Star Wars : Yoda , Anakin Skywalker , Obi Wan Kenobi vs Count Dooku, DEW IT

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GMMReviews Hace 15 horas
1:43 It’s in the thumbnail, if you play at 0.25 speed you might be able to pause it in time. *Anakin is using Obi-Wan’s old hilt, but with a green blade. It’s obviously a mistake, but too fast to even realise. I only noticed because it’s in the thumbnail.*
Si0NE Hace 17 horas
Nobody: Anakin losing limbs
IronCharizard PL
IronCharizard PL Hace 20 horas
In 4:30, Yoda had a chance to kill Dooku by throwing that pillar onto his ship.
Mus thafa
Mus thafa Hace un día
Undess ligthsaber
theproperenglishman Hace un día
back when star wars was still fun.
AgentX7k2 Hace un día
1:04 - Obi-Wan had the high ground but gave it up! That’s why he lost only seconds later.
Jeje Jean- Charles
Jeje Jean- Charles Hace 2 días
Shadow: You are gonna pay for all the animals you captured, Metal sonic! [Shadow just ran to metal sonic] Sonic: Shadow, Dont! [Shadow got zapped by a beam] Sonic: Dudes these days, XD [Metal Sonic and Sonic fought.] [Sonic got zapped.] [Shadow woke up, then attacked, until getting blasted.] Knuckles: Metal Sonic. Metal: HELLO, GET NOOB. [Knuckles glided to Metal Sonic, Then they started a fist battle.] Knuckles: You are not half bad for a robot. Metal Sonic: RETREAT! ______________________________ Shadow: Metal Sonic... Metal Sonic: IM HERE TO DESTROY YOU. Sonic: Cmon, Just fight! Shadow: My chaos abilities have doubled since the last time. Metal Sonic: IM GONNA DEW IT! [Metal Sonic And Shadow And Sonic fought, Soon, Metal Sonic have his arm sliced by Shadow's Chaos Spear. Eggman: Good Shadow, Good! Eggman: Finish him to prove that you are worthy. Shadow: Uhhh, I shouldnt! Eggman: DEW IT. [Shadow spindashes off his head.]
xXMINIJARVISXx Hace 2 días
Anakins scream! 😂 😂 😂
Gilbertdu62 Hace 2 días
1:37 I wish more people fought with two sabers in the movies
4Sifi Hace 2 días
3:25 *duelist activated*
Kingpinsrevenge Hace 3 días
1:13 love dookus face here. He's a master swordsman and knows obi-wan has made an easy error and he's about to make him pay just like any student in one of his old classes.
Kingpinsrevenge Hace 3 días
1:13 love dookus face here. He's a master swordsman and knows obi-wan has made an easy error and he's about to make him pay just like any student in one of his old classes.
Qui_Gon12 Gaming
Qui_Gon12 Gaming Hace 3 días
"My powers have doubled since the last time we met" this line confused me because they battled multiple times in the clone wars which is canon so the last time they met could've been one week ago, I just assume he still means their first encounter
Julio Arriola
Julio Arriola Hace 4 días
I’m waiting for Willy Wonka to come help his father (if anyone gets what I’m talking about)
Captain Shenanigans
Captain Shenanigans Hace 4 días
Obi: You take him slowly on the left and I Ani: I'm taking him now Obi: No Anakin no No! Anakin gets shocked into the Corner Ok don't execute order 66 on me but why dose this feel like when your making a football strategy
Sad Ghosth
Sad Ghosth Hace 4 días
3:31 eargasm
vaibhav kumar
vaibhav kumar Hace 5 días
Darth Vader vs count
darren Joe
darren Joe Hace 6 días
Emperor!! Do it!
Edo Hat Vorrang
Edo Hat Vorrang Hace 6 días
Yodas machtschrei
DeStorm Mystery
DeStorm Mystery Hace 7 días
2:12 cuts arm off* Anakin: eh
Fliyo MB
Fliyo MB Hace 7 días
2:20 Dooku: my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
WojtekSoldierBear Hace 8 días
I remember feeling the raw joy when I first saw Yoda flip around like that. I wish they would have given Yoda more fights
Adam Taurus
Adam Taurus Hace 9 días
1:14 you're so precious when you smile!
Deciduous Capybara
Deciduous Capybara Hace 11 días
3:33 Oh so that's where they got Yoda's death sound from
Kiproll Hace 11 días
imagine how quickly Anakin could've been turned if he thought about sand
ThiccLuna333 Hace 12 días
6:36 Palpatine goes "yeh"
MoovieDude Hace 12 días
I wish Anakin had fought with the dual lightsabers longer.
Ro321chile Hace 15 días
3:34 Lego Yoda´s dead sound
Mark Knight
Mark Knight Hace 15 días
Literally no one: Anakin Skywalker: exerts a minor grunt when he has his arm *severed*
Tactical Wolf
Tactical Wolf Hace 15 días
I know mace windew screamed louder than hell
lando hoth
lando hoth Hace 15 días
Why didn't obi wan use the lightsaber from qui gon jin after he fell?
Arthur Pinheiro
Arthur Pinheiro Hace 18 días
1:47 mano vai se fuder q cena ridícula, são duas pessoas paradas com luz na cara
IronCharizard PL
IronCharizard PL Hace 19 días
Scream comparison: Luke: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Anakin: Aah.
SovietPuma Hace 19 días
Can you imagine to finally see Yoda fighting after 22 years?
SovietPuma Hace 19 días
Wait a minute... 3:35 is this the Yoda death sound??
Quent 34
Quent 34 Hace 16 días
Yes it is, in lego star wars .
Isaac Wale
Isaac Wale Hace 19 días
Some scenes in this film are good, and some are bad. This is good...
vignesh menon
vignesh menon Hace 19 días
Count Dooku =Saruman :)
firsttimecaller longtimelistener
Is yoda screaming as he fights? I never noticed that till right now and it’s kind of weird very unyoda like
Santiago Devotto
Santiago Devotto Hace 20 días
Better than new trilogy , like it or not..
akhbar allahu
akhbar allahu Hace 8 días
@TheDarkTicoKnight12 to me as well
TheDarkTicoKnight12 Hace 13 días
To you only. Not a truth.
R.I.P Zombies
R.I.P Zombies Hace 21 un día
Dooku could have easily killed Anakin and obi since he was able to put up a fight like that with Yoda....
Lewis213 B
Lewis213 B Hace 19 días
Dooku was possibly out of his prime
ThatOneBot Hace 22 días
It took all three of them to try and beat him but they all lost..
guitarboy4000000 Hace 22 días
You can see even at this point in aniken's training he is quite powerful. Dooku toys with obi wan but gives his full attention to aniken and even seems flustered when its over as if he feels lucky and relieved that the fight ended so quickly
CareyEve36 Hace 22 días
first, what the hell is going on between, 1:55-2:07? second, someone always looses an arm during a jedi battle! third, why don't jedi's ever use powers like force push or levitate on their opponents?
Dejisrules Hace 23 días
Three reasons Yoda is Asian he is short he is the smartest than any other Jedi with the force and his lightsaber is small
David Hill
David Hill Hace 23 días
I remember watching this film in the cinema when it first came out. (I must have been 7 or 8.) I distinctly remember; when Yoda got his lightsabre out, did that little scream and started leaping all over the place, the entire audience of the screening burst out laughing. I'm not sure that's the reaction George Lucas was after in this scene!
EnthusedFan4 Hace 23 días
He saved his master 2 times but when it came to it, Anakin never learned to save himself.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace 23 días
Obi: ITS OVER ANAKIN I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND Anakin: *uses force to choke obi so hard* Obi: *Dies* Directed by george lucas
VOLD GAMER Hace 23 días
3:35 lol
Ketorulz Hace 24 días
Seriously Dooku only got defeated with plot. He was clearly so powerful but they needed a reason for Anakin to defeat him coz...dark side lol
ReonMagnum Hace 24 días
No, its was done to show that Anakin had become much more powerful and skilled three years after their first duel. If you watch the Clone Wars, you can see Dooku beating Anakin in several duels, but each time he comes closer and closer to defeat. Then in ROTS Anakin finally wins.
TheUnknownman 090704
TheUnknownman 090704 Hace 24 días
Anakin: you gonna pay for all the Jedi you kill count draculla Dooku: But i don't have any money to pay that Anakin: YOU HAVE TO PAY NOW Obi-wan: Anakin nooo
The Obi Wan from phantom menace would have fought differently in this scene
yeettown abbey
yeettown abbey Hace 3 días
He changed his fighting form after TPM
John vincent
John vincent Hace 9 días
He would have got beat even worse. Dooku is way stronger than maul
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