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The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now: Fandango.com/TheRiseOfSkywalker


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21 oct 2019






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Jesper van Ewijk
Jesper van Ewijk Hace 9 horas
Star wars has the best movies of all times.
marty martin
marty martin Hace 16 horas
pet sematary 2019
White Chocolate
White Chocolate Hace 19 horas
Rise of woke walker. go broke in woke.
Cybersorcerer Hace 22 horas
It's like the prequels I hate it But I still watch it again and again
Cybersorcerer Hace 22 horas
Love or hate them The trailer is the best thing about the trilogy
Jon Hendrik
Jon Hendrik Hace 23 horas
Seru gaisssss
RoguellVoid Hace 23 horas
May the force be with us Always 1999-2019
Melody Kelyn
Melody Kelyn Hace un día
STAR WARS is totally the best movieeee
Ahmed Usman
Ahmed Usman Hace un día
See j anobots bersion
warp ssgames
warp ssgames Hace un día
Goku charging his spirit bomb
Joe Alcock
Joe Alcock Hace un día
I wanted finn to become a jedi
100,000 subscribers without videos challenge
The trailer brought so much hype to a movie that had so much potential
Fire Emerald
Fire Emerald Hace 2 días
am i the only one who think the ending scene is the only coll scene in the movie?
Matthew Slater
Matthew Slater Hace 2 días
erb reaction
Gam3 Shikaki
Gam3 Shikaki Hace 2 días
Just realized today I have not ye watched this!!!! Yaaaaaaaaas tonights going to be lit!
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran Hace 3 días
Do you really think Palpatine gave that speech to Anakin to go out by throwing him over a banister? The fact that you “Star Wars fans” don’t get that is so telling. You don’t deserve to call yourself Star Wars fans. Sit back and let us enjoy the conclusion
David Mrg
David Mrg Hace 3 días
It's an instinct.. a feeling.. IT'S A TRAP
Evan Bakerian
Evan Bakerian Hace 3 días
It’s sad that we’ll never know what Leia’s story would’ve been like if Carrie had lived. 😢
Marcel Szklarz PIKAシ
1:25 is emotional and epic...
Isaac Paech
Isaac Paech Hace 3 días
The one thing the sequels nailed was the trailers
Shadow Mario
Shadow Mario Hace 3 días
tears from the dark side boiz
Nathan Rencher
Nathan Rencher Hace 4 días
lol the trailer was better then the actual movie
VíctorAM 018
VíctorAM 018 Hace 4 días
I'm watching this in September of 2020 and I'm still crying while I'm watching this
Myfanwy Greggain
Myfanwy Greggain Hace 4 días
Story lives on. Hell yeah, but hopefully not this trilogy.
CWI Video
CWI Video Hace 4 días
Basically Rey saying ”people keep telling me they know me, no one does” is a reverse of Thanos saying ”I Don’t even know who you are” with Wanda responding ”you will”
CWI Video
CWI Video Hace 4 días
George lucas in 2005: *The saga ends* Disney in 2019: *The saga ends* Also disney in 2019: *The spin-offs will live forever*
satsume rex
satsume rex Hace 4 días
telugu movies
Sudhakar Kumar
Sudhakar Kumar Hace 4 días
Disney ruined star wars
HEY 4Q2 Hace 4 días
I'd rather watch a 10 hour extended director's cut of one of Jar Jar Binks' dingleberries than this load of PC shite!!!
Jacek Czortek
Jacek Czortek Hace 4 días
Mallory Moore
Mallory Moore Hace 2 días
We’re gonna get an Obi-Wan movie soon and if you haven’t watched them already you should watch The Clone Wars and Rebels (I haven’t watched much of Rebels yet but they take place around Order 66)
ITS CHUCKEE Hace 5 días
Star Wars Episode 10 should introduce time travel and rewrite the whole saga with Vin Diesel and his family to fix everything
boy a.h
boy a.h Hace 5 días
smash bros ultimate
Survivor #1776
Survivor #1776 Hace 6 días
The problem with this movie isn't the movie itself. If it were a standalone, it would actually be pretty good. BUT it has almost nothing to do with TFA or TLJ. Rise gave in to peer pressure from fans and effectively erased The Last Jedi with this film. If it had continued the story that Rian Johnson had started, Star Wars would look very different (for the better) today.
Europe's new channel 2020
Yea exactly what I was thinking
Mariana Meza
Mariana Meza Hace 6 días
lil yachty
Takahiro Suga
Takahiro Suga Hace 6 días
Omg this trailer is sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen Hace 6 días
The creators of this movie trailer deserve an Oscar. It was pure cinematic magic and so emotional. Even a non-Star Wars fan would appreciate the entire atmosphere and feel. The synchronization of the music and scenes were so spot on.
Tom mcgovern
Tom mcgovern Hace 7 días
My heart crumbled when 3-pO said he’s taking a last look at his friends 😩
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Hace 7 días
I bought tickets to this movie. Not worth it.
Europe's new channel 2020
I went to the cinemas to it’s worth it if your a fan
Deadshot 500
Deadshot 500 Hace 7 días
Best SW Disney movie
Arth Sojitra
Arth Sojitra Hace 7 días
1:27 literal goosebumps.!!!!
Outum CZ
Outum CZ Hace 7 días
What is this? Star Joke
jeremy petrie
jeremy petrie Hace 7 días
the living tombstone
Mallory Moore
Mallory Moore Hace 2 días
i agree
Perrella Animations
Perrella Animations Hace 8 días
Every trailer of the sequel movies are better than the movie’s themselves
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hace 8 días
This was the last Star Wars movie.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hace 3 días
But this was the final chapter.
The New Tommy Rockets
Alex Smith No it’s just the last in the skywalker saga.
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta Hace 8 días
The emperor coming back is quite simply the single worst idea in the history of cinema. It's so dumb that I'm frankly amazed It got through the brain (less) storming stage. Truly amazing
johnny's videos
johnny's videos Hace 8 días
Movie sucked, at least the trailer was awesome
Calvin Naugle
Calvin Naugle Hace 8 días
Movie really had no direction.... but that trailer music gave me the chills 😶
Lee Jones
Lee Jones Hace 8 días
they fly now
Rodrigo RICARDO Hace 8 días
no the star wars not end i belive
Kiran S
Kiran S Hace 8 días
I loved every trailer for the sequels and I liked the force awakens but it wasn't as good as we hoped
Kane Ramirez
Kane Ramirez Hace 8 días
Star wars oh star wars space is the place for star wars
Talip Uzgun
Talip Uzgun Hace 8 días
O ye kmo
Sheriff Bob
Sheriff Bob Hace 8 días
I love the sequels and I'm tired of preteding I dont
misiukawa Hace 8 días
Im so sad that the trailer is so good but the movie was a failure. It has been almost a year and I have never been so disappointed.
Eric John
Eric John Hace 9 días
The person who directed this trailer should have also directed the movie
RealJegnavic •
RealJegnavic • Hace 9 días
Did anyone notice the ghost from rebels next to the falcon at 1:01
CT-7567 REX
CT-7567 REX Hace 9 días
The Trailer music is the Best of the film 😍
D Mehl
D Mehl Hace 9 días
Welp this was great while it lasted daisy ridley just expose them for what they're if only they listened to gorge lucas.
The_Grim _Gamer
The_Grim _Gamer Hace 9 días
Hey this movie did something right. It united the fans. Everyone agrees this movie is dogshit.
jai quinn
jai quinn Hace 9 días
Thanks for ruining star wars Disney. You are the best!
Diana Simonenko
Diana Simonenko Hace 9 días
one direction
Jacoblove805 J
Jacoblove805 J Hace 9 días
Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi✊🏼
Bruticon Combatron
Bruticon Combatron Hace 9 días
This trailer deserved a better movie.
matthew jones
matthew jones Hace 10 días
Yet you misused so many characters and didn't give them any story before killing them off.
mike Serrano
mike Serrano Hace 10 días
Wow incredible
fall0rn Hace 11 días
i hated this movie and i loved it and the same time
Carl Marx Punk
Carl Marx Punk Hace 9 días
The default Star Wars experience.
B_H_F S2
B_H_F S2 Hace 11 días
1:51 Who thought we were going back to Cloud City again? (Before the movie was ending)
Snoke's Missing Hairpiece
Nah, but I definitely thought they were working together
Hazza Hace 11 días
Such a good trailer but such a bad film.. so much potential this trilogy had, but no. Very sad.
JediArmy Hace 11 días
Sequel sucks
Joshqim Hace 11 días
The music almost makes you think it's a good movie. I could cry to it but knowing which movie it's for, I'd rather pass..
Movie was bad though
JediArmy Hace 11 días
It is NOTHING in frond of phantom menace
Suolainenkirjakauppa Hace 12 días
Probably the most used star wars trailer music ever
Nicole Tan
Nicole Tan Hace 12 días
So happy The Mandelorian reconciled me with the whole Star Wars saga
I_love_Carrots Hace 12 días
This movie was a masterpiece. In 20 years, when the Millenials and boomers who just dislike everything new aren't on the internet anymore, it will be treated much better.
Vinay Kumar
Vinay Kumar Hace 12 días
Brian Freeman
Brian Freeman Hace 12 días
This for some reason makes me cry right when 3po says taking one last look at my friends and listening to the music and listening to luke say what he says
David Sedano
David Sedano Hace 13 días
I wanted to love this movie but man this trailer shows it to be so much better than it was
Andre Swenson
Andre Swenson Hace 13 días
Where can I find just the music and nine of the talking
calloftheasians Hace 13 días
Darth Jar Jar: *it's showtime*
danielogiPL Hace 13 días
if you hate sequels i just wanna make sure i guessed right that you dont hate TFA
ishana joshi
ishana joshi Hace 13 días
i just love star wars i have watched all of the movies except this one which i am going to
ishana joshi
ishana joshi Hace 11 días
@JediArmy idk
JediArmy Hace 11 días
Okay. What about The Clone Wars?
Nolan de Kort
Nolan de Kort Hace 13 días
The problem with this film is that they intruduced way too many new characters and they didn't do anything with them.
Jules G
Jules G Hace 13 días
John Boyega : 'do not bring out a black character, market them to be much more important in the franchise than they are and then have them pushed to the side.' Disgusting Disney. Disgusting.
ThatChronicKid Hace 13 días
this was the most disappointing thing ever.
Clash Pat
Clash Pat Hace 13 días
Episode 9 is so bad
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger Hace 9 días
JediArmy Hace 11 días
Big agree
ThatChronicKid Hace 13 días
BensorPlayz Hace 13 días
I just rewatched this and legit cried.
kobe pelly
kobe pelly Hace 13 días
What if there was a Star Wars universe.
JediArmy Hace 11 días
There was.
Darth Stepdaddy
Darth Stepdaddy Hace 14 días
I am your Stepdaddy
BigPapi Hace 14 días
Lego star wars brought me back to this song
KingMeercraft19 Hace 14 días
This was a great movie except for THE SCENE
Ambuj Koshi
Ambuj Koshi Hace 14 días
Stellar music!! I have just finished watching the movie, and really bummed about this masterpiece music not being in the film at all!
Bruce Finnie
Bruce Finnie Hace 14 días
The best trailer in the World for the best movie in the World in my humble opinion.
Manuel Inácio
Manuel Inácio Hace 13 días
Hell no
ThatChronicKid Hace 13 días
Takoda Hager
Takoda Hager Hace 14 días
And to think we still don't know how Maz found the Skywalker lightsaber...
Spookily Hace 14 días
I gotta day I loved this movie I don’t care what anyone says
JK Cubes
JK Cubes Hace 15 días
I hate this movie. But this trailer is a masterpiece.
JediArmy Hace 11 días
ThatChronicKid Hace 13 días
#1 agreed #2 nah
Adrian Lugo
Adrian Lugo Hace 15 días
2:15 Star The Rise of Skywalker Wars
Daniel Broadway
Daniel Broadway Hace 15 días
Imagine if the movie had been as good as this trailer.
ThatChronicKid Hace 13 días
ArcTitan Hace 15 días
The movie might have been a disappointment but this trailer is awesome
ThatChronicKid Hace 13 días
yes it was pretty bad
Stefan Hace 14 días
I wasn't disapointed, but I guess I'm unfortunately the only one.
ArcTitan Hace 15 días
Patrick O'Malley
Patrick O'Malley Hace 15 días
Well, at least they tried to NOT be “the last jedi”, gotta give credit when credit is due
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