Star Wars : Yoda , Anakin Skywalker , Obi Wan Kenobi vs Count Dooku, DEW IT

Rocky dehh
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the 2 fights vs Count Dooku
best character ever Christopher Lee
two of the best and most saying scenes
Just... DEW IT
(Like it pls) ;D

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25 may 2017






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Zarak Khan
Zarak Khan Hace 5 horas
7:56 Look carefully. Did Count Dooku’s head fall off when he died?
jason senter
jason senter Hace 11 horas
I bet Anakin had so much regret for his final line and decision in this video. If he had left Obi-wan on the ship to die he would have never had to deal with him later in the movie.
sapper made
sapper made Hace 13 horas
Mess with the best die like the rest......
Lewis Hace 17 horas
More times than none, da Sith lose cuz they can’t control their emotions. More times than none, Jedi and Siths are equally powerful, but it can depend on who it is
Bub loves lunch in a bucket
Palp- "kill him" Dooku- "HES THE SITH LORD!"
Bass The Aceist
Bass The Aceist Hace 19 horas
The cgi they did on Yoda REALLY stands out among everything else in the movie.
Dodgy Skull Guy
Dodgy Skull Guy Hace 19 horas
7:16 that's how you end up with an asshole the size of your back.
Jaystings Hace un día
Starwars is dumb
Jaystings Hace un día
Poor Saruman.
Darjaboo Hace un día
They fight for like 15 seconds "fought well you have" um yea...too bad the fight didn't last a few minutes.
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark Hace un día
I'll never forget the feeling I got when I was a kid & saw Yoda draw his lightsaber. One of the greatest moments in history. Flawed as they are the prequels will always have a special place in my heart.
Tech Hace un día
Press 4 to make Yoda yell
Shanteal B
Shanteal B Hace un día
His name might as well be count dookie 😂😂😂 count dooku?! lol.
Tim Crafted
Tim Crafted Hace un día
3:35 so similar to lego yoda death
みけたろう。 Hace 2 días
こういう雰囲気なんだよ スターウォーズは!!!!
Riley Gibson
Riley Gibson Hace 2 días
Richard Bonnette
Richard Bonnette Hace 2 días
I have a question about the book: Palpatine hints to Anakin about his mother's death. I never read the book, so: Was the "raid" on his homestead planned? It sounds unusual that raiders should suddenly decide to pick his particular homestead after so long. Was Anakin's loss of his mother to the Cith's convenient advantage? Or was it a more darker mind moving in the shadows (which the movie cannot completely capture)? Anyways, just curious. Have a good day! And remember the wise words of wisdom from Palpatine: DEW IT!
Panda Hace 2 días
“Sith lords are our specialty” apparently not enough since there’s one literally sitting infront of u obiwan
Panda Hace 2 días
2:18 at this moment dooku knew he fked up,cuz he probably knew sidiou’s plans for anakin
Bat Ranger117
Bat Ranger117 Hace 2 días
0:17 Dooku was like “Boi”
Evolve816 Hace 2 días
Ok so how come all of these older Star Wars movies have way better fighting scenes than the current ones??!!!
Knights of Ren
Knights of Ren Hace un día
There were really no Jedi in the old Star Wars movies. Vader was a half robot/old man way past his prime. Sure he was powerful in the force but his lightsaber skills greatly diminished compared to Anakin in RotS. Also Luke doing a couple backflips with Yoda strapped to his back doesn't make him a Jedi. So that's why.
Starplaya Hace un día
Besides Luke you see no real „master of the force (good or evil doesn’t matter)“ in the new trilogy. Dooku was a Jedi master and then went Sith mode, was also was Yodas apprentice. There you can see why the old fights are so much faster.
Starplaya Hace un día
You guys all forget , that the legacy Trilogy was about the ancient Jedi being in power of the republic. It were the days of old, all the fighters were highly experienced because theirs Masters taught them all these techniques. Kylo was not really trained and Rey also not. So surely they cannot fight as fast and intense as palpatine or dooku, as Darth Maul or obi wan. Simple as that. They both barely had any competent master who trained them in fighting. Rey had 4 days, kylo had Luke for a month or so. Obi wan had 25 years of lightsaber training, palpatine more than 40 years. Surely there you can easily explain why the new fights are much slower and more basic. Logical
James Davis
James Davis Hace un día
A lot of morons will call it nostalgia. However, that's just not true. Hayden Christensen, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lee, Ian McDiarmid, Samuel L. Jackson, and others trained for hours. They had to have these lightsaber routines down on a dime prior to filming. Of course, some scenes are a bit over the top, but they were necessary in order to demonstrate the skill of a Jedi master or Sith lord. Even if you slow these duels down in each clip, the viewer still won't notice much. If you slow anything down in TFA or TLJ, the fight scenes look a bit off. I remember one of the praetorian guard's weapons disappearing in Snoke's throne room, a guard throwing his spear away prior to being stabbed by Ben, and Rey kicking three guards at once. When she dropped her lightsaber during that fight, that guard didn't even try swinging. Not to mention, Ben Solo didn't use his force powers at all in this particular fight.
Semparo Hace un día
Even 4-6 had better fighting both saber/saber and ground/space imo ep 8 made all the bad in 2 and 3 seem brilliant!
billy jack
billy jack Hace 2 días
" do it!"
Chris LikesPotatos
Chris LikesPotatos Hace 2 días
3:35 anyone here the lego yoda death
Highlander15 Hace 2 días
I never realized in the first anakin/obi wan/yoda fight with dooku? - they do a homage/quip to the old movies. After anakin saves obi wan, they fight and anakin loses the green lightsaber quickly - then it's the red/blue, and anakin strikes the power line on the ground making it dark - then they fight in the dark with close camera shots to the face etc. - it's the exact same thing as the old movies when luke first fights vader I think, or the second time in front of the emperor. From 1:46 on - cuts the lights etc. - its the exact same as the old luke/vader fight I believe if I'm remembering right. :) Also Yoda is badass, seeing him using a lightsaber make these movies amazing alone. :)
Nic T
Nic T Hace 2 días
If yoda is capable of jumping around like that than why did he wait until after obi wan and anakin lost the fight to show up?
GHOST ACTUAL Hace 3 días
I geel like Yoda kicked some serious ass in his prime. Dude is 800 years old and can woop the counts ass. Imagine him when he was younger.
Knights of Ren
Knights of Ren Hace 3 días
Obi Wan and Anakin got wrecked by a senior citizen. Dooku was about the same age as Old Obi Wan in ANH. Old Obi Wan is trash compared to Count Dooku.
On The Spot Interviews
Obi Wan is 57 during ANH. Dooku is 82 here. He is way older, but age is nothing compared to the power of the force.
Oscar Joe
Oscar Joe Hace 3 días
When your lower level friend tries to take on a higher level
Daddy Topi
Daddy Topi Hace 3 días
i think the fighting style of dooku was way more in character in the clone wars series
mild furfaggotry
mild furfaggotry Hace 3 días
Did he just say his jedi powers? I didnt remember that one
Jason B
Jason B Hace 3 días
T1LT Hace 3 días
2:31 Hamburger
Fipsi LP
Fipsi LP Hace 3 días
Good fake
Knuckles #2761
Knuckles #2761 Hace 4 días
Still think they should not let Yoda fight at all. Even if he looks badass here. It ruined his aura of wisdom which is more important.
Tom Hace 4 días
"His fate will be the same as ours." He really did try to be good, at times.
Tony Ko
Tony Ko Hace 4 días
Obiwan: Sith Lords are our speshalty. Sidious: dew it
Tony Ko
Tony Ko Hace 4 días
Anakin: My powers have doubled since the last time we met dooku. Dooku: how tf does one count their power lol
Tyler Jaynes
Tyler Jaynes Hace 2 días
He picc up rocc in II He picc up slightly bigger rocc in III he gets one arm cut off in II He cuts off TWO arms in III plus his hair is 2 times bigger It's simple Saiyan logic
Tony Ko
Tony Ko Hace 4 días
So anakin blocks dooku from killing obiwan, but when obiwan throws his lightsaber he is nowhere near them lol
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Hace 4 días
For Christopher Lee to be able to be taken seriously in a contest with master Yoda, is a testament to his acting ability.... he WAS Dooku...
Lang Hansen
Lang Hansen Hace un día
Master Kenobi, you disappoint me!
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Hace 4 días
Just in case you kids were wondering, this was the hypest thing in movie history at the time, and nobody had anything bad to say about the yoda dooku fight.
reksub Hace 4 días
@4:41 anakins moan 😍at lying on Obi's leather boots.lol.😉
Dlb206 Hace 2 días
reksub 😂😂😂
Nyla Poonsingh
Nyla Poonsingh Hace 4 días
Lord of the rines 💟
Alejandro De Miranda
I wonder how much money Grammarly has spent on advertising so far.
jukaa1012 Hace 5 días
This is maby the worst retcon of a great character like Yoda in movie/fiction history and the crowd is cheering to this day. Just like they did in the same shitty prequel trilogy. Stupidity rules the world. Let's the world rule it.
Colton Piper
Colton Piper Hace 5 días
3:07-3:14 Dooku thinking “How can he just hold back my power”. Yoda thinking“Troublesome Dooku is not”. The smile/smirk Yoda has when he absorbs/dissipates the lightning is great. Yoda is also thinking “yeah this will be a good warmup for my match next film”
Johnny13Ghost Hace 5 días
Obi-Wan: Anakin, I need help, can you give me a hand? Anakin: frig off
Ayesha Shakir
Ayesha Shakir Hace 5 días
My goodness, Hayden Christensen was so fine, especially in ROTS.
צוף דרור
צוף דרור Hace 5 días
oh lmao nvm XD
צוף דרור
צוף דרור Hace 5 días
the DEW IT is on episode III this battle is episode II
Rocky dehh
Rocky dehh Hace 5 días
korrggg Hace 5 días
Rocky Losco
Rocky Losco Hace 5 días
I remember the first time we ever saw darth maul in the theater
HorusHeresy1982 Hace 5 días
Dooku was clearly tired by the time he fought Yoda. He could have took him fresh. If he just let the fight go on Yoda would have tired himself out. You don't waste energy on pointless acrobatics when you're fighting for your life. You conserve your energy. Dooku could have won that war there and then, he just got old.
Serclf s
Serclf s Hace 5 días
4:30 Look how hard Yoda is focusing. If that had been Rey, she would look like nothing occurred. On hand reached out and a look of surprise on her face. "That was easy...."
Ishmael Hace 6 días
hops from old man dooku 0:48
It's Candy Time Boys and Girls
Seems like losing body parts is like "meh..." in the future. How glorious the upcoming days will be.
It's Candy Time Boys and Girls
+TJ I've been living a lie since 1977. DAMN.
TJ Hace 2 días
Or is it the past? "Long time ago, galaxy far, far away" and all that.
IGROFAG Hace 6 días
6:36 Look, Palpi is a good guy.
Steev Rawjers
Steev Rawjers Hace 6 días
it looks like who ever made this #understands Star wars
Got damnbaby
Got damnbaby Hace 6 días
Love anakin with the dual sabers
Jorm Winbo
Jorm Winbo Hace 6 días
omfg the prequels are so fucking shit. jesus
Matthew Trujillo
Matthew Trujillo Hace 6 días
when I watch this and see Anakin struggled and lost just as Luke did even with training, the fact Rey has defeated both Kylo and the Supreme leader’s guards in less than a week of knowing about the force and having held a lightsaber for the first time is infuriating
Zach Christensen
Zach Christensen Hace 6 días
7:25 Anakin is the best saber fighter ever
Zach Christensen
Zach Christensen Hace 6 días
KP Hace 6 días
Who else got hype watching this?
Alan Gabriel Salas Leza
Chad Bellbowa
Chad Bellbowa Hace 7 días
If only he dint kill him he would have sang like a bird and told him about everything
Schwartzbruder1 Hace 4 días
The retarded thing about this is that Dooku had already told Obi wan that a Sith controls the senate earlier in this movie....
M Realzola
M Realzola Hace 5 días
Davis craig
Davis craig Hace 7 días
No wait ! First i wanna say that yodas skill scares the hell outta me. Hes ferocious ! And what i wanna really know ? In his 900 some odd yrs of his existence. How many sith did this guy retire and how many heads did he cut off. ? Just watchin yoda fight is. I dont know. No words to describe it.
Schwartzbruder1 Hace 4 días
Not many. Yoda had to have been really young sinc ethe last time anyone had ever even seen a sith. Obi wan and qui gon were the first to see let alone fight one in this entire era of jedi
X- Films
X- Films Hace 7 días
I just noticed at 1:11 Obi wan couldn't push his light saber back against dooku's but at 3:37 yoda could
dari_ m
dari_ m Hace 7 días
"EP2 Sucks its has terrible dialogue" Ya sure let's ignore the movie had the BIGGEST lightsaber arena in a movie, let's ignore Jango fett actually fighting obi wan in kamino and in space, and let's ignore anikan & obi wan & Yoda fought dooku & let's ignore the MASSIVE clone vs droid war Other than that ya the movie the sucks
dari_ m
dari_ m Hace un día
+L'enfoiré à lunettes ya obviously let's ignore ep1 expanded the universe, something new like high speed pod racing, new sith with new lightsaber style and the best fight in the movies, let's ignore the multiple times obi and qui gon slicing droids from the start to the end Let's just focus on jar jar cause he sucks
L'enfoiré à lunettes
episode 1 sucks because there is jar jar binks, duh !
Skin Hound
Skin Hound Hace 8 días
Couple volleys of lighting and that's all a couple masters of the force have?
Fiery 963
Fiery 963 Hace 5 días
They show their power more in comics and books I think. Maybe they were trying to hide their greater powers in the movies. Palpatine also uses force scream to immobilise kit fisto, agan kolar and the other guy to kill them. That's how they fell so easily to palpatine in his office
Cerberus Hace 8 días
Anakins face doesnt show any weakness
darthdude Hace 8 días
why did palpatine get excited when obi wan took out the droids?
darthdude Hace 8 días
+Rocky dehh maybe he felt like a spectator in a sports event and just got caught up in the moment
Rocky dehh
Rocky dehh Hace 8 días
Very good question....
J Jill
J Jill Hace 8 días
can't handle the Yola Meister
AGT88 Hace 8 días
7:52 what you all came to see
soolly 357
soolly 357 Hace 8 días
the more i think about it the more i think Anakin Skywalker is weak...
Rom N
Rom N Hace 8 días
Anakin killed a Sith.....he should've been granted the title of Master like Obi when he killed Darth Maul!
Schwartzbruder1 Hace 4 días
Obi wan didnt get a master title after killing Maul..it happened between this movie and. Ep 3
Fiery 963
Fiery 963 Hace 5 días
Anakin killed an unarmed prisoner which is against the Jedi code. Didn't Obi wan get turned into a master later and was still a knight after he killed maul
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Hace 8 días
3:34 your welcome
Rik Pine
Rik Pine Hace 8 días
damn, kenobi barely got hurt then watched XD
Logan The Octoling
Logan The Octoling Hace 8 días
7:52 *D E W I T*
mdub1303 Hace 8 días
I love 1:48 - 2:07 the darkness with anakin and dookus faces/silhouettes and the brightness of the lightsabers
Kaleb Diaz
Kaleb Diaz Hace 9 días
Episode 2 in my opinion had sloppy lightsaber choreography, episode 3 improved greatly
Kaleb Diaz
Kaleb Diaz Hace 5 días
+RvB Felix yeah and i dont like it cause its sloopy that's how i see it as bro, we may have diffrent views on what sloopy means i just mean its poorly done
RvB Felix
RvB Felix Hace 5 días
+Kaleb Diaz see you can not like the choreography of the duel that's fine, but you said it was sloppy when it wasn't there is nothing wrong with the choreography. You just don't like the style of the duel.
Kaleb Diaz
Kaleb Diaz Hace 5 días
+RvB Felix dude everything can be opinionated, see now thats your opinon, and thats mine, like i love the fight in return of the jedi but my friend hates it, and in this fight there are so many mirror moves and at one point they dont even show them fighting its anakin and doku just swinging their sabers and the camera shows their face with the lights moving past them, like i said in MY OPINION of choreography being "either good or bad", thats just not good
RvB Felix
RvB Felix Hace 5 días
In your opinion? Choreography isn't an opinionated matter... it's either good or bad... there's absolutely nothing wrong with the choreography in episode 2, it's not as exciting as the duels in episode 3 but that's because in ROTS the duels are much faster paced.
Anakin Sky walker
Anakin Sky walker Hace 9 días
Yoda is really funny
infinightsky Hace 9 días
“I’am a slow learner” lmao typical George Lucas script writing.
infinightsky Hace 3 días
Kitty McRatSlayer lmao
Kitty McRatSlayer
Kitty McRatSlayer Hace 4 días
lol. He may as well have said, "I am classified as Jedi special ed."
infinightsky Hace 5 días
Kitty McRatSlayer I know. He could have said “master Obi wan tells me I’m stubborn” not perfect but still better
Kitty McRatSlayer
Kitty McRatSlayer Hace 5 días
That really was a dumb line. How the hell is Anakin a slow learner?
Steev Rawjers
Steev Rawjers Hace 6 días
#love it #for sure
Ben Faulkner
Ben Faulkner Hace 9 días
Why didn't Yoda just force-push Anakin and Obi-Wan before they got crushed? Then he would've had time to stop Dooku...
Fiery 963
Fiery 963 Hace 5 días
Maybe he didn't think of it in the heat of the moment
maxcrazy Hace 5 días
One possibility is if Dooku was force pushing it in their direction.
Conner Madison
Conner Madison Hace 9 días
Impressive on Anakin's part considering he's just a Padawan
A.K.A KDOG Hace 10 días
Yes, Yoda get down, the force I have.
ziyik loh
ziyik loh Hace 10 días
*Yoda casually walks in*
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin Hace 10 días
That old actor is in every big movie I swear lol
IR17171717 Hace 10 días
None of this makes sense. Obi Wan is easily defeated by Dooku, who was so good he drew with Yoda, and Anikan can beat Dooku. But Obi Wan beat Anikan. There's no continuity here at all.
IR17171717 Hace 9 días
​+IMschleepcuh69 I don't think that works. Like Obi Wan wouldn't have held his own against Palpatine. Palpatine just went through all of the other masters like they were nothing. At the same time he couldn't beat Yoda, and Yoda couldn't beat Dooku. And Dooku absolutely fucked Obi Wan two times like he was nothing. But Anikan beats him second time? I just think its very inconsistent. I get that he was emotinal and all of that but come on.
IMschleepcuh69 Hace 9 días
IR17171717 obi wan in clones is a master but his atunement to force is very low but he is one of the best defensive duelers of all time. Anakin is a padawan obviously but is too impulsive and blind by his abilities and when to strike. In the end yes anakin beat dooku in revenge of sith but he is the chosen one and has learned from his past failures with dueling. And to the reason why obi wan beat anakin it was experience and patience. Yes the chosen one was more powerful in the force and easily could have sliced him on an open field but obi wan trained him and knew his weaknesses.
retro walker
retro walker Hace 10 días
*Dew it!*
smoothness with style
smoothness with style Hace 10 días
They fight like scientists
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Hace 10 días
Ewan McGregor was great as obi wan
TÂ Gravity
TÂ Gravity Hace 10 días
The hell was that?! 1:55
BajaDeezNutz Hace 10 días
I totally forgot about this scene. Damn, I need to go back and watch the prequels again.
D G Hace 11 días
God is the matrix of your dreams and lives what you see in the evirorment surroundings in your dreams is God and Gods main point of existence is his figure in Heaven!!! All good comes from jesus it doesn't matter what color you are or color of you souls!!! If you dream everynight you are in heaven then you are a good person if you dream everynight that you are in dark places you are a wicked soul and will remain there for the rest of enternity if you die and don't make up for your sins. You soul leaves your body at night and returns before you wake up this is how you can tell where your soul lays in which realm and if you don't have a body to come back to that's will your souls will stay for enternity it's faithless!!!
Jago Shogun
Jago Shogun Hace 11 días
"His fate will be the same as ours." Aww, Anakin is so attached to his master, and cares so much about his friends.
Johnny Kool
Johnny Kool Hace 11 días
Why did Dooku refer to his powers as Jedi powers ?
Brutos831 Hace 11 días
Yoda loose every fight..haha
Parashar Duggirala
Parashar Duggirala Hace 11 días
I love his saber salute before fighting Yoda
Qidn Hace 11 días
Didn’t know willy wonka’s dad was so mad
Xavier Gaming
Xavier Gaming Hace 11 días
want to fight me ima make u fucking pissed
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