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Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Reporting in for another tour of duty.
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19 jul 2018

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Comentarios 49 191
SA J Hace un hora
Major Cake
Major Cake Hace un hora
God has re-entered the game
David Cantos
David Cantos Hace 2 horas
I hope we get to see Ashoka in mandalore and during order 66
Niggo Hace 6 horas
I liked the old helmets more in the clone wars
Bakardi Hace 8 horas
Why couldn't this have been made into movies by Disney instead of what we got?
zerogeass21 Hace 8 horas
But wait Ashoka first met Anakin again in Rebels
Christianimations Hace 12 horas
Yeah! #CloneWarsSaved
The Jedi Master
The Jedi Master Hace 17 horas
I will be back again. See you in TV.
Rogue Hace un día
*but this, this puts a smile on my face* I hope season 7 will be on Netflix tho
Kat B
Kat B Hace un día
6.6 million views Good, good
Galen Wrathweld
Galen Wrathweld Hace un día
'This is where the fun begins'
Zak Hace un día
All the Hate on resistance, lets not forget clone wars began very childish as well now look at this here !
Master Chief
Master Chief Hace un hora
It really did though... in fact the first seasons of the Clone Wars was not only childish but very ugly. Luckily they fixed that in later seasons.
Ryan Goldsmith
Ryan Goldsmith Hace 11 horas
Zak didn't really though... watch it again
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Hace un día
That clone on anakins left, was that the leader of the bad batch??!!!
Logan's Login
Logan's Login Hace un día
Daniel Wilson yes
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Hace un día
At last :D
Sandith Elegoda
Sandith Elegoda Hace un día
I dont know about y'all but, The Clone Wars is when I started watching star wars. And in my opinion its by far the best out there. The movies seem to be just a money grab, but some were good though. This returning really puts a smile in my face! I just looove The Clone Wars!
Niklas Lund
Niklas Lund Hace un día
When does season 8 come out?
Sandith Elegoda
Sandith Elegoda Hace un día
I am from the future....I've already seen the ending of this, the separatists win
SharkFace 262
SharkFace 262 Hace un día
Currently busting that fattest nut
Mark Burns
Mark Burns Hace 3 días
We need a release date for when this show is gonna come out
Shock Wave
Shock Wave Hace 3 días
Please tell me that this will be on CN again
Lego Michael 13
Lego Michael 13 Hace 3 días
Is it the show reboot or a movie
Lego Michael 13
Lego Michael 13 Hace 2 días
Oh okay
YouTuber Blue
YouTuber Blue Hace 2 días
Not a reboot. It's a continuation of the series; a new season.
MrTryAnotherOne Hace 3 días
Best decision since Disney bought the franchise.
Anchew Hace 3 días
RaG3 Entity
RaG3 Entity Hace 3 días
I’m happy that they’re bringing this back but to me Rebels was left unfinished in a way
Michael Perryman
Michael Perryman Hace 3 días
Too little, too late. Disney needs to leave Clone Wars to decompose in the grave Disney threw it in. Don't desecrate the body.
Michael Perryman
Michael Perryman Hace 20 horas
+Logan's Login The series was cancelled early by Disney, once they purchased LF.
Logan's Login
Logan's Login Hace un día
Michael Perryman these episodes were written, voiced, and roughly animated before Disney bought Lucasfilm, they would have a tough time messing it up.
Sonn sobek
Sonn sobek Hace 3 días
get now ! :D :D :D :D :D plase :D :D !
Weesky Hace 3 días
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Good soldiers follow orders good soldiers follow orders good soldiers follow orders good soldiers follow orders good soldiers follow orders good soldiers follow orders good soldiers follow orders good soldiers follow orders *I'm a good soldier*
The Man That Pacs
The Man That Pacs Hace 3 días
*starts crying with joy *
Luis Robles
Luis Robles Hace 3 días
Young Justice and Clone Wars came back 😍😍😍
awesome glasses to not see cringe
You don't know this could be a troll and be the reboot of the 2003 series
Nunni and Zippy D
Nunni and Zippy D Hace 4 días
The music gave me chills. I’m so excited
Razzrazz90 Hace 4 días
10 years man...just...10 years...
MrStarfighter56 66
MrStarfighter56 66 Hace 4 días
I love you
Zerocrazy Gear
Zerocrazy Gear Hace 5 días
I feel a presence in the force, like a million voices were cheering. And they never stopped.
dorklo ermen
dorklo ermen Hace 5 días
�Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell.� *( Pdfdownload2015*com )* 1960
TheBeefBoy123 Hace 5 días
Disney’s only smart move since rouge one
Emeraldo Hace 6 días
Yes finally
BigZiggyHD Hace 6 días
Ahsoka is the heroine we always wanted!
Vulturett b
Vulturett b Hace 6 días
*O H M Y G O D I T C A N T B E R E A L*
Lorddeathcloud _
Lorddeathcloud _ Hace 6 días
《ReBeL》 TR
《ReBeL》 TR Hace 6 días
When whenn
Billy Raymer
Billy Raymer Hace 6 días
I have a really bad feeling about this. But maybe theyll finally bring revan into cannon.
zeggss Hace 7 días
Never clicked so fast...
scott roche
scott roche Hace 7 días
The music at 1:40 and the slow turn to the fleet, had me in tears 😭
Crome Hace 7 días
The audience that watched this show as kids are all grown up now, no need to hold anything back.
Purzel Hermes
Purzel Hermes Hace 7 días
Wann kommt der Trailer in Deutsch raus?!😭
Ayden Fugal
Ayden Fugal Hace 8 días
Is there any way to give a video a million likes with one account?
TheShirtlessGibby Hace 8 días
1:35 What song is this again?
FEEDTHEM Hace 7 días
I believe it's the force theme or binary sunset
LaBaguette Hace 8 días
We need a Delta Squad or COMMANDOS episode, disney please!
Trevor Longhofer
Trevor Longhofer Hace 8 días
All dislikes are from Rebels normies
Trevor Longhofer
Trevor Longhofer Hace 2 días
Alright buddy, let’s just put it behind us
YouTuber Blue
YouTuber Blue Hace 2 días
+Trevor Longhofer That did cross my mind. Sarcasm is nearly impossible to detect on the Internet.
Trevor Longhofer
Trevor Longhofer Hace 5 días
It’s just a joke, dude.
YouTuber Blue
YouTuber Blue Hace 5 días
Many people like *both* shows. Life is not black and white.
Grand Admiral Thrawn
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes!
Piero Faletto
Piero Faletto Hace 8 días
When is it coming?
MasterChiefGaming Hace 8 días
If I understands this correctly you can only watch the new Clone Wars episodes on Disneys new streaming service. So does that mean they won't release the episodes on DVD or Blu-ray?
Yes M'lord
Yes M'lord Hace 8 días
Surprised no one is thanking Dave Filoni and his team from bringing this back in the comments section.
e t h a n ?
e t h a n ? Hace 8 días
after I showed this to my dog it became a WOLF.
H Frable
H Frable Hace 9 días
Mr Oof
Mr Oof Hace 9 días
We absolutely need an Order 66 Episode Who agrees?
Harry Bohner
Harry Bohner Hace 9 días
I really don’t wanna see Order 66 in TCW
Harry Bohner
Harry Bohner Hace un día
zeggss wouldn’t ruin it but the clones in the show have more personality than in the movies, it would just feel weird
zeggss Hace 7 días
agreed, that would just ruin it
sugi La mulți ani
sugi La mulți ani Hace 9 días
Pls and 8
sugi La mulți ani
sugi La mulți ani Hace 9 días
Nev-iverse Hace 9 días
Noseey Kitty308
Noseey Kitty308 Hace 9 días
I'm just now watching this. I am crying and freaking out screaming into my pillow, so I don't wake up my bf. This is so beautiful!!!
Sam Almonrode
Sam Almonrode Hace 10 días
welp guess im rewatching the whole show
zeggss Hace 7 días
same haha
BlemishedHalo Hace 10 días
Disney: Did you ever hear the tragedy of The Clone Wars The Series? Star Wars Fans: No? Disney: I thought not. It's not a story the The Rebels Fans would tell you. It's a Hardcore Fan legend. The Clone Wars was a Popular TV Show, so popular and so awesome it could use the Force to influence the fans to create views… It had such a knowledge of the lore, it could even keep the ones it cared about from boredom. Star Wars Fans: It could actually save people from boredom? Disney: The creative side of the Filoni is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be amazing. Star Wars Fans: What happened to it? Disney: It became so popular… the only thing it was afraid of was losing his followers, which eventually, of course, it did. Unfortunately, it taught its apprentice everything it knew, then its apprentice cancelled it in his sleep. Ironic. It could save others from cancellation, but not himself. Star Wars Fans: Is it possible to learn this power? Disney: Not from The Rebels Fans.
NexusGamer Hace 10 días
*Star Wars Resistance* : Ok here's our Trailer... *The Clone Wars Saved* : Hold my beer.
Leandro Breedveld
Leandro Breedveld Hace 10 días
hopefully they kil of jar jar binks
Jonas Larsen
Jonas Larsen Hace 10 días
Got so happy that I peed a little
Zombie Blitzer6
Zombie Blitzer6 Hace 10 días
Solo sucked
Nunyadam Bizniss
Nunyadam Bizniss Hace 8 días
It was better than TLJ
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 10 días
Kind of wish Ewan McGregor was voicing Obi Wan for this revival...
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 10 días
Dark Disciple and Son of Dathomir will be a part of this right?
random dude
random dude Hace 10 días
excuse me while i enter intense fan boy mode for a second AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YESSSSSS
Dylan Triantis
Dylan Triantis Hace 11 días
The whole gang's coming back together, to finish what they started. To the very last battle. May the Force be with us all.
BigDFlyingAce Hace 11 días
Turns out the story of Star Wars was the chapter of the Bible that got torn out before it was mass produced
Bencze Róbert
Bencze Róbert Hace 11 días
The Hidden Seraphim
The Hidden Seraphim Hace 11 días
THANOS Hace 11 días
Origami Yoda
Origami Yoda Hace 11 días
Dislikers rebel fans they are.
Origami Yoda
Origami Yoda Hace 11 días
Still not here hrrmmmmm?
Daniel Mann
Daniel Mann Hace 11 días
I'm still fanboying over this
xxdeadlyknifexx Hace 11 días
I'm super excited to see this return my childhood flashes before my eyes
Zachary Creeden
Zachary Creeden Hace 11 días
I love every second of this
SuperMarioPlushyBros Hace 12 días
Make Star Wars Great Again
asainboi 123
asainboi 123 Hace 12 días
Honestly still kind of disappointed that there’s only 12 eps... WHERES THE REST OF SEASON 7 AND 8
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills Hace 12 días
They finally brought a piece of my childhood.
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills Hace 12 días
Finally, it's back.
The og super saiyan god
The 9.3k dislikes are sw rebels fans
The og super saiyan god
Kid Its a joke
Peter Wright
Peter Wright Hace 11 días
What? It is possible to like both Clone Wars and Rebels. I certainely do. It is *also* possible to feel mediocre about something, not just like or hate.
CyberDasherXD Hace 12 días
Release date?
Mehmet Ozcakar
Mehmet Ozcakar Hace 12 días
Ha! This is nothing compared to the great Star Wars Resistance
Carmen Guerilla
Carmen Guerilla Hace 12 días
We need a conclusion for ventress
Blame Game Master Blame Game Master
Had 2 click here so I won't die from That resistance trailer
Divine Klutsey
Divine Klutsey Hace 13 días
Are they bringing the show back?
Danika Love
Danika Love Hace 13 días
All the dislikes are from Commander Fox and Star Wars Rebels Fans
something long and complicated
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
Will The Cook
Will The Cook Hace 13 días
My blood is boiling for this series!
Orhun Kerem Dirik
Orhun Kerem Dirik Hace 13 días
rewatched the series just for to watch this trailer
up the dubs01
up the dubs01 Hace 13 días
Could we possibly see the return of echo as he did survive
Toast Time
Toast Time Hace 13 días
Soooooo.... we're going to see Echo fully animated right?
Zebreezy Hace 13 días
recycled TFA trailer music
Legendary Hace 14 días
New clone wars season confirmed: Sector is clear Only on disney's new streaming service: Not clear, NOT CLEAR!!!!
Luke Kersten
Luke Kersten Hace 14 días
Here we are a few months later and I still can’t stop watching it
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