STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - 'Return' Cinematic Trailer

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Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic stood as a bastion of peace in the galaxy for a thousand generations. Several centuries ago, the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known emerged in the form of the dark Sith Empire. After a volatile war, the Republic emerged victorious and the Sith were assumed to be extinct. Nonetheless, the Jedi have maintained a constant vigil over the ancient Sith homeworld, to protect the galaxy from the darkness that still resides in the planet's tombs.


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23 ene 2012







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Cameron Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell Hace 7 horas
So can we get this kinda thing as a movie? Maybe don’t make the republic troops look like clone/storm troopers and Sith ships look like Star destroyers, but yeh
Kaisya Ng
Kaisya Ng Hace un día
sith master > jedi master ._. jedi padwan > sith master wtf
Louie Oshea
Louie Oshea Hace un día
What’s the guy (in the hat ) name? Because he kinda reminds me of Han Solo
Darth Plagues the Wise
*Me going to movie theater on Dec. 18* *What I was expecting:* *_THIS_* *What we really got:* a temper tantrum and a flying princess.
James Quantity rockers
This cinematic will never go old
P4P KING Hace 3 días
why is a dude wearing a wide brim hat in outer space? thats how i know this fake
Lord Kalkata
Lord Kalkata Hace 4 días
Welcome home 🖕🏻
Robert Rock-Klotz
Robert Rock-Klotz Hace 5 días
Better than any of the Disney-made Star Wars movies.
Fluffy G
Fluffy G Hace 6 días
Why DAFUQ is it that this cinematic cartoon has a better story than the lucas prequals????? THEY SHOULD OF HIRED THESE FUCKERS!
Quest Finder
Quest Finder Hace 6 días
Why the hell, almost every fucking time regular grip lightsaber vs duel wield, duel wield win........??? Can you once do opposite for juugernaut/guardian fans??
GeneralErica Hace 6 días
If only they could make a cinematic movie of the old republic...
READ Comics
READ Comics Hace 5 días
GeneralErica oh, I don’t know them and havent seen GOT but I think that’s the Star Wars movie they’re making
GeneralErica Hace 5 días
@READ Comics D and D, the producers of GoT.
READ Comics
READ Comics Hace 5 días
GeneralErica what do you mean dumb and dumber
GeneralErica Hace 6 días
@READ Comics I dont have high hopes for Dumb and Dumber, but who knows...
READ Comics
READ Comics Hace 6 días
GeneralErica I think that could be what the game of thrones creators are making
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace 6 días
3:00 best part
pak40l46 Hace 7 días
Very cliche throughout.
Reece Haire
Reece Haire Hace 7 días
Who's here in 2019?
Gabriel A. F. Parker
We loved 🇧🇷
Artkidtek Hace 9 días
Why aren’t the new Star Wars movie like this??? Is it because of Disney?????
Zer092 Hace 7 días
I blame Disney They are scared to make good Star Wars movies
Kuken Balle
Kuken Balle Hace 9 días
6 minutes... Better than 6 hours of Pissney
Szelenas Hace 11 días
That move at 4:18 is magnificent every time
Arborpress Hace 12 días
Why hope for Disney to make this real? They’ll throw in transgender jedis, over emphasis on Asian and black characters and force a connection to the newer films showing yoda in it.
slenderfan-101 J.G.
slenderfan-101 J.G. Hace 12 días
1:12 that was a suprisingly generic response 😐😧
Martin Persson
Martin Persson Hace 12 días
If the Benioff and Weiss movie trilogy does indeed take place in the Old Republic era, I hope it will be something like this.
Victor Törnsjö
Victor Törnsjö Hace 13 días
That random jedi master had a better sendoff than Luke....
Darth Noòx
Darth Noòx Hace 14 días
1:04 Sup
Francisco Brenes Herrera
“ just inspecting the troops corporal”
Hayden Henderson
Hayden Henderson Hace 16 días
Anyone else wield a tri blade?
Jared McDaniel
Jared McDaniel Hace 16 días
This video is an amazing example of plot and animation. I love watching it over and over!! I just wish I could have one with my characters fighting each other.
Fesno Hace 17 días
If he was under arrest why does his pistol fall out of thin air? Also what a loving master he throws his lightsaber to save his apprentice always looking out for her
Crustynerdguy Koehn
Crustynerdguy Koehn Hace 20 días
Is this not the most badass video on ESvid?😄
Carakeno Hace 20 días
my referral code www.swtor.com/r/7QWVvl
BEPrimAnim Hace 21 un día
A mixture of Star Wars stereotypes pretending to be 4k years old.
grandlethal 18
grandlethal 18 Hace 22 días
3:33 best part
It’s not Bloodborne
It’s not Bloodborne Hace 22 días
McCrees father
Tlot Pwist
Tlot Pwist Hace 22 días
4:20 And the Coolest Jedi Award goes to...
Vinyl Scratch
Vinyl Scratch Hace 23 días
I can't get over the fact that Nico sounds exactly like Jake the Dog
Oz Shaul
Oz Shaul Hace 24 días
4:01 This will make a fine addition to my collection.
Nevan Slone
Nevan Slone Hace 24 días
Can we just talk about how brutal 4:53 strikes were ?
Alex Link
Alex Link Hace 25 días
4:48= hell nahhhhhhhh
Wildling Mr.
Wildling Mr. Hace 27 días
So.....in star wars theres basically no technical development at all through out the history
NUMB Milan
NUMB Milan Hace 29 días
The Jedi master made a mistake by wasting his stamina on telekinesis.He should have played smart to defend himself from the ancient sith rage.Plus he’s tired from the fight.
NUMB Milan
NUMB Milan Hace 29 días
That master is truly one of the most powerful Jedi in history
Lord of Innistrad
Lord of Innistrad Hace un mes
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the only trailer where you see a representative of all four classes in a faction (in this case, Republic) together at the same time? Kao Cen Darach is a Guardian (Knight), Satele is a Shadow (Consular), Nico Okarr is a Gunslinger (Smuggler), and Jace Malcolm is a Commando (Trooper). At least their weapons and demeanors seem to match those classes.
General Odyssey
General Odyssey Hace un mes
Before he fought with the CoG on Sera, Marcus Fenix was a smuggler
Richard Boyle
Richard Boyle Hace un mes
shateel's spidey sense is about 3 seconds from just being hind sight
Mod Maker
Mod Maker Hace un mes
Korriban or Moraband Who cares? George Lucas ordered Dave Filoni to change the name Korriban because he believed that children would confuse Korriban with Coruscant. Dave Filoni changed the name but I think he was lazy with changing the name because it is Korriban but "k" became a "m" and added a "d" at the end and to make it sound better "ri" was change to a "a".
Palpatine McSenateFace
Moraband sounds something from a children's book. Korriban sounds something, holding ancient evils that will make people tremble in fear
Grandmaster Reaper
Grandmaster Reaper Hace un mes
2:40 wouldn't wanna fuck with these guys ☹️
Brady Baxter
Brady Baxter Hace un mes
John Marston... IN SPACE
Fraiture Hace un mes
Imagine if the actual game was nearly as good as the cinematics.
Gracen304epic Hace un mes
Malgus literally bodied Satele Shan
Bergy Hace un mes
Kao is such a badass
Darth Vindican.
Darth Vindican. Hace un mes
Who was Darth Malgus master here? Looks like Darth Vindican
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 2 días
It was vindican i think
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