Stop Trying To Give Birth At Disneyland

Danny Gonzalez
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28 may 2022






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Gabriella Hoxie
Gabriella Hoxie Hace 4 meses
Ok former cast member here. The ashes thing is true. DO NOT spread your ashes- a minimum wage employee will be forced to clean it up. Second, do not try to give birth at a Disney park. Remember that cast members are incredibly underpaid, please don't make their lives harder.
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace un mes
"Incredibly underpaid" really though, why would anyone work there if this was true?
Curtis Karpe
Curtis Karpe Hace 2 meses
Okay and? Just don’t work for the evil Disney
Rainbow Flower
Rainbow Flower Hace 2 meses
@Darth Szarych that's what I meant; thank you.
Rexosaurus Hace 3 meses
can't wait for this comment to be redacted by the Disney government.
✨Katy Stinks✨
✨Katy Stinks✨ Hace 3 meses
I worked at Disneyland when I was younger and I can 100% confirm that people spread ashes in the haunted mansion. My friend who was a parks janitor would find huge chunks of bone chips since I guess it costs more money to finely mill the bones (morbid, I know). The vacuum would often get backed up from this and sometimes broke the whole thing if it got a large enough piece.
TwiggyToby Hace 16 días
Alicya M
Alicya M Hace un mes
Annie De'de'
Annie De'de' Hace un mes
Oh Shit
seona saunders
seona saunders Hace un mes
DodoDoesIt Hace un mes
I almost threw up when I read this
soph s
soph s Hace 3 meses
*PLEASE DO NOT SCATTER ASHES AT DISNEY* this should be obvious. ashes will kill flowers, blow around inside rides, and take a while to dissolve in water. not to mention how disrespectful it is to staff and other attendees just trying to enjoy their day.
Amanda mandi
Amanda mandi Hace 11 días
@Multi Gamer true
Multi Gamer
Multi Gamer Hace 27 días
@Amanda mandi its still kinda funny in a dark humor way
JƎFFLEØN Hace 28 días
@ruu M i would like to see that!
Amanda mandi
Amanda mandi Hace un mes
@AuraLucario08 i mean that’s not really a joke, they do vacuum the ashes
ok Hace un mes
@Raiden df u talking abt
Keilan Hace 2 meses
"Women flock to Disneyland to give birth" makes it sound like women can just spontaneously conceive a child at will.
Yubel's Wish
Yubel's Wish Hace 3 días
It's called booking a stay around your due date
Kenny Cubensis
Kenny Cubensis Hace 3 días
It makes it sound like women are fish swimming upriver to spawn their eggs
Not autistic
Not autistic Hace 11 días
They can
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Hace un mes
you can calculate the date of birth
Moviestar12 Hace 3 meses
If you want a cuter and nicer urban legend that is true at Disneyland, there are Disney cats living there who serve as in house pest control. They are frequently put up for adoption and the ones that stay are taken good care of by the employees
a name • 69y ago
a name • 69y ago Hace 15 días
that’s so wholesome 🥰
coolcatalesha Hace 17 días
@Off-the -grounder LMAO good one
Prasetyo Dwi Kuncorojati
That's much much better and nice rumor. After all cats are more welcomed than spreading ashes of death person
JasperJazzie Hace un mes
i already have a cat who i love very much, but if i were to get another cat it'd be awesome to get a disney cat lol
Genevie Kent
Genevie Kent Hace 4 meses
As a cast member I can confirm that if someone starts giving birth we are supposed to immediately cremate them and store their ashes in the castle. Free lifetime pass.
Attackeh Hace 21 un hora
@Unfinished CGI My son tried to give birth at Disney and I was sent to jail for it😭😭😭😭😭
Kenny Cubensis
Kenny Cubensis Hace 3 días
Roblox winwin
Roblox winwin Hace un mes
so it’s more of a way for people to be able to die earlier, rather than for free passes?
Angry Boi
Angry Boi Hace 2 meses
Imagine a child going into Disney World or Land to have fun and they see a woman having birth on the floor in order to have a lifetime pass. Fucking traumatising
Nidal mohammad
Nidal mohammad Hace 13 días
@Carrie compared to everything else the secret wedding feels normal --- _ ---
Carrie Hace 2 meses
And the kid was going to see a Secret wedding
Bane64 Hace 2 meses
And the child lands in a pile of ashes
*insert quirky name here*
As someone that has given birth, I couldn’t imagine having so many strangers around while I was giving birth to my son. That would probably just creep me out and ruin the moment. Not to mention how unsanitary that would be. Giving birth where thousands of people have touched 🤢
wolfie🎂 Hace un mes
Yeah and imagine popping out your baby who hasn't touched a single disease in utero into a place where bacteria and other crap festers.
Amadeo Sonier
Amadeo Sonier Hace 2 meses
giving birth where some guy might have scattered his grandfather’s ashes earlier that day
Bring Back Tattletale RP El Papa
Probably a lot of creeps around too
Earth Ninja
Earth Ninja Hace 2 meses
You mean “as a veteran of the pregnancy game”
Rob Monkey
Rob Monkey Hace 3 meses
"I'm not playing dumb. I am dumb" such a well delivered line
Mikey Taylor
Mikey Taylor Hace un mes
I was unfortunately very sick at Disney World several years back, needing to be hospitalized. An ambulance took me to the hospital from one of their on location hotels pretty quickly. Later, I found out Disney covered the cost of the ambulance ride, without needing to filing a claim. So I absolutely believe they avoid medical complications from occurring on their properties.
The Orange Gremlin
The Orange Gremlin Hace 9 días
So if your dying fat from a hospital then get to a Disneyland to save on weewoo wagon rides or just uber
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson Hace 16 días
Wow, at least you didn't have to pay for the ambulance!!! That's kind of a sweet deal haha.
8 Bit Crook
8 Bit Crook Hace 4 meses
Kinda surprised Disney hasn't jumped at the opportunity to offer special themed funeral services inside the parks. I want to lay my grandfather to rest in a Mickey Mouse shaped coffin with a eulogy given by Goofy. "Ashes to ashes, hyuks to hyuks"...
MrsSpyro01 Hace 10 horas
@Elena 123 Dannyland Cast Member: Stop trying to give birth at Dannyland.
Blank Hace un día
"Kinda surprised Disney hasn't jumped at the opportunity to offer special themed fun---" *Show more* " * t h e m e d f u n e r a l s e r v i c e s * "
Serghey Katastrofenko
If you wanna do that, you must be a toddler and you don't get to make decisions about your grandfather's funeral. Also, it's a bit weird, that's like saying "oh boy, can't wait for my grandpa to fucking die already so I can bury him in Disneyland." This or... you've already had his body for a few months now and you are waiting for Disneyland to grant you permission to bury the old man's corpse on their premises.
Seabet Hace 3 días
i wanna be laid in a mickey coffin lol (probably wouldn't be done by Disney, because it's depressing and would ruin the magic "the most magical place on earth")
Cat Hace 4 días
They'd have to hire special funeral people and Disney doesn't want to pay a decent wage so it'll never happen
lovelavoie Hace 2 meses
as someonw who has stayed at the starwars hotel, i can confirm, your actions follow you everywhere and you will feel guilty for everything you do because the actors are REALLY good at making you feel REALLY bad
catbot the blue kitty
catbot the blue kitty Hace 18 días
@Sincerely Cinnamon its you! I see you on loads of lemon demon stuff!
lovelavoie Hace 25 días
I pretty much played through all of the storylines except for one, which you're technically not supposed to be able to do, but they were literally fresh brand new open, so the system still had bugs in it.
lovelavoie Hace 25 días
LMAOOO SORRY GUYS IVE BEEN IGNORING MY ESvid NOTIFS so basically what I did was entirely my fault, plus some glitches in the system they were working out. I had become "friends" with three of the characters and my magicband sent me on three different storylines, so I basically had to choose who to betray and since I was able to, they had me be an intergalactic informant but I cracked under the pressure and spilled to one of the characters and then everyone was mad at me 🥲 and I also was talking to the first order lieutenant when the person I promised not to rat out walked in and he gave me the most betrayed look i have ever seen except I hadn't ratted on him *yet* and it was a huge misunderstanding. my best friend who I was there with was on the side of the person I betrayed and she called me an intergalactic disappointment, I don't want to give any specifics incase anyone here is planning on going, but its a really cool experience!
Lily Grace
Lily Grace Hace un mes
bestie come back it’s been a month
Sincerely Cinnamon
Sincerely Cinnamon Hace un mes
Honey... you can't just say that and walk away.
Anna Dalessio
Anna Dalessio Hace 2 meses
I've been to Disney World three times in my life and that was three times too many. it's so stressful and muggy and crowded and intense and you're too focused on surviving the day and not getting lost to have a good time. the thought of going through something as painful as childbirth there is unimaginable to me
̣ Hace 5 días
Same. I never got the appeal of parks. Never went to disneyland, but I did go to other smaller parks, which were already way too tiring and crowded for me, even as a kid.
Delaney Reyes
Delaney Reyes Hace un mes
It’s great if you go on slower seasons and during weekdays. If you go weekends, summers, holidays, etc. It’s not enjoyable. Especially if you go in the summer. Florida summers are brutal.
Allenluvable Hace un mes
Yeah I went to DL once in Junior High, and remember nothing, all my fun memories happen at the hotel before and afterwards. Apparently it was so stressful I blocked it.
Azelia Hace 2 meses
Fr, it’s not even the happiest place on earth cuz of the amount of money we spend and pain from walking in a crowd all day😭
Trashboat Hace 2 meses
My history teacher told us that she once spread her friends ashes at Disney because the friend initially wanted her ashes put in fireworks and then fired off In a public space so her ashes fall on top of a bunch of people and they'll never know. Apparently her parents didn't want that to happen even though it was in her will, so my teacher took some of the ashes and threw them around at Disney cause there is a ton of people there and nobody noticed.
Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson Hace 16 días
That's sooo disturbing 😂
Keith Cox
Keith Cox Hace un mes
Ngl that’s funny as hell I appreciate the humor
Lovely Zee #roadto60subs
Oh my actual god-😭
Tiara Vance
Tiara Vance Hace 3 meses
the real question is why would a pregnant woman go to an amusement park in the first place ?
Kyoka Jiro
Kyoka Jiro Hace un mes
we went to Disney when my mom was pregnant with my brother and she was so miserable the whole time
Dick Destroyer
Dick Destroyer Hace un mes
@Julie Anne Harrison damn I must be dead then 💀
Julie Anne Harrison
Julie Anne Harrison Hace 3 meses
@Lillie Ampurra Kind of. At the same time a amusement park contains hordes of people that may not be the most clean. Or healthy. If you catch anything from them you’ll likely pass it off to the fetus and often pass a more deadly or permanent version to the kid. Also people are rude and rides are dangerous. Pregnancy can literally kill both mother and child. It doesn’t put peoples life on hold. It puts people life in danger. Adding extra risk is foolish.
Lillie Ampurra
Lillie Ampurra Hace 3 meses
being pregnant doesn't mean you have to put your life on hold. also, sometimes the baby comes early!
apple juice
apple juice Hace 4 meses
danny sneaking in “so no head then?” into a scenario where a guys trying to convince a disney worker that he’s NOT trying to dip his balls into a root beer is one of the best things i’ve seen all week
Patrick-Jane1969 Hace 3 meses
I died watching that whole scene.
Wingless Moonstone
Wingless Moonstone Hace 3 meses
@The Cratfy Wonderworld I love that you misread that, and I love the image of him trying to conceive a Disney worker in a sketch. That made me laugh so hard. XD
Iconic Crowbar
Iconic Crowbar Hace 3 meses
All week?? bruh that is the best thing i’ve seen all year. Psshhhh, step up to my level dude😤
NovaRed Hace 3 meses
If you dump someone's ashes at Disneyland, they're going to a dump or hazardous waste disposal. Either employees are gonna vacuum them up, or a biohazard team will have to come in and collect them themselves. Don't do that. Stop it. It's human remains. Have some common sense
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace un mes
I doubt human ashes are a biohazard unless you are preparing food or otherwise need a sterile environment. They are literally just ashes, its not as though there's bits of person still in there. It might be gross to think about but that doesn't automatically make it unsanitary.
R J Hace 2 meses
Honestly I can't bring myself to be that grossed out by cremains. Anything that's been torched for several hours in a 1500-degree industrial corpse burninator is gonna be pretty damn inert. In a theme park I'd be more concerned about living people, like, peeing on ride seats and wiping boogers on door handles etc.
Sine Nomine
Sine Nomine Hace un mes
I thought I was the only one. I mean its pretty annoying to spread ashes somewhere so busy, and certainly doesn't show a lot of tact but its just rude and annoying not dangerous. I also find it hard to believe that Disney employees are "underpaid" like everybody says. Sure they're not very high on the Disney totem pole, but if they were really underpaying their workers then they wouldn't adhere to their strict policies. I mean seriously, wouldn't you just work somewhere else if that was the case? Nobody gets paid enough to deal with shitty people being shitty for no reason, but the claim that Disney employees are underpaid is kind of insulting to people who work in education or healthcare and are genuinely underpaid for much more innoconveniences. Working at a Disney park is not something anyone is forced to do and I'm sick of everyone telling me to feel sorry for them when literally nobody thinks they get paid enough.
Richard Bourton
Richard Bourton Hace un mes
Is that a portmanteau of cremate and remains? I’ve never heard that before, it’s clever
Evelyn U
Evelyn U Hace 2 meses
“When you get off the ride, you see the crying boy.” Let me tell ya, the whole park is full of crying kids. Nothing paranormal about toddlers pitching a fit.
Days 8
Days 8 Hace 3 meses
I feel sorry for the children of those people. When the parent finds a hypothetical theme park ticket to be more important than their child, I can't imagine the child being raised very well.
Suzer Hace un mes
Even the woman who apparently "accidentally" went into labor at disney said she went there when she was 40 +3 (whatever that means) weeks pregnant as in PAST HER DUE DATE meaning she knew she could give birth at any time then she rode rollercoasters and ignored the contractions she was having all day. Even if she wasnt trying to win a pass she still prioritized a trip to disney over her child
Heba Hace 4 meses
It's honestly terrifying how disney has managed to get people to want their entire lives from birth to death in their parks
Jat Z
Jat Z Hace un mes
what a commercial
Mellissa Hace 2 meses
It's a circle of life I guess
M A.
M A. Hace 2 meses
@consent club if Disney was specifically responsible for creating the hell hole, maybe. But they’re not. The corporation does contribute to it tho lol
M A.
M A. Hace 2 meses
@Eat At Joe's ummm…what? Disney has bought over Pixar a long time ago. They made some of their best movies after being bought. Their success isn’t attributed to Disney, and neither should their failures. Would Lightyear and Elemental exist under Disney? Who knows. We also wouldn’t know if something like Coco or Inside Out or Ratatouille would exist.
Agent Kip
Agent Kip Hace 2 meses
That root beer skit was the most elaborate “so no head” joke I’ve ever seen
UnCoOkedFle$h🥵 Hace 3 meses
Giving birth at Disneyland and expecting to get a free lifetime pass for your child is equivalent to getting your father back after he left for the milk. It will never happen.
HungerGamesFan88 Hace 2 días
"so no head?" "NO" :recreates vine with cryogenically frozen walt disney head, kurtis-style:
Bekah Sierra
Bekah Sierra Hace 2 días
Laughed so hard at the joke about vacuuming ashes that I choked and scared my cat.
genesisdoesdraw Hace 4 meses
I couldn't even imagine a woman giving birth and mickey is just standing there like:🙂
NULL NULL Hace un mes
Bro I can just imagine the dude in the costume just waving his hands in the air, covering his mouth and holding his head while he silently panics and tries to get someones attention
Princess Of Assassins
Micky (muttered under breath): why did I choose this job Istfg I hate this job
@BILLBOARD NEWS Why the fuck are you advertising here, this is Disney land, not self promo land.
Just your everyday Gamer
@Your_average_lesbian stolen comment
Stella Hace 14 días
13:56 Danny genuinely seems amused at his joke, you can see him smile at the end of the cut. :)
Memekenna Hace 3 meses
Holy shit, imagine just being a typical parkgoer or employer and suddenly having to deal with a random lady going into labor or having a baby. Actually scarring, especially for any unfortunate kids there. The cast members and workers don't get paid enough for this stuff.
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes Hace 2 meses
Former Magic Kingdom Custodial cast member here! I can confirm yes, back in 2015 people were spreading ashes on the Haunted Mansion and fun fact: the custodial crew would call it a “code grandma” over the radio so they would know to bring the vacuum 🙃
Scorpio of Autumn
Scorpio of Autumn Hace 2 meses
The idea of living in a town that is 100% owned by a company sounds dystopian as hell. Everything in that town would belong to Disney, with non-stop advertising for their products and services only. And god forbid they make their own laws. Please, let us NEVER get to a point where a company creating laws is acceptable.
Ce G
Ce G Hace 4 meses
Imagine if Disney was like: If you give birth in our parks, your child legally belong to us. He will be a lifetime cast member
G & A
G & A Hace 2 horas
“It has been destined since my birth that I become a Disney cast member. After all this training, I’m still no where near it.”
Saving Grace
Saving Grace Hace un día
@JustJoseph • 100y ago they gonna change the gender
Thomas Winters
Thomas Winters Hace 10 días
If we had a smaller population I feel this would be possible
Maria🎃 Hace 11 días
@JustJoseph • 100y ago we know
Jacob Hargiss
Jacob Hargiss Hace 14 días
Say what you want, but thats job security money cant buy.
Allenluvable Hace un mes
Imagine working there, and having to help someone give birth, and then vacuuming up human remains. Circle of life dude.
Laken Alexander
Laken Alexander Hace un mes
As a cast member, we really aren't trained for these situations. We have like general rules and procedures for handling medical emergencies, but not for something as specific as giving birth. There's so many cast members, depending on your type of position you're fully trained in like 2 weeks.
Horsehater500 Hace 3 meses
You can't stop me from giving birth at Disney Land. It's like a sport to me.
Arnold Adams
Arnold Adams Hace 3 meses
LMAO. You playing the small child at 8:00 made me burst out laughing
Micah Hace 4 meses
For the woman upset about getting rushed out of Disney for going into labor,,, Listen they will get you out of there as fast as possible cause I puked outside of it’s a small world and a cast member materialized and got me to the first aid area in like 30 seconds cause I was killing the vibe
jyp Hace 3 días
i mean i had a panic attack during a ride before and nothing really happened but it was at disneyland so
Pissy Lissy
Pissy Lissy Hace 5 días
Wait I wanna know what character it was
Pissy Lissy
Pissy Lissy Hace 5 días
"materialized" 😭
Annie De'de'
Annie De'de' Hace un mes
"Cast member materialized" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 out of thin air..... I fucking believe it
HungerGamesFan88 Hace 2 días
giving birth in-park feels infinitely grosser than the ashes thing, in a sense. if you had no idea, youd probably just go 'ah, weird, its super dusty in this one spot'
Lindzie Murphy
Lindzie Murphy Hace 2 meses
I literally laughed nonstop at this video. So proud to be a greg because this man produces peak humor
Hace 17 días
Imagine if people did this with other theme parks, or just, normal grocery stores and fast food restaurants. Spreading their family member's ashes in some random corner of Subway, racing to give birth at a McDonald's.
cooliojulio Hace 3 meses
I don't really get scattering ashes either. My dad was cremated, and we had his ashes buried with some of his family. I think I'd either keep them in an urn, or bury them.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Crazy to think how people are willing to risk their own baby’s safety for a free Disneyland pass
*BLACKPINK - 'PINK VENOM' with hip hop and Rock vibes just 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 : Stream*
Worth the wait
TheGhost Hace 4 meses
J Hace 4 meses
3 tickets cost 1,100 dollars
UshankaMan Hace 3 meses
i almost became disabled, or even decapitated from the neck down at Disneyland in Paris when i was a kid. i got on a rollercoaster and it wasn't scary or fun, cuz 90% of the ride was just complete darkness in some sorta tunnel. all i could feel was just wind. anyways, the staff failed to mention that at all times, i should have my head glued to the headrest, and not leaning forwards. it was my first ever rollercoaster experience so i had no idea, and i was also a kid so i didn't know any better. needless to say, when we hit a loop-de-loop, and i had my head leaning forward a bit, the G-force violently pulled my head forwards and downwards so hard i heard my spine crack and couldn't breathe for a bit. i kept quiet tho, cuz i didn't wanna ruin the vacation. so for the following few weeks, i had immense spinal pain whenever i jumped, ran, slouched, and even when showering in cold water (the place we stayed at for some reason only had cold shower) cuz whenever cold water hit me, i would tense up and that would cause my spine to hurt. i almost became the sequel (or prequel, forgot when it happened) to the kid that actually got decapitated way back
GAMMARAZOR Hace 24 días
That bit about Disneyliving is honestly way too accurate for what it might actually be like. There'll probably be tons of cast members there, trying to make the experience more "immersive" and, if it ends up basically just being a city you can live in, you'll probably always be worried that your best friend is just an employee who's being paid to make your time there more fun; that they don't actually care about you; that they're just there to make you stay longer. Honestly frightening to think about.
Serena Baney
Serena Baney Hace un mes
Imagine being a cast member and your next work meeting Disney is like “ok everyone gather around we’re going to go over the protocol for women who try to give birth in the park”
Racquel Hardie
Racquel Hardie Hace 3 meses
I was in absolute stitches laughing from 7:50-9:20. Your skits are incredibly funny 😆
Bread Hace 4 meses
I feel bad for ALL employees at Disneyworld, the amount of annoying people must be staggering
Jessica Hebin
Jessica Hebin Hace 23 días
@Will Palmi all of the parks mistreat their employees, but Disney is one of the worst. I used to live in Orlando, so I had friends who worked at the parks-- some at Universal Studios, some at Disney, and one of my friends had work experience with both. I have gathered that working with management at Disney World is awful. Big "top dog" energy leads to lack of necessities met and ultimately the mistreatment of their workers
Will Palmi
Will Palmi Hace 23 días
Disney treats their employees like shit too. The employees are like the nicest people youll meet. Ive never met any employee that was rude or just wasnt nice. I try to be as polite as possible to disney employees cus ik the company doesnt give a fuck about them
Jessica Hebin
Jessica Hebin Hace un mes
@kphoria you're totally right! I'm not talking about those patients, that makes complete sense-- that's why I said that one's attitude can range widely. Plus, I was told that I was an easy patient while in the hospital for several gall stones and getting my gall bladder removed. I was in some nasty pain as well.
kphoria Hace un mes
@Jessica Hebin you have to remember that these patients could be and likely are in excruciating or chronic pain while they’re there
GippyHappy Hace un mes
You don't get a lifetime pass for being born at Disney but I hear if you give birth in the alley behind an Outback Steakhouse you get a free Bloomin Onion
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Hace 2 meses
This video has the funniest Danny sketches I have seen so far. The guy screaming in horror as the bartender squash Walt Disney's head? Hillarious. The hacker in the ad read? Comedy gold. The animatronics playing the _Is a Small Word_ song? *Pure unadultered genius*
Bella Hace 3 días
Danny Gonzalez, you give me a laugh, everytime when I watch your videos, thank you. 😁
Liv Johnson
Liv Johnson Hace un día
The balls in rootbeer skit made me laugh so hard I cried and i don’t do that often
snarkycynic Hace 4 meses
My brother-in-law once said “when I die I want to be scattered over Disneyland - but I don’t want to be cremated” and I STILL think about it all the time
sethster Hace 3 meses
@Liza Noelle it's like the wendy's chili finger thing
The Honorable Reverend Addison Bortion
Hiding body parts like some fukk'd up scavenger hunt Your brother in law sounds fuckin' awesome
Stakingeddie Hace 4 meses
"when I die I want to be scattered all over Disneyland - but I don't want to be cremated." *Forbidden food court meat*
Dalton Lee Marks
Dalton Lee Marks Hace 4 meses
@Erik its pretty sweet of him. my dads got his issues, but he was always one of the responsible hunters - he enjoyed it as a sport but never wasted meat, and he would get genuinely sad when he killed a deer hed hunted a long time because it felt like losing a friend, and hed apologize after. so his idea to use his own death to "give back" in a way was suprisingly deep.
Mackimooandfriends Hace 4 meses
Best scavenger hunt ever
Senator Steven Armstrong
You know if you spread ashes at Disney World, they’ll just vacuum it up and kick ya out. Like, you could be surrounded by a crowd of people in front of Cinderella’s castle, dumping ashes beside a tree. Everyone is saying “sorry for your loss” and stuff. Then this custodian comes over and vacuums up the ashes while three guys pick you up and cartoonishly toss you out the front gate
FOLDED Hace 3 meses
The only time I ever went to Disney my grandpa paid for it, my grandmas ashes are in a small urn on a neck less. He wanted us to “spend the day with grandma” but the employees at the front door made me bring it back to my car…I just tucked it in my shirt and went into a different entrance
Baebadook Hace 15 días
The simple act of Danny pretending to be a parent, uncovering their child's eyes and debating on pooping in the root beer 👌
Chloe Talbot
Chloe Talbot Hace un día
I lost it at that part
M0thM4n707 Hace 11 días
this reminded me of the fact that my mom and a family friend were considering getting me to go to the Disney imagination college so they could get into Disneyland free to visit me, it's a funny idea and kind of funny but damn 😨
RealBadApple Hace 4 meses
We all know that rumour about how you're not allowed to die at Disney, thrilling to know that it applies to giving birth too. They have a '1 in, 1 out' policy, it seems.
Audrey V
Audrey V Hace 4 meses
It's not that you're "not allowed" to die there, it's just that no one has ever been pronounced dead at Disney. They are moved from the scene off property to try and get medical help, and if that doesn't work, they are then pronounced dead off property. It's not that weird.
K Hace 4 meses
@Poppy Oxymoron People are not officially declared 'dead' if you're still actively trying to revive them. So even if it's a lost cause, they'll keep doing CPR until the person is off Disney property.
finn short
finn short Hace 4 meses
@Audrey Livingston gorsh, no one is gonna help you, hyuk hyuk
Hanny B.
Hanny B. Hace 2 meses
Storyliving reminds me of Walt Disney's original vision for Epcot. Basically it was the idea to make an autonomous utopian city right next to Disneyland for people to live their everyday normal lives in. Defunctland did a video on it, I highly recommend it.
Rebekah Smith
Rebekah Smith Hace 2 meses
Danny's true chaotic energy was in full force in this video.
Snake Whitcher
Snake Whitcher Hace 3 meses
I had my kid pretend to be under 7 to ride the bus for free. It worked every time.
abby burke
abby burke Hace 2 meses
I’ll be honest I’m a big Star Wars fan and the hotel looks so cool to me. Definitely a bucket list item for me.
RoBro_10 Hace 4 meses
I wonder if the mascots would still have to stay in character if someone gives birth there. Imagine one of the bad guy characters trying to kidnap your newborn child for the sake of an authentic Disney experience
Derpposen Hace 2 meses
Imagine all of sudden you started to give birth in front of Gaston and he starts spouting “NOBODY DELIVERS A BABY BETTER THAN GASTON”
sethster Hace 3 meses
donald duck screaming in anger at you because you had a child at disney
G Siya
G Siya Hace 4 meses
word Hace 4 meses
@• you're ruining the magic. Please leave the parks premises
Hace 4 meses
@Roderick McDonald ok, didnt need to write fanfic lmao
uncheckable_vibe Hace 3 meses
imagine you're just trying to enjoy the haunted mansion ride and you just get hit in the face with a handful of ashes
laura Hace 3 meses
its scary to think that life literally starts and ends with Disney
Sam St. Peter
Sam St. Peter Hace 2 meses
My father and stepmother actually got married inside Animal Kingdom in 2012 without Disney's knowledge or permission while they were both Disney employees and I still regret not ratting them out
EpicVodka Hace 17 horas
Doesn't Disney already have a housing development where they control everything?
Jessie Monaco
Jessie Monaco Hace 4 meses
Can you imagine somehow accidentally going into labor while you're at Disneyland and you look around and everyone is mad at you and hates you because they think you planned it lol
*BLACKPINK - "PINK VENOM" with hip hop and Rock vibes just 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐝 : Stream*
a literal beach ball
This entire comment thread has made my day
Kenpachi Ramasama
Kenpachi Ramasama Hace 2 meses
@Baker Boat premature births are not mental gymnastics. They just happen.
Tiffany Rogers
Tiffany Rogers Hace 3 meses
Imagine how guilty people feel for having to clean up and move someone's ashes.
messy_but_sassy Hace 3 meses
I don't think I've seen Danny this annoyed in a video before I feel the rage
the overthinker
the overthinker Hace 2 meses
7:15 also i think small children witnessing birth in disney world would be traumatic enough that those children would definitely no longer consider disney world/ land magical or the happiest place on earth
Angelia Heywood
Angelia Heywood Hace 2 meses
Disney already tried to make towns tho.. Like that was Walt Disney's original vision for the experimental prototype community of tomorrow, AKA EPOCT. It was supposed to be a small city completely run by Disney as a corporation with citizens, their own power grid, self sustaining farms and literally everything so you wouldn't have to leave. And that was in the 1960s. I used to say "thank god we don't t live in the timeline that happened." but whoops
heather j
heather j Hace un mes
Thanks for giving me 37 more reasons not to ever go to Disney lmao
PENGUINZ Hace 2 meses
This makes me wanna write a story about how kids who are born at Disney are property of Disney and they grow up to be Disney employees. Maybe they’re the ones who vacuum up the ashes to make up for their mothers mistakes-
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Hace 3 meses
The “Storyliving” thing just sounds like a 2.0 version of Celebration, Florida (they already tried the Disney town thing and it did not work)
Evan Blake
Evan Blake Hace 3 meses
I think these skits are the best Danny's made yet. Absolute fire.
Anna M
Anna M Hace 4 meses
Aside from the obvious health risk of giving birth in public without access to medical assistance, imagine the biohazard risk of all the blood and fluids that some poor cast member would probably be tasked with cleaning up 🤢
Church of Aunt Cass
Church of Aunt Cass Hace 4 meses
Unless they are OSHA-trained to clean up biohazards like that, they are not required to clean that. And they can call OSHA about that if their boss makes them clean it without the proper PPE and training.
Deadass? Hace 4 meses
@Maggie Bequette at first i thought "how is childbirth expensive" then i remembered "America"
captainoreo Hace 4 meses
@Hope-Cat some of the children’s hospitals in Orlando are Disney themed, but they’re children’s hospitals so it makes sense
Nekoszowa Hace 4 meses
@BlackQweenMars As long as those parents and mothers will have to pay 500k for it I'm all in.
Tuesday's Art
Tuesday's Art Hace 4 meses
@Delphine, the worst Blade ever Don't those costumes have bad tunnel vision too? I wouldn't want someone in a mascot costume performing medical procedures on me
Colby O'Rourke
Colby O'Rourke Hace un mes
The Disney living scene had me on the floor laughing
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Hilda Mistwater
Hilda Mistwater Hace 3 meses
The "so no head?" skit gets me EVERY TIME i laugh loudly
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby Hace un mes
“If that’s going in your will, take it out!,” got me good.
Jane Varnado
Jane Varnado Hace 2 meses
I don’t want to be buried at Disney World that’s insane. I want to *die* at Disney World.
you you
you you Hace 2 meses
that 1 kid who got attacked by alligator's:
Northwest Belle
Northwest Belle Hace 4 meses
I just want Danny to personally know that as soon as he yelled "BALLS IN IT" a thunderclap boomed outside my window.
danny please see this comment i wish this happened to me
32. Simone Bagaria
32. Simone Bagaria Hace 4 meses
Thunderclap those cheeks lmao
Dr. Pickle, Ph.D.
Dr. Pickle, Ph.D. Hace 4 meses
commenting to assist with Danny knowing this
Mau 606
Mau 606 Hace 4 meses
It was Zeus in the mortal world cheating on Hera😞
Aeris My Love
Aeris My Love Hace 4 meses
That was the balls
big old pp
big old pp Hace un mes
That root beer skit was fucking insane and I am crying and shitting myself laughing
meat lemonade
meat lemonade Hace 3 meses
oh good, a terrifying Disney utopia that's somehow creepier than the original Epcot idea. love that.
Charlie Wegner
Charlie Wegner Hace 3 meses
5:21 sorry for a second comment, but yes, we really are. we are trained for all the situations regarding a missing child (the different circumstances that could happen), injured guests, guests having heath emergencies, and the list goes on and on. at disney world, since we’re in our own town/county, we have our own hospital, fire, and police - they’re not called like “disney police” like people would assume lmao, they’re just the police. so, we are very prepared.
Vergin Hace un mes
I'm Australian and not once in my entire life have I ever heard someone refer to a baby as bub
Samantha Hightower
Samantha Hightower Hace 4 meses
Are we gonna talk about how well executed Danny’s occasional psychological horrors are?
Thomas Winters
Thomas Winters Hace 4 meses
@jcfx4 it was funny the first time. The repeat comments are not funny.
Dr. Spencer
Dr. Spencer Hace 4 meses
@jcfx4 my problem is that people won't stop using this unoriginal format over and over again and I'm kinda sick of it
frikynikkid Hace 4 meses
The way he smashed the head *horrifying* 😨
jcfx4 Hace 4 meses
@Dr. Spencer what is ur problem lol
moren Hace 3 meses
This whole story living thing sounds like the start of a black mirror episode
TTHEBEASTY 1 Hace 2 meses
“I wonder why he was crying, maybe it’s cause his ashes are in a vacuum” fair point
Kylie Smith
Kylie Smith Hace 3 meses
I just got back from a weeklong trip at Disney World٫ and I didnt see any births!I am a Disney adult٫ I adore the parks٫ but you gotta keep in mind that Disney is a multimilliondollar company that really does not care about you. Also those poor cast members put up with SO much. You can have fun but please dont be a Disney EXTREMIST 😭
Ninja_thelord Hace un mes
This guy's funny. I've never seen one of your videos before and you have like the exact same humor as me! Also this video was uploaded on my birthday haha.
loserlane Hace 4 meses
you made the same “i don’t know much about weddings, i’ve only been married once” joke drew did... glad to see you really are the same person after all
loserlane Hace 4 meses
Selma the worst part is i believed them until i read your comment and i was like wtf you’re right
Lindsey Herbst
Lindsey Herbst Hace 4 meses
@Selma Wait, shit you're right, I'm dumb.
Selma Hace 4 meses
​@Lindsey Herbst did Amanda change her name
frankieteardrop Hace 4 meses
omg i literally thought he just made that joke twice without realizing
Lindsey Herbst
Lindsey Herbst Hace 4 meses
@Amazing Username well, their wives are both named Laura, so... Maybe their wives are the same person too? 🤔
2shy2guy Hace 3 meses
I want my remains spread around Disneyland, but I don't want to be crucified. I want my limbs dismembered and preserved in lil' jars and hidden around Disneyland.
Scott Baldwin
Scott Baldwin Hace 3 meses
That root beer skit made me laugh so hard I woke up my sister in the next room. I probably shouldn't've been laughing that hard at 2 in the morning. :P
Courtney Jacobs
Courtney Jacobs Hace 2 meses
On a side note, im loving the little salt n pepper look Danny's got going on
LydiasNightmare Hace 3 meses
Please don't spread your loved one's ashes at Disney. Be more classy....put some of the ashes (NOT all of the ashes) in a small medicine bottle and bury it in the grass while waiting in the line. Just a small hole dug with a spoon or something and keep the ashes in the medicine bottle and bury the medicine bottle. Man, at this point Disney should just open their own Cemetery with Disney statues in it. The headstones could even have Disney characters (Don't know if anyone remembers but Disney told a family no when they wanted to put Spiderman on their dead child's headstone)
Darth Szarych
Darth Szarych Hace 3 meses
My favorite part of this video is that when the disney world employee says that if you shit in the rootbeer, you get a free fastpass to space mountain and the man uncovers small Danny's eyes. 8:51
tiacat11 Hace 3 días
People are really out here paying 5k to stay at the Star Wars story hotel when you can join a LARP for under a hundred bucks
Mars Hace 2 meses
I don't really get Disney World/Land in the first place, just loud and crowded, plus Disney as a brand feels kinda gross to me most of the time.
Magnolia DeVore
Magnolia DeVore Hace 3 meses
I know the bit after reading "veteran of pregnancy" was just a joke but like, it's real lol for some of us pregnancy is much more than unpleasant. It's downright traumatizing. 😂😂😂
Crazy Cousin
Crazy Cousin Hace 4 meses
My mom gave birth 13 times, I think she is one of the few people who can call herself a pregnancy veteran
Shnay Weiss
Shnay Weiss Hace un mes
My mom got 11
Kuzon Hace 3 meses
@vicky wen I think pregnancy might not be for you and that's okay
Darth Szarych
Darth Szarych Hace 3 meses
@vicky wen you totally can love yourself after being pregnant. Even if your body is wrecked, as you say, you have value for more than just your body. You dont cease to be a person because you have kids!
emilie w
emilie w Hace 22 días
that root beer sketch is probably the single funniest thing danny has ever done in his life every time i watch it i always lose me absolute shit laughing at it
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