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Status was and still is something I'm glad I didn't miss. A milestone for the young event organisers and everyone involved. From full coverage by Krispy himself, to the overwhelming amount of foot traffic crashing through the door when gates were finally opened, it set a new pace for car shows in Australia.
I personally took a more observant approach to the event, helping Chris & Aubrey when and where I could. Waking up early and hitting the bed late after venturing for what felt longer than 24 hours at a time which was genuinely fun. The intentions behind this video was to bring behind the scenes out and show people what goes on in the organisation of things. I soon lost the grip after missing vital parts as filming continued.
Instead I've made a short little reel of my most favourite moments from the Status Seasonal week leading up to the event.
It's short and sweet, with footage that was used in Krispy's after movie, a lot has been removed to keep a continuous flow between cuts. I would like to give a huge thanks to Sarah, Khang, Aubrey, Chris, Cody and everyone who made the show extraordinary!
Thank you Chris for making this an incredible memory, I hope to see you again soon.
- @Status.Seasonal
- facebook.com/statusseasonal/?ref=br_rs
Krispy Media:
- @krispy
- www.chrispetruccio.com
- esvid.net/u-AutoStormCP
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Equipment used:
- DJI Ronin MX
- Atomos Ninja Flame
- Sony A7sii
- Zeiss 24-70 f4
- Sony 70-200 f4
- Final Cut Pro X

Witness by Oliver Michael (Parhellon) - Artlist
Black Out by Borrtex (The Impulse) - Artlist
Woman by Elderbrook
- open.spotify.com/track/2MDHlZxxTdqZkYcDBSAg0I?si=GjSBnhk1R_S6ecEfLTzbkw
- soundcloud.com/elderbrook/woman-main-mastered
- facebook.com/Elderbrookmusic/?ref=br_rs
- soundcloud.com/ponsuda/by-myself-w-gali222
- open.spotify.com/artist/4J9GFeQOUaU1qTPCHJYwLC?si=rTea-qNkRruoolZjM5I35g
We Can be Friends ft. Herizen by What So Not
- soundcloud.com/whatsonot/we-can-be-friends
- open.spotify.com/album/5UFjL1L74PGxvxXWks8U8c?si=guMwtXonRbmhUcwG9zgLBQ
- facebook.com/whatsonot/?ref=br_rs
LXRY - Exile / Outsiders Compilation
- soundcloud.com/exocollective/lxry-exileoutsiders-compilation
- open.spotify.com/artist/3ittZBA42iDoCShxkUZDjx?si=_-O0aj6rQpKpKeMJCnXT0w
Humbled by Mr Carmack
- soundcloud.com/soulection/mr-carmack-humbled
- open.spotify.com/artist/4OHaWpWPKDcZgOOUn9elFn?si=FmFP06ewSOSJInHEZrGkTg
Wonder (Sequel To Menace) by Thook
- soundcloud.com/thook/wonder
- open.spotify.com/track/5cOUmP0mCdsmDN3AbUzla5?si=2VofoiYdRxCW48gAM7lUuw
- facebook.com/thookfam/?ref=br_rs
Shorty wanna ride wit me (bureaux flip) by Breaux II
- soundcloud.com/prodbybreaux/shorty-wanna-ride-wit-me-breaux-flip


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Captical Hace un año
This was on point, music choice and editing. Well done, made me miss status all over again.
MadeByFlo Hace 2 meses
Check this out bro Supra MK3 '92 7MGTE : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-om-2-aMAKLk.html
yiojk kjgy
yiojk kjgy Hace 8 días
название трека на 11 00 минуте
Filip Karlsson
Filip Karlsson Hace 12 días
Maaaaaan, the first two and a half minutes are mind blowing. Love it
Ras Hace 13 días
Who is doing that speech at the start?
Mellow Hace 20 días
Only 1 minute into the video and never seen anything like it!
CinnematicX Hace 20 días
You went crazy bro solid work 🔥
Calvin Dodge
Calvin Dodge Hace un mes
is that a 1 series hatch i see
CurbBangers Hace un mes
This is absolutely insane my friend!! The composition, lighting, and sound, So good! 🔥
dated. Hace un mes
Damn bro thank you! xx
Marcus Hughan
Marcus Hughan Hace un mes
7:22 what rims?
dated. Hace un mes
N A G C Hace un mes
Recommendation on point
EviLTyres Hace un mes
Throwback to The Incredible True Story
xObey._Astro Hace un mes
How does one find out out these types of event and where they being held?
c35 n
c35 n Hace un mes
Cloud Delta
Cloud Delta Hace un mes
This slaps so harrrrrd!
Alex Hart
Alex Hart Hace un mes
this gave me fucking chills holy shit
Fco Salvin
Fco Salvin Hace un mes
Somebody kow 3:10 music?
dated. Hace un mes
Description bro
WSU Hace un mes
name of camera or lens?
sdfa asf
sdfa asf Hace un mes
ALAN WATTS: What if money was no object? - great teacher and thinker
Patrick d'Argent
Patrick d'Argent Hace un mes
A feeling, a culture that accepts you for our love of cars.
Slav Waifu
Slav Waifu Hace un mes
Marvin Garcia
Marvin Garcia Hace un mes
Man this is straight vibes. The 2 supra scene along with the song...
dated. Hace un mes
Marvin Garcia ty man
Diário dos rebaixados
Que vídeo incrível! Parabéns! Inspiração para fazer os meus!
Modern Sports Cars of Arizona
Love the Alan Watts intro. Started listening to him in 2015. Changed everything. Great work here.
wah panda1
wah panda1 Hace un mes
looking at stuff for teenagers :T....
wah panda1
wah panda1 Hace un mes
some of the shots in this video and just like "what?" man im getting old.
Mateusz Orzechowski
Where j can fide this start speech please ?
Austin Krauth
Austin Krauth Hace un mes
People don't get it wake up people
LNX The Driver
LNX The Driver Hace 2 meses
Great Work , Good job to all the team
Zack Fair
Zack Fair Hace 2 meses
V - AR 276 3:42 ? Greeting from Vogtland!
idontknowpeyton Hace 2 meses
Seeing all these wrx wagons is giving me so much inspiration, just purchased a bugeye wagon last month and I know one day I want it to look something like these baddies!
LApinoy Hace 2 meses
So this is what cars should look like in the future
Al Yeska
Al Yeska Hace 2 meses
Ya stupid nurk
Markson Hace 2 meses
what kind of genre of music is this?
dated. Hace 2 meses
Markson which song?
M4Focus Hace 2 meses
iS tHaT A sUpRa?
dusank9 Hace 2 meses
The 2 Supras tho
Carlos Díaz Rodríguez
This is just poetry. Hits hard when you think about what is beautiful in this car scene world: no color skin, blood, age, and sex gets discriminated. This is the dream world, that world living in peace and enjoying each other no matter what.
Tobias Kugler
Tobias Kugler Hace 2 meses
Wo ist mein dank
Rocket Hace 2 meses
6:16 the moment you've all been waiting for
Rocket Hace 2 meses
I'm a simple man I see Supra I hit like
Rocket Hace 2 meses
2:00 and that's the honest truth
Jo Sh
Jo Sh Hace 2 meses
what a cracking production, so smooth, Well done
Red Mango
Red Mango Hace 2 meses
WOOW wowowow i just found out there are more like this,what an awesome job you guys did there.!Subscribed,these need way more views!
Olivier39antony Hace 2 meses
Goosebumps all over my body at the intro, this is next level, this video deserves millions of views!!!!!
snusmatta Hace 2 meses
@MadeByFlo shut up
MadeByFlo Hace 2 meses
Check this out bro Supra MK3 '92 7MGTE : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-om-2-aMAKLk.html
MitchieBTW Hace 2 meses
lowering rides is rice and looks bad af just why dude
welovepoppy Hace 2 meses
Can someone tell me where to get such monologues? like in 1:08
welovepoppy Hace 2 meses
@Red was ejected. thanks
Red was ejected.
Red was ejected. Hace 2 meses
He’s got a book I recommend reading. It’ll change your life
Red was ejected.
Red was ejected. Hace 2 meses
Alan watts I believe
Jt In
Jt In Hace 2 meses
where is that speech from?
Gigi Muschi
Gigi Muschi Hace 3 meses
Kids playing in their parents backyard. What I like doing, I'm not "allowed". So, I'm gonna like making some room.
P A N D A Hace 3 meses
So good cant believe
Black Beard
Black Beard Hace 3 meses
I felt that vibe. That speech from Allan Watts though
David Prasad
David Prasad Hace un mes
Alan Watts is the KING. Period
szVlogs Hace 3 meses
I have a few questions for filming, do you use 70-200 f4 with ronin, is it even possible? and which is better for quality Zeiss 24-70 f4 or Sony 70-200 f4
dated. Hace 3 meses
szVlogs I’ve tried using a 70-200 on a gimbal but I’ve have no success since the first attempt. I’m not sure about quality because it really comes down to what you’re trying to achieve with the lens.
Alejandro B.V
Alejandro B.V Hace 3 meses
Name of intro song please.?
Alejandro B.V
Alejandro B.V Hace 2 meses
@Olski thanks bro
Olski Hace 2 meses
Oliver Michael - Witness.
Thomas McMahan
Thomas McMahan Hace 3 meses
I’ve been a gear head for dang near 25 years and have always loved tuners, but to this day I still don’t understand “stance” and driving around with your wheels cambered that bad. It looks so incredibly stupid to me and ruins the look of otherwise fantastic cars. Not to mention how terrible it is for your wheels and car.
Thomas McMahan
Thomas McMahan Hace 3 meses
dated. Yeah I agree with you on that, definitely a car scene for everyone. As long as they’re out there enjoying themselves, to each their own
dated. Hace 3 meses
Thomas McMahan with a correctly approached setup there won’t be damage to the car or wheels. There is definitely some real odd “builds” out there. But there’s a car scene for everyone to be involved in somewhere ☺️
Robert Majewski
Robert Majewski Hace 3 meses
This is beautiful, thank you :)
Patrick de Bie
Patrick de Bie Hace 3 meses
Using a leaf blower to blow of the big droplets of water after cleaning the car, instead of swiping with a large towel (with the possibility of creating scratches), is brilliant!
ciaciu video
ciaciu video Hace 3 meses
holy sh*t :D great job :D
Victor Hace 3 meses
this is underrated
Jonathan Casillas
Jonathan Casillas Hace 3 meses
Raymond Lawyer
Raymond Lawyer Hace 3 meses
Viola 0771 . 🤓🤓😇💛v .. yea
Briezae Cinema
Briezae Cinema Hace 3 meses
better than krispy
LKNFilms Hace 3 meses
Fantastic work! 12:12 hit me
DSL Hace 3 meses
wait a second, is this krispy media or something (the guy looks the same)? I remember watching his videos years ago
dated. Hace 3 meses
DSL Keyboards krispy is in this yes, I worked along side him
Sayon Biz
Sayon Biz Hace 3 meses
Got a good youtube recommended video after soo long. The colour grading and music choice was ON POINT!!
EZK FILMS Hace 3 meses
Trust in Lool
Trust in Lool Hace 3 meses
Nolan Gray
Nolan Gray Hace 3 meses
That was special.. that opening 🙌 wow
Kransen Hace 3 meses
nice edit just the sad things is the cars, shouldve been german cars
Yellow D
Yellow D Hace 3 meses
i thought i was watching a movie about cars. Awesome
FastRoute Hace 3 meses
Nice vid bruh
Artyom Leshonok
Artyom Leshonok Hace 3 meses
кайф 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
KeroriHD Hace 3 meses
Its so underrated this Video should have Millions of Views. DUDE THIS IS PERFECT!
Андрей Корнилов
Я пишу на своем языке, но хочу, чтобы ты знал! ТЫ ЛУЧШИЙ YOU BEST!
BFHOLM Hace 3 meses
Amacing work man! 10/10
Xavier Hernandez
Xavier Hernandez Hace 3 meses
Do you know who made that quote at the beginning?
dated. Hace 3 meses
Xavier Hernandez Alan Watts
Dorian Vrbančić
Dorian Vrbančić Hace 3 meses
If u are a car guy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Micltucci Hace 3 meses
I live in Melbourne too and I love this!
BeautyHunter1986 Hace 3 meses
What's there to dislike 🤬🤬🤬
vogue Hace 3 meses
These are insane, I barely comment but holy
TheWarcraftIII Hace 3 meses
9:55 Think there is not enough air in the bottom of the tire, looks like the air is on the top only, smh my head.
juan mojica
juan mojica Hace 3 meses
This video makes my day
RC Воронеж
RC Воронеж Hace 3 meses
D G Hace 3 meses
Yo dudes...this an aussie channel?
dated. Hace 3 meses
D G thank you man, I appreciate the support! 🇦🇺 🤍
D G Hace 3 meses
@dated. nice..will be watching along with mighty car mods and other 4x4 channels. Cheers from USA 🇺🇸
dated. Hace 3 meses
D G sure is ☺️
Vanessa Gomes
Vanessa Gomes Hace 3 meses
IamGabiee Hace 3 meses
Hehe peep a chris in action
Zakhary LXRY
Zakhary LXRY Hace 3 meses
thanks for the inspiring video 👍👍👍
well if i ever make a carshow i know who im calling first atleast your videos are awesome.
2JZ Hace 3 meses
loved the quotes at the start of the video
SovL:Remedy Hace 3 meses
Man This guys monologue/quote/analysis has been over used in everything from music to just everything really!
dated. Hace 3 meses
SovL:Remedy it’s definitely used a lot
Blue Journal
Blue Journal Hace 3 meses
I need that ls400's brake lights
Christheman74 Hace 4 meses
Alan Watts quotes mix with Nice cars thats a win
PutteEevertti Hace 4 meses
Nice work! I can feel same passion
Alex Dorcioman
Alex Dorcioman Hace 10 meses
Anybody knows the instagram @ of that Lc500’s owner?
Braxton Benseman
Braxton Benseman Hace 10 meses
What was the speech from in the start
Braxton Benseman
Braxton Benseman Hace 10 meses
@dated. Chur
dated. Hace 10 meses
Braxton Benseman Alan Watts
KayLess Hace un año
fake ganadors on an s15 hurts my soul....great video though!!!!
Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate Hace un año
Too good.
Михаил Игнатов
This is awesome !!!
Julian Andres
Julian Andres Hace un año
That intro really hits hard
Blare Marketing
Blare Marketing Hace un mes
@Mateusz Orzechowski search up Alan watts
Mateusz Orzechowski
Where i can find this speech ?
_._marrez_._ Hace 2 meses
MadeByFlo Hace 2 meses
Check this out bro Supra MK3 '92 7MGTE : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-om-2-aMAKLk.html
KELLA Hace un año
Hey dude, i kinda wanna start something like your channel in future. You are so talented and well aware whit the camera, so why do you just uploaded like 6 videos in 2 Years? :/
dated. Hace un año
KELLA thank you bro! I guess it all came down to opportunity. Coming into 2020 there will be loads more opportunities to shoot compared to 12 months ago. Financially I can’t put out any more than that, I don’t earn any money from these as it’s all shot at my own expense. But I love doing it
Aeana kawakawa
Aeana kawakawa Hace un año
WOW 🥺🥺
southvibes Hace un año
I'm wondering now why u got only few vids, having such a good angles/editing skills. LOVE your vids, they're inspiring me a lot!!!
The Sleet Media
The Sleet Media Hace un año
Absolute killer, mate!
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