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Speaking Japanese is a lot of fun! But what if you had to become fluent in just 6 months? Fear not. Here's a guide to make it happen!
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What if you HAD to become fluent at Japanese in 6 months? What would you do? In this video, here's a strategy for making it happen!
Find out how much Japanese you'd need, learn where to find Japanese conversation partners online, meet "Canadian guy", and discover how to overcome mental block when speaking Japanese. And of course, witness "The chocolate".

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5 mar 2015






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Madhukar kumar Roy
Madhukar kumar Roy Hace un día
Thanku bro
shadowbanned Hace 4 días
does learning Japanese teach you how to grow a fumanchu? because yours if coming in nicely.
shadowbanned Hace 4 días
does learning Japanese teach you how to grow a fumanchu? because yours if coming in nicely.
Sillius Soddus
Sillius Soddus Hace 4 días
OliAnims Hace 5 días
Is it possible to just throw yourself into Japan and learn the language from everyday life?
sehrish rana
sehrish rana Hace 5 días
English is most easy language in the world
Silvia N.
Silvia N. Hace 6 días
Hahaha if you automatically know who the Canadian guy is, you have definitely been putting a lot of work in learning. Let's hope in 5 years, we would be better than him in Japanese and hopefully he will be fluent by then.
Ben Nichols
Ben Nichols Hace 8 días
If your goal for "fluency" is N4, ~1500 words, and basic conversation ability, then yeah 6 months is doable. But most people would put fluency at or beyond N1, thousands of words, reading, and intermediate/advanced conversation ability. For that, you need years. Don't set unrealistic expectations for yourself with Japanese or you'll get frustrated and quit.
Belinda Peres
Belinda Peres Hace 8 días
Another hilarious video. Feeling encouraged to learn...
The Handicrapped Stain
And your Japanese is not even that fluent.
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
HPLD M Hace 11 días
If this dude is an anime fan and likes going to idol concerts. Congratulations, we have another weeb.
O.M. Hace 11 días
That's rather good for 6 months
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Many of the AJATT people said they learned ~20k words in about 3 years. I'm sure 1k words off Genki might seem a lot if you've never had much interest in Japanese media/culture, but it's probably equivalent to being able to open up a light novel and noticing you can recognize 2 out of 5 words. That doesn't sound very enjoyable, does it?
Zoshy Hace 13 días
I wanna learn Bc I wanna move to japan soon
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Guys who went in hard, but ended up burning out quickly, and only learned the absolute basics: "You gotta move to Japan, get Japanese friends, take Japanese classes, have a private tutor, drink miso soup, walk under cherry blossom-covered streets during early springtime, etc." Guys who became fluent: "Just watch anime pretty often and look up words as you go along. No need to ever interact with real Japanese people." Watch Matt vs Japan's videos for more info.
The Mindbrokens’ Elysium
Second video of yours ive watched, and i fuckin love you lol
Rose Finneran
Rose Finneran Hace 18 días
You are literally iconic
Fadi ファディ
Fadi ファディ Hace 19 días
Practice Japanese with Siri?
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Practicing speaking before you've acquired a decently-sized vocabulary would be like trying heavylifting before building any muscle.
Danae Lum
Danae Lum Hace 20 días
Dude hilarious: Rufus = ruthless Eggsmaple= example Into net= Internet Lol gotta work on your English too. You're too much. Well I just might invest in those books but I've got 2 years to work on fluency..if I feel like it.
nmphotog Hace 20 días
But seriously: After all my time in Japan, other than having a strong vocabulary, the point about working through lapses with japanese and describing things you don't know is by far the best possible lesson to learn. After 12 trips to Japan and untold hours spent on books, movies or music, that point right there in working through problems with the language after I saw it on this video completely changed my entire progression forever. Thanks.
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Learning a language isn't about where you are. It's about how much effort you wanna put into it. If you try listening to any Japanese music or watching any Japanese films, you're more likely than not to learn the meaning of words you're hearing if you look them up in a dictionary than if you let 'em slip by and forever get lost in the abyss of your memories. Even watching Precure at home in America from your computer desk could teach you more Japanese than living in Japan, but only hanging out with English speakers.
Leo carvalho
Leo carvalho Hace 25 días
Nathan Edits
Nathan Edits Hace 26 días
Ahahah that newspaper part was brilliant
Christopher Cj
Christopher Cj Hace 27 días
How long to learn to JUST speak it? With no interest in the grammar side at all?
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Learn to understand it before you try speaking it.
Albert Lopez
Albert Lopez Hace 29 días
The INTO NET 😂😂😂😂😂
Itsaki -san
Itsaki -san Hace un mes
Wait he has friends
Jika TV
Jika TV Hace un mes
You're hilarious! But also helpful :) watching this is 2019 still relevant! ♥️♥️♥️
لبنانية و افتخر
Tip number 1: *"be born in japan"*
somo hor
somo hor Hace un mes
Genki 1 and 2
jtomes123 Hace un mes
It is funny, more I learn of other languages the more I forget of my native language (czech)
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Trying to learn Japanese made me a lot more self-conscious about how often I misunderstand or hand-wave stuff in my native language (Spanish).
Jelani Dacosta Best
I don't mean to boast but thanks to Memrise I learnt about 4000 French words in 6 months. It certainly can be done. I'm off to Japan in April so I'm definitely going to start learning asap.
Kyo Hace un mes
6:26 俺はペンです, wait... Doesn't that mean "I am a pen" or something like that?
Gundam Hailey
Gundam Hailey Hace un mes
If anyone is interested in joining a server for studying Japanese, join mine discord.gg/Fe2ST2
Zoë Morehead
Zoë Morehead Hace un mes
You can do it 10x faster if you live in Japan
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Living in Japan is good for speaking practice opportunities, but it probably doesn't matter where you try learning. You can watch Japanese TV series and films or read practically any Japanese novel ever written if you've got access to the Internet, and you can consult some pretty good dictionaries for free. All that really matters is having the will to do it.
sethnakht12 Hace un mes
everytime the transition comes i say "go fuck yourself"
Kokanno's Vlogs
Kokanno's Vlogs Hace un mes
Great tips! Now time for me to get to work!
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Language learning is 99% fun and 1% brutal effort.
will simpson
will simpson Hace un mes
the title makes me sad cause I've been studying FRENCH for 6 years and I'm still shit at it
will simpson
will simpson Hace 11 días
@Alan Nikolai Stratmann I'm in french immersion so for the semester where I have my french classes, i have at least 9 hours per week plus homework.
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
What matters is the number of hours, not of years. A person who puts in 3 hours a day for even just one year into consuming media made for natives is gonna learn more than a person who spends 2 hours per week at most for 10 years studying through some entry-level textbooks.
CarpFoon 0'Hydrate
CarpFoon 0'Hydrate Hace un mes
1:15 he lost it at the gun prod to the head
Steven Chalmers
Steven Chalmers Hace un mes
I like your videos, they're good. Drop that Stewart Lee patter though, it doesnae fly.
Soul Flush
Soul Flush Hace un mes
Like how your facial hair grew throughout the duration of the video 😂
DJ_James _YT
DJ_James _YT Hace un mes
As of now this is all i know あお 垢か
GanjaLa Fever
GanjaLa Fever Hace un mes
I seen a video with a Japanese guy saying that them books are shite
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
@GanjaLa Fever Imabi covers the politeness levels too, and much more extensively that any other guide out there. I've read it much of it and done many of the exercises in it, but I still don't feel like I'd be able to produce any Japanese that wouldn't just be an awkward translation of English sentences I've got in my mind. I'm not sure if it's really possible to acquire the ability to spontaneously produce natural-sounding Japanese as an adult at all, considering that even that guy, Matt, who spent 6 years immersing all day long in Japanese media, still often feels like he's not able to say anything in Japanese that's not either a conscious imitation of stuff he's read/heard before, or produce unnatural-sounding Japanese.
GanjaLa Fever
GanjaLa Fever Hace 11 días
Alan Nikolai Stratmann There’s a Japanese fella on ESvid, Yuta, who does teach the normal way to converse and the levels of formality depending on the situation and who you’re talking to.
Alan Nikolai Stratmann
Native speakers of a language can probably say that instructional materials (Genki, Minna no Nihongo, or Tae Kim's Guide) have unnatural sentences, but they probably can't give you the right recommendation since they never really tried to learn the language. They just grew up surrounded by it, had to speak it with their parents, teachers, friends, classmates, people on the streets, etc. I've seen people like Khatzumoto from the AJATT blog comment that textbooks will only help to re-inforce poor habits (like translating back and forth between your native language and your target language) and mold your conception of a language into some artificial, heavily simplified standard, just as I've seen other people comment that textbooks are good to start off with, but then you gotta branch off into media meant for natives, keep a diary, and all sorts of stuff like that.
em !
em ! Hace un mes
Elon Musk of language learning, specializes in Japanese
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