Sounds from the Sideline: Week 3 at NYG | Dallas Cowboys 2022

Dallas Cowboys
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Sights and sounds from the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys game vs the New York Giants, at MetLife Stadium on Monday, September 26, 2022.

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27 sep 2022






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Martin Zavala
that ceedee and diggs bond is real, they feed off each others energy! i love to see it
Nicholas Martinez
Martin is a quiet monster. You see how much Lamb was happy to make it up for him.
Sounds from the Sideline always saves us in the middle of the week
I love how the team had Lamb’s back after the drop, quite different than some of the fans. These guys believe in each other so far hope to see them grow throughout the season
Whoever does these deserves an award
Ruminating 15
Law, Hook, and Martin are some true leaders. Love listening to them on the sideline getting the boys ready for battle.
Alejandro Velasquez
Tyler Smith is a certified beast
Robert Ruiz
Love how everyone gets everyone up and everyone communicates showing that they got each other’s back brothers !!
Thee NP
Peters is out there looking so much more happier than being on the Eagles
Joshua Valdez
Ya'll do not understand how much I appreciate these videos... MAKES ME FEEL LIKE IM SITTIN SIDELINES WITH THE BOYS!!!
Geoffrey Crews
Love what Zach Martin said to Ceedee after the drop. "It's how you respond." That's a leader right there
Ceedee has a huge drop and who is there to lift him up ? Zack Mf Martin 🔥
I love Zack Martin. All he said was it’s “how you respond” and CeeDee did.
Trevon's reaction is priceless. He called the game!! This team will be in the playoffs.
Win or loss always a Cowboy! 💪🏼
Joseph Jesus Saenz
Man they got so much love for each other that’s hella raw
Scarface Paco
Believe me when I say this team will go as far as our Defense takes us ! Offense just has to score enough. But you can tell last year team built lots of chemistry it rolled over to this year S/O Dan quin. Let’s gooo COWBOY NATION
Guess i didnt realise how much of a leader Hooker is. Man this defense is crazyyy!
Max Huff
I hope diggs stay in Dallas his whole career he’s got that attitude about him. Baller
james hecht
Hearing Malik gave me chills, gotta have guys like him
The D in Dallas
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