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Star Wars
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Reporting in for another tour of duty.
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19 jul 2018

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Kevin Veliz
Kevin Veliz Hace 4 horas
who else is excited for echo
Christian Tinajero
Christian Tinajero Hace 4 horas
Bring it out please
Misatwingtwisha ——-_——-
Fun Fact: That is the Old Republic Hangar Ezra and Kanan visited in season 1 of Star Wars Rebels.
xolmsc Hace 5 horas
I hope they animate the fight with obiwan and anikin
z Neytram
z Neytram Hace 11 horas
Gonna rewatch Star Wars the Clone Wars on netflix for that :P
The_spooky_Canadian Hace 11 horas
When is this coming out and will it be on Netflix. Plzzzz tell me it’s going to be because if it doesn’t I lose my mind
NexusGamer Hace 13 horas
Dave Filoni, Thank you for this, for bringing back this masterpiece.
The Crossguard Boy
The Crossguard Boy Hace 15 horas
*God joined the server.*
STRIKEOUT 554 Hace 18 horas
0:53 same cannon effect from mimban in solo?
Argentum Hace 23 horas
They leave one show unfinished and then start making another show (rebels) that got left basically unfinished and now they are going back to finish the first unfinished thing Maybe in 5 years we will get more rebels and it will get the ending it should have gotten from the beginning, instead of the rushed, unsatisfying, and lame ending that it did
Axcel Rodrigo
Axcel Rodrigo Hace un día
I’m waiting for you guys to release I hope you guys release it early
Micah Quiton
Micah Quiton Hace un día
I was raised on this, seeing this gave me chills.
DapperBones Hace un día
Wait, is it season 7, or a movie?
Rush Plays
Rush Plays Hace un día
My childhood is coming back
Mason Liskai
Mason Liskai Hace un día
When I sawl Asoka I screamed and my mom came in
Painted Shark
Painted Shark Hace un día
Strange....what if Disney cancel it?
25IronBat Hace un día
I still get goosebumps when I see Anakin and Rex in that shot
Owen Racker
Owen Racker Hace un día
Tell who's your guy's favorite clone commander
Owen Racker
Owen Racker Hace un día
Captain Rex is my favorite clone trooper
[Storm]Darking Hace un día
Por fiiiiiin
Renzo Susuki
Renzo Susuki Hace un día
This need to end in a Reboot of episode 3 please!! ❤️❤️
Obi Wan Kenyatta
Obi Wan Kenyatta Hace un día
I remember I got out of basic on July 20th and this was the first video that ESvid suggested. Needless to say that was a good day.
Thomas Van den Bossche
This will begin to make things right!
Evatron Hace un día
roger roger
Ashton Copeland
Ashton Copeland Hace un día
For anyone wondering who the black and red that's a member from 99 a group of clones that had mutations that helped in the feild
Deus Vult
Deus Vult Hace un día
Lol Star Wars is all about Anakin turning into Vader turning back into Anakin, LOVE IT
Atticus King
Atticus King Hace un día
ESvid rewind, take notes
V1X V3X Hace un día
YES! YES! YES! It is back!
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace 2 días
If they made clone wars in live action, the last Jedi and force awakens would look like a bunch of kids movies
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace un día
But not in a way that they have to make it too obvious, besides not all Star Wars movies are for kids+Official channel of the Empire
Official channel of the Empire
Star Wars was always for kids.
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace 2 días
**Oh this is beautiful** -Orson Krennic
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace 2 días
Whoever disked this video is a traitor
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace 2 días
This is the happiest moment in my life
Jeff Lee
Jeff Lee Hace 2 días
Y Hace 2 días
The force is strong with this one.
MrLuna098 Hace 2 días
Bad batch confirmed.
Console Supremacy
Console Supremacy Hace 2 días
Is this a new clone wars series!!!
Steve Work
Steve Work Hace 2 días
This is probably gonna be short ride but its good to be back
Aaron Silver
Aaron Silver Hace 2 días
1. When is it? 2. Can we get a much more personal look at the clone's lives, instead of the Jedi? The clones are the real Main Characters
LEGO JOEY Hace 3 días
Svenja Hace 3 días
I love you thanks you
Ben Inbar
Ben Inbar Hace 3 días
Chills, literal chills
JD C Hace 3 días
I love ❤️ Star Wars The Clone Wars First Animated Tv 📺 Series On CN When I was 8 Years Old my Dad Watch It. I think 🤔 hope on Spring 2019 by Season 7
Molotow77 Hace 3 días
Nikola Ninov
Nikola Ninov Hace 3 días
The part of the trailer where the republic gunship arrives at the republic base is the beginning of The Unfinished episode about the clone trooper Echo.
Commander Appo
Commander Appo Hace 4 días
Said in scary Vader voice: *this will be a day long remembered*
Si tulang belulang
Si tulang belulang Hace 4 días
Why animation??
Luigi Hace un día
It's a continuation of the 2008 series
Dylan Nguyen
Dylan Nguyen Hace 4 días
This show was truly darker than Rebels and Resistance
SethPlaysGames Hace 4 días
This is to make up for the The Last Jedi for sure
Super Mario Universe
Does anyone else think it would be a great idea if they remade Revenge of the Sith in the clone wars style after this?
ARandomPerson Hace 4 días
All domino squad members died :(
Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner Hace 4 días
Disney finally doing something right .
Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner Hace 4 días
i listen to this daily 👍👏
Digital Dazzle Photography
I am still crying inside. I cannot wait for this.
Tyfighter Hace 5 días
TheMSupreme Hace 5 días
If they adapted the material right, the 12 episodes we might get are: Son of Dathomir (3 episodes) The Bad Batch (2 episodes) Boba Fett vs Cad Bane (2 episodes) Dark Disciple (3 episodes) Siege of Mandalore (2 episodes)
Momir Ivanovic
Momir Ivanovic Hace 5 días
I want delta squad from republic commando here
David Boucher
David Boucher Hace 5 días
SpennyA7X Hace 5 días
For those unaware, the scene with Rex, Anakin and the other clone in the black armor looking at a republic fleet is from the arc where they discover that Echo is still alive! Super excited to see that episode finished
Dmitri Davidovicth
Dmitri Davidovicth Hace 6 días
I have a good feeling about this !
Gta5 Glitches and Fortnite news
My childhood show is back❤️❤️❤️
BluntCock Hace 6 días
is this a reboot of the tv series ? or are they making another animated clone wars movie like they did before the show im so confused?
Cooki3_ Th1ef
Cooki3_ Th1ef Hace 2 días
Picking up where they left off in season 6
Christian Tinajero
Christian Tinajero Hace 6 días
Let’s goooooooo
xBMGx Cylone
xBMGx Cylone Hace 6 días
Why am I just now seeing this?!?
Dylan Kane
Dylan Kane Hace 6 días
Music was epic!
TokoDailyAnime Hace 6 días
My childhood reborn
Master gamer 101
Master gamer 101 Hace 6 días
OMG the inner joy I got from seeing this trailer
Salty Panda
Salty Panda Hace 6 días
Were can i watch iT??
Zedge Hace 7 días
“Just like old times Rex.”
Noctis Constel
Noctis Constel Hace 7 días
0:50 I think I heard Tup saying: "Good soldiers follow orders"
JeffKar Hace 7 días
what say Asoka? at final
Fraizuh Hace 7 días
The world has been around for 4.5 *billion* years and you managed to exist at the same time as this masterpiece. *Let that sink in*
Yukchi Hace 8 días
When you forget your Netflix password.
Hugo Fernandez
Hugo Fernandez Hace 8 días
Please it must end with Obi-wan and Anakin taking off in their starfighters and going into the battle of Coruscant
Socially Awkward Introvert
Anyone remember that Clone Wars Adventures game?
Queisium Hace 8 días
What is the music at 1:43 ?
Hasthi Gunaratne
Hasthi Gunaratne Hace 8 días
came back to watch again
Jacob Hunt
Jacob Hunt Hace 8 días
This isn’t a prank, right?
2005 PCGamer
2005 PCGamer Hace 8 días
1 like = 1 clone trooper . Can we build an Entire Army?
Jorge Caceres
Jorge Caceres Hace 9 días
Wait can someone clear when in the timeline this is?
Digital Dazzle Photography
Jorge Caceres... Right before episode 3 starts.
Andreas 225746
Andreas 225746 Hace 9 días
What about the droid attack on the wookiees ?
Billy Creations
Billy Creations Hace 9 días
9.3k people are Star Wars Resistance fans
Jediwarriormike Hace 9 días
The rebellion has begun
Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner Hace 9 días
Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner Hace 9 días
i've listen to this at least 10 time in a row now.
Jake Tanner
Jake Tanner Hace 9 días
oh yea
ElBorJis Hace 9 días
Aidan Green
Aidan Green Hace 10 días
Benjamin Robledo
Benjamin Robledo Hace 10 días
Fives is alive! Yay!!!
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Hace 10 días
Is that... A *rambo clone trooper* ?
Commander Wolf
Commander Wolf Hace 10 días
#clone wars saved #I’m caption rex
WerleAE Hace 10 días
i cry every time omg
Vector Vector
Vector Vector Hace 11 días
This is just beautiful, this is what Star Wars should be, no pampering to SJWS or Children, this is truly for everyone and I think it's beautiful
Sev Zakrevasky
Sev Zakrevasky Hace 11 días
If this leads into Star Wars Episode III, then my dreams will come true
Kiwa Singular
Kiwa Singular Hace 11 días
sam perkins
sam perkins Hace 11 días
When is this coming out? Can't wait for the new seasons
Paulo Biancardi
Paulo Biancardi Hace 11 días
Presley Scott
Presley Scott Hace 11 días
The hype is real
ChairDoorMan Hace 11 días
Disney: At last we will reveal our plans to revive the Clone Wars to the public... At last we will be liked.
NoahTraks Hace 11 días
hopefully it doesnt end with order 66
Alfonso Montoya
Alfonso Montoya Hace 11 días
It'll end when Anikin is marching in the jedi temple (showing his sith eyes)
Mike G
Mike G Hace 11 días
Good soldiers follow orders
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