooel
Antonio Manooel Hace un día
Assim, como que eu expresso que o clip combinou demais com o ritmo da música mas não com a letra? kkkkkkkkkkkk MARAVILHOSO
Eve H
Eve H Hace 7 años
This animation is so well done. And I love the style of the artist and the music is really great too! Basically, I love this video a lot.
Angel Florez
Hold on, hold on with me
El Ly
simplesmente incrível, tanto a letra como o clip.
Aromxa [AF]
even almost 10 years later, this clip is so... i can't describe how beautifull this is...
Phoebe Darker
The dude being 110% done when realising how he's dying is adorable
Adriana Márquez
Tiene bastante que escuche está canción y no me deja de encantar 😀
Kid Yoshi
Kid Yoshi Hace un año
7 years later and this pops up in my recommendations
Классный ролик. Моему восхищению нет предела, спасибо.