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10 feb 2019







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Comentarios 13 454
Phil The Logician
Phil The Logician Hace 31 un minuto
*Your form is atrocious*
Rigoberto Lopez
Rigoberto Lopez Hace 45 minutos
why us Ethans heart out of his chet
waisodim666 Hace 48 minutos
"I broke my back. My back is broken. Thpinal"
OhMyGulay Hace un hora
Jesus Christ I think I injuried my back watching this video.
Chapo Hace un hora
His squat was awful
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf Hace 2 horas
I deadlift 420 (not a meme joke either)
Havoc Airsoft
Havoc Airsoft Hace 2 horas
Holy shit. This shit is fucking scary as hell. I thought KSU was a rapper not a heavy metal artist. This man is scary af and hella wack like Jesus fucking Christ. And mans can’t lift shit
Tek Nepal
Tek Nepal Hace 4 horas
Injuries have joined the chat
Noel Eriksson
Noel Eriksson Hace 3 horas
Have you seen that dont try to lift like ksi video `? hahahha
Luke Mancini
Luke Mancini Hace 4 horas
Say good bye to your spine
ツTech Hace 5 horas
Your just fat now ksi and u can’t even lift properly
RealChris Hace 5 horas
ethan said the n word at 5:01 lmao
aalexX 16
aalexX 16 Hace 5 horas
Are you actually retarded fam😂🤦‍♂️
OMG 123
OMG 123 Hace 6 horas
JJ has no abs
Todd Haak
Todd Haak Hace 7 horas
Snap city
Pro Pain
Pro Pain Hace 7 horas
learn to lift a bar then do it with weights
Lucifer Isaac
Lucifer Isaac Hace 7 horas
IF YOU ARE WATCHING THIS VIDEO, PLEASE CONSIDER ALL OF THE OTHER COMMENTS SAYING THAT THE WAY THEY ARE DOING IT IS DANGEROUS!!! At the start ALWAYS hire a trainer, or atleast get a friend that lifts to give you a few tips.
Jens Seide Jacobsen
Jens Seide Jacobsen Hace 7 horas
Too bad form boys
Eddie Braithwaite
Eddie Braithwaite Hace 7 horas
There’s no way that u should be able to bench press more than u can squat. Skips leg day
Doom's Way
Doom's Way Hace 8 horas
11:50 what you came for
TheGoldenGriefer 177
There is lots of things wrong in this video, the ways they lift, squat and bench are really wrong and can possibly lead to serious injuries
TheGoldenGriefer 177
I’m a bodybuilder and a wrestler who spends most of his time at the gym and I’ve even retired from ESvid to become stronger, just saying if people question me on this
caspian werneflo
caspian werneflo Hace 8 horas
Im fucking 14 and im lifting better than you
epic gaming
epic gaming Hace 8 horas
Terrible form
LuigiF96 TwitchTV
LuigiF96 TwitchTV Hace 8 horas
That 112kg was bs 😂 he was like 6 inches from his chest.. come on now jj lol
LuigiF96 TwitchTV
LuigiF96 TwitchTV Hace 8 horas
Dude wtf 😂 Ethan struggling with 70kg 😂 now that’s embarrassing lol
Ryan LaFreniere
Ryan LaFreniere Hace 8 horas
Ya Logan’s winning the next fight
Jānis Šmits
Jānis Šmits Hace 9 horas
damn.. KSI has the bar on the neck for squats.. :(
Norman Bean
Norman Bean Hace 9 horas
11:35 thank me later
Kaden Kyllingstad
Kaden Kyllingstad Hace 9 horas
weak sauce
hshdhdhd Hace 9 horas
I bet Logan’s just sitting here laughing at this video😂
Dr. Hattekat
Dr. Hattekat Hace 10 horas
Jj is shit at spotting
Chris Shutler
Chris Shutler Hace 10 horas
I’d love to step in.....
Fortnite Royale
Fortnite Royale Hace 10 horas
Ethan does everything in a proper way! imo
Robert Hace 12 horas
Snap city
Bence Hace 12 horas
Imagine them having a beef and Ethan starts calling JJ a fat cunt. lmao
GreenBaretSemperFi Hace 12 horas
I wonder if the other gym goers were thinking what I'm thinking
AnthonyTheAnchovy Hace 12 horas
i’m getting back pain from watching those deadlifts. that form is all sorts of wrong.
1Tap Mello
1Tap Mello Hace 13 horas
Ooof that form I love the vids but if both of ye don't work on your form you're gonna get some serious injuries ethan could have easily snapped his bicep with the curls if it went up yo about 64 65kg some injuries can paralize u and I don't want to see that happen
IRON_DUDE_05 Hace 14 horas
11:47 that back round tho....
K O Hace 14 horas
The whole gym must be so annoyed
Dark Spartan
Dark Spartan Hace 14 horas
Ahh the gym. A place that randolph has never been to
Thotaro Joestar
Thotaro Joestar Hace 15 horas
Dude watch your form wtf
Sonny Black
Sonny Black Hace 15 horas
Sumo lift really?
Droke Hace 16 horas
Guys don’t watch this
KonFps Hace 16 horas
I'm 16 5"9 and I bench 100kg
For The Lads
For The Lads Hace 16 horas
Oh yeah yeah
Spaget YT
Spaget YT Hace 17 horas
My dad can do 420KG deadlifts but now he’s old😂😂
Austin Gillette
Austin Gillette Hace 20 horas
If they put 2.5 on both sides wouldnt it be 115
jr.808 Hace 21 un hora
ꜱᴘɪɴᴀʟ ᴄʜᴏʀᴅ ʜᴀꜱ ʟᴇꜰᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀᴛ
UAP Qxuil
UAP Qxuil Hace 21 un hora
No lift on ur last deadlift because you don't drop the weight when ur up, you have to go down with it and have fun in snap city
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava Hace 22 horas
Is it me or does the bar not looked stack properly at 6:40?
Miguel Nava
Miguel Nava Hace 22 horas
This is interesting to watch and see how they, one hurt themselves, two prove that they don't know what they are doing, and three laugh at themselves.
Untitled Gang
Untitled Gang Hace 22 horas
Jj s first workout in 7 months
Will Richards
Will Richards Hace 22 horas
Younger fans shouldn’t be deadlifting anyway, if you’ve never deadlift before and if there isn’t someone helping you that knows what their doing, you shouldn’t do it. A lot of younger people think it’s cool to deadlift but honestly push-ups, dips and chin-ups, gut work is what you should be doing, boring but good for you.
J Praise
J Praise Hace 22 horas
I would say Ethan has the same power level as JJ
Hunter M games
Hunter M games Hace 23 horas
Go logang
cOke zEro
cOke zEro Hace 23 horas
*How to deadlift*
Districttraveler 13
Districttraveler 13 Hace 23 horas
Jay C
Jay C Hace 23 horas
Learn how to squat
Slow Hace 23 horas
why does Ethan’s back poke out that much
Communist Kain
Communist Kain Hace un día
Form is shit holy
tommy carucci
tommy carucci Hace un día
Damn, I'm 14 and I deadlift more than KSI. My pr is 375
Pauly Fris
Pauly Fris Hace un día
*chalks for 120kg*💀💀💀💀
Charlie deAnda
Charlie deAnda Hace un día
Im sorry i fucked up the audio
Little Jimmy Fitness Advice
8:39 was not a rep
AimBotXav Hace un día
love how ksi os the only black dude in the gym 6:29
d 9
d 9 Hace un día
Ksi's form was already bad from a sumo deadlift. Imagine he did conventional, his L5 disc and probably his whole spine wouldve been sent flying to Jupiter 😂
Beast Game
Beast Game Hace un día
Stop thinking your tuff your not if Logan had more energy he would beat you
d 9
d 9 Hace un día
Please kids watching this video, *DONT COPY THEIR FORM IN THIS VIDEO* , because its a one way ticket to surgery and pain for a long long time...
Ninja _assassin_64
Ninja _assassin_64 Hace un día
I am a sophomore in high school I am benching 315 deadlifting 455 ish and squatting 515 so 🤷‍♂️ and you guys need to work on your form but other then that good video 😁
B Speelman
B Speelman Hace un día
I can feel the back pain.
Jacob Proper
Jacob Proper Hace un día
That’s some light weight...
Solomona Ieremia
Solomona Ieremia Hace un día
*Bad Form has entered chat BF: Hey guys! :) *Real Gainz has left chat
humberto sanchez
humberto sanchez Hace un día
They have terrible form
Nikita Pearson
Nikita Pearson Hace un día
Annoys me people saying that they should be much stronger for there age. Strength is largely down to how much you eat and weigh. Not everyone wants to be so big that they can bench 150kg
Blitz Hace un día
Oh Yeah Yeah That Was Good
John jones
John jones Hace un día
I love this video but why is form shit it makes it make Deji’s final form look good
rexkiller456 Hace un día
ksi's gym game weak like his lyrics
Brawl with Sam
Brawl with Sam Hace un día
Weird ass kid
FlopOps Hace un día
i just watched a video of ksi being drunk, now i'm thinking he's drunk! I'm not convinced
Jay Elex
Jay Elex Hace un día
Trash form and screaming after light weight🤔
aBz 7
aBz 7 Hace un día
this is retardet
Reece Makin
Reece Makin Hace un día
Fucking hell your both weak
Leah Swinney
Leah Swinney Hace un día
In high school I used to be able to squat 365 pounds which is 165 kilos 👀👀
Lobot Hace un día
*Dwayne Johnson has left the chat*
Twins Barhoumi
Twins Barhoumi Hace un día
Worst form ever, u can easily get injured especially the deadlifting, u put to much pressure on ur lower back, and that can show a massive affect in ur future, u will not be able to walk normal or pick anything up if u keep doing this shit, Sorry for my bad English
Team Lynx HuugiN
Team Lynx HuugiN Hace un día
Why test a max biceps curl?!?! Its hillarious
The Disabled Gamer
The Disabled Gamer Hace un día
0:08 HAHA that shit made me laugh for like 10 mins straight lmao
Nii Lantei Bright-Davies
I’m 14 and I can bench more than Ethan😂
Gaz S
Gaz S Hace un día
KSI can’t be claiming that 112.5kg bench. He barely went halfway down with it. Surprises me that 110kg was his pb. I expected it to be higher
QuickHDTutorials Hace un día
Strength test and chooses barbell curls lol
Mythical Ninja
Mythical Ninja Hace un día
1:25 that noise you make when you’re spine snaps cause your forms shit
Mythical Ninja
Mythical Ninja Hace un día
Mythical Ninja
Mythical Ninja Hace un día
Form has left the chat
Mythical Ninja
Mythical Ninja Hace un día
Your forms shit
Dantft Dm
Dantft Dm Hace un día
Cool, next time use proper form if your Spine isn’t snapped yet
Vertti Pernu
Vertti Pernu Hace un día
3:26 i thought my headphones died fr
prettygirl 13
prettygirl 13 Hace un día
Ethan's back at 3:54
Ultra Instinct Shaggy
who's ksi all i see is *BLACK GOKU*
Vojtěch Šimek
Vojtěch Šimek Hace un día
Wow!you are strong like 15 years old boy!
Papa Idiot
Papa Idiot Hace un día
10:16 T H I C C
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