SM Special - EXO, Red Velvet, Hyoyeon, NCT Dream, NCT U [2018 KBS Song Festival / 2018.12.28]

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* 2018 KBS Song Festival Play List
* MC : Chanyeol(EXO), Dahyun(TWICE), JIN(BTS)
- LIVE Dec 28, 20:30 (Seoul,UTC+9)
- With English sub : Dec 30, 08:40 (Seoul,UTC+9)
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28 dic 2018






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Comentarios 80
Bubby Mustard
Bubby Mustard Hace 4 horas
Could someone of y'all lovely people tell me the 1st song that Red Velvet did?
xing xing
xing xing Hace 4 horas
هذا الاداء مصيبه وربي اكسو وانستي يميميميم
Cass Peñaroyo
Cass Peñaroyo Hace 5 horas
vita sarry
vita sarry Hace 7 horas
2020 masi sak napas woe😭❤️❤️❤️
s coups
s coups Hace 10 horas
Sam Sim
Sam Sim Hace 11 horas
EXO ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
yixing woo
yixing woo Hace 16 horas
Sm family are always the best
Alice 1919
Alice 1919 Hace 20 horas
i feel like Jisung might be the only idol who could match Kai's sharpness as a dancer. it's literally very hard to be as in sync with Kai as he was here. but again, SM artists have always been great at letting their juniors shine during one on one collab stages ahaha
Yoosie Mei
Yoosie Mei Hace un día
All of NCT are like the EXO’s long lost brothers. I kinda just wanna see them make one group and leave it at that
Wink10 winker
Wink10 winker Hace un día
kai i'm dead ㅠㅠ
Acyl Kim Jeon
Acyl Kim Jeon Hace un día
i envy there's sm and jyp special but yg has not huhuhuhu
Kynaan Aurellie
Kynaan Aurellie Hace un día
OMG MY QUEEN AND KING ONE STAGE !!!! Reveluv here ^_^
Mesh 20
Mesh 20 Hace un día
So Amazing EXO
kutee moon
kutee moon Hace un día
Everybody just turned into an Exo-l when monster came on lmao. Listening to the fans cheering made me so happy and proud. I literally love SM groups so much
Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei Hace un día
Honestly when red velvet came in with be natural I was expecting Taeyong to jump in with his booming system up up 😂
song j
song j Hace un día
Imagine going to an SM TOWN CONCERT it would be the death of me as an SM STAN. Unlike other companies SM had produced groups that are really recognized and there is no doubt that what ever fandom you are you will truly enjoy it.
Salmaa08 Hace 2 días
Suyoung Lee
Suyoung Lee Hace 2 días
3:14 Mork was like my eyes are open tho
Yolanda _s9
Yolanda _s9 Hace 2 días
quality collaboration
Safa Safaan
Safa Safaan Hace 2 días
Exo and nct the best end 🤦‍♀️💜
princess bubble
princess bubble Hace 2 días
can i ask , what the difference between nct u , nct dream and nct 127 ?
Amilie 00
Amilie 00 Hace 2 días
U is song based. A song is made for or by the members and the people who suit the song and concept are added to promote it, which is why there are different lineups and genres in every U song. 127 is the fixed or normal K-pop group like every other one in the industry and have a fixed number of members. Some members have changed because of circumstances, but they have fixed members. Dream was supposed to be a graduation based unit like After School and Super Junior 05. Like they were supposed to leave the group after a certain age so that the group remained a group of teenagers. But recently because of the chemistry and bonding between the members fans protested against the graduation system and the company gave in. Now they're a fixed group after also adding back the members that had already graduated, but they can comeback as any combination of members like U, but within the group of 7 because Mark and Haechan are also in 127 and U. And their schedules might overlap and be too stressful for them if they participated in every one of their comebacks along with 127, U and SuperM.
Maworldmm MooMill
Maworldmm MooMill Hace 2 días
I call these stages ‘God performances’
Hien VM
Hien VM Hace 3 días
When Be natural started, I thought that I would hear TY track TY track...
Kathleen Mg
Kathleen Mg Hace 3 días
EXO perfect visual.
Christabel Odilia Putri Kusuma
fun fact: how many times di u come back here?100x
Shabira Rahmadian
Shabira Rahmadian Hace 3 días
wait, someone please tell me that in the thumbnails baekhyun, jungwoo, and jeno are next to each other?😲😳😳😳 because I'm a fan of the three of them
Binibining Kpop
Binibining Kpop Hace 3 días
if only yixing was here:
Waode Asin
Waode Asin Hace 3 días
Jazel Miguel Campus
Jazel Miguel Campus Hace 3 días
SM rlly gives the vibes of rich kids!they are like a mafia family performing!they had that swag dude!!
David RE
David RE Hace 3 días
blackvelvet Hace 3 días
Is that Mark in the orange vest? I kept wondering who tf is this dude, he keeps popping up...
Lojain Tamer
Lojain Tamer Hace 3 días
Yeah that's mark
minnie m
minnie m Hace 3 días
funny how these were sm's biggest failures, so now their sm's biggest? theyve been sm's biggest 💅✨
Jllybnts Nic
Jllybnts Nic Hace 4 días
3:27 lol you can hear Renjun practicing Go
Elkarin Samosir
Elkarin Samosir Hace 4 días
Mark from EXO
Ivy Lonex
Ivy Lonex Hace 4 días
This is so iconic💗
QualityBlood Hace 4 días
nah SM is not the greatest, their artists are the greatest.
catherine manurung
catherine manurung Hace 4 días
jessica komala
jessica komala Hace 4 días
whos in 2020 yet still fascinated by their talent in this video? BEST COLLABORATION THAT ANY SMSTAN COULD ASK FOR!
junhui the disrespect
nct dream with nct u ❤💞💕
TK Hace 4 días
OMG i was shocked by NCT's dance
Sehba Israr
Sehba Israr Hace 4 días
To think that we were getting so hyper becuz of jongin and taeyong highfive in 2018. And now they are like real brother hugging and casually holding hands in SUPERM😆😆
cancelre Hace 5 días
Trang Nguyễn
Trang Nguyễn Hace 5 días
SeChan are so tall.... they look like giants
ying shie
ying shie Hace 5 días
In Dreams
In Dreams Hace 4 días
hiatus due to tibia fractured
Kwin amydhala Abdon
Kwin amydhala Abdon Hace 5 días
Exo really doesnt know the word lipsync..
Son of Hades
Son of Hades Hace 5 días
i thought this is a SMTOWN performance but why they are performing like a stranger to each other? sorry, but i can't feel their bond lol
In Dreams
In Dreams Hace 4 días
Abrianna Romero
Abrianna Romero Hace 5 días
It’s like since SHINee or super junior or tvxq isn’t in here it’s like EXO are the like kings who have been in the SM industry longer then nct and red velvet i really don’t know what I’m trying to say but like this is just what I think 😂😂
MUNIRA Hace 5 días
MUNIRA Hace 5 días
Malak Quoraichi El Idrissi
hope u r okay joy and chanyeol
ゴージャス Hace 5 días
HYO て少女時代の?
cheewa Hace 5 días
ty ace ✌️😗
ysabelle. Hace 5 días
3:11 is the cameraman drunk
Olivia Singarimbun
Olivia Singarimbun Hace 5 días
SM got everything🤘🤘
Sterling Wolf
Sterling Wolf Hace 5 días
Who needs backup dancers when you have *NCT*
Name Here
Name Here Hace 5 días
Watching this again and crying because i miss winwin, lucas, kun and Ten with nct
Han Nam
Han Nam Hace 5 días
When you realised that Jisung was that tall when he danced with Jongin
karol hirmerihss
karol hirmerihss Hace 6 días
Maybe I get nostalgia where some SM artists missed
Minsung Jenlisa
Minsung Jenlisa Hace 6 días
Into: Stage mix: Hyoyeon: Punk right now. With backup:Red Velvet. Transition: Dance solo+double dance: song Hyprid Kai (EXO) Jisung (NCT) Transition: NCT U: the 7th sense Transition into: NCT Dream: Go preformed by NCT Dream: With backup: NCT U: Transition into: NCT U: Boss With Backup NCT Dream Transition into: Red Velvet: Intro: Be Natural Into: Really Bad Boy. Transition into EXO Intro+ Song: Monster with: NCT U/Dream End (For anyone)
jungc0ck _
jungc0ck _ Hace 6 días
No SHINee :(
Shark Mark
Shark Mark Hace 6 días
Cause of death: 2:55
نجوم الكون EXO
Iam PrincessJ
Iam PrincessJ Hace 6 días
australianctzen Hace 6 días
god this camera work was terrible compared to jyp's
Yulia Hernan
Yulia Hernan Hace 6 días
9:28 anyone notice sehun being mistake? LoL uri maknae sehunie
Nctzen Sprout
Nctzen Sprout Hace 6 días
jungjenjun 。
jungjenjun 。 Hace 6 días
chisweetpie Hace 7 días
I miss this collab 😣
Melis Zhabaniah 20
Melis Zhabaniah 20 Hace 7 días
Kai's dance is so amazing
i go by the name gd of bigbang
8:29 wait i thought that chanyeol wasn't there that looks like chanyeol
In Dreams
In Dreams Hace 6 días
thats him
Nabillah Irena Satedy
No Johnny in this show right...?
In Dreams
In Dreams Hace 6 días
Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Kun and Haechan were not there
Anh Kha Trần
Anh Kha Trần Hace 7 días
Nur Nisreen
Nur Nisreen Hace 7 días
- 0:48
Coconut head kook
Coconut head kook Hace 7 días
9:00 our ty track and jongin
Blue Michelle
Blue Michelle Hace 7 días
Hey where's haechan??
In Dreams
In Dreams Hace 6 días
hiatus due to shinbone fractured
insaneVisionz Hace 7 días
Louise Lee
Louise Lee Hace 7 días
SM trusts their artists so much. i mean dude jisung, a nct dream member who's only 16 during this collab, was able to collab with kai, a known dancing machine in kpop industry for years. you'll know that jisung is a high caliber dancer since sm trusted him that he'll be able to perform well with his sunbaenim.
Louise Lee
Louise Lee Hace 7 días
queen hyoyeon always
Noran Sharawna
Noran Sharawna Hace 7 días
Who is watching during the quarantine
Galih Wicaksono
Galih Wicaksono Hace 7 días
I'm proud for being SM stan since 2010❤️
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