Steve Harvey on Firing White People Vs. Firing Black People

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If you're gonna fire a black guy, you best be ready for the repercussions. Watch this #ThrowbackThursday clip from my Comedy Special "One Man" and let me know if you didn't take a firing laying down. #TBT #StandupComedy
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6 sep 2018

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SquillyMon Hace 14 horas
Actually in my case this is untrue... I Eff off as much as I possibly can to see how long that special meeting takes to crop up.
Siryvonne Bell
Siryvonne Bell Hace un día
I love how he wearing this suit like I wish yo ass would come fo me and roast me!!! I miss his stand ups he's hilarious!!!!
John  M. Chew
John M. Chew Hace un día
I was job hunting before the ink dries on my first performance write up. Some of us live by the Johnny Paycheck song," take this job and shove it", I ain't working here no more. I don't know any job worth stressing over. That job, I quit, no notice at all. As soon as I got the other gig, I called and told I wasn't coming in. It was a funny phone conversation.
John  M. Chew
John M. Chew Hace un día
I always prefer 2 part time jobs than one full time job, that way I always have a fall back, and flex schedule.
Teriqua Jones
Teriqua Jones Hace un día
It's too weird to see Steve harvey with hair and an ugly suit.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave Hace 4 días
How do I get a suit like that?
Zahn _
Zahn _ Hace 4 días
paul tomanio
paul tomanio Hace 5 días
So so funny Steve ,TRY ME I'M WHITE.....
fx02zbn Hace 5 días
Poor Blacks, always the victims
Jude Barz
Jude Barz Hace 5 días
Back when he had hair
Ali Sam
Ali Sam Hace 6 días
7:02 I ke ye kez
Gamez and Stuff
Gamez and Stuff Hace 6 días
For every like Willy will get his job back🤔
Nayops 18
Nayops 18 Hace 7 días
What happened to the hair tho, it wasn’t even thinning for that matter....
Jon Kline
Jon Kline Hace 7 días
I can watch that all day long. Being on both ends during my life.
Kung Dot
Kung Dot Hace 8 días
0:10 lmao is that jamie fox laughing in the audience? Yo pierre can you come out here sounding ass
DustyBill Hace 8 días
Not true now days.
JoJo B.
JoJo B. Hace 10 días
Man If imma be fired, then atleast do me the one last favor and fire me first thing in the morning. So that way I can go right back home and go back to sleep, plus I also still have the rest of the day left PLUS the night too, to go party. Don't waste my whole day, by just using me, all because you don't have a replacement and dont want to get your own hands dirty by being understaffed once you send me home, so instead you just use me one last time when secretly you're just going to fire me once the shift is over anyway. Nah, I'd actually be a lot more upset at that, than the actual fact of the being fired part lol.
Darrell Knox
Darrell Knox Hace 11 días
Its all good, just sacrifice yr friend. Be like Steve. He know about in the ass.
Aine Mairead
Aine Mairead Hace 11 días
When I worked at walt disney world,, as the characters donald duck and daisy duck. My co-castmembers were resentful of the Seniority I acculumated,,They hatched a scheme that accused me of talking in the Donald Duck Costume at my Bid Location,,''Pete's Silly Side Show'' Photo Pass was in on it,,,and the Character Attendants were in on it... I was accused and the walt disney company ''Canned me,,, BUT,,, the cast members that ==MOB-BULLIED'' me didn't take to consideration,,,that they were ''MOB-BULLYING''a ''Paralegal''' with close friends for Lawyers/...The Union was helpful in Advocating for me,,,but it was the ''STEALTH'' Supportrom my ''Friends that won the day,,,and my position was returned to me with Seniority and the back Salary,,,One more note,,,The Two Executives at the Second Hearing, were impressed with me... One of the Executives loudly in the Hearing scolded the ''OPERATIONS MANAGER'''',, My adviceb to Managers,,,,How familar are you with the tactics of the,,,,''MOB-BULLY''' and ask your self ,,,have Ibeen manipulated by the mob bullies and have I terminated any employees because I don't know what Mob-Bullying looks like,, One more thing,,,The Photo Pass Photographer and the Character Attendant at Petes Silly Side Shows that did that to me,,and the others involved,,,Kiss my A$$ ,,,you low life dirt bags,,,It has been great Vindication getting my position again with the Company,,I am bigger and better for it, and ya'll still pathetic,,,bless your heart,,,I'm still doing my Paralegal work,,,Please feel free to come at me again,,, Managers everywhere, you need to know your Employees,,,,
Abdul M
Abdul M Hace 12 días
When social media and phones didn’t ruined social life. All the audience enjoyed their time
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley Hace 13 días
My dad was a yank . Im ashamed of my farther land all wona be crucks and gangsters. i wont admit i have any blood from there
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley Hace 13 días
I gess im just way different to a white yank i see only men as in not sexualy ha ha black or white your just men i hate you all the exact same . is that racist if so i dont give a rats ass
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley Hace 13 días
50/ though this vid not evan a smile so far. Evan whites wont enploy me thank fk i have cash . Boil his kids ? Or raw . I like kids but cant eat a full 1 vids dun not 1 smile dude your a bore
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley Hace 13 días
I see it coming . Rights right and thats all right . But if your talking about my babey it dont matter if your black or your white
Mr Reverse
Mr Reverse Hace 13 días
Thumbnail pic: Marzia edit Actual video: pewds edit
Queensue jesuseschild
Queensue jesuseschild Hace 15 días
I wish there wasn't any cussing in it but there is why cussing don't make it funny at all. You can say the same thing with out the cuss words and it's still funny. But this is our way of life now the more cussing you do the funnier it seems well our old comedians didn't cuss on TV at all if they were at a club I don't know if they did or not but I think not because you don't have to use cuss words to be funny. People want to hear cuss words why I don't like to here them. I know some will say he wasn't right. Bill Cosby when Richard Pryor first came out was the f word used every other word Bill called him and said you don't have to use those words to be funny. And to cut back on the use of that word. Because it made the black people look bad and didn't have any other words to say. Bill was right I didn't like Richard Pryor at all. Because of the cussing.Flip Wilson was funny and he didn't use cuss words. He was on TV too. I use to watch him along with Bill Cosby like most people did back then. I wish he hadn't don't the sex thing. He wasn't thinking with his head on his shoulders. It is a shame that people put so much on the act of sex it's not that important when you have true love it's just a small part of it. You can do with out it. Sex starts in the brain as you think of it oh I got to have it I got to get me some from somewhere anywhere today now even. If you didn't think about it you wouldn't need it. I been married over 30 years and I don't need it. Haven't had it for some many years I don't remember the last time I did have it. Still married still love my hubby and he loves me he don't cheat on me either. He don't want it either now me either because we are content to be with each other with out sex it's not a big thing not to have at all. Look at it this way it is lots of work it's messy and it gets the sheets dirty then you have to shower strip the bed remake it. To much work. For 3 minutes of sex. 5 if you are lucky. I know it can be longer but most men are in a hurry when they get it.
Maxine A.G. Guess
Maxine A.G. Guess Hace 18 días
So true lol!
Beau Williams
Beau Williams Hace 20 días
My little sister just asked didn’t he go to jail for rape?
Simeona Elisala
Simeona Elisala Hace 20 días
He had hair????
Sylvia Green
Sylvia Green Hace 20 días
Freddie Hankins
Freddie Hankins Hace 21 un día
He's being investigated by the Trump administration for sneaking in illegal aliens in that suit.
Lone Star Kennels
Lone Star Kennels Hace 21 un día
"any day now." Lmao
John Sluder
John Sluder Hace 22 días
Omg so sick of stupidity. Go talk to Africans only.
Kendrick Wallace
Kendrick Wallace Hace 22 días
maritonmae x
maritonmae x Hace 23 días
Ima go look at some Prince, now. Nah ah.
maritonmae x
maritonmae x Hace 23 días
This cannot be the official Steve Harvey site, but okay. He's a star, funny, funny man. Into our living rooms. Makes us think.
maritonmae x
maritonmae x Hace 23 días
Great stuff, but some of us aint black nor white. Come to think of it we're all shades of the same palette.
Malau Hace 24 días
Wow ! I had no idea Harvey was a comedian ! Let alone a great one. To me he was that bland talk show host.
Jennifer Mondesire
Jennifer Mondesire Hace 26 días
Ashy ass Philadelphia police smoke I will never forgive you Spanish Harlem’s
Jennifer Mondesire
Jennifer Mondesire Hace 26 días
I know my aunt a thief I’m still here alive
Jennifer Mondesire
Jennifer Mondesire Hace 26 días
Tobias whale get Witcher Job and John
Jennifer Mondesire
Jennifer Mondesire Hace 26 días
Witcher you ain’t black to me
Jennifer Mondesire
Jennifer Mondesire Hace 26 días
Optimum law group : please watch this ESvid video
Jennifer Mondesire
Jennifer Mondesire Hace 26 días
Jon Hubbell
Jon Hubbell Hace 27 días
I have never laughed so hard in my life!!
Keondre Benjamin
Keondre Benjamin Hace 29 días
Don't nobody let Willie Turner go that's nonsense alright forget it give me my check give me my check give me my check don't play with me give me my check
SAVAGE ASSASSIN 47 Hace 18 días
OneHung Low
OneHung Low Hace un mes
I know this sounds racist, don’t mean it that way, BUT, only a Black man could pull off wearing a yellow suit .
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast Hace un mes
i know u r Richard Pryor reinvented under masonic ritual you dont fool me
Bill Smlth
Bill Smlth Hace un mes
Now it's ok to notice the blatant racism against white males. Don't forget to repeat it everyday.
multiyapples Hace un mes
Ken Elder
Ken Elder Hace un mes
Main reason I can never be a manager...
J Nunyabizio
J Nunyabizio Hace un mes
Steve harvey is so racist its insane
Chet Manly
Chet Manly Hace un mes
steve harvey is an ignorant racist
April Harris
April Harris Hace un mes
My favorite Steve Harvey stand up😂😂😂💚💚💚 the best!!!!
big tone
big tone Hace un mes
Great character comedy. Brilliant delivery. Come to england we would love your shows.
Stefan Pigford
Stefan Pigford Hace un mes
I don't care for him much.. Steven Harvey but,..this is so true 😎😋😂
Patrick Michael
Patrick Michael Hace un mes
Funny because no one would fire a black person in today's society.
Kristy Barker
Kristy Barker Hace un mes
I love his suit. 😎
Nathan Mayes
Nathan Mayes Hace un mes
10 jobs is not allot
Victor M Hogue
Victor M Hogue Hace un mes
The Three Stooges always said "You can't fire us, we just quit"
j.e.d. 80
j.e.d. 80 Hace un mes
Never been fired. So it would be a surprise.
Tim Hallas
Tim Hallas Hace un mes
It's funny how black people can laugh while their true ignorant savage nature is being explained to them by one of their own,,, but just imagine a white comedian making fun of the ignorant savage nature of the black man. Oh, hell no, we ain't nothing like that! It's called hypocrisy... and you all think it's a secret.
Tim Hallas
Tim Hallas Hace un mes
@Gilson Viana Judging a person by their color seems to be the norm for "people of color". Do you know how many black comedians make their living by making fun of black people's behavior. Most of them comparing black people to white people.
Gilson Viana
Gilson Viana Hace un mes
Assuming that you are better than somebody else just because of your race is the real ignorance I see in here.
hotrod8809 Hace un mes
Always been a fan of saying "for fucks sake"
Sean Morrissey
Sean Morrissey Hace un mes
How about firing men vs firing women?
Paul Roy
Paul Roy Hace un mes
You mess with Willy, there's gonna be consequences and repercussions.
Keke D
Keke D Hace un mes
So true I love my race we don't play that. We funny as hell
Ed Mak
Ed Mak Hace un mes
I'm white. Steve speaks the truth.
Leon Rod
Leon Rod Hace un mes
Just another racist, sounds like Sharpton
Matthew James Davis
A classic 💯
Alphonzo Davis
Alphonzo Davis Hace un mes
When black folks about to get fired they gonna give you a damn good reason to let they ass GO!!!
Kalo Btzzk
Kalo Btzzk Hace un mes
Back when Steve had hair
Brenda Carson
Brenda Carson Hace un mes
looks who's rich now
nancy cordero
nancy cordero Hace un mes
mr Steve Harvey. have u got some repercussions? well Steve and Wayne u both lied.. u should be both be on OWN.or bet, but both rich dudes like rich Jews
Ron Really
Ron Really Hace un mes
100 subs with no vids
back when Steve had hair 🤣😂😅😆😁😃
Hijabis4ever Hace un mes
Steve Harvey is on point. The worst thing about getting fired is when they know you ride the bus and they let you come to work and swipe in and sit down and three supervosors and managers walk over with security and tell you that they no longer need your services. That your fired. It's 7am in the morning. I had to catch 3 buses to get there. You know I cut up. I didn't mean to but I just decided to say everything I had been holding insdie of me.
Chris Brunelle
Chris Brunelle Hace un mes
I have never been fired from a job. That’s probably weird, huh
Jason Chrapliwy
Jason Chrapliwy Hace un mes
Am I the only one who feels bad for both, I can't even laugh at this as I know how it feels.
Rupertlove7 Joseph
Rupertlove7 Joseph Hace un mes
steven mandl
steven mandl Hace un mes
black people get fired from jobs more than white people,white people actually want to work
LaTasha Howard
LaTasha Howard Hace un mes
I love when black people imitate white people talking. Cracks me up everytime 😂
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