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State of Play | September 14, 2023 

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26 sep 2023






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TimeBucks Hace 12 días
Rebirth looks amazing
Alamin Ali
Alamin Ali Hace 12 días
arav shorts
arav shorts Hace 10 días
zeshan sindhu
zeshan sindhu Hace 9 días
Sabz Ali
Sabz Ali Hace 8 días
Zeenat Zaidi
Zeenat Zaidi Hace 8 días
Cyril 2.0
Cyril 2.0 Hace 12 días
List of Games : 00:00 Baby Steps 03:21 Roblox 03:50 Ghostbusters Rise Of The Ghost Lord 04:52 Resident Evil 4 VR Mode 05:46 Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways (DLC) 07:20 Avatar Frontiers of Pandora 09:42 Ghost Runner II 10:25 Deep Earth Collection (Covers) 11:19 HellDivers II 14:45 Spider-Man 2 18:40 Tales Of Arise - Beyond The Dawn 19:54 Honkai Star Rail 20:47 FoamStars 22:43 FF VII Rebirth
Jay Vizzy
Jay Vizzy Hace 12 días
thx u
AReallyNicePerson Hace 12 días
Baby steps is made by the getting over it guy so it’ll probably be a rage game, Can’t wait to play roblox with my family too
the king
the king Hace 12 días
i was waiting for silent hill 2 😟
Desert Rain
Desert Rain Hace 12 días
Foamstars looks like a weird Splatoon rip off. *lol* Tales of Arise getting an expansion was a nice surprise though.
OceanShark JP
OceanShark JP Hace 12 días
Thank you!
superdupertrooper Hace 12 días
Round of applause for the time stamp people fr. You are appreciated
Ante Boss
Ante Boss Hace 12 días
what is that at 17:04, a guy clapping and woman doing leftist clap and the guy conforming - that is propaganda
15DudeAwesome Hace 12 días
Reddit moment
Rory Simpson
Rory Simpson Hace 12 días
@Ante Boss that is literally the ASL sign for clapping your hands, the woman doing it on the right is deaf and the guy joins in so she doesn't feel out of place
Michael J. O’Neill
Michael J. O’Neill Hace 12 días
@Ante Bossyou are looking for things to complain about, relax.
Kuhlin Hace 12 días
@Ante Boss i don't get it, it has to be propaganda!
Luna Hace 12 días
I thought of keeping my expectations very low , but these guys have exceeded even that limit .
RolanTHUNDER Hace 12 días
Happy to see Ada's Separate Ways is coming even sooner than I expected! Greatly looking forward to FFVII Rebirth 😍🤩
SergeantSparky Hace 12 días
Should have already have been there when resident evil 4 remake released
Beyond The Spider-Verse
Keep your expectations low and you will never be disappointed.
Living_L393nd Hace 13 días
Oh I learned my lesson like many others on the last "showcase". As long as JR is in the lead always keep expectations in check. Gone are the Jack Tretton legendary days
Paul Graham
Paul Graham Hace 13 días
Always, it'll be interesting to see what is here
Tactical Gamer
Tactical Gamer Hace 13 días
Set expectations based on the company and otherwise complain, it's boring to not have expectations, I don't like this attitude.
JuliusCaesar Hace 13 días
​@Living_L393ndDragon's Dogma 2's trailer was finally revealed so that last state of play was a banger in my book.
jdennis867 Hace 13 días
U know they r showcasing Spider-Man 2. Just like how they showcase ratchet and clank before it came out.
Marry Krropka
Marry Krropka Hace 12 días
No matter the outcome, it's incredible to have State of Play and Nintendo Direct on the same day! 🎮📺🙌
giang tran
giang tran Hace 8 días
Naveen korada
Naveen korada Hace 12 días
I thought of keeping my expectations very low , but these guys have exceeded even that limit . 🏳️‍
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
The new Tales of Arise sequel is something I'll look into. I only recently played the base game, so it's still fresh in my mind.
Striped Rajang
Striped Rajang Hace 10 días
Sequel? You mean, dlc.
Darth_Meme_Lord Hace 12 días
I'm loving Peter's new swinging animations
Jake Brodowski
Jake Brodowski Hace 10 días
I like his new Mechanical Spider arms they looked like the Iron Spidey suit. He even launched off the ground with them to do a crazy attack. The game looks way better than it did.
Jake Brodowski
Jake Brodowski Hace 10 días
The swinging animations look a lot better though too.
Gondala Satvarsh
Gondala Satvarsh Hace 13 días
Regardless of how this turns out, it's amazing to see State of Play and Nintendo direct on the same day!
Aurelie Legrand
Aurelie Legrand Hace 13 días
PlayStion and nintendo.
Owl Omar 🦉
Owl Omar 🦉 Hace 13 días
Even Spider Man 2 and Mario Wonder are coming on the same day It's pretty evident they're trying to compete with each other Spider Man 2 >>>>>>> Zelda and Mario Wonder , so PlayStation wins
Michael Hace 13 días
​@Owl Omar 🦉😂😂😂 playstation wins
4ETHER Hace 13 días
@Owl Omar 🦉 Cmon dude no need to compare, totk is amazing and I'm sure spiderman 2 will be too. Mario wonder looks fun too, just smaller and shorter.
Peter Franzi
Peter Franzi Hace 13 días
And cdproject red stream for cyberpunk, it’s going to be a game fest day
FdZ_Python Hace 12 días
Timestaps: 00:00 - Baby Steps 2:25 - Roblox 3:50 - Ghostbusters Rise of the Ghost Lord (VR) 4:52 - Resident Evil 4 VR Mode 5:50 - Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC 7:10 - Avatar Frontiers of Pandora 9:42 - Ghostrunner II 10:25 - Deep Earth Collection (Dual Sense and Face Plate colors) 11:18 - Helldivers II 14:44 - Spider-Man 2 18:32 - Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn 19:54 - Honkai StarRail 20:47 - Foamstars Open Beta 22:44 - Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
The Crimson
The Crimson Hace 12 días
Been waiting for HSR forever, finally it’s here and I don’t need to use my phone and have slow 30 fps performance 🙌🙌
oficina do game
oficina do game Hace 12 días
Devo dizer que esse State of play me surpreendeu em todos os sentidos 😁👏👏 parabéns Sony
Anderson JC
Anderson JC Hace 12 días
Parth Bhavsar
Parth Bhavsar Hace 12 días
Thank you Insomniac for blessing us with the Tobey Maguire symbiote suit
Inga Mgoduka
Inga Mgoduka Hace 12 días
The Insomniac guys need to make a GTA killer not these overcrowded children games.
Ash B
Ash B Hace 12 días
​@Inga MgodukaI'm with you on that bro. Not a fan of these kiddies games, with toned-down violence and not being able to kill your enemies. Give me VIOLENCE
eccosx Hace 12 días
@Ash Bit’s literally spider-man he’s not violent lol also they’re making a wolverine game atm so there’s your violence 😹
Ash B
Ash B Hace 12 días
@eccosx Looking forward to Wolverine & Silent Hill 2
giang kim
giang kim Hace 11 días
Aiden Hace 12 días
I came in with no expectations and couldn’t be happier! Resident Evil 4’s DLC looks incredible!!!
Nathaniel Searle
Nathaniel Searle Hace 10 días
I wonder if the big venom we’ve been seeing in trailers and stuff is maybe the lizard? It would make sense as the insomniac venom feels pretty big, even for venom, but it could make sense if it’s the lizard. Plus we see at the start of the trailer that the venom symbiote seems to have a hold of the lizard.
Arcade Fist
Arcade Fist Hace 12 días
I am happy enough for the vr2 games. I’ve been patiently waiting to know when ghostbusters vr2 was coming ou and resident evil 4 vr2 as well. I’m content with this from the state of play
Kevalin Sutter
Kevalin Sutter Hace 12 días
despite results, it's fantastic to witness State of Play and Nintendo Direct on the same day!
tri do cao
tri do cao Hace 8 días
Luz Hace 12 días
Quanta criatividade 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Lavosier Barbosa
Lavosier Barbosa Hace 12 días
Final fantasy 7 Rebirth fez eu chorar...
Alioune gueye Samb
Alioune gueye Samb Hace 12 días
The slowmotion with Sephiroth and cloud is amazing 24:27
SILENT FLASH Hace 10 días
I swear these two can make a shampoo commercial and sell like crazy
CollegeDegree Hace 12 días
Spiderman looks great, still excited even if it is very similar to the previous games. HellDivers looks okay, initial trailer had me a lot more interested than the actual gameplay shown. Didn’t appreciate the odd ESvidr commentary, best part was the friendly fire when their voices genuinely sounded happy and excited unlike the rest of the gameplay.
CreeperJaYY Hace 12 días
Helldivers 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth look awesome! Kinda glad they’re coming out next year so I have my time to try and knock out other games in my back catalog lol.
SlumpedShrek Hace 12 días
I thought helldivers looked incredibly disappointing
Devs of Gaming
Devs of Gaming Hace 12 días
​cMON Sony where was Uncharted 7....Ghost Tsushima 2...and Tomb Raider 8...give me some serious Stuff...sTop playing
Cody Davis
Cody Davis Hace 12 días
Gonna be rough to have Persona 3 Reload only 3 weeks before FFVII
focusflute Hace 12 días
I wish EVERY game had a VR mode!!! Loving my PSVR2!!!
AQWBlaZer91 Hace 12 días
Glad there is new content coming to Tales of Arise. It's going to be amazing. Also, glad to finally Resident Evil 4 Remake getting Separate Ways. Now all it needs is Assignment Ada.
Corusame Occasum
Corusame Occasum Hace 12 días
11:23 I want to play this game so badly, looks like a ton of fun
Fnetch Hace 11 días
Looks like a Mix of The Division, Destiny and something else, cant quite remember but the ANTHEM of the Game is still in the back of my Head
SPM Hace 6 días
Looks boring to be honest. Even the people who play it sound bored😂
Iron Gears - Heavy Construction Machine
Mysterio is one of my favorite Marvel villains and I've always loved his dramatic, over-the-top schemes and little theater kid personality.
thejoabear Hace 12 días
Mysterio is one of my favourite Marvel villains, I've always loved his dramatic and over the top plans and petty theatre kid personality. I'm so hyped to see him in the new game!
fam mink
fam mink Hace 12 días
He's in spider man? I skipped through most of the state of play
thejoabear Hace 12 días
@fam mink You can see his symbol hovering over one of the buildings.
Ciscoak 907
Ciscoak 907 Hace 12 días
Did I miss something?
Jivenchy Jivenchy
Jivenchy Jivenchy Hace 12 días
The green mysterious symbol at 16:24
God Of Sin
God Of Sin Hace 12 días
Remember the boss fight of mysterio in Spiderman 2 for ps2? Boy....what a legendary battle that was
Fred Hace 12 días
To experience Gold Saucer once again after 25+ years, my "old" heart can't take the hype. Right in the feels!
Vayne Solidor
Vayne Solidor Hace 12 días
I am currently playing OG FF7 while watching State of Play
peter mulder
peter mulder Hace 12 días
I never wanted to leave, now I can go back. That's a dream.
Opticalenvy Hace 12 días
My expectations were low for this one. I’m pretty happy with this state of play
TooKool4Skool98 Hace 12 días
Resident Evil 4 DLC, Spider-Man 2 and Helldivers 2, Final Fantasy Rebirth, and even Roblox for a short state of play this was great.
SilentNova Hace 12 días
What a great way to start a PlayStation state of play!
CalderTheBarbarian Hace 12 días
Decent variety. I really need a Playstation Showcase however.
grimmreaper Hace 12 días
Always a treat to hear Kafka speak
Vengeance824 Hace 11 días
This has got to be the best video of all time because they just fly to him. Congrats. You have my stamp of approval of making it.
Striped Rajang
Striped Rajang Hace 10 días
Huh? Who flies to who?
Retro__ Hace 12 días
Lots of stuff here that I’m looking forward to 👌
Helldivers 2 looks great keeping the same elements but improving on the game’s graphics and style
Dakoya Hace 12 días
I love how having controllers and a console in a different color is treated like a big deal when it took no effort
JohnnyX262 Hace 12 días
Hey, its another wayvto milk the base. We PS players LOVE paying more for the same thing
V Hace 12 días
Can't you get custom plates now? 😂
Mahen Tahen
Mahen Tahen Hace 12 días
EC Hace 12 días
2020s at their finest 👌
Hwan Niggles
Hwan Niggles Hace 12 días
Ok but we finally have a true blue unlike that light blue color we got
George From Jungle
George From Jungle Hace 12 días
Baby steps is the game of the year ! It definitely shows the full power of playstation 5 and faster loading times.
184Dadada Hace 12 días
Looks like a fun game. Betting it drops into extra day 1 which is even better.
T Turner
T Turner Hace 12 días
Satire, I like it.
Jigu Podcast
Jigu Podcast Hace 12 días
Baby steps is an example of how the creators get high and come up with new games
Pete Hace 12 días
Nah people on drugs are way funnier than whatever that was
YoshiDepression Hace 12 días
What a weird game yet i kinda wanna try it now
Prince Phillip
Prince Phillip Hace 12 días
And what's loadfields excuse?? Oops, i ment Starfield 😏😏
xJustBillyx Hace 8 días
Overall really enjoyed this.
Taylor S
Taylor S Hace 12 días
Akiin Moonlight
Akiin Moonlight Hace 10 días
FF7 Rebirth is already a masterpiece ❤
JJWesker10 Hace 12 días
I feel proud to be an all around gamer: Especially as both a PlayStation and a Nintendo guy as I grew up to be. I think Gaming directs should be at least two per day like Sony and Nintendo did.
RageGamer 15
RageGamer 15 Hace 12 días
Hold on guys it'll get better. This difficult time shall pass too. They won't do this unknowingly. They must be knowing that they're continually disappointing their customers and fans for a brief amount of time now. They will improve. Patience and trust.
Sagattinis Hace 12 días
25:18 *Screams* I can't be the only person who was waiting to see Vincent in 4k!!? We need to rally together to get them to remaster Dirge of Cerberus now please for the cultures AND for Vincent. He deserves it 😢
foran43 Hace 12 días
Loved that game growing up
Nathan K
Nathan K Hace 11 días
worst spinoff ever
Nephilim Hace 12 días
Was hoping for at least 2 AAA new titles but wasn’t expecting much for PlayStation lately unfortunately
Chawki Boufas
Chawki Boufas Hace 12 días
Lets appreciate that PS never fails to disappoint us
Tactical Gamer
Tactical Gamer Hace 12 días
No stellar blade and no rise of the ronin, no jim ryan as well. Probably was too ashamed to talk himself. We used to have MUCH BETTER state of play.
Károly Zenkovics
Károly Zenkovics Hace 12 días
You are in another universe, these state of plays are just a bunch of random game trailers that we all knowing to realese like almost 1 year ago
Lunamaria Hace 11 días
Avatar looks awesome!! Ubisoft has brought smiles to my face for many years!... I see many more to come!😁
The amount of hype for next month is going to be insane ❤❤❤
Superman007 Hace 12 días
Gta 6?
Alex Deva
Alex Deva Hace 12 días
Kakarot Hace 12 días
What are you hyped about
Krustykrab Hace 12 días
Ghostbusters is genuinely my most hyped game for this year
TibbyProductions Hace 12 días
Baby steps looks like it will be hilarious! I'm actually quite excited to play it
184Dadada Hace 12 días
Along with helldivers, that game grabbed my attention. Looks fun.
J Fry
J Fry Hace 12 días
Yeah, hilariously boring... You what else it looks like? a PS3 game.
Steak Hace 12 días
@J Fry Only filthy casuals judge a game by its graphics. Go back to Spiderman or Horizon.
MrRyanwojcik Hace 12 días
I might be in the minority that’s quite excited for the new Avatar game, but man I wish it was third person!
rasinshuriken Hace 12 días
Helldivers 2 looks like the next deep rock galactic and I'm all for it
Retiera Hace 12 días
Excited for RE4 Separate Ways, Ghostrunner II, HellDivers II, Tales, and FFVII Rebirth!
P. Geezy
P. Geezy Hace 12 días
Kafka! 😮
spong👍 Hace 11 días
super excited for Ghostrunner II, I beat the demo 5 times already!
PajamaBottoms&Toast Hace 12 días
Rebirth looks INCREDIBLE!
supahmajoo Hace 12 días
It really does 😱 actually cant wait for that one.
CocoSonny Hace 12 días
I will never understand why people like FF
CalderTheBarbarian Hace 12 días
@CocoSonny you don't have to understand. It's not for you, move along.
Sophisticated Diglett
Sophisticated Diglett Hace 12 días
And what do you play? The same CoD and Fifa every year?@CocoSonny
jose carbonell
jose carbonell Hace 12 días
@CocoSonny It's like 20 games with all kinds of characters, gameplay, and stories. It's stranger to me that you wouldn't like at least one of them
Lugatoc Bon
Lugatoc Bon Hace 12 días
You're gosh dang right we're getting Seperate Ways for RE4R. Ada and Wesker playable in Mercenaries is expected too. Also a friendly reminder: The game companies are NOT your friends. They have a bottom line and they will push it.
Cheo Chessman
Cheo Chessman Hace 12 días
Another solid win for Nintendo❤
Carlos Abraham Ramirez Gonzalez
i am nintendo fan, but i can tell you that this showcase is not bad at all
Fairmonkey Hace 12 días
They were both decent
spicyporky Hace 9 días
No the state of play was far better than the direct because ROBLOX but unfortunately I have the switch
Rockero Jerez
Rockero Jerez Hace 11 días
Masterpiece 🎉❤
Deshaun Martin
Deshaun Martin Hace 12 días
He said fast travel for Spiderman 2 😂 Never. The traversal is a part of what makes the Spiderman games great. It never crossed my mind my entire playthrough of Miles Morales
evann payne
evann payne Hace 12 días
Im an "xbot" I actually enjoyed this state of play. I even thought baby steps looks cool. I know my xbot brothers and sisters are going to trash this but i actually enjoyed it. Spiderman looks impressive to me. Hope you guys are enjoying your games on the ps5
The bagel
The bagel Hace 10 días
I enjoy all systems, my friend.
Anas Shahid 224
Anas Shahid 224 Hace 13 días
Happy State of Play day everyone! So excited 😊
SonicStarMan Hace 12 días
This was the most nothing presentation ever. Granted it wasn't as boring as the last one I watched. But the last one I watched also showed some interesting stuff.
Logan DeDelley
Logan DeDelley Hace 12 días
Honestly out of everything baby steps is what I’m looking for the most. Just looks like more of a fresh new idea I haven’t seen before
184Dadada Hace 12 días
I'm right there with ya. You can tell each step is gonna require attention and not done by analog input. I'm looking forward to it.
Actionfigure_fit Hace 12 días
I completely forgot about this state of play and tuned in at the PERFECT time, right when they were showing FF7 Rebirth
surfingconcrete Hace 12 días
That's all you needed to see tbh 😅
Actionfigure_fit Hace 12 días
@surfingconcrete i figured lol, I love Sony but the state of plays are normally pretty boring lol
Majikalis Hace 12 días
@Actionfigure_fitWhat about Spider-Man
TheFedHD Hace 12 días
I don't get why you're so hyped by a game everyone knows how it's gonna be, it's always the same thing, you don't need to see a new gameplay because it's the same game as 7 remake, at least Avatar showed something new and promising, always hyped about the same things you are, then Starfield comes out and people keep saying it's a masterpiece even if it's full of bugs, doesn't bring any kind of innovation, seems like a 2015 game and looks like a 2014 one, Bethesda keeps making the same re skinned game on a 2010 engine and people still adolize them like they're Zeus on Olympus, only because it's the only game they play and got no clue on how to judge objectively a product.
Kurtis Schwartz
Kurtis Schwartz Hace 12 días
​@TheFedHDbut Rebirth does look amazing and way, way different than Remake.
A Kel
A Kel Hace 12 días
You know a console is coming to the end of its life when they launch new colours
I hope that Sony will make us happy with her beautiful news. Come on, Sony, we will prepare anything you announce
lmotaku Hace 12 días
Excited for Separate ways. Capcom showing how it's done again. Little disappointed ToA is still going. It felt far removed from anything I expected from a Tales of title. To each their own, though. Bandai won't be getting my money for a while in the Tales of IP. Everything else looks fun.
Lavosier Barbosa
Lavosier Barbosa Hace 12 días
Final fantasy fez eu chorar... Parabéns Square...
Legend123 Hace 12 días
LETSSS GOOOO !! Rebirth and Spiderman looks insane cant wait till they come out!
damnyousalazar Hace 12 días
I usually hate gameplay demonstrations where you got actors doing really cringey conversations about the game, but the Helldivers 2 one seemed more in line with how people actually talk during these games.
Mattriarc Hace 12 días
I was hyped to see the cosmetic suits at the end for the new Spider-Man game, but kinda suprised they didn't lay more into the Punk aspect for the spidey suit and that it's Peters cosmetic instead of Miles.
Tim Vine
Tim Vine Hace 12 días
ngl don't really like the look of peters preorder suits
Mattriarc Hace 12 días
@Tim Vine me either, I would've preferred more multiverse suits and less Insomniac originals lol
Jeffy Stevens
Jeffy Stevens Hace 12 días
Spiderman looks sweet. Im glad we're finally getting actual ps5 games, not just slightly visually enhanced ps4 games
SpawnPoiint Hace 13 días
What a week for gamers! State of Play, Nintendo Direct, Mortal Kombat 1 release, Spider-Man 2 update...
سيف خالد
سيف خالد Hace 13 días
I love yo
oAazo Hace 13 días
Playstation has no games 😂
Aloof Critthulhu
Aloof Critthulhu Hace 13 días
Glad I refunded starfield and bought elite dangerous instead 😎
RageGamer 15
RageGamer 15 Hace 13 días
​@oAazoright we just turn on the console and sit at the home screen? Go to sleep xbox fanboy. No need to encourage this console war
Muh Ikhsan
Muh Ikhsan Hace 12 días
WOW WHAT A SURPRISE THank YOU Capcom really apriciate it
HustleBun Hace 12 días
Is this a meme?
Muh Ikhsan
Muh Ikhsan Hace 11 días
@HustleBun Sorry to disappoint you but this is legit from the bottom of my heart. Konami are the meme :v
Brendan Hace 12 días
Think it'll be cool to have spiderman 2 be online co-op where whoever's game it is is Peter and whoever joins the game is Miles
WinspearUltima Hace 12 días
This is my most anticipated game of 2024 and I can’t wait to play this again. Final Fantasy VII REBIRTH let’s goo
Dr. BLAZIKEN Hace 12 días
Absolutely Beautiful ❤️
Gab men
Gab men Hace 13 días
Glad to see more support for VR2
Φιλία Βλησίδη
Where the f do you see that in a wallpaper dude!
ZONEX HAVEN Hace 13 días
How does that helmet fit in that thick skull of yours?
ACE SAMM Hace 12 días
@ZONEX HAVENthe description mentions PSVR2…
supermariofan03 Hace 12 días
@ZONEX HAVENDon’t be rude to your fellow gamers.
Adam Hace 12 días
The reason VR isn't doing well is because of the trash games like they showed. Forcing VR onto games is stupid, they need to be built from the ground up and do something new. If not VR will stay niche trash like it is now.
Play1234 Hace 12 días
Hopefully we’ll get something for TGS like Rise of the Ronin gameplay or Dokev. I’m shocked little devil inside just disappeared
Jaden McCaffrey
Jaden McCaffrey Hace 12 días
strange that they went with metallic versions of colorways we already have. The silver is a nice addition, and i bet the others look pretty too. But i do wish they could confidently claim “no drift” sadly, even brand new dualsense have drift or sticky buttons.
Uzumaki Kakaz
Uzumaki Kakaz Hace 12 días
Cloud & Sephiroth together? Definitely preordered
MrSec84 Hace 12 días
This was awesome!!!!!!
Liquid Guns
Liquid Guns Hace 12 días
Man Final Fantasy Rebirth looks freaking insane.
MrCODFish Hace 13 días
After seeing the direct, I’m ready for this
Dhāīsa Hace 12 días
What was ?
DanyaTV Hace 12 días
@Dhāīsait’s just starting to
spicyporky Hace 9 días
The state of play was better
drtybirds5 Hace 12 días
Helldivers looks cool. I think I might just have to play it 🙂
Cokemonster Hace 12 días
Wow they actually got simple player chat right.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace 9 días
I tuned in at the PERFECT moment, just as they started playing FF7 Rebirth, entirely forgetting about this current state of the game.
Rui Nino
Rui Nino Hace 12 días
yay im not hurt as i wasnt expecting anything from this showcase. but tbh its quite better than what i was expecting as i was expecting to be disappointed lol
The Hunter
The Hunter Hace 12 días
I knew That baby steps game smelled like a getting over it type of game then I saw that Bennett Foddey was one of the main guys on it, curious to see what the full games gonna be like
Jordan Little
Jordan Little Hace 13 días
Nintendo and Sony are having showcases? Nice!
V yyc
V yyc Hace 13 días
State of plays are trash though
Jake Deerberg
Jake Deerberg Hace 13 días
@V yyc They can be aight. Like when they had Street Fighter 6's reveal and Tekken 8 and Yakuza stuff.
Karsen Winston
Karsen Winston Hace 13 días
​@Jake Deerbergwhat about spider man
Mikel Yonson
Mikel Yonson Hace 13 días
while one shows third-party games, the other reveals pure deversion exclusives.
chummygun Hace 13 días
​@Karsen Winstonthat's gonna be shown on Friday.
DAR Hace 12 días
Absolutely amazing!!!
Murkzila Hace 12 días
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sony paying you ?
Tia Kay
Tia Kay Hace 11 días
So excited for PT 2 of Final Fantasy 7 remake!
I'm Retarded
I'm Retarded Hace 12 días
The strand-like games are finally becoming a thing.
Marshy Hace 12 días
Honestly the tale of arise dlc is cool! Can’t wait
agodelianshock Hace 12 días
Jak, Ratchet and Clank, Spyro, Sly Cooper, Crash Bandicoot, Infamous, so much to draw upon and this is all we get.
Hero Brain
Hero Brain Hace 13 días
This State of Play broadcast will focus on updates to previously announced games coming to PlayStation consoles. From indie and PS VR2 highlights, to major upcoming titles from our third-party partner
droptopOX Hace 12 días
Wolverine ? 👀🤞🏾 🙏🏾 😩
LordDrakath15226 Hace 12 días
@droptopOX Not third-party.
doodle Hace 12 días
​@droptopOXno bruh🤦‍♂️
Ninjabro186 Hace 12 días
Bro copy and pasted the description 💀
Lauren Edney
Lauren Edney Hace 12 días
​@Ninjabro186 ha, lol I've just checked. Bruh looking for attention 😂
ZMman92 Hace 12 días
Nice. I just Platinum’d Tales of Arise. I wonder if the new content will be a challenge for my characters though! Awesome to get some more content!
- ANDROID - Hace 12 días
Impressive teaser Sony!?! CG Aloy (Horizon 3 / Version 3.0) transitions were amazing. So lifelike!
Ege Cansın
Ege Cansın Hace 12 días
I hope you guys give us more AAAs on PSPLUS since you RAİSED THE MF PRICES!!!
foran43 Hace 12 días
Man rebirth has me so hyped. Cant believe we are geting a remade gold saucer