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Mike Shields
Mike Shields Hace 2 días
This is a prime example of the difference between being in shape. And being in fighter shape
Happiness is not liveable
This was a brutal fight.
mY sPiNe HuRtS
mY sPiNe HuRtS Hace 2 días
Gotta respect the predator shirt even if he did get run over
Ian Salvador
Ian Salvador Hace 4 días
Dang Mr. CJ McCollum doing werk
Das Right
Das Right Hace 5 días
Atlas is doooo doooo
Das Right
Das Right Hace 5 días
Whoever keeps saying use your elbow doesn't know shit about fighting and needs to stfu.
Masque Isaac
Masque Isaac Hace 7 días
Pakalaing atlas naabak met aaaaa!!😕
Complex Ez
Complex Ez Hace 7 días
People talking about the fight but that big ass wasp nest on that tree tho
Somali Production
Somali Production Hace 7 días
Stefon Carson
Stefon Carson Hace 9 días
Exactly why niggas be scared to fight. 😂
first name last name
This was a super mismatch!!!!
Ken Matthews
Ken Matthews Hace 10 días
Amateur MMA style fighting is not an interesting spectator sport. Awful.
jun cruz
jun cruz Hace 11 días
black pants has a great corner but both fighters are stupid and cant fight no cardio
Itz skipy
Itz skipy Hace 12 días
Says nope and the proceeds to pound atlas
Itz skipy
Itz skipy Hace 12 días
I meant I then😳
D BX Hace 12 días
Streetbeets is drawing all these world class fighters from the UFC and signing them into their organization. Dana White is pissed!
Daniel Sam
Daniel Sam Hace 13 días
Cj mccollum scrapping 😂😂😂
Jonathan Godinez
Jonathan Godinez Hace 17 días
I love when they say there gonna win but they get destroyed 😂
America Video
America Video Hace 18 días
Kumquat looked really comfortable in this fight great control
Bianca Martir
Bianca Martir Hace 19 días
Kumquat played high school football and was a stud. But didn’t have the cameras on
King Tut
King Tut Hace 20 días
Yo mad respect for atlas. Dudes got heart. I thought dude was gonna run right through him
Brando_rette ave
Brando_rette ave Hace 20 días
Light skin dude can throw them hands. Hands down he could blow him out in a street fight
Derek Privitera
Derek Privitera Hace 21 un día
Never mess with a named Kumquat.
Justin Cider
Justin Cider Hace 21 un día
This is so that fight from django.
Vajray Ana
Vajray Ana Hace 21 un día
Kumquat is one scary dude! Looked like a predator in the wild here. Those first kicks...
Davron Hill
Davron Hill Hace 23 días
How can you sign up???
dave Hace 24 días
Reduce speed to 0.25 and go to 6:43 , like for others to watch.
Daniel P
Daniel P Hace 25 días
Never fight a man named kumquat. Seriously...... DON'T! It won't matter if you win or lose.
Joe Hopper
Joe Hopper Hace 25 días
Atlas arrived fishing for glory, but all he caught was an ass whooping.
313keiko1 Hace 29 días
Great fight great competition. What about a new format no breaks fight until you drop
313keiko1 Hace 28 días
Thanks tom
Tommy Shaman
Tommy Shaman Hace 28 días
313keiko1 that’s called a death match
Ike Turnup
Ike Turnup Hace 29 días
Left hook at 4:20 needed more power behind it .
I Memba
I Memba Hace un mes
If kumquat worked on this cardiovascular he'd be a pretty good fighter
I Memba
I Memba Hace un mes
Lol commit. If he would have committed he would have died
tessa trigger
tessa trigger Hace un mes
Mighty Mouse convicted sex offender period.
sanjeev misra
sanjeev misra Hace un mes
bro this is just unfair. The guy with the black shirt is all buffed up, heavier and bigger
Tyler Spradley
Tyler Spradley Hace 29 días
Nah they in the same weight class. Plus Kumquat works out. He might even be a personal trainer. This is was a good fight. Plus Atlas is just as a big in weight as he is so it is fair
Blnkz Hace un mes
heard Baltimore and instantly thought hes gonna kill him ahahaha
atty att
atty att Hace un mes
Don’t come to bmore wit dat talk ! They will beat u down
atty att
atty att Hace un mes
He got dat bmore beating 🤣😂
Thai Corralo Vigo
Thai Corralo Vigo Hace un mes
Kumquat knows what he's doing but got gassed from the second round on. If Atlas had better cardio he could have beaten him even with the size and skill gap.
Jim Piechowski
Jim Piechowski Hace un mes
Dude in the black kicks but never shoots for a take down
Jim Piechowski
Jim Piechowski Hace un mes
This is some funny shit. Dude in the red pants stand right in front of the dude
Jim Piechowski
Jim Piechowski Hace un mes
These clowns are the farthest thing from mma fighters
Jim Piechowski
Jim Piechowski Hace 29 días
Tyler Spradley You call this fighting??
Tyler Spradley
Tyler Spradley Hace 29 días
But they fighting tho. I like seeing fights like these. Sure they aint all professionals but people on the street gotta learn how to defend themselves. We all cant be like Mayweather
17 JAYY Hace un mes
Baltimore people can fight I be out there
Scuba Steve
Scuba Steve Hace un mes
Scareface should have been in ring as ref he was doing everything. This ref is to shy, unenthusiastic and useless. Great fight!
yourliferulez Hace un mes
My nigga in the black ain't playing he wants to whip my niggas ass. ...whip that ass boy..
gavin schulte
gavin schulte Hace un mes
He kicked him once
Robbo Hace un mes
dude in black should be named one round wonder
DIICES Hace un mes
Atlas gets beat up all da time lmao
CT Rock Star
CT Rock Star Hace un mes
That sucked
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip Hace un mes
People dont understand how bad a leg kick hurts when its solid. Bruh it feels like you only got 1 leg sometimes
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip Hace un mes
Look like CJ Mcollum on steroids
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip Hace un mes
Someone took pre work out before fight hahahahahha
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip Hace un mes
That's how he beats his kids when they dont listen
Jose Lico Matozo
Jose Lico Matozo Hace un mes
Joselico Ésa pelea no sirve donde hay arena puede entrar en los ojos a los peleadores no es bueno que haiga arena tiene que haber una parte donde no haiga peligro que d’entre tierra en los ojos OK
ItsSpaccy Hace un mes
Going right through him eh? Fucking dumbass clown
Kaneki Toriama
Kaneki Toriama Hace un mes
Cuz throwing them haymakers
wil hallman
wil hallman Hace un mes
Kumquat is a madman, a beast. That dude is unreal. Problem is those huge arms come with a cost, more blood flow needed means less stamina.
Pedro Fernandez
Pedro Fernandez Hace un mes
Who gave 21 savage some steroids?
jonas McGuire
jonas McGuire Hace un mes
3:40 dude chased him like a lion bro. He’s too much for dude.
Pape Diouf
Pape Diouf Hace un mes
The guy looked less confident at the end loool
Prod. CloutKennedy
Prod. CloutKennedy Hace un mes
Lightened up those legs a little and dude was ready to take flight ✈️
Robert Dellanno
Robert Dellanno Hace un mes
Baltimore is the shittiest city in the us
Herbert Dashwood
Herbert Dashwood Hace un mes
7:42 atlas hit him with the wing chun stance and it actually scared kumquat
Waxxx 1999
Waxxx 1999 Hace un mes
That’s why U don’t talk hot
Sneakyfox Hace un mes
ayo kumquat highkey look like CJ Mccollum brother or something
Poloman Zy300
Poloman Zy300 Hace un mes
I’m getting stepdad beating the shit out of his disrespectful stepson vibes😂😂
BOBBY Hernandez
BOBBY Hernandez Hace un mes
Never have I seen someone start of cocky then turn shame
King Jones
King Jones Hace un mes
Why are there a bunch a white people watching these two dudes fight? and why are they fighting in the first place. And where the hell is this? I have so many questions
Tyler Spradley
Tyler Spradley Hace 29 días
Streetbeefs is a fighting tournament. They are based in Virginia i think and you can call in to schedule a fight with someone in you weight class. They're not professionals but they do train before hand. Just people you would meet on the street could enter in this. The fighters just fight for fun. Its either mma or boxing with the gloves whichever you prefer. They dont get paid. Just to have fun. The dude that runs this is in fact a professional and trained alot. Or you could come to watch from the sidelines. Its pretty fun. You just go out there and fight really. No guns or nothing
VICE BABIE Hace un mes
When they get on the ground it looks sped up
Olu Adichie
Olu Adichie Hace un mes
@ 4:44 The most random comment ever in a fighting event: "Be political about this shit, k!"
Peter File
Peter File Hace un mes
They gave this kid a beast
ryan boughton
ryan boughton Hace un mes
Corner guy stfu.
Vp Football
Vp Football Hace un mes
Props to the guy for getting in the ring with him . But high ego isn't the best thing for him
Ejike ٨٧
Ejike ٨٧ Hace un mes
Kumquat vs Italian Tyson need to see
Luke Cope
Luke Cope Hace un mes
I wonder how many of these guys gets sand in their eyes?
Mr. O'Kane fan 321
Mr. O'Kane fan 321 Hace un mes
Otto Hace un mes
I still wonder what he was planning to do at 8:06
MOS J-_-DuB-x
MOS J-_-DuB-x Hace un mes
That ref was ass
Riquito Ferreira
Riquito Ferreira Hace un mes
This move reminds me of Kratos 3:43
thebaddog410 Hace un mes
Kumquat doesn't ever miss leg day. Dude in the jail pant's surprised me, one more round and things might have gone his way.
Eric Gilbert
Eric Gilbert Hace un mes
Atlas hitting dude wit marshmallows
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