SM YG JYP | K-Pop BIG 3 | Which is most talented family?

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Comparison of the big 3 K-Pop Labels groups and artists. Which is your favourite family?


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22 jul 2018







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About Music
About Music Hace 6 meses
FREQUENT QUESTIONS -Why there isn't NCT/Stray kids/ f(x) etc. ? I've chosen only the main groups due to lengh problems. I picked Exo instead of NCT, Got7 instead of SK etc. I also excluded first generation groups such as TVXQ, H.O.T, G.O.D etc. -Why there isn't Taeyeon (vocalist)? It's not about personal preference, but technically speaking Wendy is a better performer than Taeyeon. Both have a really nice voice but Wendy is more technical and more stable especially in low range. -Why Yugyeom is not main dancer of JYP? I choose 1 female and 1 male for each label (I made a mistake in SM Dance). I agree that Yugyeom is an excelent dancer (he also won hit the stage) but his dancing techniques cannot even be compared to JYP. JYP is recognised as one of the best korean dancer of the last 3 decades. -YG/SM/JYP is better than... etc. I'll give my neutral opinion about these 3 labels. In terms of dancing, the 3 labels are quite equal (YG is little bit behind), each one of them has valuable main dancers in their groups. In term of vocals, many people think SM is the best one (and they could be right if we consider only the idol groups), but under a global vision JYP is in the first position. JYP's philosophy is to debut as idol those one who have the best visual and entertaining sense. Nevertheless the most talented artists debut as a band or soloist. JYP has Day6, 15& and the best soloists of Korea such as Bernard Park (also Yang Hyeon Seok and Yoo Hee cheol admitted on Kpop Stars that Bernard is a singer who borns every 1000 years). In terms of rapping, even though JYP and SM new generation groups are improving their labels rapper line, they still cannot compete with YG. YG has big names such as veterans GD, TOP, Epik high and more technical new generation rappers such as MINO, B.I. and BOBBY (also winnerof Show me The money season 3). Globally the most uniformly talented idols are in SM, while (speaking of idols only) YG is more concerned about Hiphop/R&B style performances and JYP is more competitive in korean market due to catchy songs.
Vick Yoongi
Vick Yoongi Hace 5 días
A BigHit é a MAIOR
Ngoc Phat Thi
Ngoc Phat Thi Hace 14 días
Why not we not in new generation of yg ?
Ngoc Phat Thi
Ngoc Phat Thi Hace 14 días
Blackpink where
Muhammad Ihtisyam
Muhammad Ihtisyam Hace 14 días
Changbin and han from straykids gonna take name as the best rapper!! Watch out!! Momo from twice gonna be the best dancer in this big 3!! Watch out!! Stan JYPFAMILY FOREVER
SarangeAF KPOP
SarangeAF KPOP Hace 16 días
+brt_los_tv _ Its Eyes, Nose Lips by Taeyang
Kunjal Gawas
Kunjal Gawas Hace 4 minutos
I choose . . . . . . BigHit 😁
Hana Wang
Hana Wang Hace 2 horas
Madi Gamer
Madi Gamer Hace 3 horas
Im a Blink ( a fan of blackpink ) So obvs YG
Vika Sumskaya
Vika Sumskaya Hace 4 horas
I like YG for artists and JYP for treating their artists not like lions in the circus
Nagato Yuki
Nagato Yuki Hace 4 horas
I think the JYP company cares a lot of their idols, and yeahh, that's excelent
Pedro Gil
Pedro Gil Hace 6 horas
JYP because they have Jihyo.
zero four
zero four Hace 6 horas
park asmr
park asmr Hace 6 horas
syifa Ammalia
syifa Ammalia Hace 6 horas
SM: CONCEPT, VISUAL, VOCAL (best for technic), DANCE (many best dancer in kpop from this company), RAP( now TY and Mark). JYP: SONG (they make catchy song), VISUAL, DANCE, VOCAL (but jst some of them) YG: CHARISMA, SONG (many hit song by this company), RAP, DANCE, VOCAL (with yg's style)
Liane Rein Sta Maria
no one can beat my twice and blackpink
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook Hace 8 horas
You still call exo new generation???
Jose Delossantos
Jose Delossantos Hace 9 horas
Phương Linh Trần
YG is the best
Siti Sitok
Siti Sitok Hace 9 horas
Park jin young Dancer Position: CEO 😂😂😂
Maria Atanasova
Maria Atanasova Hace 10 horas
syifa fans jennie
syifa fans jennie Hace 10 horas
Aku SM karena aku suka exo
Blinks Blackpink
Blinks Blackpink Hace 10 horas
YG Family!!!!! blackpinkkkk
male kpop fan
male kpop fan Hace 12 horas
People here saying SM doesn't treat their idols well and say they like YG. Blackpink has One mini album and 9 songs total. NCT 127 has like 4-5 full albums. They both debuted in the same year.
In my opinion: 1 - JYP 2 - sm 3 - YG 👑💕.
종숙타뷔 Hace 12 horas
YG lol obviously from my dp 😂 i don’t really compare each company because they have different taste in music which makes each of them unique in their own ways but I choose YG artists from the start because they just have this particular swag feels in them (just like how I see as SM artists as sophisticated people and how JYP artists this Fresh/Bubbly but really cool and talented in the same way) yeah i dont know 🤷‍♀️ but I just feel like YG is YG they have their own color and I find it hard sometimes to watch other singer’s covers of songs from YG groups because it feels like it was really designed for the group’s type of voice like Quality wise i’d go for YG👌
Darwanti Dahlis
Darwanti Dahlis Hace 12 horas
KOKO Hace 13 horas
SM!!!! 🤪I hate the company but they got the best artists ngl. From visuals to vocals, dance, rap, to being mc’s, composers, entrepreneurs, comedians etc. THEY ARE PERFECT!
muahhh muahahaha
muahhh muahahaha Hace 14 horas
The Greatest family
muahhh muahahaha
muahhh muahahaha Hace 14 horas
SM💖 The biggest
Gucci.kookie Backup channel
What if they all collaborate ... well I know It but going to become true but just imagine 💗
Terrell W
Terrell W Hace 17 horas
YG because all the legends are there like Big Bang, 2ne1, ikon ,winner,CL they were the ones from the beginning to the end . Big Bang. VIP😊 but no hate to the other companies i still like the groups MY Opinion 👌🏾
Jenny Quintana
Jenny Quintana Hace 17 horas
For the YG Entertainment for best vocal it is actually rose from blackpink
Lilac -chan
Lilac -chan Hace 18 horas
Where’s bts? Big hit en.
Putik Zelmeira
Putik Zelmeira Hace 18 horas
SM ofc
Miyoui Mina
Miyoui Mina Hace 18 horas
Maslahatus Sania
Maslahatus Sania Hace 18 horas
9:10 song fire&....?
TAE TAE Hace 13 horas
Signal mv
afreen sayyed
afreen sayyed Hace 18 horas
YG entertainment because my fav is blackpink and my fav actor is also under in YG ENTERTAINMENT
tae.nuggets Hace 19 horas
yg got rappers sm got vocals jyp got dance then theres cre.ker with the subtitles
Farniya Nematollahi
Farniya Nematollahi Hace 21 un hora
I think that most people would go with this line-up. Vocals: SM, JYP, YG Rap: YG, JYP, SM Dance: SM, JYP, YG While JYP isn't the best at any particular thing, it is the most well rounded and consisted group out of the big three. Personally, I would go with this line-up. (I MIGHT BE EXTREMELY BIASED SO YEAH) Vocals: JYP, SM, YG (IK SM is the vocal powerhouse but I like the way JYP artists sound esp JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Day6, Jihyo, WG, Miss A, etc. I told u IM BIASED) Rap: YG, JYP, ------------SM (I think SM rappers are much more behind than YG and JYP ones -I only rlly like Mark from NCT-) Dance: SM, JYP, ------------------YG (YG's most capable dancers are probably Lisa and Minzy, and I know that they're talented but like I don't really like the way they dance and this is biased so yeah. Total respect tho.) Yeah I'm JYP biased. But I used to be YG biased when I was first introduced to this genre (lasted for like 5 months) and then changed to SM for like a year but I've been JYP biased ever since. I love artists from a variety of companies tho so...
Sim D
Sim D Hace 21 un hora
Welp in the future the new generation would be ITZY FOR JYP
iliana Gatz
iliana Gatz Hace 21 un hora
Young k isn't main vocalist is main rapper job (from got7) is the main vocalist from jyp
Exo_ l
Exo_ l Hace un día
Sm family👑💓
Mrs. Random
Mrs. Random Hace un día
No for real Kyuhyun is the best Vocalist of S.M. for real ♥️
Mrs. Random
Mrs. Random Hace un día
For me is S.M. best I mean they have all talends DANCE VOCAL VISUAL Rap too♥️
G3nesis Hace un día
all of them have similar level of talents, just different music style. however, best CEO goes to JYP.
Luana Silva
Luana Silva Hace un día
Jyp is the Best!!!
븍숭아I'm just a
븍숭아I'm just a Hace un día
SM has the best artist but treats them like shit...
Yovina Firdarehan
Yovina Firdarehan Hace un día
it’s obviously SM
Mina Myoui
Mina Myoui Hace un día
no need to compare which is the best lol they’re all unique in their own ways
Rudmila arisha!
Rudmila arisha! Hace un día
anyeong everyone
anyeong everyone Hace un día
SM dance always seem so easy. the artists make it seems so easy. but actualy it's so fast and smooth af!
Chantika Aulia
Chantika Aulia Hace un día
It's SM
I'm Foxy Bb Lisa
I'm Foxy Bb Lisa Hace un día
YG is the best 👑😍
Jurazil Park
Jurazil Park Hace un día
I think I'm OK because I follow and stan every company
Space ninja
Space ninja Hace un día
Space ninja
Space ninja Hace un día
Thank me later.1:23
EXO Aerie ᄂᄋᄉᄐ
ofc its SM bish! based on talent!
Amelia Jarpa
Amelia Jarpa Hace un día
Forever YG family
Enrique Ngbokota
Enrique Ngbokota Hace un día
Enrique Ngbokota
Enrique Ngbokota Hace un día
And what happened to Seulgi for best SM Dancer?
Enrique Ngbokota
Enrique Ngbokota Hace un día
What about rappers?
Krystal Reid
Krystal Reid Hace un día
Fucksh***t theres no f(x) 😥😑😡
Bad Crush
Bad Crush Hace un día
Haelidea Hace un día
Hey i just think that those information in the video is not enough to compare who is the best. Although I'm not a newbie in Kpop fans, to be honest you should give new people more convincing info
Anak Prepet
Anak Prepet Hace un día
YG entertainment!!!
TWICE POP Hace un día
JYP ♥️🌟
azim pro
azim pro Hace un día
On the vocal part, Rose should represent YG.
aishah wahab
aishah wahab Hace un día
Martha Anastasya Purba
YG = Swag SM = Hot JYP = Cool (In my opinion) They indeed fit into the Big 3. They complement each other. Yang family = YG Ent = EPIK HIGH, BIGBANG, 2NE1, WINNER, IKON, BLACKPINK, Lee family = SM Ent = SUPER JUNIOR. SNSD, F(X), SHINEE, EXO, RED VELVET Park Family = JYP Ent = 2PM, 2AM, WONDER GIRLS, GOT7, TWICE, STRAY KIDS
Korean Bacon
Korean Bacon Hace un día
SM- Visual, Dance, and Vocals. Out of the big three, SM is the best. However, they do lack in the rap department, which I think is YG's advantage. Also, I do not like how SM treats their artist. I am a fan of the artists, (EXO, NCT, Red Velvet) but not the company itself. Currently, the company who's gaining such popularity lately is JYP and YG because of Twice and Blackpink. Y'all can't deny the numerous views they receive on ESvid, alongside with BigHit because of BTS. But talent-wise, I'm going with SM. 😊
hina bibi
hina bibi Hace un día
Federico Gabriel
Federico Gabriel Hace un día
JYP family
Mehak Shafiq
Mehak Shafiq Hace un día
EXO weareone
EXO weareone Hace 2 días
DIMA ALAA Hace 2 días
I love Al YG because it has excellent rappers, amazing dancers, hip hop style and bold concepts
Houda Once
Houda Once Hace 2 días
Houda Once
Houda Once Hace 2 días
Sophia Lomad
Sophia Lomad Hace 2 días
YG has the best artists for me but the wrst CEO. *tea spilled* Dont
Crystal Light
Crystal Light Hace 2 días
YG Entertainment cuz they have good rappers and I love BLACKPINK!! They're the reason why I discover K-Pop :D 💖Blackpink in your area~~💖
Yui San
Yui San Hace 2 días
from this 3big most talented family literally yg family i'm sorry but that is the fact, most of yg artist have unique voice that make you easy to know who that artist pluss yg artist also have good and unique vocal but still underrate it's because yg knows by their good and perfect rap and yaa most of yg rapper also have unique vocie and skill rap ,speak about visual most of them got perfect and unique visual and some of yg artist literally a gem, that because most of yg artist can write and compose their onw song in any genre it's not only old generation but the new one also.. most of yg family artist not only talented but also the unique one. Speak about legend it's totally smtmw family because most of them artist so popular.
Erin Ryu
Erin Ryu Hace 2 días
SM’s ‘old generation’ stuff is L E G E N D A R Y. Like SNSD and SUJU? YG also has really memorable songs as well but Gee and Sorry, Sorry will forever be stuck in my head.
kim rnavy
kim rnavy Hace 2 días
YG FAMILY is the best. Became a Kpop fan because of their artists.
th k
th k Hace 2 días
SM has the best and most talented artists I mean they have EXO, snsd AND red velvet? a win for them. and they have so many more talented groups like nct and fx
th k
th k Hace 2 días
SM has nations groups snsd and exo so they’re the most talented
Jonathan Seo
Jonathan Seo Hace 2 días
6:28 김구라
Nick SL
Nick SL Hace 2 días
YG doesnt premote his groups much to get more album sells . They dont think that the sells are the most important but they care about uniqueness and international popularity
M Rizki Revliyansyah
SMTOWN for the win 😌
Coconut Shake
Coconut Shake Hace 2 días
SM the best! So many legends there
Iin Sofia
Iin Sofia Hace 2 días
YG stan💘❤💓💔💕💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟
🌸KIMJISOO🌸 Hace 2 días
Yg family pick talented not attractive except for blackpink talent and beauty
Got7& Igot7
Got7& Igot7 Hace 2 días
Who is like JYP got7 twice stray kids 2pm add.......
Fitry Fitryaja
Fitry Fitryaja Hace 2 días
Ame Yuliani
Ame Yuliani Hace 2 días
SM Is the bestttt-3-
bella hannah
bella hannah Hace 2 días
Sm is the best one all are talented from sm
Miss Airene
Miss Airene Hace 2 días
Is wendy more extra than taeyeon?
Aura najwa Janna
Aura najwa Janna Hace 2 días
Now New generation of JYP entertainment is ITZY I love itzy 😍
Jason Saw
Jason Saw Hace 2 días
How disrespectful, H.O.T, TVXQ, BoA were the ones that shaped SM back in the day. This video is shit. TVXQ is also the strongest idol group in K-pop history period.
Efafa Nurmaulida
Efafa Nurmaulida Hace 2 días
Laras Aprilita
Laras Aprilita Hace 2 días
SM is complete package because of visual, dance and vocal. SM artists are very talented 😆😆
Nhi Bạch
Nhi Bạch Hace 2 días
Kaka Loca 2
Kaka Loca 2 Hace 2 días
YG for me... their artist really have strong charisma and stage presence,,,,
Aamna M
Aamna M Hace 2 días
I thought daesung was more vocally strong in yg
Alfrida Bala
Alfrida Bala Hace 2 días
A continuación