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Many were disappointed by the Old Republic, and I honestly think that part of it was because they hype for the game got to epic proportions because of these amazing trailers. Of course, at the end of the day all that matters is whether the game is good or not. But when your CGI trailers are this good it's hard for people not to get hyped even when they know they're not representative of the game.
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27 sep 2017

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Comentarios 5 845
Gamer's Little Playground
Should this be considered canon or non-canon?
ErenBR Hace 25 días
@minerVSzombies it's funny how your hopes will be fulfilled in the near future
Matthew Gerwin
Matthew Gerwin Hace 25 días
@minerVSzombies And from the creators of Game of Thrones, comes "The Old Republic" trilogy.
paul choo
paul choo Hace 26 días
Gamer's Little Playground canon or fanon
Miguel Ojeda
Miguel Ojeda Hace 27 días
If you want, is canon for you
A picture worth 14 words
It should be considered 100% soy.
饭Kevin Hace 2 horas
turn on the captions at 2:29 . This is the reason i love droids so much, they talk so much shit lmao
Josh Wood
Josh Wood Hace 6 horas
2019 and I’m still waiting for something as beautiful, interesting and impactful as these short story trailers.
Booce Bung
Booce Bung Hace 8 horas
This video right here shows that Star Wars was suppose to be so much more before being sold to Disney
Юпп Хайнкесс
Wake the fuck up samurai We have a city to burn
go figure
go figure Hace 14 horas
This cinematic looks better than the new fuckin movies
Mr. Chapa
Mr. Chapa Hace 16 horas
Sad this is better than the shitty ass star wars movies that are out.
NoelTheMan Hace 23 horas
This is star wars. Not episode 7 and 8.
Sebastian von Benzon
Why did they change the voiceover?
Joaquín González
Joaquín González Hace un día
I still don't understand who are those guys fron the final 2 clips, like why do they fight against the sith and the republic?
KAISERREICH 475 Hace un día
More better then Disney
Cool Boy
Cool Boy Hace un día
Jedi has returned retards
Ai Angel
Ai Angel Hace un día
"I sense.. a great darkness..." *Stares off into the depths of space* "Yeah its pretty dark out there"
Terraqus Hace 2 días
Is it just me or does the guy on the thumbnail look like Rick Grimes?!
Hayden Benesh
Hayden Benesh Hace 2 días
these graphics made me question what generation we are in they are so godly.
RecklessFRU Hace 2 días
Lucasfim! Please make The Old Republic movies like this!
Mitch Johnson
Mitch Johnson Hace 2 días
Is this movie out in full yet??
l1m0b0at Hace 2 días
The dialogue in the jedi temple is different than the one I know. Look up the decieved trailer I like the lines and voice better
Александр Майоров
name track?
30aragon Hace 2 días
Disney has the material, why do they insist in to make those crappy "remake" movies? Fuck!
Ally Senussi
Ally Senussi Hace 3 días
so good yet so advanced (as in camera 3d not cinematic universe
r1sh12 Hace 3 días
Why Disney and Lucasarts will not make these animated CGI films for straight to media consumption I will never understand. They keep spewing out horse shit like Episode 8, when this content right here is so good. Solo was trash too. I have spent over 10 years wondering, I was happy with Ep 7, but TLJ made me not want to go to star wars again. Just make these into films FFS
scoonie Hace 3 días
It's shocking how much better this is than what Disney has ever done.
Dan Thanatos
Dan Thanatos Hace 4 días
On your captions and see what the droid in 2:30 had to say. Lols.
Erique John
Erique John Hace 4 días
in the third video the droid was like "THAT'S THE ASSHOLE THAT KILLED THE OTHER JEDI MASTER"
xXBOBKWOWXx Hace 4 días
17:40 i will dad
EazyMotherphucken -E
Best game ever legends is the best
Anti Thot
Anti Thot Hace 4 días
Those moves in the beginning tho🔥🔥🔥
Asian RiceBalls
Asian RiceBalls Hace 4 días
12:03 idk about you but this is fuckin cool
Phoen1x Hace 4 días
"I can't kill him even with rocket launcher? Ok, i'm going fight with him with no weapon "
Siege 5504
Siege 5504 Hace 5 días
3:29 definitely Marcus Fenix from gears of war series 👏👏👏
Bud0KaiCSGO Hace 5 días
2:27 turn translation on thank me later
Ty James
Ty James Hace 5 días
100% more invested in this than current Star Wars. Just think what if the opening to this, the first video was the opening to a Star Wars movie. That would be the coolest thing ever people would freak out. Why can’t they do that? Or why can’t they at least make something similar that is as amazing as the stories in this video. These short videos tell a better story then literally anything we have gotten from Disney Star Wars. Better than any tv show, movie, or any kind of book we have gotten. Why is that?
Prototype 81
Prototype 81 Hace 5 días
Oh wow... Cheesy.
SpartanG087 Hace 5 días
The voice over is really stupid.
GamingGuy 212
GamingGuy 212 Hace 5 días
Marcus fenix ?
Mitchell Swistak
Mitchell Swistak Hace 6 días
I don’t really know a whole lot about SW lore so can someone fill me in on who the republic is even fighting here? Like obviously this is way before the clone wars because the republic soldiers are just regular guys and not clones, but who are the sith working with?
Dylan Trevino
Dylan Trevino Hace 6 días
This should be a game
blaagg66 Hace 6 días
oh please oh please oh please make a starwars movie like this
TodesSchnitzel 21
TodesSchnitzel 21 Hace 6 días
Why can't they make a Film or a series about this😕
RedDogge Hace 6 días
2:44 8:12 the slow mo’s are the best
alex hutchings
alex hutchings Hace 6 días
this was better than any of the new star wars movies
Pistol Parkway
Pistol Parkway Hace 6 días
Not into SW but that was fucking 🔥
kinardak Hace 7 días
What is that song at 23:47? I love it!!
Andrew Salazar
Andrew Salazar Hace 7 días
Considering the Old Republic era spans basically all of Star Wars' history prior to 1000 BBY, the Old Republic trilogy could be about anything. I'm hoping to see a live-action Satelle Shan and the Eternal Sith faction. We haven't seen yellow sabers in live action yet.
Andrew Salazar
Andrew Salazar Hace 7 días
The dialogue sounds different... Like, in the third one, Malgus was supposed to say "...but you were deceived." as he killed the Jedi with the green saber.
mafh212 Hace 7 días
flappy_meal_ 3
flappy_meal_ 3 Hace 7 días
It’s so cool how Jace is voiced by Jolee from the first KotOR
The Asian Car Photographer
This sort of animation should have been used for Clone Wars and Rebels
The Asian Car Photographer
@captainhobo1234567 true but it would have been worth it
captainhobo1234567 Hace 5 días
Would have been cool, but also wayyyyy more expensive
Tulio Cano
Tulio Cano Hace 7 días
Imagine a movie with a beginning like this, and then joining the stories together.. I hope ep. X will be like this.
Chaos Primordial
Chaos Primordial Hace 7 días
I like writing Star Wars. Brings out my Orange Lightsaber.
javier611 Hace 7 días
When the brother killed his twin I almost had a tear... that's messed up!
Creator.JMViD Hace 7 días
Best cinematics i love it
F-ZERO Hace 7 días
The problem with Star Wars today(2019) is at the corporate level. I've had a long career and I've seen enough big companies self destruct in the boardroom due to politics both internal and external. This intense game trailer is proof of that in a display of focused storytelling that had little if any boardroom influence. People that own the source material need to stop interfering with the artists that create it... But that is something they will never do... they are arrogant they think they know everything when clearly they do not. In the end the product dies and/or gets sold off as scrap
F-ZERO Hace 7 días
Give me this on repeat for 10 hours over 1 minute of Last Jedi
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool Hace 7 días
These games and trailers put the movies to shame. The Jedi and Sith wear armor, they use the force every five seconds rather than every five minutes, they aren't stuck to ground and they throw their lightsabers.
IJP Hace 7 días
This is how you do a strong female character
IJP Hace 7 días
This shit is so fucking awesome
Conner of Dill Creek
16:06 “So we’re just not gonna talk about what just....no ok fine”.
Darth Vindican.
Darth Vindican. Hace 8 días
4:30 kylos lightsaber
I dindu nufin
I dindu nufin Hace 8 días
Just turn on Subtitles at 2:28 haha
samandgregor carle
samandgregor carle Hace 8 días
Is this a video game or a movie ???
Max Izzda
Max Izzda Hace 8 días
Does anyone knows who spoke valkorion? he has got a badass voice
Goddeperson No3
Goddeperson No3 Hace 8 días
the way things are looking, I doubt this will be official cannon for long anyway
xabier rivera
xabier rivera Hace 8 días
EA and Disney could learn a lot
Dhias Kusuma
Dhias Kusuma Hace 8 días
when you can fight with range attack, but you choose doing melee close fight
Garrett Carey
Garrett Carey Hace 8 días
17:35 are the dad's eyes Orange? Because if they are I think this represents that he's a sith too
Tanner Malchow
Tanner Malchow Hace 8 días
Why do the twins look like Mike Trout
Lil Dump
Lil Dump Hace 8 días
Wouldn’t be bad if they made a prequel trilogy for the big screen .
Ty Vir
Ty Vir Hace 8 días
The voice for The Sack of Coruscant is different then the original trailer. Seems almost fan-made.
james kim
james kim Hace 8 días
turn on captions and pause at 2:30
Bình Trịnh
Bình Trịnh Hace 8 días
One of the characters sound like rocket from guardians
Julian Comiso
Julian Comiso Hace 8 días
Deberian hacer peliculas de esto es una puta mina de oro
ethyllSvhn0774 Hace 8 días
2:27, activate subtitles; thank me later
NersPerson Hace 5 días
Thank you Ethy for making my day.
Channel Machine Broke
this is from 2011 these cinematics are incredibly good!
Chris Purolover
Chris Purolover Hace 8 días
2:30 Turn on the subtitles. LOOOOL!
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace 8 días
0:56 this is the only “shit” we will ever hear from Star Wars
3N Productions
3N Productions Hace 9 días
So...we need a movie made like this, in this time period. There is so much potential for some of the old republic lore to be turned into a script for all Star Wars fans to enjoy. Like and reply so this gets attention.
CheeKs Hace 9 días
The twin brothers one was really sad ngl
Cédrik & The Geek
Cédrik & The Geek Hace 9 días
super!! je pensais qu'il y avait plus que 24 min :)
RicoWildcat Hace 9 días
Can someone at Disney just be shown this video? I feel like we all agree, this is what we want in terms of story and action
ImJustSaiyan Hace 9 días
We need an old republic movie fuck these new ones
DarkFiraga64 Hace 9 días
There's an animation cheat/oversight that bugged me for years. Up to 4:29, Malgus has the double saber in his right hand. After the cut, it teleports to his left hand. Am I the only one that noticed that?
Alexandre Courtemanche
The next Star Wars trilogy should be set in the Old Republic world and have lightsaber battles like this.
Petaia Seiuli
Petaia Seiuli Hace 9 días
these fight scene are 100 x times better than the ones in the new starwars🤦‍♂️and i was expecting these kind of fight scenes
Chris V
Chris V Hace 9 días
Turn on captions at 2:25
Kunos Maka
Kunos Maka Hace 10 días
Why would the Republic troopers jump off of the Highground to face mele warriors when they have long range weapons
Kunos Maka
Kunos Maka Hace 10 días
Btw love setill
Poet Realm
Poet Realm Hace 10 días
I wonder what the instrumental was at the end
King Lazarus
King Lazarus Hace 10 días
I fucking love the sound the gun makes at 6:46
Commander Ares
Commander Ares Hace 10 días
This puts Disney Star Wars to shame.
Joseph Kiley
Joseph Kiley Hace 10 días
HOLY S**T 😯😯
Christopher Hause
Christopher Hause Hace 11 días
Pause at 2:30, your welcome(with captions on)
Andiez Nutz
Andiez Nutz Hace 11 días
TLJ ruined star wars
GeoGyf Hace 11 días
Names of Protagonists in the Old Republic trailers (in order of appearance). 1. the hat guy is NIKO OCARR (infamous Smuggler), 2. the horned guy is KAO CEN DARACH (Zabrak race, Jedi Knight, Jedi with a focus on martial defensive techniques) 3. the lady is Kao's apprentice, Shatele Shan (Jedi Consular, Jedi with a focus on the mystical side of the force) 4. The Republic Trooper is JACE MALCOM (Havoc Squad aka Republic's elite forces) 5. The dark robed Sith guy with the 2-bladed lightsaber is LORD VINDICAN (Sith Pureblood race, Sith Inquisitor, Sith with a focus on force sorcery) 6. The armored Sith is Vindican's apprentice, DARTH MALGUS (Sith Warrior, Sith with a focus on martial offensive techniques) 7. In the 2nd trailer we briefly is the SHAE VIZLA (female Mandalorian Bounty Hunter). She is featured more in the 3rd Trailer (Attack on Coruscant). 8. The female blue Twilek is Darth Malgus's aide, ELEENA DARU (Imperial Agent). The Jedi Grandmaster is VEN ZALLOW. 9. The old man having the Force visions is EMPEROR MALKORION OF ZAKUUL. 10. The black-robed guy is THEXAN, while the white-robed guy is ARCANN. 11. The woman is Malkorion's wife SENYA TIRALL, while her daughter is called VAYLIN.
pijani puz
pijani puz Hace 8 días
Isaac Parker Croft
Isaac Parker Croft Hace 11 días
This is so good
Unname Rmx
Unname Rmx Hace 11 días
AZMAN EVO Hace 12 días
Sold disney to ea ..... HAHAHHA
Coruja 77
Coruja 77 Hace 12 días
Eu não entendi o último trailer é de algum filme ?
Michael JAMES
Michael JAMES Hace 12 días
When next ?
Luca nutini
Luca nutini Hace 12 días
Can someone explain how the tech looks far more advanced even though this is in the past?
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