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I thought we were gonna get caught!! hahah
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27 abr 2019

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MrBrent98 Hace 2 meses
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Anja Dimnik
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Stephanie Regalado
Stephanie Regalado Hace 20 horas
stephanie is a big fan of yours
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Sugar playz
Sugar playz Hace un hora
I sipped water :)
Amaris Natania
Amaris Natania Hace 3 horas
i am taking to lexi
Amaris Natania
Amaris Natania Hace 3 horas
spy on MrBrent then post it to ESvid
Zee Jay
Zee Jay Hace 4 horas
wat the heck
Mary Putman
Mary Putman Hace 4 horas
FIZA ALI -white sauce
Actually, Ben is so sweet to lexi😀
FIZA ALI -white sauce
Brent and his friend looks cute in the wigg😉😍
Ariana Days
Ariana Days Hace 6 horas
Poor Lexi has 3 brothers
Hamida Patel
Hamida Patel Hace 8 horas
Lexi spy on eva and brent
Jekook Jeon
Jekook Jeon Hace 15 horas
Isabella Romero
Isabella Romero Hace 16 horas
I love how they stole a towl
Joshua Fu
Joshua Fu Hace 17 horas
BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!! Like it!
School email
School email Hace 18 horas
Aazaria Tahana
Aazaria Tahana Hace 19 horas
Your a dumb dumb cause Alan stole your girl
Calla Barringer
Calla Barringer Hace 20 horas
Lexi spy on brent and AVA
Kamari Harris
Kamari Harris Hace 20 horas
Let them be
Janie Tran
Janie Tran Hace 20 horas
I honestly don’t know how they didn’t see brent
Bridget opbrat71
Bridget opbrat71 Hace 22 horas
My. Lexi
te aurere rogers
te aurere rogers Hace 23 horas
I am going to tell your mama you where spying on your sister
les mccullough
les mccullough Hace un día
🍺 yay teaaaaaa
Hadley Jones
Hadley Jones Hace un día
hey! person who is reading this... have a great day and i hope you have a great school year! :)
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Elizabeth Gonzalez Hace un día
Lexi and Ben should spiy on them
Rylynn Collins
Rylynn Collins Hace un día
jkaila890 Hace un día
yes do it
r Ulan
r Ulan Hace un día
Yes brent and eva sitting on the tree kissing
Deemah #lifestyle
Deemah #lifestyle Hace un día
I’m dying Andrew: tHeRe HoLdInG hAnDs Brent : ShUt Up Me: dying from laughter 😂😂😂😂😂
frogface megee
frogface megee Hace un día
Bro they don't rlly kiss lmao😁😁😁
Benjamin Chen
Benjamin Chen Hace un día
U should have hid under her bed and then grab her legs so she will scream
Shali Koi
Shali Koi Hace un día
Omg Brent why do you keep facing your mom you have a real mom
annie lewis
annie lewis Hace un día
You can tell when your at the restaurant that she knows your the there
Maggie Balderas
Maggie Balderas Hace un día
do a part 2
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson Hace 2 días
I want Lexie to spy on Brent
Anastasia Asante
Anastasia Asante Hace 2 días
😂😂😂I died when Brent said" he was probably holding a fart for soo long"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Haylee Call
Haylee Call Hace 2 días
Lexi and Ben are cute together
Daniele Du Toit
Daniele Du Toit Hace 2 días
He didn't even open the door😨 Brent is so thoughtful. 😂😗
PudyPipez Hace 2 días
He be waring gucci 😏💙
Eva Pici
Eva Pici Hace 2 días
spy Brent and Eva
kacey white
kacey white Hace 2 días
Brent your my favorite youtuber
Karina Adriana
Karina Adriana Hace 2 días
drop the music like
drop the music like Hace 2 días
Part 2
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