Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Angry Reaction!

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AngryJoe & OtherJoe react to EA's latest Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Now with No Microtransactions, No Lootboxes and No Multiplayer!
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15 abr 2019

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8un3zz Hace 6 días
Like the jedi in BF2, this gameplay feels like smashing two action figures together..
Taylor Bailey
Taylor Bailey Hace 8 días
Hey Joe. So EA released a gameplay demo on this game. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Looks interesting to me.
Scar Hace 8 días
10 bucks says the custom char and light saber will be part of a microtransaction or dlc. Typical Evil Assholes move.
HMS Daedalus
HMS Daedalus Hace 8 días
Slap ''Star Wars'' on it and the mass of morons will love it. This looks boring af, it looks like a ''good'' game from 2015. There's NOTHING original or interesting in this mess.
Coolidge Andrew
Coolidge Andrew Hace 9 días
This game play reminds me the last tomb raider game. Star wars skin looks good.
Cat Man
Cat Man Hace 9 días
It looks slow and generic as hell, with super dumb AI. Not impressed and I love star wars. Looks like it was from 2012.
blkwng Hace 9 días
Sometimes Joe can be so damn stupid; theres tons of problems with the game such as Its EA, so we gotta be worried, graphics downgrade, if the story will be good, if we will have party members, but instead hes gotta criticize on the nitpick stupidity of "cant create my own character". Look people, if youre an rpg enthusiast, you should know by now, probably the best rpg video games had premade, defined characters. Wanna know why? because they present you with a solid story. YOu dont like that? go play tomb raider or wait for skyrim. But over all the things Id be wary of from this game, creating my own character is the least of my problems. Get over it Joe.
Jakub Moździoch
Jakub Moździoch Hace 9 días
You know that this will be a some kind of darksouls game at least in fighting model watch the EA showing 15 minutes of gameplay.
Jakub Moździoch
Jakub Moździoch Hace 9 días
@David Umstattd wait a minute you work for EA!!!!!!!!!!! Btw because EA doesnt care for quality or to get good idea well executed , they just care for money.
David Umstattd
David Umstattd Hace 9 días
Jakub Moździoch Starwars Darksouls does sound dope. But I have been burned by EA 2 too many times.
Зельда Фитцджеральд
I suppose it would have killed them to include a female protagonist.
MrFirehouse22 Hace 10 días
Why do I get the feeling that this trailer does a great job depicting a true Christian man in today's backward and upside down world.
fox b5
fox b5 Hace 10 días
Joe don't fuck up EA we won't fuck up Joe 😀 EA we fucked up Me as I put popcorn into my mouth
Mac Real
Mac Real Hace 13 días
10 000% with you Joe
Ed Hale
Ed Hale Hace 14 días
12hrs! Common . Kotor was at least 30hrs and that was years ago! I want 30-40 hrs !
Renaud Chomette
Renaud Chomette Hace 19 días
Looks like they are developing the powers more. That could be awesome. trailer doesn't show much.
Renaud Chomette
Renaud Chomette Hace 19 días
got to be lsanbox-ish so you can lose yourself in the game at times and not just go through the motions of scenes after scenes.
Adam Atwell
Adam Atwell Hace 21 un día
Jamie Kirby
Jamie Kirby Hace 26 días
I remember when they were showing off the trailer for Mass Effect, i think it just had male sheppard and we only found out later that you could choose genders, this was before i knew Bioware, you might be able to customize your character and the trailer is just showing the male version?? you never know. OVerall, as long as the story is engrossing and causes my emotions to take affect and i don't mean hate and anger, but love, sadness on sad aspects and so on.
Dmytro Bogdan
Dmytro Bogdan Hace 27 días
More like a Fallen Star Wars attempt by EA
Sander Triepels
Sander Triepels Hace 28 días
Its collin farrel s fat brother on the review again ! 😂
Duckbilled Walrus
Duckbilled Walrus Hace 28 días
EA: We promise no microtransactions this time EA: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.
Glen Hawke
Glen Hawke Hace 28 días
Anything less than 40 hours of gameplay is unacceptable
Cofarl2 Hace 29 días
EA game... This is all you need to know.
Paul F
Paul F Hace 29 días
Hope they have the same force push sound as when Yoda and Darth Maul used it...
Ray l
Ray l Hace un mes
The best star wars game ever created was knights of the old republic and i still love that until this day. If it were to beat that, i think it should play like god of war.
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Hace un mes
because the longer the better
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Hace un mes
i want a 2 weeks long game with a really good story r a week long game
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Hace un mes
in the next Star Wars game after this one i want to play as a Sith Lord
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Hace un mes
yes story i play games for there story
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Hace un mes
i am ready to play it
Dark Death47xxx
Dark Death47xxx Hace un mes
yes that guy is the joker from the tv show Gotham
evshrug Hace un mes
Anyone else remember the Dark Forces series? And the split storyline in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight?
Laser Pictures
Laser Pictures Hace un mes
I don’t know if this is good new or bad news, but this game is available for preorder and it’s not at full price $50, not $60
Magus Plays
Magus Plays Hace un mes
What a burger? Yall fukas in Tx too 😂 these dudes are my kin!
Magus Plays
Magus Plays Hace un mes
Joe is right, RPG star wars games is where it should be.
Kreia Hace un mes
Its sad that the one of the selling points for this game is no MTX's, if you think of. They essentially messed up every other one of their games because of dumb design choices and insulting MTX's that one of the incentives or things to persuade you to buy this is that they are gone. See? If they hadn't have milked people's wallets so much, maybe they wouldn't have to say that.
Unicornz30 Unicornz30
FANBOYS: ahh a venator Joe: Venarator FANBOYS: REEEEE
Vidar Gartz
Vidar Gartz Hace un mes
You are forgetting the time Luke force choked two of Jabbas guards.
Ross Carpenter
Ross Carpenter Hace un mes
This game needs to be like Jedi Outcast where you gain powers and a lightsaber with a good character and good story
Luke lainson
Luke lainson Hace un mes
KOTOR, they will never be able to make me feel the way I did when I first completed my first jedi trials as an apprentice.. Fighting a Dark Jedi and returning Juhani to the light OOORRRR you could simply bring her to her doom, To create your own path is a true Jedi story, it was such an amazing feat.
Don’t trust EA or Disney with Star Wars they fkg up the franchise
Dick Riggle
Dick Riggle Hace un mes
I am very very happy they are putting no microtransactions in the game. I will support this one if its decent. If even one microtransaction is in this game though I just cant do it.
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Hace un mes
I'll reserve my opinion for E3, and even then I will wait and see. I'm not getting fucked over again.
You Tube
You Tube Hace un mes
Fuck the ragtag game, you werent a jedi in that anyways so who cares?
SU Victor
SU Victor Hace un mes
What's the yellow pattern that,Joe is wearing? Is that the dark spirit from Legend of Korra?
Skeletty1710 Hace un mes
Star Wars: a failing franchise
Debonaire Nerd
Debonaire Nerd Hace un mes
I don't like Microtransactions. They're rough and coarse and get everywhere. We won't win by paying for the ones we want but saving the ones we have already paid for.
dan Hace un mes
play the old republic
CmrdDarius Sapphire
So this is like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, It's a ready made character and your play through his story. OK sounds good, maybe the next game will be a Non-Linear, OpenWorld, RPG adventure story. I'l wait I love Star Wars stories.
Fresca Hace un mes
@AngryJoeShow Don't expect much from Respawn with this game. Look at how terribly they have handled Apex Legends. Terrible Season 1, riddled with hackers already, outdated engine (Source) that doesn't properly utilize current hardware, etc. This game is going to be an utter disappointment. And when the backlash hits, the company with disappear from communications. Just check out how badly the communication on the subreddit for Apex Legends is. This company is going to ruin Star Wars games worse than the new Battle Fronts. These are my predictions at least, after seeing the patterns of behavior with current IPs.
Cary Hawkins
Cary Hawkins Hace un mes
There is nothing in this that looks bad. It could suck, but there's no indication from the trailer. So far, so good.
CJM cola cole
CJM cola cole Hace un mes
There are so many fucking bland RPG games. I want a fucking story, Joe, shut the fuck up with this customization shit
Strider IV
Strider IV Hace un mes
Awesome Cobra Kai tshirt OJ
Daryan Toh
Daryan Toh Hace un mes
Other joe is rational joe :D
Dylan Hansen
Dylan Hansen Hace un mes
Isnt AngryJoes reaction just complaining about everything?
Everyday Gamer
Everyday Gamer Hace un mes
I’ll get it after the reviews come out might get it on GameFly
Black Dragn
Black Dragn Hace un mes
Do this game like gta offline campaign and seperate online campaign with a custom character
Chissa1995 Hace un mes
No mulitiplayer nor customization 😑
DarkLordDiablos Hace un mes
I'm glad that it's going to be single player. While I get that multiplayer offers more chances for fun with getting help from friends not to mention more money for the company, there have been a lack of single player games so I look forward to this one when it comes out at the end of the year.
plasmathunderdx Hace un mes
What I want is like a Witcher 3 level experience as a jedi in the star wars universe.
jacob green
jacob green Hace un mes
I just want to have a great star wars free roam game where EA doesn't mess anything up
David Christiansen
David Christiansen Hace un mes
you talked to fricking much
Christopher Tassin
Christopher Tassin Hace un mes
the reason there is no customization is because this all has to be canon
David Phaneuf Jr.
David Phaneuf Jr. Hace un mes
I hate the main character. It feels like insert generic white Jedi character here.
Julian Callahan
Julian Callahan Hace un mes
Again love you guys and the angryjoe show, and I hope this game does better than Star wars battlefront 1 and 2 which was cringe-worthy, from all those loot boxes and microtransactions scams, but I've got to admit it looks pretty promising, and maybe it could be similar to the Force unleashed 1 which was pretty damn good, but I don't know until I see gameplay, but I will say the actor they chose is a pretty Kick-Ass actor, because he makes a really good joker on the Gotham series and he's a good character on shameless as well, so that's a huge plus and all they need now is a excellent storyline and a lot of open world exploring on multiple planets and also some really bad ass lightsaber customization and clothing options, well that's all I have to say so let's hope that they don't screw it up this time because I would hate this to be a wasted opportunity to bring Star wars back the way it should be the way George Lucas envisioned it awesome
Quilt Hace un mes
Alot of people saying "Be skeptical!, Wait for reviews!" Heres my opinion: Idc if this game comed with a free IRL 1 Million dollars, I am not buying EA shit ever again.
Sean Wadey
Sean Wadey Hace un mes
If you watch the Star Wars Celebration panel for this they do mention the saber will be customizable.
evshrug Hace un mes
I think it's cool that it looks like the bottom of the hilt is broken off.
Promethiel Hace un mes
Actual Game play trailer will say it all
RiotforPeacePlz Hace un mes
The game sounds like trash.
that dude gamer
that dude gamer Hace un mes
i want to be a sith :(
Dylan Hace un mes
I bought it b/c they said no microtransactions, no pay to win, single player, Star Wars. THAT is a win for everyone. After all our outrage and bitching this game needs to be rewarded.
Absu Toth
Absu Toth Hace un mes
At the rate EA is going this game will probably cause my PS4 to catch fire and my controller to explode in my hands. Don't trust EA.
Seb Sins
Seb Sins Hace un mes
After how many mistakes, I’ll be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt
Ben Winsor
Ben Winsor Hace un mes
20 to 30 hours adventure please!
HellFox Hace un mes
I dont trust EA but i trust Respawn. Lets see what happens
BC P Hace un mes
A month after release and terrible sales... EA* "Become you're own Jedi for $99.99. Customize you're light saver for $139.99." Fuck EA.
BC P Hace un mes
Respawn really needs to stop with the stupid wall running bullshit.
Chris Hace un mes
I just wanted a New game like Jedi knight Academys gameplay with new gen graphics.But gave up since Starwars has been ruined by ea and disney
pixypolly Hace un mes
Can't we just get KOTOR remakes? With current engine and maybe ME:Andromeda's combat?
xKnight 28
xKnight 28 Hace un mes
This is the type of star wars games I've wanted for a long time. I want hard hitting stories, semi to open world. Etc. But EA has fucked up so many times I'm gunna wait. lol
DarkWarrior1 Hace un mes
Don't give up hope on customizing lightsaber Joe, watched a video and the guy says it maybe possible to to the busted part
Ganon136 Hace un mes
The reason why you can't have a premade character or saber in this game is because it will be a story within the same realm of Canon as the movies, comics, books, and other canon stories with very non-flexibility. It will forever be part of the larger Star Wars universe for all time.
Ryan Allerton
Ryan Allerton Hace un mes
I get a feeling, depending on how successful this game is, there will be a sequel at least, due to the fact it has ‘Star Wars Jedi:’. Perhaps, Fallen Order is just title of the first game 🤔
B T R Hace un mes
It’s to the point where I don’t expect anything from gaming companies anymore. Never preorder and never buy without review. Even the greats like Bethesda have shown us that money trumps quality. HELP US CD PROJEKT RED, YOURE OUR ONLY HOPE
Gnarrkhaz Hace un mes
I'm interested to see how EA will monetize this further.
Shookoo Hace un mes
I'm worried it's just gonna be a $60 star wars movie, except you can press X to wall-run.
Micheal Sayfie
Micheal Sayfie Hace un mes
That you know is gonna die? Have you played red dead redemption 2?
Ricochetrabitt Hace un mes
To show that he shouldn't stand out, they should have had him cut his padawan braid to hide. That shows a connection to star wars, because this looks like a generic game from the trailer.
Ricochetrabitt Hace un mes
Generic ass, white character in this game. Boring.
finnewar Hace un mes
i will never buy games from EA.
T'urev Schrödinger
Prediction- AJ: **Buys the game** EA: **Laughs because the game sucks but still got peoples money** AJ: WTF! Normal People: For the 50000th time, stop buying games from EA. VQA's No Longer On NDA: "We warned ya but yeah no one listens to us, not even developers...." Hardcore Gamers: "We knew it. LOL Git Rekt 60$" SW Fans: "LUL Dumbass, come play Old School SWBF2 Modded with us, not SWEA Junk." Yoga: "Without change, a record broken you are, hmmmmmmmmm."
CaptPhiI Hace un mes
I'll never forget Star Wars 1313. I rarely get excited nowadays, and the dev demo they had for that looked so promising. I still hope that someday someone'll make a Star Wars game that has the same spirit as that.
sada das
sada das Hace un mes
Star Wars, the great thing once, now just a feminist propaganda with a touch of relatively retarded producers and directors. My god, this franchise died in a very horrible way.
H Black
H Black Hace un mes
Martin Førland
Martin Førland Hace un mes
The best game for me is only one thing. Good story 😊
00x000 Hace un mes
Jedi suck. Even Yoda agreed right before Luke _'the last Jedi'_ died.
Zoinky Boi
Zoinky Boi Hace un mes
The game seems pretty good to me. I just hope it doesn’t turn out bad.
Geeky Gamer Dad
Geeky Gamer Dad Hace un mes
You hit the nail on the head. As soon as I saw it I had a feeling it was going to be short. I really hope it’s not a 4 hour on rails campaign. I was hoping more KOTOR, less SW Episode III if you remember that mess.
Rickest Rick
Rickest Rick Hace un mes
You can already preorder the game so I wouldn't think they would cancel the game.
Beast Titian
Beast Titian Hace un mes
If there’s no micro transactions and no loot boxes I’m okay with it
Jason Parks
Jason Parks Hace un mes
You guys should start referring to yourselves as Ajo and Ojo
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