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This is a tribute to the thrid game of my favorite character - Sonic the Hedgehog!
In this full animation of Sonic 3, Sonic Tails and Knuckles will battle on Angel Island against Dr. Eggman!

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4 feb 2022






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Pedro Araujo
SONIC CD Animation >>>
I love how even though the level design is in a more 3D style (as opposed to the side-scrolling game), you can still pinpoint certain locations in the level by their design. That's really cool!
It's really nice how you stayed true to the original layouts of the levels in this animation. It really adds to the charm.
Andrew Markworth
This was rad af. Great job. Love that Tails was utilized the way he deserved and not left as just a little sidekick that’s just there.
Matthew Sheridan
This is absolutely incredibly done! The knowledge of the game, even the tiny things, shines through amazingly and the additional stuff added, like the fight between Sonic and Knuckles in the casino zone, really adds a nice touch to the story. Also, can we talk about how the story is actually there!? In an old 2D sonic game!? Very very well done my dude.
This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I love how you just capture all of the unique features in the levels and added your own spin to it.
this is so cool! and 27 minutes long, wow. incredible job
⚡Supreme Lord Elektro🐉
I can barely find any sonic content that takes the franchise seriously I'm glad I found this channel
Rose Supreme
I like the ideas of some of the Competition Modes being included in certain sections, as well as added moments to explain certain things that happen, like Sonic and Eggman's final battle explaining how the Death Egg fell. I would've enjoyed it more if some love was given to the Prototype music, especially with using that unused theme for the Super Sonic/Super Tails moments.
Damiani Hace 14 días
This was so insanely cool to see my favorite game of all time fully animated and knowing exactly where they were at all times. Also the inclusion of the lore surrounding knuckles and robotnik as well as the multiplayer maps! Beautiful job! Now I have to watch the sonic and knuckles part.
Shady Fungus
Ok this was an absolutely beautiful nostalgia trip for me. It made me fall in love with Sonic 3 all over again. You gave it a 90’s essence, gave the story so much charm. EVERY Sonic fan should watch this video.
This was dope. I can't imagine the time it took to animate all of this. (As some one who does this themselves lol). This took me back and made me appreciate the game even more. Can't wait for you to finish!
I love how this captures the glory of the combined games rather than just the one game. This, this is nothing but a masterpiece
Carlos David
Parabéns, cara! Voltei a minha infância com essa vídeo... Fui lembrando o jogo todo e aguardamos a parte do S&K ansiosamente! Sucesso!
Absolutely loved this! Not only for the animation, but for the way you did the narrative to include for the characters and even some inclusions from the battle mode.
E The Jumper
The Timestamps of Sonic The Hedgehog 3:
Blue Lotus
Everything was perfect, the box art and sprite references, the addition of the dual storylines between sonic and knuckles playthroughs, attention to detail with key elements of each level, the kickin old school ost, the nod to Michael Jackson, the ski free, the supers, omg the sonic and knuckles tie in! Simply perfecto!
ChrisTop OttOwl
What a fantastic animation! This is the excitement I felt as a teen playing through Sonic 3. This is how Sonic use to be. There was a great sense of story telling within the world without using words. You could feel it.
Acu Man
I can't give you enough props for how good this is. Nice touch on using the 2 player mode levels to give them a place to fight while also showcasing the solo play through option a for Sonicand Tails. Can't wait for S&K.