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Many were disappointed by the Old Republic, and I honestly think that part of it was because they hype for the game got to epic proportions because of these amazing trailers. Of course, at the end of the day all that matters is whether the game is good or not. But when your CGI trailers are this good it's hard for people not to get hyped even when they know they're not representative of the game.
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27 sep 2017






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Gamer's Little Playground
Should this be considered canon or non-canon?
Kori Jenkins
Kori Jenkins Hace 2 días
Canon, just because the events taking place are so far in the past that it wouldn't really matter.
Sandrika 86
Sandrika 86 Hace 2 días
Who cares what Mickey Rat has to say? It is a canon!
Paladin Headquarters
Redarrow5679 Stuff
Redarrow5679 Stuff Hace 2 días
Sam Gartner
Sam Gartner Hace un hora
The only problem for me is how do they have the clone troopers yet? Like if this is the old republic then it should be before the clone wars
Sam Gartner
Sam Gartner Hace 44 minutos
Nvm I’m dumb
Nick Atkinson
Nick Atkinson Hace un hora
A space cowboy ?!
Emilio Favorite Music
That awkward moment, when the game movie is better than Star Wars movie itself...
ShinobiKenobi Hace 5 horas
If there was a full movie of this, I’d pay good money to see it and buy the bluray
naruto1993max Hace 7 horas
big dicks win
Zac Cox
Zac Cox Hace 8 horas
The Cinematic Sandwich
I was watching this for a solid 5 minutes then was damn, that space cowboy is fricking Marcus
MvPMusic [MC]
MvPMusic [MC] Hace 11 horas
Lol droid says nice words)
Ruben Velasquez
Ruben Velasquez Hace 13 horas
I love the fact that Revan's and Bastila's children were not force sensitive but the power was still in their family. It skipped a few generations that power was finally passed down to Satele Shan (the jedi chick whooping ass in the cinematics). KOTOR and SWTOR are actually canon in a way. Disney claimed that everything except for the films and Clone Wars series are canon. Here's the loop in the system that kind of saves KOTOR and SWTOR for being canon. The Clone Wars mentions the destruction of Malachor and a few other things that link back to the KOTOR series. Currently, the way Star Wars is heading, I really don't want Disney and their minions to touch KOTOR with a 100 meter pole... If they don't get their heads out of their asses, the film adaptation of KOTOR will be dumb downed and have some stupid political message shoved down our throats. Can the film trilogy of KOTOR/SWTOR be good? Yes, if they hire both Drew Karpyshyn (The writer of Kotor and creator of Revan) and Chris Avellon (The writer of Kotor 2 and creator of Kreia) as the lead writers. Disney will need to have 100% hands off on the project as well and just provide the money (we all know they have dem deep pockets). Also, since John Williams is done composing Star Wars, they need to hire Jeremy Soule. Listen to his KOTOR main theme composition, it's as if John Williams composed it.
Cian Chatten
Cian Chatten Hace 16 horas
Word is a Kotor project is in the works at Lucasfilm
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset Hace 18 horas
Mind blowing & amazing 👏👍 just now watching this and I couldn't be more of a fan
Trippy Hace 21 un hora
Imagine if the movies were actually this good.
z0ro_ Hace 22 horas
Back when people where badass and knew what the hell they where doing
Владимир Маляревич
Это игра какая-то?
Adras Adraki
Adras Adraki Hace un día
Are the last couple ones supposed to be game trailer, story trailers just for the sake of it?
Moontowhee Hace un día
Those subtitles though XD
Kyle Shannon
Kyle Shannon Hace un día
MAKE THIS A FUCKING TRILOGY instead of the cuck shit SW has turned into
Kyle Shannon
Kyle Shannon Hace un día
Yung Slimo
Yung Slimo Hace un día
i still stand by the opinion that this is better than the original trilogy and prequels
***Mrcacked*** Hace un día
Че за игра?
elliot court
elliot court Hace un día
Every minute in this video is better than all 153 minutes of The Last Jedi.
Maria.Isabel Mendoza.Gonzales
What's the song at the end calld
John Smith
John Smith Hace un día
This what I was expecting when ep7 came out instead of the garbage that we got
Tabey Loccs
Tabey Loccs Hace un día
Why would the imperial march play when they showed up on the beginning? Lmao the empire was created a long ass time in the future compared to this
Sergio Henrique
Sergio Henrique Hace 2 días
Quem não entende mais nada dessa porra da um like!!
Артемис Энтери
All movies on Star Wars Disney are not worth one frame from this trailer.
Ge-mu Hace 2 días
i need subthai i need subthai i need subthai i need subthai i need subthai
BLANK Hace 2 días
Those twins look like starkiller
Shadas Tube
Shadas Tube Hace 2 días
Just to point out, there were no empire in the the old republic, it was just the sith
Victor Chan
Victor Chan Hace 2 días
Why are Jedis wearing armors at the later part of the movie??? Hehehehe... They look like Stormtroopers....
Jimmyw Hace 2 días
I still play swtor just for the story. its sooo insanely good. like really really well put together and told. Love it
Victor Molina
Victor Molina Hace 2 días
Those 24 min are way better than episode 7 and 8
Rehman Ahmed Noor
Rehman Ahmed Noor Hace 2 días
2:30 subtitles ahahaha
Vicente Asaro
Vicente Asaro Hace 3 días
Soldier: "It's over! We have the high ground!" Commander: "Attack!" Jumps over.... Soldier: "wat...."
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard Hace 3 días
This is more cool and entertaining than any Star Wars movie.
u w0t m8
u w0t m8 Hace 3 días
*W A T C H O U T F O R T H O S E W R I S T R O C K E T S !*
Denis_Gamer 38416
Denis_Gamer 38416 Hace 3 días
Arcann hated his father?
Jagger Hace 3 días
What’s the outro song ??
Codelyy Hace 3 días
Something I'll never understand is why Disney didn't decide to make films about this era and expand on it? There is so much lore to expand and talk about within the old republic era that they could've made money for days. The Mandalorian Jedi War, the Sith Empire, The actual old republic. It's such a gold mine that they have just ignored. Instead they decide to clone the galactic empire era and make a fool of themselves. An evil empire with an powerful military that uses fear as their method of controlling the people through the use of a planet destroying weapon that later gets destroyed by a resistance force involving a force user training to become a Jedi through a retired and old master who they had to seek out and beg for help. Controlled by an evil force user with an apprentice also training in the ways of the force that later betrays said master. I find it annoying how there has basically been zero backlash relating to this unoriginality and laziness.
TurfyProduct ?
TurfyProduct ? Hace 3 días
The old Republic is so much cooler
Dominik Sikora
Dominik Sikora Hace 3 días
This is fucking stupid..
Lord Harambe
Lord Harambe Hace 4 días
anyone here after The Old Republic stuff was announced
TheLTGamer Hace 4 días
AHA me bro
KeystoneAgent Hace 4 días
Ok, we get it, you don't like the New Trilogy. How about y'all shut up about it if you hate it so much? This video has little to do with the new trilogy, so there's no point in saying "durr Disney sux" just enjoy THIS and bitch about the sequels somewhere else
Phantom Viper
Phantom Viper Hace 4 días
Kudos to the Jedi at 12:52, he actually tried, he was fighting
Miguel A. Gamon
Miguel A. Gamon Hace 4 días
It has OFFICIALLY been confirmed that Disney/Lucasfilm will be starting a trilogy about The Old Republic. Look it up. This is gonna be beyond something we have not seen if they don't mess it up.
negladiator Hace 4 días
KOTOR is in development by Lucasfilm!!!!
Elevate. ™
Elevate. ™ Hace 3 días
Well it's uncertain but I sure hope if it happens they don't fuck it up
Javi Jimenez
Javi Jimenez Hace 4 días
Would they be allowed to include an old Republic dlc or something into battlefront. You could have satele, malgus and jace or because its a different companies game are they not allowed?
Alexander Terrill
Alexander Terrill Hace 4 días
What? Close Captions on 12:43 ... Gandalf?
naven viknesha
naven viknesha Hace 4 días
Anybody care to explain wtf happened at 22:00 to 23:30 ??
Geoffrey Lane
Geoffrey Lane Hace 4 días
The cowboy dude would have made a great new Han Solo type character.
Arramis _
Arramis _ Hace 5 días
someobody hire these people and get them to write the movies holy shit they would be incredible
Zymon Ramirez
Zymon Ramirez Hace 5 días
9:36 hadouken
Zymon Ramirez
Zymon Ramirez Hace 5 días
My God that force push? At 2:57 was sexy as shit
Zymon Ramirez
Zymon Ramirez Hace 5 días
Duel wielding space McCree
Dorsey Jackson
Dorsey Jackson Hace 5 días
These are better than the new movies. I've watched these more times than I have the new movies.
めちゃめちゃめちゃめちゃオモロイやんけ笑笑笑笑笑笑 ディズニーの三部作どうでもよくなってきた笑笑笑笑
Victor Lemus
Victor Lemus Hace 5 días
Please forgive me for what I'm about to call him but that cowboy guy? Is that the guy who voiced Marcus from gears of war
RedrobinYum Hace 4 días
Yes, "John DiMaggio"
Universal RAP
Universal RAP Hace 5 días
4k? Ya con 1080 se ve del asco.
LevelJango .
LevelJango . Hace 5 días
12:43 FLY YOU FOOLS! (You need to have subtitles on)
Brian Ortiz
Brian Ortiz Hace 5 días
Rays mom?
Ross Riddell
Ross Riddell Hace 5 días
Everything star wars could of been
Raggeird 076
Raggeird 076 Hace 5 días
"The Sith Empire has returned!" Me: No...really? We COULDN'T TELL!
MR Moon Gaming
MR Moon Gaming Hace 5 días
Now this is how you make a movie Watch and learn Disney, watch and learn
2005 PCGamer
2005 PCGamer Hace 5 días
What the hell man? The dialogie was changed...it sucks a little bit.
MGYT50 Empire
MGYT50 Empire Hace 6 días
1:38 Wild west in Star wars
RJ Wallace
RJ Wallace Hace 6 días
The smuggler at the beginning was a wannabe Han Solo
Daniel Ayala
Daniel Ayala Hace 6 días
I am feel us in the avengers (musically) :v hahahahah
Alex Santiago
Alex Santiago Hace 6 días
Mano....... esses "cinematics" são melhores do que qualquer um dos filmes. São de uma qualidade gráfica absurda, seria incrível um dia termos a possibilidade de vermos um filme nesses moldes.🙏😬💯🇧🇷
Mark Morales
Mark Morales Hace 6 días
I want to live in a dimension where Disney didn't ruin SW, and we got movies of this caliber
kaiden atwood
kaiden atwood Hace 6 días
That smuggler sounds like Marcus Phoenix
Caffina Hace 6 días
What are all of these from?
Gtrfan137 Kereere
Gtrfan137 Kereere Hace 6 días
The fight between the jedi and sith ar basically Lego star wars bar/lobby fights😂😂😂
EJANKE1 Hace 6 días
Its amazing that this is what Star Wars can be, but we get the current shiite ass movies
Jonathan Louis
Jonathan Louis Hace 6 días
I don't know how the one I was watching this it reminds me of Star Wars force Arena that was such a good game
DoctorAspect Hace 6 días
0:31-0:35. What a legend. 💀
Guardian Bear
Guardian Bear Hace 6 días
Man I really love Senya. Ultimately flawed but she did try to save her children, even with such monumental odds against her. Spent all that time waiting for a better moment to save them, she never stopped trying.
Guardian Bear
Guardian Bear Hace 6 días
The new movies don't come close to capturing this kind of star wars feel
TheFlamingCookie Hace 6 días
0:56 who else thought he said shit empire 😂
olearris Hace 6 días
Man this video is amazing to bad the game was a heap of trash.
KR4 Hace 6 días
lol droid: "fly you fools" 12:42"
轟矗 Hace 7 días
Hollow Saber
Hollow Saber Hace 7 días
You know you‘re doing something wrong if cinematic trailers are doing better than your film about the same universe.
Geoffrey Lane
Geoffrey Lane Hace 4 días
True facts.
Mystogan9615 Hace 7 días
Now just imagine if the republic cloned clones DNA from Jace Malcom instead of Jango.
Azamat bikebayev
Azamat bikebayev Hace 7 días
“I sense. A great darkness” Salt levels: OCEAN
Natasha Brooks
Natasha Brooks Hace 7 días
is this RDR?
Berserk___ _
Berserk___ _ Hace 7 días
13:13 if he just didn't do that gay ass spin... smh
全ちゃん Hace 7 días
Ichigo Uzumaki
Ichigo Uzumaki Hace 7 días
I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ a strong woman 😍😘🤤🤤 Get him, girl🤣🤣
WN M Hace 7 días
*멋진 비디오! 당신이 그렇게 생각한다면!* *주사위 놀이를하는 사람이 있습니까? 내 채널로 이동!))*
Franchez Vi Britannia
All of the "tHiS iS sO MuCh BeTtEr ThAn ThE mOvIeS" make me cringe.
il100374 Hace 7 días
il100374 Hace 4 días
+Robert Nørgaard Yes I forgot in the Avengers during their fight scenes they used real superheroes 😂😂😂
Robert Nørgaard
Robert Nørgaard Hace 5 días
Because it's animated. It's just not possible to make fight choreography like this in real life.
Thomas h
Thomas h Hace 7 días
When the darkness finds you. You ll face it alone
daniel mukama
daniel mukama Hace 7 días
Just get the game creators to make the rest of the star wars movies....I mean this is more awesome than all the new Star wars movies Combined.
Jay Teranova
Jay Teranova Hace 7 días
Damn. Any one of these characters would eat Mary sue and Emo-Ren fer breakfast.
Jay Teranova
Jay Teranova Hace 7 días
This was extremely entertaining.
Joe Altamirano
Joe Altamirano Hace 7 días
What’s the ending song called?
Ichigo Uzumaki
Ichigo Uzumaki Hace 7 días
I'm God - Clams Casino I saw tha comment B4 I heard it but when I did, I HAD to know
Jose Perez
Jose Perez Hace 7 días
Clones are way better than stormtroopers I miss a lot the the clone wars
shermaine callahan
shermaine callahan Hace 7 días
WTF, this was better than the last 2 Star Wars movies... SMDH
john banks
john banks Hace 7 días
2019 im still disappointed they havent improved the ingame graphics
Grandmaster Reaper
Grandmaster Reaper Hace 7 días
11:42 Pakistan army crashes into India's party! 😂😂😂
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