So I took 4 minutes and found the WEIRDEST games...

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Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm playing...
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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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30 mar 2019






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CoryxKenshin Hace 5 meses
This in the Top 3 of weirdest videos I've ever made. *Blame the Cookie Crisp.*
Boadie Butler
Boadie Butler Hace 11 días
Is my name going to be
Jacob Toyer
Jacob Toyer Hace 13 días
Pppppp hahaahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahhhaahhaahahhah
Omgitzbre Hace 29 días
Serenax Gaming
Serenax Gaming Hace 2 meses
dinaysha walker
dinaysha walker Hace 2 meses
Rei Cinn
Rei Cinn Hace 7 horas
Why this sound like a Juicewrld song tho
Yetty Yeet
Yetty Yeet Hace 10 horas
never ever see a video of a praying mantis mating..
Zabam does a thing
Zabam does a thing Hace un día
I can imagine just freeking around with the game typing something like my nuggets are cold and seeing how the game reacts XD
Jackie and Candy
Jackie and Candy Hace 2 días
Litterally no one: Me : CORY SAID SEX!!! OMG OMg agaggagshshyeyejwoosndndjdoodkrnfbjdjdjhdhd
Xiomara Hill
Xiomara Hill Hace 2 días
11:29 when he screamed that scared the HECK outta me, man
Boda Cious
Boda Cious Hace 3 días
*lets make love* Me: Cory you beta stop.
B a s
B a s Hace 3 días
I had anxiety watching this.
Essense Nelson
Essense Nelson Hace 3 días
Do more
Khalil Gardner
Khalil Gardner Hace 3 días
Bro stop singing god dame cause you can’t shit god dame
lorn wells
lorn wells Hace 5 días
Shut up
Swyrvo Hace 9 días
Aye Cory I peeped the dead rising music 😎
Abigail Gonsalez
Abigail Gonsalez Hace 9 días
Who knew Cory x kenshin could turn into Cory x pervert
Jayjay Harris
Jayjay Harris Hace 9 días
4:31 😭😂
Canned Tuna
Canned Tuna Hace 10 días
I like watching people play games cause I dont have them and I like that he doesnt curse so thank you cory!
Kressel Shdimon
Kressel Shdimon Hace 12 días
I don't usually like gaming channels but BOYYYY...i subscribed . Good stuff.
clap them cheeks WANNA GO????
What she means when she hungry asf
Jada Fronzaglio
Jada Fronzaglio Hace 13 días
anyone watching his old vids cus he not posting :(
Jocelyn Mestas
Jocelyn Mestas Hace 11 días
*5 months
Bridorka Hace 13 días
He's not posting because he posted 100 videos in a row, and this isn't an old video, it's only from like four months ago.
Liv Alice
Liv Alice Hace 13 días
I love ur intros lmao Cory
Ja’Terra Lewis
Ja’Terra Lewis Hace 16 días
Who also was sing alongside cory
Pinkalicioustv Rye
Pinkalicioustv Rye Hace 16 días
Redstarr General Aka it’s me Xzavier
Waring contains sexual bugs
Tamesha Miller
Tamesha Miller Hace 17 días
Ravioli Is Holy
Ravioli Is Holy Hace 17 días
Oh the video is getting good Cory : yall here this music Oh god again
My name is ?
My name is ? Hace 18 días
Noel100 Munoz
Noel100 Munoz Hace 18 días
Hubert 4upek
Hubert 4upek Hace 18 días
Yo whuuhhh
The Fraternal Twins YT
Bruh corys videos would be so underrated if they was unedited He would literally be talking to a wall💀💀
Mary Ann Riso
Mary Ann Riso Hace 19 días
10:10-10:15 😂😂
Mary Ann Riso
Mary Ann Riso Hace 19 días
3:35 oh Cory 😂😂
Mary Ann Riso
Mary Ann Riso Hace 19 días
2:25 - 2:45 😂
Keyz Frazier
Keyz Frazier Hace 20 días
Corxkenshin play dragon Ball Legends
Dashay Wayman
Dashay Wayman Hace 22 días
Did you know that was the sonic drowning music?
C R E E P E R ?
C R E E P E R ? Hace 22 días
I can just imagine Cory singing then suddenly falls ( ͡ಥ ͜ʖ ͡ಥ)
BARBIE TINGZZ Hace 22 días
Why is he blueing the face out #2
Gacha_Logan Hace 23 días
Cory: *Gets scared by reflection* Me: SUCKA IM YOUNGER THEN YO- The thing that scared me on that moment was his scream tbh
Gacha_Logan Hace 23 días
*It seems we're building something* Me: Nah b let's just do- Cory: AY SUCKA DIS KID FRIENDLY
Gregory Leesmann
Gregory Leesmann Hace 24 días
Cory try breaking the fourth wall with that Prime mantis game okay I want to see what happens give you three lights
ainsley hariott
ainsley hariott Hace 25 días
These games are so wired corey
ainsley hariott
ainsley hariott Hace 25 días
How did you even these games in 4 minites bro
Kennedy's journey
Kennedy's journey Hace 25 días
Cory you are one of my favourite youtuber 's but Idk now idk
Toaster Chan owo
Toaster Chan owo Hace 25 días
Lady praying mantis: Some of my friends laugh at us... Cory: WHO!?
Cutie Breeze1
Cutie Breeze1 Hace 26 días
I'm glad ur glad. Ahhhh Kenshim oppa..😍😘😋😂
límє Hace 27 días
Cory no XD
Naomi Blackford
Naomi Blackford Hace 28 días
When is said some of our friends laugh at us and he is all like WHO?!?!?
Geneva Franklin
Geneva Franklin Hace 28 días
I'm trying to get tell you right now but all those games your can just play a APK you can get it on chrome
Ava Hopkins
Ava Hopkins Hace 28 días
Come I have your babys
Jordan Caspillan
Jordan Caspillan Hace 28 días
2019 anyone?
ItsjustMia_ Underhill
ItsjustMia_ Underhill Hace 28 días
This - was so - awkward😭
Samwise Gamgee
Samwise Gamgee Hace 29 días
Dang, who would've thought one of Cory's best bangers came from a sad praying mantis game
happy hawlucha
happy hawlucha Hace 29 días
btw the small praying mantis is the male and the big one is the female
Drippy Coverss
Drippy Coverss Hace 29 días
"it's gonna feel good at first...then I'm gonna DIEE"
Angel Films
Angel Films Hace 29 días
*I got a Roblox scam ad...*
Itz _Faith
Itz _Faith Hace 29 días
BROOO THE WHOLE VIDEO HAD ME DEADDDD.yall all kno I jumped a couple of times right?😂😂
Nemox Lopivo
Nemox Lopivo Hace un mes
This sucka hit 4 mil hasn't made a made a video and he about to hit 5 mil!!!
Gamer Havyn
Gamer Havyn Hace un mes
Roblox play Roblox
Juliann Monroe
Juliann Monroe Hace un mes
I got really into the first game you played
「yummy chyu」
「yummy chyu」 Hace un mes
6:11 When my mom looks at my history
Jaydn Crishen
Jaydn Crishen Hace un mes
Why can't those animals make love?
Brooklyn Nevarez
Brooklyn Nevarez Hace un mes
ķïåňñą vążqüēż
Coryxkenshin: y'all hear this music... jahahhalalahja😅
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