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One celebrity appearance exploded during the Super Bowl halftime show. More than a million fans signed a petition to include the "SpongeBob SquarePants" rendition of "Sweet Victory" in the show and their wish was granted. It happened after Maroon 5 sang some of its classic songs. The cameo was a tribute to the cartoon's creator, Stephen Hillenberg, who died in November after a battle with ALS. InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano (twitter.com/MaraMontalbano) has more.

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4 feb 2019

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The_Alaskan_Yeti Hace 51 un minuto
"They obliged" and "generous salute" They did not, it wasn't generous and for that fact alone I'm disliking this video. Get it together
The#1Tyman Hace 21 un hora
Spongebob fans: You think this is funny? 2019 Superbowl: In a cosmic sort of way...yes Spongebob fans: Well Mr. Funny pants (holds up Sweet victory) is this how you get your sick kicks? 2019 Superbowl: What? It's just an ordinary (zooms into Travis Scott) OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!!! NFL!!!!!!!!!!!
zdub911 Hace un día
And they didn't include it... the Dallas Stars did it right
B series
B series Hace 2 días
This is a giant insult to Stephen and the people who wanted sweet victory
unknown ._.
unknown ._. Hace 2 días
Spongebob was my childhood RIP
Satan Hace 2 días
Let's make "Baby"- Justin Bieber VEVO the 3rd most hated video on ESvid by making Halftime show the 2nd
Papi The Harpy
Papi The Harpy Hace 2 días
"A generous cameo" You mean a 5 second appearance that was used to stroke travis scotts dicklet? And the petition was for them to sing the song not just appear :/
Ben Denby123
Ben Denby123 Hace 2 días
NFL never showed the slitetest support. They just added siko mode without our consent
NPC Hace 2 días
For the first 2 sec I cried tears of joy then that shity rapper came and I cried tears of sorrow.
Grace Avila
Grace Avila Hace 3 días
“Generous” Watch the NHL and see what generous REALLY is.
10000 suscribers without a video challenge
Repeat after me. 5 mere seconds of footage is not acceptable.
FilmBucket Hace 3 días
This is why Hockey is better, they actually care about the fans Also you left out a very important bit The people at NFL literally promised the fans they would play it And let us down
Laura Huynh
Laura Huynh Hace 3 días
Did Inside Edition changed the title?
Kenisha Guy
Kenisha Guy Hace 3 días
A Common Soldier
A Common Soldier Hace 3 días
They gave the spot that was reserved to the man who in inside editions own words “changed so many lives” to an idiot rapper who were all gonna look at one day and say... “Oh yeah, Travis Scott was a thing”
A Common Soldier
A Common Soldier Hace 3 días
The 6 second clip isn’t enough NFL. And it isn’t a generous salute to Steve. They made a clip not about sponge bob but instead it’s Squidward introducing Travis Scott who then goes on to sing sicko mode. When you tell your fans that your gonna see sweet victory and you don’t see sweet victory. You anger them. The NFL let us down and Travis Scot should’ve said no play Sweet Victory. Maroon 5 was okay at least.
Viper Strike Studios
If there's ever been a time that every spectator of the superbowl halftime show got done dirty, It would have undoubtedly been that fateful day
Phantasm Hace 4 días
Gabe Swann
Gabe Swann Hace 4 días
Wow inside edition you suck at reporting things
Gabe Swann
Gabe Swann Hace 4 días
Wow inside edition you really suck at reporting things You seem to forget the fact that about 90% of fans were absolutely furious with no Sweet victory
ricky spanish
ricky spanish Hace 5 días
Braden Johnson
Braden Johnson Hace 5 días
Wow, a dumbass rap song instead of a tribute to one of the greatest men on this earth. This is how low people will go huh? Wow. Disrespectful, little brats.
Austinnix6 Hace 5 días
Yeah it sucked
A person In a place
A person In a place Hace 5 días
Stephen Hillenberg gave us a show, but not just a show he gave us a world and characters that we fell in love with. He does not deserve to have have his work almost blown over by the NFL Super Bowl. Even though the news say that Maroon 5 delivered their promise, they didn’t and just added in a 5 second clip introducing a bad rap song. RIP Stephen Hillenberg you will forever be in our hearts and minds❤️
Cear Rose
Cear Rose Hace 5 días
But they did not include it? I mean for like 3 seconds then we got Sicko mode.
Mat7920 H
Mat7920 H Hace 5 días
I'm never gonna watch another Super Bowl
Stephen Ford
Stephen Ford Hace 5 días
Sucko mode
Dalek Metaphorical accuracy not needed
NFL could be a malicious software. *Permanently delete software* *YES*
Nicholas Stickles
Nicholas Stickles Hace 5 días
Embarrassing just embarrassing.
Ice Pup
Ice Pup Hace 5 días
Big oof
Patrick O'Neil
Patrick O'Neil Hace 6 días
That's not obligation that's like a joke.
BlaneHale Hace 6 días
.....for five seconds
Josh Ruley
Josh Ruley Hace 6 días
The majority of the people complaining haven’t even seen the episode, or else you would’ve known the intro they played was nothing like the one in the episode
Gameboy one
Gameboy one Hace 6 días
No "Sweet Victory" for the like button. You get what you deserve!
Eletrical Plug And Outlet
Generous salute my ass...
Young Wolf
Young Wolf Hace 6 días
They screwed up ....
Devin Sunstrom
Devin Sunstrom Hace 6 días
Whoever was responsible for this Fuckyou
Saroj Rai
Saroj Rai Hace 6 días
Drew Grey
Drew Grey Hace 6 días
Wow way to try and erase history. Trying to turn it around.
Jan Hace 7 días
Sicko mode.... More like Sucko mode
Feinsanity Hace 7 días
It was not generous it was disappointing
Lanz LovesGrunge
Lanz LovesGrunge Hace 7 días
Travis scott is now a new punk rock right?
FRISHR Hace 7 días
National Fuckboy League
Reptiles are My life
The halftime was trash but lady Gaga would have done the tribute better
Meraki maniacal
Meraki maniacal Hace 7 días
Delico Derosa
Delico Derosa Hace 7 días
We wanted Sweet Victory... Not a Sour Defeat
Dv Cuads
Dv Cuads Hace 7 días
I see a Corporate Dick Ride watching this
Christopher Nino
Christopher Nino Hace 7 días
Hockey did it better
nomarp Hace 7 días
Everyone: sweet victory? NFL: swico vode? Everyone: no sico mode just sweet victory NFL: but the money Everyone: NO NFL: *does it anyways* money yay Everyone: *riots* reeeeee sweet victory no sico modeeeeeee
can we hit 5000 subs with no videos
You literally played it for 5 seconds
Repacharge Hace 7 días
This is flat out incorrect. They didnt play sweet victory at all. The petition was for sweet victory to be in for the ENTIRE song. It would have been a move that would have pleased a LOT of fans and a good memory of Stephen Hillenburg, which is a win for both parties. But instead we got a small 3 second clip and then sicko mode, which is a meme song. That is also why it has so many dislikes.
Maddalonefarms Hace 7 días
You promised us Sweet victory, but all I see is...... CHEAPY THE CHEAPSKATE!
Venom Gaming
Venom Gaming Hace 6 días
NFL:"hey, i ain't cheap"
Glam Barbie
Glam Barbie Hace 7 días
Any small or big ESvidrs want to support each other?💜🌸
Lily-Jean Haygarth
Lily-Jean Haygarth Hace 7 días
prophet-y people: if america works together we can do great things super bowl organizers: does this SoRrY TrAVis ScOtT Is nOt WhAt i AskEd FoR
Gothiccy Hace 7 días
They had us in the first round
siddy124 Hace 7 días
NFL: Hey everyone, what do you wanna hear at the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year? Everyone: Sweet Victory. NFL: You want Sicko Mode? Sure!
lofty Hace 7 días
Hockey did get the sweet victory
Alecte Hace 8 días
They did not oblige they ruined it with sicko mode and it was terrible and not a good salute to the man who made it. If you want a good salute to him play the actual song from spongebob
David Vincent
David Vincent Hace 8 días
Yeah pay attention people this is the big luciferian show.
Spades DePass
Spades DePass Hace 8 días
Your so called “generous salute” sucked
Immortalmecha Hace 8 días
Renata Dias
Renata Dias Hace 8 días
D+ 💞💥
Dug Lloyd
Dug Lloyd Hace 8 días
Let me see if I got this straight. The weeks leading up to the super bowl halftime show people were hyper focused on the Kaepernick controversy and refused to perform because of fear of being racial insensitive but instead got left with spongebob fans angry because no sweet victory after the partision and they teased it. Cardi B missed her moment over something that never materialize.
They all love SpongeBob SquarePants Playing that "Sweet Victory" in High School at the dance Now they've been let down by that halftime show, that's their stance Scott did half a Xan, and he's crushing SpongeBob fans
JJCPROD _ Hace 8 días
I’m sorry if I’m not mistaken that is no tribute to Steven hillenburg. The man changed lives and the petition was for the entire song, not to introduce a rapper.
Marisol the FF/KH/JP/JW fanlady Jaimes
SpongeBob made it in 10 seconds and now I'm officially hate NFL and super bowl itself. The delightful Puppy Bowl is absolutely much better. #maroon5andnflsucksnow #sickomodeisprettylamesong
mr rockin boppin
mr rockin boppin Hace 8 días
I can honestly imagine what the Internet's reaction must be like must be like if they introduced BTS or Marshmello instead of Travis Scott as televised trollbait for the "Sweet Victory" performance...
mr rockin boppin
mr rockin boppin Hace 8 días
"Generous Salute" Huh? Generous as is giving someone a box of Trix filled with rabbit pellets.
Complex_ Dom
Complex_ Dom Hace 8 días
Sicko Victory
8BitHero-P Music
8BitHero-P Music Hace 8 días
They ruined it
Buggie30 Hace 8 días
JayGamerShow Hace 8 días
I feel no victory, but defeat. You deserved better Stephen RIP
Badly Hace 8 días
Clickbait much?
Master Link
Master Link Hace 8 días
No one wanted to see your rapper, we wanted to see Sweet Victory played by Maroon 5 nothing else
Mat Woldeab
Mat Woldeab Hace 8 días
Spongebob barely appears in the Super Bowl Halftime Show. It only lasted 10 seconds. That would've been the perfect time to put Sweet Victory for a tribute to Stephen Hillenburg! Instead, they just put Sicko Mode after the animation. That's insulting to the creator who gave us a great childhood and changed our lives with a great show. NHL knows what they're doing.
Zoey Hughes
Zoey Hughes Hace 8 días
Yeah but they couldn’t let the saints have a rematch
HoboScalper Hace 9 días
They don't play it
Ducklit234 Ducklit234
My childhood is back
Xander T
Xander T Hace 9 días
NFL: Yo this exists? Us: yeah. NFL: what about Sicko Mode? Us: no don't d- NFL- *COWABUNGA IT IS*
TimTV Hace 9 días
i don't understand why everyone is talking about the super bowl, spongebob and drake can please someone explain it me ?
EmC3 Hace 9 días
It was not generous it was flat out disrespectful to all spongebob fans and it’s makers
Young Messiah
Young Messiah Hace 9 días
Caleb Myers
Caleb Myers Hace 9 días
Night Shade
Night Shade Hace 9 días
CloutThePope Hace 9 días
They show a 10second clip to remember Steven by but don’t play the whole song smh
AttilatheThrilla Hace 9 días
I have more respect for Spongebob than any of the other musical performers there...
Firehawk Hace 9 días
The worst part is the fact that they teased us with that clip.
The Awesome Gamer Group
The description says "and their wish was granted." But it was NOT! I WANTED SWEET VICTORY NOT A 3 SECOND CLIP FOLLOWED BY SICKO MODE!
ChillyFilly Gaming
ChillyFilly Gaming Hace 9 días
Inside edition is retarded
Zevac Hace 9 días
Squilliam was laughing the whole time
Dante Richards
Dante Richards Hace 9 días
Less Siko Mode and more “SWEET VICTORYYYYYY YEH”
kyle bennett
kyle bennett Hace 9 días
better than sicko mode
kuroshi Lancer
kuroshi Lancer Hace 9 días
Thats not respect its youtube rewind in sports
Coliforme Deforme
Coliforme Deforme Hace 9 días
This video... What a *LIE*
cloud guy13
cloud guy13 Hace 9 días
*looks at like to dislike ratio* damn
Eugene Pryor
Eugene Pryor Hace 9 días
Uhh i guess since Travis Scott's black they can't put the blame on him and political correctness???
Derpiest PugEver
Derpiest PugEver Hace 9 días
I aint a whole Sweet Victory But its honest work
Bros Does
Bros Does Hace 9 días
Bcuz Why Not
Bcuz Why Not Hace 9 días
Wow I’m sure Stephen hillenberg would’ve loved sicko mode playing at his funeral
Jaeho Jeong
Jaeho Jeong Hace 9 días
someone kill this channel
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