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Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Reporting in for another tour of duty.
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19 jul 2018

Star WarsStar Wars: The Clone WarsThe Clone WarsLucasfilmAnakin SkywalkerObi-Wan KenobiAhsoka TanoCaptain RexCommander CodyDave Filoni






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Julian Hunt
Julian Hunt Hace 2 horas
Can someone tell me what that ship looking thing is in the bottom left of 1:49?
SJS34 Hace 2 horas
1:41 is that other clone with Anakin not Rex, is that suppose to be Echo because i heard he survived
Pokemaniac_101 Hace 4 horas
"Today we fight for more than the Republic. Today we fight for all our brothers back home!"
Ethan Wigger
Ethan Wigger Hace 4 horas
Chills x1000000
Ethan Wigger
Ethan Wigger Hace 4 horas
Chills x1000000
Matthew Hagerty
Matthew Hagerty Hace 7 horas
Apology accepted, Captain Kennedy
bryan freeman
bryan freeman Hace 8 horas
Trailermashup Hace 9 horas
Szymon Gojdka
Szymon Gojdka Hace 12 horas
Thomas Pearson
Thomas Pearson Hace 13 horas
Please, please let them restore Grievous to the beast we got to see in the 2003 series.
Thomas Pearson
Thomas Pearson Hace 12 horas
And also please, please let them stop with bringing Darth Maul back.
Every ones Fan
Every ones Fan Hace 21 un hora
wow boy lets begin
Snay77 Hace 21 un hora
liew luke
liew luke Hace un día
The clone is back
Khylen Tro
Khylen Tro Hace un día
Disney better not mess this up
FoxGaming158 Hace un día
Anakin: Why’d you bring us all the way out here Rex? Rex: I missed you.
Panos T
Panos T Hace un día
The walking is bit "wooden" imho.
picklebot360 Hace un día
My childhood is saved!
Izwillbreh _
Izwillbreh _ Hace un día
Music at 1:35 is off the charts.
presi 2k
presi 2k Hace un día
1 question, will the narrator at the start be back
The Pika Player
The Pika Player Hace un día
Is this like in between Episodes 2 and 3? Or is it closer to 3?
The Pika Player
The Pika Player Hace un día
Henning A okay, thanks.
Henning A
Henning A Hace un día
This season is VERY close to 3 and the finale will even run parallel to the events of 3.
Verified Trash
Verified Trash Hace un día
Ben Hace un día
Kathleen Kennedy STAY AWAY.
866Infernus Hace un día
ARC-170s has landing gears????
Joker Plague
Joker Plague Hace un día
This will be broadcast on cartoon network (Classic) or disney XD (Bullsh...)?
jin john
jin john Hace un día
when and where
Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen Hace un día
Every decent person must sacrifice their firstborn at the feet of Dave Filoni.
Food Productions
Food Productions Hace un día
#CLONE WARS SAVED!!!!! and also #starwars saved...
Filimon Mihai
Filimon Mihai Hace un día
When it comes out?
Jo-G ghost
Jo-G ghost Hace un día
Yes finally
Lennox YT
Lennox YT Hace un día
#clone wars saved Finally
ApexProdigy TW
ApexProdigy TW Hace un día
Fury Electro
Fury Electro Hace un día
I came seventeen times in this video.
Mark Krasnov
Mark Krasnov Hace un día
The End of The Clone Wars
Jairo Vazquez
Jairo Vazquez Hace un día
Justice has been served to star wars
ThunderTitan Animations
Norwegian Ants
Norwegian Ants Hace un día
Im litterally crying. This series is the foundation of my life. This is fantastic
Angel ._.
Angel ._. Hace un día
zuruga 2001
zuruga 2001 Hace un día
Bring back 2003 grievous
Big Boss Paul SSR
Big Boss Paul SSR Hace 2 días
Feels good man
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine Hace 2 días
*I have waited a long time for this moment, my little yellow friend. At last, Disney is no more. Once more the Community will rule the Galaxy!*
den agaev
den agaev Hace 2 días
I wait
Unknown World
Unknown World Hace 2 días
From what I'm reading in the comments and the video is that the clone wars to going to pull a samurai jack (finish the series)
Operator Swiss
Operator Swiss Hace 2 días
it took 6 years and we finally got it back thank the lord
Henning A
Henning A Hace un día
4 and a half years. Season 6 released early 2014.
Jonas Hace 2 días
May the force be with you! The hype is real
Easy Peasy
Easy Peasy Hace 2 días
Aaah this is one of the best star wars ever
Jason Huang
Jason Huang Hace 2 días
This is also a try not to cry challenge :)
Clorox the bleach bottle XD
Can this save the whole Star Wars franchise
Brandon Cummings
Brandon Cummings Hace 2 días
Hell yes
James Macho
James Macho Hace 2 días
#clonewarssaved YES!!! I'm so excited about the show coming back.
BasedInTheAir Hace 2 días
coming next, hyperspacy boi
Дмитрий Балюцкий
Ooooh yea New episode
Zeny nicolas
Zeny nicolas Hace 2 días
Wow it returned?!
Sanjay Ramzan
Sanjay Ramzan Hace 3 días
I don't think i've ever been so excited for a reboot in my entire life.
Sanjay Ramzan
Sanjay Ramzan Hace 2 días
Shut up ezra you're the meg Griffin of star wars characters
Ezra Bridger
Ezra Bridger Hace 2 días
Sanjay Ramzan and the show wasn’t finished
Ezra Bridger
Ezra Bridger Hace 2 días
Sanjay Ramzan it’s not a reboot is the continuation because The Clone Wars was “finished” in season 6
bohenmerchant1 Hace 3 días
in another universe there was a war far worse than the Clone Wars: The Time War. A war between the Daleks and the Time Lords
Joey Kondrath
Joey Kondrath Hace 3 días
Looks great hope it will be on Netflix
The Cool Dude 22
The Cool Dude 22 Hace 3 días
I can't wait for season seven
Kool Beans
Kool Beans Hace 3 días
This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened
Onion and Green Onion
I hope they will focus more on clone troopers than jedis.
ColdieHU Hace 3 días
I watched this trailer atleast 50 times now. Brings tears of joy in my eyes every single time and i am friggin 38 years old. Star Wars fan till the end.
tucker 156
tucker 156 Hace 3 días
01:40 music?
Cie N
Cie N Hace 3 días
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
nozty Hace 3 días
This gives me hope... a new hope.
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil Hace 3 días
For the 501 legion
Cybertron Warrior
Cybertron Warrior Hace 3 días
Who right after seeing this trailer decide to watch the entire Clone Wars all over again on Netflix
Mobilized Robin6
Mobilized Robin6 Hace 2 días
If you want to see disappointing news, press "Read More" Clone Wars The New Episodes won't be on Netflix, only specifcly on a website. Probably will go on Netflix, but not for a long time
Cybertron Warrior
Cybertron Warrior Hace 3 días
I think these are going to be all the clothes that didn't Execute Order 66
Sam Durling
Sam Durling Hace 3 días
The details in this are brilliant.. Look at the way Red looks between Anakin and Ahsoka at 2:09.. because he's not quite sure how it's going to go down.
Gotham Needs Me
Gotham Needs Me Hace 3 días
I hope we'll see Delta Squad on Kashyyyk
TheHeroic Commander
TheHeroic Commander Hace 3 días
I am happy so are you my Childhood was saved so was yours and i hope the season has more then 30 min long Episodes
Nicholas Grandfield
Nicholas Grandfield Hace 4 días
just to say a theory on the new clone wars movie is that those venator class star destroyers lead to coruscant they changed the look of anakin and obi wan to let the fans know that this movie could lead up to the first part in revenge of the sith with that big ship battle as for ahsoka she moves on to another jedi path where she can also become a master
Henning A
Henning A Hace 3 días
It's not a movie, it's a 7th season. And that shot is from the unfinished episode "A Distant Echo" which is still weeks or even months away from Revenge of the Sith. But yes, the updated character models are a sign that we're getting to the end of the war. And the teaser for the Siege of Mandalore arc at 2:00, which will be the series finale, will begin very shortly before ROTS starts. Also, Ahsoka isn't a Jedi anymore. Period. She's not gonna follow a different Jedi path. She's simply a light side-aligned force user now.
ムシ太郎 Hace 4 días
Reason to live again
Tanner Davis
Tanner Davis Hace 4 días
Captain Qwaz Caz
Captain Qwaz Caz Hace 4 días
This is a fake piece of separatist propaganda, too good to be true.
Origami Pizza
Origami Pizza Hace 4 días
Tell me one bad thing about this trailer. Yeah, that's right, not one. #CloneWarsSaved
Origami Pizza
Origami Pizza Hace 15 horas
Gamer King
Gamer King Hace un día
its short
Mobilized Robin6
Mobilized Robin6 Hace 2 días
Not going to be on Netflix...
Caner Orhan
Caner Orhan Hace 4 días
Dew it! They dew it for real!!!!
Kike Castro Jr
Kike Castro Jr Hace 4 días
It’s back finally!!!
Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor Hace 4 días
The beginning gave me chills
Raph 6
Raph 6 Hace 4 días
Any1 know how to watch it when it comes out
Kaleb Cenite
Kaleb Cenite Hace 4 días
Silverwolf 320
Silverwolf 320 Hace 4 días
Thank you star wars for bringing back clone wars not #clone wars saved instead it should be #everyones childhood saved
The Duke
The Duke Hace 4 días
Im not crying!!! IM NOT CRYING DAMMIT!!!!
Sara Welch
Sara Welch Hace 4 días
"hello master it's been a while."
Paul Geyer
Paul Geyer Hace 4 días
Warum muss es so enden mit den jedin
James Levy
James Levy Hace 4 días
Does anyone think that there should be one episode in this new series that has Kanan in it, as a tribute for him? Is that a good idea or not? It wasn't fair for what happened to him.
Ford Fan01
Ford Fan01 Hace 4 días
The last episode NEEDS to end in order 66 or it won’t feel complete.
Etmund Taramber
Etmund Taramber Hace 4 días
I knew they would deeuuwww it!
Connor Valentine
Connor Valentine Hace 4 días
It would be obvious that in these new seasons if their are more than one anakin will not encounter grievous at all because of what grievous said in revenge of the Sith
Marshall Newsom
Marshall Newsom Hace 5 días
When i first saw this i legit screamed and danced the entire rest of the day
FishikK Hace 5 días
Taylor Blue
Taylor Blue Hace 5 días
Hello there
Taylor Blue
Taylor Blue Hace 5 días
Another happy landing
Aaron Cromartie
Aaron Cromartie Hace 5 días
It’s been 3 weeks and I’m still freaking out that this is actually happening
DC M Hace 5 días
*It's been a while*
Awful Lawton
Awful Lawton Hace 5 días
So hyped man loved this show.
Andrew Lopes
Andrew Lopes Hace 5 días
Will they ever show order 66 and the birth of Darth Vader in the clone wars animation format? Perhaps at the end of season 7 or potentially 8?
The Christian Show Henriksen
Wait is Ahsoka Tano Queen of mandalore??!!! Becouse on a game called roblox have i played as Ahsoka Tano and it what this team of mandalorians and asked me if i could be their Queen and i said yes. And if Ahsoka Tano is the new Queen of mandalore is my mind blown 😖😵
robert vergara
robert vergara Hace 5 días
Im actually crying with joy
2019Joshua Reno
2019Joshua Reno Hace 5 días
Actual tears
Mr Symbiote
Mr Symbiote Hace 5 días
My childhood has come back with vengeance :')
daniel36087 Hace 5 días
Ahsoka turns around Anakin: (tears) "snips"
CIPH3R Hace 5 días
admieral trench will make a return aswell in the first couple episodes
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