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10 feb 2019






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Seraphimo27 Hace 22 minutos
Nobody: The entire comment section: BAD FORM
Joker J
Joker J Hace un hora
Ethan vs gib in boxing I want to see that sht
Mblack Hace 2 horas
11:52 just look back where the Girls stay
bhFNT 1
bhFNT 1 Hace 6 horas
Fucking Charlie man...
Nicholas Keenan
Nicholas Keenan Hace 7 horas
Just see KSI in the background boxing air 6:13
YoniTheGr8est Hace 13 horas
3:48 Ethan-aka the Hunchback of Notre dame. (btw RIP to Notre dame
Charles Sm
Charles Sm Hace 13 horas
mah friend can do more deadlifts then both of them he probs can do the 160 ez
Joe Exley
Joe Exley Hace 16 horas
My plank record is 10:03 in yr 6... But my strength:weight ratio is good
Karim Idrissov
Karim Idrissov Hace 11 horas
Joe Exley do u want a medal?
Sooner Rem
Sooner Rem Hace 17 horas
It was actually 114.5..
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Hace 18 horas
Not as sexy and strong as me!
Sango Bangor
Sango Bangor Hace 20 horas
We can all agree that tobi and vikk are the strongest of course
Sango Bangor
Sango Bangor Hace 2 horas
+Karim Idrissov yes i know i commented that
Karim Idrissov
Karim Idrissov Hace 11 horas
Sango Bangor tobi is kind of strong actually
Philipseg96 Hace un día
Dharlie Hace un día
Ego Flex - 100
PL4YRTW0 _ Hace un día
You guys can see that the bullying in the videos is for a joke in this video they’re good friends like always
Normal Guy
Normal Guy Hace un día
Ethan is so ugly looking all over
Fran Homes
Fran Homes Hace un día
King of shark’s or Sharkzod
Who thinks Ethan should box someone
SyCo Bryce
SyCo Bryce Hace un día
Animation Cow
Animation Cow Hace un día
Cody the Fox
Cody the Fox Hace un día
what is that noise or is it just me 3:30
_ BetitoThePlayer
_ BetitoThePlayer Hace un día
There’s a junior on my football team that can bench 315 lbs (142 kg), which makes ksi and Ethan’s max look light lol, also my squat max is the same, 315 lbs, and I’m a freshman 😂, also they weren’t even spotting during the squat smh
Logan SlayerGaming
Logan SlayerGaming Hace un día
RePnoSReKt Hace un día
11:48-12:15 best seconds like if u know why
altraace gaming
altraace gaming Hace un día
Ksi is weak not to be mean I still love his videos
Ray E
Ray E Hace un día
Ethan’s used to squating because of...
RSK Rekless
RSK Rekless Hace un día
I’m turning 13 in less than a month and I can already do 210lbs on squats
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson Hace un día
RSK Rekless cool story dude
kakashi Hatake
kakashi Hatake Hace un día
Whys ethan wearing a belt
Ekpreet Singh
Ekpreet Singh Hace 2 días
Maleek Reid
Maleek Reid Hace 2 días
Shit the they buff
Dalen Stone
Dalen Stone Hace 2 días
Can all you fucking ass holes just stop the the hate and watch the fucking video you limp dick fuck noodles lol 😂😂😂😂
Itz Jesse
Itz Jesse Hace 2 días
Wow I'm surprised I can actually do the plank for about 4 minutes
Just Zee
Just Zee Hace 2 días
im 15 and my bench max is 70kg
D Est
D Est Hace 2 días
Ethan just makes me laugh in the start XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂
*jake *
*jake * Hace 2 días
There not that strong
Maksy Hace 3 días
Ethan does bad grip on Deadlifts
Thomas Stites
Thomas Stites Hace 3 días
3:47 Ethan looking like a bent baguette
Apple servises
Apple servises Hace 3 días
Lokey Ethan looking thicc doin them squats tho FULL HOMOSEXUAL
Lincoln Huia
Lincoln Huia Hace 3 días
That’s sad when a sixteen year old can deadlift more than you no offence love your vids keep up the good work
al wah sav
al wah sav Hace 3 días
I think i may be stronger than ksi ive lifted 200 pounds plus my 70-90 pound cousin hanging on it
al wah sav
al wah sav Hace 2 días
Ur bitch made asf u couldnt beat me in ur wildest dreams
al wah sav
al wah sav Hace 2 días
+Briant1000 bruh who u calling small i could kick ur ass then shoot up yo house nigga dont now what im rocking wit u probably uk crumpit having ass yo to scared to use his face as his profile photo dumbass faggot
Briant1000 Hace 2 días
Your not strong I would beat the sh*t out of yoy
Briant1000 Hace 2 días
Shut up your small
alec. micah
alec. micah Hace 3 días
WTF Charlie.
محمد جاسم
محمد جاسم Hace 3 días
Deadlift=tender bicep tear
Smaš ekipa
Smaš ekipa Hace 3 días
His back is like the himalayas,you can see that ethan hunches alot
Tylish Noodles
Tylish Noodles Hace 3 días
FAQ you camera man.
Theo Kelly
Theo Kelly Hace 3 días
Pure gym yes mate
Fury_Tw1zary Hace 4 días
Yeah charlie wtf is your problem Sorry if i stole ur comment just let me know if i did
BRUHH Hace 4 días
Form has left the chat
Aaron Saji
Aaron Saji Hace 4 días
It’s a tie
Şahin Hace 4 días
nice ethan you did a plank for 0 seconds xD daaaamn
Dew 人 陰影
Dew 人 陰影 Hace 4 días
You Will never walk alone
Brandon Sing
Brandon Sing Hace 4 días
You guys both do sumo... seriously?
David Shelia
David Shelia Hace 4 días
My man Ethan is a goat. He went from fat lad to mad lad. Like Jesus Christ he can lift almost as much as jj and he can squat more
yoursurf Hace 4 días
I was having breakfast when this auto played and I shit you not, steaming hot coffee fucking shot out of my nose
The Relz Sizzy
The Relz Sizzy Hace 4 días
The heck.. 0:08
Robbie Weitz
Robbie Weitz Hace 4 días
I can squat more than you and I’m in 8th grade
Chris Norman
Chris Norman Hace 4 días
Sumo is for gay soi bois
Squiddich Hace 4 días
Look at all these gym experts in the comments
Shadow Clan
Shadow Clan Hace 4 días
0.36 when you came for the first time
AJ Hace 4 días
I'm 17 and my max bench is 95kg. I expected Ethan to do more.
Edo Fluit
Edo Fluit Hace 13 horas
+AJ convo g????
AJ Hace 13 horas
+Edo Fluit that is convo g. Please don't talk to me.
Edo Fluit
Edo Fluit Hace 15 horas
i am 16 and my max bench is 105 kg, i expected you to do more lol
itamar megidish
itamar megidish Hace 4 días
Lift doesn't count if you drop the bar.
L’enfant Sauvage
L’enfant Sauvage Hace 4 días
I can squat more than KSI and I’m 15😂
Shwn z
Shwn z Hace 4 días
same, but squatting is very weird, a 13 year old can out squat a 18 year old, even skinny people can squat bere amounts
Abdirahman Hussein
Abdirahman Hussein Hace 4 días
At 0:00
uncooked ham
uncooked ham Hace 5 días
Your hair looks like food I could eat. I will touch myself and leak.
Daniel Spiteri
Daniel Spiteri Hace 5 días
wierd flex but ok
Tom Gillespie
Tom Gillespie Hace 5 días
Imagine telling 2017 Ethan he would be doing this in 2 years time
Kage Hace 5 días
4:30 how can you fuck up a handshake that badly????
TheMonkey Flu
TheMonkey Flu Hace 5 días
ETHAN!! MAD PROUD BRO! all i've lost is some tub from a few st, relieving... but you and your gains truly inspiring
my name
my name Hace 5 días
For american ksi can can lift 243.5 pounds
Smashy Hace 3 días
Fuck americans
Cloned bear Fan boy
Cloned bear Fan boy Hace 5 días
What is Ethan’s planking form lol That ain’t no plank that’s a bridge 😂😂
Cloned bear Fan boy
Cloned bear Fan boy Hace 2 días
Maddox Mack yea because if you listen Charlie tells him to make his back more straight dumbass
Maddox Mack
Maddox Mack Hace 2 días
Watch the entire video dumbshit he fixed it up
Ugly Ahh
Ugly Ahh Hace 5 días
The fact that i know a 15 year old who can bench more then you makes me laugh so hard💀💀💀
AgenetAMAN Hace 5 días
Not everyone bangs out the Gym you know. I'm 15, and yes I lift weights, but I tend to focus on Cardio cause that's where most health problems occur later in life. If everyone ditched Cardio and core stength etc, and focused completely on weights then everyone would be ripped like your friend, but may not have a balance. Aside from their form being pretty poor, 110kg bench press isn't bad so I have no clue why you're mocking them. Why would anyone need to bench press more than that in life other than for vanity? I guarantee you, your friend only works out to impress chicks, completely ignoring his overall health. Rant over 😤
Colman Tieszen
Colman Tieszen Hace 5 días
is it just me or has ethan got buffer ever since he lost weight
GoTcHa_357YT Hace 5 días
Big facts Ethan lost a lot of weight keep it up but I’m up their im 15 able to bench 90 last time I went to the gym I work out at home.
Austin McGraw
Austin McGraw Hace 6 días
Ethan cheated on the plank and still lost
JohnXSpecial Hace 6 días
Yoo Charly is is in trouble
dan mason
dan mason Hace 6 días
12:25 when u nut but she keeps sucking
Stevie TG
Stevie TG Hace 6 días
Ethan’s back during the planks 😂
xSebqstien Hace 6 días
nice seeing Ethan and Jj friends....
Remeamber when he used to be a fat shit!
Assassin Hit
Assassin Hit Hace 6 días
This is what happened with the comments for this video One person knew what they were talking about and decided to say how jjs form is shit Everyone decided to act like they knew what they were saying so said the same I don't know shit about form but I know most people don't either
Shafee Mahroof
Shafee Mahroof Hace 6 días
That mysterious funny voice comes at, 2:09 and 12:40.....🤣✌
Jayden Collins
Jayden Collins Hace 7 días
Jj calling Ethan fat is now of the grid
PvP Masters
PvP Masters Hace 7 días
On the bench press you should hold more symmetrical so that you don't push up wierd and askew.
ReacherCore Hace 7 días
I'm 14 and I'm about 40 pounds less on squat #dontskiplegday
Primes Hace 7 días
I know a 14 year old who can do a plank longer than Ethan
Henrik Vesterlid
Henrik Vesterlid Hace 7 días
look at ksi,s left arm while doing the dips. they you look at eathen,s
Henrik Vesterlid
Henrik Vesterlid Hace 7 días
you only got half the way down with the bar at 112,5
Henrik Vesterlid
Henrik Vesterlid Hace 7 días
Mr. Headshot Jr.
Mr. Headshot Jr. Hace 7 días
Ethan at the beginning got me dying 😂
Xelimz YT
Xelimz YT Hace 8 días
Ethan had a Third ab in between the 2 top ones
Tom Blackhall
Tom Blackhall Hace 8 días
Ethan doing a plank is like a threatened cat.
leo reynoso
leo reynoso Hace 8 días
Ethan Said the N Word 5:01
Dominik Bukvić
Dominik Bukvić Hace 8 días
Sir Theodore the third
Keelan Doherty
Keelan Doherty Hace 8 días
Why did Ethan look like a tortoise doing the plank?!😂
Banjo Jo
Banjo Jo Hace 9 días
Shit ass form.
Fran Blake
Fran Blake Hace 9 días
Surprised Ethan didn’t put his back out on the bicep curls, man looked like he was about to lick the back of his own heels👀
Aztro Freaks
Aztro Freaks Hace 9 días
That's 160? I call bs, unless those plates were made out of ununseptium or some shit.
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12:04 finger licking good in the background
Yothik 1563
Yothik 1563 Hace 10 días
00:08 had me dead
Simon Vetaas
Simon Vetaas Hace 11 días
My friend Can do 130 kg bench
swift potato
swift potato Hace 11 días
11:50 - 12:16 whos also looking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Karter Langedock
Karter Langedock Hace 11 días
My brother can bench 140
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