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It's summertime in Hawkins, Indiana. Stranger Things 3 premieres July 4. Only on Netflix.
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Stranger Things 3 | Summer in Hawkins | Netflix
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.

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Anna Hace un hora
WRiTiNg LiKe tHiS iS so AnNoYinG bUt I hAd tO tRy iT oUt JuSt oNe tiMe 👻
hiram castellanos
hiram castellanos Hace un hora
Kakyoin would be proud
Рома Падалко
Екатерина щщэщщээщэшэщэщэщэщххзхззщьььбл в
lil princess
lil princess Hace un hora
hopefully this season redeems the show. last season was so half ass.
shafiq AMIN
shafiq AMIN Hace un hora
Most overrated show on the planet
Gunner Jones
Gunner Jones Hace un hora
Billy a tool
Thanos Hace un hora
Birds in the trap sing McKnight or astroworld?
alexandra aesthetic
alexandra aesthetic Hace un hora
I thought ESvid was drunk again recommending me a wrong video. The intro is lowkey Diary of a Wimpy Kid lol
Alyssa Lopez
Alyssa Lopez Hace un hora
Ted left the chat 😭😭😭
Classy Villain
Classy Villain Hace un hora
Dang Mrs. Wheeler
YeeYee Hace un hora
Should I watch this series?
rockoy House
rockoy House Hace un hora
Gayest shit I've seen in my whole entire life.
The J2 Podcast
The J2 Podcast Hace un hora
Season 1: Demogorgon Season 2 : MindFlayer Season 3 : MilfHunter
Bea Harrison
Bea Harrison Hace un hora
That’s irresponsible lifeguarding. To prevent injury or worse when switching shifts they are supposed to communicate that one of them is leaving. There is no room for error! Especially in a crowded pool like that!
Don't Worry
Don't Worry Hace un hora
This looks shit.
Rien rien
Rien rien Hace un hora
Amazing 🤩
AverageJoetwopoint0 Hace un hora
Wait what.... What if that was a chick lifeguard and four grown ass men eye fucking her?
Thanos Hace un hora
Season 1: Demogorgon Season 2: MindFlayer Season 3: MilfHunter
LumberPickle Hace un hora
Endgame spoilers. 👇 Everyone figures out thanos's mom is a anti vaxxer, so they sneeze on him and he dies.
des mercene
des mercene Hace un hora
and i-oop
Ahmd Ahmd
Ahmd Ahmd Hace un hora
HIGH LION Hace un hora
This looks like some next level Cringefest
PandaUtopia Hace un hora
chris hansen come quick
Lain Iwaku
Lain Iwaku Hace un hora
50 shades of things
LeThanos Hace un hora
In Stranger Things 4 it'll be Winter Season
Peåchy Hace un hora
That's it? Just a bunch of cougars hitting on a minor?
QueenoftheNorth Hace un hora
This is super creepy and weird..
Zachary Arnold
Zachary Arnold Hace un hora
Moving in Stereo - The Cars
Anthony Banjak
Anthony Banjak Hace un hora
New Coke?? Hasn't she ever heard of the original?
Mr. Horseshoe
Mr. Horseshoe Hace un hora
ScullKrusher 21
ScullKrusher 21 Hace un hora
That man get lit pooosie
Lara Yıldırım
Lara Yıldırım Hace un hora
Do you know this song in this clip
; Hace un hora
Has anyone else not seen this show?
Har-v Wf
Har-v Wf Hace un hora
Wow mrs wheeler is crushing hard on billy
dank Dynasty
dank Dynasty Hace un hora
Man, fuck Billy.
Hi Please Subscribe Comment Share
Thanks Netflix !
I got moto moto likes you vibes from this scene
D0CK Hace un hora
GeckoGamer05 -Fallout And Minecraft.
Saw this when it had 27 views on there twitter account thought it was the second trailer and looked on ESvid weren’t here lol. now it is.
Tony Ho
Tony Ho Hace un hora
Robert G
Robert G Hace un hora
I'm ready!!! Are you ready? 🐲
Hey It’s Sian
Hey It’s Sian Hace un hora
Jesus Christ, Anthony Padilla from Smosh? Is that you?
Евана Лара
Евана Лара Hace un hora
Is mrs wheeler mike's mom?
Tomas’s Legendary Vids
Can someone give me the name of the song where Billy comes in
Brian Gonzalez
Brian Gonzalez Hace un hora
On The Next How to catch a Predator 3
Polly yeye
Polly yeye Hace un hora
Billy’s mullet 😍🙈😫😫
ilovethe80s Neo1987
ilovethe80s Neo1987 Hace un hora
Can't wait!! 🔥🔥🔥
B-Rad Hace un hora
Let me guess, targeting “toxic” masculinity. Billy will be a monster...
Wacky Weasel
Wacky Weasel Hace un hora
MOVING IN STEREO OMG...Fast Times flashbacks...
Ashley king
Ashley king Hace un hora
Next month
Montana's life
Montana's life Hace un hora
No one: Literally no one on earth: Netflix: lets make are new theaser for st season 3 thirsty moms
ece _21p
ece _21p Hace un hora
He is just like *I'll make up with your mother and ruin your life* Boy
Hannah Joseph
Hannah Joseph Hace un hora
I hope this season will be fun and not as dark all the time
HML Pilot
HML Pilot Hace un hora
Ok, this is actually really creepy and gross. Imagine if it was a group of dads lusting over a teenage girl. ew.
Stephen Reed
Stephen Reed Hace un hora
Cougars: *_watches steve_* Me, in the background watching steve But is holding a knife: “I swear to fucking god I’m watching you bitch”
Bianca Isabelly
Bianca Isabelly Hace un hora
Eita Eita
Bloodthirstier Hace un hora
I thought I was gonna watch a stranger things trailer. Not a cougar documentary
Angxl Hace un hora
CheeseRebel Hace un hora
This is not okay
J. Anthony Ashley
J. Anthony Ashley Hace un hora
Stranger Things 3: Revenge of the Cougar.
AlaBala Hace un hora
you can't ban him for life!!!
John G
John G Hace un hora
..women are sluts
Ninjabot1994 Hace un hora
Bizarre...didn't know Kakyoin would be in this?
your average meme
your average meme Hace un hora
Uh oh
jimin trash
jimin trash Hace un hora
i can’t believe mike’s mom is gonna have an affair with a teenager lmao 🤢
Steph Ss
Steph Ss Hace un hora
Is he still "under aged"? Do we need to have a chat about gender equality, and moral obligations?
Emma Braidot
Emma Braidot Hace un hora
change the genders, keep the ages, watch it again.
Deathcheat 666
Deathcheat 666 Hace un hora
Subscribe to Chadtronic!
I'm enjoying the mayo
If they are gonna make billy and will's mother a thing im gonna be disgusted🤢
Supa Yurobito
Supa Yurobito Hace un hora
Shadowghostgirl Hace un hora
I legit hope they get married lol .
Bakonyi Dániel
Bakonyi Dániel Hace un hora
Lee Aciar
Lee Aciar Hace un hora
Kakyoin would be proud of Billy.
Lianna S
Lianna S Hace un hora
uhhh 911??????
Big Mouth Strikes Again
Who else has forgotten what haooened and is going back to watch the first two seasons?
Kyle Syamken
Kyle Syamken Hace un hora
They're all sick fucks he's like 16. Fucking perverts.
supbrotv Hace un hora
Oh btw, for people who dont know what stranger things is, its a horror show.
Micah D.B
Micah D.B Hace un hora
Ms wheeler probably from the upside down
James Blonde2010
James Blonde2010 Hace un hora
Y'all annoying as fuck. Delay season 3 for almost a year Over it
Trev Hace un hora
Never seen this show, so proud of myself.
Rajie Medina
Rajie Medina Hace un hora
Omg why Mrs. Wheeler so interested to Billy??????
ツ Mind Hunter
ツ Mind Hunter Hace un hora
‌🇨‌🇭‌🇺‌🇹‌🇮‌🇾‌🇦 ‌🇸‌🇹‌🇪‌🇦‌🇳‌🇬‌🇪‌🇷 ‌🇹‌🇭‌🇮‌🇳‌🇬‌🇸
Mochi! Hace un hora
Am I the only one who doesn’t find him attractive?
Arachnophilia Hace un hora
The douche is back! Long live the douche.
Vesper Radiance
Vesper Radiance Hace un hora
Billy's gonna turn Mrs. Wheeler upside down
Skidians Hace un hora
1:00 Lady in the blue on the left, somehow teleported to the right on scene of 1:02 ???
ExtremeAndy Hace un hora
*Billy is my favorite Avenger*
ChampionChains Hace un hora
Mrs Wheeler looking like a whole meal
TheSparkyWriter Hace un hora
Well I think I just threw up a little.
Jamie lee Mauguhan
Jamie lee Mauguhan Hace un hora
I thought this show was about uncovering a government lab where there are portals to another world where sinister monsters live... I'm usually not the one to complain but seems like the show might steer into more sex appeal rather than good thriller/action..
namey mcnameface
namey mcnameface Hace un hora
Plus 100 points for Brian Setzer.
Nova Supreme
Nova Supreme Hace un hora
Man these moms are fucking creeps lol
xdorismx Hace un hora
Chris Hansen be like : ms wheeler , why don’t you have a seat ?
Susila 1d
Susila 1d Hace un hora
This is exactly what I need after GoT just shitted on me 😩
Danyyil Bun
Danyyil Bun Hace un hora
How that is Stranger Things? It is strange that a 30sh guy is interesting Granny's?
DaVinci 3
DaVinci 3 Hace 2 horas
I hope your enjoying your chicken ted
Tosticlezz Hace 2 horas
Nobody: Samuel Jackson: Where is my super suit
Brandon Naatz
Brandon Naatz Hace 2 horas
Season 3 will be “stranger” than ever lol Can’t wait!! 😜🍵 Hey guys I explored a haunted abandoned mill in my last video. It would mean a lot if you checked it out.
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