Streamers React to *NEW* "CHINA DEFAULT" SKIN (BEST Female Default) in Fortnite

Fortnite Bruh
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Streamers React to *NEW* "CHINA DEFAULT" SKIN (Default Soccer Outfit) in Fortnite
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15 mar 2019






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Comentarios 3 673
Fortnite Bruh
Fortnite Bruh Hace 6 días
Check FortNation for the full showcase video: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dKHq6cccv7U.html
Luutics Hace 5 días
fuck off
stan lee
stan lee Hace 5 días
Schadrac Julecin
Schadrac Julecin Hace 5 días
Bro you said they where free
william ingham
william ingham Hace 5 días
Is sow stopping
RustyRayne Hace 5 días
Shut the Huck up
[ELITE] Panda
[ELITE] Panda Hace 10 horas
Why do people try to advertise fake stuff?
S K Hace 12 horas
Whats the point of this fcking vid u dont even show prove its coming. Ur Just asking streamers, react to it plz im desperate for views and litteraly makes no sense
Esasinat Hace un día
They literally clipped ninja lagging for a second
A Ruiz
A Ruiz Hace un día
I was going to subscribe if it was not a scam
A Ruiz
A Ruiz Hace un día
Scam it's not free
Fhantom03 Hace un día
Motha lummee wong time wong time wong time succy succy succy fuccy
Judeknightpool Hace un día
Judeknightpool Hace un día
Judeknightpool Hace un día
Judeknightpool Hace un día
KYSさん Hace 2 días
KK Awesome
KK Awesome Hace 2 días
Where’s my season 3 gang at?
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez Hace 2 días
Who else thinks you ahould be able to choose the default you want?
Jahziel John Cristobal
I typed wiith my toes. Without satou correct or dee Letoing
Jahziel John Cristobal
I typed with my toes without autocorrect or deleting
Mitchell Dawkins
Mitchell Dawkins Hace 2 días
Fortnite bruh doesn’t care about his fans he’s just scamming them for money with the sponsor he’s probably making thousands off of scam sponsors that he knows is a scam
It’s the bad boi Frado
Timothy Van Raalte
Timothy Van Raalte Hace 3 días
thats not fake guys
Fludy Hace 3 días
We wouldn’t be able to get it after we leave the eu rip brexit
ThatWasYou !
ThatWasYou ! Hace 3 días
1:12 this what you came for
Wolf god346
Wolf god346 Hace 3 días
Your a scam cause we still have to pay for shipping
UnkownSawh Hace 3 días
Fun Used
Ad real airpods fake
Dusk Faint
Dusk Faint Hace 3 días
only console gods can like this
Gabriel Glenny
Gabriel Glenny Hace 3 días
Clip of 6:45 please
Owen Hernly
Owen Hernly Hace 4 días
So you steal real creators content and put your own watermarks on it?
DK Voltz
DK Voltz Hace 4 días
8:41 is the next craftyz
Andrew Landeros
Andrew Landeros Hace 4 días
the AirPods are fake
Ruth Allen
Ruth Allen Hace 4 días
That's a real reason to be a deafault skin but imma stick with the soccer skin version of it
Dionis Cedillos
Dionis Cedillos Hace 4 días
boi the builder
boi the builder Hace 4 días
China default skin=SSSNIPERWOLF
Tobias Achampong Year 7
Person: "Claim your free air pods today" Me: Look at the screen in excitement Me: "Boiiiiiii they trying to give me fake air pods"
Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia Hace 4 días
First epic will never add a new default and if they do I will play apex more than Fortnite and stop lien to us you are the worst youtuber
Sara Dummy
Sara Dummy Hace 4 días
So Can you only get the chinese skin on the chinese fortnite version?
August Squad
August Squad Hace 4 días
Немцы пошли нахуй
Nocturnn Series
Nocturnn Series Hace 4 días
Quand ta prof te demande ton DM 5:15
XxCoockie GangxX
XxCoockie GangxX Hace 4 días
epic should add Dor the Explorer
EKFC Nation
EKFC Nation Hace 4 días
lcct _98
lcct _98 Hace 4 días
Ey Issa war hier auch hahaha
Zexity Yt
Zexity Yt Hace 4 días
Logan Loxley
Logan Loxley Hace 4 días
Funny vid
Krunn Hace 4 días
Only people that believe that there are 2 genders may like this Also sub to my boy Fxrd he just posted!!
Angelo Cammalleri
Angelo Cammalleri Hace 4 días
The Shadow Squad
The Shadow Squad Hace 4 días
Hope everyone who reads this has a amazing day If u could sub to me it would help me out a lot
ITSJJ Hace 4 días
I'm not buying those ear buds. Trash
SnakeTT Hace 4 días
scenario is from iKON love scenario
Lol SatisfyOGS
Lol SatisfyOGS Hace 4 días
Who else is scrolling down the comments looking for the vid clip??
Miguel Reyes
Miguel Reyes Hace 4 días
I wish that u can choose your own default skin
Julio Barragan
Julio Barragan Hace 4 días
Nice scam on the AirPods kid
Yeetus Godus
Yeetus Godus Hace 4 días
Racist title btw I’m not triggered tho😂👌
devin starks
devin starks Hace 4 días
Isn't it out for fortnige china
Mara Sov
Mara Sov Hace 4 días
Tf is that intro
Exotic Vett
Exotic Vett Hace 4 días
Oh no first 3 comments than the youtuber is asking for likes
Toulue Vang
Toulue Vang Hace 4 días
why chinese? should just be call a female asian default skin smh.
XxDarkDragonSlay xX
XxDarkDragonSlay xX Hace 4 días
VRare Hace 4 días
Stop scamming your subscribers with yo fake ass cheap ass AirPods just pathetic.
MemeLifeX Hace 4 días
So the default skin is basically Rook without her glasses and different clothes
ali a
ali a Hace 4 días
2 million views!!
Ravi Penumaka
Ravi Penumaka Hace 4 días
Only people who remember anarchy can like this
HordePlayz Hace 4 días
When I kill a duo in Fortnite 0:41
HOT POCKET Hace 4 días
5:00 I’m embarrassed 😳 my brothers were in the room it was loud 😬😬😬🙄
El Poio Loco
El Poio Loco Hace 4 días
*_Tfue debe estar bien felíz :)_*
Excusee Hace 4 días
Noa i know wht the defult pickaxe says HOE ON THE BACK
Mad Guy
Mad Guy Hace 5 días
We should be able to pick a default skin
ColdyCane Hace 5 días
Thats the rook skin without the glasses right?
Vision Blurr
Vision Blurr Hace 5 días
sub to my friend Weeby on youtube he drops 20 bombs on the daily
Jonathan Rosa
Jonathan Rosa Hace 5 días
If you have og merry marauder only like this and if you wanna 1v1 my username is jrivera239 and if you play xbox aka xbot add me on epic bc im ps4
1k subs. with no videos
Like if Donald Trump is the worst president
Mx 14 Hatake
Mx 14 Hatake Hace 5 días
All your vids are click bait die
De GTA Broers
De GTA Broers Hace 5 días
stan lee
stan lee Hace 5 días
Dr u
Shawndra Faison
Shawndra Faison Hace 5 días
onl if u got a kill u can like this
Omar Jibreil
Omar Jibreil Hace 5 días
If you have a big pepe like this
MaxTheSmallOne !
MaxTheSmallOne ! Hace 5 días
Why airpods?????
Kaleb Tith
Kaleb Tith Hace 5 días
Aye just got my pair of free AirPods from the sponsor.
Jinnux Hace 5 días
What song is this
Maddie M
Maddie M Hace 5 días
The Rihanna default is always going to the best default 😍😂
Cold Flame
Cold Flame Hace 5 días
Unspeakable MC
Unspeakable MC Hace 5 días
Hint: the AirPods are like $11.93 there not free
moe Hace 5 días
I dont want your fucking airpods ok, stop showing that
PoiBoi 417
PoiBoi 417 Hace 5 días
Are the AirPods a scam or are they actually free?
Jace Tortomasi
Jace Tortomasi Hace 5 días
Jamari DeBerry
Jamari DeBerry Hace 5 días
Only people who remeber the third default dance music can like this
Bigmacmaster2911 gaming
she is the exact same skin as samurai girl without the mask on
Triston Wright
Triston Wright Hace 5 días
I need dat
[BM]Drhrjh Hace 5 días
Why is there always an AirPod ad? I think we all skip it every day...
Mexo HD
Mexo HD Hace 5 días
pR Chronics
pR Chronics Hace 5 días
You came here for 1:22 Thank me by just checking my latest vid?😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Glenn Galasso
Glenn Galasso Hace 5 días
I don’t get this this is the jungle scout
Kb2x2009 YT
Kb2x2009 YT Hace 5 días
What back bling is ninja wearing
Jordan Sim
Jordan Sim Hace 5 días
Only people who remembers the og prison in moisty...
Faheem Shahid
Faheem Shahid Hace 5 días
What is the song at the end
Monster 8710
Monster 8710 Hace 5 días
Plz sub to me i’m trying to grow my channel
Tyler Viers
Tyler Viers Hace 5 días
RFX KNIGHTT Hace 5 días
Why is there *AIR-PODS* at the start that's disgusting
Damian Barszcz
Damian Barszcz Hace 5 días
giveaway is scam
Wolfee Hace 5 días
New? This skins been out for months, Since Season 5 at that
Mango Pod
Mango Pod Hace 5 días
Racist could’ve said Asian
Googleuser 777777777
remove part (EAR PHONES)
Edward Allen
Edward Allen Hace 5 días
This is fake
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