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Viewers of Steven Universe have cultivated many alternate realities throughout the years, but none is more interesting than Diamond AUs where Steven has a mother of a different Diamond gemstone. What if Steven's mother was Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond or White Diamond? Let's dig in a little bit into those realities and how Steven would behave!
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Roundtable Hosts and Crew:
Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.

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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Hace un mes
Which Steven would YOU want to follow for a full episode, if they ever dipped their toes in alternate realities? Let us know! NECK GANG: teespring.com/neck-gang THUMBNAIL ART BY ARTWITHKODA: artwithkoda.tumblr.com/ instagram.com/artwithkoda/ esvid.net/show-UCzNnvLLuJ7qhu1c9-_d5oKg
ZingyWolf 460287
ZingyWolf 460287 Hace 22 horas
Zingy5000 Z5 this has now happened
It's Me Temzie
It's Me Temzie Hace 5 días
White Diamond's son
Lizard Smith
Lizard Smith Hace 5 días
Sasha Shadowhive
Sasha Shadowhive Hace 5 días
@Zingy5000 Z5 I bring you, the movie >,<
Levo Hace 6 días
Yellow Steven
Awesome Dog
Awesome Dog Hace 2 horas
They all look so cool
Vanillama728 Hace 4 horas
M-me ;-;
Sugar Bloom
Sugar Bloom Hace 6 horas
Actually the white Steven... White dimond Steven has a comic.
Red _Fox
Red _Fox Hace 8 horas
If the hair was brown, blue Steven looks just like me😅
Randy Gamer Ecauriaga
Randy Gamer Ecauriaga Hace 11 horas
"What" *See OK KO Thanking for watching the show ( Clip Save the multiuniverse there!*
Cause, I can
Cause, I can Hace 14 horas
After I finish watching this video I started talking to myself about what if Pearl fell in love with Greg after Rose and then he had a little sister and then I thought wait if if Pearl child was his little sister then what if she liked onion and now I ship it and I don't know why
Cause, I can
Cause, I can Hace 14 horas
By the way whenever I say he/his just to assume I mean Steven
Bruno BRX
Bruno BRX Hace 19 horas
There is alredy a white Steven comic and i think It is cool
David Mead
David Mead Hace 20 horas
I like blue Steven
yare yare daze.
yare yare daze. Hace 20 horas
I’m always sticking with my boi OG Steven or blue.
The terraria Gameplayer
No why u forsaken this land
Fluffy Hace un día
i mean rose was an asshole either way
Ibby 789
Ibby 789 Hace un día
Is blue was Steven's mom Steven would be an emo
splat_boy12 universe
hmm steven multiverse you say? i feel like that rings a bell steg mabye?
kenton kyuubi ninefox
I would love to see how the owners of the rights of Steven Universe would make a 'white steven'
cyngawolf Hace un día
Blue diamond Steven with emo pearl, YUS!
Yuuki Yamashashi
Yuuki Yamashashi Hace un día
There Are Also Blue Diamond Steven Comic Where There Are 2 Pearl Revolution Keep Happening And You Know Almost Similar Just Like Our Steven Universe Timeline What I'm Saying Is There Were Blue Pearl And Pearl
Yuuki Yamashashi
Yuuki Yamashashi Hace un día
There A Comic Of White Diamond Steven Where His Weapon Is Spear
AR2 Hace un día
Steven shouldve just used the time capsule to see rose
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson Hace un día
What if Steven was the child of all the diamonds instead of just pink what if all the diamonds fused and had a child with greg
Emerald Hace un día
*sees thumbnail* Thanks, I hate it
Graham Of Miitomo
Graham Of Miitomo Hace un día
Wrong! The most popular other Steven is Yellow Diamond.
Captain Everything Fun
Awestruckvox: swaps where the gems are humans and the humans are gems Me: dude that isn’t fan made that was cannon
jordin 01
jordin 01 Hace un día
Sans aus in a nutshell
_D4RP_ Hace 2 días
Ima stay in the neckless gang
Blob_of_Jello Hace 2 días
White Diamond's gem is like, up to Steven's chin
ZparityTheMystical Hace 2 días
Yellow Steven would be the coolest, He could even poof Jasper with no problem.
Bee TheBest
Bee TheBest Hace 2 días
Aristotle Lang
Aristotle Lang Hace 2 días
if blue diamond was stevens mom and had a alter ego and waged a war, would her gem be positioned to be like Jasper? (the one peridot worked with edit: FIRST GIRAFFE YELLOW DIAMOND, NOW GIRAFFE STEVEN Edit 2: IF IT WAS WHITE DIAMOND STEVEN WOULD THE MOVIE'S EVENTS STILL HAPPEN?! WOULD PINK STILL ABANDON SPINEL
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez Hace 2 días
I have an idea for an alternate Diamond/human hybrid but it is one that involves a Diamond that is just in my imagination (though possible for season 6.) The bold & masculine Black Diamond, being Stephanie Universe's dad. Here we go with an un-introduced Diamond who works via subtlety, the Black Diamond Syndicate has colonized hundreds of planets from under their populace's noses with the organics all serving the Diamond's interests with the populace none the wiser. The potential of humans, having already had small forays into space without contact with others including Gems is what attracted him to Earth, from there he fell in love with an astrophysicist & somehow gave up his Gem to create Stephanie. Steph would be far more subtle and at times manipulative, but as the show progresses she comes to learn more empathy, perhaps needing to eventually reveal the Black Diamond Syndicate to the rest of Gem society in order to battle an outside enemy that threatens both Earth & Homeworld.
Moonlight Shine
Moonlight Shine Hace 2 días
Pink Diamond for life
James Howlett
James Howlett Hace 2 días
Blue Steven would probably be BFFs with lapis because that’s probably the only one of our gems that has a good connection with Blue Diamond and because they would both be pretty emo.
ZparityTheMystical Hace 2 días
What about *Black* Steven?
Jcaw ENTERTAINMENT Hace 2 días
What if this happened that one of the diamonds ds fall in love as steven exists and all 4 diamonds become hybrids too
robo robot59
robo robot59 Hace 2 días
Blue Steven
Some guy on a phone
Some guy on a phone Hace 2 días
So Basicly what hapens is when u wreck a gem She disapires and leaves u a kid with problems ,Sounds Like evry other year to me
Reqrieum of Rememdium
The way I make AUs for this scenario easier to digest is "x diamond is the youngest and runt, therefore they act as pink in that universe" so if blue were to come to earth, pink diamond wouldn't be a thing. It would definitely be red.
miragemage Hace 2 días
"anti social" //cough sorry to be that guy but. i think ya mean asocial? (not really haveing a drive to socialize) edit: as much as i like pink steven, blue steven would also have a really neat story to follow.
GodKingErnie -_-
GodKingErnie -_- Hace 2 días
All four fused and having to give up thier physical body to have steven with all the diamonds in his body.
green beedrill
green beedrill Hace 2 días
Yellow diamond Steven be OP
Ruby Lewis
Ruby Lewis Hace 2 días
My favorite is yellow Steven
SuperLynx289 Hace 2 días
I would prefer Regular Steven, but if it had to b an AU I would choose White Diamond Steven because I am more familiar w/ him than other AUs
Seth Appleby
Seth Appleby Hace 2 días
I like the concept of alternative universe lifestyles and charecter lives its inspiring
John Doe
John Doe Hace 2 días
I feel like Blue Steven would struggle with his powers the most, as he would feel obligated to suppress his emotions more so he didn’t accidentally force them on others. He might even feel conflicted about trying to make people feel better, in case his pathokinesis literally MADE them feel better.
RedFire Hace 2 días
Luke Fraczek
Luke Fraczek Hace 2 días
She's Gone scene with different Steven's: Blue: A lot more emotional and he says it in a sad, accepting tone. Yellow: A literal lightning storm in the body of a human, Thor looks like a sparkler compared to this, and he'd say it with a LOT more pent up rage than what Pink Steven did. White: Probably the same as the OG scene, but with beams of light erupting from the ground.
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond Hace 2 días
I don’t think I would have a baby with Greg
Richard Murray
Richard Murray Hace 2 días
Pink diamond Steven all the way lol
Mattias Olsson
Mattias Olsson Hace 3 días
Your forgetting how if Steven would have stronger powers it would take much longer for him to control and develop them
Dennise Alexandra
Dennise Alexandra Hace 3 días
God bless fanfiction indeed -w-
Guardian Gem
Guardian Gem Hace 3 días
I need a crossover fic of all the diamond Stevens meeting each other-
Benjamin Quigley
Benjamin Quigley Hace 3 días
"Yes she does get a cut" GOOD YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING
Catathyst Hace 3 días
We also got Jasper Steven What else is there?
Alexander Greco
Alexander Greco Hace 3 días
White Steven is onion Steven
megareshiram1 Hace 3 días
Wouldn’t that empath thing from blue Steven effect humans too ?
AnAutisticUser Hace 3 días
I’m gonna be honest, I’d like to see some white diamond things, but I’d want it to be similar to the ask-whitepearlandsteven-au. I just really enjoy it.
Rychoo Hace 3 días
Pretty sure if the only thing that changes is what Diamond Steven is, then everyone would have gotten corrupted without that shield to protect them.
Cosmatic_chrome _stars
How would the gem size change on steven? Bc the diamonds gems r huge 😂
Brandon Barrett
Brandon Barrett Hace 3 días
How would the movie work out with spinel sorry if the names is spelt wrong
KenshiImmortalWolf Hace 3 días
I like Mom-swap or Mom-add aus more then diamond-swap Aus, as jasper really easily could of ended up being one of Steven's Mom figures, though obviously she seemed ot make more sense for a yellow-diamond mom AU, late game we know the truth. That being said what I'd like to see is maybe a Multiverse clash? Like all 4 of these steven types (if not multiple of some likemaybe multiple yellows and whites) fighting. Like imagine it, Pink and blue steven easily become friends cause their moms were naturally close and they are very fun loving even if one is more introvert and one is more extrovert. It would seem like Yellow and white were working together, but BAM, yellow turns on white, he isn't here to conqure, he's just here to win. He wants to prove he's the best around -nothing ever gonna bring him down- So he isn't here to just hurt pink or blue or even white, he just wants to prove he's the strongest of the stevens. Resulting in white steven who is likely the most spoiled of the lot cause, well his mom was white diamond and is the only steven to be born aware of his diamond mother being a diamond, losing his grand plan to create the steven authority
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