SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Girlfriend!

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Renny Moreno
Renny Moreno Hace 8 minutos
I thought there was an actual picture of Cody’s mom
Marcus Tyler
Marcus Tyler Hace 58 minutos
eseguiel hernandez
eseguiel hernandez Hace un hora
ElectroWolf 2486
ElectroWolf 2486 Hace un hora
So many dirty jokes 😂
Battle friends
Battle friends Hace 2 horas
Cody classics were up side dine
Roblox YA
Roblox YA Hace 2 horas
where's sprinkles at
Mousey 43
Mousey 43 Hace 3 horas
April Outlaw
April Outlaw Hace 4 horas
Bet him up
EVJVLV 19 Hace 4 horas
Her forhead is big
Kk Hace 4 horas
Yo I swear he gets more and more savage
Aleyna Pinky Pie
Aleyna Pinky Pie Hace 5 horas
Were was sprinkle 😁
Kcdagoat -47
Kcdagoat -47 Hace 5 horas
Did anyone else see jumanji
SuperMario127 SuperMario127
Cody's mom is a baby whale. I got a baby whale on my pants.
Chris Plays
Chris Plays Hace 7 horas
SML Idea: Barbie Its where josheph wants a barbieand ken likes the barbie so cody has do do something or SML Idea: Jeffys new friend its where no one wants to play with jeffy so mario calls over his old friend tony the tiger
Leo Bojangles
Leo Bojangles Hace 9 horas
Poop 💩 on them
Mohammed 754
Mohammed 754 Hace 9 horas
Stop calling codys mom a pig
Did anyone notice at 11:20 he said TRUE loves first kiss XD
Il N00B Il
Il N00B Il Hace 10 horas
What kid to you really think have $75 just sitting around 😂
Drew Howe
Drew Howe Hace 10 horas
You steal the The How To Train Your Dragon joke, come up with your own jokes
Drew Howe
Drew Howe Hace 10 horas
Bowser Junior needs special needs
Lewis Parker
Lewis Parker Hace 11 horas
He that dragon looks like the one from jeffy girlfriend
Perpetual Gambrah
Perpetual Gambrah Hace 13 horas
Jr is kind of a bully and jerk
the red hammy
the red hammy Hace 13 horas
Moo mooo! ew a cow
Sylwia Sobanska
Sylwia Sobanska Hace 14 horas
Jaki chew was holding Cody's pig
Sylwia Sobanska
Sylwia Sobanska Hace 14 horas
I keen his mum😎😎😎😎😎😎
Craig Dunne
Craig Dunne Hace 14 horas
Noa Navula
Noa Navula Hace 14 horas
I would Kill him/her
Gabriel Velazquez
Gabriel Velazquez Hace 14 horas
The irony: shrek is the sml character and Jr says that after he kisses cody's mom young to old.
Jelly And Izzy
Jelly And Izzy Hace 14 horas
I would actually slap my friend across his face if he dated my mother
The Gold maker of john w
Kill him and Tbeg him
judy Radin
judy Radin Hace 15 horas
What is wrong with fat
Raxezy Hace 16 horas
8:18 had me dead omg 💀🤣
alex osorio
alex osorio Hace 16 horas
You should make a video of a Day of a life of the Brooklyn Guy. Shout me out in the comments section if y’all do!!!
Selena Simmons
Selena Simmons Hace 17 horas
Damn ass
Berny Nugent
Berny Nugent Hace 17 horas
Kill him
Jade Tiara
Jade Tiara Hace 18 horas
Punch him the fuck up☠
TK_Films 21
TK_Films 21 Hace 18 horas
bad dragon? i only know one bad dragon
Faze rug
Faze rug Hace 18 horas
Go 👇 👇
cooljbasketball Hace 18 horas
Wait wtf happened to Charlie and friends🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐😱😱🤨🤨🤭🤭🤭😲😲
Faze rug
Faze rug Hace 18 horas
TrainFaner 569
TrainFaner 569 Hace 18 horas
Another word. Wumbo
tammy figueroa
tammy figueroa Hace 18 horas
Kill him
cooljbasketball Hace 18 horas
Cody what does oink mean 🐖🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gavin White
Gavin White Hace 19 horas
why does junior call Cody's mom fat
Cortez Harris
Cortez Harris Hace 19 horas
i will kill he's pig mom oink oink oink oink
Xkillo247 Hace 20 horas
If one of my friends became my stepdad I would kill myself
the boss legend
the boss legend Hace 20 horas
I would fucking die if my friend started dating my mom then id fuckem up
Alexander Chavez
Alexander Chavez Hace 20 horas
19% 17:
0G Echo
0G Echo Hace 20 horas
Hey logan, why is junior been in school for 2 years?
Phoenix From the ashes
This is one of my * favorite* videos *ever*
Elizabeth_ YT
Elizabeth_ YT Hace 21 un hora
“Alright class settle down I know when you see a girl yo pe pe get big” HAHAHAHAHHA😂🤣🤣🤣😭
turtles hyper
turtles hyper Hace 21 un hora
Pig: hey cody you wanna see a bald bitch cuz daddy’s in their with a bald bitch... yeah
OliviaPlaysGames51 Hace 21 un hora
I’m just going to like my comment since nobody else will...
Denzel Talton
Denzel Talton Hace 22 horas
Where is the super Mario Logan movie
Denzel Talton
Denzel Talton Hace 22 horas
What a super Mario Logan movie
Denzel Talton
Denzel Talton Hace 22 horas
Can I meet you Super Mario Logan I live in South Carolina
Pamela Lane
Pamela Lane Hace 22 horas
Sml idea jamaje
Deveri Crawford
Deveri Crawford Hace 22 horas
5:18 im dead XDXDXD!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sam Deadline
Sam Deadline Hace 22 horas
Hmmm if friend dated my mom I'll be in jail rn
Jayden Southwell
Jayden Southwell Hace 22 horas
Fu#k Josh and Junior
Nathaniel Ziegler
Nathaniel Ziegler Hace 22 horas
Logan I wish I can meet you so if you want to meet me i live in 4515 street
video game seal 7
video game seal 7 Hace 23 horas
Thanks for the dating advice
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Hace 23 horas
sml idea: cody’s mom gets a new boyfriend and cody gets a little brother named kenny and cody blushes everytime he sees him and they end up figuring out that cody was really adopted and his real dad is jeffy
Yasin Miah
Yasin Miah Hace un día
She fatter than Jupiter
live stream bio on school
the price is still big
Daryl Dixon LBM Videos
SLL is so funny I watch there videos every day,every hour,every minute, every second
isha conteh
isha conteh Hace un día
isha conteh
isha conteh Hace un día
Codys mom is fat like a fat fat fat pregnant 🤰 women and she’s weird 🧢👝
isha conteh
isha conteh Hace un día
Russian Dude
Russian Dude Hace un día
Did joshep say the n word
Lemons the kawaii ghazt
That's a bit much for a puppet
Isabelle DeSandro
Isabelle DeSandro Hace un día
i would run away if my friend dated my mom
Lycan Camps
Lycan Camps Hace un día
The thing weird thing is that Cody is a toy and Ken is a toy so it's a toy dating a toy💚😅😅
Rudysonkitty Hace un día
Megan Waldschmidt
Megan Waldschmidt Hace un día
Sm l jeff y gets married
Monica Travis
Monica Travis Hace un día
Push read more read more
Tfue Hace un día
Weres sprinkle
Marwin Bussmann
Marwin Bussmann Hace un día
punch in the face
Sam Brown
Sam Brown Hace un día
It sounds like Joseph said nigga im board
Mega Charizard ZX
Mega Charizard ZX Hace un día
Tyrone called you weird
JAWS 2 Hace un día
Nick SNF
Nick SNF Hace un día
I am the year of the pig... so does that mean that I am Cody’s mom😂🙃🤣😅
a random decent gamer
At first I was all like 74 dollars that's insane then I realized that you guy need more money
Mias Weird channel
Mias Weird channel Hace un día
SML idea/ Cody’s New boyfriend
a random decent gamer
8:28 I get the joke
Ruth Ratermann
Ruth Ratermann Hace un día
Jeff. says. pp
Jarrell Kelley
Jarrell Kelley Hace un día
Blizzard Wizzard
Blizzard Wizzard Hace un día
I would drop kick his forehead off and his eyebrows would connect his his hair
amys amazing world ward
You are so cool
Can you make Cody straight and not GAY please but make him a retard please and make Joseph have a nice house and finds his mom dad and and make junior smart and Joseph too please I subbed
Alonso Lupercio
Alonso Lupercio Hace un día
5:37 There’s another Cody’s mom puppet on the right
DogeRTV Gaming
DogeRTV Gaming Hace un día
Sub to sub. Comment 'done' when you subbed to me also... ]I make daily live streams I need help for views I have the best audio and i stream roblox and all sorts of games. could you help me? Please and thank you. Lets reach 1 k together.
Picachu Pokémon -pps
Plz use these ideas JoKEN The swticheroo between Brooklyn t guy and Joseph Jackie chu hates egg rolls Cody stops being gay Cody’s revenge Junior is adopted! The revenge of Mario to black yoshi
Rico Don
Rico Don Hace un día
enovia 123
enovia 123 Hace un día
I can't go shopping why because Cody's mom eat all of the food
Porfirio Perez
Porfirio Perez Hace un día
At 8:40 you can see sonic
Angie Hardeen
Angie Hardeen Hace un día
If my friend was dating my mom I would make her have a baby and get to see them make it
Niya Chan Russia's Waifu
I'm a pig (Literally, I was born in the year of the pig)
María Solano
María Solano Hace un día
Junior is right she’s a pig
María Solano
María Solano Hace un día
Cody moms made go to the hospitale and I almost died
Jessie Rodriguez
Jessie Rodriguez Hace un día
Cody is this gay 👨‍👨‍👦 👉🏽👌🏽
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