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Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) goes undercover as Matt, a radar technician, at Starkiller Base. [Season 41, 2016]
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17 ene 2016

SNLSaturday Night LiveSeason 41Episode 1693Adam DriverUndercover BossKylo RenTaran KillamBobby MoynihanStarkiller Basestar warsStar Wars: Force Awakensforce awakensthe forceforcejedilightsabersj.j. abramsepisode 10undercoverradartechnicianfirst orderdisneystormtrooperstormtroopershans soloprincess leiageneral leiaskywalker






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Comentarios 17 615
Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel
Does that look like the Calcinator?
Kyle W.
Kyle W. Hace 3 horas
I see what's in your mind and It Is Stupid!!
Alienus 223
Alienus 223 Hace 7 horas
i have never heard of a lieutenant colonel in star wars but i may be wrong
Samuel Patry
Samuel Patry Hace 10 horas
Disney agreed to this??!! Actually surprised!
StarWars Music & Clips
Steven Universe
Steven Universe Hace 14 horas
This is still better than all the new star wars films combined!
michael rogers
michael rogers Hace 16 horas
When he threw the lightsaber i died😂😂
michael rogers
michael rogers Hace 16 horas
Jerk face
SuperbroTV Hace 17 horas
This is now canon.
Sikkim -land of hidden treasures
He cute........ In a dark way... 🤸‍♀
Rhea Hace 23 horas
This is the best 💀
menotu000 Hace un día
Normally, I do not find new SNL funny at all, but this was a great skit. Very good jobs guys.
akeshi Onimuza
akeshi Onimuza Hace un día
Western style lee kwang soo
barry allen flash
barry allen flash Hace un día
3:00 made me laugh way too much
ThatDude DownTheStreet
The only good thing to come out of the sequels hands down
aBigButterStick Hace un día
1:28 "That's impressive, I admire the guy" "Yes! Exactly! EXACTLY!"
Rory Lumley
Rory Lumley Hace un día
Admiting kylo ren is a powerful looser who thinks he's cooler than he is. Is very intertaing a first order comedy about that and how everyone deals with that.
Jaythejayzer Hace un día
snl sucks at comedy
Gabriel Wayne
Gabriel Wayne Hace 2 días
Oh no he's joking on food...
bourdie1979 Hace 2 días
So good
Jackk Reacherr
Jackk Reacherr Hace 2 días
This is pure gold.. I don't care for SNL.. but this got me.
Hairtrigger83 Hace 2 días
Better than the movies were but the bar was set pretty low.
Hairtrigger83 Hace 2 días
@Slap shot Studio2006 Rogue one was good, I was talking about the ones Kylo was in though, but I don't blame him.
Slap shot Studio2006
Hairtrigger83 rogue one was good
Shwoompl McWenis
Shwoompl McWenis Hace 2 días
Manu_501st Hace 2 días
Way better than the actual sequels
jake jordon
jake jordon Hace 2 días
I mean I hope it's on Disney+ or Hulu at best.
Paulo Valdivieso
Paulo Valdivieso Hace 2 días
This is better than the actual movies 😂😂
CharlieXw25 Hace 2 días
Did anybody notice that the storm troopers are wearing imperial armor, but first order helmets?
Zackary VanBuren
Zackary VanBuren Hace 2 días
I wish this was cannon
zedzeecorp Hace 2 días
This is really where Kylo Ren is best suited - in funny sketches - cos as a character, that's what he is; a joke.
joaquinatorb Hace 3 días
No matter how many times I watch this, it still stays hilarious.
Danica Jekic
Danica Jekic Hace 3 días
Honestly this is one of my all time favourite SNL skits. The Star Wars Easter eggs are fun, the set design is awesome, it’s such a fun parody of undercover boss and kind of calls out the show, the jokes are absolutely hilarious, Adam KILLS it, and it’s just...so, SO quotable.
Cheez Burger
Cheez Burger Hace 3 días
IS THIS CANON?! IF IT IS maybe i'll consider not hating the sequel as much.
David Argenal
David Argenal Hace 3 días
I would totally watch a show like this that’s just ordinary people in Star Wars doing ordinary things who frequently interact with main characters like Kylo... it’d be like the office for Star Wars
When Lambo Now
When Lambo Now Hace 4 días
Where Rose Tico at? Needs more Tico.
J. Assumpção
J. Assumpção Hace 4 días
LOOK JEDI - video: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hPmPguwQMgQ.html
Azmaria Kohana
Azmaria Kohana Hace 4 días
Would love to see this with General Hux.
bacini e cuoricini
bacini e cuoricini Hace 5 días
Matt is my spirit animal😂
EC1, EC2 and EC3
EC1, EC2 and EC3 Hace 5 días
*Damn Matt straight up sucks* Lmao 😂😂😂
Vanessa Belle Herrera
OMG Adam driver as a young professer Snape 😍😍😍😍😍
Trase Gorsuch
Trase Gorsuch Hace 6 días
Why couldn't he have disguised himself as a storm trooper?
TheGreatSeraphim Hace 6 días
Kylo is a walking edgelord :/
Cameron Rotten Lemon
*Gets force chocked and thrown into the wall* “Dude Matt straight up sucks” Lmfao
Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great Hace 7 días
love this!
Jim Hayes
Jim Hayes Hace 7 días
Dude! Matt straight up sucks!
Candace Shirley
Candace Shirley Hace 7 días
This is just brilliant, Undercover Boss with Kylo Ren, real talk with some real folk The calcinator scene Sheer brilliance
Golden Mimikyu
Golden Mimikyu Hace 7 días
Discover Your World
Discover Your World Hace 7 días
Very creative, Im impressed!
silver box 88
silver box 88 Hace 7 días
" Have you guys ever seen Kylo rens lightsaber "
Dalton Phillips
Dalton Phillips Hace 7 días
Didnt see this till now. Its the absolute best my guy.
Corey Carnes
Corey Carnes Hace 7 días
Well, Matt was right about one thing. Kylo Ren did have an 8 pack and was indeed shredded.
Maggie Smith
Maggie Smith Hace 8 días
When I saw the movie all of my fear in Kylo was drained out of me when he took off his mask😂
Zombie Dude
Zombie Dude Hace 8 días
Funniest moment at 3:33
Nathan Venesky
Nathan Venesky Hace 8 días
*Punk bitch*
I Am Gawd
I Am Gawd Hace 8 días
One of the last good SNL skits.
Matt The Radar Technician
Kylo Ren is shredded I can 100% confirm this
ha ha
ha ha Hace 8 días
I legit thought that was snape in the thumbnail without looking at the title
Boyton Hace 9 días
3:22 Benjamin *S W O L O*
Hudson Bruce
Hudson Bruce Hace 9 días
William Mc tabbish
RG Media
RG Media Hace 10 días
people are going to love the new me
Milena Tapia
Milena Tapia Hace 10 días
"Guys, I have an announcement to make. I'm not Matt, I'm..." "Kylo Ren" "Kylo Ren" "I knew from when you threw me into the soda machine." "I knew from 'Hi, I'm Matt.'"
fortnite gaming
fortnite gaming Hace 10 días
While people seem to hate kylo the guy who plays him seems like a nice guy
Roi R. Czechvala
Roi R. Czechvala Hace 10 días
I have seen this so many times, and it just dawned on me that he's supposed to be Napoleon Dynamite. I put it up to one of two things. Either I never caught the "Jerkface" bit, or that I am not drunk... yet.
Shaun Michaels
Shaun Michaels Hace 10 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-G8mAAm6JgTU.html at Star Wars Galaxy Edge. Very fun night.
Sarah B
Sarah B Hace 9 días
I want someone to go up to the Kylo at Galaxy's Edge and say "I was talking to Matt the Radar Technician and he said you were shredded!" just to see what Kylo would say.
allen quitquitan
allen quitquitan Hace 11 días
0:31 i can't believe kylo ren thumbs up
Mask ‘n Play
Mask ‘n Play Hace 11 días
Why does he look like John wick
Danielle Devore
Danielle Devore Hace 11 días
Hes my daddey
Matthew Johns
Matthew Johns Hace 12 días
I had a blast today, and people are going to really love the new me
sol jwf
sol jwf Hace 12 días
Goes to show how little they know about Star Wars. The employee says Kylo will be the first to rule the Galaxy. The Emperor already did that morons.
Fabrizio Testoni
Fabrizio Testoni Hace 12 días
Boring 😪😪😪😴😴😕
Cross 41790
Cross 41790 Hace 12 días
They better make another one in time for episode 9.
Peanut Plays
Peanut Plays Hace 12 días
Matt the radar technician for smash
Adrian! Hace 13 días
**whaddup MATT**
Succy Eggroll
Succy Eggroll Hace 13 días
dis sow gud
Sean Gantt
Sean Gantt Hace 14 días
Your friends a liar man kill ren is a punk bitch
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Hace 14 días
Wish there more Star Wars skits like this.
How to and DIY channel
One of the only good snl skits
Kieran Fleming
Kieran Fleming Hace 14 días
In Episode 9 Matt should have a fight with Gary the Stormtrooper.
T Hace 14 días
I'm looking forward.... to having some real TALK. With some real FOLKS.
Christian Lapierre
Christian Lapierre Hace 15 días
We should let snl make the Star Wars movies. Based on this it would be far better than what we got
s rico
s rico Hace 15 días
Where is krylo Ren !?
Aiden Strings Morley
Aiden Strings Morley Hace 15 días
“He’s trying to do something that’s never been done in the history of the galaxy...” You know I wish legends was still canon cause the galaxy has been the bitch of quite a few people
Pandaman_5 Hace 15 días
I'm pretty sure they used a gum container for one of the suits
Red Coat
Red Coat Hace 16 días
Absolutely brilliant 😆😆😆😆😆🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Albus Dumbledore
Albus Dumbledore Hace 16 días
this is canon
BLVD KATES Hace 17 días
2:27 Noo 😞 why does everyone throw their lightsabers now 💀
buck nasty
buck nasty Hace 18 días
" dude Matt straight up sucks " lol
Amalia Hace 17 días
"i'm 90% sure matt is kylo ren" lol
av0cad0 Hace 19 días
kylo ren’s a punk 𝒷𝒾𝓉𝒸𝒽
Glad to see that the 501st survived past the Empire.
JessIsAMess Hace 19 días
i need this to be canon
Jj W
Jj W Hace 19 días
Sadly, this was better than the actual movie :(
Handy J
Handy J Hace 20 días
For the longest time I thought Kylo ren was Keanu Reeves idk why
this guy
this guy Hace 20 días
Just awesome matt
JUSTIN PICKENS Hace 21 un día
😂🤣😂🤣 Kylo Matt Ren
Nora Dyer
Nora Dyer Hace 21 un día
Napoleon Dynamite???
Lucas Gibson
Lucas Gibson Hace 21 un día
Deleted scenes from The Force awakens
Mr Castle Airsoft
Mr Castle Airsoft Hace 21 un día
Garrett Stephens
Garrett Stephens Hace 22 días
I’d rather watch Undercover Boss with Kylo Ren than The Last Jedi
Fernando Noriega
Fernando Noriega Hace 22 días
Frome grandson of dark Vader to a technical guy
Brighson Tolentino
Brighson Tolentino Hace 23 días
3:52 that wire doe
jesse sisson
jesse sisson Hace 23 días
Matt straight up SUCKS!...
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