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I don't do giveaways on ESvid, please beware of spam bots in the comments!
ESvid pls get these bots under control.
I also don't have a Telegram, the sites and socials I use are listed below.
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2 oct 2022






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@WALTERRIFIC Hace un año
It’s good to see a ESvidr parodying this for the rest of us.
@PT_926 Hace un año
My content is better than Terminal Montage!! (Legit, Not Clickbait, Not A Bot, Very Emotional) 🤣👌💯 Edit: Oh my gosh! The replies about my one simple joke are absolutely hilarious! 😂
@1slimeyfella. Hace un año
@@PT_926 speak of the devil
@pabloherranz1795 Hace un año
@@1slimeyfella. I think its a joke
@rio-bq2tn Hace un año
@@pabloherranz1795 nah, we know these are bots for sure
@Thinepickles Hace un año
@@PT_926 this account doesn’t even have content lol
@geothepoly9690 Hace un año
This is kind of a terrifying concept, imagine seeing a giant hunk of twisted metal with hundreds of crude recreations of yourself on it
@Adam_718 Hace un año
@evanbrown4083 Hace un año
It looks like the blob from security breach
@shrek187 Hace un año
Now me and my many other twisted metal creations of myself will no longer be virgins.
@Adam_718 Hace un año
@@evanbrown4083 yea
@wongangel7326 Hace un año
@diamondan5721 Hace un año
Remember, terminalmontage CHOOSES to be funny. He could immediately switch to full horror at any point in time. He just chooses to do memes. Count your blessings everybody, because the day he decides to actually try to make horror, they will all be gone.
@jocylinfrancis930 Hace un año
Honestly, I’d watch that. Who knows, it might be like Interface
@Random-Gods Hace un año
i mean you cant forget the pacman episode
@spungboymebop Hace un año
guess it’s gone
@loomingdeath1758 Hace un año
oh yeah u dont have to tell us lumpy / meat canyon watchers that
@dry4smash946 Hace un año
@@Random-Gods i honestly just watched it withot seeing thr thumbnail,I thought that it was some meteoroid stuff lol
@ATigerShark Hace 11 meses
My favorite part is that ESvid "can do nothing" about the bot problem and occasionally denies its existence while simultaneously shafting their content creators with absolute contempt.
@CheshireCad Hace 11 meses
ESvid: "How could we possibly ever filter out these messages, which are all repeated dozens if not *hundreds* of times on the same video? And we don't have the manpower ourselves, so we'd have to implement a system that, for example, automatically flags comments for review by the content creator themselves. But that's unacceptable, since stifling free speech at the hands of a poorly-tuned algorithm would be completely unethical." also ESvid: "Our automatic content-scanning bot couldn't help but notice that your 86-minute video maybe contains 1.6 seconds of a 17th-century piano solo, which 26 different companies have claimed the copywrite to. So, hopefully you weren't planning to be compensated for the last five weeks of recording and editing. If you disagree, then please feel free to file a counter-claim, and our support staff may respond within 5 to 8 business nevers."
@EonTheAien Hace 11 meses
@@CheshireCad "5 to 8 business nevers" Holy Hell I'm quoting this forever
@Dgero Hace 11 meses
@@EonTheAien Honestly dissapointed how I haven’t heard of something like this sooner
@yahyathegamer7499 Hace 11 meses
Yeah ESvid shorts is hurting a lot of youtubers along with bots causing drama. Seriously making companies nearly bankrupt could teach them a lesson to stop being so careless about their consumers.
@TransientWitch Hace 10 meses
@@yahyathegamer7499 Thing is, we're not their consumers. We're their product.
@ianculp1779 Hace un año
Rare footage of TerminalMontage actually appearing in his creations, always love to see it!
@bilinasmini3480 Hace un año
That was both epic and terrifying. You perfectly portrayed how spam bots work. Love it.
@mokarokas-1727 Hace un año
@@bilinasmini3480 - You WOULD love it, seeing as you ARE one.
@gglanouille3060 Hace un año
@@mokarokas-1727 we're all robots, we just don't know it 🤖
@slapsberg Hace un año
@@mokarokas-1727 it's funny you say that, I scrolled down and found that exact comment the spam bot posted, but from a real person.
@Phantom_Vader Hace un año
Plot twist - TerminalMontage is also a bot
@hannahcrewe8632 Hace 11 meses
This is the one psa I ever actually paid attention to/enjoyed. Turning an annoyance that most commenters dont think about into genuine creepiness. Bravo Terminal!
@JAY31072010 Hace 11 meses
Wise words, chibi dinosaur.
@Huggbees Hace un año
Haha okay enough joking around Terminal, I clicked your username now where's my prize?
@caydene009 Hace un año
huggbees what the
@barnabassipos4410 Hace un año
Now you just gotta send 5 bucks for the shipment cost to me in bitcoin and I'll send you the prize!
@leredwarrior6941 Hace un año
@Ginger_bit Hace un año
Gone, like the wind... And your bank account information...
@notinterested7790 Hace un año
Oh no. I'm so sorry bro. By clicking that Username, You've contracted Spam-Bot-ticulitus. RIP Huggbees (The Dawn of Time - 2022)
@LarvaTubaShow Hace un año
I didn't think a 40-second animation could so genuinely capture what those bots feel like
@CyanicCore Hace un año
Did you take this comment?
@@CyanicCore yes, they did. They stole it from the top up voted comment, word for word. Which is something bots do!
@CyanicCore Hace un año
@@legendarytomatobird2816 Expect Terminal hearted this one?.....
@theoverseer393 Hace un año
@@CyanicCore he got the joke
@CyanicCore Hace un año
@@theoverseer393 Hope so, that's pretty good
@RikkiJk Hace un año
Can we take a second to appreciate those moves Terminal pulled at the start against the bot
@guimochi27 Hace 3 meses
@DraknalHitdan Hace un año
You know it's a serious threat when it causes Jeremy to stop squinting.
@@jeremymoisesrodriguezramir919 lmao
@SniperKing-O Hace un año
"Where's my Sableye!?"
@hhsea Hace 6 meses
can we all agree that terminal montage could become an horror artist if he wanted
@MeatCanyon Hace un año
been reporting and deleting for years, and they never stop showing up. true hell.
@ElroyBoi Hace un año
@sockpuppet2086 Hace un año
Out of all people I'd expect to see
@utopes Hace un año
The hydra is beyond any one person’s power… we must all click report at the exact same time to truly eradicate this beast 🥹🥹 Also helo meat :>
@xdsmile5359 Hace un año
This will forver the William Antonio I. Our universe
@ethanhobbes3476 Hace un año
tfw meatcanyon
@brockmckelvey7327 Hace un año
That was terrifying and deeply unsettling, much like seeing actual bots pretending to be actual creators
@carlislecheung6776 Hace un año
Then don’t watch fnaf, it’ll give you ptsd if you’re terrified of animatronics
@ZyroidX Hace un año
FNAF is trash and nothing but cheap jumpscares
@@protojack2899 yep. unless the animatronic is No.1 Crate. scariest thing in all existence, that one.
@@ZyroidX tbh fnaf used to be good
@totallynotaferret Hace un año
@@ZyroidX yeah, modern FNAF sucks but no. The jump scares aren't the point
@EnbyAmane Hace un año
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into his videos 🤖
@NOT_A_ROBOT Hace un año
ok bot 🤖🤖🤖 this u 🤖
@ChaseCole Hace un año
@NOT_A_ROBOT Hace 10 meses
@@GabbaGooober your sarcasm got deleted by the Algorithm.
@EnbyAmane Hace 10 meses
@LeafiKat Hace un año
When I first saw these thumbnails, I ignored them as I thought they were silly, so I never watched them. I tried them out yesterday, and they’re actually very good animations. They have lots of jokes, references, and good animations and voice actors. I wish I would’ve seen this channel earlier, but this is by far one of my all time most favorite animated ESvid channels. Keep producing good stuff! :)
@pillow1557 Hace un año
Look upon further deep into it my child It's amazing
@totoressorp1108 Hace un año
They are silly, that's exactly why you SHOULD watch them XD
@1Thunderfire Hace un año
Kirbo forgives you. 😁
@LeafiKat Hace un año
@@1Thunderfire yay
Oh but how silly they are
@Lady_ETHNE Hace un año
As someone who has to deal with these all the time, I just wanna say thank you
@commissarf1196 Hace un año
Speaking of which, here's a personal experience of mine with this spam bots: I was tempted once by this spam bots. I mean I knew it's obviously a fake/scam, or at least *very* skeptical of it being one. But the temptation of a free gift and the curiosity got the better of me, so tempted, I checked it out for a bit. At least I didn't offer it anything, so *I think* I'm safe, hopefully.
@davidallen5142 Hace 11 meses
I had an encounter with one on a Markiplier vid a month or two ago
@DoomerSlice Hace un año
I love any form of mixed abomination creatures so turning youtube spam bots into one is possibly one of my favourite ideas I've seen
@TerminalMontage Hace un año
Thanks! My co-producer came up with the idea and I brought it to life!
@m4ri0.mp4 Hace un año
Yeah, it's actually clever and really spoopy :D
@h0m3st4r Hace un año
@@m4ri0.mp4 Rather appropriate for the Halloween season.
@noob3snlthenoob835 Hace un año
@@h0m3st4r ye
@samuelsaathvik5424 Hace un año
@@TerminalMontage Such a creative person 👏👏
@colorolympian1959 Hace un año
Thank you TM for not making us forget the real threats on the internet. These bots are real and they truly won’t leave, they grow when channels grow. (Also seeing you lay the smack down on a bit was great)
@some3dguylol Hace un año
"Let's all take a moment and appreciate how much work he puts into these videos for us" - bot
@R0TEK Hace 7 meses
Even worse when the creator is a she and it doesn't make sense anymore.
@cleminite Hace 6 meses
people who comment this are almost as bad as the bots themselves
@aprillong1258 Hace 6 meses
A graduations
flamingo's comment section :
@dylaninpieces2 Hace 2 meses
I think the worst spam bots are the ones who brag about their so-called "content" when their "content" are just videos that are very disrespectful towards very serious stuff such as the loss of a loved one (or one's pet). ESvid needs better moderators, to be honest.
@p-__ Hace un mes
My farts are better than ESvid’s farts 💨
@Lucarioux Hace un año
Fun fact bots make up 42% of internet traffic with the majority of the bots being used for bad purposes. So at some point, bots will make up more than 50% of traffic on the internet in the future. Sounds fun
@MegaOlavo Hace un año
This just shows how as long as costumers are not being scammed directly in the platform they dont care because “what they gonna do sue us 😂😂😂?”
@hoo7797 Hace un año
That reminds me of those shady companies that sell shirts, that have bots which are programmed to notify them everytime someone comments "I'd love to have that on a shirt!" or anything of that sort in any publication. Usually people comment things like that under posts with art or photos, so these bots just steal the artwork, print it on a plain shirt, and put it out for sale on the Internet it without the oblivious artist's permission.
@neloplays5774 Hace 7 meses
​@@MegaOlavo as long as little timmys keep getting scammed then enraged parents will sue, its the law of the universe there is always going to be one parent trying to sue a platform because their child got scammed. (also i understand that a sarcastic tone can not be carried over the internet, so take this as a joke)
@Jaalkomio Hace 11 meses
After 8 years... Ive finally understood the meaning of this dude's videos.
@AlphaStoutland Hace un año
That spam bot monster is legitimately terrifying 😳 I also loved how Jeremy suplexed the robot Jeremy lol
@proxy7598 Hace un año
@@Mouseking2042 this is very detailed,almost thought it was real lmao
@imrandomness Hace un año
@@Mouseking2042 this is way to realistic
@miguelautistic7409 Hace un año
Whos Jeremy?
@mephone4942 Hace un año
This 43 second animation should be shown to kids all over the world. Not only will it give advice to report spam bots, but it can be a liiiitle scary surprise.
@mobinthick2298 Hace un año
congratulation you got a gift . now give me you're mom credit cards . :D
@gamersnook7411 Hace un año
@@mobinthick2298 Don't forget your social security number
@@gamersnook7411 and ip address
@SmittyBacall1858 Hace un año
Even though the animation proves that reporting bots is useless. For every 1 bot you report, 5 will take its place.
@@SmittyBacall1858 like the monster named hydra in greek mythology
@aiden9802 Hace un año
This is what I love about You, you can take something that is an annoyance to the youtube community, And turn it into a HORROR animation.
@wyvern0m3g42 Hace un año
It's probably because of how rare it is to see, but am I the only one who liked seeing Jeremy be the focal point for this video? Like, I'm so used to those kinds of reactions coming from a game character, so seeing him do all that instead was a lot of fun for me. lol
@andrewjames2569 Hace un mes
Happy spooktober, thanks for the laughs and doing what you do!
@Jamesugoi Hace un año
The fact that you're able to make stuff look cute in one place and horrifying in another really shows how good your style is
@TerminalMontage Hace un año
@engineergaming2964 Hace un año
@@TerminalMontage i think your every video is masterpiece we will help you and happy halloween
@UnicornStorm Hace un año
wait, he makes cute stuff? All I've ever seen from this channel is the stuff of nightmares O.O
@Lantadin Hace un año
@@TerminalMontage Kirbo for Halloween????
@loeaglelo Hace un año
You, sir, are a national treasure. Down with the bots!
@Metal_Master_YT Hace un año
dude, why is this guy soo good at making truly _creepy_ stuff when he wants to?
@Whydoiexist976 Hace 3 meses
I love how much effort he puts into his vides for us❤
@jasygamer Hace un año
Can we just appreciate the fact that this guy brings smiles to our face - 🤖
@wubbock Hace un año
"dam it another bot"-idiots wich don't understand jokes
@lizardwizard8930 Hace un año
@aydenator2770 Hace un año
begone bot bruh why is there bots on this of all video
@somerandumguy Hace 6 meses
finally someone takes a stand against them.
@Gnoggin Hace un año
Egad, I started using a bot myself to automatically scan my comments and ban these accounts from my channel. but they KEEP making NEW ones and its TERRIBLE!
@mouthfulacoque3580 Hace un año
set up a query to check for undesignated repeated phrases and have it send back a batch of users. easy.
@ambersap1479 Hace un año
Make a NEW bot that can kill those bots TERRIBLY well! -basically The Terminator 2 plot.-
@xraystyle8893 Hace un año
Make rotom do it, duh
I use the bots to destroy the bots
That is painful
@Mineoutain Hace un año
Can we all agree that he never disappoints us with his content 🤖 ( thank you for calling this out)
@azreath2503 Hace un año
That was more terrifyingly awesome than it had any right to be. What a cool way to alert people about spam.
@DarkDrai Hace 10 meses
This is lowkey one of the top 10 channels on ESvid. The animation is awesome, but the writing and creativity is spectacular.
@nathanhon1784 Hace un año
Brilliant animation! Thanks for spreading the word! Encountering spam bots are one of those moments where I feel YT should just let us type whatever we want to harass them imo. Stupid no-life hackers.
@michigun3504 Hace un año
can we just appreciate how much work he puts into his videos?
@Exotio_ Hace un año
That bot is probably the most terrifying things i've ever seen in this channel
It’s equal parts security breach blob, equal parts Pibby glitch
@toluj3308 Hace un año
Might want to check out the pacman one then
Even more than the PAC-man ghosts?!
@ShinziiArt Hace un año
Oh yeah for sure
@tofi4449 Hace un año
@@diamondproductions9308 I was about to say that the pacman video was way more terrifying
@mattjohnson2235 Hace un año
Can't wait to see this incorporated into the main Something Series somehow.
@leabatti Hace un año
I totally agree. We need this.
The chances are low. *But not zero*
@user-oy2zg3bt6n Hace un año
i'm already calling it "something about metroid dread" will have one of the EMIIS saying this line OVER AND OVER again until it dies
@welphello7262 Hace un año
You know it as this is funny
@amandaa4744 Hace un año
I'm so glad you made this. Hopefully ESvid starts taking it seriously. People are now refusing to comment, won't read comments anymore or are deleting their comment threads when bots reply or links are posted, which now happens almost always. It fully screws ESvidrs over because it lessens their interaction, yet it makes ESvid's numbers look better. ESvid is sinking real low by allowing this to go on but it's all a money game to them of course
@amandaa4744 Hace un año
Good job to the channel for deleting the minimum 8 bot comments I have received on this comment.
@ALFTOR3 Hace un año
No, Google/ESvid engineers did an interview saying the more they fought the bots, the harder it became to filter them from real comments. It's pretty much a losing battle.
@Nathan_Morgan_ Hace 10 meses
"no matter how many we kill, the robots just keep exponentially making more." -General Herres
This is proof ESvid needs to start listening to their communities
@ciclocreeper8261 Hace 3 meses
I love how terminalmontage does some good stuff
@dr.loboto1171 Hace un año
It can be easy to forget how good TerminalMontage is at creating genuinely terrifying visuals when he wants to
@beetosdoesstuff544 Hace un año
@Metal_Master_YT Hace un año
No kidding! xD
@spongeanalyzer Hace un año
Help me please
@chrisgomez1262 Hace un año
Pac-Man and now this
@MrLachapell Hace un año
"genuinely terrifying" is a bit of a reach but yeah
@camjk007 Hace un año
The fact that this is terrifyingly accurate towards what spam bots are like...it scares me.
@gamewolf5484 Hace un año
I love how you created something so scary with the concept of the spam bots. It's so incredible!!!!! The faces and movements are so Incredible!!!!!
@PixelirPlus Hace un año
I would love to see a full story arc of TerminalMontage trying to defeat the spam bots amalgamation.
@lh06 Hace 6 meses
Can we just appreciate the amount of work this guy does to ensure we get the best content possible?
@pikasans2008 Hace un año
The Terminal Montage bot is genuinely terrifying.
This happen to me 3 times lol
@2kool4u38 Hace un año
My channel is better than terminal montage lol😂😂😂 I’m joking
The text to speech voice added to the creepy factor. It's almost like the Dead Internet Theory.
@Lefthand.mp4 Hace un año
@@2kool4u38 you better be
@AnAnt5 Hace un año
Can we just appreciate how much work he puts into his videos?
@yummyan6931 Hace un año
Can we just appreciate how much this man does for us 😌
One must imagine content creators happy.
love that you portrayed the spam bots as an robotic husk of an abomination, honestly fits well and makes sense
Found you
@ssboth6255 Hace un año
*cough* Spamton *cough*
@daymare4523 Hace 8 meses
this issue is not talked about enough, thank you for tackling this!
Literally, apparently
@jacedawg355 Hace un año
This is honestly the most perfect Halloween special for any youtube channel. Seriously this is one of the most horrifying problems on youtube.
@PeterDivine Hace un año
Well, third-place behind Susan Whatchamacallit trying to tell us what to think and ESvid ads.
@@PeterDivine Susan Wenimechainthesama
And 6th if you add in Copyright trolls, Family Channels/Animal Rescue and Kiddie Creeps (There's SO MANY)
@dmann5938 Hace un año
That’s more of a PSA than a special lol
@SirGrimly Hace un año
I am surprised it took this long for someone to make a video based around this issue... the bot spam has become just a large spread thing for months now and I have heard almost nothing about it from the other youtubers I follow.
@brandoncain Hace un año
Yeah, these spam bots really are like a Hydra abomination... and to be honest, if telegram is involved in a comment be it on Facebook, Twitter, or ESvid, I usually report it right away. That aside, very excellent work as per usual, Jeremy! Happy Spoopy Season!
@sCrEeCh_ Hace 3 meses
I always get those “Meme of the day” bots that stare into my soul with something “funny” above their head.
@WarriorConsole Hace un año
What’s great about this is that it spreads awareness for spambots. Thank you for making us laugh and keeping us safe!
@erickc8416 Hace 8 meses
@The1ArtKing Hace un año
The RKO move you animated is severely underrated.
@justascarecrow6988 Hace un año
Finally someone who addresses this robot crisis. When I imagined the machines taking over, i was thinking skynet, not "Finally, it's here" and "MY VIDEOS ARE FAR BETTER THAN-"
@NotASpyReally Hace un año
Finally, it's here the robot apocalypse XDDDDD
@fishstickfailur3 Hace un año
If this is how it's turning out then might as well just make the robots peaceful
@gdud3420 Hace un año
@@NotASpyReally you scared me scout, also you look sus 🤨
@NotASpyReally Hace un año
@@gdud3420 Oh I'M sus ?? well you have a robot emoji in your name 👀
@qu1x418 Hace un año
I’d honestly prefer terminator instead of this crap
@LOVE-iv2pw Hace un año
In this house we appreciate Terminal Montage teaching their younger viewers how to spot a scam on the internet! Remember kids, never willingly give anyone your mom’s credit card info.
@ToppHatt_8000 Hace 2 meses
I'm surprised. Nobody has made a single Spamton joke in the comments here. Not ONE.
@SPAMTON249 Hace un mes
@hiyo1234 Hace un año
awesome to see something creative come out of this annoying bot situation. great concept
@guesty6128 Hace 6 meses
Lets appreciate how much efford terminalmontage put in his videos?
@zachmccoy4376 Hace un año
This man accomplished true horror in less than a minute what most feature-length films fail to do with 2 hours.
@metalbob3335 Hace un año
Or an entire trilogy.
@youfailboy1329 Hace un año
@PT_926 Hace un año
Congratulations! You won a Switch Pro with Yoshi's Safari 2! Contact me to receive your prize!
@tylerherr4288 Hace un año
ngl a bunch of simple minded drones pooling their intelligence and processors into one system is kinda a scary thought like most "ai goes rogue" only focus on just the one ai that has a million bodies how about a million ais that are conjoined into one
@JordyyEEZZZ174 Hace un año
Okay that ending. It’s so 👏FUCKING👏ACCURATE- everytime you report a bot, they multiply
@admire1688 Hace un año
They are a hydra
@robinfloof Hace un año
@@admire1688 HAIL! HYDRA!
@MaD707MaN Hace un año
I'd really, really like to ses some ridiculously over the top unsettling horror stuff from you one day. I think it would be pretty awesome.
@getnoobed9822 Hace 11 meses
Can we just apprepicate how much efforts he spends to entertain us?
Can we just appreciate how much time and effort he puts into these videos
@elijahphipps479 Hace 3 meses
dealing with these bots is like trying to fight the hydra without fire to burn the heads off.
@RTD_Dev Hace un año
If ESvid _hasn’t_ seen this as a cry for help, then they’re stalling. This issue needs to be fixed right away!
@waltercomunello121 Hace un año
they're not stalling. they just don't care. they only care about content matching and not being sued by big fat megacorporations.
@Da_FBI Hace un año
@Da_FBI Hace un año
It’s been an obnoxious problem for years
I don't think they ever cared. Same comments, fresh accounts, all advertising something. How can you not tell they're bots? They don't care
@Dragoonsoul-ut2sn Hace un año
The issue is how do you stop people from creating new free accounts? It is why cheating/hacking is more common in F2P games then paid games. Unless we come up with some grand solution more will just pop up. The solution is make it paid... then we run into an issue where nothing will be free.
@Kaje_ Hace un año
Funniest thing is, this could be solved so easily with a few steps. Just put in a captcha and a cooldown of 15 secs. That would quickly put a stop to the mass spam of posts by bots.
@AccursedOne5670 Hace un año
Ai are getting smater at completing captchas, they will probably be useless
@Kaje_ Hace un año
@@AccursedOne5670 Not really. Likewise technologies will be developed as well that will outsmart AIs. It will really just end up in a "cannon and walls° scenario.
@seashellguy9416 Hace 6 meses
​@@Kaje_ the walls will be the AI or the captcha?
@brainbomb1 Hace un año
Usually you make parodies, but I'd say that this one isn't a parody, it's reality.
@Czyszy Hace 2 meses
I love this animation because of how accurate it is. I keep seeing replies from these bots on many of my comments. That's so annoying.
@banif1 Hace un año
It would honestly be cooler if you added figures of other youtubers who get affected by these bots but its already really good this way
@Vampire_EGirl Hace un año
Turning spam bots into an eldritch horror monster. I love it.
@Naedox Hace un año
For some reason, seeing Jeremy in his own videos, let alone as a cameo, is quite charming to me.
@woomy6664 Hace un año
I agree. It does feel weird to me though.
@ApofVideos Hace un año
So he's Jeremy °>°a...
@r.p4336 Hace un año
We need something about Jeremy
@MrLachapell Hace un año
Whos Jeremy
@@MrLachapell in case you’re being serious right now, Jeremy is the name of the guy running this channel, and who for this video decided to animate himself trying to defeat the hordes of bots that have been impersonating him all over the place
@RandoUser45 Hace un año
You see, the way to detect these vile things is the shirts. The “creatures” have blue shirts, while the real terminal actually has a TURQUOISE SHIRT!
@syrelian Hace un año
The color is Turquoise
@RandoUser45 Hace un año
@@syrelian 🤓
@B0bby_V Hace un año
@@syrelian 🤓
@aileencreal Hace un año
@RandoUser45 Hace un año
@@aileencreal 🤓
@confoozledfox Hace un año
I’m terrified. ESvid needs to do something about this before everyone loses it.
@Littlekittycatbro Hace un año
*Can we all just appreciate how much effort he-* Acck- sorry I had something in my throat.
@jaxbush8699 Hace un año
I enjoy how he projects the events of spambots perfectly
@saness_da_real_one Hace 6 meses
@Pageturner1 Hace un año
We're gonna need a bigger report button.
@user-vi2nc5qv1z Hace un año
True, We need a bigger one
and an autoclicker
@Miwanda2011 Hace un año
@iambeavis762 Hace un año
Ye.. True👍
@qu1x418 Hace un año
Nah we need ESvid employees with sense in their minds
@TheProminix Hace un año
I like how he is slowly turning into a story time animator
@fmpj2528 Hace un año
I get these all the time and it’s great that someone is actually listening about this stuff
@dukedevlan5457 Hace un año
I'm glad a youtuber acknowledges this threat skynet has nothing on spam bots
@positivelink6961 Hace un año
This is amazing. High quality callouts for a very obvious scam
@MatthewHancock88 Hace 10 meses
These spam bots sometimes feel like a prank more than anything.
@AllenMZim Hace un año
Easily the coolest way I've seen a ESvidr address and/or respond to this problem. Seriously, what a great video, Jeremy! I sincerely hope this problem ends for you sooner rather than later!
@kev4214 Hace un año
@@rrrbomber_og-dagoat.rockin 💀
@ovatails Hace un año
@@rrrbomber_og-dagoat.rockin thats a little anti climatic
@Cooldudecrafter Hace un año
@@rrrbomber_og-dagoat.rockin imagine
@8BreakGaming Hace un año
@@AllenMZim Well there isn’t a link or anything so…
@CMan185 Hace un año
@@rrrbomber_og-dagoat.rockin ☠️
@slydragon97 Hace un año
Good to see someone addressing that garbage ... It's getting ridiculous, I always report the damn things ... Shame so many peeps are pathetic enough to make those damn things. Keep up the good work Terminal!
@jasongibson1225 Hace un año
It's good to see a ESvidr have a direct response to this cringe trend
@artemdordzhiev7266 Hace 11 meses
To my fellow Foundation members, These comment sections are infested with bots. The only way to rid the site of their slimy grip is to mass report all of their instances. I am currently reporting as many as I can, but they keep on coming. I ask my fellow Foundation members to join the holy fight against the bot swarm. Sincerely, O5 3.
@lutistcultists6034 Hace un año
I love when you turn a type of ESvid user (other than the average watcher) into monsters it's so appealing to see stuff like this keep up the good work
@user-oy2zg3bt6n Hace un año
that's not a youtube user this is a bot carrying a virus being spammed across many different channels it disguises itself as the publisher (tho poorly) and wright this message you saw in the first part of the video replying will cause malicious code to enter your computer
@@user-oy2zg3bt6n replying doesnt cause viruses dude its just annoying spambots
@ilyasworld2035 Hace un año
As a spam bot , i can confirm this is true
@KellyCalKelsey Hace un año
I like how clicking the report button actually did cause some of the bots to disperse, a typical horror would have just rendered it completely useless just to amplify the fear factor but the fear factor is even more amplified when the saving grace is just a little bit too short.
@LordDragox412 Hace un año
The sad part is, the report button doesn't work in reality. Report an offensive comment, and it will be gone in a day. Report spam bots, and they'll stay around forever, no matter how many people report the comment. You can just randomly pick one of spambot accounts, add it to your tab and see how long it stays around. Spoiler: it stays around *forever.* I've checked over 5 different types of bot accounts for over 4 years, and they're all still up. The only one that changed was the sub-farming bot type account that got sold to some no-name influencer.
@TechBlade9000 Hace un año
Look again, it's hydra-ing
@shanevanholm2684 Hace un año
You won't believe 'Add link here'
@sunglass_pl1984 Hace un año
as a true fnaf fan I find it very cool that you made a blob of your own, very nice
@Voltaro1257 Hace un año
This is a very cool and original halloween video! Perfectly addesses how annoying these bots can be. Personally hate the 18+ bots the most if they appear. I also personally didn't know telegram existed, only instagram. Awesome video in any case!
@red_again Hace un año
the hell is telegram?
@QuestionMarking Hace un año
@@red_again Simple way of scam routing, basically like gift cards telegram has less back check and opportunities for the person scammed to get their money back. Though it's really dumb even in theory because telegrams are technically outdated.
@red_again Hace un año
@saha-7129 Hace 5 meses
​@@QuestionMarkingTelegram is mostly used in Russia as WhatsApp replacement, but for some odd reason people also use it for scamming
$1 vs $10,000,000 Job!
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