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Viewers of Steven Universe have cultivated many alternate realities throughout the years, but none is more interesting than Diamond AUs where Steven has a mother of a different Diamond gemstone. What if Steven's mother was Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond or White Diamond? Let's dig in a little bit into those realities and how Steven would behave!
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Roundtable Hosts and Crew:
Written by: Kevin Williams
Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Kevin Williams
Produced by: Kevin Williams
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgras, Nikki Thompson, MikeCatSU & Kitsune Zakuro!
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Hace 9 meses
Which Steven would YOU want to follow for a full episode, if they ever dipped their toes in alternate realities? Let us know! NECK GANG: teespring.com/neck-gang THUMBNAIL ART BY ARTWITHKODA: artwithkoda.tumblr.com/ instagram.com/artwithkoda/ esvid.net/show-UCzNnvLLuJ7qhu1c9-_d5oKg
Zingy 5000
Zingy 5000 Hace 18 días
@Bejan Bharucha yes I know what happens I said this ages ago.
Bejan Bharucha
Bejan Bharucha Hace 18 días
@Zingy 5000 watch the movie
sherrian johnson mckenzie
I think that blue diamond steven would be like the cool and caring one
Destroyer131 97
Destroyer131 97 Hace un mes
The Roundtable the Steven Universe gone wrong au
• MrSilver648 •
• MrSilver648 • Hace 8 horas
there are also universes where its nora and not steven
Nom Nom
Nom Nom Hace 14 horas
The diamonds are based off feelings Pink: happy Blue: sadness Yellow: anger White: shyness.
peyton the Steven universe lover
Can we talk on how blue diamond knows the rasengan?
•Pale_Cloud Gacha•
I feel like it would be more obvious if it was yellow or blue because of the electricity and the crying aura
*-Boba_ Cutie-*
*-Boba_ Cutie-* Hace un día
*their diamond Gem Weapons never arised*
Atomu Hace 2 días
At the start, you talked about having necks. I don’t have one, I am insulted.
DrBRUH Hace 2 días
Greg is the ultimate chad
Darkunderlord The razor
Blue Steven
Gustavo Android Gamer
Me: *see thumbnail* Also me: i liked the Steven universe yellow because.......HAMON OVERDRIVE
IvoryWitch Hace 3 días
I think that if Steven's mom was a different diamond then they wouldn't fall for Greg, Because just like Steven shows attributes of his mom Greg did many of the same things Pink did, He left his family because they weren't supportive, he Changed his name and went after his dreams and desires and did his own thing so I feel like if Steven was a different Diamond then they would fall for someone similar to them instead of Greg. Persay if White diamond was his mom maybe she would fall in love with whoever then other diamonds wouldn't be afraid to fall in love with a human and do the same merging human and gem kind into these Hybrids like Steven and have 4 stevens or humanoids similar to Steven ruling over Gem kind.
Marlee Stowe
Marlee Stowe Hace 4 días
white diamond Au
Marlee Stowe
Marlee Stowe Hace 4 días
yall im not racist
Diane Bekker
Diane Bekker Hace 4 días
If our steven wasn't the steven we all know and love l would have choosen blue steven🔹🔹
Lord Scorpion
Lord Scorpion Hace 5 días
If blue diamond was Steven's mom is that mean that we would have yellow Pearl
Nora MuffinYT
Nora MuffinYT Hace 5 días
Wait what about Spinel-
Simon Esposito Catala
steven has a gem weapon because he is descended from ROSE and NOT PINK DIAMOND
Danmintis PE
Danmintis PE Hace 7 días
Bro no other diamond has shield 🛡 So thy would be corrupted too with the other gems Lol sorry to break it to yeah
Jeorge Requinto
Jeorge Requinto Hace 8 días
If yellow was the mother of Steven then her weapon of choice would be a two wielding hamers that could paralize gems,if blue was the mother of Steven then it would be a whip to puff them, and if white was the mother then it would be a spear that when hit with a gem he can control that gem
Carter 8088
Carter 8088 Hace 8 días
Imagine the monster Steven as white or yellow diamond. 😬
Cheska Manalac
Cheska Manalac Hace 9 días
Yellow Diamond looks my mom 😂😂😂😂😂👍
RookoftheRookityRook Hace 10 días
4:04 just... Look at amethyst
RJ Frahm Games
RJ Frahm Games Hace 10 días
Does anyone else think that the Blue Diamond in the thumbnail kinda looks like Sans from Undertale? Just me? Ok, bye.
% •[*]{Tácõ gál}[*]• %
Hm.. I mean, what if Steven was a girl? What if Steven wasn't Steven? I'm sure atleast one diamond would want a daughter, right? What if his name was, like, Stella? Or Stevy? What if Connie and Steven were lesbian (If Steven was a girl)? What if they were just best friends? What if Steven, Greg and the crystal gems lived on homeworld? Honestly, White Steven is my favorite.
help let me go
help let me go Hace 11 días
*"Steven Universe: Into The StevenVerse"* Yall i havent read any other comment yet dont say i copied someone
shelby Willson
shelby Willson Hace 12 días
Can we have a corrupted versions of white steven and yellow steven and blue steven? That would be awesome
Littlemiddledude Hace 13 días
nohelia munoz
nohelia munoz Hace 14 días
Naomi Pleasant
Naomi Pleasant Hace 14 días
School:So Steven would you like to be on the basketball or football team? Yellow Steven:Yes.
VGrey Tale
VGrey Tale Hace 15 días
I have something to say - Yellow Diamond probably wouldn't change her identity instead I think she would stay on home world and instead meet Greg in the middle of a fight.
Ani-Mav Hace 15 días
Well, since all the diamonds basically had healing powers, I’m assuming Steven would have them
Sunflower buds
Sunflower buds Hace 16 días
I feel like blue Steven would be a girl... idk why it just suits her. Usually girls are more emotional than guys (not being offensive! I’m a girl too!)
Blue Phaser
Blue Phaser Hace 16 días
they should make a black dimanod
ChrissyPlayz Hace 16 días
The first five seasons?
What if two gems fused then they had a child like Steven? Would the baby be able to fuse and unfuse? Gem or half gems?
Charlie Seely
Charlie Seely Hace 15 días
I came up with an idea for an OC that had Blue and Yellow as moms.
Let's come With Steven alson
The roundtable:so she couldnt headbutt him into outer space Me:Wait your saying jasper can headbutt steven into space The fudge?
evan aragon
evan aragon Hace 16 días
He'd play the bass is he was blue diamonds kid 🥱
I don’t know:the movie of my entire life
Here's a concept: Another one of the main crystal gems has a child around the same time as Rose and grows up with Steven. Maybe Amathyst?
Braxton Cosdon
Braxton Cosdon Hace 17 días
5:10 - 5:20 that is my reaction XD
Walfred Carey Young
Walfred Carey Young Hace 18 días
Iwatchyou steven universe i'm a big fan me and i ate watch your i love all your videos i watched them all day and i like pearl so much and opal
Glazly Donut
Glazly Donut Hace 18 días
Maybe White diamond Steven would have a different problem to solve. Maybe homeworld would be in a bad situation without their leader. Steven might have to replace White diamond and learn to lead homeworld. This would also be a great insight to how things work there.
D-bois V5
D-bois V5 Hace 18 días
Sans steven
Ford Grimshaw
Ford Grimshaw Hace 18 días
Racially insensitive, who cares it’s a fricken show
Santo Caputo
Santo Caputo Hace 18 días
One trait yellow Steven would have that every time peridot calls him a clod he makes the face
Nora MuffinYT
Nora MuffinYT Hace 18 días
The steven having a neck theory really depends on greg. Sometimes in diffrent universes greg looks diffrent so maybe some stevens wont play an instrument and would find other interests. Also for garnet and amethyst they would be diffrent characters our Amethyst would be put in the human zoo as an amethyst guard. I think garnet would be completely changed due to blue steven being blue diamond so maybe blue would be a non shatterer and keep garnet
Glazly Donut
Glazly Donut Hace 18 días
Nora MuffinYT I think Steven would still at least play one instrument. He got his musical side from Greg.
Amber Tondreau
Amber Tondreau Hace 19 días
Yellow diamond is a giraffe it's proven she for real stretches her neck that's her one freaking power
LunaPotato UwU
LunaPotato UwU Hace 19 días
Why do i love blue steven so much?
Crisyian Marque
Crisyian Marque Hace 19 días
Andre Kerr
Andre Kerr Hace 19 días
Blue Steven
Gay cows
Gay cows Hace 20 días
Necc gang my dudes
Delia Pinero
Delia Pinero Hace 20 días
I ❤ AU's
Dis Dude
Dis Dude Hace 21 un día
I am sure a white diamond Steven would feel superior to others since that is how white acts. He would think he knows what’s best.
Lupita Olivares
Lupita Olivares Hace 21 un día
I would imagine the episode that when Steven and Connie sank into the bottom of the ocean, instead of Connie being upset, Steven would be upset (blue diamond AU) and Connie would instead try to cheer him up, also when you were talking about Steven having a breeze when there’s conflict, like with pink being his mom, it will take time for him to fully control his very strong diamond powers, like in SU future
Jedi Warrior.
Jedi Warrior. Hace 22 días
Blue diamond Steven: a more emotional Steven he would not go to school but would be in the temple a lot more and he would play cello and would have an Irish accent. He would be the thinnest Steven. He would have an bow and arrow and could have water ability and breathe underwater. He might have insomnia and love to play video games. Ruby and sapphire would not form garnet. Yellow diamond Steven: the strongest Steven, he would have a hammer and boxing gloves like garnet. and peridot would already be on the team. He would have speed powers. This Steven would go to school and a summer camp. He would not go on many missions. He would be the best in shape. He would have shattered more than just one gem he would lose control and would take sword training with our pearl ( the pearl from the actual show). White diamond Steven: he would be the tallest and would be evil and fight in the gem war and be the commander of the war he would not give many gems a chance. He would be insane and not like the other gems. He would live in a crazy world and would frequently be in battles with the diamonds. These are just what I think would happen I know some people may not like but I like them.
Am I the only one who noticed the steven, star, and K.O figurines in the background?
Pamela Fritzy
Pamela Fritzy Hace 17 días
Avianna Schroeder
Avianna Schroeder Hace 23 días
The Rose Quartzes For The Aleternative Universes: Yellow-Citrine Blue-Blueberry Quartz White-Milky Quartz
Audrey England
Audrey England Hace 23 días
I like yellow and blue the best.
Audrey England
Audrey England Hace 23 días
I love aus!
Dragon empress
Dragon empress Hace 24 días
I would honestly swap the sizes of the diamond mom's. The one having Steven is automatically the smallest so it makes Greg plowing them seem less ridiculous. Or switch the dad's like have Marty with white Steven.
Abbygail2128 BlockStarPlanet
No one : White steven : **smiles like sans**
Caltricia Hamilton
Caltricia Hamilton Hace 25 días
I feel like the names would be: Pink Diamond:Steven,Cinnamon Roll,Best Hooman/Gem Blue Diamond -Nora because why not,Looks Like they want to kill you but actually a Cinnamon Roll,Most Relatable. Yellow Diamomd-Greg Jr.,Looks like a Cinnamon Roll but can actually kill you,fittest gem/human,necc gang. White Diamond-Steve,Can Kill you,Spiky Hair/Coolio/Can't take a joke.
Michael Dimitri
Michael Dimitri Hace 27 días
Blue steven seems chill and blue diamon / very emotional ( me ) all of steven traits BUT NO POWERS ( me) me : * pretty chill*
Gray Shep
Gray Shep Hace 27 días
Daniel Marquis Forte
Daniel Marquis Forte Hace 27 días
I like yellow steven more
raccoon kid
raccoon kid Hace 28 días
uhhhh all gems are girls
Imani Mangual
Imani Mangual Hace 29 días
Bingo blue Steven is kinda hot
Weirdo Randomator
Weirdo Randomator Hace un mes
Blue and i think it would more be like the diamonds were in pinks place
Monika Hace un mes
What would happen in the diamond blast if Steven was a different diamond
Ricecake Hace un mes
When u said neck gang the subtitles said egg gang. :)
Julia Cortez
Julia Cortez Hace un mes
I've almost always have seen steven with a different diamond mom in a diamond swap AU. The ones where that's not the case are always more interesting due to the fact that in the diamond swap AUs, Steven's mother is always the pink (or you could say runt or another term) of the group, so not that much changes.
Jessie Locs
Jessie Locs Hace un mes
All of them
Doggywoggy :3
Doggywoggy :3 Hace un mes
wait..since every diamonds pearl is in the spot of where the diamond was...is pearl white diamonds pearl..?
NO 0N3
NO 0N3 Hace un mes
I have a small steven universe theory since all of the diamonds pearls have their gems in the same spot on their body as the diamonds I think the pearl we know and love was originally supposed to be white's pearl but then pink got in trouble with volleyball/pink pearl and then white gave her pearl to pink and took volleyball and took control of her mind to make it look like volleyball was her original pearl
Nick Gurr
Nick Gurr Hace un mes
Greg is a lucky guy
Katherine Couch Potato
A Steven from all four of the Diamonds? But....that means........ Ah yes, *the ol’ Universe Charm*
Crystal Fancoski
Crystal Fancoski Hace un mes
Blue Diamond \ Lapis Lazuli Yellow Diamond \ Topaz White Diamond \ Snowflake Obsidian
TheDoctorWitch Hace un mes
lmao everyone gonna think you good at giving head with that shirt
Grimlockimus Prime
Grimlockimus Prime Hace un mes
Blue steven is practicing the quaratine
•{Caleb}• Hace un mes
What if every diamond had a son or daughter
Gunnar 96
Gunnar 96 Hace un mes
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