Streaming Gear - What Should You Upgrade First?

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Most purchases that streamers make are a giant waste of money. If I'm going to be reviewing and suggesting products to you, it's my responsibility first to tell you what your priorities should be when investing in your stream.
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Video Links:
Camera/Lighting -- esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cjbrsDZfa2M.html
High Quality Audio -- esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-HYgXFVm3-mk.html
Discoverability vs Quality -- esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZazXO0dBCG8.html
Equipment Links:
Webcam -- amzn.to/2GUO6o8
RGB light strip -- amzn.to/2Eld3HP
My RBG flood lights -- amzn.to/2GV4OUE
Fancy front and edge lighting -- amzn.to/2GUEnya
Cheap condenser mic -- amzn.to/2GUhf2J
Cheap mixer -- www.amazon.com/Behringer-Q802USB-BEHRINGER-XENYX/dp/B008O517IC/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1550702852&sr=8-4&keywords=behringer+usb+mixer
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Alpha Gaming
Alpha Gaming Hace un año
What's your favorite piece of equipment? What about the piece you're the most antsy to upgrade??
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Hace 9 días
Alpha Gaming mic
ColezaxPlayz Hace 26 días
my freaking pc
SKG Swayy
SKG Swayy Hace 26 días
Audio quality for sure
Destructionofanage Hace un mes
My fav piece? Honestly my skullcandy player2 headset, that mic sounds ALMOST as good as your current mic, almost. Most exciting to upgrade? My cam/lights. I have a 1080p cam but it looks all pixelly and strange
Mikenleven69 Hace un mes
Trent Sayer
Trent Sayer Hace un día
Was saving up for a ryzen cpu and motherboard but after listening to your advice i'm now going to get a webcam and upgrade my mic first. Thanks for all the sound advice
Angry_Icelander Hace un día
Unknown Gaming 7125
Unknown Gaming 7125 Hace 3 días
"spend the money on the viewer, not yourself" imma treat myself first bc i NEED a new laptop so that i CAN stream :( i am on an HP EliteBook 8570p, it cant hardly play any graphics based game at more than 5 fps
Josh Init
Josh Init Hace 5 días
9:39 Sorry, whats double zero?
lil kiso
lil kiso Hace 5 días
he says your profile picture shouldnt be a logo but yet his profile photo is his logo like WHAT!
the styx code
the styx code Hace 8 días
Me, not streaming regularly and not planning to showing myself: Hm. Yes. A camera is a good idea.
SS Echo
SS Echo Hace 4 horas
@the styx code lol I replied to the wrong comment
the styx code
the styx code Hace 5 horas
@SS Echo yes but like.. phones can take pictures as well?
SS Echo
SS Echo Hace 5 horas
Yes but his twitch pfp is his face
NXT Danke
NXT Danke Hace 3 días
So basically this guy is saying is that I should be buying steroids for my setups...
bachii Hace 4 días
then bruh this isn’t the video for you 😂
Vworks Hace 8 días
I don't see how getting an editor would help an art streamer. Thank you for the tips though.
Twizzle TV
Twizzle TV Hace 9 días
Everyone notices the chair bruhh,, Chair = life
Brian Mirante
Brian Mirante Hace 9 días
"Nobody is going to know what chair your sitting in." PewDiePie: "Am I a joke to you?!?!?"
Noel Puthooran
Noel Puthooran Hace 8 días
Floor gang OUUU
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Hace 9 días
The twitch average viewers is soooo fucking weird like every stream I get at least 3 viewers for an average of half of my stream and 5 at the end hour
Erickson Films
Erickson Films Hace 10 días
Just bought a blue kiwi!
wowie Hace 10 días
0:26 What the actual frick Are You doing with your hands
TrippyDoodTV Hace 10 días
DOOOOOD Your Admirable Advice is Awesome!lol THANKS MAN
Fl1ght FLOB
Fl1ght FLOB Hace 13 días
Are there any USB microphones compatible with Xbox one?
GamerDave_PL Hace 15 días
You have made me respect strramers
Kayboards Hace 15 días
"look at streamers with double your viewership" Can't double zero bud
Tyler Schnoor
Tyler Schnoor Hace 16 días
"Hey look at you, you're making money on Twitch". yes i have made $5 i am epic streamer
AstoranSolaire Hace 17 días
Correction: everybody who plays FPS games has a headset with a built in microphone.
AstoranSolaire Hace 5 días
@Alone Why are you trying to recommend something you are clearly not knowledgeable on to someone who has told you repeatedly he doesn't want one?
Alone Hace 5 días
@rociscool yh for some reason mine has a loud buzzing noise its so aids
Alone Hace 5 días
@AstoranSolaire yh if u get a high quality headset the mic is ok so theres no need to have more shit on ur setup to get it cluttered
rociscool Hace 5 días
@Alone I fr just use a $40 turtle beach so my ears are hurting
AstoranSolaire Hace 16 días
@Alone My point is I play games, I have never owned one and doubt I will ever see the need to.
GalaxyGunSlinger Hace 17 días
Real video man!
They bait
They bait Hace 18 días
Why are you talking about videos when it is about streaming
Brandon Charles
Brandon Charles Hace 19 días
Wax paper works great for diffusion or fabric at Walmart for a few bucks and its amazing
Parkourcrazed Hace 20 días
So alpha gaming, what’s wrong with my penis. Alpha: not enough growth
Modern Marketer
Modern Marketer Hace 20 días
Alpha Gaming: you want your profile picture to be a face, not a logo... also Him:
S2N2_Pogster Hace 21 un día
DaVinci resolve is also on Mac (I Use it)
Ninja Zombie 07
Ninja Zombie 07 Hace 22 días
Should I spend no money until I start making money from streaming or should I invest money up front to make it look good?
Cuz J
Cuz J Hace 22 días
How do you keep the dark feel to your room while having yourself very well lit? Also, I just bought a ring light and I’m imaging having this bright light staring me in the face will be very distracting from my gameplay. Is it?
Gerardicosas Hace 22 días
First time on your channel, that´s final reminder was an eye open to my channel. COOL VIDEO, THANKS 4 THE INFO! I´ll buy some items between your starter stream kit & the pro streaming kit.
Edi Lopes
Edi Lopes Hace 25 días
Very good advices you gave me, those things are very important, but if you really suffer with problems on your back, better not sit on a kitchenchair ^^
Skully Games and Plays
Can anyone tell me if getting 26 followers in your first week is good? (Just in case your wondering only 3 of my followers are family/friends since I want to do it legit since I have a humongous family around 70 people I would already have affiliate but again I’d rather do it legitimately instead of for free)
Ron Knope
Ron Knope Hace 26 días
First 10 seconds Me: NOPE
shutterbugnerd Hace 27 días
Weight the return on investment for each purchase if you hear ROI in business that’s what they are talking about.
Eran Elbaz
Eran Elbaz Hace 29 días
Hey! started couple of month ago to upload videos to youtube and i really love you content! can you please give some tips about how to create good thumbnails without paying for editor as you said here? Thanks!
EQUAL .ENT Hace un mes
A good chair is soooooo under rated !!!
Aidan Guyette
Aidan Guyette Hace un mes
My gaming chair was $80
CorMemory Hace un mes
For my streams I want to have a green screen. But I don't want a flimsy cloth material I tried using in the past. It looked AWFUL. I wan't something like elgatos greenscreen but that costs way to much. Is there a cheap option to choose for a good quality greenscreen?
Sik0 サイコ
Sik0 サイコ Hace un mes
I’m Going To Be A Anonymous Streamer / ESvidr Like Memeulous
"look at people with double the viewers as you have...." 0x2=0 so do i just look at other streamers with 0 viewers then or......?
mMatrxTV Hace un mes
the only thing I disagree with is the chair, I have purchased that $80 chair, and frankly the time you are going to be sitting streaming you are probably going to be doing damage to your back and butt. I would say a $300 chair is more than enough and will last an extremely long time compared to the $80. Other than that, I will use these tips.
Mrfishy Nippy
Mrfishy Nippy Hace un mes
I don’t even make money from streaming
Zodiac Hace un mes
im actually gonna start streaming or making content as soon as i get a PC
Carbon 14
Carbon 14 Hace un mes
His background is Green Screened in!
PB andJae
PB andJae Hace un mes
2x0 is still 0
Arjun k
Arjun k Hace un mes
Bro someone in your server banned me
Big LunchBox
Big LunchBox Hace un mes
Why is his profile his logo?
Gabriel Wmg
Gabriel Wmg Hace un mes
Just spend it on women
EPIC_BEAST Hace un mes
good video
Asia Black
Asia Black Hace un mes
You right, but in the end it’s all about personality, nothing helps to boring not interesting streamer
hb_12340978 Hace un mes
9:40 can’t double 0 😏
The Mature Man
The Mature Man Hace un mes
Just found your channel tonight and one of the takeaways I’ve gotten just from watching a couple of your videos so far is if you focus on the viewer, focus on the viewer, focus on the viewer the money will come. As well as applying to streaming, and YouTubing, you could also apply that to blogging and other content creation.Thanks for sharing your advice and experience with us!
Wyzhx Hace un mes
9:37. me: having 1 viewer. random guy: 2 viewers without camera, shitty micrpohone streaming fortnite me: YES I DO FUKEN DESERVE MORE VIEWERS
BenesMemeBunker Hace un mes
Just get Filmora or Vegas Pro as an APK
Mooshiros Hace un mes
what about things that make you better at the game? for example theres a streamer with a donation goal for a crt for sm64 speedrunning, which will make him get better runs because of less input latency. Is that a good investment or no?
DJ Hace un mes
Click bait
KingTato Hace un mes
use your built in mic *sounds like wizardyensid*
LifeofAlyssha Hace un mes
I just bought LED lights woohoo!
Charlie's Karts
Charlie's Karts Hace un mes
So you think you get subs, donations, and your an affiliate maybe? No way. I have one single $2 and am an affiliate. My only sub is a friend.
Toxic ZFZ
Toxic ZFZ Hace un mes
Please go check me out on twitch. I'm a very small streamer and I'm thinking about upgrading.
Only got 100k
Me to
Kelvin Frost
Kelvin Frost Hace un mes
is your first name alpha or haris?
Mango ARMY
Mango ARMY Hace un mes
WOW was not expecting THAT GREAT OF A VIDEO like wwwoooowwwww keep it up
FXCUS Hace un mes
I'm hopefully getting a good pc that can game a nd stream at the same time n use my money to get streamjngg ear I currently use the blue snowball mic which I got today n it's a big difference from my old mic
piqqeh - PiggMC
piqqeh - PiggMC Hace un mes
What pc specs are you getting?
Spectr Hace un mes
me: needs a new compuper to have a good streem
just_syl Hace 2 meses
i got for a donate goal a webcam
MrBej Hace 2 meses
We should first dye our hair I guess.
MrBej Hace 2 meses
All we first need to do is subscribe to you.
mahmoud adawi
mahmoud adawi Hace 2 meses
Harris: get a logo but don't use it as your pfp use your face for a pfp Also harris: *puts alpha gaming logo in his yt pfp*
CharlRae Sim Racing
CharlRae Sim Racing Hace 2 meses
How the hell can you be making money not as an affiliate. If you are getting donations there’s no way your not affiliate. I just hit affiliate and my only donation is a $2
Honkis Preston abner
when he said that gaming chairs cost 400 hundred dollars I realized that cost more than my actual computer
Honkis Preston abner
Honkis Preston abner Hace 16 días
@Kuwwa its cheap but decent I can run any game at 60 fps on medium settings
Edi Lopes
Edi Lopes Hace 25 días
Better get a ps5 for that price,maybe? :)
Edi Lopes
Edi Lopes Hace 25 días
@Kuwwa 100% a bad pc, oh well ^^
Kuwwa Hace un mes
Honkis Preston abner you must have a shit pc lol
GreenStrqfe Hace 2 meses
first 6 seconds are wrong and offending me please remove them or we will copy strike pewdiepie
mikkel hammer
mikkel hammer Hace 2 meses
hey i really want a audio mixer whit voice changer and god i use the røde podmic i have about 70-100 can you recomend any?
SwineCraft Hace 2 meses
why is it that all i see is light donuts reflecting in your eyes?
Rhymes_21 Hace 2 meses
Nice tips bro means alot to me my goal to become a ESvidr u earn a sub.
Christian Markandu
Christian Markandu Hace 2 meses
This is a great video!!!
datt Pixel
datt Pixel Hace 2 meses
This man is smart 🤓
It'z V1CIOU5
It'z V1CIOU5 Hace 2 meses
ur camera is crooked
Dan Gillam
Dan Gillam Hace 2 meses
"The most important one to SOUND professional is Audio." I should have known.
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