Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182 (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

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Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182
Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182 by Ultra Music ffm.to/nfiii
The Latest & Greatest from Ultra Music smarturl.it/UltraLatestGreatest
Starring Dora Madison & Christian A. Pierce
Music Video Director: Brandon Dermer
EP: Luga Podesta, Matt Day
Produced by Matt Day, Lauren Bates
Cinematographer: Wojciech Kielar
Production Designer: Justin Slade McClain
First AD: Seth Farley
Editor: Alex Splice Jones
Color: RKM Studios
B Cam: Chuck Schwarzbeck
1st AC: D’Angelo Harding
2nd AC: Marques Mallare & Alba Villaronga
Key Grip: Zach Kienitz
Grip: Rene Yescas
Best Boy Grip: Theo Thomspon & Francis Butler
Gaffer: Levi Kaminkowitz
Swing: James Sutor
Art Director: Brian Mayfield
Leadman: Kyle Loughrin
Set dresser: Joseph Altamuro, Peter Wassell & Michael Vitale
Set PA: Robert Main
Camera PA: David Lepper
Playback: Jacobus Baas
Mixer: Mike Robertson
Make Up: Sunny Drissa & Nadine Sondej-Robinson
Set Medic: Andrew Irvine
2nd AD: Jesse Carmona
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14 mar 2019






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Comentarios 3 030
carlos martinez
carlos martinez Hace 13 horas
they need tom back...no joke
chris p
chris p Hace 19 horas
Miss the old blink.
Rado Es
Rado Es Hace 23 horas
Speed 1.25x much better
Dery Pratama
Dery Pratama Hace 23 horas
need lyrics in comment
James McAnespy
James McAnespy Hace un día
Oh. It's just a Smirnoff ad.
wolf12king Hace un día
this song wakes me up
.........and this happened to Blink 182 after tom delong left. TOM BLINK 182 IS LOST THEY NEED YOU BRUH.
Fred Lopez
Fred Lopez Hace 2 días
Funky Chuck28
Funky Chuck28 Hace 2 días
This is stupid...
Yofan Zed Silent
Yofan Zed Silent Hace 3 días
I love tom ...
MY tuxedo
MY tuxedo Hace 3 días
Where is guitar song??😒
Rizki Hakim
Rizki Hakim Hace 3 días
cant waiting hear it on accoustic version
Kevin Dimas
Kevin Dimas Hace 3 días
Concept video remind me to esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-pkx0nuvRceA.html
The Memelad
The Memelad Hace 3 días
Blink 182 have reached the late stage capitalism
Andric Karel Vasquez Galvez
I dunno if this is going to end up in my "defend pop punk" or "electro beats" playlist, kinda confused
Dima13dxt Hace 3 días
Its cool but the drop doesnt fit well with the rest of the song
İzle Hadi İzle
İzle Hadi İzle Hace 3 días
Guzel guzel bizim dumana benziyor stililleri
Cr Lz Jz Boy Cr Lz Jz Boy
I see guitars but don't hear wtf
MotMot Oreta
MotMot Oreta Hace 4 días
what is steve aoki doing? what did steve aoki did to the song? it doesnt add up
Siluman Beriman
Siluman Beriman Hace 4 días
i love blink 182, but wtf this is so CRINGE!
Marihot Siburian
Marihot Siburian Hace 4 días
relax guys. they just set the kick drum more electronic. it's travis's. but wait, where's guitar?
Rizki Hakim
Rizki Hakim Hace 3 días
you can hear it on accoustic cover
Kathryn Ferguson
Kathryn Ferguson Hace 4 días
At first I was like wtf, but now I can't stop listening to it. Good shit.
Robert Kucko
Robert Kucko Hace 4 días
Hard Wolves
Hard Wolves Hace 4 días
wtf happen to blink 182
QuaseTudo Hace 5 días
no final o dinheiro sempre fala mais alto! era uma vez uma banda chamado blink 182
Morgan Rees
Morgan Rees Hace 5 días
Love Steve Aoki. Love Blink 182...but the two sounds just don't mix well. Everyone seems bored to death... Pun intended
Zauzahar Ismail
Zauzahar Ismail Hace 6 días
Like smart phone advertise songs..
Rico Franco
Rico Franco Hace 6 días
It so good music
adean chandra
adean chandra Hace 6 días
49👍 - 45👎 its not you blink 182 😔
Luke Testa
Luke Testa Hace 6 días
5 years later were still talking about Tom
Buttery Biscuitss
Buttery Biscuitss Hace 6 días
Rommel Reyes
Rommel Reyes Hace 7 días
ghost615 Hace 7 días
I imagine this song sounds completely different live (and possibly even good). They're holding instruments...but those instruments are not what you hear in this electronica nonsense studio recording. But with some actual chords and a real drumkit, this might not be complete shit.
Tesly Santiago
Tesly Santiago Hace 7 días
Boring 182
The LostCarlos
The LostCarlos Hace 8 días
Fuck this, Blink are dead to me!
Rian Syah Putra
Rian Syah Putra Hace 8 días
like steve aoki additional with blink182 why are we so broken yeah for me blink 182 just additional in this song and not featuring, why aoki music is so dominant than blink 182 music? even this aoki song but please give blink 182 space for show their music ah god it's so dammit
Cassidi Latterner
Cassidi Latterner Hace 8 días
I can mess with this
chris bates
chris bates Hace 8 días
Anyone think Tom looks like Steve Irwin. (Yes I know he’s not in this video)
g_dub Hace 8 días
Bruce lee with a beer gut.
sandy oktama Midsons
where the guitars sound ? anybody hear ?? i dont
sandy oktama Midsons
+Rian Syah Putra hahaha figured i think
Rian Syah Putra
Rian Syah Putra Hace 8 días
me too, i dont hear the guitar sounds and especially the bass sounds, i like blink 182 cause the bass is so attractive and rare to listen in a song dan i'm so like that
Vinicius Aronna Cruz
steve aoki FEAT blink. this is not blink, this is a participation. dont generalize lol
Sam Matheson
Sam Matheson Hace 9 días
The song's cool but this video has so many cuts to new angles I'm dizzy and confused
ari crystalian
ari crystalian Hace 9 días
Very bad song i ever hear from blink, give me back my old blink 182 punk rock till die
thundercat 19
thundercat 19 Hace 9 días
Not the blink 182 I know and love 😪
Михаил Романов
Что я тут делаю? Пролайкайте типо я что-то крутое написал. Пусть переводят американцы. Всем русским привет кстати
BLUE SKULL 75 Hace 10 días
Wtf has happened to blink 182
marcello moundera
marcello moundera Hace 10 días
Brian Leonardus
Brian Leonardus Hace 10 días
why BLINK 182 like ... one direction hybrid justin bieber
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia Hace 10 días
14 years later I just can say... I LOVE BLINK-182 WITH OR WITHOUT FUCKING TOM
John Anderson
John Anderson Hace 10 días
Why is Hollywood always pushing interracial couples?? White genocide is real.
Erika Asthenia
Erika Asthenia Hace 7 días
People are going to do what they want.
like hell we are anxiously waiting
Oh Matt!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Nick Dengler
Nick Dengler Hace 11 días
It’s shite
kaladin Stormblessed
kaladin Stormblessed Hace 11 días
I love this!
Intz51 Hace 11 días
Travis Barker drums in yungblud song sounded so much nicer, but i get it, its different style song
James Judice
James Judice Hace 11 días
I'm still trying to figure out what's so great about Steve's music
Rachel S
Rachel S Hace 11 días
I'm into this...
Andrez Globe
Andrez Globe Hace 11 días
2:00 :D
josue caballeros
josue caballeros Hace 11 días
Steve would have done something better
Ardderly Janggie
Ardderly Janggie Hace 11 días
Blink my eyes so many times.. blink 182.. I miss my punk rock era
Just PlayPlay
Just PlayPlay Hace 12 días
Even they are four WITHOUT Tom Delonge Blink 182 music feel so empty, so monoton.. And dunno why this music video looks boring, only in first minute look exciting.. Blink 182 can survive ONLY with Tom Delonge, Matt is good but he cannot make Blink 182 "Blink 182", you can see that I'm right by looking at the audience now when Blink 182 live
Garrett Taira
Garrett Taira Hace 12 días
Anybody else come here for Christian?
Thomas Uniat
Thomas Uniat Hace 12 días
I saw "Blink 182". What the hell is this?
Eggs-traordinary Hace 10 días
i know right? But Steve is featuring them. This isnt a blink song.
Владимир петров
Просто супер! Прям поднимает настроение
Barb G
Barb G Hace 12 días
i feel so fucking old
Alejandro Respaldo
Alejandro Respaldo Hace 13 días
Come on it's clearly not blink-182 but it's still a good song, it's not shitty like some of their new songs, I love the fact that their are making good music again, even if it is a collab
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia Hace 13 días
One thing I'm noticing is that all these blink "fans" don't realize that this song is a FEATURE song since you "fans" don't know how to read shit....
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia Hace 13 días
The music video makes this song more energetic some kind of way
Peter Gonzales
Peter Gonzales Hace 13 días
Blink 182 lo mejor de lo mejor. Los amo
Lukas Sebesta
Lukas Sebesta Hace 13 días
why with aoki? shame
iamstevenlopez Hace 14 días
Matt Skiba = the death of Blink
Mr. Songib
Mr. Songib Hace 14 días
2:30 Here
javier perez
javier perez Hace 14 días
The drummer is the best part of the entire song.
Breno de Souza
Breno de Souza Hace 14 días
So nice!!
Ima Salmaa
Ima Salmaa Hace 14 días
They seem like they don't age
Mandrell La
Mandrell La Hace 14 días
One must first read the lines that when words aligned the write way a picture can be seen in between. How can one Read Between the lines when there are no words to read & static is what is seen???
charlie gamer
charlie gamer Hace 15 días
terong online
terong online Hace 15 días
blink 182 without tom delong is not blink‼️
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia Hace 13 días
grow up...
Sebastian Y
Sebastian Y Hace 16 días
I think my speakers have cancer now...
Ryan Daeger
Ryan Daeger Hace 16 días
Why can't I stop hitting replay?
blisterpacman Hace 15 días
cuz you like shithole music you groid
Charles Lucero
Charles Lucero Hace 16 días
Anyone who tries denying the fact that this is a great song is lying.
pearl starkey
pearl starkey Hace 16 días
Komo Hace 17 días
More like Steve Aoki feat. +44
Charles Lucero
Charles Lucero Hace 12 días
Komo dude give Skiba a chance. Just cause Tom doesn’t wanna be part of blink 182 doesn’t mean that Mark and Travis can’t carry on the name/legacy.
ferdinand briones
ferdinand briones Hace 17 días
What if Blink 182 and Spagheddy?
Johnny Athmann
Johnny Athmann Hace 17 días
Why does anyone have an instrument? Why are they not just sitting on stools while dipshit plays with his skater rink instrumentation. This is saddening. This, coming from a metal singer, where they barely needed me; the band was doing shit and I was screaming. Here we have singing and nonsense for music in the background. If this was an instrumental, I would be embarrassed to play it in the airport coffee shop that I part time.
Johnny Athmann
Johnny Athmann Hace 17 días
Why is Travis even there?
King Cruelty
King Cruelty Hace 11 días
Probably because Steve and Travis did a collaboration before.
Faust Von Barley
Faust Von Barley Hace 17 días
$$$. Maybe ties to Sony which has ties to Smirnoff?
Tina Thiel
Tina Thiel Hace 17 días
It's Katy from The Magicians!
zoeken dcuo
zoeken dcuo Hace 17 días
Rafael Alfonzo Ruiz Moscote
Vine por cobre y encontré oro :b
Dylan Beck
Dylan Beck Hace 17 días
why would they do this? lmao
Aldo Serrano
Aldo Serrano Hace 15 días
Because they're friends
alfian fahrur
alfian fahrur Hace 18 días
R.I.P Punk Rock
Edwien Gusmantara
Edwien Gusmantara Hace 18 días
Wasting the talent of the drummer.
Niana K
Niana K Hace 18 días
Wait, wheres my tom?
Sev Pha
Sev Pha Hace 18 días
Blink fans, this is not supposed to be punk-rock. If you don't like edm, that's fine, just stop acting like this sucks because it isn't punk.
Heyheygohome Hace 18 días
Is that Masukas daughter?! 🤔
Vanessa Calderón
Vanessa Calderón Hace 18 días
love this song
Andy Doxel
Andy Doxel Hace 18 días
My inner teenager is a little drunk after hearing this.
jamessampson002 Hace 18 días
None of y’all notice this is Steve Ft. Blink and not the other way around?
manoverboard321 Hace un día
Who's Steve?
Robert Kucko
Robert Kucko Hace 5 días
Pablo Morales
Pablo Morales Hace 18 días
No Woah woahs or na na na’s? We’re making some progress...
Styphelus Hace 19 días
Blink could turn this song into something great but Steve Aoki made a mess of it. ALl the effects just hurts my years.
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