Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo - EA PLAY 2019

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The Empire won’t stop until every Jedi is purged from the galaxy. As a young Padawan on the run, the odds are against you-but the Force is with you. Discover the Jedi abilities you must master to survive.
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Pre-order now: x.ea.com/58681


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8 jun 2019

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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars Hace 10 días
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019. x.ea.com/58681
Bill Da Boss
Bill Da Boss Hace 22 horas
What about become a sith, i wanna do that more 😡
Rodrigo S
Rodrigo S Hace 8 días
Mais um jogo de 2h de duracao sendo q 1h e cenas e creditos... ja desisti dr jogos de starwars, a ea so caga no peida.
mobfighter Boss
mobfighter Boss Hace 8 días
The New Dark Side Well that dark trooper with the energy blade was powerful!
The Name Chris
The Name Chris Hace 8 días
They should add the Telekinesis Power.... Who Agrees?
shahraj khan
shahraj khan Hace 8 días
What is Ash and Pikachu doing in star wars
The Raddish Patch
The Raddish Patch Hace 6 minutos
Ian Gallagher: Tomb Raider
Herosouls H
Herosouls H Hace 7 minutos
No micro things?
Kyle MacArt
Kyle MacArt Hace 13 minutos
This is just like the force unleashed
Linex Hace 17 minutos
please make skate 4 already we've been waiting since 2015 or something
棒あいす Hace 28 minutos
Is this SEKIRO??? SINOBI is Jedi???
Trevor MacKenzie
Trevor MacKenzie Hace 31 un minuto
Nice, looks boring!
cRichYall Hace 36 minutos
Open World Create Your Own Character... Thats All These Companies Need To Know
WittenCityChilla Hace 39 minutos
Why didnt they make two versions, one for younger people and one 18+ version with blood and dismemberment. The movements and combat looks very good but every time a saber hits an enemy it looks kind of dissapointing
Eyzhane Williams
Eyzhane Williams Hace 43 minutos
Looks pretty good! I can’t wait 🙌🏽 Don’t let me down
jahii Hace un hora
Respawn out here with them wall runs
孫悟空 Hace un hora
HiddenWen Hace un hora
Yup, definitely a fallen Jedi. Heading towards being a Sith real quick with those moves.
pedro suarez
pedro suarez Hace un hora
this looks amazing
Ar Demon
Ar Demon Hace 2 horas
Год 2019, графика года 2012. Хорошо что я не графодрочер, но опасение возникает что при релизе и такую графику порежут.
Iszi C.
Iszi C. Hace 2 horas
Cool visuals. Combat looks really fun and entertaining. Looking forward to this game. I like how he uses the light saber as a light in the cave! Could use better effects when killing storm troopers though to make it more realistic.
Keezy Fleks
Keezy Fleks Hace 4 horas
Are there going to be any spaceship battles?
Scott Koppinger
Scott Koppinger Hace 5 horas
I know it's alpha, but it doesn't look all that great, I mean looks good enough, but the foliage, lighting and skin textures seem kind of simple when compared to something like God of War or even Uncharted (given they're 1st party titles)...Being the end of a gen game doesn't seem to be matching up with games like TLOU2 or Death Stranding (also 1st party)...I'm sure there's still more time to fine tune this. That said look cool, like a Star Wars Uncharted which is perfect and a game I'd definitely play. I hope there are massive and EPIC set pieces like the uncharted series and like Star Wars as a whole
weeze Hace 5 horas
Hope we get dark side choices
Byzantine Crusaders
Byzantine Crusaders Hace 5 horas
Anyone else feel like light saber combat and even movement felt unsatisfying and kind of awkward? Also am I the only one who felt like those laser blasts were super slow?
Mr Flash
Mr Flash Hace 5 horas
Why am I watching Assassin Creed remastered?
Evancrusher boi
Evancrusher boi Hace 6 horas
EA i hope you get fisted by a dinosaur
Cleverton Demarchi
Cleverton Demarchi Hace 6 horas
Esperamos que a senhorita EA não estrague esse jogo igual faz com todos os outros...
Tom Mitropoulos
Tom Mitropoulos Hace 6 horas
I am really looking forward to getting this game...But Why the hell is a padawan so powerful?
Billy F
Billy F Hace 3 horas
We don't know how much training Cal had before Order 66, but if he fought in the Clone Wars, it makes sense for him to be a bonafide badass. Even if he didn't fight in the war, he's got an ex-Jedi Knight mentoring him so she's probably taught him stuff.
Mr. StarterOP
Mr. StarterOP Hace 6 horas
Looks pretty trash they should cancel this game and ACTUALLY FOCUS ON BATTLEFRONT 2
Ryder Barton
Ryder Barton Hace 38 minutos
Mr. StarterOP No, Let them keep develop this for Anyone, Not for you.
AC games
AC games Hace 6 horas
Is it also for ps4 and later on can be a sith if we choose it
draxx Sklounst
draxx Sklounst Hace 6 horas
Really, Forest Whitaker?
beasthunt Hace 6 horas
No dismemberment completely takes you out of the game on this one. I also can't wait to win a chance at a new saber color when the EA inspired loot boxes show up. Other than that the demo looked good. It looks like it's a solid 60fps but the facial resolutions are so low. Everything else has nice textures except the faces; and the Wookies of course.....lol.
primitive Hace 7 horas
I see the little details .. they are missing .. i mean its 2019 u make a good looking game but why is the gras not burning when he stands with a lightsaber next to it
Emmanuel C. jr
Emmanuel C. jr Hace 7 horas
Aaaaa me excite 🤤
sergio caro pereira
sergio caro pereira Hace 8 horas
john john
john john Hace 8 horas
Is that the same black guy that was in rouge one who had the breathing mask?
KJ Caramel
KJ Caramel Hace 8 horas
4:32 F*ck you!
im miata mike
im miata mike Hace 8 horas
Assassinate creed, jedi returns
Phil the Doctor
Phil the Doctor Hace 8 horas
Those blaster bolts move way too slow in my opinion. Hopefully they change that before release.
im miata mike
im miata mike Hace 8 horas
Finally the starwars we've been wanting. Only took EA 2 tries
Ben Wallace
Ben Wallace Hace 8 horas
Top text: preparation for funny bottom text Bottom text: disappointingly unfunny per usual
Julian Schütz
Julian Schütz Hace 8 horas
The protagonist looks like the Joker from the series “Gotham“
Drew Funk
Drew Funk Hace 9 horas
*slices through stormtroopers arm. Arm stays attached* They cant do that, shoot them or something!!
Zidane Rafique
Zidane Rafique Hace 10 horas
ea is good at ragdoll you have to admit
Roberto Trejo
Roberto Trejo Hace 10 horas
Ea por favor me podes regalar un critiano Ronaldo 90 o 100 de grl soy un jugador de fifa mobile mi nombre en el juego en Demiancito por favor me lo podes regalar
Joseph Simpson
Joseph Simpson Hace 10 horas
I want limb dismemberment as much as the next guy. But some of the best star wars games of all time did not have it either. Kotor ,Kotor 2, battlefront ECT. It's really not that big of an issue. I'm just happy where finally getting a new single player focused star wars game.
JOXCY Hace 11 horas
is it just me or does the game look a little too easy?
The Earls Renegade
The Earls Renegade Hace 4 horas
ikr. Hopefully there are higher difficulties.
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas Hace 11 horas
What we don't want is another star wars game where you have to follow a set path why noy make a Skyrim version of star wars? How hard would that be? Seriously? No one wants this
FN Danmark
FN Danmark Hace 9 horas
Cole Thomas Well this isn’t a game where you follow a set path. You choose what planet you want to go to and unlock new skills that unlocks new areas on these planets.
Der Geffert
Der Geffert Hace 11 horas
I think this Gameplay-Trailer could give some wrong impressions. There actually are some people who could test the game and report here on youtube. Maybe this will give you a better impression: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dF8KgFQlezQ.html Im sure there are other guys, too. But this was the first i found
Dark Mimzy
Dark Mimzy Hace 11 horas
this looks as real as the last lego star wars game..
Zijkhal Hace 12 horas
EA? Pre-order? Another massive disappointment confirmed.
CINTRON Hace 12 horas
1:30 Not a major criticism, but does anyone else find the main character's face a little annoying? I know it's far too late to change that now, just feels like they could have gotten a more appealing face. This coming from a stereotypical white male who's tired of seeing white male leads in video games. Heck, why even human? There are so many other cool alien races that were Jedi too. Who wouldn't want a game where you play as Ahsoka post order 66?
Bennett Harnisch
Bennett Harnisch Hace 12 horas
This looks way too easy
Yaroslav Suprun
Yaroslav Suprun Hace 12 horas
haha Ian Gallagher is it you ??
PROJECT SKYNET Hace 13 horas
hangi jedi ışın kılıcını fırlatıyor aq moda oldu god of wardan sonra bu skll
Extraterrestrial Meatball
Oh god... Its gonna be terrible...
FN Danmark
FN Danmark Hace 9 horas
Extraterrestrial Meatball Why?
Erik Jacobsen
Erik Jacobsen Hace 13 horas
@4:31 had to turn on captions because it sounded like he said "f**k you"
Montreal hey
Montreal hey Hace 13 horas
darkcloud Hace 13 horas
things wrong with these game..... no fucking dismemberment...
Peter Veer
Peter Veer Hace 14 horas
Its like a tv movie The graphics are cool
grizeldi Hace 14 horas
This feels like it'll be an interactive movie that I'll watch someone play on YT instead of a game that one would have any reason to play apart from the story. Kinda like how Battlefront 2's story mode was.
I am BL4STONIC Hace 14 horas
Why does the main character look like jerome and jeramiah valeska from gotham?
Naeklaer0r Hace 14 horas
i like how the actor for Jeremiah from gotham is a jedi
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Hace 15 horas
Me: *hasn't seen a single thing related to star wars* *sees Cameron Monaghan is in this one video game* "TAKE MY MONEY GODDAMMIT"
samar friday
samar friday Hace 15 horas
شكلها عادية ومش صعبة من نحية جيمبلاى
Михаил Кандыба
Matthew Mendez
Matthew Mendez Hace 17 horas
So I don't know if anybody confirmed this yet, but are there going to be loot boxes in this game? Or any other form of bad microtransactions?
FN Danmark
FN Danmark Hace 14 horas
Matthew Mendez No microtransactions at all
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh Hace 17 horas
Remember, no preorders.
Japorty Hace 17 horas
Everyone has said this every year with every new game EA releases, but this could be the game that revives EA.
Krzysztof Hace 17 horas
Why this lightsaber is "light blue" inside and dark blue outside? Shouldn't be middle of laster pure white? This looks so weird...
Frosty Hace 17 horas
why does the main characters face look so goofy?
Edram Hace 17 horas
Judging by the gameplay we are waiting for another boring game.
Eli Riffe
Eli Riffe Hace 17 horas
They should do a dismemberment dlc
Joseph Cano
Joseph Cano Hace 18 horas
10:20 at least we have The high ground
H berr
H berr Hace 18 horas
I wasn't aware the weapon can double as a paint brush
Ray Taylor
Ray Taylor Hace 18 horas
A lightsaber can cut metal like butter. Why does it takes multiple hits to kill a spider?
Radek Kolodziej
Radek Kolodziej Hace 19 horas
Looks promising, although graphics and animation is quite poor 😑🙄
tron012 Hace 20 horas
g_SaberRealisticCombat 1
martijn games nl
martijn games nl Hace 20 horas
I should have expected a power fantasy of a game, where is the challenge in this?
Vedantir Hace 21 un hora
No dismemberment.... SO LAME. Again it feels like playing with a fucking light-bat, disappointing.
Vedantir Hace 21 un hora
And why are blaster bolts SO FKIN S L O W ??
もつ Hace 21 un hora
Better than the latest trilogy Star Wars
R V Hace 22 horas
You guys need to remaster burnout takedown @EA
Mysterious Hace 22 horas
Is this an open world game ?
FN Danmark
FN Danmark Hace 14 horas
You can go to different planets how you like and unlock new areas with powers you get. It’s not open world in the sense that there’s a big world but rather smaller worlds that you can progress to unlock more of. www.gameinformer.com/feature/2019/06/08/the-true-power-of-the-force
Mysterious Hace 14 horas
@FN Danmark semi means ?
FN Danmark
FN Danmark Hace 14 horas
Mysterious Semi open world.
Mysterious Hace 19 horas
@SicParvisMagna123 little bit.
SicParvisMagna123 Hace 21 un hora
No. Does it look it?
Catriona MacLeod
Catriona MacLeod Hace 23 horas
Are you really EA?
Ash Mrabet
Ash Mrabet Hace 23 horas
10:25 I never thought obi wan had fans from the empire
MrKoch1995 Hace 23 horas
You have to pay 39,99 to play as the jedi, otherwise you're just the robot
Alex Wiborg
Alex Wiborg Hace un día
Is it just me or does the jedi/main character look like the guy who plays the Joker in the Gothem series?
SicParvisMagna123 Hace 21 un hora
That's cause it is...
Creux Hace un día
*Imagine a free roam star wars game, with full customization and both single/multiplayer. Like CyberPunk 2077 but with lightsabers*
Angry Cheezburger
Angry Cheezburger Hace 11 horas
@Hy Tek SWG was a great game but let's not kid ourselves here, by modern gaming standards it falls short on many levels. With current technology there's unlimited potential to create something far better than SWG ever was.
Hy Tek
Hy Tek Hace 12 horas
It was called Star Wars Galaxies (before Combat Update 3 destroyed it). SOE had a great thing going with SWG and JTL until it was all ruined with CU3.
Angry Cheezburger
Angry Cheezburger Hace 18 horas
I can imagine it once Disney does the right thing and rips the Star Wars IP from EA's grubby little hands.
Black Skull
Black Skull Hace un día
Stop buying EA games This is probably my only new years resolution as EA has disappointed me in every way this year. Some of you may have already started boycotting EA games as I have but I have further promised myself to not buy any EA games in 2018. Some of the reasons: Mass Effect Andromeda was mediocre at best, I can't even force myself to finish it. FIFA is the same old recycled game; even with the new Frostbyte engine. The closure of Visceral simply because their SW game wasn't a game as a service. IE It didn't have lootboxes. Need for speed is garbage and that's putting it lightly. Battlefront 2 Anthem Battlefield 1 was probably the only one I sort of enjoyed. It sucks I'll be skipping some of their games like Anthem and the next Battlefield, but there will be other AAA titles from other companies that will keep me busy. It's not the fact that they make mediocre games now; it's just that they make mediocre games and on top of that expect you to pay more. I feel like EA doesn't look at me as a gamer who's passionate about playing; rather they look at me as a fucking wallet. I used to love EA and they were a big part of my childhood with games like NfS: Underground, KOTOR, Medal Of Honor and Battlefield, but they have de-railed from what the AAA developer they used to be.
Darth Say10
Darth Say10 Hace 3 horas
good for you thats your choice
UndeadDecimation Hace 6 horas
Everything I've wanted to say summed up perfectly. Thank you
James Mcguigan
James Mcguigan Hace un día
Stop criticising so much. This is made by respawn with close to 0 impact from EA. We have hope people!
Daniel Andriske
Daniel Andriske Hace un día
I don't know man. I've been spoiled by God of War 4. This doesn't impress
donnie carpenter
donnie carpenter Hace un día
looks great!... doesn't mean it plays great :/
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner Hace un día
Looks interesting but EA scares me. Lost trust long ago.
Mega 05
Mega 05 Hace un día
You need to add dismemberment and harder AI. Looks like most of the time they're just standing there waiting for you. One of their animations is literally signaling you to come to them lol.
Kevin Valdivia
Kevin Valdivia Hace un día
Seems like it’s going to be a repetitive animation scene when it comes to using the force like opening up doors. And the fight with that dark trooper was a little iffy, idk the blocking system looks like it needs some work. I pray they take out all that traveling, all that climbing for 5 minutes and jumping around to have a 2 minute fight with limited options. I mean the whole freeze the bolt while in mid air and fly that guy into your hand then move him in front of the laser was actually pretty cool. But there’s few fighting options. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying they change that shit lol
Gabe Griego
Gabe Griego Hace un día
Looks like you move around like you did in uncharted
E MH Hace un día
Stormtrooper: at least we have the high ground Vader: ah shit, here we go again
xX_Kjcomputer_Xx Hace un día
open lightsaber. *USE FORCE PUSH*
DUKEofNXPS5 Hace un día
Do I buy this thing in November or should I wait about two years for the complete version? I hate the fact is a great AAA game from EA (DLCs are all but guaranteed)
dannyrivera8300 Hace un día
I hope this game is as good as the forced unleashed games and you can change your lightsaber color
Алексей Крук
You must be joking. And what is this? The force unliashed with slightly improved textures? Why are the hero's movements so unnatural? This is trash.
Dickheart Hace un día
EA... No deal.
Ras Anju I
Ras Anju I Hace un día
Isit mass multi player ?
GamingTV Hace un día
this game already looks bad where's the battlefront 2 top notch graphics? doesn't EA reuse game assets? this would look like a great PS2 game, but this is the PS4 era, the playstyle, the graphics, the very basic dialog, feels just like the PS2 gen
SicParvisMagna123 Hace 21 un hora
Feels like last-gen, not PS2.
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