Smerconish: Cruz's response shows the stranglehold Trump has on the GOP

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After Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told NBC's "Meet the Press" he does believe Ukraine was involved in 2016 election meddling, CNN's Michael Smerconish discusses the debunked Republican talking point. #CNN #News






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Dennis S
Dennis S Hace un mes
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Dennis S
Dennis S Hace un mes
CNN Alyson Camarota Walls are closing in on Trump (2018-08-03) CNN Alyson Camarota President Trump Is Off The Rails (2017-08) CNN Alyson Camarota Russian Collusion (2018-08-03) CNN Alyson Camarota Russian Collusion (2018-07-30) CNN Alyson Camarota Trump Asking Women Of Color To Leave USA (2019-07-14) CNN Alyson Camarota CNN We Don't Create Divisions As Trump Said (2018-08-29) CNN Alyson Camarota We are at a tipping point (2017-04) CNN Alyson Camarota Trump Racist (2019-07-14) CNN Alyson Camarota Trump Asked Comey To End Flynn Probe (2017-05)
fortflan Hace un mes
Good to see he knows how to respect something other than looking fucking stupid saluting. What a fucking POS.
I Don't Get The Joke
Y'all seem to like reassuring grey hair right? I like Cruz's beard.
Wayne Madden
Wayne Madden Hace 3 meses
Ted he was 1 hundred percent Canadian we are glad you got him hope he stays in United States never comes back. He will kiss king ass plus lick he boots
Alan Miell
Alan Miell Hace 3 meses
Stop your Fake News CNN your a Bunch Of Comedians Along with The CURRUPTABLES the Dems
Carlos F Suarez
Carlos F Suarez Hace 3 meses
It looks the Senate will vote politically. It is not really a trial; their verdict has been reached before starting. The Republicans need desperately to hold the power of the Executive, and the Senate. They forgot about the oaths they took when they arrive to the Senate. They just don t care! They are just a bunch of losers against Trump in the Primaries 2016. However, they support him. Why? Because they feel defeated and need the dictator s support to continue holding their office to profit from it.
Daniel G.
Daniel G. Hace 3 meses
That coolaid Trump gave all the Republicans must be really potent stuff.
55352 Flights
55352 Flights Hace 3 meses
Oh! I got it : Ted Cruz drank the same juice that Giuliani drank......He is throwing up the same thing.
Marlowe Dugger
Marlowe Dugger Hace 3 meses
One question to all of you guys. If Trump dropped dead ( Today) will you stop living? Will USA stop existing. Will the government shut down for over a month to build a wall? Just asking.
Marlowe Dugger
Marlowe Dugger Hace 3 meses
Ukraine blatantly interfeered. Uh! Show proof people. Lol
jeg5gom Hace 3 meses
Hilarious Libs!! Trump Tyrannosaurus Troll just keeps perplexing them by pushing their perfidious buttons!
Dawn-Marie Langlois
Dawn-Marie Langlois Hace 3 meses
Shame on CRUZ, remember TRUMP ACCUSED YOUR FATHER of assassination and the negative comparison of MELANIA to YOUR WIFE. WHAT are these LIARS ON? LOL
USA Rules
USA Rules Hace 3 meses
Do Nothing Democrats are so childish. Trump has done everything possible that an American President could do POLICY wise. Obama did NOTHING for 8 years !!!
christos karagianis
christos karagianis Hace 3 meses
This guy is phoney he goes with the wind where ever the wind blows
Maga4U ?
Maga4U ? Hace 3 meses
Jon Emery
Jon Emery Hace 3 meses
Turd Cruz is a Trump sucking asshole. If Donny Bone-Spur had stood next to me saying that my Dad was in on the Kennedy killing, I would have beaten the shit out of him and tossed his sorry ass in an alley.....
David Jones
David Jones Hace 3 meses
CNN, lies distorts. Ignores black on black crime, ignores LGBT crime, but focuses on anything Trump does that can be twisted to look negative
Maga4U ?
Maga4U ? Hace 3 meses
K L Hace 3 meses
I’m not here to watch CNN fake news. I’m here to leave them the fucking fake news comment. What a fucking fake news you are CNN.
Maga4U ?
Maga4U ? Hace 3 meses
eliot Hace 3 meses
Sit!, Fetch!, Roll Over, President Trump, traing his, "Loyal and Obedient Dog", Ted Cruz!
Iam Negan
Iam Negan Hace 3 meses
Bullshit. Cruz is helping to drain the swamp. Mark my words, the Dems are scared shitless. They are about to start turning on each other and the media has no choice but to lie even more.
Manchester is red
Manchester is red Hace 3 meses
Wait is he defending the guy who called his wife ugly and said his dad shot JFK.
Gwen30 Hace 3 meses
Who else can't wait until this administration is OUT of OUR White House???? Writing an article about Trump is not meddling in our elections the GOP are really trying to muddy the waters!!!!!
Eric Blair
Eric Blair Hace 3 meses
45 rubbed Ted (morally bankrupt) Cruz's nose in dog shite and now Cruz is a trained lapdog.
GOOGLE GOOGLE Hace 3 meses
At first i didnt like trump, now i see its what this country needed to oust all the spineless bastards
Robin Swanson
Robin Swanson Hace 3 meses
I just cannot figure these people out, what makes them want to go on television and defend this man with lies! Is it POWER? Is it MONEY? I can assure you it has nothing to do with MORALS or our COUNTRY. Everytime these guys start talking I'm offended, they act like we can't think for ourselves, and that we have no memory. Our only hope is there are still some people in congress (Senate) who care!
Ellen Anderson
Ellen Anderson Hace 3 meses
Grandpa munster is s feckless weasel boy !
Allen Novotny
Allen Novotny Hace 3 meses
Cruz is just another boot licker.
Global Dayz
Global Dayz Hace 3 meses
It's like Trump is the pimp & all these GOP & Faux News members are his workers
James Lewis
James Lewis Hace 3 meses
Putin must have found some very embarrassing details in certain Republicans’ internet browser histories. Just sayin’.
Luis Solis
Luis Solis Hace 3 meses
Another corrupted guy who try beginning be president. Corrupted Ted Cruz.
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald Hace 3 meses
Trump make fun and call Cruz wife calling her ugly and call out Cruz daddy for being a immigrate when his first and third wife are immigrate from the former soviet union.
Remate Cox
Remate Cox Hace 3 meses
I really need to say. The Republicans senators are doing what Trump wants. If and I hope he gets thrown out on his ass, and if he does get thrown out do these senators really think that Trump care about any of them? NO. He will go back to his own ego world of Trump. Of course that's after he has his tweets and his temper tantrums but do these senators really think that Grump cares about them? He would throw any of them under the bus. Go ask the guys that are in prison that knew Trump and went to jail for him.
Smir-konish looks coked up on something while listening to the questions, then comes out calm.. pro user or what is his deal?
KrystalOcean Hace 3 meses
I think it is absolutely hilarious that the MSM all cut the Ted Cruz video before you can hear the crew laughing at Cruz’s absurd defense of tRump. Lmao esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dMyJVK89y-Y.html
NRSUB Hace 3 meses
Ukraine, Hillary and the DNC did play games in the 2016 elections.
Blue Trader
Blue Trader Hace 3 meses
This whole segment is an intellectual dishonest argument.
Blink Once on Sunday!
You know it's funny how all the Republicans keep claiming that Ukraine interfered in the election, but not a single person can say what exactly Ukraine did to interfere. Apparently, some random guy in Kyiv just saying "I think Hillary is better" is what they call interference.
Marco Mboya
Marco Mboya Hace 3 meses
I repeat Ukraine interfered in the election, CNN please stop the stupidity. Do not be that stupid
Gema Monkey
Gema Monkey Hace 3 meses
OAN just flew to Ukraine and Hungary and the Ukrainians snitched out Biden already. CNN is the only ones spreading disinformation. Your network has been caught too many times spreading propaganda. If the Russians wanted to divide this country, you helped them. CNN and its followers are the real Russian assets.
Goman Hace 3 meses
Ted Cruz (George Zimmerman) Selling out his own people. If you see him take his lunch money.
Dimic Dragan
Dimic Dragan Hace 3 meses
Damn, americans have gone crazy, at least good third of them. And still, usa government does not understand that they have extremely serious problem. They have third of their popylation went mentally dum and under russian, or who knows which propaganda via FB or other social networks.
peni Hace 3 meses
gop knows trump is easy to manipulate, he'll will pass what they put in-front of him, that's why they rigged the election in his favor.
Ron Cho
Ron Cho Hace 3 meses
Cruz would kiss trump’s cock after trump fucks his wife as long as trump base votes for him. That’s the kind of senator GOP wants. Nice. 🙄
Eduardo Landolt
Eduardo Landolt Hace 3 meses
Does trump put dead horses' heads in these guys beds or what...?
Brian Y.
Brian Y. Hace 3 meses
Trump personally attacked Cruz's wife and family. How he sticks with Trump is beyond comprehension. That's his idea of Christianity, people.
Mr. Wright
Mr. Wright Hace 3 meses
I just don’t understand how Ted Cruz stands up for Trump. Trump insulted Cruz’ s Fathers reputation saying he might have been involved with the JFK assassination. I would have slapped him silly! Cruz should have just been done with Trump for the rest of Trump’s administration! Instead he knelt before Trump! Coward!
Savage1 Hace 3 meses
America is done with the Republican Party. Too corrupt and incompetent. All they do is follow Putin’s order. They all need to be deported, otherwise jail then hell.
Milton - Canada
Milton - Canada Hace 3 meses
Trump will be impeached but then he will be exonerated in the senate. Donald will never defend his actions at all, he know he will be acquitted. Stupid Republicans just want to defend a dictator at all costs, even by lying.
Dan Martin
Dan Martin Hace 3 meses
Ha ha you people are sheep believing this crap Its fake news
Mike Joseph
Mike Joseph Hace 3 meses
Keep protecting trump and the GOP will self destruct
Billz Hace 3 meses
Liberals beware of the Boogeyman his name's Trump!
Marilyn Reallon
Marilyn Reallon Hace 3 meses
Trump never fails his base or Putin! But he sure fails at everyone and everything else!
JT W III Hace 3 meses
What a fool Cruz. Don't you remember how he belittled you and your wife. What idiots these Republicans have become
BCT Hace 3 meses
Trump gave aid to a country who meddled in a US election ? No. He held it back because they didn't want to,and then begrudgingly approved the aid once he realized the game was up. Trump,Cruz,Giuliani,Barr and the rest of the criminal regime need to be purged and punished.
Helen Vega
Helen Vega Hace 3 meses
Cruz is like Esau in the Bible. He has sold his birthright (his integrity, mortality) for a bowl of stew (corruption). How can he look at his daughters
K Matsu
K Matsu Hace 3 meses
Although the Republicans in general have indeed absconded from their public duty, the behaviour of some of these minions -- not only Ted Cruz, but Barr, Devin Numbnuts, and Rudy as well -- is a lot harder to understand. Why do these guys abase themselves, and put themselves so clearly in harm's way just to serve the Puppenfurher. Then it hit me. There is only One explanation for that kind of slavish behaviour, and it involves Trump, Cruz, and an Oval Office recreation of that scene in GOT Season 3, when Ramsay Bolton got . . . . and then Theon Greyjoy's . . . . and he put it in a decorated box . . . . Get the picture? That's right. I said it. And the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Apart from Rudy, who is his own special kind of crazy, all of the others cut pretty much the same . . . ummm... profile. BillyBarr's blubbery torso is perhaps the most extreme of the group, but hey -- look at any one of these guys, and compare their build to that of Lord Varys . . . . well . . . ? it should be pretty obvious who owns the little box with Ted's golden marbles inside.
Charles Zorn
Charles Zorn Hace 3 meses
Trump still has the power to have GOP candidates primaried. This is the whole problem in a nutshell. Trump's constituent voters refuse to be swayed by evidence, and seem to back him no matter what he does, giving Trump the power to hold influence over a controlling portion of the GOP electorate. It's like Trump has a gun to the head of each GOP candidate up for reelection.
Marvin Gershowitz
Marvin Gershowitz Hace 3 meses
WHY do REPUBLICANS Suck the PRESIDENTS DONG --> He Knows all their Secrets! GoldPisser Quickie - Opening Song Submission to Movie esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-w6l1RgNq8J0.html
carbon copy
carbon copy Hace 3 meses
What a freaking Back Stabber..He must have given the dough boy a blow job and wanted more..He's such a liar. And I hope America turns BLUE in 2020, I will never vote red again
Emmanuel Jones
Emmanuel Jones Hace 3 meses
Trump is Republicans last hope. That is why the stand with him, no matter the wrong he does Republicans unite in solidarity with him.
Manny Sereno
Manny Sereno Hace 3 meses
Cruz is a Kiss Ass Cuban . He'll say , do anything to stay in power .
René Ahlquist
René Ahlquist Hace 3 meses
Cruz looks rediculous with eyeliner on. Stop using that, Ted.
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson Hace 3 meses
The Republicans are fighting not only for trump but for the American justice system. The Democrats are so corrupt.
Human Inc.
Human Inc. Hace 3 meses
GOP is doing this so that the main media can focus on these silly controversies, and doing their best to play down the impeachment.
timstar Hace 3 meses
Man how powerful is putin?
1colinb Hace 3 meses
How does a person who was never in politics before announcing their candidacy manage to exert a stranglehold on an entire party of career politicians is what I would love to know? Who made the initial inroads? Why none of the politicians are even mentioning reversing the trend?
Whistleblower Hace 3 meses
Ted: I pledge the allegiance, to P. Trump, and not my wife and daughters. And to Republicans, over country, for which it stand, one party, under Putin with blind mindless loyalty for all.
Tom Myers
Tom Myers Hace 3 meses
There is a reason CNN has lost a lot of viewership over the last few years. Can't trust anything coming out of their mouth. Check out these URL;s. The first one, CNN is trying to sugar coat the story. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-qSO_pqpbg0s.html www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Veritas%2c+CNN&&view=detail&mid=5A4480BEAC2596C11E1F5A4480BEAC2596C11E1F&rvsmid=AF241CAD09E680AD3B21AF241CAD09E680AD3B21&FORM=VDQVAP Think critically and make up your own minds. For me, CNN doesn't care about truth or facts.
RationalThinker1859 Hace 3 meses
I'm not from the US, and so I wonder, how do people ever vote for slimes like this Mr Cruz, or this Trump nutcase?
crewmagnum1 Hace 3 meses
No you pathetic hacks! Cruz's response articulates a fact that the incompetent cretins in your failing network refuse to report. Journalism is dead.
Kyle Carattini
Kyle Carattini Hace 3 meses
Ted cruz's father may have killed kennedy but epstein didnt kill himself
Utah-kin2me? Hace 3 meses
Who's strangling who in the rebuglican snakepit? You get all those sidewinding vipers in a cabal in a cave of delusional subservience just for the fuck of it and Trump could be a tsetse fly for all the difference it makes. He's loony as a fly in a bass drum and none of 'em notice
kevin cattell
kevin cattell Hace 3 meses
17 intelligence agencies say Ukraine is a false narrative spread by putin. Putin says Ukraine. So clearly Putin is right 🙄
jim Moore
jim Moore Hace 3 meses
Isn't it amazing that when Trump announced in 2016 he was going to run Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham and a whole slew of others came forward and trash-talk the hell out Trump, now these idiots would jump in front of a car to save their precious Donald Trump I don't know what the fuck happened why they change their Viewpoint are they being threatened or their families being threatened I don't get it how a person to do a complete 180 on another person's is mind-boggling specially when it's Donald Trump
GT Nismo
GT Nismo Hace 3 meses
0:38 im not even sure how to respond to this without either laughing so hard i piss myself or just throw up at the statement. Either way, its hard to believe.
Akon Fenty
Akon Fenty Hace 3 meses
Politico was able to find evidence Ukraine interfered in the 2016 U.S. election. The left wing media wants you to ignore it. The same intelligence agencies that lied about weapons of mass destruction and Assad chemical attacks are the same ones that want you to believe Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. election w/o telling us what the evidence is. Let that skin in.
MegaTrucker65 Hace 3 meses
MegaTrucker65 Hace 3 meses
Alex M
Alex M Hace 3 meses
The republican Congress better make a choice,Trump or their jobs and country because Trump is getting impeached in the house.Even if they don't impeach him in the Senate,it can't be good to go into an election having a criminal as your candidate.He is a traitor,and those who support him are as well.
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