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2 feb 2018






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CypherDen Hace 2 años
Hey hi heyyyy! New video, who's this? u_u Thanks again to Quidd for sponsoring this video! Get Quidd here ►►► quidd.cypherden.com/
Tray Watts
Tray Watts Hace 19 días
Hey sorry for Dad my parents are the same thing good cop bad cop
Gabe Carmelotes
Gabe Carmelotes Hace 24 días
I'm filipino
Sloth Man
Sloth Man Hace 25 días
Becca Lanozo
Becca Lanozo Hace 25 días
@Kimberly Alcantara 00
LEVI ACKERMAN Hace 3 meses
sunshine kid -w-
sunshine kid -w- Hace 13 horas
eli Stanfield
eli Stanfield Hace 20 horas
I'm the youngest of seven kids I do have it easy, but I still do a lot for them.
the diamond team
the diamond team Hace 22 horas
Is there an age limmit?
Zain Toasterguy
Zain Toasterguy Hace un día
0:50 me to
nirbhai singh kooner
That's why I don't like sleeping and I liked waking up and going to school better than sleeping I'm the complete opposite xd
one inch wonder
one inch wonder Hace 2 días
As an Asian I also normally get 90+ and the hiding report card story happened to me
goldie Hace 2 días
You know that feeling when you get your report card and your terrified that it might be bad, yeah it's not a nice feeling 😔😔😔
Zak Barrio
Zak Barrio Hace 3 días
Zak Barrio
Zak Barrio Hace 3 días
I'm asain to UwU
NooB Hace 3 días
I'm half Filipino. My dad is fully Filipino. He started become strict when I started becoming older. He grounded me when I got B's, I couldn't play games that I was already mature enough for, and so many other things. One day, he was yelling at me for making innocent comments on social media (he monitored my social media for some apparent reason). I had enough. I then turned back on him, started swearing at him. He hit me with a backscratcher, and changed the password to my Xbox Live account and socials. I had no access to any type of communication to my friend online, who lived in Indianapolis at the time, and I was afraid she (yes a she) would start getting worried about me. After getting into an argument with my dad, I plotted on running away. I had some family members that I could crash at, but 1 of them lived in the bad part of town and the others would certainly call my parents. I was also concerned about the amount of pedophiles roaming the streets. I was going to use my life savings to possibly get out of town and take a bus to Indianapolis, but on second thought, it sounded obscure and my friend wouldn't know I was coming since I had no communication with her. Unfortunately, my plan just wouldn't work, and I wasted a month of planning for nothing. Several years later, I never got to tell me friend what happened, who probably thinks I am dead now, and I no longer play video games. Eventually after this virus stuff is over, I will be able to move out and live my own life and probably reconnect with my friend if it's possible.
Rafael Songcuya
Rafael Songcuya Hace 2 días
How old are you know and how is everything going?
ayush gupta
ayush gupta Hace 4 días
I had an exam packed schedule one week, So in one of my exams i got 15 out of 183 , i was like is that even possible then after two days, i attempted another exam where i got legit (-9/80) LMAOOOO not even a zero a minus nine i started to laugh at my marks. I dont care how much i get lmaoooooooooo anymore. PS : mE iS aN aSiAn.......
Aupé Than
Aupé Than Hace 4 días
Once got a 79. I almost want to blow up the whole school on card day so my parents can't come.
Aupé Than
Aupé Than Hace 4 días
Once got a 79. I almost want to blow up the whole school on card day so my parents can't come.
BakingCookies 2010
BakingCookies 2010 Hace 5 días
Hi CypherDen! I don’t know if this came before or after the video that you posted about your parents your parents were I don’t know I’m too lazy to check I just wanted to say that I’m Filipino too and honestly your dad talks just like my grandma 😂 Edit:Wait I just figured out that this was a video about your parents oh well there’s a different video about your parents and...Yeah
Gianfranco Espinoza
Gianfranco Espinoza Hace 6 días
You can have a boyfriend but don't tell you're dad That kinda logic is not ok for anything not just boyfriends and dads
Olivia Hsin
Olivia Hsin Hace 6 días
B=be prepared, bc you're not going to be meeting your phone for another year
Bunny Hace 5 días
Make be be B
Christopher Clifton
Christopher Clifton Hace 6 días
5:05 mamaden "get up time to go to school" den (in a jeffy like voice) "I dont have to"
Djaniel Masangcay
Djaniel Masangcay Hace 6 días
Asia baby
JMP Marqz
JMP Marqz Hace 7 días
My mom one time called me a disappointment and a failure over 2 70s on my report card in elementary
Allaine Mae Osting
Allaine Mae Osting Hace 7 días
The cute little dude playing the ukulele looks like Gingerpale lol
KIEᖇᗩ_ TIᗰEᘔ
Hey im filipino too imma ask u a question if u really filipino What language does filipinos use For example: USA- english ITALY- french Japan- nihongo(idk spelling) Pls can u prove me that u filipino
SANS BOO471 Hace 9 días
Dat slap in the thumbnail though...
Candy Candy
Candy Candy Hace 10 días
I mean- when she said her parents were strict as hell.. meanwhile back to me- im either blessed or be called a brat (well i mean its just asian LiFe)
chxrrybunni Hace 10 días
my mom tried to kill me when I got an A-
Cinthia Sanchez
Cinthia Sanchez Hace 11 días
I love Quidd it’s my Favorit 😃
isa -0- Art
isa -0- Art Hace 11 días
عرب اين انتم نيا 🗿
blue night sky
blue night sky Hace 11 días
Same my dad is the good cop and my mom is the bad cop hahaha
Dorene chua
Dorene chua Hace 11 días
I know how you feel when you got a 75.
Nubyh Stone
Nubyh Stone Hace 11 días
So basically you were Barbie’s Rapunzel
Marisa Kintu
Marisa Kintu Hace 12 días
The way I get praised just for getting a C or above.
Smol Potato
Smol Potato Hace 12 días
I'm supposed to get A's and B's on around everything and one time I got a 70 smthin in math and I almost cried. My parents said if it becomes below 70 ur grounded. And it didn't! 😊
testpattern098765432 Hace 12 días
Bill cipher!Bill cipher!Bill cipher!BILL CIPHER EVRYWHERE U R A GRAVITY FALLS FAN!!!!!!!!!!
I eat babies and toes! Nom Nom
My Asian friend: so my parent tried to kill me- Me being scared because I’ve watched a few videos like Den: ....Thank you Kanye, very cool.
•мιѕѕ вєllαAиιмє•
Same, Except it was because I either didn't wanna shower or I didn't clean up, so My mom shoved me Into the shower, forcefully Shoved off my clothes & Put on the cold water- Let's just say, i was a big baby & cried the whole time because it Kinda physically hurt, (it felt Like when you Hit your elbow & all your nerves go off-) and i Was pouting ;-; (Also, i meant the part where her mom forced her to go to school by showering her while she still had clothes on)
Its Comet
Its Comet Hace 14 días
My mom is so much more lenient
Jack Davenport
Jack Davenport Hace 14 días
I got a b in Spanish and panicked
Toca yessah
Toca yessah Hace 15 días
im filipino too 😊😊🤩🤩
Ztephano Stephano
Ztephano Stephano Hace 16 días
I hate rick and Monty but I LOVE the Amazing World Of Gumball
betty Smith
betty Smith Hace 16 días
Me: my parent's are not stirght (sorry if i spelled it wrong)
Marie Williams
Marie Williams Hace 5 días
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini
My ass. Im the midle kid and my parents are the strictest to me. I cant go out on a bike i cant get roller sktes i cant have a motor bike. And i cnt have a good pc like the other 2 bros
Valarey Dempsey
Valarey Dempsey Hace 17 días
I is Royalty on my moms side but Koreans aren’t royalty any more
Psyche pewpew
Psyche pewpew Hace 17 días
I think my mum isn't Asian. She won't scold me much even if I fail
Jewel love Fito
Jewel love Fito Hace 17 días
I'm ²¹ but still no social life. I rarely leave my house. And by the way I'm Filipino.
Saray Rodas
Saray Rodas Hace 17 días
comeatmebro Hace 17 días
OKAY DONT SCROLL FURTHER I NEED TO KNOW THIS 😭😂 does anyone else watch these animations to fall asleep, might seem weird BUT HEAR ME OUT i like to daydream / dream about the animations in my head and THAT helps me to dream better, oh also I kinda have magic hair since my hair was blond when I was little but after shaving it off FOR NO REASON it turned brown 🥺 also my eyes were blue and green but my Mexican traits kicked it and made them light brown ☹️
Christian Broekemeier
Christian Broekemeier Hace 17 días
Was that Gingerpale?
I_have_cats13 Hace 18 días
You’re love you even if they save the metal part for you
Ana Palacios
Ana Palacios Hace 18 días
4:29 did any armys notice the bt21 cooky background
djxjxixj124 playzs
djxjxixj124 playzs Hace 19 días
My perents are the same on homework
CrystalShines Studios
CrystalShines Studios Hace 19 días
Me get’s a 100 on all subjects my mom and dad: ok whatever
Vintanic Hace 19 días
Ok but how is it still percieved as "normal" that school is actually hell for like, every kid ever?
its funny baseball cat
Im native American
Samuel Horbatyy
Samuel Horbatyy Hace 19 días
hell come she sounds like thoes fake video like i am the only boy in the village she sounds lie one of the people.
Trisha Rose
Trisha Rose Hace 19 días
My dad just doesn't want me to get a bf until 50
Paulinne Angela Sicat
Paulinne Angela Sicat Hace 19 días
im also filipino but one time when i was in 5th grade my mom saw my freinds talking they looked exidet so my mom asked what they were talking about and i said they were going to drink bubbletea cause it was my freind cassandras bday my mom thinking i was all grown up ready to leave the she went infront of my freinds and asked if i can come they said yes and my mom told me that i can go i was so happy and she gave me my phone and called every 30 minutes let me tell you i never saw my mom be so nice to me she was strict so i said thankyou and hugged her oh and i baught my mom and siter bubble tea to cause to give her the favor back and also thst she had a test te nexday
Notice me pls
Notice me pls Hace 20 días
Filipino Mom Mom: Sumagot ka!!! Me: .............. Mom: aba sumasagot ka pa haaaa!!! (Plakkkkkk) Asian mom is crazy scary😂
Naruto4Life! Hace 5 días
Yeah. They tell u to answer and then when u do they get mad bc they think we’re talking back
mrbleps bleps. •w•
mrbleps bleps. •w• Hace 21 un día
My mom is more strict to the younger kids like me and only me
Juriz Couter
Juriz Couter Hace 21 un día
How no going out side the philipens is litraly so sunny all the times
Juriz Couter
Juriz Couter Hace 21 un día
Ayyy in a philipino Camusta cana
Martyna Sza
Martyna Sza Hace 21 un día
My first sleap over was when i was 6
Purple Lollipop
Purple Lollipop Hace 21 un día
You missed 30 days of school girl I missed 74 DAYS OF SCHoOL soooooo yeah
rose girl McGill
rose girl McGill Hace 21 un día
She been in quarantine for most of the life
Starships Gurl35
Starships Gurl35 Hace 22 días
I never share my grades at all,even though I usually get 100-90%. It’s more because I don’t care about it 😂
Reegan Mckay
Reegan Mckay Hace 22 días
Hey remember when all of the ESvidrs working sponsored by quidd now SeatGeek cough cough David dobrik cough cough
Rusty Red Scrap Engine Great Western Railway 14xx
She even hit me with a pan at my face
Rusty Red Scrap Engine Great Western Railway 14xx
My mom still hits me and I’m 13
Rusty Red Scrap Engine Great Western Railway 14xx
My mom literally kicked me down some 50 flight stairs just because I forgot to do something
Zofia Allison Yutadco
Zofia Allison Yutadco Hace 23 días
This how many Filipinos are relating right now 👇 Yes, I liked my own
Naruto4Life! Hace 5 días
@FREED O0 ikr. Now there’s 6
Naruto4Life! Hace 5 días
Only 6 haha
FREED O0 Hace 10 días
cringe you expected to have many likes and u got 4 LOL
Kristie Sandrin
Kristie Sandrin Hace 24 días
Hannah Huynh
Hannah Huynh Hace 24 días
Balázs János Dominkó
Anyway, this is realistic, but only the school part because i am not asian, i am hungarian, but, my parents are teachers, my father is the principal, and my mom has an entire class to teach, so, they get mad when i get a bit worse grade Than A in math, and the part where the parents are stricter with older kids, i have a Little sister, my mother so calm with her, i don't understand something, instant blame
Midnight lps and asmr And Ava
My grandma... my grandma is dead...
Gabe Carmelotes
Gabe Carmelotes Hace 24 días
I'm also filipino
Noah UwU OwO
Noah UwU OwO Hace 24 días
With my best friend being Asian I understand all of this except the going out part
Sloth Man
Sloth Man Hace 25 días
You're a toaster
xX one with nature xX
xX one with nature xX Hace 25 días
If I get a B+ my mom will literally kill me Ps I'm a proud indian here
Parwinder Gill
Parwinder Gill Hace 25 días
*I am Asian too, I remember when I got C- in French, oof*
Edwill Hace 25 días
I'm Indian and this is sooooo relatable
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