Sounds from the Sideline: Week 3 at NYG | Dallas Cowboys 2022 

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Sights and sounds from the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys game vs the New York Giants, at MetLife Stadium on Monday, September 26, 2022.
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27 sep 2022






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@martinzavala1634 Hace un año
that ceedee and diggs bond is real, they feed off each others energy! i love to see it
@otisla4 Hace un año
every game I've been to those two always hang out together. they have a real companionship I think
@hart2heart92 Hace un año
“You got me I got you”
@kaydenbryant3774 Hace un año
every time one plays good the others matches it’s great
@reinomeister Hace un año
Sounds from the Sideline always saves us in the middle of the week
@malikinthestu Hace un año
@jsanch1403 Hace un año
@mrslinkey2819 Hace un año
You ain't kidding, I look forward the day after the game LOL
@rob3701 Hace un año
@NickHail2245 Hace un año
Martin is a quiet monster. You see how much Lamb was happy to make it up for him.
@nuck482 Hace un año
Silent leader !!
@joeguajardo5092 Hace un año
Future Hall of Famer
@yoshi92tx Hace un año
hes too big to be that calm man... thats guy is a true leader.
@ablemoss8723 Hace un año
Exactly!!! Martin is the man!
@ruminating1596 Hace un año
Law, Hook, and Martin are some true leaders. Love listening to them on the sideline getting the boys ready for battle.
@wepete68 Hace un año
Yea, I can see Hooker as a real leader .
@darrendunn8621 Hace un año
Plus Dak this team really has a lot of Leadership and I love it
@acidhendrix Hace un año
Kearse too. Wonder when he'll be back
I didn't know much about Hooker until this. Dude is a leader. Did anyone catch him getting back to fundamentals? Tackle he said.
@roytx26 Hace un año
I love how the team had Lamb’s back after the drop, quite different than some of the fans. These guys believe in each other so far hope to see them grow throughout the season
@jvillanueva2978 Hace un año
Yup all the fans on social media calling him a bum after that drop. I hate our fans so much
@JNewWG Hace un año
@@jvillanueva2978 They always turn on players after one bad play then praise them when they do good. Amari had drop problems early in his career as well. Lamb will be fine
@tyressejackson2532 Hace un año
@@JNewWG facts man lamb bout to go off against Washington and watch when they be on him
On the wall of the Cowboys practice facility it says "Resilience!"
@ceejordan9649 Hace un año
@@tyressejackson2532 hell yeah the drop might be what spring board Lambs season. It was almost like he had a different confidence on that TD drive. I think that drop made him lock in. Prime example was that 4th down catch. He took a shot on that play and there are plenty of good WR's that would have dropped that ball but he held on for the 1st down.
@avi9023 Hace un año
Whoever does these deserves an award
@jasonjay8834 Hace un año
No seriously 😂
@truefields9428 Hace un año
I 2nd tht!!! 👍🏿
@brettsaucedo Hace un año
@kcee1286 Hace un año
Facts 😂🔥
Tyler Smith is a certified beast
@michaelfranco9591 Hace un año
You see him get out there on the edge and set the block on that big run
@staceydillard1728 Hace un año
Dallas fans didn't like him being a first round pick 🤣
@megclifton6692 Hace un año
@dallasborn8574 Hace un año
@@staceydillard1728 They kill me tho.
@arenroc8824 Hace un año
Wasn't feeling it at first but damn if will mcclay knows what he is doing
@tacofan89 Hace un año
Ya'll do not understand how much I appreciate these videos... MAKES ME FEEL LIKE IM SITTIN SIDELINES WITH THE BOYS!!!
Ceedee has a huge drop and who is there to lift him up ? Zack Mf Martin 🔥
@maxhuff5943 Hace un año
I hope diggs stay in Dallas his whole career he’s got that attitude about him. Baller
@geoffreycrews5060 Hace un año
Love what Zach Martin said to Ceedee after the drop. "It's how you respond." That's a leader right there
@DirtNassty Hace un año
"I knew you would respond" since he was the one picking CeeDee up after the drop! Only makes your point even more accurate! That's a great dude and team mate right here!
@robertruiz159 Hace un año
Love how everyone gets everyone up and everyone communicates showing that they got each other’s back brothers !!
@hawaiiancowboy3439 Hace un año
Love it wish could of had Turpins punt Return down the sideline too
@TimDuncanSA Hace un año
I love Zack Martin. All he said was it’s “how you respond” and CeeDee did.
@theenp3889 Hace un año
Peters is out there looking so much more happier than being on the Eagles
@JC88Official Hace un año
lmfao rotf🤣🤣🤣
@TraderX10 Hace un año
he's a texas boy! he's at home
@scarfacepaco8333 Hace un año
Believe me when I say this team will go as far as our Defense takes us ! Offense just has to score enough. But you can tell last year team built lots of chemistry it rolled over to this year S/O Dan quin. Let’s gooo COWBOY NATION
@cardigan9723 Hace un año
its the other way around for me. we know what this defense is capable of. the offense can look sloppy at times.
@cardigan9723 Hace un año
@@jeremyx2.07 it was Dan Quinn’s first year with that defense last year and it was better than kellen moore 4 years as a offensive coordinator
@travisbeck2455 Hace un año
big facts defense is nasty wit it the way the fly round nd get after the QB is ferocious
@Tyronewebb Hace un año
That Zack Martin and Lamb interaction gave me chills
@ctx7360 Hace un año
Trevon's reaction is priceless. He called the game!! This team will be in the playoffs.
@14720509 Hace un año
Calm down. They beat a horrible team.
@ctx7360 Hace un año
@@14720509 With a back up QB 😆 Dak would've dropped a 40 burger.
@14720509 Hace un año
@@ctx7360 LMAO. Dak would have throwm behind receivers, thrown into double coverage and been sacked several times. Dak is trash fan boy.
@ctx7360 Hace un año
@@14720509 Just go look at his record against the entire NFC East. He's dominated all of them since 2016. Nice try tho
@primetime3748 Hace un año
Great display of leadership between Zach Martin and Lamb. Martin told him to get the next one and Lamb responded. “I GOT YOU” This team is special!!
@VIYIN Hace un año
Win or loss always a Cowboy! 💪🏼
@senecademouy3397 Hace un año
Exactly how it should be amen to that
@@senecademouy3397 always a cow girl huh
@DirtNassty Hace un año
@@brandonUwanawich954 That's cute
@FrYLocK41 Hace un año
Diggs and Lamb both made up for their miscues in the first half. I love it.
@alphaw1457 Hace un año
Guess i didnt realise how much of a leader Hooker is. Man this defense is crazyyy!
@jvillanueva2978 Hace un año
He the oldest one so he knows he gotta step up. And I'm glad he is.
@vicentemendez5529 Hace un año
@@jrod1908 ONG mans intensity is insane
@CorrectCrusader Hace un año
Hooker has a great IQ for football, he knew exactly what they would do and communicated it well, stud
@jaycurry9353 Hace un año
Malik Hooker doesnt get enough credit on this defense his leadership ability and you see how this team feels about him when all 11 on defense cares what he has to say ! Go Cowboys !!!!
@devonjohnson8536 Hace un año
Agreed! I’d love to see him get more reps in, he balled out when he got the chance last year
@a1kev583 Hace un año
It's great having this dude especially when you look back at 2020 when we had no veteran leadership in the secondary
@jaycurry9353 Hace un año
@@devonjohnson8536 Exactly man love the secondary soo much
@jaycurry9353 Hace un año
@@a1kev583 you hit it on the head with this bro !!
@walkietalkie6679 Hace un año
Hooker is a beast
@robrealcuts Hace un año
1:34 Lewis was lit ! This team and this DEFENSE is going to be iconic
Man they got so much love for each other that’s hella raw
@JordanMazzitelle Hace un año
But it’s a key ingredient to get where we want to go. I’d be willing to bet no super bowl was ever won by a locker room that wasn’t a close brotherhood.
@isaiasmendoza17399 Hace un año
People don't realize this game was kinda personal for cooper rush to after the giants cut him
@robrealcuts Hace un año
Peters energy and leadership is going to be huge going down the stretch ! Gave me chills !
@jameshecht3471 Hace un año
Hearing Malik gave me chills, gotta have guys like him
@michaelfranco9591 Hace un año
I noticed that too !! We need a good veteran to help the DB’s
@jsdzx Hace un año
That was Kearse last year too. Hope he can get healthy soon. Can’t have enough of a the big right stuff on the field.
@antoniotorres4820 Hace un año
TYLER SMITH is looking like a first rounder he's fast and 💪
@thomasduran490 Hace un año
Love the words Hooker said, " whatever ( it is ) you do best, let's do that ( that) ' towards the end of the game, Giant's last possession . And the owboys went out there and got that interception. Such support, trigger words, focus, stronge connections and team players, a bond I'm super happy to see, takes them to another level, maybe championship level, I'm going to have to get some Cow oy jerseys
@lonniejones1000 Hace un año
Everyone sounds like a leader! Mike McCarthy deserve a lot of credit for accountability
@TimDuncanSA Hace un año
Zeke was so upset Saquon scored. Loved that. Zeke scored next drive !
@TurtleLoverrrrrrr Hace un año
It made me laugh because when zeke scored saquon clapped 😭😭
@extramediocre2278 Hace un año
@@TurtleLoverrrrrrr Right? I was absolutely wondering what was up with that!! 😂
@C3N-214 Hace un año
@@TurtleLoverrrrrrr damn fa sho and they dapped up after the game
@KaliaH Hace un año
Zeke just wanted him one that’s all🤣 I’m sure they’re cool
@ziptalia2456 Hace un año
props to Zach for his interaction(s) w/ CeeDee - that's how you support your brothers. also props to Hooker - he's another leader. good stuff.
@tyfromdallas1 Hace un año
Man they turn me up as a fan just watching these videos. Can’t wait to Sunday. I’ll be there watching live. Let’s beat them Commanders.
@dmoney8177 Hace un año
Thank you kellen Moore for sticking with the run. That 3rd and long run play was a game changer! Please, keep proving me wrong! Hahah
@rsciero Hace un año
"It's how you respond" -Zach Martin Truer words have never been spoken.
@cesarbelle843 Hace un año
Always checking for sounds on the sidelines!!! We love you!!!
@michaelfranco9591 Hace un año
Jason Peters’s at guard is the best thing for our run game.
@D4K4MVPrescott Hace un año
While most didn't.. I jumped for Joy when we drafted Smith.. Williams and signed TURPIN. Glad y'all could join me on the bus!
Oh, wow! I actually cried with joy! When CeeDee dropped that ball, I literally said out loud “he’s gonna make it up to us.” Sho nuff! So lucky to have these amazing men on the team. They’re all superstars with beautiful souls to boot! Da Boys! ⭐️⭐️⭐️
@mojoschmee9320 Hace un año
That's great. Pretty sure what I said wouldn't make it past the censors...
@vesica4896 Hace un año
zach martin gave me chills. what a leader
@nicrodriguez9889 Hace un año
Martin at 1:27 is why this man is one of the greatest cowboys ever. Yes other teammates were happy with the block. Martin was thrilled/energized by it and you saw it in his reaction. Can’t wait to see this guy in the HOF. Hopefully we still got a few years left with this GOAT
@bobjonsun4201 Hace un año
Yo watching this video of the sounds on this dalls team is so different from previous years! I love this boys team!! Let's go!! Hooker a beast too
@soloplaysgames9965 Hace un año
I love how the defense knows this isnt their final form. Its wholesome to see the team tell ceedee its about how you respond then build his confidence and Daniel Jones and Saquon both telling Cooper Rush to keep going. Love these videos.
@aliciahavard3268 Hace un año
Beautiful... always love these sidelines . #DCFL
@wolfking8090 Hace un año
You can tell these Boyz got chemistry and love when anyone makes a play and motivates each other to win¡!!!!!!; Cowboys all day baby!!!!!
@lewismcclure8668 Hace un año
Them BOY'S Fighting for Each Other!!!! Going to be Tough to beat that!!!!
@h8sjws735 Hace un año
We may not have the best team yet, but we damn sure got the best media! Always look forward to these after a win.
@dnavarro972 Hace un año
Love the confidence and conviction in this team
@life2thefullest869 Hace un año
2:07 I died! KT bout funny as hell! I love the personalities on this team
@alexm549 Hace un año
This lockerroom energy is something!🔥🔥
@ericlewin2772 Hace un año
I’d pay good money to watch the whole game like this
@Shrimy Hace un año
Voch Lombardi’s streams and sounds from the sideline are the only things that keep me sane between these games
@THuynh-28 Hace un año
Love the older guys like D Law and Z Martin keeping everyone focused.
@tdizzy173 Hace un año
i was at this game i left at the 5 minute mark the greatest feeling in the world was walking in giant fans had the building screaming lets go giants after the 5 minute marker in the entire stadium they all started to leave and everybody was silent it was my first ever cowboys game and to see the boys shut em all up what a great night
@aliciamorgan979 Hace un año
@thomasduran490 Hace un año
4th quarter, game tied, Diggs says, ' Let's score this ( TD ), and make them put the ball in the air, we're taking it'' wow, I won't say it, I can just say America's team. Confidence in the offense, and teamwork, co fidence I. The defence to finish it. LOVE IT
@glennkorbel8966 Hace un año
Vids like this show you why it is critical to have battle-tested vets to keep young players heads in the game. That’s why Jason Peters will be worth his weight in gold. The man is a future Hall of Fame walking library, not only about his position but Dallas’ NFL east opponents. 9X Pro Bowl? He’s forgotten more about playing the position than 99% of offensive lineman ever learn.
@luisolague3261 Hace un año
Ceedee and Digs: You got me, I got you!!!🔥
@robertlopez4571 Hace un año
Yes siiiir 🥶
@bryangarcia7607 Hace un año
Let’s go boys🔥🔥🔥
@gabrielpacheco6906 Hace un año
We them boys
@willmontgomery79 Hace un año
Could y'all possibly do this for every game? These are my favorite videos that y'all put out.
@locotx215 Hace un año
You new here? . . .they've been doing that for the last few years . . .every game
@leonavarro1757 Hace un año
Love my team they really coming together !!!
I look forward to seeing this sounds from the Sideline every week I love watching my Cowboys hype each other up for the win!!! Go Cowboys!!!!!
Now that's unity and togetherness in good times and bad that's a true team! Makes me proud to be a Cowboy
@MATTBARNZ Hace un año
You know they moral is more higher compared to last week. Keep pushing Cowboys.
@martinhousemuse Hace un año
Surprised to be feeling good about this team right now. Most satisfying game I've seen of theirs since they beat the Pats last year.
@SweetPProductions Hace un año
Sounds from sideline is more exciting to watch then the games lol. I love my BOYZ!!!!!
@thelifeandtimesof Hace un año
Love the energy, love the accountability on the sideline more.
Keep stacking them W’s 🔥
I cannot wait to see the sideline hype when Turpin finally breaks one. I wish they would use him more on the offensive side and not just a return man.
@darrylsmith1471 Hace un año
The Cowboys defense can match up to any offense in the NFL, the offense is coming along now but still has some work to do, we need to clean up the penalties and we'll be fine. We could have beaten the Giants alot worse if it wasn't for the two penalties in the red zone and the drop ball by Cee Dee. This team is going to be really good once we get the rest of our offensive pieces back.
@Zervas123 Hace un año
The reaction from the guys after the ceedee drop was everything. Felt like everyone on the sideline wasn’t worried because they knew ceedee would make up for it.
@graysonrandell8888 Hace un año
Can't wait till Peters gets more snaps at LG. That left side looked deadly with him and Tyler Smith demolishing everything in sight.
@pweiss15 Hace un año
Impressed with Osa and Malik.
@Shreds1620 Hace un año
Love Cooper Rush. Love Hook. Love this entire group. Go Cowboys
@Adrenaline74 Hace un año
It’s safe to say if Dallas drafts o-linemen in the 1st round they are going to be all pro / pro bowlers
@Swole-G33k Hace un año
Tyler smith in the end killed me with the let’s gooooooooooooooo😂😂😂
@zacdorsey1906 Hace un año
Great job cowboys great recap film guys
@carolbaskin1121 Hace un año
Dak Prescott “it’s alright”. What an inspiration to everyone around him. Really firing everyone up 😂
@luismanhaes3750 Hace un año
Amazing energy on the sideline
@El-ingobernable Hace un año
i like how Diggs is sitting alone talking to himself lol 4:15
@oscarpalacios6242 Hace un año
Absolutely love this series after a win. Keep it up!
@S.Rocco.S Hace un año
These are awesome.. Them boys are doing work.. Go Cowboys Go
@georgeseipel7087 Hace un año
WOW they looking real great as a team and they way they interact............They gonna do it this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@senecademouy3397 Hace un año
I hope so brother that would be lovely
@dallasborn8574 Hace un año
Law came to play. He is finally healthy.
@mustang4life Hace un año
It is NEVER work when one ☝🏼 (or a team) chooses to share footage which one can view from this exceptional video. Many thanks 🙏🏼. 🍻🇺🇸🤠🇺🇸🍻
@msreecol544 Hace un año
I super love these videos. It's like being there. I wished the video included the shot where Micah Parsons ran over one of the Giants linemen. It was something.
@jahlilharper3518 Hace un año
Diggs to CeeDee “you got me I got you!”
@dallasborn8574 Hace un año
That's crazy. You know they battle all day.
@joeymoney2516 Hace un año
Dam I love how Zack Martin is taking charge and holding them dudes accountable. This team's got a lot of promise if they can clean up their mistakes.
I loved it when Malik Hooker said, this ain't our ceiling, time to take it up another notch! 💙
@Dc4life711 Hace un año
That was awesome!!! Give that editor a raise!
@Sweetlady888 Hace un año
Tyler Smith was ALL OVER the place! BOOM BOOM BOOM!! Mowing em down. I love to see it!!!! 💪🏽💪🏽
@JC88Official Hace un año
diggs ceedee is amazing duo from opposite sides
This team seems very United. Hope once Dak comes back our offense looks like it did last year. We need that combo of D and O in order for us to do some damage in the playoffs
Dak will bring our energy down he’s lost out there
@dal74 Hace un año
@@williamalmendarez9157 he played against Tampa whose defense is probably best in the league 😂 Dak woulda beat the giants my 20 plus let’s be honest
@jeremymartin9148 Hace un año
Dak is definitely gonna kick things up a notch, can't wait until he returns to the lineup
@vvitillo04 Hace un año
Dak needs to stay off. Coop played phenomenal this game and I believe he will continue to do so. I don’t think we’d be this far with Dak.
@jeremymartin9148 Hace un año
@@vvitillo04 We 2-1 in a 17 game season, last year Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to the playoffs. Cooper Rush is a great backup, but he's done nothing Dak Prescott hasn't already accomplished
@kingck5422 Hace un año
SFS is so addicting I love watching these
@MrRnBHittzville Hace un año
To see Diggs over there enjoying the game while sitting by himself with nobody to talk to but himself...awesome. That's literally that stuff his son does. Just watch and imagine his son doing that 🤣. That a good sign of pure passion and joy 😂
@jjwiggs28 Hace un año
One if the better episode of SFTS... This team is starting to gel. Let's go Cowboys! DC4L
@lashaunadaniels Hace un año
Love the connection and chemistry with the offense and defensive sides of the ball. We have some real leaders on the team who hold each other accountable while knowing the task at hand. I see them motivating each other even after the stumbles. If the team gets healthy they still have a shot to get the division back. The cowboys teams are never consistent after winning the division but they actually have a chance to right the shift. The nfc and NFL in general is wide open this year because of all the personnel movement in the off-season so they cannot count themselves out. Love this team and hope they stay together and keep holding each other accountable. We can go far with luck ,health, discipline and some consistency!!!
@nflnumero Hace un año
I love to see it , its gone be even better when everybody healthy
@LMMoss-oh2yc Hace un año
Besides waiting for Tom Grossi to upload vids, Sounds from the Sidelines is what I die waiting for
@captaintom9518 Hace un año
Eyyyy Tom Grossi
@marcsmith1413 Hace un año
Love sounds from the sidelines