Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.

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8 oct 2011






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Josh Adams
Josh Adams Hace 4 meses
This press conference literally changed the world forever
iSausage Hace 7 días
500th answer
iSausage Hace 7 días
iSausage Hace 7 días
Daniall XX
Daniall XX Hace 7 días
iSausage Hace 7 días
Yes indeed
Sai Keerthan
Sai Keerthan Hace un hora
Steve jobs introduced iphone in 2007 Le ESvid: let's recommended it after the release of iphone 12😂😂
Alan Noble
Alan Noble Hace un hora
I can't remember the last time the crowd cheered like this at an Apple event. Apple started dying after Steve did.
Quang (Putin) Le
Quang (Putin) Le Hace 2 horas
Quang (Putin) Le
Quang (Putin) Le Hace 2 horas
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D Zayn
D Zayn Hace 4 horas
Steve Jobs: let’s not use STYLUS. after a decade: iPencil was born.
ozgeonthego Hace 4 horas
I'm a teacher who lost her job because of pandemic. Started a ESvid channel. Can you support this newbie?
Mohamed Niyasudheen
Mohamed Niyasudheen Hace 4 horas
Yah any1 from covid zone watching
4:20 圖表 圖像而非文字 6:56記憶式文字 首尾精彩 5:53 肢體語言
Skunky Monk
Skunky Monk Hace 4 horas
What a load of crap apple werent the inovaters when it came to portable music they just stole the idea and put there logo on it and the apple cult bough it, Creative did a much better job and had a much better product. and the mouse? bugger off that was given away for free by Xerox
MALIK GAMING Hace 5 horas
So thats how I lost all of my money.
K24 trailers Productions
Sreejith Bk
Sreejith Bk Hace 8 horas
Anyone else watching this when iphone 12 is released
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Hace 8 horas
On another subject, I find it to be very sad on how we can view a man changing the world that is sadly no longer with us. RIP to this man, his legacy will live on for many years to come
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton Hace 10 horas
Now We have iPhone 12 (12 pro max realease on November 20)
R.I.F GAMING Hace 12 horas
Akshath S
Akshath S Hace 12 horas
Rikardo Soto
Rikardo Soto Hace 12 horas
this was a true iphone not like the trash of this year iphone 12 without earpods and charger
Meme Master69
Meme Master69 Hace 14 horas
apple in 2070: world's first manmade apple with self ripening technology and great taste
Control Yourself
Control Yourself Hace 15 horas
Apple is all about money. I'm not paying $1 for 1 song 🤷.
Ethan Trenaman
Ethan Trenaman Hace 15 horas
Back when people could be impressed.
Esteban Dixon
Esteban Dixon Hace 15 horas
Ingat.... Ada allah....
iAngeL Hace 15 horas
This video never gets old 😎
Omni Burst
Omni Burst Hace 16 horas
This just came up on my recommended lmao
Nugly Hace 17 horas
Say what you want about Apple, but this is one of the best presentations ever.
JustMe 92
JustMe 92 Hace 17 horas
This is the day when technology had a boom in evolution.This is the day we became modern slaves :((
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa Hace 17 horas
I miss him. Apple would've been way ahead of the competition.
paradroidx Hace 19 horas
was Apple the first to have a touch screen keyboard?
Blixxer Hace 20 horas
Hi kids who gotta study this in 2050 just wanna say it’s Sunday 18th October 2020 also this was a revolutionary idea by Steven boy he was very smart and he changed the whole damn world
Monova Hace 20 horas
I don't have an iPhone, but his story is honestly so inspiring, it's too bad that he didn't get to see his brand take off to where it is now
Shubham Jaiswal
Shubham Jaiswal Hace 21 un hora
JAV X.X.X LOVE Hace 21 un hora
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X Hace 22 horas
Pongan más videos de porno es lo que más estusiasma.
Ash TV
Ash TV Hace 22 horas
Watching this on my iPhone 11 PRO, times fly by
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi Hace 23 horas
Tohru FerbMizanin Ṩђἷᾗὄмἷẏᾄ
Innovación ......
Kishan Dey
Kishan Dey Hace un día
2007 touch screen "giant screen" "works like magic" 2020 touch screen "why not holographic" "so old" "the screens only 6 inches big"
Marshmello Hace un día
This press conference feels like a Rock’n’Roll concert 😅 #restinpeacesteve
TheComputerGamerGuy Hace un día
And now iPhone 12 is out..........
Virab Pogosyan
Virab Pogosyan Hace un día
И пронеслось айфонофобия
John Snow
John Snow Hace un día
I don't like apple just Samsung because apple sucks
Simon Hace un día
This man and his team started the cell phone revolution
Alex Amber
Alex Amber Hace un día
that works like magic!
Aarav Pratap Singh
Aarav Pratap Singh Hace un día
I like this company, it’s gonna be a trillion-dollar company or something one day.
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Hace un día
Steve jobs was such a great man But the iPhone 12 made me feel like he didn't had a good successor.
Aminul Islam
Aminul Islam Hace un día
"Those audiences were paid clappers!"
Amitha Chandima
Amitha Chandima Hace un día
Best presentator.
עודד דגן
עודד דגן Hace un día
VisionClips Hace un día
An apple a year makes your money dissapear ~facts
VisionClips Hace un día
emily c
emily c Hace un día
9 years later iPhone 12 comes out
Ben Trovato
Ben Trovato Hace un día
So how much of a surprise unveiling was this? Like, did most ppl in the audience or watching the broadcast have at least a vague notion of what was coming? Or was it completely kept under wraps, concept and all?
Randall Moore
Randall Moore Hace un día
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
One Minute Microfilm
Darius Hace un día
So Apple started this whole thing...
Robin Hace un día
If Steve Jobs never lived, I never had ha phones
Mann Gupta
Mann Gupta Hace un día
Apple back at 2007: who wants stylus. Nobody. Yuck. Apple today.: Buy our stylus just at 10k. Lol😂😂
LLPTV Hace un día
Imagine if the phone was a huge flop
Aye Thurasoe
Aye Thurasoe Hace un día
Who is here after iphone12series were introduced?
adbrooks95 Hace un día
I'm an android fanatic and have never owned an iPhone but I love tech and I come back to this video and watch it every few months just because
Chaos Magician
Chaos Magician Hace un día
I prefer android, had an iPhone 6, wasn't impressed, I'd disable all the apps I didn't need but after every update the iPhone software switched everything back on...really annoying
Arun Anil
Arun Anil Hace un día
Proud owner of iphone and luved it too
TheAndySan Hace 2 días
When the widescreen iPod with touch controls came out, it revolutionized everything!
Hannah Aaron
Hannah Aaron Hace 2 días
The phone that ruined people’s minds
Chaos Magician
Chaos Magician Hace un día
How so?
Nelson Yeung
Nelson Yeung Hace 2 días
I recently switched to Android after 12 years of iPhone and now I'm being recommended this video 🥺 Just miss the old Apple. Absolutely revolutionary.
Hussain Mudasir
Hussain Mudasir Hace 2 días
I just wanna thank him idk why but i just wanna thank him
world of gaming
world of gaming Hace 2 días
Me sitting here watching this on my iphone 11 👁👄👁
Archit Raya
Archit Raya Hace 2 días
The revolutionary iPhone which threw tech giants like Nokia and Motorola out of business.....
Emil Kovachev
Emil Kovachev Hace 2 días
This person is overrated .. glad he's gone
Aniket B
Aniket B Hace 15 minutos
You are absolutely wrong tim cook is overrated & destroyed innovation with money i wish steve & tim could switch places so that steve would be alive
YesbutNo Hace 2 días
ESvid in 2011: Wanna show him the video? No not yet. ESvid in 2020: Wanna show him the video yet? Yes. Definitely. Absolutely. He'll find this a new and exciting video.
Widyatmika Gandhi
Widyatmika Gandhi Hace 2 días
Apple then: we revolutionized tech Apple now: We sElL iPhOne wiTHout tHe BrICk
Shrekthegod Hace 2 días
iT HElP EnVIrONmEnT, EvEn tHoUGH iF wE WeRe SmARt wE WoUlD JuST mAKe iT USB C
BackYardBustersTTV Hace 2 días
I wonder what Steve Jobs would think of the world today and the difference he has made.
吴桐 Hace 2 días
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Hace 2 días
I'll just stick with my Nokia Blockia
J Brant
J Brant Hace 2 días
I like Bill Burrs take on Jobs
D. Trump
D. Trump Hace 2 días
Worst product ever.
Love Night
Love Night Hace 2 días
Yang milih Allah SWT like.
Fadia Shafa
Fadia Shafa Hace 2 días
Yg nongol di beranda karna abis nonton gadget in like
PannaVanna 07
PannaVanna 07 Hace 2 días
I wish steve jobs would be here
I wonder if I time traveled with the 12 pro what would Steve say
Anurag Kaushish
Anurag Kaushish Hace 5 horas
he would say *Ugh*
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman Hace 2 días
One day people will laugh at todays smartphones. Show some respect
Chaos Magician
Chaos Magician Hace un día
People already laugh
JCG Hace 2 días
On my recommendations in 2020
Backyard Space Program
Not a Apple fan, but Steve Jobs was ingenious, way ahead of his time. He are surely missed.
Jupiter Hace 22 horas
Smartphones changed the world you f-Ing idiot technology wouldn’t be the same without him
@SenfMann132 he is the reason that smartphones are the way they are now you fucking idiot
Blobdod Hace un día
@SenfMann132 karma? Dont know what he did
SenfMann132 Hace 2 días
He was a piece of shit, who played a big part in making this world the shitfest it is today. Not saying glad he´s dead, but Karma sure is a bitch.
KinGor SAS
KinGor SAS Hace 2 días
He gone, apple dead
Kaustubh Kamath
Kaustubh Kamath Hace 2 días
When steve jobs passed away the iphone Brand and its uniqueness died with him. Samsung and oneplus wouldnt even be a competition if he was still alive. Coming from an android fanboy
And Peggy
And Peggy Hace 2 días
well the i phone 12 is ready to come out sooooo
Khalid Hussain
Khalid Hussain Hace 3 días
Who is here after iphone 12?????
Paula Dehmel
Paula Dehmel Hace 3 días
It is so sad that he died... apple got so much worse...
Alya Salem
Alya Salem Hace 3 días
Anyone else got this recommended 9 years later?
Night Love
Night Love Hace 3 días
Like si veniste a jalartela.
Eric Jhin
Eric Jhin Hace 3 días
Вот раньше были презентации айфона, душевные. Не то что сейчас
Nice Guy
Nice Guy Hace 3 días
Got here again. Just impressive
Plotees Hace 3 días
This man makes me want to buy an iPhone, ... I'm an android fan
Can this BIGFOOT get 10k Subs?! -_-#
Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007, Now in 2020 iPhone 12 Who knows how many iPhones would be launched in future!
Gologo7 Hace 3 días
This was the beginning of the end... of having a reliable product for years with out having to purchase new equipment. Now you have a perfectly good phone that only last 6 to 12 months due to firmware up dates which make it obsolete. Forcing you to buy another same expensive product. Manipulation at It’s finest... the Dem Libturd way.
Frontyer Hace 3 días
Not anymore. New iPhones have 5+ years support. And considering how little advancement the phone marked is making you could easily use a phone for years today.
Adam Hace 3 días
*Masterpiece from an original creator*
TheOfficialJag Hace 3 días
This gave me goosebumps
krishnan nn
krishnan nn Hace 3 días
Who is watching after the release of iPhone 12 ?
Umang Hace 3 días
he used thousands of kids under 18 in factories and they were all underpaid. Remember that before you glorify tf out of him. thats how conglomerates work, they exploit the weak.
Viostic1 Hace 3 días
Go away bro
Mr1X Hace 3 días
Thats not a Smartphone. Thats a Gameboy.
Time Pass
Time Pass Hace 3 días
Think of someone introducing iPhone 12 to Steve jobs from the crowd!
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