Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ The Jonas Brothers

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden invites Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas to the table for a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, in which he spins a wheel identifying with foods such as worm spaghetti, bull penis and beetle toast and the brothers have a choice: answer the question posed to them or eat said food.
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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

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adoule89 Hace 25 minutos
omg the waiter was ray romano's son lol
Lisa Kriegel
Lisa Kriegel Hace 38 minutos
Is this the right time to tell you that in Germany we actually eat pork blood & tongue jelly on bread? I must say it is delicious :)
Antonija Zubcic
Antonija Zubcic Hace un hora
Jonas has a point on that bcs he didnt answer the band question bcs if he said that BTS are worse than the best than i would track him down and i would murder him😠😂🤣ARMY's where u at?? 😋😘
Reem Raidan1
Reem Raidan1 Hace 2 horas
Lil Sabre
Lil Sabre Hace 4 horas
0:00 Fill your guts or Fill your guts? Did you hear it or am I deaf
Peyton Malzewski
Peyton Malzewski Hace 5 horas
LOVE the jonas brothers ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
arivenes _
arivenes _ Hace 5 horas
One Direction BTS Backstreet Boys NSYNC
Rahul THE DARK KNIGHT Hace 10 horas
Who else got triggered up when James mentioned one direction ?
Davina Liang
Davina Liang Hace 13 horas
May I just say bird saliva is delicious
Riley Beck
Riley Beck Hace 15 horas
I love how they all look up at their fans just like why at 1:28
B SARAH Hace 17 horas
Rianna Mancera
Rianna Mancera Hace 18 horas
They did a Jonas brothers episode. I would love a J-Sisters episode
73sandra1 Hace 19 horas
Priyanka Chopra’s father was accused of molesting a 12 yr old. She used her crown power and money to not make the story come out as it should be and the victim had struggled a lot. Post the incident she had a tattoo “ dada lil girl”. She as a woman and miss world never took up on the issue and instead defended a criminal. Sadly it’s her father. Very disgusting person and fake person and shame to the family.
Sarcastic LittleCENSORED
0:40 more like in the spirit of evil
Liz Loft
Liz Loft Hace 19 horas
The guy in the middle is actully pretty funny
Jimin's Jams
Jimin's Jams Hace 20 horas
Nick was like: Kevin likes DNCE more than my albums, huh? EAT THE SALIVA YEET
BTS _SUGA#93 Hace 20 horas
YAASSS BTS! Lol sry 💜💜💜
Roset 1557
Roset 1557 Hace 20 horas
Who is DNCE?
Styron Randy Tagalicud
Joe is the husband of Sophie( Game of thrones ?)
Avreigh Bickford
Avreigh Bickford Hace 21 un hora
emdmlol gachaverse
emdmlol gachaverse Hace 21 un hora
Mine would be : One direction Backstreetboys (Then the one white the m ) And last the badest of all freaking bts # once a directioner always a directioner
Anwar Azeez
Anwar Azeez Hace 21 un hora
It seems noone likes Kevin hahaha
MAX VINCY Hace 21 un hora
I would have lied at least to get rid of those eating criteria
MAX VINCY Hace 21 un hora
Man how do they ate that cows blood with pork tongue jelly, oh my
Rabi Az
Rabi Az Hace 22 horas
He should do this with BTS! That would be the best video ever 😂
pratima mohantyby g tbgvt
Joe is wearing v’s bts outfit from the music video boy with luv and then co incidentally is asked to rank one of the famous groups on the planet bts
pratima mohantyby g tbgvt
Bts !
Zachary Hurwitz
Zachary Hurwitz Hace 22 horas
10:26 Nick sounds like he has a gun to his head
Komfy Koala
Komfy Koala Hace 23 horas
Justin Bieber who?? One Direction who??
Laraina Rodriguez
Laraina Rodriguez Hace un día
Nenia Horan
Nenia Horan Hace un día
Hannah Deleon
Hannah Deleon Hace un día
Kevin Hart has left the chat
Jennifer Santillana
Jennifer Santillana Hace un día
Nick Jonas is such a cutie. Awww I like them now.
NextSuperstar88 Hace un día
Yo Bird Saliva is a delicacy and a luxury dessert in Asia Ok? Lol
Mona Kayal
Mona Kayal Hace un día
Can you do spill your guts or fill your guts with BTS plzzzzzz
Mona Kayal
Mona Kayal Hace un día
Can you do spill your guts or fill your guts with BTS plzzzzzz
Cassie Crismon
Cassie Crismon Hace un día
Can’t stand how he says Jumanji
Jarvy Timon
Jarvy Timon Hace un día
Directionar For Life
James: Backstreet boys Audience: James:'N sync Audience: James: One direction Audience: AJDUDJSJAKOSJGSVSHSUSHSJOAPAKAJAHAHWYAYYAGAH
kim seokjin
kim seokjin Hace un día
*When he asked Joe the boyband question i was sure he will say BTS and honestly i was dying for the answer!!!!!*
Min Hangsoomi
Min Hangsoomi Hace un día
When he said bts.....i was like "DRINK THAT SHIT!"
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon Hace un día
It’s so weird to me how these three turned out normal. All in on the comeback.
Oogly Googly
Oogly Googly Hace un día
These Jonas brothers look like they never hit puberty and require daycare assistance themselves.
KOV Music
KOV Music Hace un día
im gagging from just watching this
Rosa Cosavalente
Rosa Cosavalente Hace un día
Poor bull😂
ANNE LAYSON Hace un día
2:23 "careful" LMAO
Dea Miteva
Dea Miteva Hace un día
A lot of unnecesary drama
fluffy water
fluffy water Hace un día
You can actually BUY bird saliva at Asian markets!
Tablet Tablet
Tablet Tablet Hace un día
Kevin heart should react to his ranking of best for jumanji
ela karasu
ela karasu Hace un día
Nyah Nation
Nyah Nation Hace un día
Joe was looking but hurt when it came to the smoothie 😂😂
NuttyNurdle Hace un día
I'm glad Joe didn't answer his question because ARMY would have come after him.
UnicornLover 123
UnicornLover 123 Hace un día
James's laugh is LIFE
Nicole Zlotnicki
Nicole Zlotnicki Hace un día
Get BTS on the show and see how that goes out.
Kinda MCR
Kinda MCR Hace 2 días
kevin is still the funny one
Frank Mehrer
Frank Mehrer Hace 2 días
His character is totally getting killed off
Pedro Elizondo
Pedro Elizondo Hace 2 días
Gotta admit this made me like these dudes even more! Lmao 😂
BananaDoll Hace 2 días
Joe is just saving us all from WW3
Charlie Chum
Charlie Chum Hace 2 días
Watching them drink the bird saliva almost made me vomit
Anais Sainvil
Anais Sainvil Hace 2 días
Akash Deb
Akash Deb Hace 2 días
*Mom's spaghetti....*
issey nas33r
issey nas33r Hace 2 días
I watch every part of Jonas in gisney international and I really like the brothers sing
Defne Altin
Defne Altin Hace 2 días
5:04 the crowd’s reaction when James said, “rank these boy bands from best to worst” was gold🤣🤣🤣 and also i didn’t get Nick’s joke when he said, “he’s burning up”😅🧐
Colleen King
Colleen King Hace un día
One of there songs is called “Burning Up”
MariaVeronik Ramos
MariaVeronik Ramos Hace 2 días
7:55 "Ira pues" (?) jajajaja
Esther Audrey237
Esther Audrey237 Hace 2 días
Literally everything was fine until james said bts and joe was like "NOPE"
Lys Hace un día
Well he knows that their fandom is hella sensitive and won't undersand that this is a game :/
bts&ARMY IPurpleYou
bts&ARMY IPurpleYou Hace 2 días
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz Hace 2 días
wait a second, James doesn't get to eat with this set up
sandy Hace 2 días
The screams when he said 1d
Itz Dunezz
Itz Dunezz Hace 2 días
Is it weird that I got hungry watching this?
Leen ss5
Leen ss5 Hace 2 días
James: One Direction *Screaming fans* Nick jonas reaction is everything 🤣🤣
julie klemm
julie klemm Hace 3 días
kOoK bOi
kOoK bOi Hace 3 días
when james said 'bts' i literally just for his answer
Shaedan Strange
Shaedan Strange Hace 3 días
Forever Bangtan
Forever Bangtan Hace 3 días
They should bring bts 🤣🤣
Lys Hace un día
The members are not really good in english exept RM.
Erica Altabano
Erica Altabano Hace 3 días
joe’s laugh hahahahahahah
- khushi
- khushi Hace 3 días
this has got to my favourite 'fill your guts' so far ,😂 even when I don't stan them (yet)
Lauren Azzopardi
Lauren Azzopardi Hace 3 días
1:29 all look up at the same time #brotherlylove
Secret No Clue
Secret No Clue Hace 3 días
We knew what Joe’s answer is on the boyband part 😂😂😂
bts&ARMY IPurpleYou
bts&ARMY IPurpleYou Hace 3 días
I just can't stop repeating the part of bts 😂😂😂😂😂 You want the entire world to hate me 😂😂😂💜💜💜
LQ96 Hace 3 días
i love how james corden was trying to turn them against one another but they still love each other
Denise Jiellianne Sales
Oh surellllyyy if i were joe Ill pick bts first im an army!😆😘💜 Bts 1D Backstreet boys NSYNC
Gacha Forever123
Gacha Forever123 Hace 3 días
5:42 i think It will probably not be that spicy 6:02 *coughing* XD
Dinesh Giri
Dinesh Giri Hace 3 días
lol this is hilarious
madelines Hace 3 días
Of course u drink up to the boyband question, honestly I'm so happy bts is acknowledged!
Yolanda Chen
Yolanda Chen Hace 3 días
in the beginning Joe tries to stick his napkin inside his shirt like a bib but nick puts it on his lap like a good restaurant boi while Kev keeps it low-key by doing nothing and I feel like that in itself is basically a personality test
mcatriana Hace 3 días
I'm with Kevin that's UNECESSARY 😂
Hannah Jewell
Hannah Jewell Hace 3 días
Their breath after this must be horrible
Aaron Hinton
Aaron Hinton Hace 3 días
Joe's reaction when Kevin chooses DNCE over a Nick Jonas album is priceless.
Kpop lover
Kpop lover Hace 4 días
Is it really a bird saliva or is it just for tv?
bts&ARMY IPurpleYou
bts&ARMY IPurpleYou Hace 2 días
Don't know 😂😂😂
Kornelija Strolaitė
The second James said that Nick has to rank the boy bands, I just knew that 1D will be in it :D
Philip II
Philip II Hace 4 días
True American Satanic Souls 🐉
Dana Mardari
Dana Mardari Hace 4 días
The laughter or James is just epic🤣😂
Dana Mardari
Dana Mardari Hace 4 días
suga priya
suga priya Hace 4 días
That is the power of one direction everyone screamed for the one and only biggest and best boy band ever
directioner zquad
directioner zquad Hace 3 días
HunterGodLover :D
HunterGodLover :D Hace 4 días
Joe is fumming while the other two like it
Nicole Abarca
Nicole Abarca Hace 4 días
Joe: *Drinks Bird Saliva* Me: “Ew.....I’ll take that” *drinks it*
Holographic Unicorn
Holographic Unicorn Hace 4 días
I just realised Joe has the same jacket on that Taehyung wore in Boy with luv music video but in a darker shade of blue
1D and BTS me: 1. BTS
Alish Ballay
Alish Ballay Hace 4 días
Joe got the same jacket as kim taehyung from bts the diffrence is joe got a black one
the seksii ry
the seksii ry Hace 4 días
to be fair, bird nest (or in this case bird saliva) is healthy for ones complexion
Elena Leaton
Elena Leaton Hace 4 días
This is so hilarious 😆😆😆
jkanth jk
jkanth jk Hace 4 días
I mean, Nick married an Indian! Spice can't touch him.
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