Steve Harvey on Firing White People Vs. Firing Black People

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If you're gonna fire a black guy, you best be ready for the repercussions. Watch this #ThrowbackThursday clip from my Comedy Special "One Man" and let me know if you didn't take a firing laying down. #TBT #StandupComedy
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6 sep 2018

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dragon squad the squad
*KhWhite people*
David Nagel
David Nagel Hace 15 horas
Why do blacks feel the need to perpetuate the negative stereotype and be proud of it?
Edward Davis
Edward Davis Hace 16 horas
Lookin like a banana after you let it sit a day on top of the fridge.
Hung Lam
Hung Lam Hace 16 horas
Cold blooded truth
Dr Dead
Dr Dead Hace 20 horas
The other day we learned when you fire a brother they open fire.
11swallowedinthesea Hace 23 horas
No wonder why that black guy, a fifteen year employee, killed his five colleagues after getting fired three days ago in Illinois.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller Hace un día
At this point in time Steve Harvey is a racist pig 🐷
Jessica Blasingame
Jessica Blasingame Hace un día
Hes funny! He tslks about reality! I love him! He loves kids too! Yes! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Juss Chillin
Juss Chillin Hace un día
When you're supposed to be joking but you become the joke...
Carson Hace un día
And that's why you don't hire black people.
11swallowedinthesea Hace 23 horas
No wonder why that black guy killed his five colleagues after getting fired three days ago in Illinois.
Matt Peña
Matt Peña Hace un día
At em 10 elem job's I've been fired bout 10 elem time's! Die n lol Willie my boy
Robert Hace un día
Omg this happen in the news
11swallowedinthesea Hace 23 horas
No wonder why that black guy killed his five colleagues after getting fired three days ago in Illinois.
Jim Faust Jr
Jim Faust Jr Hace un día
Jesus Willy 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Topaz Rose
Topaz Rose Hace 2 días
He had hair?!?!
Mileena Monsta
Mileena Monsta Hace 2 días
Canary yellow
Fidel Lledin
Fidel Lledin Hace 2 días
No ticket one way to Africa?
Leah Omil
Leah Omil Hace 2 días
NME bandvideos
NME bandvideos Hace 2 días
If they ever make a movie about Richard Pryor they should get Steve Harvey to play him. He's a spitting image of him especially with that mustache. His delivery is similar too.
naufal naufal hazza nabila
this is comedy
lillian barnes
lillian barnes Hace 2 días
He looks like a big canary box.
efcpl Hace 2 días
Yes it all good and game to make fun of white people. But damm you and is´s even illegal as white making fun of black people.
Absent SNZ
Absent SNZ Hace 2 días
I loved this
Joe Draper
Joe Draper Hace 2 días
Steve Harvey is the reason every single episode of Family Feud has to feature a black family. Reverse racism at its finest.
Richard Boone
Richard Boone Hace 2 días
Willie fixing to show his whole ass up in here willie fixing to act a damn fool lmao favorite part
Clinton Lewis
Clinton Lewis Hace 2 días
Harvey’s funny but that suit is so distracting.
MJAdetroit Hace 3 días
holy sheet @3:57 he's basically talking about the recent black shooter in Aurora, IL (Gary Martin) who got fired from work yesterday! R.I.P. to the five victims- they really shoulda had police on site with rifles before they fired him!
Prabhdeep N
Prabhdeep N Hace 3 días
"this some buuuulllshit up in here"
Mark Ass Whimsy
Mark Ass Whimsy Hace 3 días
Ambition Hace 3 días
He not funny to me
MJAdetroit Hace 3 días
but he got $140 million dollar net worth- how much you got?
Robert Grubbs
Robert Grubbs Hace 3 días
Another racist boot lipped porch 🐒
K3NNY O Hace 3 días
Miami -Steve Harvey- Vice, lol
poodle  dog
poodle dog Hace 3 días
Zianmo Bargor
Zianmo Bargor Hace 3 días
Who’s here after watching the Monique interview???
Eric Hicks
Eric Hicks Hace 3 días
I thought this guy made enough money to buy clothes that fit him...
Mobile Fortnite gamer
“I’ll kill yo kids Tom, I’ll yo kids”
Free Spirit
Free Spirit Hace 3 días
Here after the Steve and Monique Drama🤦
WesTG Hace 3 días
I'm dead🤣
Stevie D
Stevie D Hace 3 días
45 seconds in and I knew I didn't like him. Shame...
pass iton
pass iton Hace 3 días
If a man cant be funny, without expletives,. He sure ain't no man, yes suree....
pottyboyler Hace 3 días
What a shitty society to live in where you can lose everything without notice and for no reason
NaGz Vevo
NaGz Vevo Hace 3 días
A negative turned to a positive.. 😁
poptillidrop Hace 3 días
That was funny. Sad we've gone all victimhood/leftie group think these days. UK Fan
azariasthelast Hace 3 días
Willie better not ask tom for a reference.
mattanderson915ma Hace 3 días
did anyone else think "pause" immediately after he said "ya boss's ass is kinda tight"
Jonathan Boone
Jonathan Boone Hace 3 días
I've been willie turner and I sho got my check
Matthew Carbone
Matthew Carbone Hace 3 días
Back when black and white people had fun and laughed together. ❤️
Wendy Morales
Wendy Morales Hace 3 días
Back when Americans could be Americans and no race or color was an issue when when we could laugh at ourselves and still be friends... Funny as hell!
Isabel Garcia
Isabel Garcia Hace 3 días
"Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore; but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again"
iyon oravitz
iyon oravitz Hace 3 días
Ive watched this at least 20 times, funniest thing ever
Shalom Yisrael
Shalom Yisrael Hace 3 días
Where's Bernie Mack when you need him?
George Washington
George Washington Hace 3 días
God bless America and the meritocracy we have, great job explaining it with humor Steve.
daphnee paul
daphnee paul Hace 3 días
I didn’t even know they made suits in yellow
Kathleen Bordages
Kathleen Bordages Hace 3 días
I'll kill ya kids !!😂😂
spooky boi
spooky boi Hace 3 días
He had hair...
Fran Pinzow
Fran Pinzow Hace 4 días
Back then, two Steve Harveys could have fit in this suit.
Nat R
Nat R Hace 4 días
There’s always a Becky
Someone Awesome
Someone Awesome Hace 4 días
Let me guess all the dislikes are a bunch of people who feel “offended”
jon fuller
jon fuller Hace 4 días
Steve just brilliant
Honkey Kong
Honkey Kong Hace 4 días
I'm angry and on a racist rant... this funny af
Nick S
Nick S Hace 4 días
6:25 When she reaches around and tries to stick her finger in your bumhole
Des Enterprises
Des Enterprises Hace 4 días
Archie Bunker had a bestter stick!
Denise Waghorn
Denise Waghorn Hace 4 días
You know what your talking about cos you had a lot of marriages hey 👀
dumptruk11 Hace 4 días
I think its photoshopped .... FAKE NEWS. ! Hahahaha. I love it
Amys Adventures
Amys Adventures Hace 4 días
Dragon maid
Dragon maid Hace 4 días
I know where I'd be sitting and it wouldn't beevup in whatappears tobe that white section. Brothers and sisters have too much fun down the front!
Keyshia Wilson
Keyshia Wilson Hace 5 días
Steve is great I love him
Eliza Beth
Eliza Beth Hace 5 días
I can relate; every time I get pulled over this is what I go through. sort of makes me think of that song by Big Poppa, "your daughter's tied up in a Brooklyn basement"
shanty lightbourne
shanty lightbourne Hace 5 días
yungreezy Hace 5 días
Who saw that add
MissCoco Brown
MissCoco Brown Hace 5 días
I made sure that I knocked over everything when my former boss fired me. He was so shook.....because the bastard knew that he was wrong.
john knowing
john knowing Hace 5 días
This is funny BUT Blacks say too many are in jail YET the black violence is so prevalent even in a comedy show all the blacks laugh when a black talks going violent Add it threatens a white man and burn the place down
Ali Bern
Ali Bern Hace 5 días
Lol when he said I’ll kill ya kids the subtitles said IKEA lol
Rocket City Rob
Rocket City Rob Hace 5 días
jay cerv
jay cerv Hace 5 días
I like this Steve Harvey. How did his mustache become so grotesque and offensive? Maybe when he went bald :L
Tony Hill
Tony Hill Hace 5 días
Before the sell out and dancing fa massa
Bis zum Tod
Bis zum Tod Hace 4 horas
You mean taking it up the wrong'un?
MissCoco Brown
MissCoco Brown Hace 5 días
E Sohl
E Sohl Hace 5 días
Who tf is Pete anywayyyyy 😂😂
ronron Hace 6 días
if i comment on this about this being low-key racist i know people are going to hound me with replys saying im to sensitive and stupid so i will just go in the corner...
Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent Hace 6 días
This man is truly funny, Just his facial expressions are enough 😭
Small Cilantro
Small Cilantro Hace 6 días
10/11 jobs isn’t a lot?
OS-SCAPE V I R U S Hace 6 días
Hilarious but could you imagine if a white guy had this act about black people today? Liberals everywhere would be photoshopping MAGA hats on him and saying he’s secretly a slave owner
Donald L.
Donald L. Hace 6 días
Remember when we could have comedy like this? You can thank the radical Left for censoring everyone out of fear of hurt feelings.
Christina Thomas
Christina Thomas Hace 6 días
Im of lighter skin and every time ive been fired im escorted out lol. I just do not take it well lol
The Dummy
The Dummy Hace 6 días
So true 😂 my first boss would walk like someone was pushing him 😂
Yeah Blacks get fired 1st because your LAZY.
qwer123211 Hace 6 días
Tell ya what: Reverse white and black in this comedy sketch and then tell me this guy's career would not be destroyed. Racism is still racism no matter who is displaying it.
Christopher Clarkin
Christopher Clarkin Hace 6 días
I love his suit. I am not crazy about him or agree with him.
Jesse Mccrossen
Jesse Mccrossen Hace 6 días
That suit is fuckn with my mind
AFK4Realz Hace 6 días
Hey Steve! you yellaaaa!
Donald Pierce
Donald Pierce Hace 6 días
For the last 30 years, it is very hard to fire a black person. I know
drey day
drey day Hace 6 días
Waiting on him to tell the audience catch up with that mustard ass suit
David Hutchinson
David Hutchinson Hace 6 días
Steve is funny as fuk. "Bob getting Fired".....Haha
April Harmony
April Harmony Hace 6 días
Oh my god this came up in my recommendations and caught me off guard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm in pain😭😭😭😭😭😭 HOLLERING
Marshall Mom
Marshall Mom Hace 6 días
Go ahead.. say I'm fired.. I'll kill yer kids.
swisha tweek
swisha tweek Hace 6 días
Has there ever been a black comedian that didn't do "the difference between blacks and whites" bit?
The Englishman
The Englishman Hace 6 días
If I told those jokes I would be racist
Jacques Bloques
Jacques Bloques Hace 6 días
What kind of racist tool think black folks and white folks are a certain way about things? I fired a black guy and it was nothing like this. I guess he ain't black then. #LeaveThePlantation
Carl Eaves
Carl Eaves Hace 6 días
Steve Harvey is loud and obnoxious. I will not watch this person in the future. This is not funny. But, consider the source.
L Hace 6 días
God, if this joke was told by a white guy.. black lives matter would be all over that! Double standard maybe?
Skyla Taylor
Skyla Taylor Hace 6 días
Bruh where is the lie 😂😂😂 I just laughed so hard bruh
dragon squad the squad
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