Spent the Night in a Haunted Insane Asylum馃槶

Peet Montzingo
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so we almost died at edinburgh manor and here's what happened..

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13 jun 2021






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Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un a帽o
100% the scariest night of my life
Bro those dolls are ours they disapeared we dont know where went creepy
Rebecca Sikes
Rebecca Sikes Hace 14 d铆as
i felt like i was there with u i was so scared and i dont know why like i could never do that
Cheesegamer8384 Hace 15 d铆as
I almost peed myself and am not even there
zelda4life Schramm
zelda4life Schramm Hace 20 d铆as
Which is worse the asylum or waverly not including the scratch
lime鈥檔鈥檒emon Hace 22 d铆as
I love how I鈥檓 more scared then you are and I鈥檓 not even in the video and I like scary stuff
JoJo Gee
JoJo Gee Hace un a帽o
i literally appreciate you putting the "listen" icon so much omfg, i hate not knowing what people heard whenever i watch ghost hunting videos lol
MoreSpeed Hace un mes
OO7 Hace un mes
jonrichardson800 Hace un mes
Mr.Douhgnut Hace 4 meses
I didn鈥檛 like bc it would be 6**
AdoreK Hace 4 meses
I agree 鈽濓笍
medicatedmenorah Hace un a帽o
鈥淚f they find me dead, call my mom.鈥 Me: Can I call your mom anyways? I love her!
RandomAussie Hace 23 d铆as
@it's ya girl amailie ahh, just dont use anything satanish towards them and dont be alarmed if something dies on you just be very careful and announce that you are no harm and that they have no right to harm you or your home.
it's ya girl amailie
it's ya girl amailie Hace 23 d铆as
@RandomAussie i think i saw a ghost or sum
Peachy plays
Peachy plays Hace 2 meses
@Latico 鉁 鉁 mAtERial GwOrl馃槅
Lullet_Bear 馃惢
Lullet_Bear 馃惢 Hace 5 meses
Yes omg! She is a legend
Evelyn Daly
Evelyn Daly Hace un a帽o
Don't feel weak for needing a brake outside. Even the saltiest and experienced investigators do it too.
Klampy toad
Klampy toad Hace 2 meses
Berdeh Hace 2 meses
@Joseph Joestar "nigerundayo"
Abi Gray
Abi Gray Hace 4 meses
@Cameron Richardson It鈥檚 something we will never know. Ghosts could exist but we don鈥檛 know 100%.
Cameron Richardson
Cameron Richardson Hace 6 meses
I must admit I am optimistically sceptical, I want to believe in spirits but so far all I鈥檝e seen are fight or flight responses causing these鈥 if you convince yourself there鈥檚 a malicious spirit in your living room鈥 guess what happens to that room 馃槀 but really cool video tho 馃槀馃槀
Sassafras and Thor Wanchese
FroggyGirl343 Hace un a帽o
That doll saying "hug me" will probably haunt me for forever... Not a good idea to watch this if you are still scared of the dark like me...
Tysm for the warning but ima still watch it!! Ty tho! Bc it鈥檚 nearly time for me to go to bed
infinite_pulse65 Hace un mes
I love stuff like this but I am scared of the dark lol
I had a haunted doll once鈥. He watched me. A lot
Nia Sworf 2
Nia Sworf 2 Hace 2 meses
My little brothers toys do that all the time, but its worse here-
Guillianna Christianne Lastimosa
I'm scared of the dark and dolls- I'm f up- Edit: I just heard the doll and... I will not gonna be able to sleep later at night... I'm tearing up-
SoulKnight Hace 10 meses
In my opinion I feel that when someone is in a haunted place and their energy is drained I feel as though the energy around them is too much for them. Generally this happens to everyone(some sooner than most), even professionals have this problem. It's as if your own energy cannot keep up with your surroundings making the whole ordeal exhausting. (this is not a professional opinion just a theory)
Spoz Hace 4 meses
I think sometimes it's actually the opposite, you're just more open to it. Physical symptoms can appear as how somebody felt in that space, which makes sense if yiuve had elderly or sick people.
Kitsune 3.1415
Kitsune 3.1415 Hace un a帽o
3:40, you know, that part of the wall where the paint peeled kinda looks like a face pattern in the center
Wait i saw face at different time
Bro me to wtf i also thought that im getting wierd vibes
u don鈥檛 need to know my name 馃檭
Yea I saw I was like : 馃樁馃槼
TheBinMan Hace 14 d铆as
@kariortiz7326 Same!!
Berdeh Hace 2 meses
Thats scary..
Communist Cat
Communist Cat Hace 11 meses
鈥淚f you find me dead call my mom鈥 I respect that relationship you two have.
The Guy In Chains
The Guy In Chains Hace 4 meses
If your found dead (God forbid) you wouldn't want anyone to tell ur mom?....
Eunieberry Hace 4 meses
15:34 HOW LONG HAS THAT TOY BEEN AROUND? It鈥檚 crazy. The amount of energy that place has for that toy to be still functioning. And well I think it was Suzy who wanted that hug from you.
Sen 10001
Sen 10001 Hace un a帽o
I really hope that Erika is ok. Not knowing where she is is not a good sign!
Tim Heart
Tim Heart Hace 4 meses
She鈥檚 still pretending to be a ghost in the basement 馃懟
Albedo_Aria Hace 5 meses
Yeah, I hope she鈥檚 ok too
Ivana 艩estan
Ivana 艩estan Hace un a帽o
You are great to me Peet that you are dear when you address these spirits in a kind and respectful way 馃檪馃馃憤, not everyone would admit that they are afraid and that is the courage to admit it 馃槈馃憤. Heh you're funny saying something like you don't want to be there at all. I want these tormented souls to finally find the peace they deserve 馃檹.
Lex Hace 5 meses
鈥淒o you wanna split up?鈥 I genuinely started yelling at my phone. 鈥淣O. YOU DONT SPLIT UP. YOU NEVER SPLIT UP. HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM ALL THOSE HORROR MOVIES????鈥
natasha Hace un a帽o
@19:25 your face cracked me up馃槀 鈥済reat鈥 Thank you so much for this Peet! I love that you also put the ears and the notes! This was so much fun to watch!! I adore you馃グ
Drumline 2022
Drumline 2022 Hace un a帽o
The amount of times the camera stopped focusing was insane. Especially whenever there was a noise everything just went blurry. Also why am I watching this when I've lived in haunted houses my whole life
Drumline 2022
Drumline 2022 Hace 4 meses
@The Guy In Chains I've lived in a house built on an Indian burial ground. And the house I am currently in was built way back in the 1800s and both my neighbor and I saw the exact same girl in the hallway. Sooo
The Guy In Chains
The Guy In Chains Hace 4 meses
@luka ghosts don't murder people it's not the movies
The Guy In Chains
The Guy In Chains Hace 4 meses
Sure u did bud
luka Hace 6 meses
Our old house was next to a haunted house and my grandma's house is haunted but you won't die when you don't disturb them
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Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un a帽o
frank has his pov of the night on his page check it out!!
Ayaya! Ayaya!
Ayaya! Ayaya! Hace un mes
Debaneuta Sethi
Debaneuta Sethi Hace 10 meses
I will definitely
tonjo Hace 10 meses
I will :P
piaaa Hace un a帽o
Will do!
Marie Mitchell
Marie Mitchell Hace un a帽o
New sub here from FrankoTV. You did really well considering this is your first time. And to have Frank by your side the first time is the best choice ever. Don't feel sorry about being a bit scared. Even the so called "professionals" get scared. Go with Frank again and you will feel more comfortable and more willing to try on your own. Keep up the good work!!
Roblox_luvv Hace un a帽o
This is why you should subscribe he literally risks his life for us and for people entertainment I support everything you do pls don鈥檛 die doing this type of stuff I hope everybody is doing well in these hard times
CraZZiX Hace 9 meses
What's so life threatening tho, dude visited an old manor house that's bound to make some creepy sounds with how old the building is and then getting scared at them. Then there are people really risking their lives like Military Personnel and News Reporters in War torn countries as it is being attacked (Take the Israel Palestine conflict for example)
Al3xiswi3rd Hace un a帽o
@Roblox_luvv you should see other people like this risk there lives in like different stuff
piaaa Hace un a帽o
@Roblox_luvv What was he sacrificing?
My name is Amir
My name is Amir Hace un a帽o
Roblox_luvv Hace un a帽o
@Jesus but was I talking about a manor? I was appreciating everything he does and did this sacrifice his own life to do this video
Jessica Dear
Jessica Dear Hace un mes
I visited a haunted Asylum in Rochester, NY 5 years ago.. I went on Halloween night with my ex. The lady that owns it told us to role play because you can experience things happening more when you do so. I went into the morgue on the 1st floor. I laid on the morgue table. I asked for the nurse to help me. About 5 minutes after asking for the nurse who died.. I saw a dark aspiration above me and the mortician. I was trying to get up. I felt pressure on my chest. I felt the nurse holding me down. And I felt something sharp going into my side like a needle. Right when I got up.. I was dizzy. And the mortician鈥檚 suit that was hanging in the morgue was constantly turning like a pendulum. I heard screams.. old cabinet doors slam shut. It was very eerie. I have auto sounds when I was told playing as a teacher in the school room on one of the floors. There are bamboo wind chimes hanging from the closet in the classroom. You can hear them clacking together in the background. Since it was a tour with other people.. nothing major happened if you were going with just your group alone. I would recommend it to you if you are wanting to do another asylum ghost hunt!
Lisa Michelle uk
Lisa Michelle uk Hace un a帽o
frankos just the best love the way he doesn't pressure you into anything being a newbie at ghost hunting scene you'll go far with him if you want carry on the spooky vids haha will admit frankos impression of us English sooo funny be ok if he was meetin the queen he sooo need to learn the London cockney accent haha sending hugs n love xx
Ayala McFarland
Ayala McFarland Hace un mes
Peet: If you're there, give us a sign. We want to tell your stories. Ghost: Hey, sure thing buddy! Peet: *freaks out and legs it* Ghost: Seriously?! Really enjoyed this video! Not gonna lie, I probably would have wanted to leg it too!
Sidra Arshad
Sidra Arshad Hace 10 meses
You have such a good energy/vibe about you that whenever i watch u it gives me a sense of peace and calm. i cant explain why but it makes me feel happy inside. Love your videos! Please don't ever change :')
UnapologeticallyMe Hace 10 meses
Genuinely hoping you get deep spiritual cleanses after visiting these places. Spirits love attaching themselves to people good & bad. Please be safe!馃挋
hannah strong
hannah strong Hace 4 meses
you said you were scared, but as soon as you heard that noise and she was outside of the room 106 - you went running for her! you're a good friend!
馃彇 Nightc酶re Sh盲kr膩 馃彎
I love how Peet is so comforting to the noises or whatever they are hearing.
jade Hace 11 meses
I was like 鈥淗ELL. NO鈥 when that toy made noise 馃槶
KateP Hace 9 meses
@E Blake 15:20 found it
KateP Hace 9 meses
@E Blake ye what time?
E Blake
E Blake Hace 10 meses
What time
Cocoa Hace un a帽o
Frank: Marco! Dead guy named Marco: how tf does he know my name?!
_Sparky_ Hace 3 meses
I thought he was saying Marco as in Marco Polo and the dead person would be like polo
The Star Of Gold
The Star Of Gold Hace 10 meses
I actually answered "Polo"馃槀
Shy Purple butterfly
Shy Purple butterfly Hace 10 meses
@Starlight boba me too lol. I thought I was the only one... LMAO 馃槀馃ぃ
Kerlinda Khongsit
Kerlinda Khongsit Hace 11 meses
RoBLoX iS gUuD
RoBLoX iS gUuD Hace 11 meses
It's kinda like that one meme that goes like. School shooter:pick a student to die or I'll shout everyone Teacher: calm down.. Just hang out Kid named out: AEAEAEAEAEAEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Vampire Jackie
Vampire Jackie Hace un a帽o
Lol Peet running is so cute lol. I feel bad for Erica. But thank you for this Peet!
鈥arenTube鈥 Hace 5 meses
If you go to 12:12 look behind him at the green light, the door is moving
Krist媒na Bare拧ov谩
i dont saw anythink
be Hace 2 meses
righttt i saw it too!!!!
Tammy Stratton
Tammy Stratton Hace un a帽o
I freaking love this channel already. Stick with Frank he is a pro at keeping calm. Also balls of platinum apparently!
inuj iongi
inuj iongi Hace un a帽o
I'm actually worried about what happened to Erica lmao Loved this, please do more.馃槉馃檹馃挏
Kinsley Hace 11 meses
11:15 the reason why she was feeling weak is because ghosts take energy from people to make noises/move stuff(idk of you knew lol)
Highlight Home
Highlight Home Hace 2 meses
Yep that鈥檚 what the scientist told me
MellowJelly Hace un a帽o
I feel like you and Erica had really good energy for receiving subtle communications because you were quite calm and polite all things considered hahahah I'd be freaking out but I want to do this sooooo badly!! Erica is a strong conduit judging by the her body was being affected. It's so hard to make sure you don't get drained!! Meditation helps. Also Franko was so professional and badass and brave !! He's right though it's good to interact when the energies are high but don't push yourself!
In Natures Peak
In Natures Peak Hace un a帽o
You were so brave Peet. Plz know you'll be safe with Franko. He's the best in the business. You did really well. Thanks for the video
Meg V
Meg V Hace un a帽o
"they call him the joker because he looks like he's smiling menacingly" 3:40 WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT IN THE WALL?!
tonjo Hace 10 meses
Looks like Pete
Meg V
Meg V Hace 10 meses
@Dilvin Sbnc right?!
Dilvin Sbnc
Dilvin Sbnc Hace 10 meses
@Meg V OMG Yes! It looks like a smiling face
Rhett Jordan
Rhett Jordan Hace 10 meses
Mohamed Boucetta
Mohamed Boucetta Hace 11 meses
@Meg V maybe his ded soul or somthin?
annaquinn Hace 25 d铆as
i appreciate the sentiment of not just going in there for the spooks, but for letting the ghosts tell their story. only wish there would've been some of that, but i get that it's not that simple.
Eliza S.
Eliza S. Hace 5 meses
7:27 lol he said to ghosts that could be hundreds or years old 鈥渨e dont mean to be coming with bad vibes鈥
Kristina Djurfors
Kristina Djurfors Hace un a帽o
I love this, it鈥檚 refreshing with someone who can show they are afraid. 鉂わ笍 I really hope you do it again. Franko is a really nice guy. I just have one wish the text at the ear was little to small, a little bigger would be nice so everyone can read it. It was creepy and funny great job Kristina Sweden 馃嚫馃嚜
Linda Phelps
Linda Phelps Hace un a帽o
Great job Peet! Excellent editing! I鈥檓 so glad you were able to retrieve the footage 馃檹 Can鈥檛 wait for your next adventure!
Kayleen M
Kayleen M Hace 5 meses
this video is actually so good and deserves more hype. i watch sam and colby ghost hunting videos and i always have a hard time hearing the things they hear. In your video i can hear every nose very clearly and there is a lot of activity throughout the whole thing!
Adriana Wagnerov谩
Adriana Wagnerov谩 Hace 10 meses
I really like how you always point out that something will happen. It really helps with hearing those things and I don't have to stop the video and go back. I always stop chewing, moving and I believe even breathing, so I can hear everything. :D Good job guys, I wouldn't go there. :)
Sugarhummed Hace un a帽o
Lol "We don't mean to be coming with any bad vibes" 馃檶馃徏馃檶馃徏馃檶馃徏 馃檹馃徑
Tegan鈥檚 Life
Tegan鈥檚 Life Hace un a帽o
They passed the vibe checkkkk
be Hace 2 meses
12:16 that door in the green room literally moved dude i freaked out
G & E鈥檚 flower pens and monster magnets
I don't know exactly when but soon they're going to open night tours at the haunted Eloise hospital/asylum maybe that's something you would be interested in doing.
Opiclock Hace un a帽o
That one dislike is from the spirit that was too nervous to respond
tuffyukulele Hace un a帽o
What happened to Erica? Was she in that room for the rest of the night alone? I think if I were feeling drained of energy and sick like how she was I鈥檇 be afraid to be alone. I am a chicken though. LOL.
Schwaiger Hace 10 meses
@scorpion Hm could be that the owners do that maybe when someone comes by to film. Idk
g lav
g lav Hace 11 meses
Erica is spiritually not strong enough to fo this kind of paranormal exploration, leave her home next time. First Cecil now again, she is open to attack from underworld
scorpion Hace un a帽o
@Helena Fabregat I'm wondering why the place looks as clean as it does. I realize its supposed to look run down and the things in the rooms like toys and drawings are supposed to look "older"....but where is the dust, dirt, debris??? If the place has been abandoned since 2010 no one is cleaning, right? I mean if I dont sweep my floors or dust my knickknacks , within 30 days they would be really dusty...after 11 years there should be huge amounts of dust covering those items, cobwebs everywhere, papers like that crayon drawing saying "to Suzy from ryleigh" would be yellowed....I don't want to think its staged but it just doesn't look rundown and dirty enough to have been abandoned and unused for that long
livefreely6 Hace un a帽o
@Helena Fabregat yea and the fact that the batteries were still functional
Helena Fabregat
Helena Fabregat Hace un a帽o
@livefreely6 Exactly, they left her there like it was an obvious decision, I wouldn't have thought at it like that at all so Idk, probably some of the noises are real, because in these places there are weird sounds but not like that. Plus the way Frank picked up that toy (that suprisingly seemed pretty new and has batteries) it wasn't careful at all, and that is extremely odd
Alex Warren
Alex Warren Hace un a帽o
I think I鈥檒l stick to Phasmophobia instead of doing this IRL 馃槀 I give you 3 props for doing this
hiba Hace un a帽o
I appreciate you being so honest about this and the cecil.
Jill Ellis
Jill Ellis Hace 7 meses
I鈥檓 a new sub, I LOVE all your content & your excitement for everything 鈥渓ife鈥! Very awesome content. Thank you Pete, Mom & friends!
Julie M
Julie M Hace un a帽o
One of my all-time favorite places for voices, furniture dragging/slamming, knocking and screams! I actually go back in about five weeks and I cannot wait!
MoonyCat Hace 10 meses
Tysm for the "listen for this" addition, and explaining the noises. In videos like these I always end up skipping back over and over to hear it
Flxwers Hace 9 meses
This guy is so UNDERRATED like this is insane most people would never do this these people are crazy like give these guys more credit
Stephanie Doulgeris
Stephanie Doulgeris Hace 2 meses
They got such good activity can you imagine what you guys would have caught if you guys had like actual equipment for paranormal investigations.
Kris.tea.Pife. Hace 2 meses
I really like the way you edit these paranormal videos. The icons at the bottom to listen, describing what you heard or explaining to us what the noise we heard was.. And most of all, - *You鈥檙e not clickbaiting!!* - So A++ for you
Brian Leonard
Brian Leonard Hace 11 meses
I鈥檝e never laughed so hard, so much in a very long time! Thanks for the laughs!
5:31 the Red star ball moving back and forth like someone is sitting down rolling it back and forth 11:27 is that someone or something just standing looking into the room 15:32 that dog toy will remain evil (world war z) will never trust that toy again 馃槀馃槼
Sunkissed Hace 10 meses
I saw the ball moving too. I think it's cause they walked past it. Causing the movement.
Scrax Hace 11 meses
Omfg thats actually creepy
Random Person
Random Person Hace un a帽o
I鈥檓 a little over half way through the video now, it鈥檚 a great video. Be careful, and you seem like really nice people
Andrea Harrell
Andrea Harrell Hace un a帽o
U should do a youtube series of going to haunted places and exploring them
Kelly Dee
Kelly Dee Hace un a帽o
Great job, Peet! Came here from Franko TV! Just subbed to your channel. Love your video! Really great job. Amazing editing skills, Bro. Kudos to you for stepping out of your comfort zone and grabbing some great content! Keep it up!
MellowJelly Hace un a帽o
I like how you're not there to provoke and upset the spirits. It's so sweet. I definitely get better results when I'm positive
Jaqaun Lockett
Jaqaun Lockett Hace un a帽o
I can鈥檛 wait to see more videos of haunted places around the world & it can be a series of it. Maybe one day I鈥檒l join too experience these haunted places
Lina AlHaqq
Lina AlHaqq Hace un a帽o
Amazing exploration Peet, thank you.
Claudiayogi Hace un a帽o
You guys went there with few cameras and made this video so much juicy and better than anyone else investigating paranormal activity
Frostal! Hace 9 meses
15:33 I just wonder how the batteries in the toy haven't died in all that time鉁煈侌煈勷煈佲湪
a j
a j Hace un mes
I think it is so much energy from the spirits living there providing it power. if there happened to be children, they probably love it and use it when humans are not around.
Alicia S
Alicia S Hace 2 meses
I knew she was really scared when she was sitting and looked cold. You get so cold when you are scared. But she's a champ for what she was able to do. I totally couldn't 馃槀
Girl GURL Hace un a帽o
12:15 in the green room did anybody else see that black shadow go across the room
Chelsea G
Chelsea G Hace 5 meses
17:39 theres some shadow overlapping and crawling under peets Shoadow. Could be just me but... Weird
Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un a帽o
huuuuge shout out to frank!!!!
Nubian Queen
Nubian Queen Hace un a帽o
Have been referred here by our guy Franco and have just subscribed
G.kyndiah Hace un a帽o
G.kyndiah Hace un a帽o
Love your mom
G.kyndiah Hace un a帽o
G.kyndiah Hace un a帽o
Are you dead jk
Peg 1122
Peg 1122 Hace 10 meses
That was really cool! I enjoyed seeing you do the collab with Franco. I did however have a lot of trouble reading the text in the lower left-hand corner. I finally just gave up and hope I didn't miss anything important. Keep up the great work. I love your content!
It 虂s Sami
It 虂s Sami Hace un a帽o
Wish me luck guys.... I'm going to watch it on full screen now
Taylan mc Sus face
Taylan mc Sus face Hace 8 meses
3:46 I HAVE THAT CREEPY BLUE SCARECROW DOLL IN MY GARDEN. CREEPY. Also 4:45 that dog looking doll my sister has it. C R E E P Y
Evelyn Daly
Evelyn Daly Hace un a帽o
You are so brave to walk around there alone. I would NEVER!! I saw the Fourman Brothers episode there too. There are very intelligent entities in that building.
pepperoniPizza1137 Hace 10 meses
"do you wanna split up?" have u actually like ever watched a horror movie before
Kintharen Hace 2 meses
In the green lighted room if you look carefully, you can see something moving, when Peet turned around. It stopped moving. Either it's just a pole and the camera is moving to make it look like its moving.
Jelly_buzz Hace un mes
Somewhere around 17:46 I swore I saw a lady in a nightdress standing holding something you couldn't see it clearly but there was definitely something. Joker got a wife??!? Also when you were doing the thermometer camera it was definitely the same shape as the shadow I saw, Irene is also a female name
JAYHOODii YT. Hace 5 meses
You, Erica & Frank definitely needa do more of these together馃憖
CallMeIndie Hace un a帽o
Peet probably could right a book about all his investigations-
ClickClack Hace 2 meses
Holy beans I want to do this stuff.....but I can't cause I'm a baby so thank you Peet for doing this for me 馃槀 He was also so sweet to the ghosts
Jamiee Morgann
Jamiee Morgann Hace un a帽o
I mean, you need to interact back...Running away everytime they try and reach out is a bit mean after saying you're there as a friend...
fantage roblox and more
@g00se what?
CindyJo Faithful
CindyJo Faithful Hace un a帽o
@g00se 馃榿馃榿
Mewmewmeow Hace un a帽o
g00se Hace un a帽o
@CindyJo Faithful 馃樁
CindyJo Faithful
CindyJo Faithful Hace un a帽o
@Peet Montzingo awww....u are the cutest 馃グ
Caitlin Fisher
Caitlin Fisher Hace un a帽o
Not a good place to go to for your first time Peet 馃槀 waaay to much activity going on there!
Flight ATC
Flight ATC Hace un a帽o
2010?!?! How were they still allowed to operate that kind of terror establishment?
C L Hace 11 meses
@Zoran Penner I've worked in a psych ward dude, I've seen some fucked up shit that I would describe as torture. it may be different and more discreet than 60 years ago, but it's still fucked up.
Zoran Penner
Zoran Penner Hace 11 meses
@C L get ur facts straight before u go keyboard commando
C L Hace 11 meses
@Zoran Penner that's debatable
Zoran Penner
Zoran Penner Hace 11 meses
@C L yes but they dont torture them anymore
Trevor Dow
Trevor Dow Hace un a帽o
Loving this out of this world chemistry! More collabs ASAP
Leonardo Ribeiro
Leonardo Ribeiro Hace un a帽o
Peet, if you need any help for that kind of thing, remember to use something isulator like rubber or leather, use salt in the "safe place" and something to give you faith, like i dunno, even your mom's photo could help you in that situation to give you hope and make you strong
lee dae sooyah
lee dae sooyah Hace un mes
Peet, I have a mad respect for you being a scaredy cat 馃槶馃拃
Marta Costa
Marta Costa Hace un a帽o
I would like to see you and frank on that cemitery where frank find that old lady 馃槺 ! Imagine if someone responded 鈥減olo鈥 to frank .
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Hace un a帽o
Loved this! Great job! 馃挏
Zoe Felix
Zoe Felix Hace un a帽o
10:05 paused here and look under the tears in the drywall on left. Do u see anything looking unusual? I see a whole wall of ghosts n demons but I'd point out 2...one in plain sight in bare wall under drywall tear and other in the corner behind you kinda left a little.. If u look closer (at the tears back there)while paused still, u can make out body shapes in the..like it was another room
annaquinn Hace 25 d铆as
imagine being a little ghost girl trying to communicate and people just run away in fear馃槀
Tammy Stratton
Tammy Stratton Hace un a帽o
Hope Erica is good. Make sure she didn't have anything latch onto her when y'all left.
Chatty Otter
Chatty Otter Hace un a帽o
Dude you have to do more collabs with Frank, you guys make a great team
April LeAnn
April LeAnn Hace 7 meses
At 4:37 I heard in a child's voice like an "AHH" sound, It could be nothing but then it could be something.. did anyone else hear that?
April LeAnn
April LeAnn Hace 5 meses
@Dee I did too when I heard it. But I wasn't sure if I was hearing things because I didn't see anything else about it in the comments, but I went back and listened to it a couple times to make sure I was hearing what I thought I was lol
Dee Hace 5 meses
yeah heard it too now that you mentioned it.. I'm getting chills 馃槀
Peter Bazinet
Peter Bazinet Hace un a帽o
If there's electricity, why not just turn on the lights?
Peet Montzingo
Peet Montzingo Hace un a帽o
i turned on all the lights that worked.. so 3 lights?? lmao
BooiitzmeArJai !! 馃ぁ
Maybe the 鈥渁ggressively hitting metal鈥 was one of the insane people, they locked them up, the ghost/soul could potentially be hitting a bar of where they locked him/her up.
Kristen Roberts
Kristen Roberts Hace un a帽o
15:12 there鈥檚 someone behind him 17:48 looks like someone there
T Hace 4 meses
I just saw like a pink light it flashed once then it was gone
E Blake
E Blake Hace 10 meses
Thanks for no sleep
Deni_ja Hace un a帽o
OMG yes! :O
Ashley Fink
Ashley Fink Hace 23 d铆as
Since they haven't been able to find a lot of the bodies and after seeing "Irene 1974" on a wall that looked like it was caked with cement makes me wonder if that is some sort of tomb? Maybe there are bodies in the walls??? Sorry, just thinking out loud...
I like how he want to get more subs and he is doing hard work so...like and turn on notifications I think that will help him a lot he is doing a lot of work for us!
Ana Dizzy
Ana Dizzy Hace 2 meses
I love FrankoTv I cant wait to see more from you both 鉂
Leighton Hace 4 meses
From 12:15 to 12:20 behind you where the green light is, there鈥檚 a door or a window or something of the sort swaying back and forth
GhostBoii Thony
GhostBoii Thony Hace 4 meses
Just Caught that
Trash!Nut 2.0
Trash!Nut 2.0 Hace un a帽o
11:30 I didn't see anyone point this out so I don't know it was just the door or what but it looks like someone was standing there 馃ぇ
Twins&toys Hace 10 meses
What if you spent the night at Cecil since you live next to it if you can馃槼 Wait- i caught some face looking things- 15:12 and 3:40 At 15:12 it looks like a white face behind frank! And at 3:40 in the wall it looks like a face in the wall! Creepy!
Coco's 666
Coco's 666 Hace un a帽o
At 3.39 there is a face on the wall directly above the orange trash can or bin as we call it in Scotland. Did anyone else notice?
Deliver Us From Evil
The Conjuring 2
Hotel Cecil REOPENED?!馃槺