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Tionda Brooks
Tionda Brooks Hace 21 un minuto
Damn I was on the edge of my chair this whole fight.....
Matthew Doe
Matthew Doe Hace 13 horas
These dudes are ⛽ out
NomanTHE Snowman
NomanTHE Snowman Hace 14 horas
If myth was big
Jason Smiley
Jason Smiley Hace 15 horas
Props to both dudes for throwing down in the first place
GreatNoBrakes [ReTurns]
that kick tho...lmao.. @8:06
Cathleen Kirkland
Cathleen Kirkland Hace un día
Jax irl lol
Curtis Patterson YT
Curtis Patterson YT Hace un día
is this fake? where is the blood?
HD Moe
HD Moe Hace un día
This shit is shameful af that dude cock diesel for nothing and the other jit had a good intro till he got beat up u I can’t even say who one cause they both suck wasn’t even a fight look like sparring
Mqfus Dad
Mqfus Dad Hace un día
atlas isnt mma he should be a boxer
Young La
Young La Hace un día
Can y’all sign me up for this I’m trying to fight and ik a lot of MMA so anyone I’m knocking out
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson Hace un día
Two tone mustache lookin ass boy
zoranhome Hace un día
Great fight
Jerry Spencer
Jerry Spencer Hace un día
Kumquat is one bad mofo
Tom Hace un día
Homeboy looking like an escaped convict
Getoffofmycloud Hace un día
without stamina....you;re finished
Getoffofmycloud Hace un día
wheres the"let's fight" Ref?
dadavic Hace un día
Grown man fighting a little boy🤷🏾‍♂️
booty eater
booty eater Hace un día
Upson Pratt
Upson Pratt Hace un día
THat cat in the grey shirt got his ass knocked out of gear!!! Yaaaa know???
malachi areta
malachi areta Hace un día
Why my dude look like a swole 21 savage😂💀😤
Uptown Uptown
Uptown Uptown Hace un día
These dudes are tough as nails!
deathstar11 Hace 2 días
I wanna see some bare knuckle fights tho.
Trappy Hace 2 días
Dude in the black has trained in somwthing before, he has a solid base and really good head movement to be just a regular Joe off the streets. He even had some pretty clean switch kicks.
Sammyb Militant jungle BX13
son from bmore went dopey on him lol
Infinite Powers
Infinite Powers Hace 2 días
What are the height and weight measurements on cumquat?? 😂💁‍♂️🤣
East Atlanta beats East Atlanta
210 vs 250 rapper vs club bouncer 😂
Sin Sanity
Sin Sanity Hace 2 días
Lmao- Kumquat.
Mathus Vaiaoga
Mathus Vaiaoga Hace 2 días
All that muscle needs oxygen.
FocusOnThePie Hace 2 días
Go Pro Kyle as the referee
FocusOnThePie Hace 2 días
"*intensely googling fighting terms* CREATE SOME SPACE AND APPLY IT"
Mothman Jr.
Mothman Jr. Hace 2 días
Good job kumquat representing the home turf 🙏
Alexis Santiago
Alexis Santiago Hace 2 días
Lol "it dont matter where I'm from, it matters where im going".....straight to da hospital! Lmao...even though "Atlas" got cremated he still won. The other dudes name is Kumkuat, that's a automatic loss. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
A Taylor
A Taylor Hace 2 días
Why they shoes on is it part of the street beef thing cause if they not box remove them shoes
Tommy Vines
Tommy Vines Hace 2 días
Basically if you have a good cardio You will dominate any Amateur fight like this.
Chillz Ktj
Chillz Ktj Hace 2 días
If kumquat isn’t the funniest name ever I don’t know what is.
slothtanicbrutality Hace 3 días
Loser could've won if he was fitter.
Kxckup Hace 3 días
Dude looked like a ripped cj McCollum
Kxckup Hace 3 días
One good hit in grey shirt stomach and he’s out
Cae Jis
Cae Jis Hace 3 días
Good clean fights. I like that
Delightened Hace 3 días
Atlas bouta have a goodnight of sleep knowing he done with mma
Chris Hace 3 días
Atlas looks like an evil villian.
Paul Steez
Paul Steez Hace 3 días
Thought dude in red had a shot until I see him keep kicking, stop kicking when you have no form! It's taking energy and leaving you vulnerable. The other guy was gassed if he threw just straight punches and kept pressure he would of got him don't take much with 4oz gloves.
Jerry Sanchez
Jerry Sanchez Hace 3 días
Bro that guy in the black is dangerous with them legs . He's actually REALLY good
Jacques Oosthuizen
Jacques Oosthuizen Hace 3 días
this was the worst fight i have ever seen both is bad af
mo damna
mo damna Hace 3 días
The weight difference in this fight was crazy atlas looks like 165 pounds where as the other guy looks like 190 pounds I’m surprised cumquat didn’t knock him out shame on him being the bigger guy with the weight advantage couldn’t even do shit on the floor, all you people saying his a a decent fighter with no stamina, put him in with someone his weight class and watch him get wrecked
Andrew Grulke
Andrew Grulke Hace 3 días
I couldn't watch the fight. I got too distracted by all of the names spray painted on the board...
Virtual Pro Wrestling Matches
Extremely boring and unfulfilling "fight." Both these idiots should do much more cardio. Just a couple of fat fucks swaying around in a dirty, shit-smelling yard. BORING as fuck, yo.
Virtual Pro Wrestling Matches
fuq da adz, ninja
Damon Wilson
Damon Wilson Hace 3 días
He probably from waldorf
DhajahTV Hace 3 días
B B Hace 3 días
If dude actually knew BJJ this fight wouldve been over the first round
Flicks Hace 3 días
Slowest kicks I've ever seen
Carlos Guzman
Carlos Guzman Hace 3 días
Chronic dragonz
Chronic dragonz Hace 3 días
i thought a nigga with the name kumquat would be some kind of bitch ass nigga but hell nah
Luh Ramm
Luh Ramm Hace 3 días
0:34 Atlas Look Like A Fat D. Lillard
Luis Hinojosa
Luis Hinojosa Hace 3 días
I think they Gave the Name Atlas to The wrong Guy.
Brody Bellard
Brody Bellard Hace 3 días
Shoes in a mma fight ?
Scuffed Seth Rogan
Scuffed Seth Rogan Hace 3 días
Kumquat definitely missed leg day at the gym more then once
Fat dude
Fat dude Hace 3 días
I know where Atlas going, too sleep!
Alfedo Fanci
Alfedo Fanci Hace 3 días
(Saying) “Good fight guys” “good fight” (Thinking) “So many viewers” “so many”
MuddMade Customs
MuddMade Customs Hace 3 días
My legs hurt watching Atlas.
MuddMade Customs
MuddMade Customs Hace 3 días
Atlas wasn't smiling for long.
Fabi Trojnar
Fabi Trojnar Hace 3 días
John Davis
John Davis Hace 3 días
They both got tired real fast.
hsuhe hwnsnh
hsuhe hwnsnh Hace 4 días
“im about to run through this guy right here” nooooooo
Julien Tanner
Julien Tanner Hace 4 días
Damn red pants legs are done he should of tried to take black shirt too the ground red pants was done with those series of leg kicks early plus red pants don't know or just didn't check any of those leg kicks black shirt is OK but Noooooooooooooooooooooo cardio you can tell in the later rounds he had Nooo Power
WestSideLeo405 Hace 4 días
7:43 this nigga almost took his leg off 🦵😂
Terry Clark
Terry Clark Hace 4 días
Black shirt stand up game isn’t that well gray shirt should’ve took the opportunity
Curtis Fisher
Curtis Fisher Hace 4 días
If the guy in the grey took more shots he may have gotten the advantage after the first round. The guy in the black tried to finish him in the first round and ran out of energy. Sometimes you should plan for the long haul and reserve as much energy and carefully plan your punches and kicks just my opinion. Good fight 🤙🏽🤙🏽
Storm10112 Hace 4 días
"Atlas" thought street beefs was a free burger roach coach.
Davon Johnson
Davon Johnson Hace 4 días
Dude got beat up like a Janitor on her last day !
Quin Lewis
Quin Lewis Hace 4 días
Nigga In The Red Must Talked About His Momma
Gee Jay
Gee Jay Hace 4 días
Dude in black won't be half bad if he works on cardio A LOT!!!
Wraith Fight59
Wraith Fight59 Hace 4 días
Bro u fought a whole pet bull
FueGers Hace 4 días
1:18 "chris"
The772head Hace 4 días
Grey shirt was unconscious the whole fight 😂😂
Jody Evans
Jody Evans Hace 4 días
Red has one rock jaw.
Trenton Dyer
Trenton Dyer Hace 4 días
As soon as that nigga said "imma run through him" i knew he was about to get that ass beat
Charliebeckett22 Hace 4 días
Guy in black top litterally only non professional fighter I’ve seen in any America fight vids that can actually fight
JiveTurkey0001 Hace 3 días
He can't fight for shit. Dude is sloppy as fuck.
EL6GAMING sixG787 Hace 4 días
Best street beef fight ever
Andrew Voll
Andrew Voll Hace 4 días
Lol steroid bitch got tired after first 2 min 🤣🤣🤣 face a real martial artist roidBITCH
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner Hace 4 días
You get to pick a name, anyyyyy fucking name and the best you can come up with is kumquat? Fucking hillbilly retards.
Nothing Meek
Nothing Meek Hace 4 días
Atlas is the man! Much love to the Pure Hip Hop, beautiful display of martial art!
JiveTurkey0001 Hace 3 días
🤣 Martial art my ass! That dude is a ghetto brawler who watches UFC.
Stay Saved
Stay Saved Hace 4 días
Kumquat needs some conditioning training so he can go fight in an octagon lol
JiveTurkey0001 Hace 3 días
Kid would get destroyed.
Anthony Luna
Anthony Luna Hace 4 días
I saw how rowdy atlas was and knew he was ganna lose
Glen Woodcock
Glen Woodcock Hace 4 días
He lost that by not pressing when the guy was tired. He allowed him to rest and explode in bits. The other guy did not seem comfortable backed up against the side. More straights needed as well. There is a lot more that the guy could have done. The other guy had decent skill and good power but not the cardio.
Joseph Dunbar
Joseph Dunbar Hace 4 días
Put that girl a 5:33 in a bikini and give her ring round cards
Mariano Flores
Mariano Flores Hace 4 días
Son pelas si gracias de artes marciales
Judah Telesford
Judah Telesford Hace 5 días
Good fight. Atlas has heart and can be trained to be a real good fighter. Dude in all black definitely needs to work on his cardio.
Matt Ring
Matt Ring Hace 5 días
lmao with these stupid ass fights its always the bigger guy who wins, also no one seems to ever have a gas tank. as much as i hate this channel i cant stop watching their videos on days like today LMAO
Mike Mosley
Mike Mosley Hace 5 días
Robert Strong
Robert Strong Hace 5 días
I knew from the introduction it wouldn’t be a fair fight
anatipa taka
anatipa taka Hace 5 días
I was with you atlas till ur opponent came up lol dumb kunt
Big Kev
Big Kev Hace 5 días
That boy Atlas look like he trained on xbox or ps4 Simulator 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Biggipp Fatsax
Biggipp Fatsax Hace 5 días
Do these dumb fucks get paid
Carlos Holguin
Carlos Holguin Hace 5 días
Is deer hunting permited in that forest ? I scan that forest while the the fight was going on and looks great for deer or elk hunting.show more videos around that forest thanks
sseew y
sseew y Hace 5 días
orange pants already G.G
Lydia Wolfe
Lydia Wolfe Hace 5 días
I love the fighters shirts. They really thought out what they wanted to wear.
D-BLOCK Diaz Hace 5 días
RODley Pumpkins
RODley Pumpkins Hace 5 días
Dude atlas fuckin blows and you can watch big boy in blacks move before he makes it but atlas is too busy going through him haha
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