Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform 'Super Bass' 11 Years Later 

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Ellen first met Sophia Grace and Rosie in 2011 and became one of the show's most memorable kid guests with over 30 appearances on the show. Now teens, they're back to talk about their favorite moments on Ellen, and even gave a show stopping performance of the song that first put them on the map, "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj.
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Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform 'Super Bass' 11 Years Later
• Sophia Grace and ...


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11 may 2022






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ryan hanna
ryan hanna Hace un año
it would've been too iconic if nicki came out now too
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes Hace un año
simplyjustash Hace un año
@Jord Cal I think these are prerecorded though.
catyaz Hace un año
@simplyjustash no this was tonight actually
Captain America
Captain America Hace un año
You read my mind.
simplyjustash Hace un año
@catyaz ohh, I thought maybe it was announced that they filmed the last episode that it was "done".
Helena Elueme
Helena Elueme Hace un año
Ellen’s team is smart af. Bringing these girls back was a golden idea
Gordon Smith
Gordon Smith Hace un año
They probably didn’t want to get yelled at by Ellen lol
kellie taylor
kellie taylor Hace un año
Ellen unlike many celebrities Ellen gives and get rich people to contribute millions to this world
Goldfish Hace un año
@kellie taylor yet she abuses her staff members that are working minimum wage?
SKZ LOVER Hace 11 meses
Ellen DeGeners
Ellen DeGeners Hace 11 meses
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Mahassin Quadri
Mahassin Quadri Hace un año
They still have the same personalities as when they were kids. Its amazing to see. And they seem to be so in-sync that its very easy to tell that they are still the best of friends! Loved it!
Shannon Davidson
Shannon Davidson Hace un año
annag cocl 😅😅
Frog Green
Frog Green Hace un año
Same IQ as well
Harrison Stubb's
Harrison Stubb's Hace un año
Hello mahassin How are you feeling today
Magic Slave
Magic Slave Hace un año
Just because they are few years older doesn't mean they will change 1000%
Steelstreet Hace un año
@Magic Slave some people never change too
Anna Livi
Anna Livi Hace un año
But can we talk about how much of a QUEEN Rosie is? Her voice is GORGEOUS
♡Amy♡ Hace un año
omggg yesssss! I almost think it's better than Sophia's to be honest...
Ellen DeGeners
Ellen DeGeners Hace 11 meses
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Sourpatchpeach Hace 11 meses
@Ellen DeGeners bot
sounds_4_u😵‍💫 Hace 11 meses
@♡Amy♡ bro they are both good
Chxrry Hace 11 meses
@♡Amy♡ it is and it’s okay to compare their voices, Rosies voice is better
Rose Hace un año
I love how sofia has the exact same personality and rosie has got so much more confident i remember them in sam and cat
Harrison Stubb's
Harrison Stubb's Hace un año
Hello rose 🌹 How are you feeling today
CP Entertainment
CP Entertainment Hace un año
kira_flowerxx Hace un año
Oml I remember
whendy Hace 11 meses
She's so beautiful I just want to just take that voice and so beautiful Boom boom boom boom I got the super Bass boom boom boom boom boom boom boomers
ivythesimp Hace 11 meses
@Harrison Stubb's sir don't you have a wife or sum
Stacy Williams
Stacy Williams Hace un año
I can never forget that episode when I first saw Sophia Grace and Rosie on Ellen. That was so uplifting and had me ecstatic to see how they got to meet Nicki Minaj. No lie, super bass is one of my best songs and such music to my ears. Sophia Grace and Rosie definitely sounded amazing singing super bass for the last time on this show. The tape will always be here. Best of Sophia Grace and Rosie.
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace un año
Rosie voice was shining and very controlled. I think Sophie was nervous but her voice is great to.
jamieleigh conroy
jamieleigh conroy Hace 2 meses
Same xx
YouTube Hace un año
from a lil cover to record deals!! sophia grace and rosie, y'all are true I C O N S 🎀
Jayus Hace un año
Bring back rewind
Coco Hace un año
youtube could you pls bring back dislikes?
BigChun Hace un año
𝐕𝐚𝐥 ♡
𝐕𝐚𝐥 ♡ Hace un año
Strwxberri _Milk
Strwxberri _Milk Hace un año
oh my gosh hey youtube
Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer Hace un año
Wow 11 years of practicing that song paid off :) I’m so glad Rosie sang too their harmonies actually sound SOOO GOOD ;)
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw Hace 11 meses
Hello I was just going through when I saw your comment and I decided to say hello friends.....🌹🌹🌹🌹
Ellen DeGeners
Ellen DeGeners Hace 11 meses
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Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer Hace 11 meses
@Paul Bradshaw Lol thanks, hi
maricell Castro
maricell Castro Hace 11 meses
@Ambzer Ambzer Hey I like your shows because in your song they’re super good and you I like the girl with the black dress and my sister likes a pink dress
Ashleigh Hace un año
I love how Rosie is a lot more confident now and we actually got to hear her sing on the Ellen show! Their voices are so gorgeous especially together ❤
Ever Since Never
Ever Since Never Hace un año
I needed a full version of this. Their harmony is amazing!
Ellen DeGeners
Ellen DeGeners Hace 11 meses
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BicBiro Hace 7 meses
@Ellen DeGeners This gave me the first proper laugh I've had in a month, thank you
Danielle Sjerven
Danielle Sjerven Hace un año
They’re very talented as singers and they have grown up to be beautiful young women. Congratulations 🥳 to Rosie and Sophia on all of their success so far
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw Hace 11 meses
Hello I was just going through when I saw your comment and I decided to say hello friends.....🌹🌹🌹🌹
Danielle Sjerven
Danielle Sjerven Hace 11 meses
@Paul Bradshaw 👋
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw Hace 11 meses
@Danielle Sjerven how are you doing today my friend
Alana Guerra
Alana Guerra Hace un año
their voices just go way too good together 🙂
Dalisa Hace un año
Rosie is now alot more confident and Sophia seems to still have the same enthusiasm and energy and love to see there now singing together. ❤️
L F Hace un año
I mean obviously they were like 9 or something 😂
i don’t know
i don’t know Hace un año
@L F exactly, people act like this was 2 years ago or something
Jewbe Go
Jewbe Go Hace un año
*a lot
Ask Theglutenfreechef
@L F younger than that
Dalisa Hace un año
@L F You never know Rosie stil could've still been shy and observant at 15.
Aimee Gardner
Aimee Gardner Hace un año
Is nobody going to talk about how good looking for the mums are, they look like they could be their older sisters.
JennaLex Hace un año
fr i was shocked how young they looked
Maryann Gambrah
Maryann Gambrah Hace un año
Right?! Like wow
bri Hace 10 meses
NikNicole C
NikNicole C Hace 2 meses
luvlylexi ☻
luvlylexi ☻ Hace un año
There such an iconic duo! I love that Rosie is starting to get more confidence and that she’s starting to sing with Sofia now, even better- making her own music! It’s honestly great seeing her come into her own. They have honestly just grown up so much they used to be so cute and innocent, but now there woman! It shocks me so much. Still love em tho, u also gotta admire how they kinda came with there iconic puffy skirts. There honestly just so amazing, I love them 😊❤✨💜💖
Cassidy Hace 11 meses
It’s so great that Rosie has gotten so much more confident! You guys are both amazing
Rosemary Heart
Rosemary Heart Hace un año
My brain is still refusing to believe these young ladies are no longer the two little girls they once were.
Marjorie Coleman
Marjorie Coleman Hace un año
Beautiful voices, Sophia’s voice is my favorite! But they both sound amazing together. ❤️❤️❤️
Idk what to tell you anymore
My brain cannot process how these little girls... aren't little anymore? Like it was literally yesterday?!
LiLi Knows Best 2.0
LiLi Knows Best 2.0 Hace un año
thenerdbae Hace un año
Sameeee my brain is not processing this
Yakubu Amina Ladi
Yakubu Amina Ladi Hace un año
Same here,it felt like it was just last year or 2 years ago but from what I see now,more years than I thought have actually passed
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves Hace un año
SAME. It's like...it...was that much time passed? I feel like it was 5 years ago
Deer Heart
Deer Heart Hace un año
I felt the same it was disturbing
kourtney brainard
kourtney brainard Hace un año
Iconic and didn’t disappoint. Good luck to both with their music careers 👏🏼👏🏼
Harrison Stubb's
Harrison Stubb's Hace un año
Hello Kourtney How are you feeling today
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw Hace 11 meses
Hello I was just going through when I saw your comment and I decided to say hello friends.....🌹🌹🌹🌹
mahonny24 Hace un año
Gosh I can't believe it was that long ago! So lovely to see them all grown up and reperform it all these years later 🥰
B Milan O
B Milan O Hace un mes
I loooove their energy! ❤ Awsome development! Didn't know they sang for real!
IMPERFECT ME Hace 11 meses
really nice to see them singing together. that's so lovely🥺💕
Zanayiah Elizabeth!!
I swear they didn’t even change they just got adult bodies and their voices matured ofc lol but you can still tell it them I just love them they are absolutely stunning!! ☺️❤️
Sanjana Maharaj
Sanjana Maharaj Hace un año
Well Rosie got a lot more confident and Sophia is not obsessed with pink and tutus anymore
Zanayiah Elizabeth!!
@Sanjana Maharaj oh wow I didn’t even know that
Sanjana Maharaj
Sanjana Maharaj Hace un año
@Zanayiah Elizabeth!! well you said that they did not even change so what do u expect me to think huh?
Zanayiah Elizabeth!!
@Sanjana Maharaj I just didn’t know if they were putting on the tutu acts because they were recreating the video or they actually still were into them.
Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw Hace 11 meses
Hello I was just going through when I saw your comment and I decided to say hello friends.....🌹🌹🌹🌹
Nanaz4Mz Hace 9 meses
Look at Ellen's face when they are singing. She just loves these girls as do I. I have followed them since their beginning. They are absolutely adorable. Lovely video. :)
Danny Morejon
Danny Morejon Hace 11 meses
It’s amazing especially because Rosies mic didn’t work the last time so we weren’t able to hear her voice and she has an incredible one and it’s amazing that she’s focusing on her music and that Sophia is too.
Casey Casey
Casey Casey Hace un año
I’m new to this phenomenon, but, that was really cute! And their performance was shockingly good! Thanks for posting this
Blessing Daye
Blessing Daye Hace un año
It’s the fact Rosie got a verse finally 😂
cailin navarro
cailin navarro Hace un año
ShyGuy413 Hace un año
Lol she was always there just for support anyway. Sophia Grace said when they were younger that having Rosie on stage gave her more confidence
Juls Latt
Juls Latt Hace un año
Rosie was the “hype girl” 👧🏼🎶🙌🏽😂
East Hace un año
i was shocked when she spoke
heartfullbutterfly Hace un año
Yeah back when they first was on Rosie was just there for support and was super shy. Now she has really started to come out of her shell and gained a lot more confidence
Phobos Hace 5 meses
My fav part about this is rosie actually sings with her now
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Hace un año
This is so dope. They definitely are stronger together in my opinion ! They should do music together !
Preppy_gurl7? Hace 11 meses
Rosie is so confident! And she’s adorabel!
-Your. Local. Dummy-
Wow!! I would have never thought they would sound so good! Congrats on your success so far ladies❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Nancy Drew
Nancy Drew Hace un año
I love these girls! I’ve never forgotten them! The sound pretty good. I hope they have great careers!
Архив раписа
This is the coolest, most full circle moment for these women, young women and I couldn't be more thrilled to see them again
EXCLAMATION! Hace un año
Ratio + k-pop better 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤓🤓🤓🤓
AAA 55555
AAA 55555 Hace un año
joe jacko
joe jacko Hace un año
not so cute singing super base anymore
shahjahan shahjahan
shahjahan shahjahan Hace un año
*it’s yo girl lixzy🤘🏾
Zizul Sulaiman
Zizul Sulaiman Hace un año
The way ellen watch them with memories roaming in her mind makes my heart feel something.. 🌺
Jennifer Caldwell
Jennifer Caldwell Hace un año
This one I think hits hardest. We watched these cute little girls, in awe of everyone grow up to be, beautiful talented women that our own little girls are now in awe of.
Miss Martha
Miss Martha Hace un año
I LOVE that they never let their fame go to their heads, to the point of leaving each other behind💕
𝑇𝑥𝑐𝑎 𝐴𝑚𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑎!! 💖
Ahh i remember when it was just Sophia singing but now Rosie’s confidence has grown sm!
Esther van Stapele
Esther van Stapele Hace un año
My years long question of whether Rosie can sing too is finally answered. She's awesome at it!
Summer678 Hace un año
Whether 🫣
Mia Clarke
Mia Clarke Hace un año
She’s actually got her own ESvid channel and has posted singing videos
Arianna Baity
Arianna Baity Hace un año
She's definitely has a few songs out which aren't horrible
Sarcastic Klutz
Sarcastic Klutz Hace un año
@Summer678 miss perfect has to correct everyone...this is the Internet not grammar school...if u cant understand what they said than that's on u
Alex Rafael
Alex Rafael Hace un año
Rosie’s new single is actually pretty good and the video is super cute- I’m glad she came out of her shell as she got older. So happy for both of them!
Camryn Hegarty
Camryn Hegarty Hace un año
this is too iconic, and the fact Rosie sang this time is too much aaahhh!!!
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis Hace un año
I remember their first performance and how Nicki came out and how it totally made my day back then. I'm just scrolling through ESvid tonight and unexpectedly came across this and I gotta say... This. Made. My. Day. Again, eleven years later!
Diamond Hace un año
These girls are literally my childhood I'm so glad to see them doing well
AuntEmmyD Hace un año
Id love to see them do an album together.
Erin Redman
Erin Redman Hace un año
I love their attitude, they’re just living their lives and enjoying every minute, soaking it all in! Looooove them
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker Hace un año
I’d love to have their version on itunes
Dinorah Hace un año
They really haven’t changed a bit, they are all fired up . I can’t believe how time flies , it was great to see them rise to stardom
Laurien Cook
Laurien Cook Hace un año
So talented and thank you Ellen for having them on before your show ends I'm sure you have something brewing
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Hace un año
Wow 11 years of practicing that song paid off :) I’m so glad Rosie sang too their harmonies actually sound SOOO GOOD ;)
Living Like Golden
Living Like Golden Hace un año
it’s so interesting how their mannerisms and cadence in speaking is so similar to when they were younger! makes me think of how much of our personality stays with us.
the real Achilles
the real Achilles Hace un año
unless you experienced childhood trauma :,D then it changes you and your personality a lot
WhitneyHoustonStan Hace un año
@the real Achilles I must agree, unfortunately. But the beautiful parts of me stayed, and to this day I try to reconcile with those parts of my childhood.
iman_bk Hace un año
Kordei - yea the roles are reversed now 😂
the real Achilles
the real Achilles Hace un año
I'm glad to hear that, you're stronger and growing from those past experiences. So is anyone else reading this, I'm proud of you for making it this far
DanceMomsWorld Hace un año
Kordei - probably because she’s grown up
EMS Paramedic
EMS Paramedic Hace un año
Wow, Sophia Grace and Rosie sing really well together! I'm impressed.
Lovely Letty
Lovely Letty Hace 11 meses
This put a smile on my face especially during these tough times.
Farhana Zulkhairi
Farhana Zulkhairi Hace un año
Finally, Rosie can sing but still missed the hyper moves I love them both!! their voices turn out to be hella good!!!!
Gerd Celine Jensen
Gerd Celine Jensen Hace un año
Oh, my gosh! I remember saying to myself 11 years ago, it would be awesome to see when Rosie began to sing..... And here we are.... 😍😍😍🥰🙏❤️
Maria Tapia
Maria Tapia Hace 3 meses
Ohhh mi Dios cómo ha pasado el tiempo! , yo las veía de pequeñas, y siguen tan lindas...🥰
Jerry Pierre
Jerry Pierre Hace un año
Its great that their parents allowed them to express themselves in such a way so beautiful happy to see them in good spirits and full of life
Moto Moto
Moto Moto Hace un año
@アダム shiver me timbers🥶💯
I hate BTS
I hate BTS Hace un año
@Moto Moto what did they say
Allan M. Hanson
Allan M. Hanson Hace un año
It’s what always happen when parents let their kids be themselves. They glow up.
Roblox Hace un año
nvm my yt was glitched but still only 3 comments
shahana raj
shahana raj Hace un año
arian animalistamente
No pude dejar de sonreír 🙂😍
Everything cute and classy
This was so refreshibg to watch. I'm glad I'm falling asleep to this instead of some toxic stuff. I'm a huge fan of both Sophia Grace and Rosie. I wish them all the love, success and hapiness they deserve.
Stranger's night
Stranger's night Hace un año
God bless them for not only continuing their passion for singing but for turning out to be wonderful human beings. Two thumbs up to Ellen DeGeneres for giving them a start in their careers. 💯❤🙏😇😎💪👌✌👍👍
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson Hace un año
Love it!!! Awesome! Happy for the Girls!❤️❤️❤️
cherry berry
cherry berry Hace un año
1:43 Rosie's facial expressions every time Sophia-Grace talks are priceless.
NorthWestFamof4 Hace un año
Loving the fact that Rosie now sings louder than Sophia Grace! Making up for the silent years when Sophia was so loud and energetic and Rosie was just…… there 😅😂 yes girl, go Rosie!!!! ❤️
peachesandpoets Hace un año
She was more than just there. Let's be kind
Ioanna Hace un año
Rosie is also the youngest so she wasn't in the same maturity level as Sophia.
NorthWestFamof4 Hace un año
@peachesandpoets oh I am kind. As Ellen said herself, Rosie didn't talk back when she was little! I think because Sophia's personality was so big, little Rosie couldn't get in 😂 I am kind. I have two children and work with kids so know how they are. I'm loving that little Rosie has found her voice 🥰
Mᴀɪsɪᴇ Rᴏsᴇ
@Ioanna actually rosie is quite mature, I watch her yt videos
Michelle Hace un año
That is not singing.
Jessica Sawyers
Jessica Sawyers Hace 7 meses
You two are so adorable, and quite talented!
Joan Wiebe
Joan Wiebe Hace un año
I’m going to miss Ellen’s show it won’t be the same -coming home from work & catching up with Ellen! Thank you for the memories! ♥️
lynn bell
lynn bell Hace un año
So loved that you brought these kids back at the end! Well done. Wondered what became of them
MightyMouse350 Hace un año
turned out Rosie has a great voice too ! 👌
Communication Breakdown
They sound amazing together!!
The real world really sucks …
I feel like this was Rosie’s time to shine she was finally the center of attention for one and not to mention that pink dress with the sheir talk she is a true queen 👑👛
The real world really sucks …
Omg!I just wanted to say thanks so much for liking this if never gonnot more than 3 lol
Space Engineer
Space Engineer Hace un año
@The real world really sucks … Greetings from Sydney. ;)
♡Amy♡ Hace un año
Ikr!!! finally rosie gets the attention she wants!
matooches Hace un año
The real world really sucks …
Sophia is also stunning I love both of there styles I just feel like Rosie got that spot light for ounce
Michelle mcardle
Michelle mcardle Hace 11 meses
They sing so beautiful 🤩
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman Hace un año
They are so energetic. Wish I had their energy
they need to collab on a song asap, they're voices are amazing
Trisha Ghai
Trisha Ghai Hace un año
Love this song 🎵 ❤️
Belinda Jacques
Belinda Jacques Hace un año
They did so good, they should pair up for a few songs. It was nice to have Rosie actually sing this time as well🤣😂
Black Hole
Black Hole Hace un año
Rosie has released songs of her own
Emelhi Romero Castrejon
Right! Their voices go so well together
Harrison Stubb's
Harrison Stubb's Hace un año
Hello Belinda How are you feeling today
Fezzik 76
Fezzik 76 Hace un año
*did so well
PreppyHelene Hace 11 meses
who is rosie and who is sophia wich is wich
rather melodramatic, aren’t you?
aww bless them both honestly I love Sophia’s bubbly hyper active energy
Kali Hace un año
They are so beautiful!! Still filled with the best energy!!
William Biggs
William Biggs Hace un año
They actually do have good voices instead of it being auto tuned. That and they’re both beautiful too I’m betting they go pretty far.
Min Sutphin
Min Sutphin Hace un año
this was making me tear up! What an impact you’ve had in their lives
Kelly Calixto
Kelly Calixto Hace 11 meses
They both sing pretty nice!
CorCor Hace un año
Rosie has really come out of her shell and Sophia is sharing the spotlight. Love the growth!
Kennedy Robinson
Kennedy Robinson Hace un año
Wow excellent voices from these two girls
FGG🕊️ Hace un año
The dark haired girl was always my favorite. She could put a smile on anyone's face and get the party started. She is so energetic and so happy and so lovely and still is the blonde she was just there. I don't even know what she's doing. My eyes are on Sophie
Sad Eyes Creations
Sad Eyes Creations Hace un año
❤️ They sing good and live 😊
Angie Love
Angie Love Hace un año
Brilliant as always.😀❤️
Zara♡ Hace un año
I love how chill Rosie was and is. She’s just chillin lol So gorgeous. As a child and now as a woman. 🥰
Bri Boe
Bri Boe Hace un año
Idk about her being a woman yet she’s only 15
Sydney Taylor
Sydney Taylor Hace un año
@Bri Boe omg I didn’t realise she is so much younger than Sophia
Jaydee Hace un año
She's still under 18 so not a woman yet lol
tj Hace un año
Technically classed as a young lady
Shirley Nolan
Shirley Nolan Hace un año
I've always loved these girls wow have they grown. Hope they make It big in the up coming years! Still beautiful and talented and full of life!
Shawni M.
Shawni M. Hace un año
They are still so very adorable! 🤗Two very amazing and driven young ladies. I wish all the best on their future goals.
🍝milena🍝 Hace un año
I love it how Rosie is singing with Sophia now! She has more confidence
Me myself and I
Me myself and I Hace un año
Fell in love with both of them❤️ time flies
Jolein😧 Hace un año
They have such powerful voices now tbh
THE REAL LG Hace un año
*Dang. They really have grown up. Seeing those two during the closing moments of the Ellen show is really special.*
Emily r
Emily r Hace un año
spoiler: growing up is normal you don't look the same as you did 11 years ago
Mᴀɪsɪᴇ Rᴏsᴇ
@Emily r they were being nice…
NowKam Hace un año
@Emily r you must be fun at parties
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Hace un año
Are you surprised 🤯, life is about growing up and advancing, unless you getting at something else🤔🤔
Alxala Hace un año
Yep, that they did. I'm so sad that I'm gonna miss Ellen's talk show, though. 😭
Angelina Eredia
Angelina Eredia Hace un año
Still loved it as much as the first time🥰🥰🥰🥰
Rose Hace 11 meses
They have such a pretty singing voice
Steve Siri
Steve Siri Hace un año
There energy is awesome!! 🤳💯👏👏👏👏👏👏
debra bolton
debra bolton Hace un año
So nice to see how well the girls have grown up!
Jess Hace un año
Nicki coming back would have been the icing on the cake. Still the cutest guests Ellen ever had.
Goth_Angel30 🌺💗
omg yes that would be amazing
YouTube user And chef
@アダム is that Indonesian or Thai?
EXCLAMATION! Hace un año
Ratio + k-pop better 🤡🤡🤡🤓
liyah Hace un año
@EXCLAMATION! you’re embarrassing
liyah Hace un año
@アダム no
Rachel Michele
Rachel Michele Hace un año
They’re still adorable, congrats to them for making it happen☺️
Lea Hosoi
Lea Hosoi Hace un año
i grew up watching these girls my heart melted when i saw them they are so beautiful and i missed them so much they are so adorable
Ali New
Ali New Hace 11 meses
I got chills when they were singing🤭
Nimzyyy !
Nimzyyy ! Hace un año
I love how Sophia is still so talkative😂❤️
Rhiannon Hace 11 meses
They sounded pretty good for a pop acapella song!
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