stray kids aussie line being your typical aussies (ft. aussieboos)

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alternative title: Chan giggling for 6 minutes and 36 seconds
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hey everyone, I know it's been a tough time for us during the past month. I've been m.i.a as I took a 2 month hiatus to finish off my final exams (I have now graduated!) and will be posting a bit more regularly.
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17 nov 2019






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felixchu Hace 28 días
WHOOOP WHOOOP guess who’s back ✨ ya girl has finally graduated from high school! I finally made a twitter account, feel free to follow me @felixchuYT :)))) (My other social medias are in the description box). AND ALSO Make sure you guys vote for stray kids for the AAA popularity award! (info in description) Let’s keep voting for stray kids 💞
TY’s Plush Shark
TY’s Plush Shark Hace 11 días
Congrats mate!
King Kookie
King Kookie Hace 12 días
I don’t know why it didn’t post but, thank you for making your first Aussie line video you are literally the reason I stan Stray Kids. I mean I had to stan talented fellow Aussies.
Avocado Hace 13 días
felixchu wot-
Esha Pathak
Esha Pathak Hace 16 días
felixchu sis fr nesa really hit us all with the new syllabus like it was so whack. Btw Felix went to my primary school.
felixchu Hace 16 días
@Bunga Latifa yes I am :)
akami leaf
akami leaf Hace 9 horas
Lol this is cringey but cute lmfaoaooaao lol I love stray kids 😂💙
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves Hace 10 horas
hey, can I use some of your videos for my unhelpful guide to stray kids, i'll leave your little logo in there and credit you
Jessica Patalano
Jessica Patalano Hace un día
Omg Party Rock was 2011???? Where has the time gone??? They remind me of some of my high school friends, but we were all from California. XD
icy me
icy me Hace un día
1:34 Malaysia also have that kind of snacks . if Australian have 'Cheezels' , Malaysian have 'Super Ring'
Hyunjinniiee xoxo
Hyunjinniiee xoxo Hace un día
owoo oo -felix 2k19
Mons 93
Mons 93 Hace un día
Is it just me or are they forgetting English?💔
*Cupid큐핏* Hace un día
neha patil
neha patil Hace 2 días
Them: It is Chris and Felix ESvid captions: It is crisp and filling
LUNAH Hace 2 días
2:43 the collective sigh of irritation SENDS
Camp bell
Camp bell Hace 2 días
4:06 song?
christina peters
christina peters Hace 2 días
My house color was yellow and it was called Topaz because we were gems
Mama#mareike Brodbeck
Song at 4.32 ?
Username •_•
Username •_• Hace 3 días
I’m hoping that their science teachers are watching this
JLly N.w
JLly N.w Hace 3 días
Ur channel is thebest YEEET
R Vandrius
R Vandrius Hace 4 días
5ushizz Hace 4 días
chan and felix makes me feel proud to be asian-australian
The wiggles was my childhood man. Ugh I loved the wiggles
selina phitanong
selina phitanong Hace 4 días
hearing the none aussies speak in the accents lowkey scares me LMAO
Purple Investment
Purple Investment Hace 4 días
such BOGANS!!!! Proud!
Alyanna Verdeflor
Alyanna Verdeflor Hace 4 días
lowkey shook at how well felix can muzz lmao (also chan your hakking was great luv
Misa Seok
Misa Seok Hace 4 días
"Its from WOOLIES" "Woolies?? oh.." *Probably shopped at coles* I LOST MY SHIT AHAHAHAHA
Sara Adam
Sara Adam Hace 4 días
I’m laughing my ass off. Which doesn’t happen that easily. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chan sounds exactly like those Aussi documentaries about animals en nature.
atkhisa Hace 4 días
I really love your editings!!! 😍
Sophia Nicole
Sophia Nicole Hace 5 días
dude I aint thought bout the wiggles in a minute damn hey childhood how u been
QWERTY Q Hace 5 días
2:03 Find someone who looks at you the way Felix looks at vegemite
nour Hace 5 días
*it is so aussie like not joking*
Yoongissoap Hace 5 días
In primary school I was in green too but we called it Boodja (could be spelt wrong sorry) and in high school now I’m in red but we call it Arthur
Andi Molloy
Andi Molloy Hace 5 días
I’m from the UK and we pronounce Z as zen 👌🏻
wizard 89ag
wizard 89ag Hace 6 días
Wait but I’m not Australian and Ik part tock anthem I thought that song was world wide🤷🏻‍♀️
felixchu Hace 5 días
Party rock anthem? We were all kids back then so we didn't really know about how big it was worldwide but that song was hugggeeeee here and I think that's why Chan mentioned it was like an aussie thing.
Loreen Viñas
Loreen Viñas Hace 6 días
I aint aussie but i know party rock anthem i miss thatttt
kpop trashie_28
kpop trashie_28 Hace 6 días
When you aren't even Australian but the wiggles was your fucking childhood
Isa Curry
Isa Curry Hace 6 días
Not at all the other members now have Australian accents when speaking English lol
Lisa Bang
Lisa Bang Hace 6 días
*chris mentions large crocodiles but doesnt mentions the fucking huGE ASS SPIDERS THAT CAN MOVE REFRIGERATORS*
ChimChims Jams
ChimChims Jams Hace 6 días
ChimChims Jams
ChimChims Jams Hace 6 días
Who taught Felix the Word *yeet* cuz I love ya
Luna Blaze
Luna Blaze Hace 6 días
ok so i accidentally had eng sub on and the beginning said *it is crisp and filling* 😂😂
LAY can Lay Me Down :3
Hadassah Hace 7 días
This is making me feel so patriotic 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
Michelle F.
Michelle F. Hace 7 días
Hadassah Hace 7 días
Yassss chan giving the best adaption of a Christmas song some love 2:31 The verses r the besssst
MaBeL cAnDy
MaBeL cAnDy Hace 7 días
lmfao it be good being kiwi so u highkey understand all the references
MaBeL cAnDy
MaBeL cAnDy Hace 7 días
You Are Reading This
Felix was found around my sisters school in Sydney last year.
gung Hace 7 días
6:07 where can i find the full version?
Aspen M
Aspen M Hace 7 días
Every time Chan said yeet between the videos I laughed so hard idk why
Amy Rose
Amy Rose Hace 7 días
in english schools we also have house colours i was in red the whole way through primary😎😎and we have other house names too in secondary i was in newton for a bit lol
jkhawaiian rolls
jkhawaiian rolls Hace 7 días
i remember wiggles😂
Phara Callemien
Phara Callemien Hace 7 días
At 3:06 it sounded like he said my name Hahah I wish. I love them 💜
jimin's_ jams
jimin's_ jams Hace 7 días
Molly Wolfe
Molly Wolfe Hace 7 días
graduation is in may and I am yeeting off to college to study computer's But chan and Felix are my biasis and the wiggles ahhh
Manon _bn
Manon _bn Hace 7 días
At 4:44 if someone know where I can buy the white hoodie, tell me 😂
Manoor Dehghanizai
Manoor Dehghanizai Hace 7 días
Nobody: Not even seungmins camera: Not even changbins toes: English autogenrate: *iT IiiS cRIsP aND FiLlINg*
Lauren OldAcct
Lauren OldAcct Hace 8 días
Gosh I completely forgot about the house colours for sporting events
minsweag Hace 8 días
*whispers* on the count of 3 we go yEET y’all continue
김 클로에 / ChloeLou
Singing the wiggles had me dead Ah my childhood
luvletter93 Hace 8 días
"BRIAN HYUNG" hahahaha i died
leila t
leila t Hace 8 días
wasn’t party rock anthem popular literally eVERYWHERE
bang2pow Hace 8 días
The auto-subs when it's Chan's introduction. "iT iS CrIsP" y o u t u b e k n o w s
ms123 Hace 8 días
HAHHAHAHAH the *probably from Coles* got me so hard
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