Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo - EA PLAY 2019

EA Star Wars
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The Empire won’t stop until every Jedi is purged from the galaxy. As a young Padawan on the run, the odds are against you-but the Force is with you. Discover the Jedi abilities you must master to survive.
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019.
Pre-order now: x.ea.com/58681


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8 jun 2019






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EA Star Wars
EA Star Wars Hace 3 meses
Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019. x.ea.com/58681
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Hace 24 días
@CheeseFromHell ...YES, THAT WOULD BE THE S**T but these Company all suck and are never listen to the people, which buy their S**T!!!
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee Hace 24 días
How can I get the DEMO?
bruno gabriel
bruno gabriel Hace un mes
I want to be a sith😈
Brandon Yeoh
Brandon Yeoh Hace un mes
your skill suck
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Hace un mes
I am a sith
Bill Kyriaz
Bill Kyriaz Hace 2 horas
Havoc Hace 12 horas
I kinda just realized this heavily borrows from dark souls and sekiro combat wise.
Rotten Wenom
Rotten Wenom Hace 12 horas
To unlock this part of the game please get this expantion package for 4.99
elijah rowlett
elijah rowlett Hace 15 horas
This looks cool please don't screw it up
greenshards742 Hace 16 horas
EA loot box everything don
Jacob Hace 21 un hora
Forgive me for nerding out, but this is a game tester's made. Game testers were the difference between this not sucking and sucking. hard to explain
Commander Gree
Commander Gree Hace 23 horas
Clone trooper phase 1 helmet at 9:11
Joshua Moss
Joshua Moss Hace un día
I havnt even finished it yet and OMFG I NEED
KingProne Hace un día
lets face it, it is EA. like how good can this possibly be? Nevermind that the lightsaber combat at 8:11 makes no sense. Treats a lightsaber like a wood stick............
Daniel Ponting
Daniel Ponting Hace un día
controls and camera look really awkward, you gonna fix that before release?? Like, it's clunky as if a low budget PS2 game, separated and snappy, doesn't flow, can't aim well, gets you killed/injured in what would otherwise be a very simple situation.
K09 N21
K09 N21 Hace un día
Luke Blight
Luke Blight Hace un día
Storm trooper we have the high ground Every Star Wars fan:why hello there
Roberto STF Ilie
Roberto STF Ilie Hace un día
is that ian gallagher???
Leon Hace un día
Waiting for it till it comes to ea access
TK- 7174
TK- 7174 Hace un día
I will play this on the hardest difficulty just so I can get the dark souls ish feel.
deadlydeax 1010
deadlydeax 1010 Hace un día
Edgar Donato
Edgar Donato Hace un día
Is this game 60fps Xbox one
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez Hace un día
I like how everyone is dawgin it even before they play it lol. Criticize it when it COMES OUT AND YOU PLAY IT! Lol geez! Y'all are ridiculously ridiculous! Lol
303 Hace un día
can we have a starwars game in which the campaign follows the events of the films so we can play as our favourite characters etc
Enrick Lefebvre Blais
they have to put serious work on the wounds
Enrick Lefebvre Blais
we all have see a ligthsaber cut a door in star wars: Phantom menace… so where are the cuted limbs? EA fail again
Jose Carlos
Jose Carlos Hace un día
Good-ish graphics.. crappy af looking gameplay
*I-KissMyGTR-I *
*I-KissMyGTR-I * Hace 2 días
Would be cool if you could cut through enemies and like cut them arms abd legs off and shit
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey Hace 2 días
Hank Bucket
Hank Bucket Hace 2 días
No dismemberment, that's a big problem for me
sinister wolf
sinister wolf Hace 2 días
10:26 what did he just say?
RadioJHAlex sk1n
RadioJHAlex sk1n Hace 2 días
I would love a Star Wars game that has the Gameplay of Gears of War
Tio Edu
Tio Edu Hace 2 días
NoenMar Hace 2 días
Wow they even have the old jango fett clone trooper who resisted order 66 from rogue one in here. Modeled after the guy with the lazy eye who played him. 1:15
Gergo Nagykis
Gergo Nagykis Hace 2 días
We need flips and acrobatics in battlefront 2, please
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez Hace 3 días
The game is just published by EA not developed hopefully it is actually good
Michael J Caboose
Michael J Caboose Hace 3 días
And Pey 5000 Doolares Too Becum Won!
Дмитрич Hace 3 días
Сделано красиво, но шняга коридорная, надеюсь лет через 15 - 20 поиграем с такой графикой в открытом мире на огромных картах
aLeX Pi
aLeX Pi Hace 3 días
R.I.P. Factor 5 and awesome SW realistic battles
Bill T
Bill T Hace 3 días
I'm honestly bored watching this which bums me out
Michael N
Michael N Hace 4 días
When Lightsabers have the same affect as a curling iron.
Emperor Yongle
Emperor Yongle Hace 4 días
3 rules to survive 1. Don’t pre order 2. Watch a review 3.Don’t trust EA Wisdom needs spreading
Michael J Caboose
Michael J Caboose Hace 3 días
I Have Loot Boxe-- I Men Lots Of Wizdom
Arm official
Arm official Hace 4 días
this is star wars force unleashed 2 **version.upgrade : )
Edison Ingalla
Edison Ingalla Hace 4 días
K is such a boss
Sinatik Hace 4 días
So hype for this game!
123MRFRIENDZONED Hace 4 días
this reminds me so much of Sekiro
Sean Rider
Sean Rider Hace 5 días
If only this was open world.. Some day hopefully :/
Sean Rider
Sean Rider Hace 5 días
Please don't screw this up like you do with everything else EA
Timetoplay Hace 5 días
Control by Remedy actually portrays force power better than this game
RingoStar Hace 5 días
Ok google how do I fast forward time to November
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Hace 5 días
It is literally the Force Unleashed.
Sid Bangaloo
Sid Bangaloo Hace 3 días
Hell No
David Moore
David Moore Hace 5 días
To look at this trailer it will cost you $99.99 if you do not accept you fill have to pay a fee of $99.99
Michael J Caboose
Michael J Caboose Hace 3 días
NooOOoo! church stil owes me 20 doolares
Turgut Mete Altuntaş
Half Life with Assassin's Creed mechanics with Star Wars Costumes 😘
Movie Knight Productions
Looks like Star Wars. Sounds like Star Wars. But it doesn't feel like Star Wars exactly for some reason.
andyenid2 Hace 6 días
Did I make a mistake pre ordering this game becuz it looks amazing
Adam Turner
Adam Turner Hace 6 días
Remeber kids if they’re publisher is EA or even is made by EA and they say no micro transactions... There’s most likely gonna be DLC...
Jose Suárez
Jose Suárez Hace 6 días
Change lightsaber colour: 2.99 $
raponpaskaa Hace 5 días
29,99$* its ea after all.
The Guy
The Guy Hace 6 días
I don't like that lightsaber trail and bloom...not like in the movies at all.
chongvang12 Hace 6 días
I’ll prolly wait for a used copy
Parzival Hace 6 días
God what the hell? Why don’t we get actual lightsaber damage in games anymore? The limbs of those storm troopers should be flying. It wouldn’t be gory or even that violent than the game already is since lightsabers cauterize when cutting something.
Jose Moyano
Jose Moyano Hace 7 días
Star Wars for Kids. That's what I saw. Bad game with bad story.
Smacked Crack
Smacked Crack Hace 7 días
If this game doesn’t come out as good as battlefront 1 was, I will be mad
Sharpteeth Nile
Sharpteeth Nile Hace 7 días
10:52 Kills 2 of the 3 Troopers by deflecting their shots back at them. Third Trooper: Ima shoot him, it'll work.
King Blobbie
King Blobbie Hace 7 días
So this is a single player game?
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