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21 mar 2018






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kunfuyy Hace 10 días
Who the fuck said CrossFit doesn't build muscle??
This is Sparta
This is Sparta Hace 17 días
Let’s settle this....They work hard af, no doubt. But the young ones deserve to know that if they start out going to the CrossFit gym doing what these guys are doing they are not going to look or perform like this. Bc they are not on the juice. I did CrossFit for years. Worked my ass off. CrossFit does not build this kinda body. All of these guys have done steroids. If you say they haven’t you are a fuckin dipshit. And yes, they also do basic functional strength training on top of CrossFit, although it is included in CrossFit.
Emil Kennås
Emil Kennås Hace un mes
What’s the songs name?
Blinded Wrath
Blinded Wrath Hace un mes
These guys could had been doing actual workouts and have a way better physique but they decide to do CrossFit and have crappy physiques
Curtis Hace un mes
I mean CrossFit is great and all but these guys are also all genetic freaks
Marcia Steupid
Marcia Steupid Hace un mes
Nobody ever said steroids... I mean CrossFit don’t build muscle
Black Shark knight
Black Shark knight Hace un mes
Challenge, go in your local CrossFit gym, then tell me why most members are fat!?! Strong, but I know people who been doing CrossFit for 2 years and they look the same. Overweight!
1080sucks Hace un mes
all the dicks blaming roids for there own incompetencies & self loathing. Why not just grow a pair & do the work?
smash o
smash o Hace un mes
Who’s the dude with the moustache?
Maximo Solano
Maximo Solano Hace un mes
Josh bridges, he used to be a seal. Hes a beast
absurdpizza 7818
absurdpizza 7818 Hace un mes
Yeah no one says that but in other lifting sports we don't look like fools and hurt ourselves nears as much
Adam Łazarczyk
Adam Łazarczyk Hace un mes
Can someone send me the link for video in 1:28?
921ster Hace 2 meses
Crossfit builds muscle, but I would say it isn’t for everyone. The power moves are good, but the older you get the harder it is on the body. I think CrossFit is more for intense people that push themselves past limits that not everyone can go.
graiant Hace 2 meses
they tren hard and eat clen too
joe louden
joe louden Hace 2 meses
I just lift in a huge variety of ways. I don't worry about whether I'm doing bodybuilding, Crossfit, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, calisthenics, etc. Strength training is strength training, period.
I Pee Nuts
I Pee Nuts Hace 2 meses
CrossFit Pull-ups 😂
Black Death Gamers
Black Death Gamers Hace 2 meses
whats up with them dude
Igor Begovic
Igor Begovic Hace 2 meses
What organization is doing ped testing in crossfit?
Marc Assin
Marc Assin Hace 2 meses
Who's the Guy with the Big mustache please ?
Marc Assin
Marc Assin Hace 2 meses
@VenelinLichev thank you sir!
VenelinLichev Hace 2 meses
Josh Bridges
Dillon Hurles
Dillon Hurles Hace 2 meses
CrossFit is stupid as fuck
Joshua Mguy
Joshua Mguy Hace 2 meses
WTF is that weird looking flying fish on the pull up bar and the rings?
Mamawia Lianhna
Mamawia Lianhna Hace 2 meses
The song is played in every gym all around the world
Pica Pau
Pica Pau Hace 2 meses
Protein tera baap dega
Mike G
Mike G Hace 2 meses
Edd RH
Edd RH Hace 2 meses
We think CrossFit is all about reps, no doubt the people are fit, but god damn are the reps ridiculous
Alex Maya
Alex Maya Hace 2 meses
This video should be called "so you think roids can't build muscle"
Black Death Gamers
Black Death Gamers Hace 2 meses
well thats a funny one
TakaTaka Hace 2 meses
100% on roids.
Random strongman clip
crossfit is gae
GustavoALV Hace 3 meses
Crossfit alone is a hard gain game, but its a perfect way to track how good your body are
Dinesh Pandian S
Dinesh Pandian S Hace 3 meses
Every physical movement produces stress on the muscles. Hence, muscle building is all about diet. The more stress on muscles with high protein and enough assist in building muscles. Genetics plays a part too. However, hard work outplays genetics.
Dan the Man
Dan the Man Hace 3 meses
When good genetics are combined with hard work then you’re fucked tho
Jupiter Macron
Jupiter Macron Hace 3 meses
Crossfit does not, steroids do.
Paul Matteschk
Paul Matteschk Hace 3 meses
i can achieve this
hawkbabby Hace 4 meses
Matt West
Matt West Hace 4 meses
Does crossfit build muscle? Of course. Do other methods of lifting build muscles faster? YES Are athletes more likely to be injured doing crossfit? YES Does taking 600mg of Test each week build muscles? YES Videos like this are ridiculous. No one claims that crossfit doesn't build muscles. We just claim that it is an inefficient and often harmful way to build muscles. Also, almost all of the elite crossfit athletes have a weight lifting background and are on steroids. The ONLY way someone can lift hard for 5 hours a day is by taking PEDS. Period.
NOB Hace 4 meses
Steroïds my friends steroïds
Vincent Belicot
Vincent Belicot Hace 4 meses
Juice. ❤️
watch collection
watch collection Hace 4 meses
Lex Boogie
Lex Boogie Hace 4 meses
This song sucks balls.
Cire XVIII Hace 4 meses
Haha, this dude at 1:10 dumped boiling water on his back to simulate an aura of power like he is about to *One Snap* his joints and cartilage.
William Canepa
William Canepa Hace 4 meses
Cire XVIII negative, this happens when you just worked your ass off, and its cold outside, your body will be steaming the air around you.
Mazud azhari
Mazud azhari Hace 4 meses
crosfit is the best.
Michele Grosso
Michele Grosso Hace 4 meses
Sorry but these are elite athletes and they workout once or more at days heavy , a regular guy don't grow like they
Kevin Bokk
Kevin Bokk Hace 4 meses
Das sind richtige Männer im Gegensatz zu unseren discopumper haha
MrIt83 Hace 4 meses
...streoids build muscles
L. J P
L. J P Hace 4 meses
Oh great Crossfit builds muscles who gives a fuxj they still kip like cubts
Sane Sanny
Sane Sanny Hace 5 meses
Freaking Silverbacks of fitness
zalko 70
zalko 70 Hace 5 meses
Looks like the hobbit Olympics
Kalash Operator
Kalash Operator Hace 5 meses
Apparently, CrossFitters think walking on their hands is “functional movement” in everyday life. When the fuck are you going to need to walk on your hands in real everyday lift?
Robert Magier
Robert Magier Hace 6 meses
It is not enough to just do WODs to get stronger. You need to plan seperate sessions to build strength and make sure you have good technique.
Lil Church boi
Lil Church boi Hace 6 meses
People who say CrossFit doesn’t build muscle are just made because they can’t afford the membership.
Kalash Operator
Kalash Operator Hace 5 meses
Plus, my health club is $2350 a year
Kalash Operator
Kalash Operator Hace 5 meses
I can afford it, but I’m trying to stay in the gym. Not outside the gym from injuries
Nikolay Kosev
Nikolay Kosev Hace 6 meses
wheres khalipa ...
triggerrick Hace 6 meses
So you think crossfit doesn't destroy your back and joints from dumb ass form?
Anthony BadNade
Anthony BadNade Hace 6 meses
lol this comment section is so toxic.. Does crossfit build muscle? yeah it does Does bodybuilding build muscle? yes ofc What builds more muscle? well bodybuilding ofc The only reason i stepped over from bodybuilding to crossfit is so i can train my conditioning, dont wanna be that big guy that cant run 2 miles... Both sports use roids who the fck cares who uses or who uses not? But if you go crossfit pick a gym where they watch your form with the lifts...
triggerrick Hace 5 meses
@P3RK4N I hate guys like you that think people aren't capable of having an opinion on something after trying it and pointing out the problems of said subject 1)crossfit tried to reinvent the wheel supersets, trisets, quadsets, etc etc. Have been around since the beginning of bodybuilding all crossfir did was change the name 2)crossfit isn't the only thing that can bring your pulse to 200, there are tons of cardio that can do that, like I said you cant reinvent the wheel. 3) compare all the injuries from crossfit to bodybuilding, there has never been 1 person in bodybuilding to sever his spine during a lift due to bad form 4) compare the attendance and people watching at home to the crossfit games and mr Olympia Crossfit is for soccer moms and for people who cant really lift and find ways to cheat a lift like kipping every single lift they do
suraj rajput
suraj rajput Hace 5 meses
@P3RK4N wtf is this pulsing shit , if u want cardio do HIIT or any other stuff but do it properly not in this injury prone crossshit.
Kalash Operator
Kalash Operator Hace 5 meses
You are probably fat while calling yourself a bodybuilder. I know of guys in my gym that competes in over a dozen shows that runs more than 2 miles regularly. Shit, I run 4 miles every other day. 2 miles in sub 13 is my best so far
P3RK4N Hace 6 meses
@triggerrick i hate guys like you, never tried it and saw other people shitting about it so you joined the hate train. 1) chin ups with kipping? The rule is to bring the CHIN ABOVE BAR, and when your pulse is 200 you really want to conserve that energy to endure till the end. While bodybuilding didnt even hear about cardio, did your pulse like ever reached 100? 2) you can have the most perfect forms in lifts, but when you are 200 on pulse and near collapsing and blackout, you forget everything. Go on 1 day to crossfit and do WOD
triggerrick Hace 6 meses
Pick a crossfit gym that watches your form? You must still believe in Santa and the Easter bunny.
Janderick Gonzalez
Janderick Gonzalez Hace 6 meses
It builds muscle....but they bodies are not aesthetic...they look quaters ...and some are not propotional...i love crossfit but i prefer an aesthetic body and lifestyle
lewarrior1 Hace 7 meses
Just watched 4 minutes of dog shit form
Emilio C.
Emilio C. Hace 7 meses
Those guys are juicing lol.
Emilio C.
Emilio C. Hace 7 meses
I beg to differ. www.t-nation.com/powerful-words/crossfit-and-steroids
Mathew Quested
Mathew Quested Hace 7 meses
Rich Froning, Matt Fraser and Josh Bridges, the 3 biggest names featured in this video, all 3 have won the title fittest man on earth, Rich Froning was named fittest man in history, and Matt Fraser is catching his tail for that title. None of these athletes have ever tested positive for a banned substance, seeming as they do get tested at random times during the year and get tested while at the CrossFit games. Hence why Ricky Gerrard who placed 3rd at the 2017 CrossFit games lost that title when after the games his results had shown positive for 2 banned substances. These guys are clean.
Manuj Madan
Manuj Madan Hace 7 meses
No way theyre natural. None of the pros are ffs
Jota Hace 7 meses
*Rafa martin 2.0 o que xd*
Caleb Barmes
Caleb Barmes Hace 7 meses
These are the top guys in CrossFit, and they also don’t just exclusively do CrossFit. So these guys are outliers, they are the top of the sport so they’re of course in top condition and have great muscle development.CrossFit is great, but not optimal for building muscle
999momak Hace 8 meses
i shit on the faggs in this video. This faggs will die at age of 65 from being too fat fucks. Bulking up like retards too look big. What happens when you stop exercsing bitch? you re a fat fuck in 2 months! Do cardio and live forever and bulk little from time to time. Bulking just fucks up your tendons, ligaments, joints and excesive weight you carry fucks up your knees. Dont be a retard like this guys in video. Dont be complexed douche bag that has no self esteem so he needs to be bulked to have any confidence. Confidence gives you life goals and you can do some martial arts. Martial arts stay forever with you but gains come and go
Jamey Jenkins
Jamey Jenkins Hace 8 meses
All of you losers saying steroids is in Crossfit need to get off of the couch and get in a gym. With y'alls dadbod lookin, flamin hot cheetoh smellin asses!
Digo Android
Digo Android Hace 8 meses
Nobody said you cant build muscle with crossfit! Problem with this vid is that you know these guys do more than "just crossfitting" and consuming more stuff than just "whey protein" lets keep it real
Kalash Operator
Kalash Operator Hace 8 meses
I’ve visited my local CrossFit gym twice because a friend invited me. Nobody at the CrossFit gym even looks like they come close to lifting. They had me running 100 meter splints in between deadlift sets and box jumps. My friend still does CrossFit. We been lifting the same amount of time. The difference is that I look like I lift. He doesn’t even come close to looking like he lifts, and my body fat percentage is low enough to see abs and the V line. He doesn’t have abs or come close to having abs. Basically he wasted his fucking money to join a cult where he claims “it transformed his body.” Congrats, he lost a little bit of his man boobs but still has them 😂
PR TJ Hace 8 meses
I still think CrossFit is gay as fck and doesn’t help at all with building muscle
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