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Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


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12 abr 2019

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Bryce Leonard
Bryce Leonard Hace 10 minutos
“No one is ever really gone” Grievous: KENOBI!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 53 minutos
°_° palpatine laugh gave me chills
Aben4yut Galaxy
Aben4yut Galaxy Hace un hora
Im the senate so i live -emperor palpatine
legion _87
legion _87 Hace 3 horas
I really hope this one beats avengers endgame in box-office 😭
Harry S. Plinkett
Harry S. Plinkett Hace 2 horas
I hope it could too but unfortunately no. It could have happened if the fandom wasn't split by TLJ
Aaron Nantz
Aaron Nantz Hace 4 horas
It just sucks this will be the final film of the skywalker saga star wars should just end here for good.
Barracuda Hace 4 horas
Should have left star wars to Lucas
pussylips master
pussylips master Hace 5 horas
I need mace windu
Gun Tech.
Gun Tech. Hace 6 horas
Well, you better make up for The Last Jedi is all I have to say. You raised the stakes higher than necessary, and a lot of your fans are ready to call.
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Hace 7 horas
I guess Rey is Leia's daughter? I don't know, for them to just hug like that and to cry, makes me think Leia revealed some big revelation to Rey there.
Stogie2112 Hace un hora
Leia was hugging everyone in the last two films. Also, as both are Force-sensitive, they bonded in a way that transcends normal friendships.
Henning A
Henning A Hace 2 horas
They hugged in The Force Awakens too when they met for the very first time. Doesn't prove they're related.
Lucas Sebastian Aguilar Hurtado
I was waiting darth vader sound
Marko Portuondo
Marko Portuondo Hace 7 horas
Nice to see some positivity in the comment section
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Hace 8 horas
I don't care what anyone says; this movie's gonna be awesome.
Malcom S
Malcom S Hace 8 horas
I don't know why Disney hires bad directors and bad writers for their Star Wars movies. It really blows my mind. I don't hate Disney Star Wars but I do think that it's all very uninspired.
Brightside44 Hace 8 horas
Wow, a trailer for a movie I will never want to see
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Hace 8 horas
*I can jump like that lol*
J Rod
J Rod Hace 9 horas
What's Star Wars? I'm this many ✌
st1ckEm Hace 9 horas
I don't think he's actually back. Could just be a haunted spot where Palpatine died. But what do I know
MrBlacHaze Hace 9 horas
Rise Of The WokeWalker
Owie _
Owie _ Hace 10 horas
That’s the wrong switch for Anakin’s lightsaber smh
Tweico Hace 11 horas
Pls bring anakin skywalker back🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
John Lincoln Hawk
John Lincoln Hawk Hace 12 horas
Where is R2D2???
Malcom S
Malcom S Hace 8 horas
He will appear in the background for 5 seconds.
TheCrazyTopHatMan Hace 12 horas
C3PO I am heavy weapons guy, and this is my weapon.
SamaK Hace 13 horas
the rise of skywalker Anakin finally gets the high ground
Amanda G.
Amanda G. Hace 13 horas
Prequel and original trilogy lovers: Fun isn't something one considers when watching the sequels *Palpatine laugh* But this does put a smile on my face
derek452 Hace 13 horas
The last one? Yeah right. It will be back in 2035
Clay Brazil
Clay Brazil Hace 12 horas
Well, a new saga of star wars in 2022
TheMarionick Hace 13 horas
I forgot this movie is still happening this year :p
Fuad Ashraf
Fuad Ashraf Hace 14 horas
Let's make another feminist movie where girls life is important than men
Interdimensional Hace 15 horas
If there isn't a super epic lightsaber duel at the end like in Revenge of the Sith, I will hate Star Wars even more.
Musab mohamed
Musab mohamed Hace 15 horas
I miss t old characters tbh
David Lyon
David Lyon Hace 16 horas
Darth Maul will be in this movie. He’s alive. He was in the Solo movie which came AFTER Phantom Menace where he “died”. Him and Palpetine will be the bad guys.
Luke Skywalker - The Legend
You've never watched The clone wars and Rebels, right?
Garrison Hester
Garrison Hester Hace 16 horas
Episode lll Anakin Skywalker fights emperor Palpatine Episode lV Luke Skywalker fights emperor Palpatine Episode lX Rey Skywalker fights emperor Palpatine
Ibrahim Erol
Ibrahim Erol Hace 17 horas
Where are you Palpatine ?
Luis Villasenor
Luis Villasenor Hace 17 horas
Every time I watch this I start to shiver.
Anubis-XYZ Hace 18 horas
Nobody has taken into account that if the Jedi are capable of being force-ghosts, what about the Sith and the Dark-Side users? :)
Henning A
Henning A Hace un hora
In the new canon Vader comics there's an ancient Sith Lord (Momin) that posesses a mask that once belonged to him and was able to control those who wore the mask. He used this to open a force portal inside Vader's castle to bring himself back in the flesh. Perhaps this is how Palpatine will return in this film...
Anubis-XYZ Hace 15 horas
@Stogie2112 Boy, I hope so!
Stogie2112 Hace 16 horas
It’s been discussed. The question of Dark Side followers becoming Force Ghosts has no answer at this time. We haven’t seen one yet. We have seen places that channel the Dark Side, like the cave on Yoda’s planet, and the cave on Luke’s island. Maybe Dark Side followers simply fall into oblivion, never to return - a version of Hell, perhaps. Or maybe we will see a Dark Ghost in this new film. Maybe.....
Mister Bms
Mister Bms Hace 19 horas
Should a had grevious coughing at the end
MrDmd74 Hace 19 horas
Great! Finally the last 3 movies can fade into oblivion and stop stinking up the internetz.
Robbie Reece
Robbie Reece Hace 19 horas
Just jar jar binks, God I hope hes gone forever
JM Studios
JM Studios Hace 17 horas
We never really knew what happened to him.
Elena Karakitsou
Elena Karakitsou Hace 20 horas
the palpatine
Derrick G
Derrick G Hace 20 horas
"I know that laugh"
Stratowind Hace 21 un hora
All three movie teasers started with rey or finn breathing heavily.
Stratowind Hace 6 horas
The breathing started 5 seconds later in that one.
Stratowind The Last Jedi did not
Raheel Ahmed
Raheel Ahmed Hace 21 un hora
Snoke: I was the big baddie! Palpatine: I am the senate!
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak Hace 22 horas
When's the next trailer
Sharky Boik
Sharky Boik Hace 20 horas
@THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Ah, nice. Thanks for the info. :)
Sharky Boik october because thats when the second the last jedi Trailer dropped and august 24 because it is DS3 and tros has a panel
Sharky Boik
Sharky Boik Hace 20 horas
@THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Why then? Very specific
Justin Fencsak October or August 24th
Kuowei Lee
Kuowei Lee Hace 22 horas
“No ones really gone “ Jabba : solo .. I want my money back
Sunny Suniar
Sunny Suniar Hace 22 horas
Rise of Skywalker?? Lol more like- Starwars episode 9: The Chronicles of Ma-Rey Sue. Dont trash the Skywalker Surname anymore than you already have.
phe the phe
phe the phe Hace 22 horas
I saw the lightsaber and I clapped
Fuzionlolz Hace 22 horas
the comments are about: 45%about the senate 30% memes 20% tragedy of darth plagueis the wise 4% hoping its gonna be good 1% making this kind of comment
Feel Good
Feel Good Hace un día
It's weird that we get entertained by looking at large quantities of pixels
Malcom S
Malcom S Hace 8 horas
It's weird that you're a pixel.
Dani Langlois
Dani Langlois Hace un día
Nothing in this teaser has rekindled my interest in Disney Star Wars. I doubt I will see this film.
EpicChocolate Hace 17 horas
Dani Langlois then don’t
zack the wolffox
zack the wolffox Hace un día
Nobody: Star Wars: I always spawning in christmas
Keith Kemper
Keith Kemper Hace un día
Ok enough of this annoying teaser its time for a areal trailer to drop
Timothy Mclaughlin
Timothy Mclaughlin Hace 21 un hora
Oh goodie maybe like october. Just like the last jedi been added from the nfl. And just like the last jedi of that installment is irritated.
Stogie2112 Hace 23 horas
@L. R. ..... Disney’s 2019 D23 Expo is set to run August 20-25. They may give us a new trailer then.
L. R.
L. R. Hace un día
We won't get one before October
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