Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ The Jonas Brothers

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James Corden invites Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas to the table for a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which he spins a wheel identifying with foods such as worm spaghetti, bull penis and beetle toast and the brothers have a choice: answer the question posed to them or eat said food.
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5 mar 2019






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Purple Universe
Purple Universe Hace 3 horas
5:29 I feel like until then he could've actually answer ( I mean obviously 1D) But then this happend..... "And BTS..." Then he was like: " ya..bye..I'm out".....
Naruto Hyuga
Naruto Hyuga Hace 4 horas
Nick at 8:25 "I'm so good" I felt that
Megala Thiru
Megala Thiru Hace 7 horas
You should do this with bts
Kritika Sharma
Kritika Sharma Hace 8 horas
One direction mentioned and the audience was like wooooo
Its me Sofi
Its me Sofi Hace 9 horas
1:29 all of their heads moved XD
Simsim ME
Simsim ME Hace 13 horas
Nick comforting Joe at 05:41 is like the cutest thing ever
Addie Candice
Addie Candice Hace 15 horas
One Direction: SHOUTS AND SCREAMS BTS: ....silence *BTS who? Me:when I realised I put this comment on a Jonas Brothers video Also me: Haha Suckers!
Chim Son
Chim Son Hace 15 horas
"people around world will hate me"
Elizabeth Verwijs
Elizabeth Verwijs Hace 17 horas
And Nick still made it into the second Jumanji movie
Aarya Sawant
Aarya Sawant Hace un día
So stunned that nothing repeated.
Giovanna Almeida de Medeiros
Kevin Hart watching this 👁️👄👁️
Kayoung Im
Kayoung Im Hace un día
I am dead when Joe said ” i would go with nick and pri, because if they’re paying it’s gonna be awsome” HAHAHAHHA! And the fact that nick is just laughing along 😂😂😂😂😂
emily garcia
emily garcia Hace un día
Anyone wondering how they got the bird saliva
Unite Buglet
Unite Buglet Hace un día
Michael Greene
Michael Greene Hace un día
I wached jumanje i l Ioved it
Harshetha Venkatesan
Can't wait till they recast me with Harry styles 😂😂
Andrew Villarreal
Andrew Villarreal Hace un día
Did anyone else hear the oof at 3:02 🤣🤣😂😂
Isabelle Bender
Isabelle Bender Hace un día
Somebody always asks how they get the bird saliva in every one of these videos
Sassy Snufkin
Sassy Snufkin Hace un día
don’t want the bts stans after you😳
You got the Best of me Bts song
??? Means ?
pielitha Hace un día
Of Course: 1D first
Riyan Mustafa
Riyan Mustafa Hace 2 días
My name
Landon McDowell
Landon McDowell Hace 2 días
How do they get something different every round, like the wheel doesn’t land on anything they’ve already had
good boy
good boy Hace 2 días
9:04 James: Jumanji Subtitles: *Ju managey*
Kenzie Smallwood
Kenzie Smallwood Hace 3 días
ok hear me out... nick jonas and jensen ackles...
Marisa Castillo
Marisa Castillo Hace 3 días
How did the spinner not land on the same one twice
Marisa Castillo
Marisa Castillo Hace 3 días
I feel bad for the bull that had to get its penis removed
Marisa Castillo
Marisa Castillo Hace 3 días
Does anyone know why milk gets rid of the spicy flavor
Lea Karoline Sundal
Lea Karoline Sundal Hace 3 días
If One Direction ever reunites, please do this with them😂
Nike#girl# Hace 3 días
1:30 they all looked up
Alif Wandani
Alif Wandani Hace 3 días
Kevin has a funny voice
Reitumetse Mokate
Reitumetse Mokate Hace 3 días
"if they're paying its gonna be amazing" 😂😂😂😂👍
Reitumetse Mokate
Reitumetse Mokate Hace 3 días
"do you want us to stay together? " 🤣🤣🤣
Evie 123
Evie 123 Hace 3 días
joe jonas is going to become father now you could of answered that one kevin p.s i know this was like a year ago
Orange Sunflower BTS
Question for Joe : Rank these boy bands best to worst! James: Backstreet boys, NSYNC, 1d, and BTS. Me: You better choose bts, your better choose bts… Joe: *doesn't answer* Me: Never listens to DNCE ever again.....
Orange Sunflower BTS
The worm spaghetti is giving me Mr. Twit and Mrs. Twit vibes
Paige Snyder
Paige Snyder Hace 4 días
I want to see Tom Holland on this
Lemon Greed
Lemon Greed Hace 4 días
I want there to be a vegan version of this
Katarina Bukovska
Katarina Bukovska Hace 4 días
I think Kevin heart is the most funniest out of all of them in jumanji
Treat People With Kindness
The reaction of the audience,when he mentitioned one direction 😂
Mollie gontier
Mollie gontier Hace 4 días
Nafisa Sultana
Nafisa Sultana Hace 4 días
I saw this a zillion times but I come here just for the directioners screaming their lungs out
Evelyn Xiong
Evelyn Xiong Hace 4 días
I love bts
Maureen M
Maureen M Hace 4 días
Am I the only one wondering how the wheel never landed on the same thing twice?!
Unmesha MishX
Unmesha MishX Hace 5 días
They didn’t scream when they mentioned bts??? What is wrong with the audience ???
You got the Best of me Bts song
I think most of them Jonas brothers fans
You got the Best of me Bts song
No they are scared 😱 for Bts ;) also Joe went oh wow for Bts is enough ;)
Aaliyah Loves 1D
Aaliyah Loves 1D Hace 5 días
Who all are here just to see the crowd yell when James says "One Direction"
Loveta G
Loveta G Hace 5 días
I love all the Jonas brothers I fell in love when I saw their tv show when I was younger and I never stopped loving them. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖
Bhuvana Chilukuri
Bhuvana Chilukuri Hace 5 días
C'mon james pls have TOM HOLLAND
KATHRYN Bunch Hace 5 días
Oh my gosh i love the jonas brothers and this video i can watch again and again its so funny
Banana Blossom
Banana Blossom Hace 5 días
Jay Tee
Jay Tee Hace 5 días
It's hard to hate on these guys
Noreen Sokota
Noreen Sokota Hace 6 días
when nick had to put the cast of Jumanji it was hard to watch.
Periş Demirci
Periş Demirci Hace 6 días
bts would end all these boybands
Kay Cee
Kay Cee Hace 6 días
When he said that boy band question my mind stopped and then he said BTS my heart just stopped 😂
xFreyax Hace 6 días
Just me who heard “fill your guts or fill your guts” as the intro?
Lily Ellender
Lily Ellender Hace 6 días
Am I the only one dying inside that he rated Kevin heart the worst
Violeta Gonzalez
Violeta Gonzalez Hace 6 días
I love them now even more than before 😂
Xiomara Joselyn Zeballos Cabana
Omg It was amazing i miss them so much
Post It
Post It Hace 7 días
i feel like Joe Jonas as something relatable to Joey Tribbiani.. well
Sabrin Aden
Sabrin Aden Hace 7 días
We all know that one direction would be at 1 place 🤭
AJ Bennington
AJ Bennington Hace 7 días
Poor joe haha he drank way more then nick and kevin of the smoothie thing.
Hannah Cain
Hannah Cain Hace 7 días
I feel bad for the guy giving them the food
Chloe Boman
Chloe Boman Hace 7 días
harry styles is mentioned in everything
Water Hemlock
Water Hemlock Hace 7 días
Mel- Tae
Mel- Tae Hace 7 días
“Want the entire world to hate me” Yeah armies would kill you 😭😂
Any directioners watching this for no reason?
Thomas Santos
Thomas Santos Hace 7 días
Honestly i would like to know the cast of Jumanji's reactions hahah
hannah mcclaskey
hannah mcclaskey Hace 7 días
BTS TAKES THE CAKE... like if you are and ARMY!
I’m Bubbles
I’m Bubbles Hace 7 días
Jungkookie Aibi
Jungkookie Aibi Hace 8 días
5:25 army are you here??if i were i would scream when he said bts
You got the Best of me Bts song
Most of them Jonas brothers fans
Jungkookie Aibi
Jungkookie Aibi Hace 8 días
5:25 OMG I GUESS... I just said BTS And he: BTS. ME:what?
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace 8 días
Teresa S
Teresa S Hace 8 días
I love ❤️❤️❤️how they smell everything, this cracks me up🤣🤣🤣
Sunshine 13
Sunshine 13 Hace 8 días
I threw up after this
Anine er sej Nielsen
Okay... So I was like, "You better think carefully about this!", when James mentioned BTS and One Direction... Like.. Gurl
Gayathri gurrapu
Gayathri gurrapu Hace 8 días
Nick is so dad
Hey stranger! Please Stream Drag Me Down
Directioners here Directioners there Directioners everywhere
fairy tail
fairy tail Hace 8 días
How much do they pay the public
marshmello 1
marshmello 1 Hace 9 días
Elizabeth Novotna
Elizabeth Novotna Hace 9 días
This with BTS omggg please!!!!
Cassandra Moch
Cassandra Moch Hace 9 días
Joe is going to be a father. Time goes too fast
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