stray kids aussie line being your typical aussies (ft. aussieboos)

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alternative title: Chan giggling for 6 minutes and 36 seconds
part 1(unlisted): esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dGimABPiQiQ.html
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hey everyone, I know it's been a tough time for us during the past month. I've been m.i.a as I took a 2 month hiatus to finish off my final exams (I have now graduated!) and will be posting a bit more regularly.
Please do not reupload the video. Taking shorter clips and posting them is permitted only if you leave the watermark in. Do not make reaction videos to ANY of my videos. I only own the editing, all music and clips belong to JYP and their respective owners.


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16 nov 2019






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felixchu Hace 7 meses
WHOOOP WHOOOP guess who’s back ✨ ya girl has finally graduated from high school! I finally made a twitter account, feel free to follow me @felixchuYT :)))) (My other social medias are in the description box). AND ALSO Make sure you guys vote for stray kids for the AAA popularity award! (info in description) Let’s keep voting for stray kids 💞
Abby Corsame
Abby Corsame Hace 2 meses
I know im late,but Congratulations!♡
Caitlyn Grove
Caitlyn Grove Hace 5 meses
felixchu where can I watch the full video at 2:20 like on vlive but what video
TY’s Plush Shark
TY’s Plush Shark Hace 7 meses
Congrats mate!
King Kookie
King Kookie Hace 7 meses
I don’t know why it didn’t post but, thank you for making your first Aussie line video you are literally the reason I stan Stray Kids. I mean I had to stan talented fellow Aussies.
owo Hace 7 meses
felixchu wot-
Catherine LIU
Catherine LIU Hace 8 horas
we need a return of felix's muzzes
Yasmin Putrialifa
Yasmin Putrialifa Hace 13 horas
"butter " "buhtah"
i am gonna kill chen's antis
First time in the history kpop will turn into Apop
조이the돼지 Joythedwaeji
Chan & Felix: Hey everyone it's Chris and Felix! Auto-generated subs: Hey everyone its crisp and filling Me: Am I watching some apple crumble with pie filling or smth laughing about and stuff- Oh wait. Apple crumple is if Jeongin comes in as well 😌
조이the돼지 Joythedwaeji
Waaay much later: Felix in his solo vlive: * Says that the aussie line has become Chan, Seungmin, Changbin and himself * Hyunjin: * *Sobbing in aussieboo* * I wonder if the rest of the "aussie line" are laughing at him rn.. What if Felix sees this video- I-
Sedra Rajjoub
Sedra Rajjoub Hace un día
Because of Felix saying nOo always now I say it that way as well😅 someday al stays are gonna become Aussie
emily Hace un día
1:29 *probably shopped at coles* pLEASE NO WHEN I TELL YOU I CACKLED
Moonkid Records
Moonkid Records Hace un día
the dance felix is doing at 4:06 is called muzzing LOL it’s popular at like Australian Raves
Saturn Comets
Saturn Comets Hace un día
6:20 innie went 👁 *_* 👁 👁👄👁
Saturn Comets
Saturn Comets Hace un día
the one where they go "and here we have the esophagus" always makes me laugh so hard
Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson Hace un día
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that felix and woosung low key hv the exact same smile...I cant unsee it
secret. queen
secret. queen Hace un día
When chanie said "i feel like we're all gonna be australiens one day" iI was like so truee.. my accent is soo messed up, bcuz they are aussie, my school teaches us american and my family lives in brittain, while semus finnigan has a scottisch accent and idk how all of those accents sound together, but like thats basically how i speak english nowadays... oh yeah, I wont forget mark saying "like" like a 100 times and I even picked that up😶
Megan Cosser
Megan Cosser Hace un día
I live in South Africa and we also have woolies. I love woolies. Also in South Africa we also have school houses
hey lol
hey lol Hace 2 días
as a Aussie I am LOVINGG this vid
37 .5%
37 .5% Hace 2 días
I love Felix’s “bottah”
yejive Hace 3 días
get you a man that looks at you the way felix looks at vegemite
fatima kaabi
fatima kaabi Hace 3 días
My bais in stray kids are Han / Felix
Sodalin Sok
Sodalin Sok Hace 3 días
Can anyone explain to me? Cuz i feel like bang chan and felix's accent is way stronger than rosé
aestxlyssx Hace 4 días
*me being an asian* imma learn to be an AUSSIE
Danisnotonchairs Hace 4 días
Hyunjin found out he wasn’t actually Australian so he decided to never leave his room
TheStayArmy -o-
TheStayArmy -o- Hace 4 días
And nz also has school houses lol
Peace Bro
Peace Bro Hace 4 días
5:37 Why did I think of the shoes crocs-
zibbity bibbity bop
zibbity bibbity bop Hace 4 días
The one true ship is Felix x Vegemite.
Bangtantxt Hace 4 días
aayu, said :aa-yu
aayu, said :aa-yu Hace 4 días
for 3:51 i’ve heard aussies say both ‘zee’ and ‘zed’ so it’s ok
Meh K
Meh K Hace 5 días
“YeEt” -Felix
koo’s bunny smile
koo’s bunny smile Hace 5 días
why did I as a typical Aussie sing the national anthem along with Felix I-
MazatroniksGames Hace 5 días
Woojin sounded just like Chan when he said crikey.
Anonymoose 123
Anonymoose 123 Hace 6 días
They make me proud to be australian bahahha
Carat_NCTzen Multifandom
It's so funny seeing like those small captions clarifying the Aussie stuff cuz I'm Aussie and I already know the stuff 😂😂😂
kingwink Hace 6 días
PROBABLY SHOPPED AT COLES lmaoooo if that aint me
vkookdabomb taetae
vkookdabomb taetae Hace 7 días
3:05 oml his house colour is my name :)))
anime kdrama kpop trashcan
*Y E E T*
Isabella Purdy
Isabella Purdy Hace 7 días
X X Hace 7 días
Wow they are so proud to be Australian like they mention it as much as possible lmaoo
che Hace 7 días
i miss the 1st aussie line video :c
midnight Hace 7 días
What song r they jamming to at 4:7?
Bagas_ official
Bagas_ official Hace 7 días
Tell me what is yeet mean
nadiah najib
nadiah najib Hace 7 días
Dear subtitles editor, i would love to buy u food
νιαмαяιє Hace 8 días
0:27 lol i rememeber having to sing the australian national anthem when i lived in Bunbury. I was like, "this doesnt feel right" Coz im a kiwi lol. Just like, it doesnt feel normal
【阮洋】 Hace 8 días
Renu Sharma
Renu Sharma Hace 8 días
Xxlil playzXx
Xxlil playzXx Hace 9 días
앤니 Hace 10 días
Lily Besson
Lily Besson Hace 10 días
The wiggles and party rock anthem were the best childhood memoriesss i feel bad for the younger aussie babies
치즈김밥 Hace 10 días
5:19 did Hyunjin actually just completely nail that?
Nadja S
Nadja S Hace 10 días
At 4:59 Bangchan kinda reminded me of David Attenborough 😂
B.I's pringle
B.I's pringle Hace 10 días
Chris: brian Brian: WHO'S BRIANNNNNN Literally died 😂😂😂😂😂
Kuri Hace 11 días
I miss Woojin
vivi.morley Hace 11 días
I feel like Australia and Britain are very similar but Australia is cooler - sincerely a British person
ッ스트레이 키즈
hyunjin the off-brand aussie
치즈김밥 Hace 10 días
How the hell is he so good at it?
MilkPeaches Hace 11 días
you can just tell they've danced to party rock anthem at a school dance. any aussies growing up in the 2000's knows what i'm talking about
Olivia Catherine
Olivia Catherine Hace 11 días
The wiggles man that brings me back 😒
Katherine Pretty
Katherine Pretty Hace 12 días
i kinda feel like this is a cult
홍 윤지Saigenicole
홍 윤지Saigenicole Hace 12 días
when I know it was literally Felix but my innerself keep on telling me it's Chaewon
Justine Jayco
Justine Jayco Hace 13 días
i wonder what they will do next when then they discover canada
수제비 Hace 13 días
Wth is that salad song
Pretty Lies
Pretty Lies Hace 13 días
SugaTaeMochi Hace 14 días
Not gonna lie the reason I started getting into the Stray Kids is because I heard there were two Australian members (I am Australian) and they have defiantly not disappointed.
Ax Le
Ax Le Hace 14 días
can u do the melbourne shuffle?
Vani Bear
Vani Bear Hace 14 días
@3:57 Yo i remember that time like it was literally yesterday!! also it's me friend Sarah!!!! hahaha
Jennifer N. Tovar
Jennifer N. Tovar Hace 16 días
I'm literally just trying to stan this dorks ans I really don't understand why they're always yeeting??? Like??? Help :00
Zoe-Lyn Erasmus
Zoe-Lyn Erasmus Hace 16 días
3:00 your explanation about the house colours I could understand even tho I live in a totally different country cause I had green just last year and my house was just mainly for events at the school but I think most of the explanations are kinda more southern side of the world than Australian just a few of the things you listed were unknown to me because its Australian cause I also have Woolworths and call it woolies most of time and I think my mom likes vegemite no offence if you felt offended.
little dino
little dino Hace 16 días
I lowkey wanna move (after few years) to Australia..... but out of the point, my lovely aussie stays, are most of the people in Australia like that? All nice and easy going?
MilkPeaches Hace 11 días
as with all any country not everyone will be like this but most australians are exactly like this lmao. they're an accurate representation of our culture and humor you can tell they're true aussie kids
Emma Malory
Emma Malory Hace 16 días
I love how when he said Brian, I immediately thought of youngk 😂
aulia risma
aulia risma Hace 17 días
Even though I'm not Australian it feels inappropriate if you don't answer oi oi oi when someone chanting Aussie Aussie Aussie
U gOt No JaMs
U gOt No JaMs Hace 17 días
2:05 Yall That face of Felix is so Cute
froopyz Hace 18 días
i can’t believe they triggered old memories i forgot i had - the house colours in primary school - tim tam slide - national anthem (during school assemblies) - oi chuck us - intense screaming (OI MAAATE)
froopyz Hace 18 días
0:31 why did this trigger my primary school days
Hella. exe
Hella. exe Hace 18 días
Wow I'm from NZ
Hella. exe
Hella. exe Hace 18 días
0:14 was that a insult 😡😡😡😡
babySarah Akbar
babySarah Akbar Hace 18 días
After this video I became australian. I was already american and korean...lol
JusM 3Colagyu
JusM 3Colagyu Hace 18 días
Yeet ???
AVIRA KHENI Hace 19 días
4:14 both of them : just u know doing them me: going full on kookoocrazy m ode
lily.elaine01 Hace 19 días
I tried to say no in an australien accent, and I sounded like I was trying to talk in cursive💀
Yoonji Min
Yoonji Min Hace 19 días
What the yeet mean?
Estelle Nancy Miambanzila
Chan and Felix look like brothers
Ellis Loodewijk
Ellis Loodewijk Hace 20 días
Me: *the anthem comes on* AuStRaLiAns LeT UsSsS RJoYcE FoR wE aRE YoUnG aNd FrEeEe
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