Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

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8 oct 2011






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Chit with a C
Chit with a C Hace 5 días
The iPhone, one day to be severely overpriced by apple.
Legendary_tortoise O5
I mean the latest Samsung Galaxies are just as expensive
Jean Luc Bergman
Jean Luc Bergman Hace 2 días
@24/7 Rollercoasters If people buy it in masses, enjoy it, and don't feel the need to move to a separate phone ecosystem, then it isn't overpriced. You have plenty of options to buy older generation iphones too.
Bloody G
Bloody G Hace 3 días
Samsung as well lmao
Chit with a C
Chit with a C Hace 3 días
@Ritzzar that's right, I'm poor
Ritzzar Hace 3 días
only poor people say this
Happy gupta
Happy gupta Hace 2 horas
we are born with 10 fingers my brain during exam :are u sure about it,let me confirm first
Chelsea Gracia
Chelsea Gracia Hace 4 horas
The phone was indeed revolutionary
Major Quinn
Major Quinn Hace 4 horas
A-1 Animator
A-1 Animator Hace 5 horas
uh wait thats litteraly just the iphone x but not entireley made out of glass and not as breakable
Geeta Dhumane
Geeta Dhumane Hace 5 horas
Apple died with him...... No offense to Tim cook though... He was father of microcomputer revolution
lucio avancena
lucio avancena Hace 6 horas
steve jobs 8 years ago: who would want to use a stylus??! apple 8 years later: Introducing the Apple Pencil.
OP BRONSMITE Hace 7 horas
tom tom
tom tom Hace 7 horas
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Cecelia Hace 8 horas
3:20 ew wtf is thatttt
Rahul 141
Rahul 141 Hace 8 horas
Steve is the real revolution
Jeet Kukreja
Jeet Kukreja Hace 10 horas
The Revolution stopped after Steve passed.
erin! Hace 12 horas
i’ve never heard his voice before
mikigralll .
mikigralll . Hace 14 horas
Sono italiano
MineWit Hace 15 horas
Steve jobs: and- Everyone: **claps**
Heaven _girl?!
Heaven _girl?! Hace 15 horas
back then this was like introducing fire to mankind😂😂
Wesley Lindstrom
Wesley Lindstrom Hace 16 horas
Why am i watching this in 2020??
-JoshGamingYT- Hace 18 horas
*couple years later* ok, who wants phones when u can just use a hologram watch! Lmao
Exilah Hace 19 horas
Develyn Seether
Develyn Seether Hace 21 un hora
Yes Apple were there for a revolutionary product. They were there when Samsung decided 'we can do better than that crap'.
Thomas Souza
Thomas Souza Hace 23 horas
Glad he's gone....He created the ultimate addictive devise know to mankind....
PRO GAMER Hace 23 horas
Donald Williams
Donald Williams Hace un día
Anyone else cringe when he showed the iPhone pic and no one really cheered because he had already introduced the idea without the pic?
69 subs no video
69 subs no video Hace un día
Venkatesh Chamana
Venkatesh Chamana Hace un día
ha h a ha samsung android launching .. but i phone totaly fail
Ruben Dwyer
Ruben Dwyer Hace un día
Apple in 2007: “Who wants a stylus, ugh”. Apple now: “introducing the new Apple Pencil.”
Toussaint Ngoie
Toussaint Ngoie Hace un día
Thank You Steve ! 🙏🏽
Blake Griffith
Blake Griffith Hace un día
Let me introduce you to a phone that will never be as good as Samsung
Nate McDonagh
Nate McDonagh Hace un día
Hay who’s watching on a 11iphone in 2020? Like here and comment
King Craft
King Craft Hace un día
Nate McDonagh
Nate McDonagh Hace un día
Of corse this has 22M views this phone was a ground braking invention made by Apple !!!
btsbbygurl army
btsbbygurl army Hace un día
why did this appear in my explore page...
User Family
User Family Hace un día
It would be nice if Steve Jobs was still here... Apple out of ideas, they making wheels all of a sudden
hemant rao
hemant rao Hace un día
342tude Hace un día
at that time i dont even know what celphone i was playing with my toys in home
Galaxy_Playz Hace un día
Who is watching this is 2020 because their bored?🤣🤣
v a p o r
v a p o r Hace un día
not only did he inspire all other phones to be "multi-touch" but he also inspired eboy fashion
Toy Bonnie
Toy Bonnie Hace un día
I feel great I have a iPhone 📱
Kers A HerpaFuqer
Kers A HerpaFuqer Hace un día
As an Android user this video had me fucking hyped, til he had an excuse of why their Hardware sucks
Nicolas Gamio
Nicolas Gamio Hace un día
oh boy I miss this man
john lemon
john lemon Hace un día
“In 2001-“ Audience: YEA!!! *claps*
Alex 69046
Alex 69046 Hace un día
Me when I hate windows and Linux 6:52
Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV Hace un día
iPhone went downhill from the day he died.
Laughtale Hace un día
I'm in tears !! It's so moving !! He changed the entire world like no other president or pm did
Carrot the bunny
Carrot the bunny Hace un día
I'm starting to feel bad for blackberry lol. Apple like stole their reputation. And now they are copying the swipe on their newest iphones. Such copycats lol.
Maneshwar Singh
Maneshwar Singh Hace un día
I can't believe just 13 years later all this seems so unreal, I can't believe I used to live in a world like that as a child. Smartphones are indispensable now.
Maneshwar Singh
Maneshwar Singh Hace un día
Elon musk needs to learn a thing or two about presentations from Jobs
Yuhang Zhang
Yuhang Zhang Hace un día
well,I love HUAWEI
Raffaele Sansone
Raffaele Sansone Hace un día
Steve Job was a visionary. The iPhone is a piece of history.
M De Smet
M De Smet Hace 2 días
Apple might have been five years ahead in 2007, with the most innovative screen ever. 13 years later they are using Samsung screens, so what does that tell you about the innovation in the past 13 years? The only thing that kept rapidly evolving at Apple, were the prices!
Apostolos Karpetas
Apostolos Karpetas Hace 2 días
Welcome to another episode of "what the f is in my recommended"
Wayne Filkins
Wayne Filkins Hace 2 días
People will never admit it but the iphone ruined the internet. Back in the 90's the internet was great. It wasn't that big and we all knew it would grow a lot, but it was a nice place to go. Then in the 2000's social media started to rise a little like friendster, myspace, stuff like that. It was fucking amazing. It was still a place for nerds, but some teenagers were getting on there but they had to use a computer so they weren't all completely fucking braindead so we were cool with it. Then the "smart" phones came out. All this did was put significantly more stupid people online. It just kept getting worse and worse, and now the internet is no longer the geek haven it once was, or even cool like the myspace days. It's a fucking psychological capitalism shitstorm and I can barely stand it anymore.
harithmeow Hace 2 días
A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s u v w x y z
Марко Шкрбић
Ah! Those were the days iPhone was actually a good and affordable phone.
Yellow apple
Yellow apple Hace 2 días
imagine being born on this day
Danika Bourque
Danika Bourque Hace 2 días
Steve: Who wants a stylus? Apple pen: *Ow*
Connor Carmine
Connor Carmine Hace 2 días
6:56 2007: NO STYLUS! 2019: Lets use a stylus with the Apple Pencil!
Parag Dubey
Parag Dubey Hace 2 días
Who all are here during quarantine Like👇👇👇
Ratzy Hace 2 días
Back when Apple were creative and innovative.
The sweetbeaters
The sweetbeaters Hace 2 días
Apple in 2007: revolutionary phone Apple in 2020: 1000$ stand for monitor.
David John Tough
David John Tough Hace 2 días
Nothing " revolutionary " about Apple products! Sadly for Jobs Sonys Walkman was " revolutionary "! Steve Jobs didn't like the Android system has surpassed Apple!😛
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniel Hace 2 días
Ok youtube.. I miss him now..
Lutfil Hadi
Lutfil Hadi Hace 2 días
Apple really changed the game
Wasted-_-Raccoon Hace 2 días
I was there
JGal Hace 2 días
Back when iPhone is all about changing and innovation but now it became a luxury brand.
Smeech Hace 2 días
Bruh I was 10...so I barely knew what life was before iPhones 😬😬 crazy
CYBERLOFT Hace 2 días
"You have to get them and put them away and lose them" Years later : introduced airpods
Christopher Fuxx
Christopher Fuxx Hace 2 días
Ipod... How i can forget it. Shame on me
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith Hace 2 días
i remember watching this in elementary school and wanting one so badly
JustinAmerica Hace 2 días
hey im a robot and i want to make some of the best software for humans have ever seen. do i start making hardware for you guys is okay?
Aedammix Hace 2 días
Actually you search for this
Nunya Binness
Nunya Binness Hace 2 días
Remember that time he died of AIDS?
Fi Tr
Fi Tr Hace 2 días
Next Gen
Next Gen Hace 2 días
Why do people hate the iPhone it’s a lot better than the garbage Android Phones people have. Also IPhones are better now!
Beast Wick
Beast Wick Hace 2 días
This Man is Smarter than einstein
kuessebrama Hace 2 días
And now apple is 5 years behind :D
mesjr94 Hace 2 días
my favorite thing about this video is how nobody knows how to react to the "Breakthrough internet communications device"
Casually Gaming
Casually Gaming Hace 2 días
Why is this entertaining in 2020 to me
Faith Lewis
Faith Lewis Hace 2 días
Jesus I have a Palm Treo😅
Hasan Bijoy
Hasan Bijoy Hace 3 días
Who else watching this using an android phone xD
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