Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Angry Reaction!

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AngryJoe & OtherJoe react to EA's latest Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Now with No Microtransactions, No Lootboxes and No Multiplayer!
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15 abr 2019






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Ricochetrabitt Hace 2 horas
To show that he shouldn't stand out, they should have had him cut his padawan braid to hide. That shows a connection to star wars, because this looks like a generic game from the trailer.
Ricochetrabitt Hace 2 horas
Generic ass, white character in this game. Boring.
finnewar Hace 4 horas
i will never buy games from EA.
T'urev Schrödinger
T'urev Schrödinger Hace 7 horas
Prediction- AJ: **Buys the game** EA: **Laughs because the game sucks but still got peoples money** AJ: WTF! Normal People: For the 50000th time, stop buying games from EA. VQA's No Longer On NDA: "We warned ya but yeah no one listens to us, not even developers...." Hardcore Gamers: "We knew it. LOL Git Rekt 60$" SW Fans: "LUL Dumbass, come play Old School SWBF2 Modded with us, not SWEA Junk." Yoga: "Without change, a record broken you are, hmmmmmmmmm."
CaptPhiI Hace 7 horas
I'll never forget Star Wars 1313. I rarely get excited nowadays, and the dev demo they had for that looked so promising. I still hope that someday someone'll make a Star Wars game that has the same spirit as that.
sada das
sada das Hace 7 horas
Star Wars, the great thing once, now just a feminist propaganda with a touch of relatively retarded producers and directors. My god, this franchise died in a very horrible way.
H Black
H Black Hace 12 horas
Martin Førland
Martin Førland Hace 16 horas
The best game for me is only one thing. Good story 😊
tezcatlipoca Hace 17 horas
Jedi suck. Even Yoda agreed right before Luke _'the last Jedi'_ died.
Zoinky Boi
Zoinky Boi Hace 17 horas
The game seems pretty good to me. I just hope it doesn’t turn out bad.
Geeky Gamer Dad
Geeky Gamer Dad Hace 19 horas
You hit the nail on the head. As soon as I saw it I had a feeling it was going to be short. I really hope it’s not a 4 hour on rails campaign. I was hoping more KOTOR, less SW Episode III if you remember that mess.
Rickest Rick
Rickest Rick Hace 20 horas
You can already preorder the game so I wouldn't think they would cancel the game.
Beast Titian
Beast Titian Hace 22 horas
If there’s no micro transactions and no loot boxes I’m okay with it
Jason Parks
Jason Parks Hace 22 horas
You guys should start referring to yourselves as Ajo and Ojo
Kit Slagle
Kit Slagle Hace 23 horas
I really wish they would do a game like this but with out Jedi. Instead have a smuggler, bounty hunter, or Imp officer or former Imp officer. Just anything but a Jedi during this period where there are not suppose to be Jedi. A game that focuses on a non-force user; much like the new live action TV show "The Mandalorian."
CAPCOM784 Hace un día
Even if micro transactions are not added when the game releases they will be added later on as tie in!Strong with the dark side this one is..😉
Chup Smith
Chup Smith Hace un día
The trailer makes it feel like something 'Classic' Bioware might have done with such a product. Time will tell if the actual game lives up to such high expectations. Lets face it, the BEST post-prequel Star Wars storytelling has been in the form of Video Games, and most of those produced by Bioware (although you can also argue that the "New Jedi Order" and the "Yuzzahn Vong War" novels were also just as good ^_^) For me, at least 20 hrs of game play is worth $60, and that is if you stick to the main 'quest' only. Side quests can double or triple that game play time.
lhalls9116 Hace un día
The smiling gif you sent back to ea..isnt that guy on some big western movie with indians and scalping..
wilson123 Hace un día
Did you need to customise your character in Last of Us? Uncharted? God of War? No and they're all 10/10. That said its EA so...
Cody Babcock
Cody Babcock Hace un día
I don't know why you're jumping to all these conclusions after watching the very first CINEMATIC trailer. "They dont let you customize your guy or the lightsaber" why would you infer that from a non gameplay cinematic trailer?
Deno Moto
Deno Moto Hace 20 horas
Because EA is lazy.
Euer Hochwürgen
Euer Hochwürgen Hace un día
lol, EA:" no one wants a singleplayer star wars game like 1313 like they were popular 10 years ago" EA:"hey lets make a cheap star wars 1313 clone and throw the unused story rudiments from the old republic and assets from Battlefront on it, with the supercool badass image impression of force unleashed. Its going to be a 7/10 with potential but not enough soul and a way to high price for its 6h campaign. But its still going to be better than Disney Star Wars Movies.
Epudds Hace un día
Hey Joe, did you like Force Unleashed or Jedi Knight?
DJ KHALED another one
Hello there!
lordmatro Hace un día
Maybe we are going to be able to customise our character. Just look at the generic commandant Sheppard, there was an actor who had his likeness taken and there was trailer portraying him on those, but there was also a character custumisation as well. On top of this, Mass Effect is from EA as well so maybe Joe will be able to become a Jedi after all.
ODC DATSME Hace un día
Ok they gave us a single player game. Now if we could only get co-op story game for Star Wars with create a player and customization. Personally, I think this game needs to be longer than 8 hours. The force unleashed was 8 hours with dlc it was just over 11 hours. So this game should be 9-12 hours IMO.
Lawrence Stanley
Lawrence Stanley Hace un día
Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, and of course I’m not trying to offend anyone who might think differently from my point of view, but just to take a look at this matter from a slightly different perspective, and without condemning anyone else’s views, but by just trying to be completely objective in our investigation into the matter, and, again, being considerate of each and everyone’s opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say...
blackopx54 Hace un día
No fuck that, they don't deserve credit. EA has a massive debt to us, they owe us. Honestly, we should get paid to own and play this game
K-plus tunjevina
K-plus tunjevina Hace 2 días
1313 was guaranteed garbage. Corridors and aim assist with no Jedis... Good riddance. Keep uncharted "cinematic" experiences on the kidstation 4. I want gameplay and level design. Jedi outcast, jedi acadamy 1 and 2... These need to be a reference point for the new team.
K-plus tunjevina
K-plus tunjevina Hace 2 días
Ugh, another straight white male protag. After the progress with Battlefield and Battlefront and now we regress. Good job EA.
dONALD42 Hace 2 días
There will be zero-day DLC, content cut out of the main game and sold as Deluxe Edition content. This is their last fucking chance.
Roland Hace 2 días
This game plays after order 66, So his master is probably shot, hence he's now blending in not wanting to out himself as a Jedi until his friend falls and he'll probably needs to save him, that or it's a choice the player will make? he falls, game freezes, and leaves you for the choice, use the force and save him and get outed by that droid in the back ground, or let him fall and you get to keep on your way.. Also, Jedi academy let you customize the player character some what and the lightsaber, that game and outcast are the best jedi games to date, wonder how this will do when it's finally out
Roland Hace 2 días
you will be able to select dark and light side force abilities, in outcast it went automaticly the farther you went in the story, in jedi academy youcould manually select dark and light side powers, you could shoot force lightning, and choke, heal, you could steal the life from people, you could brainwash enemies to fight for you xD i'll bet this game will have that aswell, if not, jedi academy is still the best jedi game out there.
TKnightcrawler Hace 2 días
What if you could customize your Jedi Fighter? As for Kal dying or living... well, they didn't kill any of Filoni's pet Jedi except for the one whose fate was foregone by trope. *Sigh*
Nerdy Bernie Entertainment
Hopefully we can see some gameplay at E3
jerry reighard
jerry reighard Hace 2 días
I'm sorry... I'm sorry but rather do the Darth maul game they cancelled it. I just want to be a Badass sith not a freaking Jedi were always doing the good guy wtf
MrSteelface96 Hace 2 días
colton biggerstaff
colton biggerstaff Hace 2 días
i have a bad feeling about this
keggerous Hace 2 días
A fixed main character can be a really good thing if the story behind it is well done. The only games which do a good story that also allow you to create your own character are like the Dark Souls games and that's because you are just a visitor in the world and the story is about the world and your nebulas role in it and not about you as a person.
Cali the Calico
Cali the Calico Hace 2 días
Luke used force choke in return of the Jedi.
myhahalo Hace 2 días
Sounds like Knight of the Old Republic will be the best game for Angry Joe
badfish5447link Hace 2 días
9:49 Why does AJ have the epic store open :O
EP114587 Hace 2 días
Looks like garbage.
Furhrer Pepe
Furhrer Pepe Hace 2 días
EA will fuck this up..... Place your bet lads .
JL audio
JL audio Hace 2 días
Heard there is still gonna be different light saber customization and probably different outfits or skins for him
Pixelchaser Hace 2 días
In the history of cinematography or photography never ever before has a camera been used so fucking poorly as you use it. What part of someone being out of focus do you think is correct exactly. you`re an idiot man.
Inkfilmz Hace 2 días
the wall run reminded me of call of duty
Aerofire Hace 2 días
In a few years, SW will become an actual meme, I'm afraid. It's already partially the case.
zyos Hace 2 días
I rather to have a trash story but epic gameplay but who knows.
starfreakist Hace 2 días
Respawn deserves credit for making a story driven star wars game not EA.
luke73tnt Hace 2 días
I think we will be able to customize our own lightsaber
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Hace 2 días
Honestly I miss when games were single player and could easily last 30 to 40 hours and still have replay value to them. This game could do that with an open world map, hidden artifacts, holocrons and shit. It has potential to be great but it also has potential to be a great failure too. I'm getting it, but that's mainly because of no micro transactions and it's single player, I no longer feel I need to cash to compete and feel good with this game, it's purely skill based and that is something I enjoy.
SNOOPALOOP Hace 2 días
He’s fucking amazing in Gotham probably the only reason I keep watching that show. Bruce Wayne is a little bitch in it.
MARC FÉNIX Hace 2 días
In the meantime till release of the game we play real masterpieces: Star Wars Jedi Outcast & Star Wars Jedi Academy!!!!
Mark Heard
Mark Heard Hace 3 días
Copy of Assassins Creed with Star Wars skin.
OnlyKiddingMovies Hace 3 días
I disagree with some of these comments. You can invest in a character that you know is going to die. Arthur Morgan for example. And does this mean that if a game doesn’t have character customisation that you can’t invest in it? Disagree
Jason Infante
Jason Infante Hace 3 días
It's made by Respawn u stupid fucks, and it's funded by EA
Draconius Selvantius
They also tweeted out that it was single-player only. I'll believe that after it's been out for a few months. EA hasn't released a single-player game since 2010 or 2011.
Marcellus Lab
Marcellus Lab Hace 3 días
I want to get a better look at Other Joes new tat
Apollyon6660 Hace 3 días
Would love Darkside Powers like in KOTOR. Give us similar to KOTOR and I’ll be happy.
Ben Zombie
Ben Zombie Hace 3 días
I'd rather see a custom character in an open world star wars game or an rpg if they decided to go back to the old republic era. I can wait to see gameplay, I'm just happy to finally see a trailer, I'm sure EA Play will show off some more stuff.
Andrew Kell
Andrew Kell Hace 3 días
rorke Bowman
rorke Bowman Hace 3 días
Believe it or not, but Star Wars games used to be awesome. Since the Super Star Wars games on snes, then Shadows of the empire on PC, Rogue Squadron on N64, Jedi Academy, KOTOR... these games were the sh!t when they came out, and many still hold up over a decade or two later today. The franchise is ripe for great gameplay and stories, they just need to get back to what made those games great and away from toxic bs they've been releasing since Lucas Arts stopped caring.
Randomnizer gamer
Randomnizer gamer Hace 3 días
Respawn is the only studio left along with a few others that do an amazing job
Charlie Broom
Charlie Broom Hace 3 días
Luke Skywalker used a form of Force Choke in Return of the Jedi at Jabba's palace
Caliber 127
Caliber 127 Hace 3 días
Don’t forget Mass Effect had default Shepard and Ryder models but you could customize them at will. It’s hard to keep an open mind with recent EA and Star Wars, but it doesn’t hurt to keep asking questions.
Caliber 127
Caliber 127 Hace 3 días
It’d be nice to have a game on similar grounds to the Jedi Knight series.
Seth Galiano
Seth Galiano Hace 3 días
I have about 0 trust in EA for anything right now. I hope that this game has an amazingly fantastic and long storyline otherwise this will not be something I would find worth $60.
boogeyman Hace 3 días
The visual design is pretty bad IMO. Aside from a few Star Wars icons, motifs, and stormtroopers scattered here and there, this is unrecognizable as a Star Wars title.
Aldo fs
Aldo fs Hace 3 días
An Oblivion/Skyrim type open world Star Wars game would be sick af
John Ryder
John Ryder Hace 3 días
A company whom I hate dearly and don't trust making a game with a series that I love dearly and want to see redemption for game wise. This will be one hell of a wait for November to see which side of my conflicted mind will claim "HA! See? Knew it!"
Mr. Hargrave
Mr. Hargrave Hace 3 días
Don't trust EA... let them loose the liscense... again Sith are the "bad" people... Revan as cookies, we have cookies, EA has dirt... xP
rajesh1174 Hace 3 días
This is going to suck, EA can’t help themselves why should I trust them with my pre-order?
MortalWare Hace 3 días
Cutscenes tell us nothing and, as we just found out with Anthem, supposed 'actual gameplay footage' also means nothing from EA. I'll wait until it's released and have seen the reviews before bothering anymore with this game.
Dark Night
Dark Night Hace 3 días
"what you are about to see is actual gameplay footage running on a high end pc." Translation: " what you are about to see is us taking notes on how we will be making the game , which will be a downgraded pseudo PS3 version of the game footage."
Nick Bashans
Nick Bashans Hace 3 días
customizing SW will never happen again because they want to keep everything within one cannon time line.
Jared Miller
Jared Miller Hace 3 días
So not a open world RPG
TGGamesmaster Hace 3 días
“Only Trust... In EA” 😶😂
Raptin 159
Raptin 159 Hace 3 días
Looks good but remember it’s EA
Roy Mathis
Roy Mathis Hace 3 días
Shitting all over the dialog , annoying.
Denis Rivarola
Denis Rivarola Hace 3 días
We need a new Jedi Academy
J Templar
J Templar Hace 3 días
60+ hours. If I can’t play the game for over 100 hours I don’t buy it
XxcyxX Hace 3 días
I’m tired of generic overpowered power hungry troubled Jedi’s. We need a behind the scenes grounded cinematic bounty hunter/smuggler cover shooter hunting down jedi’s if not, the last Jedi. Would be challenging. Optional to be a good or bad, getting bounties DOA; either to kill or save the last Jedi.
Floozy McDoozy
Floozy McDoozy Hace 3 días
Why didn't people complain about the non customizable characters in tomb raider or alien isolation or witcher or god of war or the campaign for battlefront 2 or rdr 2, I can't understand why this is possibly a problem now. It honestly feels like people can't give a game a chance before shitting on it, it's absolutely mind boggling.
firestorm5432 Hace 3 días
This could be great, that being said it won't be
BadMrFrosty Bacon
BadMrFrosty Bacon Hace 3 días
I hope this game bombs. I want EA to lose the star wars licence AND the company to go bankrupt. EA IN FLAMES. I'd rather CD project red, Naughty dog, or any other decent company left to take the license and give it the justice it deserves. Fuck you EA.
NHWK707 Hace 3 días
17:10 "Don't fuck it up" November 2019* "They Fucked It Up!"
Tushnim Gangopadhyay
Will be ever have something along the lines of Outcast or Academy? They amazing single and multiplayer way back then! Why is it so hard to get a similar experience today?
Spyro The Gerudo
Spyro The Gerudo Hace 3 días
I'm surprised EA is actually making a game that isn't focused on vacuuming the coins from our wallets. Maybe they will charge for save slots and have patch fees, installation fees, Game over fees, or something along those lines
Dirty_Alex_ Hace 3 días
You say that you're disappointed about not being able to create your character, and I understand that. But it depends if this story will be considered cannon like BF2's was. If it is considered cannon, LucasFilm/Disney may have put certain restrictions in place, such as no customisable characters. But I would like to be able to make my own Jedi, for sure!
Ahmed Amazigh
Ahmed Amazigh Hace 3 días
Give me a Star wars RPG please.
Derp Mcderpinton
Derp Mcderpinton Hace 3 días
The fact that EA is using the no microtransactions thing as an actualy selling point for the game is pathetic
Shep normandy
Shep normandy Hace 3 días
“I just want a single player star wars game” “No not like that” -AJ 😂😂😂
stanlee06 Hace 3 días
Joe bitchin too much about customization. It's not RPG.
Mango Tango
Mango Tango Hace 3 días
Dam EA knows this must be a holy Christian channel But we all know dats not happening
Jeffrey Coley
Jeffrey Coley Hace 3 días
I rather play as a rookie boba than some nobody jedi. The Jedi are flawed
DJ KHALED another one
Jedi Scum.
He Man
He Man Hace 3 días
*No micro transactions, no loot boxes, nothing added......... $100 game!*
Jeffrey Coley
Jeffrey Coley Hace 3 días
I am ready to become a SITH!
Jeff Clark
Jeff Clark Hace 3 días
pleasepleaseplease dont fuck this up
svineas neshevski
svineas neshevski Hace 3 días
I hope its atleast a little bit like the witcher 3...combat open world side quests good story and multiple endings for example dark sike light side neutral between light and dark aaaaand a new game + i and not only i have been waiting for a good star wars game since KOTOR...jedi academy and force unleashed were also good and i really hope that we all get the game they promise us...still am a bit sceptical so i wont raise my hopes up untill i see a little bit of gameplay and hear further information and..fingers crossed i really do hope they wont fuck it up ! P.S. thank you for another awesome video looking forward to seeing you play and hear your further thoughts when the game is finally out
Greatest Assassin
Greatest Assassin Hace 3 días
I'll be satisfied if it's something like the Force unleashed because I love those games
W P Hace 3 días
Shouldn’t the title be Rise of a Fallen Order ?!
Alpha-Omega Wolf Productions
Joe, you would be even more excited for Jedi Fallen Order if you had followed the post launch of Battlefront 2. Here's a quick run down, when microtransactions were turned back on, they could only be used to buy cosmetic items, like emotes and alternate costumes. Star Cards and blasters can only be acquired through a leveling system that rewards playing online. After that, future content was delayed due to Battlefield V. Once the development of Battlefield V was done, a team went back to Battlefront 2 content. Four heroes were added, General Grievous, Obi Wan, Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker. A Geonosis map was added along side Obi Wan and finally in March of this year we got a new game mode called capital supremacy, which has player fighting over command posts and taking down capital ships from within, like the old battlefront. The disadvantage was that this mode was supposed to come out in February along side Anakin, but the devs made up for that by giving us a new reinforcement, the infiltrator. (Commando Droid and ARC Trooper). Sadly, only one map was released for Capital Supremacy, Geonosis, but the devs have said that next week a new map is coming to Capital Supremacy, Kashyyk. All this content has not only had players coming back to Battlefront 2, the player count is now higher than it was at launch.
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