Someone Remade My Minecraft Castle

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All people want are Minecraft memes!
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Sheri Holder
Sheri Holder Hace 14 horas
Sooooooooooooo cool
non existent
non existent Hace un día
Update as of August 6th, 2020 8:34pm When you search up Finbar, as of now, Jack's horse in the sixth result.
MegaMGstudios Hace 4 días
Jack can't interview Keanu, their combined humbleness in one video will create a black hole that will consume the entire universe
Warren Pitts
Warren Pitts Hace 6 días
Petition for jack to do skyblock with pewds
bill stevens
bill stevens Hace 7 días
The first thing I thought when he said that he made lord farquads castle was, "E"
Ramina Stone
Ramina Stone Hace 7 días
I was walking to the kitchen to get food with my earbud in and listening to this with my phone in my pocket, and then I hear “This is Minecraft. It’s a peaceful murder game.” My poor mom thought I died.
TheNewsChannle Hace 12 días
elf ears
Mason2ou Markud
Mason2ou Markud Hace 13 días
Menno van der Pol
Menno van der Pol Hace 13 días
im dutch and 1,80 m
Furry77 Hace 19 días
My friend: look at Lord Farquaad’s castle and jacks castle Me: there the same picture
harambe Hace 19 días
Vgg Fyy
Vgg Fyy Hace 22 días
Eylfarian Hace 23 días
My step mom is dutch and all her family members are s h o r t so I call bs
Pizza man Pizza man
Pizza man Pizza man Hace 23 días
Jack grow a ponie tail
DemonicWolf Games
DemonicWolf Games Hace 23 días
Don't worry Jack we still love your castle also make a creative map please
Lord Aniolist
Lord Aniolist Hace 23 días
I made cube houses until I understood the power of stairs, slabs, and wall/fences. Now I'm making a small city and my friend's pirate ship. ........I have Minecraft dreams now....... 0_0
Gogeta Hace 25 días
It’s nice to see jack appreciating the Netherlands because I’m Dutch 🇳🇱
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen Hace 25 días
Wait what I fart 🇨🇮 jack. Actually it’s like this🇮🇪
Seán come back, We miss you!
Maiden of Many Names
Maiden of Many Names Hace 27 días
Who else has noticed that to this day of July 11th 2020 that the Finbar wiki still stands strong
Colby Baker
Colby Baker Hace 29 días
Jack I dare you to make a new world and look for a nether portal and live in the nether
christian balaoro
christian balaoro Hace un mes
rewatching this video 2020 i hope jack play minecraft again
Rico Johnstone
Rico Johnstone Hace un mes
If you wanna look for very good memes watch memenade videos they are better
Yoran Vierbergen
Yoran Vierbergen Hace un mes
Jack: Dutch people are scary! Me: *just minding my own business eating cheese and Bread with chocolade sprinkels on my bike* (yes i am dutch)
after watching the Shadow Warrior 3 reveal, I can't unhear the background music from it in this video.
Stripped Bacon
Stripped Bacon Hace un mes
Envision this "Enchanted Diamond armor Chad Septiceye" that's worth at least a million views
Kelby Bogard
Kelby Bogard Hace un mes
Who knew a horse can have its own Wikipedia page?
Hudson Irwin
Hudson Irwin Hace un mes
It took trixie blocks like 45 min to re-do the castle
Troubled Pawz
Troubled Pawz Hace un mes
XD I was just scrolling down ESvid what to watch then my cat walks in and presses a button then I’m on this
Gary Fulgar
Gary Fulgar Hace un mes
in one of the episodes he enchants a pickaxe WITH CURSE OF VANISHING
ThePickle Hace un mes
this video was made on my birth day
King Potato
King Potato Hace un mes
Minecraft will go on forever. He say as the series ends
The Communist Pirate
Remember the days where Sean and Felix were playing Minecraft constantly and we weren't dealing with 2020? Those were the days.
Finesoxx Hace un mes
1:30 🤔
CJ Black
CJ Black Hace un mes
I'm Dutch and I'm terrifying
Messorems_Joker Hace un mes
Jack, I think we ALL need a break from 2020.
the slo-mo kid 53
the slo-mo kid 53 Hace un mes
Eelis salonen
Eelis salonen Hace un mes
hhahah minecraft
Delta Luna
Delta Luna Hace un mes
I am became the best pet dad *hits Sam*
VampyreCat07 Hace un mes
you are the irish potato god of minecraft
Sirelin Timmermann
Sirelin Timmermann Hace un mes
Sean: dutch ppl are delightful and are some of my favorite people in the world
Owen Niehaus
Owen Niehaus Hace un mes
Well thats worse to use the axe because if is in front of you and hit him you'll hurt him more
Astro Ninja78
Astro Ninja78 Hace un mes
Im more addicted to minecraft than coffee help its way too fun... Oh and have you seen the bew nether update
JustMike Hace un mes
I'm dutch and i can confirm that we are very tall and scary.
Alpha_ playz
Alpha_ playz Hace un mes
An iron sword does more damage than a wooden axe without crits
Devon Landon
Devon Landon Hace un mes
jump ahead a year now he's dating a dutch women
DJ_Cryven Hace un mes
im dutch and im tall. i do ride bikes everywhere. nice one 2020 btw
I_Play_Games Hace un mes
Jack: ive been waiting to make a draw bridge me a redstone intellectuel: Why You waiting
Nightmare 22
Nightmare 22 Hace un mes
Jack: I almost died in The nether Me. : Oh you mean my con
Nightmare 22
Nightmare 22 Hace un mes
Also do you know what Netherright is
virtuous_gaming blockman go
The man who rebuild your castle is TrixyBlox
DorkDoesDraws Hace un mes
I love how jack didn't even get the joke on the first meme. notice how the review included everything except useful and informative. XD
Oaki 2279
Oaki 2279 Hace un mes
Hey jack axes are stronger than swords Also Curse of Vanishing is the best thing Also Also please play more Minecraft!!! It’s my favorite series on this channel so PLEASE play more!!
Joshua McKay
Joshua McKay Hace un mes
Your castle looks like a snack
Morgan Beauchamp
Morgan Beauchamp Hace un mes
Jack: Minecraft will go on forever Me: well that was a lie 🤔
Thomas Harrington
Thomas Harrington Hace un mes
10:45 can we make a petition to have Jack sing All-star
TheEnderLord Hace un mes
Man, I actually want you to react to the remake of the castle full video.
mr doge
mr doge Hace un mes
ike this comonet if u liked seans sotry times?...
Tiaan Snyman
Tiaan Snyman Hace un mes
``why is jacks dog noise kinda sexy no jk ``
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina Hace un mes
2:42 r/ihadastroke
xskull vex gamerx
xskull vex gamerx Hace un mes
do they have potato's as currency in ireland?!? maybe so man you will be rich if you'r a potato farmer or just farmer just on its own but the only way to know that is if we ask the all glory jackaboy Seán
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