Smoother animation ≠ Better animation [4K 60FPS]

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HUGE thanks to Doggybag, Dangrips, Hyojin, and Villa for help with the animation.
Thanks to Shina for the Appeal painting also
Trigger warning for loud sounds towards the end of the vid.
This was entirely edited, and was supposed to be exported, in 48fps, not 50. Funny thing is, Premiere simply doesn't allow custom frame rates in its export window, despite supporting it as a sequence setting. I could have exported the Premiere file into After Effects and added the sequence to the render cue, but I couldn't because AE threw me an error every time I tried. That, combined with the legitimately unbelievable amount of bugs and errors and crashes left me feeling so exhausted and numb that I ultimately decided it was worth sacrificing one 25th of a second's worth of timing here and there. If you catch any editing errors, that'd be why. Oh well!!
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00:00 - Intro
1:27 - Laying the Groundwork
4:32 - Ad break
5:55 - Timing and Easing
9:52 - Smear Frames But Worse™
11:11 - Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job
13:58 - Outro
Animation used (in order of appearance):
Tom and Jerry
Pixel Art (various)
Cat walk (www.reddit.com/r/animation/comments/b0nkqs/cat_walk_cycle_done_for_college/)
Cowboy Bebop
Persona 4
300FPS Bowser in cat suit
Spirit (Roughs by James Baxter)
Devilman Crybaby
A Cat in Paris
Wire by Worthikids
DBZ Fighterz
Daffodil 3 by Smallbu
Moonlight Fox by Smallbu
JoJo Part 5
Cafouillage by Tom Law
Planet Panic
TMNT 'Don VS Ralph'
Klaus (Lineart by James Baxter)
El Dorado
1Samurai Jack Season 5
Dead Leaves
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken
Meet Arnold (Cacani Demo)
'Float' by Pixar
Music used (in order of appearance):
Les Cafes De Paris - Joe E Lee
Apple Kid's Theme - Earthbound
Let the Game Begin! - SiIvaGunner
Noisy Notebook D - Snipperclips
Stage Clear - Wii Play Motion
Good Evening Bossa - Riverworn
Buy Something, Will Ya!? - Earthbound
Stamp Mode - Snipperclips
Apotos (Night) - Sonic Unleashed
Quilty Court - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn
Just One More Night With You - Thiago
5PM - Animal Crossing New Leaf
Trophy Gallery - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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James Baxter
James Baxter Hace 15 días
Fantastic rant, I love it! And you're absolutely right. I love how you underline the intent of the artist. Those who would seek to replace artists with machine learning and AI clearly don't understand what art is for. Replace stuff that people don't want to do, or can't do. But people get joy (and their livelihood) from creating art, and they want to do it. It's one of the things that make us human. I'm no Luddite, and I love using new tools to create my animation. But when it starts to encroach upon the fulfillment that I get from creating, then no thanks! You might argue that this is just interpolation and chill out. But my response to that is just wait, this is just getting started.
AngryPlaayer Hace 21 un minuto
Yeah i get that it’s “undermining the artist” or whatever, but it’s not really that deep, it just looks cool. Like, it’s cool to see choppier animations put into a new perspective. It’s not “the new age of animation”, it just increases the frame-rate of animation. I don’t see the problem.
Aqua Cuber
Aqua Cuber Hace 12 horas
NotToo Straight
NotToo Straight Hace 14 horas
Anyone disagreeing with James Baxter the best animator of our time, need to rethink how they view the medium
we be }
we be } Hace un día
I think its fine for people to change the frames if they want to try it like that but I get your point
Arnoldii Hace un día
Holy sh1t James Baxter
Warp Nova
Warp Nova Hace 27 minutos
NarwhalMan Hace 21 un minuto
let’s fucking go
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer Hace 39 minutos
Idc it looks good so who cares
I always thought those 60FPS AI videos looked kinda wrong. But I couldn’t put it into words. This video is perfect.
the slam jamfrincisco
the slam jamfrincisco Hace 58 minutos
Frame rates over 30 FPS is only needed when you playing a game, and that’s since most games can’t have any form of smudging since it’s already rendered when your near it.
IceBear Pl
IceBear Pl Hace un hora
3:23 file name he puts is "lego movie inttergoation scene" traitor's requiem from jojo is shown in outcomee
medic Hace un hora
Where did u find the guilty gear 60FPS interpolation?
WhereTheVideoEnds Hace un hora
@11:58 - You good? Seems you lost an eyebrow, friend.
Eric Si
Eric Si Hace un hora
11:00 deepfrying would be a terrible understatement
SMFluffy Hace un hora
Learning even just the amount of animation needed for getting through film school made games that look 60fps just absolutely look worse to me. Playing at 60fps is completely different but being strictly animated to it really messes with my eyes. This really is a case of all those comments on the "but in 60fps" just don't know what they are talking about, or maybe some don't have souls like the interpolation but I don't like to generalize even though I just did.
Dr. J. Protobum
Dr. J. Protobum Hace un hora
im a gamer, and i resent that statement, i love proper beautiful animation, the framerate intended is always the best framerate
Double-Edge Hace un hora
Art is subjective. Fuck what the chef wants. The steak is mine and I eat that steak however I decide. Pretentious over zealous pushing of ideals and opinions onto people comes off as abrasive. Art is subjective, regardless of how you personally enjoy your steak. Regardless of how you think it should be enjoyed by other people. There's no law stating your preferences or opinions are any more valid or correct than anyone else's. This reminds me of when the breaking bad actor had this whole meltdown, saying how netflix allowing a speed up feature for video content was against his creative vision. How this was somehow against the artistic values of the show or whatever. It's all pretentious, bullshit ranting and whining about people enjoying shit the way they want and not the way you want them to. Get over it, creative types. Yes the AI shit is annoying because it is objectively bad. But leave "Gamers" out of your mouth. Clearly a community generalization problem. I've seen it a lot. But guess what? That doesn't stop me from watching your videos at whatever resolution, color or speed I like. My monitor controls and my youtube buttons are mine to press. Not yours.
porcupine Hace un hora
I hate TVs that automatically interpolate frames. It looks so unnatural. My uncle has one and every time I go his house I have to turn the setting off
WillDaBeast850 Hace un hora
There was a guy in the comments on the Mulan upscale video saying that everything should be in 60 FPS now, and that the reason people don’t like it is because of how people are so acclimated to 24 FPS. He even compared the situation to how people used to prefer vinyl records over CDs, SD over HD, black and white over color, etc. He completely misses the point.
Zemonizer Hace un hora
I want ketchup on my gormet steak
D_ram Hace un hora
Bro bro is living in 2016 this aint "New"
Double-Edge Hace 2 horas
It's not the exact same amount of time? I paused it and the bottom one wins the "Race"
Yeldo! Hace 2 horas
As an animator (Very short time on at that, cause I stopped animating a long time ago, but still) and I have been so ignorant-
ThePyrish Hace 2 horas
yo that 1080p 50 fps is straight up 4D chess
Mihail Hace 2 horas
we need moar
KnoUrMeemz Hace 2 horas
This is extremely well put together. Good job sir you've earned a sub
KnoUrMeemz Hace 2 horas
That honey ad was amazing
actuatedgear Hace 3 horas
Gamers care about framerate because it's a reaction system of hand-eye coordination. If the Eye is slowed by frame rate of half or quarter maximum perception then reaction time is ALSO halved or quartered. 1/60 of a second in a gaming can mean all the difference.
sMashedpotatoes1 Hace 3 horas
60 big number 24 small number so shut up
Andy 8583
Andy 8583 Hace 3 horas
Its_Danny Hace 3 horas
I love smooth animatingion
MoneyT20 10
MoneyT20 10 Hace 3 horas
nae have to disagree with the end animators are still gonna get replaced as anything that comes with a price tag that can be replaced...(reguardless on how the quality is) is gonna be replaced. The norm will eventually become the interpolated examples and the few will be someone that actually animated things. I can see at the most a midway point where AI and animators work together and produce creations that are higher frame rates because thats whats wanted apparently as you have proven in this video easily.
AWalnut Hace 3 horas
I don't even understand how any human being could see pixel art and think "Hmm, lets ruin the simple aspect that literally builds the entire genre just to make it look smooth yass." It defeats the ENTIRE PURPOSE of pixel art and takes away y'know the squares that LITERALLY MAKES THE ART STYLE, how can someone be that humanly stupid.
Parsa Shirali
Parsa Shirali Hace 3 horas
Tom Hace 3 horas
Did you try to play games on 24 fps? For me the look like garbage. At about 40 fps they start to look smoother.
Xeogram Hace 3 horas
ur just salty
Shane Soros
Shane Soros Hace 4 horas
I have motion smoothing and enhancements turned all the way up on my c10 and I think everything looks great. I can't stand watching 24fps now, and this rant did nothing to change my mind, thanks for trying to tell me what I should and shouldn't like though.
Lokmister Hace 4 horas
As a gamer I can say I love this video and I’ve also learnt that those videos destroy the intention of the animations. Thank you. :)
MeltJet X
MeltJet X Hace 4 horas
I am not an animator, but i can understand that make an animation in 60 fps, it´s extremelly difficult
wyssmaster Hace 4 horas
"Gourmet $30 steak" "This $45 book is expensive" I didn't realize just how badly ESvid fucked over animators
Emrys Suddarth
Emrys Suddarth Hace 4 horas
Well get this. Programmers will be able to put this kind of stuff in still crap at first but it will get there sooner than you think. That being said those vids sucks
Emrys Suddarth
Emrys Suddarth Hace 4 horas
Like not ai but a combination of artists input with programmers can eventually make your life easier will it replace you no. I hear all the time ai will replace developers which is nonsense honestly. Computers are not getting faster as they used and you will see a trend of optimization that we have not had in a very long time till we get the next break through it faster drives or processors. Ai is not fast its fucking clunky and takes a long time to get right
Ensar TNL
Ensar TNL Hace 4 horas
me : gets literally nothing. Also me : This video is amazing.
CLOSE Hace 4 horas
1080p50? but its 4k60fps...
DerDödel Hace 4 horas
Just put a jpg of a green fps counter at the top right corner and people will tell you it looks a lot smoother
Lewis Hace 4 horas
You know, honey doesn’t not fucking work very well since all the coupons are getting eaten since everyone now knows about honey.
Jacobster Yt
Jacobster Yt Hace 4 horas
14:06 I was about to go to sleep, you scared the living hell out of me
Stratos Dedousis
Stratos Dedousis Hace 4 horas
How many years it took to animate and edit a 15 minute video?
suki suki
suki suki Hace 5 horas
idc i just think it looks better :)
suki suki
suki suki Hace 5 horas
before i get a very angry reply 13:34 please
Grey_Dragon Gaming
Grey_Dragon Gaming Hace 5 horas
5:11 the funny thing when he forced his friend to talk about honey
FlameUltra04 Hace 5 horas
Reminds me of a video comparing two similar video games I saw once. In the comment section, one person kept yelling at everyone that one of the games was absolute trash, with the only reason they gave being that it was 30 FPS while the other game was 60, despite almost everything about the 30 FPS game actually being better. People really need to ditch that mindset that a higher frame rate makes everything better. I remember watching a few of the examples you used a few months before, and I remember everything feeling so...off about them. The smoothness almost felt distracting and uncanny, subtracting from the overall intended feel. I feel like that’s the beauty of a lot of 2D animation. The slight choppyness actually has a bit of a charm to it in my opinion. Wonderful discussion, Noodle!
Andy Chow
Andy Chow Hace 5 horas
The super resolution AI projects mostly don't look for higher frames. Things like Waifu2x, etc, are mostly meant to take low-resolution files and remove artifacts caused by heavy video compression. Mostly they aim anime since compression artifacts are easier to spot than real videos. I know this is going to get burried under 33000 comments but I had to say it. It's not about improving resolution of high quality video. It's about upscaling some 240p video to 1080p or 4k without having huge blocks all over the place.
Matirix Hace 5 horas
Ctm me asusté más que la mierda con el final
Jakub Hobl
Jakub Hobl Hace 5 horas
Ill watch smoothed out animation just to spite him
garf Hace 5 horas
who cares
Gabifuertes Hace 5 horas
Surely AI interpolation looks awful. But praising 12-24 frame rates is like praising gourmet food. As a consumer there is not a "too high to be good" frame rate. Deliberately using lower frame rates to achieve "artistic identity" is pretty much like choosing a different medium. You are making constraints to allow yourself to deliver something. That doesn't mean it won't look janky. People can make it look like a slideshow sometimes. To explain my gourmet food comparison: it's pretty much the same. If I'm leaving a restaurant hungry, I'll think about it as a failure. Chef will think I can't appreciate his intent.
Gierdziu Gaming
Gierdziu Gaming Hace 6 horas
oh yes artists cry oh yes ai grows oh yes your job is gooonne pale satisfaction progress of the wild animals of terror the new generation will appreciate the times always change you are gone when you born welcome in 21century kinda /s but interpolate it for more reasons
Magiczny Sznurek
Magiczny Sznurek Hace 6 horas
To be honest, when I'm watching the little comedic transitions, such as 7:46 - 7:53, it feels like I'm just wasting my time. I hate them.
Alex Video. Com
Alex Video. Com Hace 6 horas
idc I just think it looks better :)
Bhupendra Singh
Bhupendra Singh Hace 6 horas
I just think 60 fps look better
sneha jain
sneha jain Hace 6 horas
You sound like naofumi iwatani
Sir Breadstick
Sir Breadstick Hace 6 horas
This explained why all these videos popped up and I'm sitting there wondering why the "enhanced" versions felt off and uneasy to me. Crazy how this works though, super cool to get some insight.
fireboy1236indo / FIREBLOX Official Undertale Au
This legit 2nd most views
Aki Neko
Aki Neko Hace 6 horas
This is good and I really watched it with high volume and wearing earphones so I can clearly hear and understand it. But that last part almost give me a heart attack. Still! This is really good. You have a good point there! I subbed (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
Auf einen Blick
Auf einen Blick Hace 7 horas
butthurt crybabe
John Schwalb
John Schwalb Hace 7 horas
Everyone freaks out when they first noticed computer is starting to be able to do their job. The ai isn't perfect yet, but they to get better with time.
IgneousGorilla Hace 7 horas
I don't think AI being used for smoothing animation should be seen as a problem, or some competitive alternative to actual man-made frame by frame animation. Rather it should be seen as a mere showcase of something AI can do, right now, with all its quirks and issues lots of which are discussed in this video. The problem is the people who think 60 FPS is always better just because it's 60 FPS. 10 years down the line pro animators might be using AI based software that uses interpolation with a more natural and adaptive feel to it, and for an arbitrary value of FPS. I wouldn't like to see art communities antagonize AI being used for making art, because its coming and its real, just like digital art as a whole did years ago.
Solv Hace 6 horas
I agree. I think the point is less of antagonizing AI being used for art and more of criticizing "artist" who take someone else's work, plug it into an ai, and call it their own "remastered" version
SirMrMcJack Hace 7 horas
The main problem is, as already said, that the AI was made for life action footage. The difference to 2D animation being is that there aren't any defined lines at every frame. Due to cameras not being able to perfectly capture a single frame as it is in its exact moment due to a needed exposure time every frame will have a certain smeariness to it. With 2D animation you can basically "capture" a frame with 0 seconds of exposure time while still having a good amount of contrast and colors which is sadly not possible with cameras and it never will be. Zero is Zero and no time to capture an image means no image. Therefore the AI is programmed to incorporate smeariness into the inbetween frames. And what happenes when you use it for 2D or even 3D animation that has no such smeariness? Exactly: you get an ugly mixture of the two.
Bacon Craft
Bacon Craft Hace 7 horas
it makes it so much easier
Bacon Craft
Bacon Craft Hace 7 horas
easing is the best
Arnaud PARAN
Arnaud PARAN Hace 8 horas
Saying that AI will interpolate with the simplest path is utterly false. I fully understand the fact that it should be the decision of the animator to use AI or not, but AI is not stupid interpolation from point A to point B, the whole interest of using AI is to train it on stylistic data so that AI can feel in the blanks by keeping the style. That's what neural networks do and they certainly don't just use the simplest path, if they were it would not be called AI because AI is trying to imitate what humans would do. Also you make a lot of claims on AI while it seems like you have no idea about how it works. I personally work in deep learning, and the issues you point don't mean that "AI will never be able to do like animators do" contrary to your personal belief, it means that if we want AI to get better at animation, we need machine learning engineers to work hand in hand with animators. And would that not be a good thing for animators too? Wouldn't it be great to have tools which would help animators create qualitative content without having to be litterally 20 people to work one month for 20 minutes of animation? So instead of saying "blablablab AI bad" wouldn't it be better to point out where AI fails currently and try to help the research getting things right? I mean I find that dumb that people just use their preconcieved ideas about stuff without even taking the time to research the stuff properly. Instead of making statements about an industry you know nothing of, try to learn some stuff about AI, you will come out knowing more sincerely.
Arnaud PARAN
Arnaud PARAN Hace 4 horas
@Solv Also I did some 3D animation even though I am far from being great in it but that is very different from 2D animation. And I worked on some fluid dynamics models that are more accurate and realistic than what animators use as those need to be used for forecasting.
Arnaud PARAN
Arnaud PARAN Hace 5 horas
@Solv You are right, I am not an animator, I am a painter and professional musician though, and to be honest, we start having machine learning models which can do what musicians do. But you're right, I don't understand the subtleties of motion as an animator does. I wrote that comment in the middle of the video and in the end the message gets better. He points one thing which is the actual reason why deep learning does not work well on animation, and the reason is simple, deep learning has been made to deal with real life photos, so it can deal with real images in a pretty awesome way, like SC-FEGAN does for example, but animation has not been a point of interest of deep learning. Those models work awesome to colorize and put to 60fps old black and white movies but as animation was not a point of interest, it is dealt with. Also, one issue he points out could be solved pretty easily, the issue of two frames being the same, if you just take more frames (which is completely possible), then you can probably deal with that issue. And you shouldn't assume what people do or don't do because there is no reason why someone working in deep learning could not be an animation artist too ;)
Solv Hace 5 horas
Eh. You're not wrong, but at the same time, you're not an artist, just the same as he isn't an expert neural networks and machine learning. And as far as "AI will never be able to do like animators do", it's not a completely false statement. What we currently call "what humans are able to do" as opposed to "what AI can do" will change in the future. The AI will become a better *tool* for animators to *use*. I think the purpose of the video was to criticize those who don't understand animation and art; such as those just plugging in someone else's work into an AI, upping the frame-rate, and then calling it "remastered".
Cofcofo Hace 8 horas
Idc i just think it looks better :)
Blue Bird Animations
7:39 Ugh it..it just looks so gross. 🤢
chiptoony Hace 8 horas
worst experience ive had with this is when my partner was showing me steven universe on a tv that had a 60fps ai built-in, unbeknownst to him. im not pointing this out to rag on the show or anything cuz its not a bad thing, but it has a number of pretty static scenes of characters hanging out and talking shot-reverse-shot with pretty basic and straightforward animation that isnt really trying to do any crazy anticipation or squash & stretch or anything, so during those scenes the ai kinda slipped by unnoticed for a while (at least from a distance with my bad eyesight). whenever there was a cut though, holy shit, the snagging between those types of scenes and the sudden burst of movement as the ai tried to figure out how to connect the ending and starting frame of two completely different scenes was soooo bad. i was distracted by it for an entire episode as i was trying to figure out why it was making me feel sick. i sincerely hope to god people with tvs and monitors with those types of built-in ais at least know how to turn them off, at least the people making and posting those shitty 4k 60fps "remasters" have the ability to go back and edit out the disgusting scene transition blobs if they feel like putting in a bare minimum amount of effort
M7 MD Hace 8 horas
I'm going to use this program on this video then repost it . 😀
Khaled Assaf
Khaled Assaf Hace 8 horas
FINALLY someone has said this! Every time someone starts ranting about how more frames means better animation I'm gonna link your video. And anyway, the whole thing is disrespectful to the original artist. It's just another form of "fixed your art" by someone who has no clue about art. As a gamer myself, btw, I completely agree with you about what you said about gamers. The obsession with frame rate is ridiculous. HFR is great in some games, but to hear that animations are still 30 or less due to the industry being stuck in the past is honestly kind of obnoxious. There's much more to animation than frame rates!
Caleb Cervantes
Caleb Cervantes Hace 9 horas
King Crimson
Will Bruce
Will Bruce Hace 9 horas
@4:53 there it is
Jesper Lego
Jesper Lego Hace 9 horas
idc i just think it looks better :)
Seikoudesu Hace 9 horas
As a gamer I have never been so offended by something I completely agree with
bored human
bored human Hace 9 horas
God I despise it when people do this, I hate it, especially when someone puts anime through this it looks awful
Бэbel Hace 9 horas
Eccentric Hace 9 horas
60 fps hurts my eyes
Valoeghese Hace 10 horas
Some coder: *makes a proof of concept for a masters thesis or something* Random dorks on the internet: "it's free real estate"
World Aquarium Singapore
animation gives the animator the freedom to create anything , this feeling is SUPER great and i am loving it :D cheers
Patrick Hanford
Patrick Hanford Hace 10 horas
idc i just think it looks better :)
Missing Ticks
Missing Ticks Hace 10 horas
the video quality is capped at 50fps, not 60
YukitoOnline Hace 10 horas
5 million views!! ALMOST THERE DUDE!!!
AC3 Hace 10 horas
"I want to buy this for...NOT expensive!" Looks at most marvel graphic novels coming out...40.00, 50.00, 75.00, 100.00, 125...
Ghost Fox
Ghost Fox Hace 10 horas
That explains a bit of a joke a friend showed me... Still like bugging people at times with "Shape goes WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" But that also explains why your example with the arm motion looked horrible @8:55 . Also... You sure those weren't trolls making you think they liked it? That sounds like trolls just fucking with ya man...
Barton Kim
Barton Kim Hace 10 horas
subscribed :DD
Radical Inkling
Radical Inkling Hace 10 horas
eh i just like 60 fps in a weird way because its cool (now dont come after me)
skoxx. Hace 8 horas
Most of the time it don't
Bird Girl
Bird Girl Hace 11 horas
Almost at five minutes... I ain't watching a guy bs for the next 10 minutes who doesn't get that people just like to mess around with the tech we have. Y'all know what? We just entirely stop messing around 👀 who needs opportunities to discover new stuff anyway.
Callisto64 Hace 11 horas
where tf is this jesus blessed mans discord
Hobo_Shuruken Hace 11 horas
I agree for the most part, but artistic intent isn't really more important than the viewer's appreciation. Interpretation and intent bring different things in their own rights. Intent can carry messages and emotions through the medium, but will often not be received as intended. But, those interpretations often spur more interest and value from the work than it had with just the one value. Art is subjective. The relationship between viewers and creators is more like a two-way street with custom made tarot cards than anything else. Every interpretation brings something different whether or not it is what the reader had in mind. Sure we can analyze the works and try to hone in on the intent, and sometimes they are outright told to us and don't need to unravel the clutter of the art's communication. That's great, and is awesome to see where the creator was coming from and what they intended. But it is just that: intention. That does not mean it is always fruition. Sometimes you'll get jokes that are appreciated as serious works like Robert Frost's poem about the two paths, sometimes you'll find people that like the well-done steak because dammit it's their well-done steak and it speaks to them. The chef made the meal, and the flavors taste different on every tongue. The recipe is not wrong for that, but the customer shouldn't be told their tongue is wrong for not appreciating or noticing the bitter notes. This is the existence of subjectivity in art. Interpretation is key, and the lock opens for both creator and viewer even though they've got differing keys. Should this not be followed, well, who's to say is at fault? "The creator could have made the message more clear! Write it down if you have to! How inept are you at conveying those intended emotions!?" "Well, you simply don't understand my work! A shallow analysis and an even shallower mind are all you bring to the table!" Now repeat this arguement for roughly the end of time. Or, we can appreciate the variety birthed by the differences. Gourmet and fast food both have their place, and are respectable, each for their own tastes.
Solv Hace 5 horas
Valid point. In my eyes, art is this yin yang between expression and interpretation; a beautiful balance of what the creator is putting into it, and what the viewer gets out of it. When I write, I'm pouring my emotions into the story, and when it's good, I'm able to convey the emotions I put into it 90% of the time, even if there are varying interpretations. At the same time however, it can be insulting to an artist when they pour a lot into a piece; for example: if someone paint's a rainy alley way- as a result of a depression from a passing of a family member- and a viewer says that they really enjoyed how the artist captured the effects of climate change or something, yeah that can be a bit insulting.
roki balaboa
roki balaboa Hace 11 horas
People who are like: oh my gooood 60 fps animatnion mmm yeees, are the people who watch a video of a dude reading a book they wanted to read. In silence
Gëret Hace 12 horas
I would use this technology just for making scenes that need a boost in beauty, but if i need to make for example a fight scene, nope, everything handmade
The Warframe Experiences
Love the video but the ending gave me a heart attack
TheRandom Player
TheRandom Player Hace 12 horas
*idc i just think it looks better :)*
FIDreams Hace 12 horas
I gave up trying to please the ESvid algorithm deity. I’ve just let my channel die.
Mikołaj Zeman
Mikołaj Zeman Hace 12 horas
you frickn scared me at the end you little shiiii
king gruk
king gruk Hace 12 horas
F u for this particular timestamp 14:06 other than that, good vids c:
Certified Gamer
Certified Gamer Hace 12 horas
In certain games, (like online multiplayer) extra frames COULD make it easier to see whats happening on screen and to have better reaction times (like in a shooter game).
Caught in 4k
Caught in 4k Hace 13 horas
Was really immersed then right at the end jump scared by a mf robot doing the kool-aid man wall smash *oh yea*
Haya Buzon
Haya Buzon Hace 13 horas
Not 60 fps, shit vid
Tobías Chaparro
Tobías Chaparro Hace 13 horas
Tbh I just watch some of them cause they are interesting, I never thought they looked better, and never thought that was those vids were claiming.
Mr.BigDaddy Hace 13 horas
iDc I jUsT tHiNk It LoOkS bEtTer :::)))))
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