Slipknot - Unsainted

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Slipknot perform Unsainted on Jimmy Kimmel Live
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Running for President esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Fm8K4gDWdBg.html

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Slipknot - Unsainted


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18 may 2019

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xproc Wrathlord
xproc Wrathlord Hace un hora
só eu que achei esse mosh ali bem bosta kkkkkkkkkkk salve caraio
Dustin Rose
Dustin Rose Hace 4 horas
And not One Jimmy Kimmel fan in the crowd...
Syafiul Ardi
Syafiul Ardi Hace 4 horas
New guys is so awkward haha.
Aaron Gauvin
Aaron Gauvin Hace 5 horas
Should had done surfacing
용접기아크 Hace 6 horas
VOID of Chriss makes me VOID
hily vannesa coello arocha
Yeahhhhh old music Is come back!
Billy Kinkade
Billy Kinkade Hace 12 horas
Jimmy Kimmel live is the place to hear new slipknot songs.
Роман Малышев
НУ Бля ШТа сказаТЬ < ЗАЕБИСЯ!))))))) пахнет пися ели пися заебися)))))))))))))))
I'm nobody
I'm nobody Hace 17 horas
Seeing these guys in august, hopefully I don't get runned over..😂 I was at a Slipknot tribute band
Skylar Irizarry
Skylar Irizarry Hace 17 horas
Giancarlo Hace 18 horas
Who is the other percussionist? They replaced Chris already?
Mike R
Mike R Hace 18 horas
Wait...what happened to pussifying males? Dems are going in another direction? I thought ruthless agression they were trying to cancel out? This is a bit contradicting...no skinny jeans? No cell phones? Wtf is going on?
Alex Simic
Alex Simic Hace 18 horas
Jimmy sucks!!! Slipknots pretty rad tho
Acepilot12345 Hace 15 horas
CaptGeech Hace 19 horas
i wonder if they have a cooling system in those masks by now
al jbug
al jbug Hace 19 horas
Lol !!!! This is like 50 year old men in skinny jeans ! Lmao ! So scawee!!!!
Weirdo Raro
Weirdo Raro Hace 21 un hora
That Bass is sick
H. Grünspan
H. Grünspan Hace 23 horas
Yeah! Mercedes! Verbrennungsmotoren! Welcome in the 90s!
Joseph Zothanpuia
Joseph Zothanpuia Hace un día
DAYUM...This is not J. Kimmel Live. It's Jimmy Kimmel Pit
Cruatozz Hace un día
I like the one guy with the mask
diegosuperproykp 666
Dislikes must be people who don't like metal if they don't like it i don't know why they come Pd slipknot is the best metal band I am 13 years old and I have heard them since I was 11
Isaac Vega
Isaac Vega Hace un día
Hacia ariba
Hacia ariba Hace un día
Trash. And sheet! This is what this is. All this is trash garbage and s***
ayyydown Hace un día
Your moms ass
justin serrano
justin serrano Hace un día
Corey's voice gets better every yeah. Meanwhile majority of these pop stars have lip sync. "We lip sync because we don't want to ruin our voices" bullshit.
pancake1 Hace un día
Never killed my self to see my soul!!!
Biohazard667 Productions
damn the audio mix isn t that great..
SnowTaco Hace un día
Mick is such an Alpha Male
tronicdeath1 Hace un día
That song is fuckin awesome ....and slipknot sounds awesome live.......KICKASS!!!
Just A Gremlin Man
Just A Gremlin Man Hace un día
Viki Bvlgary
Viki Bvlgary Hace un día
Oh my god he reminds me of the joker!
Alexsandro santos
Alexsandro santos Hace un día
Muito foda
Jorge Zamora
Jorge Zamora Hace un día
Who else saw this on tv?
Seekadett Newbie
Seekadett Newbie Hace un día
schlechte performance VOCAL parts war scheisse der typ kann nicht singen live
Seekadett Newbie
Seekadett Newbie Hace un día
@Erol Duhnke ich fande in an dem tag nicht so gut da kenne ich bessere tage von ihm
Erol Duhnke
Erol Duhnke Hace un día
Doch ja eigentlich schon schau dir mal Devil in I live an da war die Stimme perfekt
Олег Скобелев
Ебаная маска у корри
Jeff Sida
Jeff Sida Hace 2 días
Real Orc music.
bilge moshi
bilge moshi Hace 2 días
Corey lookslike MC Donalds
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy Hace 2 días
Wait a minute..do their guitars not need plugged in anymore?? (I see no cords or amps??🤷🏻‍♀️
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy Hace 2 días
I love seeing the crowd rage out n just enjoying the show.. instead of planted in one spot tryin to get the perfect video!! Props to whoever made the no cell phone rules at concerts
Slipknot - Maggots
Slipknot - Maggots Hace 2 días
Check my channel for more slipknot videos :)
Jonathan Villegas
Jonathan Villegas Hace 2 días
AtheistZ Hace 2 días
Is he lip syncing.... Pathetic 😑
XxVenomxX Hace 20 horas
No he's not
John A
John A Hace 2 días
Старые маски были лучше
RIP PAUL ! you can hear there anger and sadness of the band due to the lost of one of there own! freaking heavy! wild!
Martin Nikolov
Martin Nikolov Hace 2 días
Quin Decim
Quin Decim Hace 2 días
Weak performance from Corey i wait other performance
Bueno Bueno
Bueno Bueno Hace 2 días
Pure,evil and hate!! \m/
Wyatt Curtis
Wyatt Curtis Hace 2 días
so right.
Beth Goins
Beth Goins Hace 2 días
This gets me so pumped for August!!!!
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy Hace 2 días
I'm supposed to see them on the 23rd of August!! I'm hoping they play some of their new stuff!!🤘🏼🖤🤘🏼
Wyatt Curtis
Wyatt Curtis Hace 2 días
TEEMHU Hace 2 días
Slipknot is the best!!
Pedax x
Pedax x Hace 2 días
que baterista foda
383 chevy
383 chevy Hace 2 días
David Calhoun
David Calhoun Hace 2 días
The pits of my youth left broken bones....if you we're doing it right.✊✊✊✊✊✊🎶
Buck Fuddy
Buck Fuddy Hace 2 días
David Calhoun at the very least, a nice shiner from an elbow to the dome!! Ahhhh sweet memories!!🤘🏼
GOrDoN ReMseY Hace 2 días
Mosh pit, no phones, Slipknot 2019 Thanks Jimmy
Aaron Schafer
Aaron Schafer Hace 3 días
I'm surprised Jimmy didn't try to turn this into something political somehow
Zothantluanga Varte
Zothantluanga Varte Hace 3 días
No more joey....and corey back to slipknot.
Landon TM
Landon TM Hace 3 días
cory looks like heath ledger joker
Patrick Dorion
Patrick Dorion Hace 3 días
heEy! i'M AN idIoT! nice to see em in the mainstream! great lipsink too! anyone who thinks this is live... yer grade "A" buttfuker. fukcyou
whatname1984 Hace 3 días
I've got the feeling Jimmy ran and hid as soon as they started playing.
B P Hace un día
No one is scared of metal music. People just don't like it.
whatname1984 Hace un día
@Devilisha3 Sorry! I didn't know that. Though I'd rather stick to him running and hiding. I think it's funnier.
Devilisha3 Hace 2 días
Jimmy's a fan so I doubt that.
Pitomio Samuray
Pitomio Samuray Hace 3 días
new corey mask is sh*t
ЬоЛКа Fuji
ЬоЛКа Fuji Hace 3 días
we doesn't Heard rly well his voice
All6usto Hace 3 días
whats up with that thumbnail, though?
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez Hace 3 días
So am I the only one that thinks Corey Taylor looks like Heath Ledger joker but metal instead 😂😂
Daannsky Hace 3 días
moshpit at Jimmy Kimmel??!!! THIS IS HISTORY
fist_with_a_beard Hace 3 días
whoa the sound quality is like all over the place tho
Никита Скибюк
Мда, слипы уже не те((
Rhode Islind Red 77
Rhode Islind Red 77 Hace 3 días
I didn't understand one word of that....😴
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆NO PHONE CROWD ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ONLY MOSHPİT ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆SLİPKNOT ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ METALLİCA ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ KING ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Kaide Evans
Kaide Evans Hace 4 días
Respect to jimmy for inviting slipknot, there not exactly mainstream so good for him
V2 Vids
V2 Vids Hace 4 días
The bass riff sounds a little "korny"
Aluizio Fabio Jiu-jitsu
We are not your Kind
jcallesano Hace 4 días
Song is dope. Crowd is lame.
Jeremiah Griffiths
Jeremiah Griffiths Hace 4 días
I like Slipknot, but this song sucks!!
FunFaceTV Hace 4 días
xjointchiefx Hace 4 días
Slipknot, more specifically Corey, put on some of the best metal shows I have ever been to. Performance, sound, vocals damn close to recorded perfection. Not to mention the fans always getting into the moment at their shows
три ххх
три ххх Hace 4 días
Respect from Russia!!!Cool group,cool music!!!!
Andre Eichbaum
Andre Eichbaum Hace 4 días
Cadê os BRS ROCKEIROS ????
joseph 1Bandit2
joseph 1Bandit2 Hace 4 días
For every one who disliked why did you watch If you dont like
karlox kaplan
karlox kaplan Hace 4 días
Soy mas de B.M.W...
Putra Ajie
Putra Ajie Hace 4 días
Unsaited video clip = pocong
elhussein abdelhady
elhussein abdelhady Hace 4 días
am I the only one who thinks coreys new mask is terrible??
Panda Hace 5 días
Jimmy Kimmel started the mosh pit
Victor Hugo Hernandez Hernandez
Ya Slipknot murió desde all hope is gone ya no es lo mismo Iowa fue uno de mis álbumes favoritos ahora ya son una verdadera porquería de banda ya no son ni la sombra de lo que era anterior mente ya es una banda más del montón
Brian Spellburgio
Brian Spellburgio Hace 5 días
Corey Taylor's new look reminds me of this dude I see when I'm in downtown Buffalo always asking for change every morning his masks gets stranger and stranger
Jay Snipez
Jay Snipez Hace 5 días
This is so demonic
Snow Ball
Snow Ball Hace 5 días
Slipknot with leds... OK.. Now I had seen everything...sadly..
Skylar Irizarry
Skylar Irizarry Hace 5 días
Jim Root in his mask is violently attractive to me I am so sorry
Senseb Hace 3 días
He is to everyone im afraid
Johnny Young
Johnny Young Hace 5 días
Venturella sounds so much better live
DAVID Gameplay
DAVID Gameplay Hace 5 días
Hail Joey
Kevin Vigil
Kevin Vigil Hace 5 días
No cell phones, a mosh pit on national TV yes people SLIPKNOT DID THAT
Desiree Baird
Desiree Baird Hace 5 días
Anyone else see get joker vibes from Corey
Jon Donym
Jon Donym Hace 5 días
Who needs those 2 useless „percussion guys“? You just don‘t hear em😂
Fonzie Frank
Fonzie Frank Hace 5 días
Poser Pit!!! Keep Trying Rookies!!
Annia Squires
Annia Squires Hace 5 días
Khalil da rapper
Khalil da rapper Hace 6 días
Cobra Hace 6 días
Actually i like Corey's mask here,but in this color,other variations are awfull
Thibault EHLINGER Hace 6 días
Vero Salvador
Vero Salvador Hace 6 días
Latin power 😉😅👍🐛👀
defaultNO.2 O
defaultNO.2 O Hace 6 días
Corey you good you sometimes sound like your crying or he just sic
Josue Sanchez
Josue Sanchez Hace 6 días
Mi banda favoritaaaa!!!! 👊😎
Joselito Otilesoj
Joselito Otilesoj Hace 6 días
Slipknot rules!
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