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Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Reporting in for another tour of duty.
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19 jul 2018






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DeftTheEpicGamer Hace 11 horas
*THEORY: Disney canceled CW in 2014 on purpose so they can start running it again 5 years later.* So the audience would be grown up and pay for their streaming service. Change my mind.
No Brainer
No Brainer Hace 17 horas
This came out on my birthday
CorvegaZip _rocket
CorvegaZip _rocket Hace un día
Anakin is wearing his revenge of the sith robes...
Zig Adam
Zig Adam Hace un día
Clone Wars is being removed from Netflix this coming April guys
Brendan Parr
Brendan Parr Hace un día
The return of Echo! Domino Squad lives on!
Ghost 556
Ghost 556 Hace un día
Who has been here since the start seen all of the episodes and recognized saw
Beelzebuey Hace un día
Dammit disney..its been a year..my wallet its 2 full and waiting for this to take my money away..hurry up
Random Videos
Random Videos Hace 2 días
yeeeeaaaahhhh boiii
Thanos Hace 2 días
This...does put a smile on my face
Nick Hace 2 días
Waiting for Order 66.....
Guillermo Rangel
Guillermo Rangel Hace 3 días
Star Wars The Clone Wars is my favorite show
Devin Hace 3 días
WHEN? It's been 8 months!
Uros Stanisic
Uros Stanisic Hace 3 días
When is this season coming out?
Daniel Chilvers
Daniel Chilvers Hace 3 días
So is it going to go into order 66 at the end? That would be one helluva ending
Daniel Chilvers
Daniel Chilvers Hace 5 minutos
+Majoras Arbok Cool. Will be interesting to see how hard it was for Rex to resist.
Majoras Arbok
Majoras Arbok Hace un día
Yes from Ahsoka and Rex’s perspective
-104th- Commander Wolffe
Dave: Foregive me I sense it again... The pulse to the clone wars Disney senses it Show me again, the power of the clone wars and there will no KID stand in our way.. show me... FANS AND I WILL FINISH WHAT IVE STARTED!
Jacob Gálvez
Jacob Gálvez Hace 3 días
Don’t 👏 Screw 👏 This 👏 Up 👏
The Phantom
The Phantom Hace 3 días
Where can I find this song? 1:52
The Phantom
The Phantom Hace 2 días
Nvm, found it. Yoda's theme Or whenever he lifted lukes x wing
TonyRaccoon 4415
TonyRaccoon 4415 Hace 4 días
9.4k Battle droids disliked the video for the show not being called the Droid Wars
Drippy Bag
Drippy Bag Hace 4 días
I'm not crying, you're crying!
DerpDude Hace 4 días
Slimme Oen
Slimme Oen Hace 5 días
Mace Windu vs Dooku pls
chenrayen Hace 5 días
Yo I didn’t even watch the Clone Wars and that got me hyped.
transformersfan500 okane
When is season 7 out
DutchGamer on playstation
Is it me or does it look a bit different?
Taseric Hace 5 días
+Muhammed Ali Danacı The people who are making this new season are the same as the people who made the old Clone wars. Anyway it doesn't look childish, it just looks better. The level of detail is much higher and most of the models were changed to be more like Episode 3.
Muhammed Ali Danacı
I realize that too.This is because disney.They ruinned animation.It looks so childish than old clone wars
dari_ m
dari_ m Hace 6 días
So is there gonna be another tralier ot somthin cause it's been 8 months since this came out
EmemonD Hace 7 días
I thought u reposted the trailer
Lychfield g
Lychfield g Hace 7 días
Don't you ruin this Disney!
-_- Hace 7 días
Designation 2-5555 sir!
Joshua Channell
Joshua Channell Hace 7 días
I know this is going to be made available on Disney+, but how quickly can we expect the DVD, Blu-ray & 4K UHD Blu-ray release?
Alpha Srg
Alpha Srg Hace 7 días
So any news on this yet?
jh 64
jh 64 Hace 6 días
i don't know :/
Bill Harker
Bill Harker Hace 8 días
All 9k dislikes are droids
Jery Lolli
Jery Lolli Hace 8 días
Kyle Scalise
Kyle Scalise Hace 8 días
Mr. click Bait
Mr. click Bait Hace 8 días
My dream has come dream
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 8 días
1:05 Hey, I just had those helmets polished!! 😡😡😡😡😡 And they were expensive too.
Ghost Gamer409
Ghost Gamer409 Hace 9 días
I search pewdiepie vs T-series and this came up
Noah McDonald
Noah McDonald Hace 9 días
Will we get to see the beginning of the millennium falcon?
Taseric Hace 5 días
...Did you watch Solo? And why would the Falcon be in this?
L0rd_Equinox Hace 9 días
The first minute gave me chills. We cry at hearing the voices again and the helmets....but we also become fearful as the screams and yelling get louder...and helmets shift to their next phase....I almost expect a stormtrooper helmet to show up last second. This was war, and war isn’t funny.
L0rd_Equinox Hace 6 días
Jack Leighton Oh I know, I’m just it would’ve been symbolic to show at least one for a brief second. Cause I’m pretty sure if the last episode is about Ashoka fighting Maul, the Clones will turn on her except for Rex.
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 8 días
Stormtroopers don’t exist yet.
meike Hace 9 días
Where can I watch it ?
Taseric Hace 5 días
It's not released yet, but will be available on Disney's streaming service and maybe on their TV channels, But will be available for purchase as a dvd later on
Banff Gu
Banff Gu Hace 9 días
Is it just me or is the base at 1:20 the same base as the one from Rebels? Perhaps we'll get to see how Anaxes got turned into an asteroid belt?
TheWolfMachine OnXboxOne
Any time now
Jhin's orchestra
Jhin's orchestra Hace 9 días
Hello Master. It's been awhile.
Charles Hurst
Charles Hurst Hace 10 días
This...might make me get the Disney Streaming Service...
Charles Hurst
Charles Hurst Hace 5 días
+Jack Leighton hence me getting the service 😅
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 5 días
Charles Hurst But there will probably be no other way to watch this than....
Charles Hurst
Charles Hurst Hace 8 días
+Jack Leighton I was planning to just go without, lol
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 8 días
You don’t really have a choice. How else are you going to see this?
Overheadcastle1 Hace 10 días
I hope that they make episodes for mauls escape
shoot her gaming
shoot her gaming Hace 10 días
#clone wars saved!!!!!
shoot her gaming
shoot her gaming Hace 10 días
Carter Thompson
Carter Thompson Hace 11 días
9.4K shinies disliked this video.
CheeseDude23 Yollman
CheeseDude23 Yollman Hace 11 días
Why dose it ONLY have 292k likes?!
Matt Rodriguez
Matt Rodriguez Hace 11 días
Which OST is this??
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Hace 11 días
Snips is back. Yes baby
supreme brick
supreme brick Hace 12 días
0:0-0:16 put a chill up my spine
TheNotoriousDion Hace 12 días
soooooo is Ahsoka any older in the series now or is she still like 15
TheNotoriousDion Hace 8 días
+VectA lmaooo you get me man
VectA Hace 8 días
She's about to be legal
Commander Cody
Commander Cody Hace 9 días
TheNotoriousDion 17 I think
James S.
James S. Hace 13 días
Best moment of my life.
Lucidle Hace 13 días
50k comment
ManuuONE Hace 13 días
Ulaş Kayan
Ulaş Kayan Hace 13 días
Its time to finish this...
Pejelo Hace 13 días
🦀🦀 Clone Wars Saved 🦀🦀
Jackson Evans
Jackson Evans Hace 13 días
When is this coming out I need to know this is my childhood!!!!😁😁
Lynam HQ
Lynam HQ Hace 2 días
Jackson Evans fall 2019
Super Squid08
Super Squid08 Hace 14 días
yes it was my home and it was beautiful....
Chris Paez
Chris Paez Hace 14 días
Remember when everyone hated Asohka? Can’t relate.
Red King
Red King Hace 15 días
Owen B.
Owen B. Hace 15 días
Who else is more hyped for this than episode 9?
Dzengiz Tafa
Dzengiz Tafa Hace 15 días
Amazing how a trailer, showing close to nothing can hype up 7.058.414 people at the moment of writing... If this doesn't ring a bell @ Disney that they messed up bigtime cancelling this show I don't know what will. This is Dave Filoni at its best!
Taseric Hace 5 días
It's almost as if Disney recognised that people like the Clone wars so they made another season...
Mass Stripes
Mass Stripes Hace 15 días
Anyone else notice how the Clone in Rex's reflection of his helmet represent domino squad? Watching them walk away in the distance, since most died throughout the series.
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat Hace 16 días
Why would 9.4k people dislike this?
Hayden Hace 16 días
Very ironic I was just watching the first episode where Rex was featured! 😱
zLovczRyLeax Hace 16 días
SUB ZERRO Hace 16 días
goosebumps :)))))))))))
Batuhan Hace 16 días
When it will come?
Wraith Hace 16 días
Helmets in order of appearence. As far as i know: 1. Captain Rex 2. Hevy and Fives behind, Echo on the right (when they just arrived on Rishi moon and met Domino squad). Shinies. 3. Uknown to me pilot of a gun ship. 4. Commander Wolffe. 5. Waxer on the left. 6. Unknown to me Arf Trooper. 7. Marshal Commander Cody. 8. Commander Wollfe again in episode of search of distress call with Plo Koon. 9. Boil on the right. Aaaand bunch of Phase 2 helmets till the end. :D
Curry Customs
Curry Customs Hace 16 días
Yesss childhood brought back!!!!!!!
Crdboard Hace 16 días
I cried when i found out that unfinished episodes of my favorite cinematic experience ever were being finished.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Hace 16 días
I really hope Disney doesn’t twist the strings on this one and just loosen the reins a little like the did in the first 6 seasons
Taseric Hace 5 días
There isn't really much they can change, like 8 of the 12 new episodes were written, acted and partially animated before it was cancelled, with the last 4 being Ahsoka vs Maul, the Invasion of Mandalore and Order 66
Raptors DC
Raptors DC Hace 16 días
Date pls
Covers By Us
Covers By Us Hace 17 días
dante darkstorm
dante darkstorm Hace 17 días
For the republic !!!
Jack O'Connor
Jack O'Connor Hace 17 días
I cried when I saw this
Apollyon Hace 17 días
will this be politically correct and full of characters with no personality ? like cough cough ....rebels
Taseric Hace 5 días
There isn't really much disney could do to make it "pc", like 8 of the 12 new episodes were written, acted and partially animated before it was cancelled, with the last 4 being Ahsoka vs Maul, the Invasion of Mandalore and Order 66. Rebels had great characters, One of the greatest characters in all of Star wars (Thrawn) made his return in Rebels. Rebels isn't even "politically correct" though, If you're talking about Sabine having a weird hair colour then i think you need to rethink your priorities. Characters like Bendu and Kanan are some of the best we've seen in Star wars.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 18 días
Why do I have gray hair?!
Taseric Hace 5 días
It's brown but the lighting looks odd
zenv Hace 12 días
? blond hair buddy are you color blind
theK.nock.0ut Hace 18 días
bro i love star wars the clone wars so badly !
Sam Ellis
Sam Ellis Hace 18 días
Is it still Dave Filoni and his team?
Darth Something
Darth Something Hace 17 días
Sam Ellis Yes
Bullet_DuDe Hace 18 días
i cant wait... i cant wait.... i cant waaaaaaaaaait
Darth Domber
Darth Domber Hace 18 días
Мля щас опять парашу снимут и испортят ещё и ВК
Eliittispurgu Hace 18 días
When is it coming?
Eliittispurgu Hace 17 días
+Cyber Guy thanks for info 👍
Cyber Guy
Cyber Guy Hace 17 días
Should be by the end of the year. Just stay patient.
Dimon_57d Hace 18 días
Why music from the trailer for the seventh episode?
morgorth3242 Hace 19 días
Good work disney this is how you do it ! now dont ruin it!
LRGamer Hace 19 días
TokoDailyAnime Hace 19 días
Dude when is this coming out? I’ve been waiting since it came out with this trailer....
Dark Tales Production
Dark Tales Production Hace 19 días
Rumors are saying at the end of the year since it won't premier till the Disney Streaming service is up and running
Darth Battlefront
Darth Battlefront Hace 19 días
Hell yes!!! I love clone wars!!!!
snorbglarb mcgee
snorbglarb mcgee Hace 20 días
This season needs to end with Anakin saying," This is where the fun begins."
Дима Hace 20 días
i hope you will change the timeline so Anakin and Ahsoka will be together...
Taseric Hace 5 días
Do you mean as a relationship? That would literally destroy EVERYTHING post episode 3. If you mean as in they meet again, Anakin, Obi-wan and Ahsoka all go to Mandalore, And Anakin gives Ahsoka her sabres and leaves for Coruscant
Crandlewax Hace 19 días
Дима Nah that makes no sense
Moto Entirety
Moto Entirety Hace 20 días
Mr Z
Mr Z Hace 20 días
I kind of feel like this trailer was a prank...we haven’t been updated on what’s going on with season 8 since this trailer was revealed!
hollow Slayer
hollow Slayer Hace 20 días
Don't worry the clone wars magic will be at SW celebration this April with the voice of Anakin and remember the force will be with you always
Truth Hace 20 días
I understand wanting to walk away from the order..... I know.
SHARK TRAIN Hace 20 días
Finn the fox
Finn the fox Hace 20 días
i cannot wait. i been a fan of this show since 2008 when it premiered on cartoon network
Opossum lady
Opossum lady Hace 20 días
What I want to see in the clone wars: .The seige of mandalore .Order 66 through the eyes of the clones Rex telling wolffe and greger of the inhibitor chips Echo comming back Ahsoka realizing anakin has turned to the dark side Rex saving ahsoka then saying goodbye to each other Sad melody of star wars music I'm gonna cry if any of this happens!
Opossum lady
Opossum lady Hace 20 días
+hollow Slayer I know! I still want to see it even if it makes me sad
hollow Slayer
hollow Slayer Hace 20 días
That all sounds sad but awesome
DALLAS YE Hace 21 un día
I hope it came back this show iS mY CoMpLeTe ChIlDhOoD I’m still a kid
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