Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182 (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

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Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182
Steve Aoki - Why Are We So Broken feat. Blink 182 by Ultra Music ffm.to/nfiii
The Latest & Greatest from Ultra Music smarturl.it/UltraLatestGreatest
Starring Dora Madison & Christian A. Pierce
Music Video Director: Brandon Dermer
EP: Luga Podesta, Matt Day
Produced by Matt Day, Lauren Bates
Cinematographer: Wojciech Kielar
Production Designer: Justin Slade McClain
First AD: Seth Farley
Editor: Alex Splice Jones
Color: RKM Studios
B Cam: Chuck Schwarzbeck
1st AC: D’Angelo Harding
2nd AC: Marques Mallare & Alba Villaronga
Key Grip: Zach Kienitz
Grip: Rene Yescas
Best Boy Grip: Theo Thomspon & Francis Butler
Gaffer: Levi Kaminkowitz
Swing: James Sutor
Art Director: Brian Mayfield
Leadman: Kyle Loughrin
Set dresser: Joseph Altamuro, Peter Wassell & Michael Vitale
Set PA: Robert Main
Camera PA: David Lepper
Playback: Jacobus Baas
Mixer: Mike Robertson
Make Up: Sunny Drissa & Nadine Sondej-Robinson
Set Medic: Andrew Irvine
2nd AD: Jesse Carmona
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14 mar 2019

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Comentarios 3 486
SASUKE DO FF Hace 16 horas
Música boa para meus ouvidos
Jason Sengyung
Jason Sengyung Hace un día
Kinda feels like LINKIN PARK
Doopa Hace un día
Angels and airwaves feel would work better i think
Andreas Franz Krell
Andreas Franz Krell Hace 2 días
Calling Fred Durst calling for code dir list 1-p
Anthony S
Anthony S Hace 2 días
Trying to stay together for the kids.
Rio Vidyatmaka
Rio Vidyatmaka Hace 2 días
0:22 it might be on purpose or in accident but mark aren't lipsyncing on screen while at his part😀
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III Hace 2 días
A blessing of a thousand bugs not only into your eyes but into your own brains.
mikeymakinitsit Hace 2 días
Marshmellow ft ADTR > Steve Aoki ft Blink
Thomas Peruggia
Thomas Peruggia Hace 3 días
Garbage. Rip punk rock
αλεξης πεγιαδης
Report aoki for ruining a song and he sucks real hard
αλεξης πεγιαδης
Aoiki looks like a dumbass with the dj equipment
Tesly Santiago
Tesly Santiago Hace 3 días
The Glass Soul
The Glass Soul Hace 3 días
Chris Michaels
Chris Michaels Hace 3 días
Ken Babin
Ken Babin Hace 3 días
They should do an album together and call themselves, "Blinkin Park"
THЗ.3ЯD.PLACЗ Hace 3 días
Next Time: Alan Walker feat Blink 182 - We are faded.
Efa Rachman
Efa Rachman Hace 2 días
Waaasssuuuuuu koe
Pradeep Dokey
Pradeep Dokey Hace 3 días
Who is the guitarist ?
Dylan Eskridge
Dylan Eskridge Hace 3 días
Who is the female actress in the video? She looks familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.
saintvictorie Hace 3 días
You know what? I love this song now!
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Hace 3 días
WTF is happening to music and old school punk bands?????
Jan Paul Carstens
Jan Paul Carstens Hace 4 días
Why would you have one of the best drummers in the world, and overshadow that talent with electronic beats?
jordan James
jordan James Hace 4 días
MGradowski Trip
MGradowski Trip Hace 4 días
Thats fantastic!
Joshua Duran
Joshua Duran Hace 4 días
Love the new music, funny how some fans begged for the band to come back and overly criticize them from moving forward without a band member who clearly wants no part in the band. Appreciate what we got folks.
Mung Hace 4 días
Bruh! Never thought they go this far. This sucks. Don’t @ me.
Geezerrrrrr Hace 4 días
This song doesn't suck. But. This.is.not.Blink.182. In Any form.
Raul Juarez
Raul Juarez Hace un día
Well good thing its a Steve Aoki song ft. Blink
Daniel Bayer
Daniel Bayer Hace 3 días
Good thing this is a Steve Aoki song.
Grey Watson
Grey Watson Hace 4 días
That was trash! Fuck Mark! This song makes me want to join ISIS
Nojokeimhigh Hace 5 días
Lmao this was lame as fuck.. DJ's use to actually mix shit and make it sound good. Aoki is up there pressing a few buttons and jumping around..and he gets the front? Lmao I'd rather them put Travis in front and at some point they just destroy aokis tables and amps, then Travis just goes ham on a drum solo. Ah..just picturing it makes me feel a little better. 🤣
The Pariah
The Pariah Hace 5 días
Aoki is to music what Charles Manson is to family values.
Victor Tan
Victor Tan Hace 5 días
indo ada ga ?
udahan TV
udahan TV Hace 5 días
Blink 182 my favorite pas gue masih sekolah SD sampe sekarang anying
Jeins Pambo
Jeins Pambo Hace 5 días
Nice beat 👏👏👏
Randy Mark
Randy Mark Hace 5 días
Let’s talk truth. Blink sucks without Tom.
Ayush A
Ayush A Hace 4 días
blink is still pretty good
Febri Yantoro
Febri Yantoro Hace 5 días
Where is Tom Delonge? 😂
Avril18 Brixx
Avril18 Brixx Hace 5 días
No es el blink 182 de hace años pero no esta mal , me gusto mucho
Ray Bustos
Ray Bustos Hace 5 días
R.I.P. Blink 182... 90's rock band's should be 90's rock band's.
mitchell drain
mitchell drain Hace 6 días
Grew up with the boys in the '90s I lost touch...wtf man where's Tom Having said that...this song doesn't suck
poppin dreams
poppin dreams Hace 6 días
What happen to all our smalling thing people.. bring the old Blink 182 back
нэяσмı豪 Hace 6 días
If only Tom Delonge was there.💔
Azhar Hidayat
Azhar Hidayat Hace 6 días
liu liu
liu liu Hace 6 días
Que bosta ficou essa Blink com esse novo integrante ,lixo de banda
Felicia Clara
Felicia Clara Hace 6 días
When you have Travis but you almost can't hear his drums :(
Caleb Hace 6 días
Crazy Ngakak
Crazy Ngakak Hace 7 días
Good asu kontol bangset kontol
Priscila Rubilar
Priscila Rubilar Hace 7 días
Si me gustó pero extraño a thom
D. boy
D. boy Hace 7 días
Fucking fail!!!!!!!
Matt-WhO-InC Hace 7 días
I was skeptical about collaborations like this, but after hearing that lil Wayne shit, I like this more now.
Ulises Lar
Ulises Lar Hace 7 días
definitivamente se escucha mejor y mas a blink a 1.25 de velocidad!!!! trátenlo!!!!
Kobe Spurlock
Kobe Spurlock Hace 7 días
Get rid of Steve Aoki and the songs cool
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Hace 8 días
Few people are up on that Aoki has his roots in bay area punk rock.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Hace 4 días
@ohalistair benefits of being a punk pushing 40. Lol
ohalistair Hace 4 días
You're literally the only other person I've seen who knows this.
J Stern
J Stern Hace 8 días
God no
Eza Bakri
Eza Bakri Hace 8 días
Without Tom.. 😦😦 .. Miss you Tom..
J fox40
J fox40 Hace 9 días
Jesus this is horrible
Joshua Oukrust
Joshua Oukrust Hace 9 días
Matt is so awesome. You all should appreciate him or else Blink wouldn’t be playing right now. It’s all a bonus and this songs ripssssssss
Nicolas Mendez
Nicolas Mendez Hace 9 días
Johnny Rocker
Johnny Rocker Hace 11 días
You can tell this was marketed to teenagers. No grown man is going to drink Smirnoff
Eduardo Huaman
Eduardo Huaman Hace 12 días
My little heart attack ❤️
Chieftokabole Gaming
Chieftokabole Gaming Hace 12 días
Yuck 🤢
Rapheal Yazzie
Rapheal Yazzie Hace 13 días
Got Tom voice playing in my head 😭
Patrick Guay
Patrick Guay Hace 13 días
Who brings in Travis Barker then uses programmed drums? That's like paying for Gordon Ramsay for the day and then eating Mcdonads...
Alejandro Cisneros
Alejandro Cisneros Hace 13 días
Just wanted to see if they were right saying blink 182 sold out lol. They where right. Going back to sum 41 video fuck this shit.
Basson de Villiers
Basson de Villiers Hace 14 días
Nope Nope And nope
M.A. __ C.
M.A. __ C. Hace 14 días
what the fuck
zinga poker
zinga poker Hace 14 días
I know this sing beacouse game: Beat fever
Channel Sok Tau !
Channel Sok Tau ! Hace 14 días
my mood !
TheBenShee Hace 14 días
all you guys in the comments wondering about the comments need to realize. no one gives a fuick about aoki, everyone is here becasue of blink and everyone hates that this shit here is even a thing.
Pammy Giddings 1
Pammy Giddings 1 Hace 15 días
Am beginning to realise the meaning not just the music... Love x
SNZODIAC Hace 15 días
if tom was still in blink this would be a lot better
Wizard Mafia
Wizard Mafia Hace 15 días
AMD's Ryzen 3000 series CPUs are going to kick ass.
Alexey Zenkevich
Alexey Zenkevich Hace 16 días
Russian vodka on 3:32
Ka Mahaswara
Ka Mahaswara Hace 17 días
rock version please...
peter engelbrecht
peter engelbrecht Hace 18 días
Please come back Tom cause Blink has become a parody of itself.
Max Chlofield
Max Chlofield Hace 18 días
Huh playing this in 1.25x is not actually bad. Although if this was a rock cover it would be much better.
Ma Nibba
Ma Nibba Hace 18 días
joe johnston
joe johnston Hace 18 días
This is not blink they should have left blink as it was and started a new group. Skiba needs to go back to alkaline
Roman Nikulin
Roman Nikulin Hace 18 días
Billy Jelek
Billy Jelek Hace 18 días
In the end it smirnoff ha ha ha.
Nima Hace 19 días
travis is better than Samples
J Ford
J Ford Hace 20 días
0:06 is doing?
gamer xpro
gamer xpro Hace 20 días
gamer xpro
gamer xpro Hace 20 días
br aqui men
claudia carolina martinez feranandez
No me parece blink 182 parece una canción de anuncio nada punk me gusta la innovación y la fusión pero si blink quería fusión con la electrónica podían haber probado con el drum and bass pero como no vende.....
fendy rahman
fendy rahman Hace 20 días
John Simon Wijaya
John Simon Wijaya Hace 21 un día
I want Tom Delonge version of this song
Maria Pratiwi
Maria Pratiwi Hace 21 un día
Good music to fix my bad mood
Bradley J
Bradley J Hace 21 un día
gotta love a music video featuring all electronic music and 4 guys 'playing' instruments. the only thing that's real in this song are the vocals. oof!
ANDOR3 XY Hace 21 un día
WTF is this???
Roberto Cardenas
Roberto Cardenas Hace 21 un día
Whatever! This sounds better than "Blame it on my Youth" Although is not saying much. Blink 182 sound is not the same anymore. They like switched genere
KD Khawlo
KD Khawlo Hace 22 días
Thank you ESvid for recommending this song 🤘i would have never know 🤘
Camden Osborn
Camden Osborn Hace 22 días
who the fuck is steve aoki? he looks like a chinese jesus at a track meet
ohalistair Hace 4 días
When you're playing with blink-182 at 7 but you have to Kill Bill at 8.
Erick Chavez
Erick Chavez Hace 22 días
Traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash. Matt Scuba is ass.
prasang manandhar
prasang manandhar Hace 22 días
I wish tom gets back to blink
Rafa Val
Rafa Val Hace 23 días
Blink is lsot without Tom
Mayo C
Mayo C Hace 23 días
Why smashing things?
James Coffey
James Coffey Hace 23 días
Travis is drumming u dicks clearly u don't understand the concept of drum fills u tards
Alan Lopez
Alan Lopez Hace 24 días
Why the hell did they brought travis Blake
Luis Torregrosa
Luis Torregrosa Hace 24 días
My favorite music :) :)
Alan Lopez
Alan Lopez Hace 25 días
This song is so frecking popping i do not like it
Himura Hace 25 días
My brain "That's Matt? Oh shit he finally fits into Blink." Goes and listens to when he came into the band "Yeah Matt still sucks and doesn't fit."
hans anders
hans anders Hace 26 días
Why a hod dam Band need a Dj?
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