STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - 'Return' Cinematic Trailer

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Protected by the legendary Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic stood as a bastion of peace in the galaxy for a thousand generations. Several centuries ago, the greatest threat the galaxy has ever known emerged in the form of the dark Sith Empire. After a volatile war, the Republic emerged victorious and the Sith were assumed to be extinct. Nonetheless, the Jedi have maintained a constant vigil over the ancient Sith homeworld, to protect the galaxy from the darkness that still resides in the planet's tombs.


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23 ene 2012






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Fermented Logic
Fermented Logic Hace 15 horas
Better then any star wars movie to date.
Karol Clark
Karol Clark Hace un día
4:56 he kinda looks like maul and got cut in half Don't worry guys, 10years from now we'll see him again with some new legs
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne Hace un día
3:05 Malgus flies across the background! XD
Jetquick Hace un día
they should make a movie with this kind of animation, please!!!!!!!
Erik Schmelzle
Erik Schmelzle Hace 2 días
Reven would have killed them both on his own
TLip1980 Hace 3 días
Why can’t they make this into a cartoon series for adults exactly like this. I wish they’d do that. And a film trilogy would be amazing
Seb P
Seb P Hace 3 días
Woah this sucks
Alyssa Flickinger
Alyssa Flickinger Hace 3 días
Does anyone else realise that thats the falcon ?
Terminal Love
Terminal Love Hace 3 días
Who are the 2 Sith?
jgarrison1309 Hace 3 días
That feeling you get when are pretty sure you have seen this movie before...
Arne Tutnichtszursache
Wait, why has a prisoner still his weapons like the pilot of the spaceship. It probably has its reason why the Jedi died out.
Jesse Ordonez
Jesse Ordonez Hace 4 días
When a game trailer is better than all of Star Wars 7 and 8!
dan sanchez
dan sanchez Hace 4 días
Sad. Game cuts better than the movies now.
Happy Slappy
Happy Slappy Hace 4 días
Too bad the game's nowhere near as good.
Belio Trednar
Belio Trednar Hace 4 días
Better than the whole Last Jedi movie
David Bloyd
David Bloyd Hace 5 días
I wish they would have just done a movie rather than the game.
Empire Hace 5 días
(Darth Malgus) Yes. After thousands years...... Korriban is ours again! (Lightsaber active) Welcome home.
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith Hace 6 días
May the force be with us
Anima Music
Anima Music Hace 6 días
This trailer is 1000x > Ruin Johnson's TLJ.
stanley  derain
stanley derain Hace 6 días
Still waiting for a Star Wars movie set in Korriban. The brutal training of the Sith.
pierre therat
pierre therat Hace 5 días
since Disney ruined it we might never get it. Maybe in star wars clone wars but who knows.
Marty .Von Awesome
Marty .Von Awesome Hace 6 días
What happened to you Bioware? :(
Ethan Avec
Ethan Avec Hace 6 días
They should start the new Star Wars trilogy set in the old republic just like this, to set a darker, and more action tone with characters we already like without even knowing them
Grandmaster Reaper
Grandmaster Reaper Hace 7 días
2:58 sexual assault happening on satele...
Wanderlei Silva
Wanderlei Silva Hace 7 días
What is the Night King doing here?
William Hace 7 días
Look at how fast Malgus dispatches Satielle. LOL she bloooooooooooooooooooows. He almost executed her ceremonial style like.
Sébastien L
Sébastien L Hace 7 días
New trilogie Disney the old Républic '! Pffff
Jed Rhodes
Jed Rhodes Hace 8 días
Just gonna take a moment to appreciate that Satele’s master just went “yeah, I’mma stay and die, you go”. No hesitation, not a moment to question the choice, he just went for it.
Stepan Serdyuk
Stepan Serdyuk Hace 8 días
I feel like the no-name soldier is the real hero of that story.
Samuel Hace 8 días
EA sucks! Later!
retro38 Hace 8 días
way cool at 3:38 or 3:39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gojirawars 03
Gojirawars 03 Hace 9 días
Never really was a fan of the Old Republic as an Era. Just felt like the air repeated too many old ideas. The Republic Troopers just look like clones, while the Sith Troopers are basically just Stormtroopers, the Sith and Jedi are same as they were in the Clone Wars, for the most part. Even the ship in this trailer is totally just the Millenium Falcon, and the pilot is Han Solo. C’mon, guys. This era didn’t really try anything new. The standout was Darth Revan, for being one of the most unique characters in the series.
Fabulous the BOSS
Fabulous the BOSS Hace 9 días
I cant be the only one that keeps coming back to this? 2019 and STILL watching
Edmond Cristian Razmerita
The ultimate combination of Prequel and Sequel trilogies😍
EMAN0706 XD Hace 9 días
2019 and I’m still coming back and watching these trailers. So freaking awesome.
Baron 115
Baron 115 Hace 10 días
Oh my god, it’s the night king
Chris Dorado
Chris Dorado Hace 10 días
Good to know we still have badass space cowboys with guns, anybody know his name?
Lewis Harvey
Lewis Harvey Hace 10 días
If only they made a series like this it's amazing..
Matt Falletts
Matt Falletts Hace 7 días
The new trilogy is going to be old republic with some of the writers from game of thrones
Jake The Føx
Jake The Føx Hace 10 días
Somehow watching the duels in 2x speed is so much cooler
daker dee
daker dee Hace 11 días
Jedi master rockin a single a dual wield light sabers against two Sith is noting less than OG!
Yuki Terumi
Yuki Terumi Hace 11 días
I remember how hype I was for the game lol
adamndirtyape Hace 11 días
And instead of more games like this, Bioware and EA give us...Anthem. The dark side truly won, didn't it?
YOUR GOD Hace 11 días
These were the shit
retro walker
retro walker Hace 12 días
Damm they used duels of fate wonderfully
Tou Xiong
Tou Xiong Hace 12 días
This trailer is still better than force awakens and last jedi
Eddie Lewis
Eddie Lewis Hace 12 días
Arthur I got a plan but were gonna need MY SHIP were going to THE REPUBLIC
Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano Hace 12 días
Nice fight.
Alandv Gamer
Alandv Gamer Hace 12 días
Very Good !!!!
The Rainmaker
The Rainmaker Hace 12 días
The ability to actually aim while firing...rarely see that in Star Wars.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Hace 12 días
why do i like when jedi dies it makes me so hapy
Paul Atkinson
Paul Atkinson Hace 12 días
It's too bad that they made this game an MMO.
jingthethief Hace 12 días
screw it Im going back to swotor. why did this have to pop up in my suggestions
Laszlo Kiss
Laszlo Kiss Hace 12 días
Better Than the fallen order trailer for damn sure !
David A
David A Hace 13 días
cthalpin Hace 14 días
wish the game was as good as the cinematics
Adam Aldabbagh
Adam Aldabbagh Hace 15 días
First off I live this and basically all these cinematics. That said I just thought of something watching it now. The jedi master held two Sith by himself and even took out the master but as soon as he is alone with the apprentice he loses easily. How does that make sense?
Mazri Mazri
Mazri Mazri Hace 15 días
the sequel trilogy should of been like this instead we get a lesbian bookstore owner a whiney emo with issues, mary poppins some tits and titty milk a stupid asian bitch that doesnt understand what love is who managed to be a worse character than jar jar binks, A pimped out granpa who didnt do jack shit, a mary sue without training and a some more titties.
brian g
brian g Hace 15 días
This 6 min scene is better than the whole movie of The last Jedi
Raziel De Melo
Raziel De Melo Hace 16 días
BioWare makes in 6 minutes what Disney can't make in 6 movies.
Persekarva Hace 16 días
A long time ago, before Pissney...
Charlie Spurr
Charlie Spurr Hace 16 días
So how is it that Ven Zallow is Malgus's top kill when he killed the Jedi Battlemaster as an apprentice?
carlo guajardo
carlo guajardo Hace 17 días
Why is this clip better than any of the star wars movies
Daniel Rickett
Daniel Rickett Hace 18 días
disney should never of got involved with lucas arts as last jedi was complete waste of money and han solo spin off was very crap
Daniel Rickett
Daniel Rickett Hace 18 días
star wars old republic has always been a good MMO. but still think SWG was the best one. shame they nerfed it and no one played it after
OnlinePorkchop Hace 18 días
This version of Star Wars is cool and fun to watch
Umair Khan
Umair Khan Hace 18 días
Ryan Johnson: I wAnTeD tO mAkE a StAr WaRs FiLm WiThOuT tHe StAr WaRs cLiChEs Fandom: The entirety of legends exists
Xue Tong
Xue Tong Hace 18 días
what da fuck! that is way better than Disney!!!!!
Evan Cruz
Evan Cruz Hace 19 días
4:43 my favorite part. This isn’t hand-force work anymore. The sucker is having to core-force lift that thang. Bad to the bone.
Sean Hace 19 días
I hate seeing the comments saying this is better than any movie, because it reminds me that it is
Clark K
Clark K Hace 20 días
serious question. why doesnt the movie industry believe us when we say that a full on movie like this (story and all) would make serious money? i mean...they know theres a huge fan base for something like this, and fans have expressed time and time again how we're dying for a movie like this.
LEGO JOEY Hace 20 días
The best trailer
Roberto Phillips
Roberto Phillips Hace 20 días
Marcus fenix. Lol
Nidia Nora Cardenas Acevedo
This is the Jedi and the Sith in his prime
Spectre Hace 21 un día
Ahh back when Star Wars was actually cool
Der Jager
Der Jager Hace 22 días
For the love of God, make this cinematic a full-length movie.
Zawa Pants
Zawa Pants Hace 22 días
Too bad the game was trash :(
Rex Films
Rex Films Hace 23 días
Is that ship the ebon hawk???
Rex Films
Rex Films Hace 23 días
I wish we'd have something like this but in kotor
Khaosreign82a1 Hace 23 días
TFW video game cinematics make for better movies than what Lucasfilm & Disney put out
Karina Kłosek
Karina Kłosek Hace 23 días
This trailer is better than entire The Last Jedi.
Ninthu Hace 24 días
Everyone who worked on creating the cinematics for this MMO should be hired to make some badass Star Wars movies.
marvelous LIE
marvelous LIE Hace 24 días
It's amazing how much awesome is packed within a 6 minute CG movie that completely overshadows anything "modern" Star Wars has done.
Callum Runchman
Callum Runchman Hace 27 días
I love these cinematic trailers and the game. I just wish it was on xbox as well as pc
Alu Lual
Alu Lual Hace 27 días
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks Hace 27 días
So question where is palpatine in all of this, is he even born? Or is he alive but young and if so is Darth Plagiues "however you spell his name" part of the old republic too?
Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks Hace 12 días
+José Luis Escobar oh wow i was way off
José Luis Escobar
José Luis Escobar Hace 12 días
This is 3500 years before Episode IV.
none yabizz
none yabizz Hace 28 días
I love how both masters die while the apprentices survive.
Brandon Waters
Brandon Waters Hace un mes
If EA and bioware were smart they would do Kotor 3 and remaster mass effect 1-3
TheAmericanRedhead Hace un mes
This is the star wars movie we want
Astonio Hace un mes
Who would win? Two highly trained Sith warriors that through the years have gained power beyond of any other living creature. Or... One three bladed boi.
mr xenomorph
mr xenomorph Hace un mes
sad, it was a nice jedi character :(
Erdei Laura
Erdei Laura Hace un mes
Malgus's fighting style is hyper aggressive. I love it.
JJ souls
JJ souls Hace un mes
Malgus is such a badass with the lightsaber. Hes so good
JJ souls
JJ souls Hace un mes
BRAVO! Hace un mes
Wow this brings back memories 😤😭
sergeantassassin3 Hace un mes
This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you never demilitarize, and always keep your army ready for combat. The Ruusan Reformation (circa 1000 BBY) effectively handicapped the Republic, paving the way for Palpatine's rise to power. This is a good visualization of why military might is necessary, even for a seemingly peaceful society: you only get what you want by having strength. No strength = no gains.
Acclimate Music
Acclimate Music Hace un mes
3:30 This moment alone is better than any Disney SW movie
Intra Inversum
Intra Inversum Hace un mes
Basil Hace un mes
what is this? soldier 76 in star wars? the empire have droids now?
Od3n 420
Od3n 420 Hace un mes
7 years ago god i feel fucking old now..
Ben Baxter
Ben Baxter Hace un mes
WELCOME HOME! so badass , this is what we want , not that disney crap
colton johnson
colton johnson Hace un mes
You know watching this makes you release how unlucky and lucky this era of star wars had so many sith and jedi, just reminded how dangerous sith and jedi could seem to non force users , Like imagine just like i then solo story were emilias character meets darthmaul , seeing that fucker like that gave me chills , and basically reminded me that these great warriors are shrouded in mystery, making them heroic and vilainous , i love it
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