Stop Trying To Give Birth At Disneyland

Danny Gonzalez
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28 may 2022






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genesisreadsbooks Hace 9 meses
I couldn't even imagine a woman giving birth and mickey is just standing there like:🙂
genesisreadsbooks Hace 4 días
@vina sol he might
vina sol
vina sol Hace 5 días
Why is he smiling is he gonna kidnap the baby and turn it into a chipmunk?
Celestine Sunrider
Celestine Sunrider Hace 6 días
@Michael Mullan LMAO 😭
Michael Mullan
Michael Mullan Hace 12 días
It's a -Hyuck!- boy! Gorsh Mick look at it!
Miles Johns
Miles Johns Hace 19 días
No he’s like:😏😏😏
Vox Cruora
Vox Cruora Hace 4 meses
If I ever get pregnant, I'm gonna give birth in Danny's house so my child will be the Ultimate Greg.
Citlali Delgado
Citlali Delgado Hace 14 días
Hutki Shira
Hutki Shira Hace 15 días
I'm a male and I'm going to give birth in his house as well
Lil no no No no square
gigga greg
moodymoosh Hace 17 días
@S h a r k y ohh ok
S h a r k y
S h a r k y Hace 17 días
@moodymoosh because Gregnant gets translated to “They Gather” or something
Madison Hace 5 meses
I feel bad for the women who weren't trying to do this and actually went into labour unexpectedly and get judged or treated like the women who purposely try to give birth at Disney
Beelzemobabbity Hace 19 días
@glupik again, not everyone who goes to disney is the same person. I think most people they travel there, ride rides all day and leave once its dark and they’re exhausted. But some people, live right by the park, have passes and just go for a bit. Most likely theyvjust went with the family, pregnant women don’t suddenly have nothing to do once they hit the 8 month mark. Babies are usually born on schedule nowadays so..
glupik Hace 19 días
Imo we should just judge less - i didn't even know this whole idea existed so I'd just feel bad for someone going into labor in the park. We judge people all the time for being weird but we all have weird quirks
glupik Hace 19 días
​@Beelzemobabbity listen, yes, babies can be born prematurely, but they are more likely to get born closer to the due date, it's different being 5 months pregnant and deciding to go to Disney and being close to 9 months and deciding to go. Is common sense like non existent anymore
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom Hace 23 días
l feel bad for the women who weren't trying to do this and actually went into labour unexpectedly and get judged or treated like the women who purposely try to give birth at Disney
zimbothebimbo Hace un mes
@Null why would you plan a trip to disney if you know you could go into labor at any minute
Luna! Hace un mes
My best friend used to work at Disneyland as a Princess, and this woman came in who was obviously in pain walking around. She looked like she was late in pregnancy and so she decided to ask the woman what was up. She just said she was fine. Few minutes later she was on the ground releasing her gremlin. She didn’t get a pass.
Esha Deshpande
Esha Deshpande Hace 2 días
chang'e Hace 5 días
Kiwi gamer
Kiwi gamer Hace 18 días
✨Katy Stinks✨
✨Katy Stinks✨ Hace 9 meses
I worked at Disneyland when I was younger and I can 100% confirm that people spread ashes in the haunted mansion. My friend who was a parks janitor would find huge chunks of bone chips since I guess it costs more money to finely mill the bones (morbid, I know). The vacuum would often get backed up from this and sometimes broke the whole thing if it got a large enough piece.
I kinda forgot
I kinda forgot Hace un mes
@Katystinks a photo of Repunzal with her head off smoking would be an iconic photograph. Seriously lol would be an awesome art piece. I'd love a whole series of photos based on Disney characters on their down time.
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom Hace un mes
l worked at Disneyland when l was younger and l can 100% confirm that people spread ashes in the haunted mansion. My friend who was a parks janitor would find huge chuncks of bone chips since l guess it costs more money to finely mill the bones (morbid, l know). The vacumm would often get backed up from this and sometimes broke the whole thing if it got a large enough piece.
*𝙽 𝚊 𝚞 𝚛*
The haunted mansion is ruined for me now
LPS peaches
LPS peaches Hace un mes
Umm.. that’s concerning..
BigDaddyJesse Hace 5 meses
I’m actually a custodian at Disney and this happens too often,. The worst part of it is that we have to ask if they want the ashes back. Most of the time, the people come back and spread the ashes again. What has this world come to?
Hollybranch22 Hace 5 días
IMO, this happens so often and not for nefarious reasons (people are just dumb) Disney needs to have a way to like humanly and safely do this, for like a set amount of money disney will take a loved ones ashes and mix it in soil used to plant a flower or something I’m sure there is a safe way to do it
🦊Tails Prower!🦊
🦊Tails Prower!🦊 Hace 22 días
People are tupid Ok that's my new favorite word lol
BonkCG Hace un mes
@Ella Soderstrom npc
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom Hace un mes
l'm actually a custodian at Disney and his happens too often,. The worst part of it is that we have to ask if they want the ashes back. Most of the time, the people come back and spread the ashes again. What has this world come to?
Lucy B
Lucy B Hace 4 meses
Weird that they didn't learn the first time they couldn't have them there. You would think they would get the message, especially because you were nice enough to let them have one more chance to save them from the vacuum, instead of just straight up getting rid of them. Maybe next time you ask someone if they want their ashes back, say what will happen to them, that you'll have to vacuum them up, if they don't take them away?
Genevie Kent
Genevie Kent Hace 9 meses
As a cast member I can confirm that if someone starts giving birth we are supposed to immediately cremate them and store their ashes in the castle. Free lifetime pass.
ImPrettyCoolTbh Hace 9 días
@Elinor Gormley god did..
The Medic
The Medic Hace 18 días
they just get clobbered by Ricky Rat
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom Hace 23 días
As a cast member l can confirm that if someone starts giving birth we are supposed to immediately cremate them and store their ashes in the castle. Free lifetime pass.
Allyson Cashdollar
Allyson Cashdollar Hace un mes
Butters Scotch On Crack
Cat Ears & Chaos 😈
As someone that has given birth, I couldn’t imagine having so many strangers around while I was giving birth to my son. That would probably just creep me out and ruin the moment. Not to mention how unsanitary that would be. Giving birth where thousands of people have touched 🤢
Melanie Medina
Melanie Medina Hace 25 días
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom Hace un mes
As someone that has given birth, l couldn't imagine having so many strangers around while l was giving birth to my son. That would probably just creep me out and ruin the moment. Not to mention how unsanitary that would be. Giving birth thousands of people have touched 🤢
Sarah Barabe
Sarah Barabe Hace un mes
So easy for you or the baby to get infection. I also wouldn't want too many people around when I give birth in the future, when I was in labor and delivery as a nursing student and the whole family would be around I'd just think, nooooooo. I don't want everyone to see that. My boyfriends friends were telling him that they all wanna be in the room to see his future kid get born and I was like uhhhh, noooooo
Moviestar12 Hace 8 meses
If you want a cuter and nicer urban legend that is true at Disneyland, there are Disney cats living there who serve as in house pest control. They are frequently put up for adoption and the ones that stay are taken good care of by the employees
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom Hace un mes
lf you want a cuter and nicet urban legend that is true at Disneyland, there are Disney cats living there who serve as in house pest control. They are frequently put up for adoptiom and the ones that stay are taken good care of by the employees
Funnypants Hace un mes
It's not nice for people allergic to cats 😳
TiffanItIs -
TiffanItIs - Hace un mes
IVE SEEN THEM!!!! During covid I went to an event they held for a few hours but no rides were open just there for food and leaving the park I saw like 4 they were so cute I got pics
Madison Black
Madison Black Hace un mes
I heard from Tommyinnit that one came up and bit him and he was laughing about it 😂
Blob Hace un mes
I thought it said cast the first time I read it
Baebadook Hace 6 meses
The simple act of Danny pretending to be a parent, uncovering their child's eyes and debating on pooping in the root beer 👌
Ella Soderstrom
Ella Soderstrom Hace un mes
The simple act of Danny prentending to be a parent, uncovering their child's eyes and debating or pooping in the root beer 👌
Chloe Hace 5 meses
I lost it at that part
Agent Kip
Agent Kip Hace 8 meses
That root beer skit was the most elaborate “so no head” joke I’ve ever seen
a furry
a furry Hace 9 días
@Casey bouta get that fast pass for sure
Elliecaitlin Hace 3 meses
Rightttt hahaha
Casey Hace 4 meses
I loved the Danny dad covering his kids eyes, then uncovering them when he heard "fast pass to space mountain"
Oduinn Hace 3 meses
Imagine if some woman wanted her kid to be born at Disneyland _so_ bad but since it was, y'know, a _theme park_ there ended up being complications with breaching or the umbilical cord leading to health complications -- or worse? Maybe just go to a hospital or at the very least a midwife.
Jayne Strange
Jayne Strange Hace un mes
That's probably why the employees are so intense about getting someone out of the park if they go into labor. For safety reasons, the policy is probably to treat any labor like a serious medical emergency. Especially cause most women don't travel (especially to theme parks) close to their due date, chances are the baby is early & something bad might be happening.
Ce G
Ce G Hace 9 meses
Imagine if Disney was like: If you give birth in our parks, your child legally belong to us. He will be a lifetime cast member
Connor Locklin
Connor Locklin Hace un mes
Same group of people would show up....maybe like HALF the numbers
Funnypants Hace un mes
What if it's a girl
TheSBox Hace un mes
Then the child will be named Truman, who will be the unknowing star of a 24/7 reality show documentary his confined life in Story Living
kira Hace un mes
u drop placenta n u owe us your firstborn !!!!!
Ember Hace un mes
I heard this a long time ago that this was real and I was so confused
Scorpio of Autumn
Scorpio of Autumn Hace 7 meses
The idea of living in a town that is 100% owned by a company sounds dystopian as hell. Everything in that town would belong to Disney, with non-stop advertising for their products and services only. And god forbid they make their own laws. Please, let us NEVER get to a point where a company creating laws is acceptable.
Heather Riley
Heather Riley Hace 3 días
This was Walt's original plan for Epcott! Defunctland has an amazing video about it, some of the ideas (making it sustainable and walkable, free accomodation) were interesting but most of it (if you couldn't work or wanted to retire you'd be kicked out, people could come on tours of the city and ppls homes) were horrifying. I can't believe they've circled back to this when everyone except Walt thought it was completely cooked decades ago
Annie Oddo
Annie Oddo Hace 9 días
@Joj Benedootthe fact that desantis is trying to take away reedy creek is genuinely worrisome to me as a cast member. Having reedy creek is how we are able to dispatch emergency response services quickly and efficiently on property and without that, emergency responses will take significantly longer. It will endanger people’s lives. And the worst part is, desantis KNOWS this. He’s not stupid, he’s a huge bully. Reedy creek is far from the only special district of its kind in the state of Florida but he is 100% coming after it because Disney took a stance against his insane anti-lgbtq bill.
XxEnby_MuffinxX Hace 9 días
Honestly, this just sounds like the city in the Project Moon games...
Kakapo555 Hace un mes
Nobody tell them about Fordlandia, Brazil
Rob Monkey
Rob Monkey Hace 9 meses
"I'm not playing dumb. I am dumb" such a well delivered line
nanda Hace 3 meses
I'm seeing [former] employees telling their stories about cleaning ashes and I've gotta ask: do people get banned afterwards or just kicked out that one time they try? I don't think these people should be allowed back afterwards, they've already shown they're willing to cross that line once and - even if it happens often - it's a damn extreme line to cross. If it's already disturbing for the visitors, I can only feel sorry for the employees 😓
Dusty Honey
Dusty Honey Hace un mes
^^ The woman who said they went into labor at Disneyland is a prime example. She was not in labor when she went, but after walking around etc she went into labor.
Dusty Honey
Dusty Honey Hace un mes
I have a feeling it depends on if they were trying to give birth there on purpose or not. Walking around and exercising is known to induce labor. Women are often told to go on walks to induce labor if it’s not happening on its own. Despite this being pretty common, a lot of women DON’T know this.
Caanan Lemke
Caanan Lemke Hace un mes
@Victoria Hyde A doom buggy
Days 8
Days 8 Hace 8 meses
I feel sorry for the children of those people. When the parent finds a hypothetical theme park ticket to be more important than their child, I can't imagine the child being raised very well.
Suzer Hace 6 meses
Even the woman who apparently "accidentally" went into labor at disney said she went there when she was 40 +3 (whatever that means) weeks pregnant as in PAST HER DUE DATE meaning she knew she could give birth at any time then she rode rollercoasters and ignored the contractions she was having all day. Even if she wasnt trying to win a pass she still prioritized a trip to disney over her child
Allenluvable Hace 6 meses
Imagine working there, and having to help someone give birth, and then vacuuming up human remains. Circle of life dude. But in all seriousness, give these poor workers a break.
Heba Hace 9 meses
It's honestly terrifying how disney has managed to get people to want their entire lives from birth to death in their parks
Null Hace un mes
not me. They touched and moved my babies stroller while I was on a ride there was no warning that they do this in the stroller parking area. I spent 30 minutes thinking somebody stole it. I hope disney goes bankrupt.
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Hace un mes
It's people haveing fun can y'all chill.
Elyenid Acevedo
Elyenid Acevedo Hace un mes
@Miuleauna Lmao fr that guy needs to chill. 💀😂
Elyenid Acevedo
Elyenid Acevedo Hace un mes
@Korvinian Hell no I actually like Disney just not the Disney Adults. 💀
Mason Oliver
Mason Oliver Hace 2 meses
@Wesley Wyndam-Pryce hey man idk why all these people were so rude. I instantly got the joke and thought it was pretty funny. Some people really be on edge about everything
lovelavoie Hace 8 meses
as someonw who has stayed at the starwars hotel, i can confirm, your actions follow you everywhere and you will feel guilty for everything you do because the actors are REALLY good at making you feel REALLY bad
QueerTherapy Hace 4 meses
@lovelavoie You: My friend called me an intergalactic disappointment because of my actions there. Also you: I had a great experience and I won’t spoil it in case you’re thinking about going! 😂 I love that
DialecticRed Hace 4 meses
​@The Collector Are you also a fan of capturing grubs in jars and distributing them throughout the world?
fyodor Hace 4 meses
It has been months b would u like to share 🥰
Bobert Joe
Bobert Joe Hace 5 meses
If Im paying 5000 usd, I want the scars to last a life time
The Collector
The Collector Hace 5 meses
I am the fan of the Galactic Empire. So I won't feel guilt.
NovaRed Hace 8 meses
If you dump someone's ashes at Disneyland, they're going to a dump or hazardous waste disposal. Either employees are gonna vacuum them up, or a biohazard team will have to come in and collect them themselves. Don't do that. Stop it. It's human remains. Have some common sense
Archae Hace un mes
@human bean no. Kuru is contracted by consuming a human brain. Although it still must be cleaned up by a biohazard team because at least where i live, thats the law of disposing human bodies
human bean
human bean Hace un mes
@Archae finally a good reason besides “it makes me scared” This can happen even after they’re incinerated?
Lucius Grey
Lucius Grey Hace un mes
@human beanit’s HUMAN REMAINS ffs. And no, “dirt” doesn’t have bits and chunks of human bones.
Archae Hace un mes
@human bean they do! Kuru and other brain diseases can be passed from human brains :)
human bean
human bean Hace 3 meses
@Sine Nomineyea I mean cannibals don’t die of eating people and if they’re cremated, it’s like they’re cooked. Probably about as unsafe as dust or dirt. That goes to the og commenter too
patrilineal globalist
Honestly the people who had the "guerilla wedding" at Disneyland did nothing wrong. Disney charges people through the nose for everything, and they own all the cool franchises now. I feel bad for any employees who get involved/in trouble as a result somehow, but if you're going to have a Disney wedding, that's the coolest way to do it.
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes Hace 8 meses
Former Magic Kingdom Custodial cast member here! I can confirm yes, back in 2015 people were spreading ashes on the Haunted Mansion and fun fact: the custodial crew would call it a “code grandma” over the radio so they would know to bring the vacuum 🙃
human bean
human bean Hace 3 meses
Lmaooo is this real
Mariah Howland
Mariah Howland Hace 5 meses
I am so glad I watched this video. It makes me feel better that I am not one of those Disney Adults. I mean, I still cried literal tears of joy when I saw Chewbacca a couple years ago, but I am so sorry to all cast members.
8 Bit Crook
8 Bit Crook Hace 9 meses
Kinda surprised Disney hasn't jumped at the opportunity to offer special themed funeral services inside the parks. I want to lay my grandfather to rest in a Mickey Mouse shaped coffin with a eulogy given by Goofy. "Ashes to ashes, hyuks to hyuks"...
*𝙽 𝚊 𝚞 𝚛*
“Hyuks to hyuks” nahhhhh 💀💀
liminal space dog
liminal space dog Hace un mes
That’s funny, but please don’t
EndGamerPlays Hace 3 meses
Kyo Bear
Kyo Bear Hace 3 meses
I wanted to die reading those last three words 😂
» Catkid0228 «
» Catkid0228 « Hace 3 meses
Anna Dalessio
Anna Dalessio Hace 8 meses
I've been to Disney World three times in my life and that was three times too many. it's so stressful and muggy and crowded and intense and you're too focused on surviving the day and not getting lost to have a good time. the thought of going through something as painful as childbirth there is unimaginable to me
Anna Dalessio
Anna Dalessio Hace 5 meses
@Kássio Gomes twice with my family when I was too young to go on the good rides and then again when I was sixteen and on a high school choir trip
Kássio Gomes
Kássio Gomes Hace 5 meses
And why did you go 3 times?
Bi Mates
Bi Mates Hace 5 meses
It's hot and the rides take too damn long. I went there when I was young, and I DISLIKED it. Ugh.
̣ Hace 5 meses
Same. I never got the appeal of parks. Never went to disneyland, but I did go to other smaller parks, which were already way too tiring and crowded for me, even as a kid.
Delaney Reyes
Delaney Reyes Hace 7 meses
It’s great if you go on slower seasons and during weekdays. If you go weekends, summers, holidays, etc. It’s not enjoyable. Especially if you go in the summer. Florida summers are brutal.
Trashboat Hace 7 meses
My history teacher told us that she once spread her friends ashes at Disney because the friend initially wanted her ashes put in fireworks and then fired off In a public space so her ashes fall on top of a bunch of people and they'll never know. Apparently her parents didn't want that to happen even though it was in her will, so my teacher took some of the ashes and threw them around at Disney cause there is a ton of people there and nobody noticed.
Null Hace un mes
her friend sounds awesome sucks she is dead though.
Lucius Grey
Lucius Grey Hace un mes
@human beanDoing something bad to someone who isn’t aware of it doesn’t make it less bad.
human bean
human bean Hace 3 meses
@Lucy Bwhat u don’t know can’t hurt u
GAMMARAZOR Hace 6 meses
That bit about Disneyliving is honestly way too accurate for what it might actually be like. There'll probably be tons of cast members there, trying to make the experience more "immersive" and, if it ends up basically just being a city you can live in, you'll probably always be worried that your best friend is just an employee who's being paid to make your time there more fun; that they don't actually care about you; that they're just there to make you stay longer. Honestly frightening to think about.
R J Hace 8 meses
Honestly I can't bring myself to be that grossed out by cremains. Anything that's been torched for several hours in a 1500-degree industrial corpse burninator is gonna be pretty damn inert. In a theme park I'd be more concerned about living people, like, peeing on ride seats and wiping boogers on door handles etc.
glossappire :0
glossappire :0 Hace 25 días
same,, but i get why many people wouldn't be okay w dealing with it.
CraftyMagic Dollz
CraftyMagic Dollz Hace un mes
@Richard Bourton cremains is the term the industry uses. I worked in pet rescue for many years and that word came up many times.
jasperjazzie Hace 3 meses
@Shannihilator exactly lol, and even if they're not as underpaid as some other careers why would that make them not worthy of respect
Shannihilator Hace 5 meses
@Sine Nomine "wouldn't you just work somewhere else that underpays you instead of the current job that underpays you?" for the love of god read some goddamn books man
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace 6 meses
I thought I was the only one. I mean its pretty annoying to spread ashes somewhere so busy, and certainly doesn't show a lot of tact but its just rude and annoying not dangerous. I also find it hard to believe that Disney employees are "underpaid" like everybody says. Sure they're not very high on the Disney totem pole, but if they were really underpaying their workers then they wouldn't adhere to their strict policies. I mean seriously, wouldn't you just work somewhere else if that was the case? Nobody gets paid enough to deal with shitty people being shitty for no reason, but the claim that Disney employees are underpaid is kind of insulting to people who work in education or healthcare and are genuinely underpaid for much more innoconveniences. Working at a Disney park is not something anyone is forced to do and I'm sick of everyone telling me to feel sorry for them when literally nobody thinks they get paid enough.
One Ghost
One Ghost Hace 4 meses
That buildup to a "So no head" joke was solid gold. Also! In addition to the ashes on the haunted mansion thing, popular rides include Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, most with water. It's actually reportedly so common, the odds are pretty good if the ride stops and you have to sit there for a while, someone is getting escorted away for trying to dump ashes on Pirates. Not on... The pirates. The ride.
Gabriella Hoxie
Gabriella Hoxie Hace 9 meses
Ok former cast member here. The ashes thing is true. DO NOT spread your ashes- a minimum wage employee will be forced to clean it up. Second, do not try to give birth at a Disney park. Remember that cast members are incredibly underpaid, please don't make their lives harder.
Me Me
Me Me Hace 3 meses
Dam how tf is minimum wage the happiest place on earth??? Yall should get paid way more than that I feel bad 4 u now 4😪
The dark dragon Xv
The dark dragon Xv Hace 3 meses
Why do people spread ashes in the haunted mansion?!
Yung_Marr💪🏾 Hace 3 meses
@El Zong Xina how bout you get a job there.
El Zong Xina
El Zong Xina Hace 3 meses
Just how hard is it to work at Disneyland? XD you’re making it sound like they’re surgeons or doing a combat tour in some foreign country.
Marlyjade Hace 5 meses
@Sine Nomine because they are one of the biggest employers in the cities where parks are situated and the amount of work they make you do is way too much for the pay. But it's an entry level job like McDonald's or Walmart. I think it's also good for your resume if you're an actor? Idk. I've just been stuck in retail jobs because I can't work many other places. And I wouldn't be surprised that despite it all, Disney parks are still considered understaffed
horizon | ignore old cringe comments
that last bit where everyone was an animatronic in the storyliving experience was actually pretty terrifying
Evelyn U
Evelyn U Hace 8 meses
“When you get off the ride, you see the crying boy.” Let me tell ya, the whole park is full of crying kids. Nothing paranormal about toddlers pitching a fit.
Widdekuu91 Hace 3 meses
Maybe it's because I'm Dutch, but I have Efteling here and no intention of ever going to Disney. As far as I'm aware (correct me if I'm wrong) there are the following things awaiting me at Disney: - Long, sweaty lines in front of Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella and Elsa (it'd be cheaper to hire a high-quality cosplayer for that money to spend the day with you on your birthday.) - Sad workers that have no time or rest and are forced to wear a smile, while their eyes beg for the sweet relief of death. - Loud and noisy rides that are mainly fun for kids and some adults - A load of very expensive merchandise - Toddlers having very understandable breakdowns in this chaos - Peter Pan running around, trying to divide his attention between all the folks and repeating his catchphrases while his panicked eyes search for funny things to shout. - Restaurants with expensive and tasty food that will cost you your pensionmoney. - Fountains and pink buildings and more shops to purchase merchandise. - People that have eyes that want to see you die and smiles that look like Miss America's smile after receiving the crown, that -in a bloodcurdling nasal voice- tell you to walk to the left or right or stand in line or wait somewhere. Did I miss anything? Feel free to let me know if I missed anything good as well.
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith Hace un mes
Animal kingdom seems cool tho.
Endless Song
Endless Song Hace un mes
This is so true. Unless you are just obsessed with Disney characters at baseline (weird), I cannot see the appeal. It's just a collection of ways to waste your money. One gift shop after another after another. The rides aren't even that good - or there are only a few that are good and you have to wait HOURS for those. If you like rides, you can have much more fun at something like 6 Flags or a water park for less money and less waiting. A day at Disney: walk, shop, wait, wait, walk, kids cry, walk , shop, wait, sunburn, wait, more crying, wait, shop.
Aphrodite ._.
Aphrodite ._. Hace un mes
Dude I can assure you, the Efteling is so much better than Disney land
Angelic_Artist123 Hace un mes
The best pins are only sold to Cast Members, whereas rack pins have very little quality control while prices keep going up. Oh and they also charge five dollars for glorified tap water and chocolate coated Mickey Mouse vanilla ice cream.
emilie w
emilie w Hace 6 meses
that root beer sketch is probably the single funniest thing danny has ever done in his life every time i watch it i always lose me absolute shit laughing at it
Royal Pain
Royal Pain Hace 3 meses
But did you lose your shit into the root beer? I hear you get a free fastpass to space mountain
Oliver Hace 6 meses
I worked at Disney once. We were touring backstage for Haunted Mansion. They would tell us about how people would dump ashes on the ride and hoped that they would be able to see their loved ones ghosts on the ride. It's really stupid and annoying to clean up. While showing us the vacuum and explaining the filter needing to be swapped out. Our lead opened the vacuum and a cloud of Ashes puffed out and covered him and I have never seen anyone so horrified 😂 please stop dumping your family at an amusement park.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Crazy to think how people are willing to risk their own baby’s safety for a free Disneyland pass
Leola Hace 5 meses
It just screams broke and entitled.
*BLACKPINK - 'PINK VENOM' with hip hop and Rock vibes just 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 : Stream*
Worth the wait
TheGhost Hace 9 meses
Zie Hace 8 meses
I literally laughed nonstop at this video. So proud to be a greg because this man produces peak humor
Badzylla Hace 3 meses
Ik this is one of my favorite videos
InkandFable Hace un mes
The execution of the “so no head?” joke was FLAWLESS.
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming Hace 3 meses
this takes the saying "I was born to go to Disneyland" to a new level
GippyHappy Hace 6 meses
You don't get a lifetime pass for being born at Disney but I hear if you give birth in the alley behind an Outback Steakhouse you get a free Bloomin Onion
Jax83 Hace 5 meses
You could GUARANTEE me a freaking life time pass and I'd STILL go to the hospital.
Jessie Monaco
Jessie Monaco Hace 9 meses
Can you imagine somehow accidentally going into labor while you're at Disneyland and you look around and everyone is mad at you and hates you because they think you planned it lol
*BLACKPINK - "PINK VENOM" with hip hop and Rock vibes just 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 : Stream*
a literal beach ball
This entire comment thread has made my day
Kenpachi Ramasama
Kenpachi Ramasama Hace 8 meses
@Baker Boat premature births are not mental gymnastics. They just happen.
Chris L
Chris L Hace 3 meses
One of the things that Disney did when my mother took a spill at Disneyland was make sure that she got a ride to the hospital. She was ultimately fine, but Disney went way above and beyond their legal obligations seeing as it wasn't in any way shape for form their fault, she just had a dizzy spell. They did ultimately comp the ambulance ride and give her a free pass to come back later, but I wouldn't suggest that they do it every time or that you should trip and fall just to get a free ride and pass to come back later though, that would be insane. I suspect that part of why there's no lifetime pass for giving birth in the park is specifically to avoid the situation where women are rushing there to give birth without any medical facilities and the resulting risk of injury or death from doing so.
Spilled Ink
Spilled Ink Hace 2 meses
2:39 "Let us in! We must release our spawn!!!" That kills me everytime
JAY J Hace 5 meses
When I was a cast member at Disneyland I always felt like there was a magic sense to it all UNTIL HOLIDAY SEASON AND BECAUSE OF TIKTOK. A lot of guests came to the stores with shirts showing almost full bare chest they would request free Disney jackets, but that is certainly not true what happens is if you buy something from the park and it tears or is damaged they are obligated to get a paper that is almost like an even trade for other store options. Even with that they really don’t hand it out unless it is absolutely necessary. I also worked doing the mystery pin wall. I had to ask trivia questions in order for them to receive their extra chance. Only thing is the guests would begin to say “ask me about the myths of this place I know all the true ones” so I would make one up on the spot and hear them say “oo I already know this one while they got it completely wrong. Let me just say this respect the cast members and their safety for some reason when Disney adults go to the park and aren’t given what they want they make it seem as this one 19 year old kid with a summer job is the show runner for the whole park and events.
Guts Hace 7 meses
You know if you spread ashes at Disney World, they’ll just vacuum it up and kick ya out. Like, you could be surrounded by a crowd of people in front of Cinderella’s castle, dumping ashes beside a tree. Everyone is saying “sorry for your loss” and stuff. Then this custodian comes over and vacuums up the ashes while three guys pick you up and cartoonishly toss you out the front gate
Ink Dragon Works
Ink Dragon Works Hace 2 meses
Having to give birth to your kid at Disneyland is pretty selfish. You’re just putting yourself and your kid’s health at risk being outside of a hospital so you can make things stressful for dozens of employees. Like it’s not all that magical sounding when you have to state you hid in a bathroom for hours for it and made it difficult for people to get you immediate medical attention.
apple juice
apple juice Hace 9 meses
danny sneaking in “so no head then?” into a scenario where a guys trying to convince a disney worker that he’s NOT trying to dip his balls into a root beer is one of the best things i’ve seen all week
Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza Hace 2 meses
Good writing I must say
Patrick-Jane1969 Hace 8 meses
I died watching that whole scene.
Wingless Moonstone
Wingless Moonstone Hace 8 meses
@The Cratfy Wonderworld I love that you misread that, and I love the image of him trying to conceive a Disney worker in a sketch. That made me laugh so hard. XD
PENGUINZ Hace 8 meses
This makes me wanna write a story about how kids who are born at Disney are property of Disney and they grow up to be Disney employees. Maybe they’re the ones who vacuum up the ashes to make up for their mothers mistakes-
Its_Sopia Hace 3 meses
Shout out to the medical staff and resources at Disney parks. They definitely have more than enough equipment to perform childbirth (not that you should do it tho) and much more. This happened almost a year ago. So, I have chronic dysphagia (basically like when you choke on food but in your oesophagus) now I sometimes forget this about myself and didn’t realise that the hotdog i got at that one restaurant in front of magic kingdom (DW) was going to make my muscles go aaaah. Luckily that place is ✨legiterally✨ two doors down from the first aid facility. Now believe me when I say those people are overqualified. I mean the absolute BRAINS on those people. Anyway so i couldn’t throw it up so they kept trying different meds to help they even gave me diet coke to help, but thats not even the best part. These people had a straight up meeting on the spot to figure out what to do. You know what these geniuses came up with? Seasickness. The plan was that on the next ferry, the captain would make the boat wobble (yes they warned the other passengers on that ferry btw sorry if you were there) to dislodge the thing from my oesophagus and it worked! Very memorable experience! Five stars ⭐️
NylaTheWolf Hace un mes
That's absolutely wild holy shit
numburger Hace 5 meses
"I don't know a lot about weddings, I've only had one" felt like a very Drew-esque joke
jasperjazzie Hace 3 meses
hell, i think he might have said that or something similar before lmao
numburger Hace 5 meses
@masterocho Shit, I forgot about that. So true
masterocho Hace 5 meses
Well, thats because their the same person
Laken Alexander
Laken Alexander Hace 7 meses
As a cast member, we really aren't trained for these situations. We have like general rules and procedures for handling medical emergencies, but not for something as specific as giving birth. There's so many cast members, depending on your type of position you're fully trained in like 2 weeks.
hello bye
hello bye Hace 3 meses
Yo I’m a big Star Wars fan and I. effing. *hate* the idea of an immersive hotel where I’m forced to roleplay in a pre-show. I already just want to be left alone when I’m staying in a regular hotel, can’t imagine needing to ask the concierge for extra shampoo and condish without being forced to complete some intergalactic quest first. Not sure how that works but god that sounds like a nightmare, especially to my social anxiety. Here’s an idea: Maybe when you check-in, you can sign a waiver to be exempt from the immersive experience and just be treated like a regular guest??
baguettesorcerer Hace un mes
The Galactic starcruiser is only 2 nights, so it’s highly unlikely you will need extra shampoo and conditioner, My party of 5 didn’t need it. Plus, the whole point of it is to be a fun “working” vacation. And it’s supposed to be immersive anyway, again the whole point. Sorry that this definitely came out as rude but i just wanted to tell you what i think as somebody who went on it!
snarkycynic Hace 9 meses
My brother-in-law once said “when I die I want to be scattered over Disneyland - but I don’t want to be cremated” and I STILL think about it all the time
sethster Hace 9 meses
@Liza Noelle it's like the wendy's chili finger thing
The Honorable Reverend Addison Bortion
Hiding body parts like some fukk'd up scavenger hunt Your brother in law sounds fuckin' awesome
Stakingeddie Hace 9 meses
"when I die I want to be scattered all over Disneyland - but I don't want to be cremated." *Forbidden food court meat*
chronic\\brightside Hace 9 meses
@Erik its pretty sweet of him. my dads got his issues, but he was always one of the responsible hunters - he enjoyed it as a sport but never wasted meat, and he would get genuinely sad when he killed a deer hed hunted a long time because it felt like losing a friend, and hed apologize after. so his idea to use his own death to "give back" in a way was suprisingly deep.
Mackimooandfriends Hace 9 meses
Best scavenger hunt ever
Izacundo1 Hace 3 meses
Ok holy crap, the “So no head?” joke was beautiful
Hanny B.
Hanny B. Hace 8 meses
Storyliving reminds me of Walt Disney's original vision for Epcot. Basically it was the idea to make an autonomous utopian city right next to Disneyland for people to live their everyday normal lives in. Defunctland did a video on it, I highly recommend it.
Kasey Taylor
Kasey Taylor Hace un mes
I tried giving birth at Disneyland once. But I wasn’t pregnant so it didn’t work out
I am very normal
I am very normal Hace un mes
This is literally one of my favorite Danny videos, with him just vaguely rattling off a bunch of topics that are sorta related to the title. I wish he'd do stuff like this more often because stuff like the "fat balls" sketch and everything about the Star Wars experience make me crack up every single time
Zoe Oetjens
Zoe Oetjens Hace 5 meses
Ok, so my uncle worked at Disney land for about 20 years and was actually there when the first Disney a baby was born. The baby was actually offered a free pass to the parks once a year for the rest of its life. However, the public thought this was cheap of Disney and they could at least offer the child a lifetime pass. Disney was tired of the bad publicity this got them so they did actually give the first child the free life time pass.
Samantha Hightower
Samantha Hightower Hace 9 meses
Are we gonna talk about how well executed Danny’s occasional psychological horrors are?
Thomas Winters
Thomas Winters Hace 9 meses
@jcfx4 it was funny the first time. The repeat comments are not funny.
Dr. Spencer
Dr. Spencer Hace 9 meses
@jcfx4 my problem is that people won't stop using this unoriginal format over and over again and I'm kinda sick of it
frikynikkid Hace 9 meses
The way he smashed the head *horrifying* 😨
jcfx4 Hace 9 meses
@Dr. Spencer what is ur problem lol
Serena Baney
Serena Baney Hace 7 meses
Imagine being a cast member and your next work meeting Disney is like “ok everyone gather around we’re going to go over the protocol for women who try to give birth in the park”
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Hace 8 meses
This video has the funniest Danny sketches I have seen so far. The guy screaming in horror as the bartender squash Walt Disney's head? Hillarious. The hacker in the ad read? Comedy gold. The animatronics playing the _Is a Small Word_ song? *Pure unadultered genius*
Sir Lynel
Sir Lynel Hace 3 meses
I couldn't imagine hearing the screams of a woman giving birth at Disneyland..
based zoomer
based zoomer Hace un mes
Uh.. I mean some women scream for various reasons or just the drama of it, but that's kind of a myth. Plenty will just groan or breath in a labored fashion, yes even without an epidural or other pain meds. Regardless it would be pretty nasty with all the fluids and such associated with giving birth.
Irmelin Dinesen
Irmelin Dinesen Hace 2 meses
Imagine if it synced with the screams of people on rollercoasters
Arabella Danger
Arabella Danger Hace 9 meses
my sister is getting married at disney world this year. not only is it expensive but it's VERY strict. For the reception, we cannot play any music that isn't pre-approved classical music. The wedding WILL end at the time they say it will end, no exceptions. It's so expensive for anyone to go that my sister only has about 7-10 people (including me) going. I asked if I could bring a plus one, but the price for them to go with me would be about $175-$200. Oh! I forgot to mention! My sister is having one of the CHEAPEST wedding options you can have there! And by cheap I mean minimum of about 12k.
kim t
kim t Hace 2 meses
As a veteran and mother, I love, "veteran in the pregnancy game." 😂🤣
RealBadApple Hace 9 meses
We all know that rumour about how you're not allowed to die at Disney, thrilling to know that it applies to giving birth too. They have a '1 in, 1 out' policy, it seems.
Xquenda Hace 2 meses
“HELP IM DYING!” “Bro that’s against the rules.” “Oh okay sorry for dying wont happen again.”
Audrey V
Audrey V Hace 9 meses
It's not that you're "not allowed" to die there, it's just that no one has ever been pronounced dead at Disney. They are moved from the scene off property to try and get medical help, and if that doesn't work, they are then pronounced dead off property. It's not that weird.
K Hace 9 meses
@Poppy Oxymoron People are not officially declared 'dead' if you're still actively trying to revive them. So even if it's a lost cause, they'll keep doing CPR until the person is off Disney property.
Racquel Hardie
Racquel Hardie Hace 9 meses
I was in absolute stitches laughing from 7:50-9:20. Your skits are incredibly funny 😆
Sam St. Peter
Sam St. Peter Hace 7 meses
My father and stepmother actually got married inside Animal Kingdom in 2012 without Disney's knowledge or permission while they were both Disney employees and I still regret not ratting them out
Erin Hace 3 meses
For some reason the ashes thing doesn’t gross me out at all but the giving birth at Disneyland does. Can you imagine how awful that would be giving birth on a random bench or whatever with people watching and in a dirty environment? I’m glad it really hasn’t happened much lol
ManicMama🖤 Hace 4 meses
I've done 3 'tours' of pregnancy lol I would've been wayy too scared to go to Disneyland knowing I could go into labor at any time lol
Daphne Tett
Daphne Tett Hace 5 meses
I actually knew about the scattering ashes thing. I wrote a chapter in one of my ghost hunting books about the ghost of a guy causing trouble on the Haunted Mansion because his ashes were vacuumed up by cast members.
jessix Hace 9 meses
As a Florida resident, I talk about Disney adults often. I feel like people really don't understand how deep the rabbit hole goes. Girls turn 18 and buy their first annual pass and make it their whole personality. Definitely an interesting breed. I love Disney too, but it gets pretty wild.
Anjali Hace un mes
God forbid someone makes something their whole personality? I know it's annoying but at least they arent hurting anybody
eko Hace 9 meses
The Fat Piranha Plant True
The Fat Piranha Plant
Liking Disney is okay but making it your whole personality is weird
eko Hace 9 meses
El Wampo - God sucks Been to many theme parks but Disneyland is one of my favs. In theme parks, rides are the most famous. They like the thrill and story.
a really sus guy
a really sus guy Hace 7 meses
7:15 also i think small children witnessing birth in disney world would be traumatic enough that those children would definitely no longer consider disney world/ land magical or the happiest place on earth
K Hace 3 meses
So glad I got my fill of Disneyland in the 90's. No fights and no one giving birth.
Keith West
Keith West Hace 7 días
Disney’s story-living seems like a dystopian world, and genuinely terrifying.
Tessa Lyyvuo
Tessa Lyyvuo Hace un mes
Imagine if the kid would grow up not even liking Disney.
Lucie Leten
Lucie Leten Hace 5 meses
The ashes are true, me and my family went to Disney this past Summer with a tour guide (would highly recommend) and we were in the line for the haunted mansion and had been in the line for 15 minutes (5 hours for a 5 year old kid) and we had been told that the ride would be closed for 15-30 mins. The tour guide told the older kids and adults (13+) that with the ride being closed for 15-30 would probably be because someone spread their family members ashes
Northwest Belle
Northwest Belle Hace 9 meses
I just want Danny to personally know that as soon as he yelled "BALLS IN IT" a thunderclap boomed outside my window.
Braincell 1
Braincell 1 Hace 9 meses
danny please see this comment i wish this happened to me
32. Simone Bagaria
32. Simone Bagaria Hace 9 meses
Thunderclap those cheeks lmao
Dr. Pickle, Ph.D.
Dr. Pickle, Ph.D. Hace 9 meses
commenting to assist with Danny knowing this
Mau 606
Mau 606 Hace 9 meses
It was Zeus in the mortal world cheating on Hera😞
Aeris My Love
Aeris My Love Hace 9 meses
That was the balls
l u c i o u s
l u c i o u s Hace 5 meses
imagine the type of training you'd have to go through to work at disneyland. sounds like anything can happen
María Emilio Nuñez
"Storyliving" sounds like the corporate version of a cult founding a commune. Also the root beer skit is my favorite one so far. I love the effect of making yourself into a child character by shrinking your image.
Morgan McCormick
Morgan McCormick Hace 4 meses
I've never been to Disneyland, but at Disney *World* I know there's like a several step process to getting into the magic Kingdom. Whether it be by ferry, monorail, the parking lot shuttles... if someone goes into labor I'm sure the staff understand the need to RUSH someone to an ambulance accessible spot 😳
hylian champion
hylian champion Hace 2 meses
this is definitely one of Danny's funniest videos. around 5:46 never fails to crack me up! great work Danny! p.s. I give thanks to the cast members who have to deal with this crap. not all heroes wear capes
WhenTheSkyTurnsDark Hace 3 meses
I could think of nothing worse than giving birth in a theme park, let alone being in a theme park about to pop.
RoBro_10 Hace 9 meses
I wonder if the mascots would still have to stay in character if someone gives birth there. Imagine one of the bad guy characters trying to kidnap your newborn child for the sake of an authentic Disney experience
Derpposen Hace 8 meses
Imagine all of sudden you started to give birth in front of Gaston and he starts spouting “NOBODY DELIVERS A BABY BETTER THAN GASTON”
sethster Hace 9 meses
donald duck screaming in anger at you because you had a child at disney
G Siya
G Siya Hace 9 meses
Foolishly_Royalty Hace 9 meses
@• you're ruining the magic. Please leave the parks premises
Hace 9 meses
@Roderick McDonald ok, didnt need to write fanfic lmao
Hace 6 meses
Imagine if people did this with other theme parks, or just, normal grocery stores and fast food restaurants. Spreading their family member's ashes in some random corner of Subway, racing to give birth at a McDonald's.
Medical Meccanica
Medical Meccanica Hace 2 meses
I'm gonna give birth at the deli counter of a Wegmans for lifetime free cheese
Rebekah Smith
Rebekah Smith Hace 8 meses
Danny's true chaotic energy was in full force in this video.
Navi The Fairy
Navi The Fairy Hace 3 meses
This is like the guy who paid for Fallout 4 in bottle caps - the first guy who thought of it pulled it off, and then Bethesda said no one else is gonna get the same chance
Scott Baldwin
Scott Baldwin Hace 9 meses
That root beer skit made me laugh so hard I woke up my sister in the next room. I probably shouldn't've been laughing that hard at 2 in the morning. :P
Omg_ Waffles
Omg_ Waffles Hace 2 meses
When my mom was pregnant with me, she was in high school. And her school was actually taking her class to Disney land! But, my mom was already almost 9 months pregnant, so she couldn't go. I still bug her about it and joke about how I could've been born in Disney.
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Hace 9 meses
I feel like Danny’s “So no head?!” Vine reference during the root beer sketch is criminal under appreciated 😂
Tommy Marco
Tommy Marco Hace 9 meses
came to find your comment bro .
Nova Rose
Nova Rose Hace 9 meses
IT WAS SO UNEXPECTED YET PERFECTLY EXECUTED. It fits so perfectly and is so subtle I just can't get over it
RGF Fitness Water
RGF Fitness Water Hace 9 meses
I was looking for a comment like this lol
Star Hace 9 meses
@Silvio literally exactly same, nice i made a p rare screech cackle at the end of it
Campmob !!
Campmob !! Hace 9 meses
it made me laugh so hard i got dizzy
Jessey Cook
Jessey Cook Hace 8 meses
I was supposed to go to Disneyworld back in January 2022. Had it planned for a couple years. However back in June 2021 I met a guy and I got pregnant and when I was supposed to go to Disney I would’ve been 21 weeks along. I could’ve gone but was afraid to be that far away from my boyfriend, and heaven forbid something went wrong I didn’t want to be in Disney in Florida with my boyfriend up in Rhode Island. And now I’m glad I didn’t go 😂😂 I had my brother take my place and told him it was his birthday/college graduation gift from me. And we joke about how he made the “sacrifice” to go for me and his niece 😂
messy_but_sassy Hace 8 meses
I don't think I've seen Danny this annoyed in a video before I feel the rage
DC1990 Hace 22 días
The only guy on the plane, I've had similar before. I was on a flight with more cabin crew than groups of passengers and it was amazing. A friend and I were also once the only passengers in first class on a train so they came and just put a load of bottles of drinks in front of us and told us to help ourselves to whatever we wanted. I'm a larger guy, I was fine. My skinny 5" friend literally fell off the train 😂
Charlie Wegner
Charlie Wegner Hace 8 meses
5:21 sorry for a second comment, but yes, we really are. we are trained for all the situations regarding a missing child (the different circumstances that could happen), injured guests, guests having heath emergencies, and the list goes on and on. at disney world, since we’re in our own town/county, we have our own hospital, fire, and police - they’re not called like “disney police” like people would assume lmao, they’re just the police. so, we are very prepared.
Dylan Haase
Dylan Haase Hace un mes
I was birthed at Disney Land on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (the rollercoaster) at 7PM. I currently live in Disney Land because of the lifetime pass. The first face I saw was Goofy. Goofy handed me to my mother before accidentally falling off the side of the cart. Luckily Goofy parachuted to safety.
Nikola Wiśniewicz
Nikola Wiśniewicz Hace 9 meses
Those sketches keep getting better The mini gig of Danny covering little Danny's eyes just got me
Raphael Ambrosius Costeau
the Chad Chad Effect
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson Hace 9 meses
"So no head?" Loved that reference.
Zzona Hace 9 meses
I like when he uncovered them at the mention of shitting in the root beer.
Laura B Mayron
Laura B Mayron Hace 9 meses
I’m so glad someone mentioned that detail. I cackled so hard at that
uncheckable_vibe Hace 9 meses
imagine you're just trying to enjoy the haunted mansion ride and you just get hit in the face with a handful of ashes
badegg Hace 9 meses
I don't really get scattering ashes either. My dad was cremated, and we had his ashes buried with some of his family. I think I'd either keep them in an urn, or bury them.
TB Tabby
TB Tabby Hace 6 meses
One of many Disney-related urban legends debunked by Snopes. My favorite is the rumor that if a costumed employee dies on the job, they're placed on a bench like they're sleeping until the end of the day, and visitors sometimes pose for photos with them.
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