So I Coded Pacman In Minecraft...

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Pacman in Minecraft, I coded it so that the entire game of Pacman / Pac-Man, an old time classic, is now in vanilla minecraft (I used a plugin/mod on the server). with this plugin I messed with my friends and their reaction was HILARIOUS. I really hope you enjoy this video, I loved making it, was a ton of fun!


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29 abr 2022






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Fundy Hace 3 meses
LET ME KNOW IF I SHOULD MESS WITH MORE ESvidRS also subscribe otherwise you will miss the next video :))
Daria Ghazvinain
Daria Ghazvinain Hace 4 horas
You should
Alqimnq Khalid
Alqimnq Khalid Hace 2 días
@Wali-TNT ayo brother
XiX_Mega_W Hace 6 días
imagine a let's game it out X Fundy collab.
Winners not losers
Winners not losers Hace 10 días
@Sunny king At least somebody knows
Sunny king
Sunny king Hace 10 días
@Winners not losers yeah it just a good pop up DOWNLOaD HOnEY!
OwO Hace 3 meses
It's pretty sad that another great character like pac-man let himself down by overdosing with pills.
Aadil Aamer Usman
Aadil Aamer Usman Hace 12 días
we meet again..
PartyPooper Jr.
PartyPooper Jr. Hace 13 días
sr s
sr s Hace 19 días
@1one shut
sr s
sr s Hace 19 días
@Volttheprotogen no hes THE COMMENTER
AverageDillzer Hace 24 días
holy crap they're back
Leo_V82 Hace 2 meses
The fact that Philza was the only one who managed to survive a hit from Pac-man and was the last one to die proves that the man is unable to die
Odrit Lila
Odrit Lila Hace 18 días
Hes taking technos legacy
Sporecat Insectivore
Sporecat Insectivore Hace 29 días
he probably beat the game while fundy was setting him up
Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta Hace un mes
@citylights and the glitch
citylights Hace 2 meses
or the end void
Was Z1ppyt0n
Was Z1ppyt0n Hace 2 meses
And against a baby zombie
TheHeroBrain Hace 2 meses
As a command creator myself, I love that you post your whole process to your viewers, instead of just reviewing the finished product
Aries1502 Hace 2 meses
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how well Fundy does the sponsored segments!! Great work, love your vids keep it up!!
Nugs Hace 24 días
@Aries1502 oh, okay
Aries1502 Hace 24 días
@Nugs No, I'm still amazed at how Fundy codes (and forever will be), but its also really hard to sponsor a brand well!
Nugs Hace 25 días
The sponsored part is what impresses you but not the main focus?
Aries1502 Hace 2 meses
@wuoi zuiu Ikr?!
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu Hace 2 meses
Dude the amount of time this must have taken. Honestly insane amount of coding right here
mikoy huio
mikoy huio Hace 3 meses
Dude the amount of time this must have taken. Honestly insane amount of coding right here
super robloxer
super robloxer Hace 3 meses
"I'm gonna invite some kid-friendly ESvidrs" Phil: swears at the first given chance
Tulip M
Tulip M Hace 18 días
Wadzee's the only kid-friendly one of them
BaconLord_YT Hace 20 días
*Sigh* *Fundy o' Fundy.*
SiohSix Hace 26 días
Family friendly Phil and eret: F*CK
Games with peachcord
I was about to say something similar to that
chlochlo6112 Hace un mes
@ohgodohnothebees hahaha suffer
AWeirdLisa Hace 2 meses
Immediately watched this video after the Tetris one despite having seen it already, simply because I wanted you to have the ad revenue because I have no words for how fucking cool these videos are and how much I respect the effort you put into them, fucking great work dude
Liu Jun
Liu Jun Hace 25 días
ur watching his videos so he can make money? ok sure
Liu Jun
Liu Jun Hace 25 días
bro chill with the swears
AmethystNight Hace 3 meses
I wish, like, every day for us was a week for you because your content is so good and I wish you could put out more stuff like this cause it's amazing! However I understand things like this take time with how much problem solving must go into this. It just comes down to wishing there was more time in the day to get things done/wishing online communities weren't so pressuring and critical. Anyways, can't wait to see what you do next! Everything you do is always a lot of fun!
ItsLily Hace 2 horas
Eret's and Phil's reaction is absolute gold
Minecraft Lore
Minecraft Lore Hace 3 meses
Let's just appreciate how much effort he puts into the videos. Keep it up!
AliWasHere 666
AliWasHere 666 Hace 3 meses
“there’s a slight difference but it’s such a huge difference” *-Fundy 2022*
Kat the cat
Kat the cat Hace 2 meses
I saw this while he said that
L H Hace 3 meses
@ Mishan 🅥 . You and your 0 uploads mhm definitely
Scar Predator
Scar Predator Hace 3 meses
@ Mishan 🅥 . I doubt it.
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins Hace 4 días
Nice work, dude, and major respect for making all this, and making it WORK, in two bloody days. Major respect, and kudos all around!
hoh Hace un mes
For moving otther entities from far away I recommend using invisible minecarts and a datapack for detecting movement in the minecart
John Wolf
John Wolf Hace 2 meses
Hey fundy, i have an idea! If instead of buttons spawning the drops, you just make the drops fly and when the player collects, it just automatically disappears from your inventory, making an note hit sound. And for pacman, when he's 10 blocks away from you, an scary note get louder and louder the longer he gets closer to you. Does that sound cool?
Speakercouch Hace un mes
I like how you make your creations immersive like for tetris you made it so that 1 person is in the stage and tries not to get squished, and like here one person is in the stage running away from pac-man, it's really cool keep it up!
QWOP28 Hace 3 meses
An interesting balance you could've had to Pac-Man, is he normally moves about as fast as say a Player Run, maybe slower. But once the player is in front of them, no matter the distance, Pac-Man just BOOKS IT. I think that's be a really interesting premise and could've maybe even had the players think differently when playing.
Fuery Hace 26 días
LizterZapZap Hace 27 días
Rania Hace 3 meses
@V1nce army member pfff
Rania Hace 3 meses
This sounds terrifying
Lavender •
Lavender • Hace 3 meses
YEAAAH it'd be rlly cool
MannyBot -DEAF-
MannyBot -DEAF- Hace un mes
WadZee: _"I feel like the AI on this thing is not that smart right?"_ In Fundy's Head: _"You calling me stupid bro?"_ Hilarious Wadzee commentary aside, this is brilliant!! Though I though it was kind of funny that while trying to make packman work, it looked like you were coding a massive horror version snake 😂
Zb Hace 27 días
The fact that Eret was STREAMING this makes it so much better.
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin Hace 2 meses
Fundy:codes for hours Pac-Man:I’m a monster Fundy:instant regret
Orion Freeze
Orion Freeze Hace un mes
I love how he calls eret and phil family friendly
PlywoodPants Hace 3 meses
First coding videos: “This took me months” Nowadays: *codes not only a whole ass game out of boredom but also makes fun strange ideas come to life such as Pac-Man and snake* “Uh I started yesterday and I’m finished now uhhh enjoy”
Adrian Thomas
Adrian Thomas Hace un mes
@Fundy I know this is (hopefully) a joke but… Please get sleep.
Lemon Hace un mes
@haoqw 69 coffees
BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT
@Do not read my profile pic Ⓥ rickroll
BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT
@Fundy or, in other damn words, *insomianic demon:)*
BeDeadGray48 or FiipinoYT
@Fundy a.k.a. Mobile Drowsiness
K Finn
K Finn Hace un mes
If I was watching his videos at 4 A.M. again and again, then you know his content and videos are *really* good.
Gapple173 Hace 21 un día
Fundy's laugh is the most contagious thing in existence
Trash Artist
Trash Artist Hace 2 meses
I was so nervous that this would be a Clickbait video because of the thumbnail, and when I found out that that’s what you actually coded Pac-Man to look like in the game I was so happy lmaooo
aaa e
aaa e Hace 3 meses
The most scary part about that Pacman is that he's just *menacingly* roams around the map, jumping on you from corners
Pixelcraftian Hace 3 meses
certainly did not expect pac-man to be spooky in a fundy video, but it's an amazing and hilarious result LMAOO, awesome video :D
@Mishan 🅥 💀
rogue nightmare
rogue nightmare Hace 15 días
@Mishan 🅥 bot
ronik7102 Hace 16 días
@yoyo debes have you ever heard of the arcade games roof
ronik7102 Hace 16 días
terminalmontage pacman swapped
The Real Floppa
The Real Floppa Hace 16 días
43 lamo
cece Hace 2 meses
i keep forgetting that phil isn't actually that old... we always say he's so old that it gives me whiplash whenever he mentions his actual age/birth year LMFAO
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 2 meses
This is really clever! Always fun to see what people are coming up with inside of Minecraft.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 2 meses
making an note hit sound. And for pacman, when he's 10 blocks away from you, an scary note get louder and louder the longer he gets closer to you. Does that sound cool?
Jessica Reneé
Jessica Reneé Hace 3 meses
The Eret: collecting yellow dots Pac-Man: I'm about to end this man's whole career
marek pycha
marek pycha Hace 2 meses
philza: the fog is kinda creepy pac-man:allow me to introduce myself
a cloud of curls
a cloud of curls Hace 3 meses
I love how the people Fundy invited reacted so differently Phil is having Hardcore Minecraft flashbacks, Eret answers to everything like that "And I took that personally" meme and Wazdee just. screams in lower caps and moves on.
Kirby With Legs
Kirby With Legs Hace 3 meses
"I love how everyone that fundy invited has personality"
A tired Weeb
A tired Weeb Hace 3 meses
Phil having 'Nam flashbacks lmao😂😂
F1shy.1d10t Hace 3 meses
"Lover caps"
Markmatterz Hace 3 meses
@Trust Mikhail u got me gud
TerminalMadness Hace 3 meses
@Trust Mikhail i was gonna say that
Kai Woo
Kai Woo Hace 2 meses
This is why I subscribed to you. Your chaos is brilliant and amazing.
The Little Moth
The Little Moth Hace 2 meses
Pressure plates rather than item drops would have worked better , like whenever you triggered one you get it in inv but it was still a awesome vid
Annie L
Annie L Hace 2 meses
I think Philza's entire career can be summarized by "You SURVIVED?? HOW"
Seansational Hace un mes
"I'm gonna invite some family-friendly youtubers" Philza: *HOLY SHIT*
CH J Hace 3 meses
Lots of respect to Fundy for coding such an intricate game into Minecraft, it must have taken a lot of hard work!
Enzo Navarro
Enzo Navarro Hace 3 meses
The newest horror game in Minecraft
Atusason43 Hace 3 meses
i saw the likes was 999 so i clicked like and now its 1k!
Florian Hace 3 meses
Took me 5 hours
Neo Ronin
Neo Ronin Hace 3 meses
469 likes. Nice
MD5 Gaming
MD5 Gaming Hace 3 meses
Very cool!
HeroDynamight Hace un mes
so glad i didn't watch this earlier, I'm having a rough night and came across this, hope it cheers me up
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hace 2 meses
WadZee: "I feel like the AI on that thing is not that smart right?" Fundy: "And I took that personally"
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Hace 2 meses
What about you make ping
JustChi1lin Hace 2 meses
should have made it so the gold dots which pacman eats are player heads. would have given it a nice touch.
Ben Hace 3 meses
If the player got invisibility and then a glow affect once every 10 seconds or so this would be an amazing game
JAMstinky Hace 3 meses
As a programmer with a few years of experience, I can confirm that it is like a holiday when a program (usually a complex one) works first try
colxv Hace 29 días
Man coding sounds confusing
Cliff Y
Cliff Y Hace un mes
As a programmer, i can confirm that these scenarios dont exist
blank blank
blank blank Hace 3 meses
even better is when its a uni project due in the morning and you spaghetti code the whole thing in a night without testing, run it and it works. Feels like you've violated the laws of the universe
among us but not among us with the "us" word sus
Once I wasted 7hr.s of my life trying to find a bug in my game but found none I still can't believe how I did no mistake while making it
JAMstinky Hace 3 meses
@Sudden Eevee indeed, lol
billy johansen
billy johansen Hace 3 meses
You gotta make it so the side walls are portals that take you to the other side like in actual pacman!
Nugget Hace 3 meses
This entire vid is better than the official pacman pack lol. Good job on another banger video fundy!
SupItsTaco Hace 3 meses
This version of Pacman will haunt me for the rest of my existence.
LocalMemeyDuck Hace 2 meses
I can imagine this being an actual mini-game
Gamma Ikazune
Gamma Ikazune Hace 3 meses
WadZee: "I feel like the AI on that thing is not that smart right?" Fundy: "And I took that personally"
woahh_ Hace 3 meses
@ Mishan 🅥 . no.
。小绿苦力怕 Hace 3 meses
destruction 100
a random gamer
a random gamer Hace 3 meses
@ Mishan 🅥 . we do not care
jared 2
jared 2 Hace 3 meses
@Don't read profile photo okay, i wont!
jared 2
jared 2 Hace 3 meses
@ Mishan 🅥 . avesome
DarkStudioUltra Hace 2 meses
10:31 "I feel like the AI on this thing isn't that smart, right? *karma at its fullest*
Katrina McAuley
Katrina McAuley Hace un mes
That oak log at the beginning is basically scaffold hacks 😂
S7ven Hace 3 meses
I JUST got done making a Pac-Man map recently! 😂 Great minds think alike, I guess! (Great vid aswell!)
Complementary_Milk Hace 2 meses
6:54 I can’t be the only one who laughed of fear when Pac-Man just stared to the screen lmao
Bee Draws
Bee Draws Hace 3 meses
Fundy: **invites some 'kid friendly' youtubers** Eret and Phil: **swears at any chance they both get**
dacaik Hace 3 meses
Ah yes the classic kid friendly youtubers they sorta failed to make parents to trust them if their kids watch fundy
Ellie Nugent
Ellie Nugent Hace 3 meses
But I can relate. So would I. As this is completely blind so imagine how scary-
Ellie Nugent
Ellie Nugent Hace 3 meses
Also: *Screams and Swears any chance they get scared*
MOBGabriel Hace 2 meses
"i feel like the AI is not smart in this one" Fundy:so you have been chose death
Metal Can
Metal Can Hace 3 meses
theres also a red stone mod where you can stick the blocks together so you only need to move Pac-Man with one block
Leah Gast
Leah Gast Hace un mes
I'm shocked how Fundy can code a hole entire game to minecraft
vybrthgaming Hace un mes
You should make this a online sever so other people could play this together
Music Lore
Music Lore Hace 3 meses
The fact that you coded an entire arcade game into a simple block game made eleven years ago just proves my point that you're one of the best youtubers on the platform. You make the videos fun while involving coding and although that's pretty boring, you make each video enjoyable and that's just your charm. Great work, Fundy
Josef A.
Josef A. Hace 3 meses
@NotUrProfile Insanely what?
TeamMINE Hace 3 meses
@Josef A. Chill
NotUrProfile Hace 3 meses
@Josef A. fifth, its been being updated for a long long long time, meaning coding support is insane.
hawker ort
hawker ort Hace 3 meses
@Josef A. don't forget that a Pac-man game mode already exists. it came out to celebrate when he turned 40
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Hace 3 meses
5:18 anyone else getting flashbacks to when Fundy coded Snake?
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace 3 meses
5:18 anyone else getting flashbacks to when Fundy coded Snake?
EarmuffStar Hace 2 meses
ah yes, philza.. the most family friendly youtuber
SlippPlays Hace un mes
Alright, now I know how Victor Frankenstein felt after he created the creature…
Mogi Hace 3 meses
That has to be the most horrifying pacman i've ever seen love it!
carl wheezer
carl wheezer Hace 3 meses
Man speaking facts
Thor Nordgren
Thor Nordgren Hace 3 meses
its not really that scary
TerminalMadness Hace 3 meses
Very scary pacman
_Anita_. Hace 3 meses
Sasquatch Films
Sasquatch Films Hace 3 meses
Idea: go onto the coding website, then blindly type random numbers and see what happens
JOE Hace 2 meses
I like how Fundy say "family friendly ", and show Philza. no dude, he is definitely NOT 😂
Juarez Serna Joshua
Juarez Serna Joshua Hace 3 meses
How can you make this? I mean the code, I know it's in Java but what things or what variables should be used to make it work?
in order to make the other (pac men) to disappear you need to put backround in the function
Nuxali Hace 3 meses
Fundy somehow manages to make everything he codes absolutely terrifying
Enigmatic 2
Enigmatic 2 Hace 3 meses
For the first time, I was actually scared as I laugh
Assain Wolf
Assain Wolf Hace 3 meses
I got a heart attack
xXAbyssPVPXx Hace 3 meses
Yes so true
AimerH1ts Hace 3 meses
The funniest part of these videos is always when he annoys other youtubers!!
juanito guzman
juanito guzman Hace 2 meses
Dude imagine this but with the darkness effect instead of mist it would be way more terrifying
Donut Hace 2 meses
fundy im glad your uploading more keep going i love your work and you always make my day
Pappyphatsax Hace 2 meses
Ok here me out, for hard mode make it to where the person running from pacman has the darkness effect.
Prisma Gaming
Prisma Gaming Hace 3 meses
This is by far Fundy’s most insanest and also scariest coding ever!
hundredLeech Hace 3 meses
"most insanest"
Cuileth Hace 3 meses
Agreed, that one is way worse in regards of creepiness
Mitoroskokoro S
Mitoroskokoro S Hace 3 meses
Wait until you see the "spooky mode"
 Mishan 🅥             .
Mishan 🅥 . Hace 3 meses
Echo The Fox
Echo The Fox Hace 3 meses
Fundy turning old classic game into my new favorite version.
Raspberry Fox
Raspberry Fox Hace 2 meses
Ironically enough there IS a pacman pack with on xbox. Its more texture with some changes but still, worth noting.
Enenity Scripting
Enenity Scripting Hace 2 meses
8:14 as a programmer i can relate to that
Doodle Peyton
Doodle Peyton Hace 23 días
Fundy's laugh will always get me.
Juicy mango
Juicy mango Hace 2 meses
Fundys gotta sell these mods mods. It could be a second form of income and the people will love it.
Nice Hace 3 meses
Can We Appreciate That He Uploads For Us Everyday?
idk Hace 3 meses
Here's an idea for you... make an impossible yo escape super max prision on the hardest difficulty game mode you have made and take advantage of how hard it is and use that to help you keep the prisoner in the prision eg you could use intense hunger to keep killing them before they have a chance to break a block and put the bed somewhere they can't get to/ reach
SenicTheHodgeHeg Hace 16 días
Gave me a heart attack when he was testing how it looked in 3rd person 😵
A Goat
A Goat Hace 3 meses
I loved this video! Poor Phil lmao. Eret and Wadzee's reactions to Fundy controlling it were hilarious!
AxxL Hace 3 meses
I am being humble when I am telling you that I am the most powerful strongest coolest smartest most famous greatest funniest Y*uTub3r of all time! That's the reason I have multiple girlfriends and I show them off all the time! Bye bye ag
Sylvia Josette
Sylvia Josette Hace 3 meses
I love phil's reaction in the end HAHAHAHHAHA
Xavinoticias Hace 3 meses
Yo imagine the horror difficulty with this,it would be so scary
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Hace 3 meses
collected, instead of adding all the special stuff to fix the items while keeping them items you pickup and spawn directly
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Hace 3 meses
Do u guys remember dantdm's vid on this longggggg ago?
FBI_fan101💚 Hace 2 meses
“Family friendly ESvidrs.” Proceeds to show Ph1lza
FDHFilms Hace 2 meses
Start A Hardcore Series With Some Coded Stuff But No Coding Of Other Games
NyxRare Hace 3 meses
suggestion: instead of having their chunks really low add the latest darkness effect from the warden or maybe just blindness
Jacob Schepannek
Jacob Schepannek Hace un hora
Having blindness would be great. He could have it apply the new darkness effect for a few seconds when Pacman touches the player
dipstick Hace 2 meses
that would be even more terrifying Fundy do it
The Pan Gremlin
The Pan Gremlin Hace 3 meses
That would make it ten times scarier 💀 but it would be fun
★彡ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ saukura sanriyo  ★彡
he’s gonna code god soon
Normal Player
Normal Player Hace 3 meses
Just imagine adding blindness to the player It will be extra scary
CookieTree29 Hace 3 meses
13:05 your laugh sycned with the hearts taking damage
Gaming Legend
Gaming Legend Hace 3 meses
Pac man looks like he has an addiction on booger sugar Edit: does anyone know the name of the song in 12:00 it’s lit
ThatOneBeing Hace 3 meses
the fact that he always takes his time to do stuff like this for us viewers is honestly amazing
『 Emi :) 』
『 Emi :) 』 Hace 3 meses
I think the AI of this thing is not smart, right? -Pacman detects Wadzee and friends laugh
Trollster713 Hace 3 meses
This seems like you just only wanted to make Pac-Man but with one ghost.
InkiSquid Hace un mes
Wow. That ending. Was beautiful.
Leo C.
Leo C. Hace 3 meses
you're amazing fundy we love you so much also, so it makes it better ill hit that sub button :)
melikedaotters Hace 3 meses
I don’t think I’ll ever stop commenting on how insanely impressed I am by fundy’s coding skills. Man is INSANE with how well produced and interesting his videos are 🧡
Victoria Kwek
Victoria Kwek Hace 3 meses
@melikedaotters tis a mystery
melikedaotters Hace 3 meses
@Victoria Kwek no like why that person commented a quote from the video
Victoria Kwek
Victoria Kwek Hace 3 meses
@melikedaotters you can go back a few seconds if ur still confused about why Fundy said that
Victoria Kwek
Victoria Kwek Hace 3 meses
@melikedaotters about? What Fundy said?
melikedaotters Hace 3 meses
@Victoria Kwek 🤦🏻‍♀️ how am I STILL confused. I feel so stupid
Jonah Hart
Jonah Hart Hace 29 días
Alternate title: Fundy and his friends having a stroke for 13 minutes and 30 seconds.
Domzilla100 Green
Domzilla100 Green Hace 2 meses
Actually it makes scene that you can't outrun the pacman as Pacman's always has been faster than the ghost
Dev Rajesh
Dev Rajesh Hace 3 meses
dude i code too and i dont feel that i could do this props to you
Rebateman Hace 2 meses
Friendly reminder that there is an official Pac-Man map for Bedrock
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