Streamers Biggest Wins - #45 / 2018

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The biggest slot wins on stream for week 45 of 2018. Including wins by casino streamers between the 5th and 11th of November 2018.
Featured streamers:
00:05 - CasinoRockstarTV
01:58 - Slotspinner
03:02 - Jarttuslot
04:37 - NickSlots
07:02 - LetsGiveItASpin
11:45 - CraigSlots
14:26 - Miikapekka

Featured games:
Dragon's Treasure
Fruit Mania
Fruit Warp
Jammin Jars
Viking Clash
Knights life
Dragon's Fire

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League 24/7
League 24/7 Hace 5 meses
hello youtubeE!
johns Hace 5 meses
Miika win was a slot player wet dream, but his reactions where so boring :)
Llewellyn Van Den Berg
where cirox?? i miss him. im sure we all do < \ 3
Blondie Hace 6 meses
How come Roshtein isnt in any of these? does he fake his wins?
English Guy
English Guy Hace 6 meses
Neg for fake cash jaartu
CJ88x Hace 6 meses
Fake jartuu = instant dislike. Fake mikapekka - also dislike. Mikkapekka same guy used to do like 50p spins now whacking in £6-£10 spins? seems legit. SO fake hahahah Keep featuring fakes and over 50% of your reactions will be dislikes. LOOOSERS.
FruitVideos Hace 6 meses
first guy is fake by his reaction
Aleksandar Tomic
Aleksandar Tomic Hace 6 meses
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Okariin!!! Hace 6 meses
i will not hide it, i am here for the comments =)
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Haha thank you for contributing to them as well. 😉
Legasov Hace 6 meses
Those hello's, thats the funniest shit ever, thanks for making me laugh
Dolf S
Dolf S Hace 6 meses
Nice to see those hits that only happen to streamers again.. Balance low? No problem, we just give you a massive win..
ChairSlots Slots
ChairSlots Slots Hace 6 meses
First one must be fake. Reaction was shit
PatoX Hace 6 meses
Where is Montana Black 40k win? 🤔
Austacker Hace 6 meses
Jarttu, really? 'Hellooooo youtuba' - Yeah, fuck off. This dipshit has every fucking streamer bellowing this shit nowadays on a big win. I literally cringe every time I hear it.
Zombernatural Hace 6 meses
what is this cringy high five crap all the time
Roberto Filomena
Roberto Filomena Hace 6 meses
Lu culu anfacci a tutti. Iu mai nu cazzu.
Jens Eckervogt
Jens Eckervogt Hace 6 meses
Grrrrrr i am jealous that i will play it
Erika Westerlund
Erika Westerlund Hace 6 meses
So funny to see Mikka these days he use to play at $0.50p stakes at well known casino's and be genuine happy for $50+ wins now he gets 1500x hits on random 3rd party dodgy sites and u can see how sad he is that its fake money that he is winning with crying inside wishing it was his real money.
miikapekka Hace 6 meses
I don't know about that. My bank account seems pretty happy :)
Blacksreen TV
Blacksreen TV Hace 6 meses
Wer 50 euro pro dreh spielt hat genug geld der scheisst auf 25k
mafia 05
mafia 05 Hace 6 meses
Isn't craig slots BANNED on you tube
Glenn West
Glenn West Hace 6 meses
Nickslots is one annoying prick
james turner
james turner Hace 6 meses
What game is 15:20
Robby Lochert
Robby Lochert Hace 6 meses
the hello hello is sooooo funny :D
On A Bucket
On A Bucket Hace 6 meses
Streamers biggest wins or just week after week of the same Casino Grounds streamers! Same faces week in week out. To be fair though, clever advertisement for the streams!
Maxime Cloutier
Maxime Cloutier Hace 6 meses
+Der TYPP There are a lot of other casino streamers with thousands of viewers that I never see in those compilations tho.
Der TYPP Hace 6 meses
Thats the streamer? why should they know a Streamer with 20 Views ?
Darrell Burnett
Darrell Burnett Hace 6 meses
Well if you know your players, im pretty sure they'll have Bandits big win he has this weekend on Fridays!
rab day
rab day Hace 6 meses
The guy at the end didn't get very excited.. would make you think he was playing with the casinos money
D Bruce
D Bruce Hace 5 meses
Yeah but he has to wager 45x 500 so thats like 20 grand
Okariin!!! Hace 6 meses
+rab day mOm*
GreatNewsVideo Hace 6 meses
He makes the same reaction when he busts a nut. "Yes okay not too bad"
Unusual_timing Hace 6 meses
+rab day LOL
rab day
rab day Hace 6 meses
+Unusual_timing i won 1500 pounds with a 1 pound bet on bonnanza .. i screamed that much my kids came running down the stairs thinking i was beating their mum to death.. we had a laugth after they realised what was going on.... p.s ive never beat my wife :]
Robby Lochert
Robby Lochert Hace 6 meses
won 126.000 sek. reaction "omg how much is that" O.o
Amex 88
Amex 88 Hace 6 meses
Mikka is the new shitlox. Like hes not happy! Jack ass
Daniel Brah
Daniel Brah Hace 6 meses
Dragons treasure hit is just sad, the guy is open with his partnership and says he plays with casino money and gets a % of the cashouts and affiliate profits. Not even his real money.
Dave K
Dave K Hace 6 meses
Emil gets 10% of the cashout, he plays for Par but if it's the casino money...then how would there be anything to cash out? Your comment makes no sense at all.
BigBoBear_TV Hace 6 meses
mikka is so borring to watch, and nick needs to get an oscar for his acting!!
NotaliusBIG Hace 4 días
he was acting that way because he still had to wager it .. he definitely didnt cashout all that money
Mitch Hardcore
Mitch Hardcore Hace 6 meses
Why do people think Nicks vids are fake?
Skillz0r Hace 6 meses
+M'FXCKER I just always felt like Mika is trying to act cool.. by not going mad on this wins etc
M'FXCKER Hace 6 meses
Finnish people are like that, stiff and emotionless (Jarttu excluded). I still love Miika <3
Sensaatio Hace 6 meses
He's not an "entertainment guy", he just plays.
Martin Palmér
Martin Palmér Hace 6 meses
"Oh my helk" Epic! :D
Dark Minimal
Dark Minimal Hace 6 meses
Last win its a fucking Fake
andy b
andy b Hace 6 meses
These streamers getting once in a lifetime hits almost every week, showing everyone the new slots which are great at the start then boom! Switch activated and they turn to complete shit. Such a shady business, that huge win at the end and the guy don’t seem happy at all, ridiculous! Sorry to be so negative on your channel
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Hey Andy B! It's okay, you're free to speculate and express your emotions. But I have to break it to you, there's no switch. These are highlights from the streams which represents only a tiny portion of the full picture. You can think of it like this; if you roll a dice and you want to get a "6" three times in a row, would you be more likely to do it if you try for 10 minutes or for 10 hours?
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Hace 6 meses
7:17 why is Kim drinking out of the toilet?
Grego Caru
Grego Caru Hace 6 meses
YOU MUST do a "hello" " hallo" compilation it's so good :D
rab day
rab day Hace 6 meses
It's actually getting very boring these streamers just copy other streamers.. if I hear get the fudge in there I will die
Thomas Roedgaard
Thomas Roedgaard Hace 6 meses
Great hit Mika :-D
miikapekka Hace 6 meses
Thanks :--)
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace 6 meses
kim and his cockslapping spam,cringe much.
Paul Osc Slots
Paul Osc Slots Hace 6 meses
Nice wins!
Michael Pressley
Michael Pressley Hace 6 meses
Great wins and great video! Congrats to all!
Michael Brown
Michael Brown Hace 6 meses
Why no bandit 😯 25k win
Chad Hace 6 meses
I wish we could gamble online in my country.
Dave The rave
Dave The rave Hace 6 meses
Chad do what you want
BBroot Hace 6 meses
Trust me, it's better that that is illeagal. How many have lost everything to casinos.
Tony Hace 6 meses
@CasinoGrounds where the hell is Hypa? he got a big win!
voodoodolleke Hace 6 meses
Might be in the community vid on friday.
Lekac Hace 6 meses
more than 2000x, amazing win for hypa, and that suited tie week before was even better!!
Trono Fruit Slots
Trono Fruit Slots Hace 6 meses
Hypalinx no worries mate,just a pity it wasn’t featured.. as u say maybe the next episode? We will see. Nick hit £1445, did u not hit £4255 odd on the same stake? 🤔
Hypalinx Hace 6 meses
Awww I was hoping it would be on here :-( Perhaps on a future episode? Maybe because Nicks Jammin Jars hit has been featured so might of been boring watching two bonuses of the same slot? Very happy with the win though, best hit I've had since Star Quest in April despite pumping thousands on the slots. Lucks been awful this year! Cheers Trono for uploading, quality is perfect 1080p, was so happy to hit it.
Trono Fruit Slots
Trono Fruit Slots Hace 6 meses
Paul Osc Slots Gambling Channel Mate I uploaded it to casino grounds, I thought it would of been on this episode..
Mysteron71 Hace 6 meses
Great vid... Congrats to Mikka on that mega hit at the end ;)
miikapekka Hace 6 meses
Thanks bro ;)
Dennis Wi
Dennis Wi Hace 6 meses
I hate SEK videos! Only €/£ please!!!
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Hello Dennis. We try to help you guys by showing the bet size in euros after every featured clip. If you have a better idea of displaying this, feel free to share it with us. 🙂
The Husketeers
The Husketeers Hace 6 meses
How many of the super high rollers are using demo cash?
Ad infinitum
Ad infinitum Hace 6 meses
Casino Land - Casino Streamer
Awesome hits :) Don't know why, but video plays only in 360p quality.
Casino Land - Casino Streamer
+Elsuri313 It makes sense, but I watched the video after almost 40 minutes after it was published :)
Elsuri313 Hace 6 meses
it takes time when a video is uploaded. ESvid will process the video and it takes few minutes until HD available
Casino Land - Casino Streamer
+CasinoGrounds Yeah, all is good now :)
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Hey Casino Land! We don't know why, but we think it's sorted now. 🤔
Nando Festivals
Nando Festivals Hace 6 meses
Where is Roshtein big wins?
Der TYPP Hace 6 meses
+jay jay The facts are : He played 1 year ago with 1-5 euro bets, then he won 61k and was 3 months away traveling. After the 3 Months he startet on big bets and then it startet that everyone sayed he is fake. No one have ever shown a Proof. He is every Month in a diffrent Countrie in best hotels (you can see that in his Instagram Stories) and he lifes in Malte. why everyone says he is fake but no one can proof it? Youre like Flat earther . You dont stay with the facts couse you didnt want to belive it
Sensaatio Hace 6 meses
+BBroot He uses "free game money deal" offered by casino, or crazy 500% bonuses with sick wager + max withdrawal limits Also plays only on suspected casinos.. But yeah, there's no sure proof because he doesn't tell it.
Paul Osc Slots
Paul Osc Slots Hace 6 meses
Either way as you say hes had a loan so its not fake. He also earns a shitload from sign ups!
BBroot Hace 6 meses
+Paul Osc Slots no, he is not. He had to take loan from his father so he could play more. Maybe his father is rich, I don't know that.
Paul Osc Slots
Paul Osc Slots Hace 6 meses
Roshtein is rich af, why would he play with fake money?
Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas Hace 6 meses
Why do you post wager vids??? Sad a fuck tbf
SpikeSCFC Hace 6 meses
WHY DO YOU POST WAGER WINS?? Stop with the bullshit vids
John Douglas
John Douglas Hace 6 meses
Craig's slot= like video
Ellis James
Ellis James Hace 6 meses
Surely a bit more enthusiasm than that on the first one. Mega win though 👌🏾
GuriGG Hace 6 meses
Just look at the Mikapekka or what he is called, where is the entertaining personality? Quiet and not fun at all....
Supermann64 Hace 6 meses
I cant watch him either,his ASMR-Style of talking drives me nuts. Luckly there are enough others to watch :)
Kenneth Lindberg
Kenneth Lindberg Hace 6 meses
GuriGG Just because you are a streamer u have to have a entertaining personnality? lol dude.. I think he seems cool calm and collected.. Go watch rothstein or w/e his name is, he screams and act like child, maybe that suits you better crybaby
mairou Hace 6 meses
He is Finnish. See Kimi Räikkönen for example for his reactions ;D
Ad Rock
Ad Rock Hace 6 meses
That’s the best thing about him. Quiet, calm, stoic.
Switchback Hace 6 meses
Atleast he does not get mad like Shitox
Alex Golding
Alex Golding Hace 6 meses
Video was going to get a like.... Then you added a very small clip of Shirox right at the end. Ruined it. *Dislike*
Der TYPP Hace 6 meses
+Alex Golding i: you act like a little girl. Y: you to. i : dump people have always the argument " you to" . Are you 2 dump to understand this?
Alex Golding
Alex Golding Hace 6 meses
Der TYPP Your reply would be good if it made sense.
Der TYPP Hace 6 meses
+Alex Golding dump people have always the argument "you to"
Alex Golding
Alex Golding Hace 6 meses
+Der TYPP <3u2
civreiwey Hace 6 meses
+Der TYPP he is a little girl :)
Pinna Giovanni
Pinna Giovanni Hace 6 meses
Non apre
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Ciao Pinna Giovanni. Per favore riprova adesso. 🙂
Alpha KennyBody
Alpha KennyBody Hace 6 meses
Nicks voice is so f'in annoying Needs to act like a man not a tranny
IcemanMaki Hace 6 meses
why so poor video quality?
IcemanMaki Hace 6 meses
+kulimeya123 K, tnx, didn't know that.
kulimeya123 Hace 6 meses
+IcemanMaki Video has to be converted and spreaded out to all CDN nodes, so it can take a bit of time until all versions are available at all places on the world.
SpikeSCFC Hace 6 meses
IcemanMaki why would you want to watch a vid which has fake wins in??
IcemanMaki Hace 6 meses
+CasinoGrounds hey, I only see 144 and 360 p... I mean, I watched the video anyway, I was just asking...
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Hello IcemanMaki. It should work fine now.
M'FXCKER Hace 6 meses
Rasmus Laursen
Rasmus Laursen Hace 6 meses
Howdy partners!
Lars Hace 6 meses
jammin jars is so shitty if you are not a streamer with unreal bonuses or these casino example videos
CasinoGrounds Hace 6 meses
Hey Lars! It sounds like you have some bad experience with the slot, and I'm sorry to hear. It all comes down to Jammin Jars being a high variance slot. In short; either you win a lot or you win nothing. For a more insight on variance, feel free to check out this article: casinogrounds.com/video-slots-guide-variance-volatility/
muczi 16
muczi 16 Hace 6 meses
MR Slotspinner deserve 😎 And basegame WHATS was also great, but win of this video was VIKING :-)
Sebacrush Hace 6 meses
Slotspinner needed it. Lost some money in Vegas
Sebacrush Hace 6 meses
max sinclair
max sinclair Hace 6 meses
Love it
Sebacrush Hace 6 meses
Oh no first comment
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