Spider-Man Missing Easter Egg! Howard the Duck FOUND! (Homecoming Rewatch)

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UPDATE! Spider-Man director JON WATTS himself responded to this video, and we posted an update video -- watch it here: esvid.net/video/vídeo-ATBLBZBBE-Y.html
Spider-Man Far From Home director Jon Watts reveals that a Howard the Duck Easter Egg was hidden, and remains, undiscovered in Spider-Man Homecoming (2017). Where is Howard the Duck hiding in Spider-Man Homecoming, and does his Avengers Endgame cameo mean Marvel Studios has big plans for him? Erik Voss rewatched Spider-Man Homecoming and... he thinks he found Howard! Along with a bunch of other interesting details we missed the first time around. What other Spider-Man Easter Eggs in Homecoming point to Miles Morales and other issues of Marvel comics?
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23 jun 2019






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butt mcnugget
butt mcnugget Hace un mes
This video title is misleading. It implies you found it, definitively, and then you basically say "I guess this is it" at the end of the video. Lame.
Fiona Reeves
Fiona Reeves Hace un mes
Howard is at the end of guardians of the Galaxy 1
harry middleton
harry middleton Hace un mes
you should have used the quack fu clip from the howard the duck movie
Denise Melara
Denise Melara Hace un mes
I love howard the duck because he reminds me of Donald the duck
CJ CW Hace un mes
That's not a m that's a
rusty shackleford
rusty shackleford Hace un mes
That kids shirt was a roger rabbit shirt.
hank2188 Hace un mes
I would love if they do a howard the duck movie or had him featured with a big role in something like Guardians 3
Danae Lum
Danae Lum Hace un mes
Love who random that sounds " Korean church of Asgard" that's hilarious.
luck y
luck y Hace 2 meses
I saw Howard the Ducks car from the comics at 1 hour and 3 minutes in
Jack Foster
Jack Foster Hace 2 meses
Hopefully marvel makes a Howard the duck film in stage 5or6 it would be awesome
Jan Salazar
Jan Salazar Hace 2 meses
I want a HTD 003 !!
Sealknight 21
Sealknight 21 Hace 2 meses
The vault
DankDa Gank
DankDa Gank Hace 2 meses
You got it. He said reference.
pavesh lehmann
pavesh lehmann Hace 2 meses
6:45 relatable
Steven Universe
Steven Universe Hace 2 meses
If stan lee was alive I would want him in the final battle and have him say U made me come down here you punk
Ch3mica1 Hace 2 meses
F for spiderman in the mcu
Riccardo Di Primio
Riccardo Di Primio Hace 2 meses
Bye Spidey
Sebastian Negron
Sebastian Negron Hace 3 meses
Howard the duck is Donald ducks brother 🤗🤗
Brett A. Stephens
Brett A. Stephens Hace 3 meses
Click bat
ScallyWag Monsters
ScallyWag Monsters Hace 3 meses
Did you know Howard the duck was a easter egg in endgame
Dickolas Hace 3 meses
Louieyuda Lee
Louieyuda Lee Hace 3 meses
I found so many Howard the duck
All Daylan
All Daylan Hace 3 meses
You know.... at 4:56 he says “ ASM” for the licenses plate.. but I think it’s ASH
kiez yeetbomb
kiez yeetbomb Hace 3 meses
Pause on the end game photo
Cannon Powell
Cannon Powell Hace 3 meses
5:36. Nachoo!
Johnny Griggs
Johnny Griggs Hace 3 meses
They cant miss howard the duck and rocket raccoon teaming up
Jeffrey gamer
Jeffrey gamer Hace 3 meses
Cesco's Mewtube Channel
I watched far from home and now I know who da scroll is
spiderbro2k99 Hace 3 meses
Howard was a taxi driver, so if that helps anyone find the easter egg👌
Venture Hace 3 meses
Maybe the Howard the duck Easter egg is multiple references to the character
Joey Levenson
Joey Levenson Hace 3 meses
Yes, like its been said, 5:36, upper left hand corner, looks like a ducks head and beak. Screenshot and magnify.
Tadd Tilton
Tadd Tilton Hace 3 meses
The last time I went a spidey duck hunt, I lost an eye.
JAKE - ATK Hace 3 meses
thats the only thing i found same thing as you
Fernie20_ _
Fernie20_ _ Hace 3 meses
Sinister 6
Julio Sanchez
Julio Sanchez Hace 3 meses
6:33 I mean
Georgia Joslin
Georgia Joslin Hace 3 meses
I paused the movie once at the first scene and you another lincse plate, could you please let me know if you find anything out about that
Ben McPherson
Ben McPherson Hace 4 meses
He was in guardians of the galaxy 2 as a ravager in the bar scene in the begining
Vaspickle Gaming
Vaspickle Gaming Hace 4 meses
Dylan Maxwell
Dylan Maxwell Hace 4 meses
Ok so I'm starting a theory, I'm starting to think that they are making more Howard the duck cameos in future MCU movies. Like if you agree
s a i l o r
s a i l o r Hace 4 meses
but how are you going to forget alantutorials
J V Hace 4 meses
I find his nerdiness so cute!
emerson guzman
emerson guzman Hace 4 meses
You probably came for 4:10
zahirul ashraf zailani
Contexual Harassment
Rocket and Howard will team up... you heard it here first
K.Daveed Hace 4 meses
I believe I seen a Venom paining in Far From Home... it was a black abstract painting in the background but it looked to have Venoms face in it
StarrOrbitzAgent Hace 4 meses
Wow, by Jove I think you’ve got it!
HeyitsmeNumber3 Hace 4 meses
If Howard the Duck takes on the cameo slot of Stan Lee in a lesser capacity, i will be ecstatic and disappointed all at once
Miguel Chay
Miguel Chay Hace 4 meses
Me,🦆Daffe dukc
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Hace 4 meses
I rewatched it, i forgot the Easter egg hunt thing..
Timothy Dark
Timothy Dark Hace 4 meses
I think you nailed it with the license plate Easter Egg. Also, bringing Howard the Duck in might be necessary if they lose Bradley Cooper as Rocket. They’ll need another big mouth animal character.
AshDenisFN Hace 4 meses
You just called out my dad having drugs. HOW DARE YOU!
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson Hace 4 meses
Howard and Rocket are going to end up being “related” (or at least made at the same place by the same person) in As-Guardians 3!
Rae’Quan Morgan
Rae’Quan Morgan Hace 4 meses
So basically, license plates give a lot away in MCU movies
circlez yt
circlez yt Hace 4 meses
Howard id donald duck but in comics
ethan beirne2
ethan beirne2 Hace 4 meses
I saw this easter egg
Xavier Gomez
Xavier Gomez Hace 4 meses
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado Hace 4 meses
Duck hunt????!? Not that horror game! NOOOOoOoOoOOoOoOooOOoOoOoOOO
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Hace 4 meses
It really doesn’t matter
Zodiac 10813
Zodiac 10813 Hace 4 meses
Howard the duck is my favorite Easter eggs and all of MCU movies 😎😃😎
ChomperCreeper II
ChomperCreeper II Hace 4 meses
WTD? (What the duck?)
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